Chapter 7


Karen ran her fingers through her curly brown hair and looked around the bedroom, feeling useless and out of place with nothing to do. Neil and Gary were busily removing a shelf from the second, smaller closet while Sharon wandered about the room with a light meter, alternately taking readings and making adjustments on the video camera set up on a tripod in the main closet (no need to remove any shelves there). Even Stacy was hard at work, albeit reluctantly; she was taking, trip by trip, the small mountain of clothing which had previously filled the smaller closet and carrying it to a different room. She was quiet and sullen, but she did what she was told.

It was all so unbelievable! Even after Sharon had told her everything - even after they had showed her all of those pictures - Karen still found it hard to credit the story. Stacy, the Princess of Greenwood, the perfect Ice-Queen Bitch, being forced to fuck dozens of different guys at school in order to keep secret the fact that she was cheating on exams! If Karen had read it in a story (and she had read a few stories of this type), she would still have found it difficult to swallow. Really, though, it had been the pictures that had finally convinced her. After Sharon had talked to her that day in school when Ashley and her friends had stuffed Karen's locker with those magazine pictures, Gary had shown her the set of photographs taken earlier in the week at a downtown studio. There was no way that Stacy would do something like that willingly, particularly the last two outfits. The sight of Stacy in (and then out of) the black leather mini-skirt and, later, in the pink latex dress had left Karen damp with excitement, despite the fact that Stacy wasn't her type. No, not her type at all. Karen preferred larger girls; particularly brunettes. Girls like Ashley.

When they had arrived at Stacy's house that Saturday morning, the week after New Year's, Karen had been expecting Stacy to slam the door in their faces. Even after all the proof she had been shown, she had still expected that. It hadn't happened, though. Stacy had opened the door and let them in without a word. She looked angry, and more than a little bit unhappy, but she let them in. Still, it wasn't until Neil put his hand behind Stacy's neck and drew her in for a long, protracted kiss that Karen at last fully accepted everything that she had been told. Stacy didn't exactly co-operate, but she didn't pull away either. And from the way her mouth was working, she was definitely returning the kiss. Unbelievable! Yet it was happening. And if that was happening, perhaps Sharon's plan for Ashley might work as well. Karen trembled as a small shiver of excitement shot through her pudgy body.

Her type. Girls like Ashley...

Neil removed the last screw and handed it to Gary who carefully put it in his pocket. The final shelf slid out neatly, leaving the bottom half of the closet completely open. (The shelves on the top half were more permanently affixed.) There was just enough space for one person if they sat down with their legs curled up. That was going to be Sharon's post. Neil was thankful about that. There was no way he was going to spend several hours in that cramped space. He was going to be in the bigger closet with Gary and Karen. There was really no need for him to be there, as Gary had pointed out, but he wanted to be part of things again.

He wanted to see Stacy in action...

Sharon looked critically through the camera's viewfinder. The angle wasn't the best in the world - it wasn't even as good as it had been in Neil's bedroom - but it would have to do. As long as the light was OK, the pictures should turn out alright. >From where she would be sitting in the small closet, she could get pictures of the bed and most of the bedroom, but she was a little low to get the best angle for any action on the bed. And the action on the bed, of course, was the whole point of these arrangements. As well, she was forced to take the pictures through the slats in the closet door. It worked fairly well as long as she kept the camera flush against the door, but it limited her options. It would also force her to lean forward uncomfortably when taking pictures.

It was, however, the best they could do, and there was still the video camera in the walk-in closet. Perhaps if Stacy's parents had left the night before as planned they would have had time to make further modifications to Stacy's bedroom, but the parents had delayed their departure until mid-morning on Saturday. Hence, The three friends had only had a couple of hours Saturday morning until Ashley was to arrive. Not the best of circumstances in which to accomplish so tricky an objective, but things weren't going too badly.

Now, as long as nothing else went wrong...

Gary finished giving his final instructions to Stacy and gave her one final look. She appeared quite stunning in her short skirt and pink blouse, her blonde hair combed in waves over one shoulder. Sharon had both chosen the outfit and done up the hair, treating Stacy like some big barbie doll to be dressed and groomed at will. Stacy looked great and Gary approved; if that didn't work, nothing would. A quick glance around the bedroom revealed nothing out of place. Sharon was safely out of sight in the small closet, and Neil and Karen were sitting side by side in the back of the walk-in. A quick check in the upstairs bathroom reveal that Karen's "props" were in place.

Everything was ready.

Right on cue, the doorbell rang downstairs. Gary looked Stacy in the eye.

"Showtime," he told her, smiling at the hint of panic in her eyes. "You know what to do."

Stacy swallowed nervously, but nodded her agreement. She knew what to do; it had been made very clear to her. Gary gestured for her to answer the door. When she left the bedroom, he turned and squeezed past the video camera and into the closet, pulling the door shut behind him...

Stacy stopped momentarily on her way down the stairs to answer the doorbell and took a deep breath; she needed to steady her nerves. Of all the things they had forced her to do in the last couple of months, this was quite possibly the most difficult. As first, she had absolutely refused. Even when Sharon had made all the usual threats, Stacy would not go through with it. She had to draw the line somewhere. But when Gary had offered her ten credits - ten less guys to fuck - she had wavered and finally given in. She would do what they wanted. Ten less guys to fuck! That would be worth it. That would be worth almost anything.

And besides, what did she owe Ashley anyway?

Stacy was jarred from her thoughts by the sound of the doorbell being rung a second and then a third time in quick succession.

"Coming," she cried, annoyed, as she quickly jumped down the remaining stairs. Despite her irritation and nervousness, she forced a welcoming smile onto her face as she pull open the door.

"Ashley," she greeted her friend from school. "Come in."

Ashley accepted the invitation, walking in through the doorway. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a pink sweater under an expensive leather jacket. (Her parents were rich, and she always had the best clothes.) Her long, dark hair was done up into a large bun on the back of her head. A large leather purse was slung over her shoulder. The two girls exchanged greetings as they walked upstairs to Stacy's room. Their meeting was ostensibly to put together some arrangements for a class project in the spring term, but neither expected much work to be done. Particularly since Stacy's parents were out of town for the weekend and Ashley was staying the night.

Stacy led her friend into her bedroom, and the two girls flopped down into comfortable positions - Stacy on the bed and Ashley onto a large floor cushion - and began to talk. The discussion at first centred around the recent holidays, and Ashley told several funny stories about some visiting relatives from back east. As usual, her stories were humorous at someone else's expense, and she soon moved onto various people they both knew at school. Soon, as usually happened, the talk zeroed in on Ashley's unfavourable views on several of those people. Stacy let Ashley carry the conversation, but talked just enough so that her friend would not suspect that something was wrong. Just as Gary had promised her a significant reward for success, he had likewise made dire warnings regarding the consequences of failure. Stacy was desperate to succeed.

After about an hour, Stacy decided that the time had come to set things in motion.

"Want something to drink?" she asked, knowing the answer. Ashley was staying the night; that would almost certainly mean that the girls would get drunk on the contents of Stacy's father's liquor cabinet. Ashley, in particular, enjoyed the expensive brand of scotch whisky Stacy's father favoured. As expected, Ashley answered in the affirmative, and Stacy left the room to get the alcohol.

Sharon sat up as best she could in the cramped confines of the closet when she heard Stacy offer Ashley a drink. This was what they had been waiting for. Gary had liberally laced Stacy's father's scotch with his now usual mixture of drugs. With any luck, things should be underway before long. And not a moment too soon; Sharon's legs were beginning to cramp under her.

She checked the settings on her camera...

Stacy bit her lip with apprehension as Ashley took a sip from the tumbler. Would she notice anything different about the taste? The moment passed without incident, and Stacy sighed with relief, taking a sip of her own drink. Of course, why would Ashley notice anything? Stacy herself had twice been drugged in this manner - she now realized - and she had never noticed a thing. The alcohol effectively masked the taste of the drugs. Stacy took another sip of her drink, willingly subjecting herself to the effects of Gary's drugs - she would need all the help she could get - and the two girls continued their conversation.

By the end of the next hour, both girls were feeling the combined affects of the alcohol and the mixture of drugs dissolved within the alcohol. For Stacy, it was now almost a familiar experience; the slight drowsiness, the sense of dislocation and the increased sensitivity - she had felt it all before. Ashley, on the other hand, had never previously experienced the effects of these particular drugs. Hence, she put the strange feelings down to the effect of alcohol on an empty stomach (she hadn't eaten lunch). In a way, it felt kind of pleasant, kind of like drifting, but with a sensual warmth down deep in her stomach.

"Another drink?" Stacy got up and took Ashley's now empty glass. Ashley started to answer (in the affirmative), but before she could say anything, Stacy had hurried out of the room, not even waiting for an answer. Normally, Ashley might have found this behaviour extremely puzzling - it was usually Ashley who instigated and encouraged the drinking - but her powers of perception were somewhat blurred. She got up to stretch her legs and walked over to the window. It was getting quite hot in the bedroom, she noticed, perhaps she should open a window. She reached up and...

"What are you doing?" Stacy had returned with the two glasses and the bottle of scotch.

"I'm just g-going to open the window," Ashley answered, stammering slightly in an effort to enunciate the words. The scotch was really affecting her. She took a deep breath. "It's hot in here." Her upper lip was damp with perspiration.

"I know," Stacy agreed. She put the glasses down on the table and poured two more stiff drinks. "But you can't open the window." She too was being careful not to slur her words. "My dad gets pissed off about wasted heat during the winter." She crossed the room and handed the full glass to Ashley. "He's kinda weird about stuff like that." She shrugged her shoulders apologetically.

"But, it's fucking hot in here," Ashley whined, accepting the glass. "I'm, like, melting." She swallowed a large mouthful of scotch.

Stacy appeared to think for a moment, and then put down her glass and began unbuttoning her blouse.

"Take your sweater off then." In a moment, she was stripped down to her bra. Ashley hesitated for a second, but then put the drink down on a side table and slipped her pink sweater up over her head, exposing large breasts barely constrained by a bra. She pulled the sweater free of her head and shook loose her hair (partly destroying carefully constructed bun on the back of her head) just in time to see Stacy unclip and remove her bra.


Ashley was a little embarrassed. They had seen each other naked often enough before and after gym class at school, but not like this. It seemed different, somehow, to be standing naked like this in Stacy's bedroom, slightly drunk. Still... it was quite hot... and the bra strap got more than a little itchy when she sweated... Why not? Shrugging her shoulders, Ashley followed suit, slipping the straps of her bra off her shoulders and unfastening the bra, revealing her own breasts.

Gary peered intently through the slats on the closet door as Ashley's large, firm breasts popped free of confinement and into view. Impressed, he brought his still camera up and snapped a quick shot, making certain that Stacy, also topless, was in the picture. It was almost time to start running the video camera. As he took the picture, he felt a gentle shove from behind.

"Let me see," Neil whispered, trying to look over Gary's shoulder and around the tripod. Gary pushed him back, frowning. He brought a finger up to his lips, gesturing angrily for silence. Did Neil want to fuck it up for everyone? Gary pointed towards the floor of the closet, where Karen sat in patient silence. Neil looked like he wanted to argue the point, but gave in and sat down, sulking.

Gary turned back to the action in the bedroom.

"Here, I'll put that away." Stacy reached over for the sweater and bra, "accidentally" brushing the back of her hand across Ashley's tits. Ashley flinched slightly, but handed over the clothing without comment. She watched as her friend hung them on a hook on the back of the door.


"No problem." Stacy padded back across the room towards the tall brunette. She crossed in front of her - once again brushing against Ashley's breasts - and picked up her friend's glass. "Here's your drink."

As Stacy walked across the room, Ashley couldn't help but notice how sleek and fit Stacy looked. Secretly, Ashley wished that she had that kind of body - thin, muscular thighs, tight stomach and smallish, firm breasts. Ashley, on the other hand, was more lush in form, although her large breasts were firm enough to stand up on their own without the aid of a bra. She knew she was beautiful - indeed, she took if for granted - but she still admired her friend's physique. If only...

She was surprised to find her nipples hardening as she watched Stacy. Suddenly embarrassed and shy, she turned away and crossed her arms in front of her breasts, taking a large sip of the scotch. She quickly regained her composure, and the two girls, now topless, resumed their former positions and continued the conversation. They carried on talking for another half hour or so, with the conversation becoming more and more disjointed as the drugs took their affect. Eventually, Stacy asked Ashley to bring the now half-empty bottle to her on the bed. Ashley complied, moving carefully in order to compensate for the lack of co-ordination brought about by the alcohol, but when she tried to move away after handing over the bottle, Stacy gestured for her to lie down beside her on the bed.

"What?" Ashley's head was spinning slightly.

"Just lie down," Stacy told her soothingly. "Relax. I think the booze is hitting us harder than we expected."

Ashley couldn't argue with that. They were only on their fourth drink (or was it the fifth?), and she was feeling a curious dislocation, almost like she was looking at events through a long tunnel - as if her mind was somehow dislocated from her body. At the same time, however, her nerves seemed heightened and more sensitive and there was a curious tingle in the base of her stomach. Better lie down, she thought, and allowed Stacy to help her down on the bed. Stacy's hands felt cool and dry against her hot skin. They felt good. That's better, she told herself, stretching out with her arms by her sides. By now, her bun had become unfastened, and her long, brown hair spread out on the pillow behind her head. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

A few seconds later, however, she felt a movement on the bed beside her. Opening her eyes, she noticed that Stacy was half sitting up, looking down at her with a funny expression on her face. Ashley, suddenly worried, tried to sit up, but Stacy put her hands on her friend's shoulders and pushed her back down. "Relax," she murmured, almost whispering. "Just lie there." Her strong hands began to rub Ashley's naked shoulders. After a moment, Ashley complied, lying back and enjoying the sensation of having her shoulders massaged. It felt so good...

It felt even better a few seconds later, as Stacy slowly moved her hands downward across the top of Ashley's chest and then down onto her breasts. Ashley instinctively tensed and tried to jerk away, but once again Stacy calmed her down with a few whispered words. Ashley relaxed again, closing her eyes, as Stacy gently rubbed her large breasts, paying particular attention to her now-hard nipples.


Gary had clicked the "play" button on the video camera as soon as Stacy had begun fondling Ashley's shoulders. Things were getting hot out there! After checking the viewfinder to make certain nothing was being missed, he lifted the still camera and began snapping shots as Stacy moved her hands downward towards Ashley's tits.

With any luck, Sharon was also getting some good material from her place in the small closet.

Eventually, Ashley began to moan quietly with pleasure. The moans grew louder as she felt a new sensation on her now ultra-sensitive nipples. She opened her eyes to see that Stacy had bent over her and was licking her nipples with a small, pink tongue which darted in and out of her mouth. Fully aroused, Ashley brought up her hands and began to run her fingers through Stacy's blonde hair; her beautiful blonde hair. Her hands stayed there as Stacy slowly licked her way up along Ashley's throat and, finally, to her face. After a brief moment of hesitation, the two girls kissed each other full on the lips. The kiss seemed to last a long, glorious lifetime, as their tongues entwined, broke free and then joined again.

Both girls were panting by the time their lips parted...

This was great!

Sharon snapped a close-up of the two girls' first kiss. It couldn't have been any better if they had been posing for the camera. Hell, she was getting hot just watching the action!

"S-Stacy..." Ashley moaned. "I..."

Stacy silenced her with another kiss. Once again, the kiss was a long one, as they explored each other's mouths with their tongues. Stacy resumed fondling Ashley's big tits. Whimpering with pleasure, Ashley reciprocated, running the palms of her sweaty hands up and down over Stacy's pert breasts. The two girls continued kissing and fondling each other for a while before Stacy broke away.

"W-what is it?" Ashley asked breathlessly as Stacy sat up.

"Just a second," her friend answered her. "This is going to be so good." Stacy slipped off the bed wearing only her skirt and looked over at Ashley lying spread out on the mattress. Her friend's hair was in disarray, spread messily over the pillow. Ashley's large breasts were covered with a thin sheen of sweat which glistened in the light as they rose and fell in time with her hurried breathing, the nipples standing firm on top. In spite of herself - in spite of everything she knew was going to happen - Stacy was becoming very excited. In the back of her mind, she was aware of the presence of Gary and Sharon and their cameras, but the drugs obscured that knowledge. The only thing that was important was Ashley lying exposed on the mattress, and all the wonderful things they were going to do with each other! But first, she had to...

"Take off your pants," she ordered, her voice thick with lust. "I'll be right back." She moved quickly out of the room.

Ashley complied, quickly slipping her jeans down her long legs and kicking them free of her ankles and off of the bed. After a moment's hesitation, she repeated this action with her panties. Except for her white socks, she was now totally naked. Anxiously awaiting Stacy's return, she moved her hand down over her sweaty breasts and onto her moist cunt. Moaning slightly, she rubbed her finger over her pussy.

Gary zoomed in on her with the video camera as she masturbated herself. After a close-up of her pussy, he panned the camera up her sweat-glistening body to her vacant, panting face...

Stacy returned a few moments later with a small container and a hand mirror. She stopped in the doorway to watch Ashley masturbate for a few moments, but then walked forward and leaned over her squirming friend. Ashley, keeping one hand on her pussy, reached up invitingly, but Stacy shook her head. "Just a second," she said. "Let's do this first."

Frustrated, Ashley stopped masturbating and sat up as Stacy opened the container and spilled some white powder onto the mirror. Her pulse sped up as she realized what Stacy was doing. Ashley had smoked some pot and hash at school parties, but, contrary to press reports about drug abuse in schools, cocaine was still very rare. She had seen it once before, but never actually tried it. The thought of it made her nervous.


"Just try it," Stacy interrupted. "It'll make the sex a million times better."

As if demonstrating, Stacy pulled out a narrow tube and inhaled a line of coke up one nostril. After sniffing for a few seconds, she repeated the action with the other nostril. Ashley watched, impressed in spite of herself. She had no idea that Stacy was so experienced!

"Here." Stacy handed over the tube. "You try."

Sharon took a picture of Stacy with the cocaine, and then waited expectantly for Ashley to do the same. The cocaine had been Karen's idea; a perfect way to strengthen their hold on the two girls!

After a brief hesitation, Ashley accepted the tube and tried to inhale the coke. Her first attempt was a bit of a failure, and a good portion of the coke ended up on her upper lip. The second try went better, and the drug blasted its way into the back of her head.


She began to feel the rush as Stacy leaned forward and licked the spilled cocaine off Ashley's lip. This struck the two girls as very exciting, and they began to take turns spilling small amounts of cocaine on each other's bodies and then licking it off.

Gary reached down and began massaging his raging erection through his jeans as he filmed the action on the bed. This was going much better than he had expected. Maybe this video would have some commercial value! Behind him, he could feel Neil trying to look around him again. This time he just squeezed to one side - keeping an eye on the viewfinder - and let Neil take a look. It seemed unlikely that the writhing girls on the bed would notice any small noises they were making in the closet.

Eventually, this game degenerated into straightforward sex. First, it was Ashley, lying back on the bed with Stacy's face buried in her crotch. The sensation of her friend's tongue on her clit sent Ashley into a wave of screaming orgasms that seemed to last forever. Then she was returning the favour, bunching up Stacy's short skirt around her waist and kneeling in front of Stacy's widely spread legs, her tongue flickering in and out of her friend's sopping cunt. This was followed by more fondling and kissing as each girl, now sweaty and panting ran their hands and tongue frantically over each other's body. Finally, they ended up lying head to tail, simultaneously lapping at each other's cunts. They came together this time, a clutching, writhing mass of sweaty, panting female flesh.

Finally, their lust subsided as the drugs began to work their way out of their systems. When Ashley came to her senses, she was lying arm in arm with her smaller friend, exhausted and sticky. She lay there for a few moments, gathering her wits.

Gary took one last picture, turned off the video-camera and began to move the tripod aside. It was pretty much over now. Time to come out of the closet...

"S-Stacy..." Ashley stammered, suddenly embarrassed. "What happened? What have we..."

"Shh." Stacy interrupted, leaning up and giving her a kiss. "It's alright."

Ashley resisted, pulling away. "It's not alright," she insisted. "What if someone finds out? I can't..."

"What, " came a new voice from behind her, "if someone already knows?"

Horrified, Ashley whirled around on the bed in time to see Gary emerging from the walk-in closet, camera in hand.


By the time Sharon shoved open the closet door with her foot, straightened out her cramped legs and managed to climb awkwardly to her feet, Gary was pretty much finished explaining the situation to their horrified victim. Ashley had pulled up Stacy's duvet cover to cover her nudity and was listening, wide eyed, while Gary explained her options. As Stacy's had been a few months earlier, they were pretty limited: either do as she was told, or they would release the video-tape and pictures to everyone who was interested. Sharon noted that Stacy had made no attempt to cover herself; she just sat, silent and topless, on the side of the bed, staring straight down at the floor.


Gary had finished his explanation, and was waiting for an answer. Sharon noticed that Neil was looking on anxiously; even he realized that Ashley could fuck things up for them badly if she refused to co-operate.

"What's it gonna be?"

Ashley sobbed quietly on the bed. She looked over to her so-called friend sitting beside her, but Stacy refused to look at her. Bitch! It was all her fault! She turned her gaze to Gary, Neil and Sharon as they stood by the side of the bed watching, waiting for her answer - like a pack of vultures.

What could she do? If she told them to fuck off, as she very much wanted to do, they could ruin her life at Greenwood and probably in Bakersville as well. The thought of those films and pictures being made public made her want to throw up! The sex was bad enough, but the drugs might even land her in jail. But the alternative... was it any better? Gary had told her that if she agreed to do what they wanted, the whole incident would be kept secret. All she had to do was obey their commands for the rest of the year; do whatever they wanted. But what else could she do? She looked up at them, swallowing nervously.

Her decision was made.

Gary tensed as she began to speak, but he needn't have worried.

"Just for the rest of the school year?" she confirmed, her voice trembling. "After that, I get the pictures and you leave me alone?"

He smirked. They had her! "Sure," he told her. "As soon as school's over, you get everything, and no one will ever know this happened."

Ashley's face twitched with tension, but she forced the hated words out of her mouth. "OK," she mumbled. "You win. I-I'll do what you say."

Gary's smirk widened to a grin.

"Oh... not what we say exactly," he chuckled. "We're giving our rights over you to someone else. A friend."

As he said this, Karen walked out of the big closet. Ashley's eyes widened with shock!

"No," she almost screamed, cringing under the duvet. "I didn't agree to that. Not with her!" She began to cry again.

Gary was unrelenting. "It's her or we give out the pictures." Ashley began to sob loudly, but after a few moments she nodded her assent. She had no choice.

Karen licked her full lips and moved forward towards her new toy, her eyes bright with excitement. Gary looked around at the others.

"C'mon," he said quietly. "Let's leave these two alone. I'm sure they have plenty to talk about." Sharon and Neil immediately began walking out of the room. After a moment, Stacy got up and followed them out, still clothed only in her short skirt.

As they shut the door behind them they heard Karen's voice, low and menacing: "Well, Ashley. First, we'll discuss that 'joke' you played on me last month..." The door began to shut. "Then maybe we'll try some of that stuff you and Stacy were doing a little while ago... just to get started."

The door shut on Ashley's sobbing.

Outside, on the main upstairs landing, Gary and Sharon sighed with relief. It had gone better than they had expected. Neil had gone downstairs for a beer when Stacy spoke up.

"G-Gary?" He looked over at the half-naked teenager. She made no effort to cover herself, but wouldn't look him in the face. Instead, she lowered her eyes submissively.

"Yes?" His hand found Sharon's and held on.

"That drug you gave us... I want some of it."

"Huh?" Gary was puzzled.

"That drug that makes me h-horny," Stacy explained, trembling. "I want some of it. It will make it easier for me... you know." She started to cry a little bit. "It h-hurts so much... sometimes. If I... if I'm... excited..."

"Ahh." Gary finally understood. He looked over at Sharon, who smirked back at him. He shrugged his shoulders. "Alright," he told her, "there's still some left in your dad's scotch. Use that."

"Thanks." Stacy brought her arms up across her chest and started to shiver.

"But first," Gary continued, smirking "you have to earn it." Stacy looked up, her green eyes wide. "Come here." He and Sharon led her into her parents' bedroom and shut the door behind her. She began to tremble when they started to remove their clothes, but she didn't cry out or protest in any way.

She needed that drug.

Neil ran up the stairs two at a time, beer in hand, only to find the landing empty.

"Hello?" He looked around, puzzled. "Where is everybody?" He wandered along the landing until he came to a door. He opened it a crack and looked in. A bedroom. Inside, he saw Stacy sucking energetically at Gary's cock as Sharon straddled her head and necked with Gary. Sharon's thighs tightened and loosened on Stacy's head as the blonde teenager sucked for all she was worth.

Quietly, Neil closed the door. Obviously they wanted to be alone. He stood there for a moment, took a swig from the beer can, and than walked back to the doorway to Stacy's bedroom. He carefully opened it and peered in. He was greeted by the sound of rhythmic slaps of flesh against flesh as Karen had Ashley, still naked, over her knee and was spanking her vigorously. Ashley's lush bottom was bright red and shining from Karen's attentions, and the brunette was crying and sobbing as she squirmed on the other girl's knee.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... please, don't... don't... I'm sorry, I won't... please..."

The begging continued until Karen finished the spanking and turned the older girl over, still balancing her on her knees. Still sobbing and babbling apologies, Ashley offered no objection as Karen cradled her in her arms and began caressing her large breasts. Neil slowly closed the door.

He stood on the landing for a few moments, undecided, and then shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe there's some football or something on TV," he muttered, walking slowly back down the stairs.


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