Hi, I'm Bill Condrief and I'm the Chief Computer Systems Administrator for FirstBanc of Texas. Well, I used to think that computers were my life, but the Y 2 K computer problem changed all that for good. It was kind of interesting how it happened, so let me tell you all about it.

Every one of the Computer System Administrators and Technical Programmers working at FirstBanc Headquarters was told to come in on the night of December 31 just in case anything went wrong when the year changed over to from 1999 to 2000. Bank management was determined that no customer would have the slightest computer problem on January 1, and plenty of time and money had already been spent to make it so.

I guess people passing by the FirstBanc Building might have wondered what the heck was happening in the financial center of Dallas on that night. Starting at about 10 PM, there were computer geeks dressed in tee shirts, jeans, tennies and whatever walking into the building along with a bunch of New Year's party goers who were heading on up to the Dallas Petroleum Club which is also located in the FirstBanc building. I must tell you that those guys in the bad sports jackets and cowboy boots were sure hoping that us computer geeks weren't on the way up to their club. Would have caused a real negative sensation, that's for sure.

Anyhow, the techies all got together in the Bank Operations Center on the fourth floor. We already had two practice runs without a single hitch so no one expected any real problems. We assumed that the victory celebration would be the most eventful part of our effort.

The bank still had some old legacy IBM equipment in place. Well, the older stuff presented the highest risk, of course, and it made sense that I would be given the hands on responsibility for those systems. This included a bunch of work stations, RJE terminals, network servers and the operator consoles for the two disk drive farms located in the dark rooms upstairs.

Everyone was assigned to a two person team. I was pretty lucky in that respect being on the same team as Amy Laurent who happens to be the very best Technical Programmer in the Bank. I figured that between the two of us, we could handle anything that came along no matter what it was.

Each team had a printed task list describing systems and equipment they were supposed to test after the clock struck midnight. We all left about 10 minutes before the hour so we could start our review process as soon as the clock passed 12.

Amy and I were assigned equipment that was located on different floors of the building, so we used the main building elevator to get to our first check point in the Funds Transfer Department. We were there and ready to start when we heard the citizens of Dallas begin their New Year's celebration.

We happily found that everything was operating just the way it was supposed to work. No, we didn't find a single problem, so it looked like all the work everybody did in advance of the New Year paid off. I kind of figured it would be like this, and started feeling a little bit proud of our success as we checked off our assignments one after another.

After we put a check mark in the last box on our review sheet, we got in the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor operations center. It was kind of nice that we were able to get everything accomplished in less than an hour, and we didn't have to stop to fix a single problem either. Pretty easy night's work.

Well, if you don't count what happened next on the elevator.

Somewhere between the eighth and ninth floor, the elevator came to an abrupt stop and started making a strange low pitched humming sound. Around the same time, the elevator lights dimmed to about half power and stayed that way even after the humming sound subsided. Whatever the power problem was, it messed up the elevator phone, too. The phone was dead when I picked up the receiver to make a call for help. The red "Press for Emergency Only" button didn't seem to work either when Amy pressed it.

Well, none of this really bothered me too much because I knew that we would be missed fairly soon, and someone would come and find us before too long.

I didn't have anything else to do so I happened to notice that Amy looked kind of interesting in her tee shirt and jeans. Never saw her dressed like that before, and it gave me a real good idea about what she might look like underneath her clothes. For some reason, this was the first time I noticed she was that cute. Wonder how I missed that thought?

"Bill, I'm afraid. Elevators scare me to death and being trapped in one is just more than I can take." Well, she moved closer to me while she was talking, and I somehow just naturally put my arms around her to calm her down. I said a few things about how we would be found soon, how safe elevators were, and anything else I could think of to take her mind off us being trapped.

Guess I said the right things cause she snuggled closer to me and seemed to relax a little bit. When she put her arms around me, I didn't know what to make of it, but she sure felt nice so I just went along for the ride.

She was smiling real nice when she looked up at me. I noticed that her face looked pretty as a picture framed in her long blonde hair, and I don't remember ever seeing her wear her hair down over her shoulders like that before. Her big brown eyes sure made a nice contrast to her silky white skin, and my, my, her boobs felt mighty fine pressed up against my chest like that.

I didn't know just looking at someone could end up in a kiss, but it sure enough did. It was a real nice little kiss, I must say. I guess she liked it as much as I did because it led to another much longer and far more interesting kiss. I kind of tried to slip my tongue in her mouth and found that she was there just waiting for me. That kiss just seemed to last forever.

Now I'm not real used to doing stuff like this. In fact, I've never had a girl friend other than for a two day spell in elementary school. Somehow my body seemed to like what was going on, though. Well, that bulge developing in the front of my pants must have been real noticeable to her the way she was pressed up against me and all, but she didn't let on that she was aware of it, although she did seem to be pressing against me a little bit harder than before.

She pulled my shirt out of my pants and then I felt her hands on my back. It seemed like some sort of low voltage electrical charge was passing through her fingers as she trailed them up and down my spine.

I was more than a little surprised when she took my hand and put it on her breast. Well, I was interested in learning a little more about her tits and so I pulled her shirt up a bit so I could do some exploring of my own.

Guess I wasn't moving fast enough for her, though. She put her arms straight up in the air, and seemed to be waiting for me to take her shirt off. Well, I just went ahead and did it, and, as I was admiring my handiwork, she unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor right next to where her shirt was laying. Shoot, I'd seen some nice looking boobs in magazines and all, but nothing compared to what Amy had on display there in that elevator.

I thought I was going to rip through the front of my pants the first time I touched her bare tits. Man, she sure felt good. So very soft, but firm, too. Just don't exactly know how to explain it, but I sure did like the sensation.

While I was concentrating on her boobs, she got my belt undone, pulled down my zipper and was working on helping me out of my pants. As you might guess, I was a little nervous about this development, but my dick seemed to like it so I figured it couldn't hurt to play along.

We were kissing and touching and holding and just liking every minute of our love making. Next thing I knew, we were on the floor and our clothes were coming off real easy like. She had the most gorgeous body I could ever imagine, and she must have liked mine the way she was rubbing and holding everything like she just opened a treasure chest.

Amy climbed on top of me and let her tits rub up and down on my chest. I was willing to lay there for a mighty long time letting her do that to me, I must say. I did manage to grab on to her ass and kind of check it out. Her butt felt just as nice as her tits. I could get real used to holding on to stuff like that.

She slipped her hand underneath her body and soon found my very erect cock waiting there to say hi. I sure was impressed with myself for not cumming as soon as she grabbed on to my dick. She used her hand to guide my swollen member to where she wanted it, and then lowered herself on my dick in a way that it slipped real easy into her pussy. Amy sure did feel good, kind of like a wet tunnel of love.

Amy started moving up and down in a leisurely pace and I joined in kind of matching what she was doing. That didn't last for long, though. Pretty soon we were thrusting and pressing and moving as fast as we could. Kept feeling better and better, I must say.

I wanted to touch her everywhere and she seemed to want to do the same thing to me. Her back was smooth as silk, and I felt the energy in her thighs and arms. We both started making some sounds that would be hard to describe using just words, and we got louder and louder as things progressed towards a climax. She must of gotten off at the same time I did because she made some new noises just like the ones I was making. I came with an explosive blast that filled her with my cum, and filled me with an excitement I'd never known before.

We held each other real tight for a long few minutes. Well, I never experienced anything like that before and wanted to savor every bit of it. After awhile, she broke free and started kissing me on the chest and biting on my nipples. Then her tongue moved down my chest, over my stomach and down toward my dick. Well, my penis was resting at the time figuring that it had done a mighty fine job of fucking and so could take the rest of the day off. It found out different as she kissed past my stomach and seemed to be heading toward my cock.

When she took my now semi-rigid member in her mouth, it jumped to attention right away. She sucked on my dick and got all the leftovers, that's for sure. I was standing tall and looking good in no time, and my dick certainly did like the way she sucked and kissed it.

I pulled myself over her this time and we had a repeat performance of what we did before. We lasted a little longer, but the end result was just as pleasurable. When we finished round two, we couldn't do anything except just lay there, holding each other in total exhaustion.

The elevator suddenly started to move again, so we scrambled into our clothes, and we were still buttoning up when the door opened on the fourth floor. Good thing no one was standing around there, or we would have been caught for sure.

Seems as though no one found a single Y 2 K problem that night, and of course, Amy and I didn't mention the elevator seeing as how it took care of itself. Well, after everyone congratulated each other on our big Y 2 K success, we went over to her place. The two of us stayed in bed for most of the day, but didn't do too much sleeping, that's for sure.

Here we are a year later in the Adolphous Hotel Honeymoon Suite only a few hours after our wedding. Things happened real fast for Amy and me, but I'm certainly not complaining, not one bit.

"You know Amy, it sure was lucky that we had that Y 2 K problem with the elevator. I don't know how we would have gotten together if that hadn't happened."

She started laughing at me and said, "Billy, you're the silliest boy I every met. I was interested in you ever since I started at the bank but all you ever could think about was computers and such. Well, I decided I had to do something to get things started, so when I was assigned to write programs for Environmental Systems, I just added a little virus of my own to the Elevator Control subroutine. Worked pretty well, don't you think?"

Dang, boy, you learn something new about computers everyday.


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