Alicea stood behind her husband, hand on his back, as he spoke to the clerk behind the desk. The folks scattered around offered their congratulations as they passed by the newly married couple. Alicea had insisted on remaining in their wedding clothes the entire night. That is, the entire night up until now. Once they reached their room, she didn't expect to remain in her white dress for long.

Her husband broke her contact to sign the charge slip. Tonight, they would make love. Tomorrow, they would be off on their honeymoon.

Alicea took a step back from the counter and looked around the lobby.

A man was staring.

She met his gaze with a smile, figuring he was amused by the sight of the newlyweds. But his look didn't alter.

What was it?

Something about his face struck a whisper in her thoughts. She knew what his expression meant, but couldn't seem to recall it. His intensity seared the atmosphere. His unblinking eyes suggested he was thinking about...

Alicea broke her gaze.

He wanted to fuck her.

She had been oblivious to the desires of men since she started dating Tom. She knew very quickly he was special and lost interest in other men rather quickly. She had forgotten, or hadn't noticed, that men loved to look at her. That men wanted to fuck her.

But what was she worried about? She was married now! Quite obviously married! She looked again at the man, who had never stopped his stare. She noticed his face this time. He was handsome, and dark. His hair was jet black, and his eyes seemed to match. Why did he just stare? Why didn't he smile or make some obscene gesture.

Alicea realized she had been staring back at the man for a good length of time when Tom touched her on the shoulder. She smiled at her husband, then followed him to the room.

She was quite aroused.

She fucked her husband well. The newlyweds made love passionately, loudly, and wildly. Tom fucked her in the bed, then on the floor, and then finally, in the tub. They drifted into sleep as their naked bodies clung to one another.

Alicea stirred when the water grew cold. She stood up in the tub, dangling her dripping breasts over her husband. She laughed as she viewed her wrinkly skin in the mirror, then stopped as she toyed with the chain Tom had given her before the wedding. She didn't know its origin, but he told her it was an ancient bond of love. As long as she wore it, the two would be inseparable. She held it, bounced it off her firm breasts, and tried to fit a breast through its loop. Somehow, she felt Tom was touching her each time the chain made contact with her flesh.

She walked into the bedroom, and pulled a short, golden silk robe out from her bag. She wrapped her naked body its smooth touch. She sat down on the bed, causing the robe to creep above her thighs and reveal some of her pussy. She smiled at how revealing it was. Tom was going to love her in this, or more accurately, fuck her in this.

The sounds of the running shower pulled Alicea from her dreamy, erotic mood. She thought about jumping her husband in the steamy downpour, but realized she was incredible thirsty. She reached for her purse and pulled out some change. She decided to grab a quick sip of iced tea, then see if her husband needed any help in washing.

She stepped out into the hall, forgetting the sheer nature of the robe. She hurriedly walked to twenty feet or so to the nearest vending machine. She dropped in her change, and bent over to grab her purchase.

A door creaked down the hall as she lifted the can. She turned her head towards the sound.

It was him.

The stranger walked towards her, his stride indicating confidence or indifference, she wasn't sure which. But his fixed eyes led her to believe it was confidence.

Alicea failed to stand until the stranger was nearly to her. She rose as he pulled even with her, turning her head and keeping her eyes fixed on his. Something about his stare... so mysterious... so alluring... so lustful, yet so unthreatening.

He smiled.

Alicea was too numb to respond. The stranger continued his walk down the hall. A cool draft spread up Alicea's leg and tickled the hairs between her legs.

He had seen her ass.

She realized the robe must have been several inches too short while she was bent over in front of the machine. Her bare ass curved deliciously into view in that position -- she knew from the various poses she performed in front of the mirror. Then she realized something more significant. He had seen her pussy. She had seen the enticing folds of her cunt peeping from under her ass. He had to seen it.

Alicea raced back to her room, back to her husband.

Tom had been happy to fuck his scantily clad wife yet again. Alicea had appeared in the bathroom, and gave him a small show. She bent over like she had at the machine, asking her husband, "Do you think this is too short?" His obviously said "No." Then she asked, "Doesn't this chain go well with it?" And proceeded to open the front, exposing the chain and her breasts. She dangled her husband's gift across her nipples.

Tom gulped his answer. Alicea dropped the robe to the floor, then stepped into the steam with her husband.

She had forgotten the encounter with the stranger the night before. She awoke, her naked body pressed against her naked husband, and thought only about her happiness and the future that awaited them. She headed for the bathroom, and noticed the golden robe lying on the floor. The thought of the stranger returned. She must have given him quite a thrill! She pulled the robe over her, remembering the look of the man as she did.

"I wonder..."

She bent over at the knees, looking back towards the mirror. Sure enough, her ass revealed itself quickly. Her pussy followed right behind. She felt a wave of heat spread across her at the sight. She stood back up and eyed herself in the mirror. She noticed her hardened nipples through the silk, and began playing with the robe. She exposed more of her breast, then less. She tested the limits of how loosely she could tie the front without exposing herself too much. She enjoyed the spectacle of her cleavage.

Without thinking, her left hand slipped under the silk and gently massaged her left breast. She couldn't stop thinking about the stranger, and how excited her would be if he could see her like this! The gold fabric hung delicately at the side off her naked breast, folding with it's rising and falling motion. She pictured his face gazing intently at her... at her chest. "He may have seen my pussy, but he hasn't seen these!"

He right hand slid up her thigh, and under the robe. She rubbed her pussy and stared at her beautiful body jiggle. The robe remained barely tied across the front. She saw a lustful look in her eye. Was that how she returned his lustful stares? She closed her eyes at the thought.

She felt his eyes upon her now. The existed in her thoughts. She pretended he was on the other side of the mirror, watching her bobbing tits... watching her pleasure herself. She slipped a finger into her cunt.

What if it was his finger?

"Oooh..." she rammed it into her, bucking her hips against her hand.

What if it was his penis?

Alicea stopped. She quickly closed her robe and headed to the bedroom. She didn't look at her husband as she pulled on a pair of shorts and covered her naked breasts with a light sweater. She would go down and get some coffee... she would go down and forget the thoughts she just thought.

Alicea took the coffee from the girl behind the desk. She sipped the hot liquid, hoping to rest her quivering body. The heat only seemed to compound her already flushed skin. She turned, and headed for the elevator.

"Oh God..."

The stranger stood at the door. The elevator had come down, but he didn't get off.

She stepped inside, secure only in the fact an elderly couple got on with her. She refused to look at the man, but knew his eyes were on her. She FELT his eyes on her.

Her heart pounded beneath the sweater. Her hand shook as she brought the coffee to her lips. She bit her lip as she felt a tingling between her legs. It grew, as if fingers were brushing against the folds, sending shivering waves through her body. Her pussy acted alone, as if it knew it had been seen, and wanted to be seen again. She sipped again from the coffee, unaware the elevator had stopped.

The old couple stepped off. No one else got on. The elevator continued upwards. Alicea knew she had to at least glance at the man. If not, he would know he got to her. She prepared herself to smile slightly. She forced her head to move slowly towards him, expecting him to be wearing a huge grin and say something crass.

He stared back.

As if his eyes had never left her, he stared back. As if they had no other purpose, they stared back. Alicea felt a pounding sensation hit her from head to toe. She was going to smile then look away. She didn't smile. She didn't look away.

Alicea stared into his eyes, and knew she was naked to him. She had on no clothes, and he had the real experience of her naked beauty to strengthen the weakest imagination. She had never witnessed so bold a statement of a man's lust for her, yet he had not spoken a single word.

And she didn't look away.

The elevator stopped at her floor. The door opened. Alicea was supposed to move. The man did. He moved to about an inch from her. The door closed. Alicea felt her cunt throbbing She felt her nipples burning.

He kissed her.

He didn't move with attack or over-zealous lust. he simply pressed his lips against hers, and kissed. She kissed back. She felt her moist lips meet his, and slide smoothly across them.

The door opened. The next floor. A man and his son entered. The stranger had broken his kiss with the opening of the door, and looked with Alicea at the intruders. An eternity seemed to pass by. Alicea eyed the open door. Every sensible impulse in her told her to go through it. She moved forward, and was stopped by the stranger's unnoticing body.

His hand was on her breast.

Alicea saw the form indented by his firm press. She began to realize it had been there almost the whole time.

She pushed past the stranger into the hallway. She raced for the stairs, hoping he wasn't following. She reached the end of the hall, panting heavily.

"You stupid girl, you stupid, stupid girl!" She chastised herself as she descended the staircase. So much for not letting him think he had gotten to her. So much for acting cool and like a dutiful wife.

Tom woke up with a start, his naked wife's cunt rubbing his cock to life. He pulled the light sweater off her, and felt the chain dangle from her breasts and into his face. Alicea slipped her cunt onto Tom's now hard cock, and pulled the chain from her neck as he fucked her.

Again, she managed to put the encounter out of her mind as they prepared for some sightseeing. They had gotten a late start, thanks to Alicea's fucking. She needed his cock in her, it reminded her of the love she felt for him, and her commitment to his wonderful marriage. As long as Tom made love o her, the world would be perfect.

But her insatiable drive tired her poor husband, and she finally agreed to let him up. They would catch a few sights, have a romantic dinner, and return to the room rejuvenated and ready for all-night passion.

She at the main doors with her husband, waiting for their ride. She kept her eyes focused on the road winding away from the hill. Soon their taxi would be here, and she wouldn't have to worry about looking at the stranger a few yards away.

But the taxi was of little help. It seemed he appeared everywhere they went, always popping into her view when Tom couldn't see him. He stared at her at the restaurant. He stared at her at the beach. He stared at her at the museum. With each sighting, his lust grew heavier on her. His intentions seemed to take on physical form, exciting her pussy and breasts with invisible hands. She never left her husband's side. She wasn't going to let him touch her again. She wasn't going to let him gain anything forbidden from her. She was a new wife...

Dinner seemed to arrive after days. Finally, they sat down in a nice, private restaurant. The secluded booth was perfect hidden from prying eyes. Only her husband's eyes and the eyes of their teenage waitress could gaze upon her breasts and beauty. She sighed, and pressed the chain against her ample cleavage. She wore a dress to kill, and wondered how long her husband could stand looking at her like this.

It wasn't long before Tom's foot found its way under the dress and to her panties. His toes rubbed against her pussy as she slightly humped the welcome intrusion. He dropped an olive down her chest, and feigned a difficult time in its retrieval. His hand slid wonderfully across her breasts. He made a game of it, occasionally finding a new item to wedge in her cleavage. She was thankful for their private booth as his hands caused a breast to pop out of the dress several times. Each time he quickly scanned the room, then dipped the nipple in wine or ketchup only to remove it with a gentle, sucking, well-placed kiss.

Alicea came in her panties, and eagerly looked forward to returning to the bedroom. Tom pulled her hand into his pants, and she stroked his cock under the table. Tom bit hard on a steak bone, trying not to cry out as she massaged and jerked his penis.

Alicea felt a hot stream of sperm squirt onto her hand. Damn! she wanted to pleasure him, but not knock him out too early! She rubbed his semen in her napkin, but realized she needed to do a better job of cleaning up. She covered her hand in the napkin and headed for the ladies room.

She easily made it outside the dining area and into the lobby. She spotted the restroom sign and headed for the hallway. Someone was sitting in a chair, next to the hallway entrance.

It was him.

She felt a combination of fear and anger. The bastard and followed them again, and simply waited for a glimpse of her on the way out. She hoped she could brush by him before he noticed her. She couldn't. The stranger rose to his feet, blocking the hallway. Alicea almost ran right into him. She was about to say "Excuse me," or "Fuck you." But he would enjoy the second choice too much.

But before she spoke, he started backing into the hallway, allowing Alicea to move to the door, even though she remained in front of him. She didn't look at his eyes until he stopped again.

They were deep into the hallway. The women's bathroom was at the far end, and they were effectively cut-off from the restaurant eyes.

She wanted to scream, but again found his eyes. Her body was still twitching from her sexplay with Tom. It continued to twitch as the stranger's eyes beheld her in the tight dress. She felt his gaze as it met her breasts -- it practically spilled across them like a hot liquid. They moved to her waist, and she felt his eyes like a pair of gripping hands at her hips. They moved to her legs, and she felt his gaze like a soft wind riding up and down her thigh.

It was his hand.

The stranger coaxed his index finger up and down the bare flesh of her thigh. His other hand took hers, the one with the napkin. She felt the sperm squeeze between their hands as he lowered it to her waist. She felt her own fist push the dress upwards, guided by the stranger's intent. She felt her own and press against her panties, the turn over and bring the sperm-filled napkin against her. The fabric seemed so thin. Her hand dropped free as the stranger's pushed the napkin into her pussy. She felt it's dampness ooze against her, and slide against her. He pushed into her, the panties bending into her opening, and felt his finger push the sperm and napkin against her clit.

She was frozen. Absolutely frozen as the napkin wedged slowly into her cunt. It was her husband's sperm. But the stranger's hand. She fought for an outcry within her. A vocal force of reason that would scream the wrongness of this act. But it was her husband's sperm!!!

The inevitable happened, and someone started towards the hallway. He walked down the length, and Alicea felt his burning eyes lock on the rubbing object between her legs. If she doubted he saw, the lack of a door creaking open confirmed it. This man was watching someone rub her husband's sperm into her.

Alicea snapped the trance, and quickly headed out the hallway. She intruder watched her with stunned silence as she brushed passed him.

Tom was asleep. They had sex. Once. She let her husband undress her, kiss her breasts, and fuck her without imagination. She came, but the heat they shared at the table never returned. She pulled her husband's face to her, cradling it between her breasts as she tried to rekindle her lust and passion. She wanted to be lost in him. To feel him inside her. To ride wildly on his thrusting cock and believe he was the best fuck in the world.

But he was sleeping. Alicea couldn't blame him. They had barely slept since they arrived, and her insistent sex had tuckered him out. She let his head fall to her side. She carefully moved his body off hers, and stood up.

She played with the chain as she nakedly moved through the room. She realized again an incredible thirst, and gathered coins for the vending machine. She felt Tom's sperm still inside her, and pulled on her gold panties. She didn't want to drip down the hallway.

She wrapped herself in the matching gold, silk robe and headed out the door. She was well on her way when she remembered just how revealing the robe was. Of course, with only a pair of panties on underneath, she couldn't help but feel somewhat naked. The silk hung revealingly over her breasts, giving clear suggestions of their size and firmness. It's ability to hand past her waist was again in question, and revealed small flashes of her matching gold panties as she strode quickly down the hall.

She didn't think about anything. She focused her eyes on the machine and let her thirst define her quest.

The air was a bit colder in the hallway, and she felt a noticeable draft crawl up her legs and under the robe. She passed several men in the hallway, all noticeably turned their heads as they went by.

She reached the machine, and plunked in her coins. Her can of iced tea clanked at the bottom, and she carefully bent over to pick it up.

Something pressed against her ass.

She stood up quickly, ready to scream at the person touching her.

It was him.

She saw the stranger's reflection in the reflection of the machine. She froze, though without surprise, and remained as silent as she had in all their encounters. She noticed the man was dressed only in swim trunks, and realized without doubt the pressure she felt against her was his erect penis.

He slid up the robe.

Alicea remained frozen as he exposed her beautiful ass. She remained frozen as his hand pressed against her panties. A finger slipped in under the elastic, and glided along the edge across her hip.

She should stop him... she should stop him... the thought repeated in her mind. He pressed his hips against her, pushing his hardened cock directly between the cheeks. She continued facing the machine.

His hands moved up her waist, and pressed her forbidden breasts through the silk. His fingers started to play with the tie of the robe. Then she remembered something: no bra. If he opened the robe, her breasts would be exposed to him. That couldn't happen, even if she enjoyed the touch. Even if she enjoyed the idea.

She caught his hands and pulled them away from her breasts. He let her take his hands away, then took the iced tea away from her. Alicea felt her arms drop to her side. She froze with the cold touch of the can. The stranger brought it to her cleavage. She felt the weight press against her new chain and dig it into her flesh.

"Uhh..." she gasped at the cold. She felt her nipples immediately harden with the chilling ripple. The stranger moved the can across her left breast, dampening the silk with the condensation. Some droplets slid down the middle, again chilling her chest and causing her to gasp. Her body was frozen still, but only partly from the coldness of the can. He moved the can up and down her right nipple, bending it under the silk with the top ridge.

Alicea felt the same trance as before. Why was she letting this man touch her like this? Why was she getting so turned on? She decided to stop him, but her body refused to obey. He's just touching... there's nothing wrong with touching...

The stranger managed to tuck the can between the folds of the robe, and began sliding it down. The motion caused the robe to open, increasing the exposed area of her chest. Alicea watched as the white chain became visible, then the shadowed curves of her large, tender breasts. His body pressed completely against her, warming her back while chilling her front. She felt his hot breath pour down her neck as her robe opened. She looked down at her cleavage, aware the curves and shadows she clearly saw were visible to him as he peered over her shoulder. He kissed her neck. She remained frozen.

If he tried to open her robe all the way, she was going to let him... No! She caught his hand. It had become cold from the can, and her own flesh seemed to burn as it pressed against him.

She wasn't going to show him her breasts. She wasn't going to let him open her robe and view the forbidden parts of her that were only for her husband's eyes! The stranger returned his hands to Alicea's hips. Alicea noticed the robe was open down to her stomach. She noticed the dangling chain that rested remindingly between her breasts -- tucked snugly in the warm cleavage. Her nipples were still covered. She felt triumphant in the fact. He had seen a lot of skin, but nothing forbidden.

He started humping. He moved his cock against her, teasing her with its length and desire. Oh God... Alicea felt a rush of heat between her legs. She wanted to move away. She wanted to flee. But she wasn't fucking, she wasn't fucking... She was guarded by his swim trunks and her panties.

She wasn't fucking...

But the erotic flush was still enough for her body to instinctively push back and onto his cock.

"Ohh!" she gasped as he mashed her against the machine, dropping the iced tea. His hands started caressing her hips and sides, pushing the robe well above her waist, as he humped harder against her.

"Wow!" Alicea heard two men walk by. They saw her being humped by this man.

"Oh, my God!" a woman walked by. She saw her being humped by this man.

A third man whistled. He saw her being humped by this man.

The stranger slid his hands up inside her robe. The naked flesh of her hips was being touched. It's ok... it's ok... she thought. It's nothing forbidden... Why? Why? Why am I letting him do this? She tried to rationalize her acceptance as her body was slowly humped against the machine.

"Mommy, what are they doing?"

Alicea noticed a young boy out of the corner of her eye.

"Come away, Donnie! Come away from there!" The mother tried to pull her son away from the sight of the strange man methodically rubbing his penis against Alicea's panties. Away from the image of his hands caressing a nearly naked woman's exposed hips and her body banging into the vending machine. But the boy shook his mother off as he watched the stranger reach up underneath the robe to Alicea's bare breasts...

Alicea snapped out of it. The touch of the stranger's hand against the round forms of her beauty was the breaking point. That was forbidden.

Or was it the presence of the child and his mother?

Alicea hurriedly made her way down the all, never looking back at the man or the gawking little boy, all the while hoping it was the forbidden, unallowed touch that made her stop. Not the fact the were interrupted...

"Girl, what's the matter with you?" Alicea stared at her image in the mirror as she spoke under her breath. She had just woken up, and now had to deal with last night. She refused to think about the evening before. She refused to think about her idleness while a strange man got off on her. Tom had just shopped in the shower, and she was alone in the room, thinking...

She sat up in the bed, guilty for what happened when she returned. She woke up Tom. She once again managed to bring his tired cock to life. She was desperate to be fucked by him. If he hadn't woken u, she would have fucked his hand while he slept if necessary.

But she knew she didn't let go. For the first time, she faked an orgasm with Tom. She faked the ecstasy, she faked the moans, she faked the satisfaction. Her body had tingled with sexual arousal, but it was as if Tom's hands had no feeling. They couldn't stimulate her smooth flesh. His lips couldn't quench her burning thirst. His hardened cock couldn't fill her opening of lust.

She made him go get her an iced tea. She couldn't go into that hallway again. Tom came back, a look of exhaustion dominating his face. He didn't even shut the door all the way behind him. He fell into bed with his wife and instantly fell asleep as his wife gulped down her thirst.

Alicea got up, ready to dress herself. She found her gold panties, and routinely pulled them on. She eyed her luggage, and felt the urge to dig through it disappear in an instant. All she knew she felt was uncertainty.

She plucked the matching robe from the floor and pulled it tightly around her. She wondered if Tom would come out of the shower a rejuvenated sex machine. It didn't seem to matter. She sat her precious body in front of the mirror, and began brushing her hair. Quickly it returned to its blonde luster. Alicea found her eyes looking more at the ride beneath the robe... at the chain that hanging comfortably between her breasts.

The door opened...

Alicea looked in the mirror and saw him. She wasn't surprised, she wasn't afraid.

He seemed hesitant, as if her rebuke of him last night was the final conclusion of their mini-affair. Alicea looked back at him in the mirror. He was still dressed in his trunks from the night before. She stood up, wearing the same robe and panties she wore in their last encounter. The same robe he dampened with a dripping can. The same smooth, silky, robe he nearly slid off her gorgeous body. Alicea knew he had touched her where she shouldn't let a man touch her. But she had drawn the line. She left when his touch grew inappropriate She left before his touch became absolutely forbidden. Once in the elevator. Once in the restaurant. Once in the hall.

Alicea opened her robe.

The smooth silk slowly glided off her creamy skin. The chain became visible. Her shadowed curves became visible. The round shape of her breasts opened into view, along with her forbidden, tender, pink nipples.

She offered her breasts to him. She offered him forbidden touch.

She had about five seconds before he was on her. He kissed her -- longly and wetly. His hand groped and squeezed her breast. Alicea grabbed it, but this time didn't move it off her. She spread his open palm over her nipples, wedged it in her cleavage, and massaged herself with his forbidden touch. Her breasts moved and shaped to his eager grasp. Her nipples bent under his fingers. Then she brought his hand to her mouth, and sucked the lingering taste.

He threw her onto the bed. Alicea's body bounced on the mattress, her breasts swaying with the motion. She pulled off her panties as the stranger pulled of his trunks.

Alicea wanted to cry out as he penetrated her. She wanted to vocalize the absolute pleasure she felt as his cock slid into her. He fucked her hard, his thrusts pounding into her, burying his cock deep within her. They bucked wildly up and down on the bed. Alicea wrapped her wide-spread legs around her lover. Her breasts bounced just as wildly up and down as he fucked her.

Alicea's thoughts were gone. Her lust was in overdrive. Her body quivered and trembled from the purest fucking she had ever known. She wanted his cock, she wanted his cum. She wanted to fuck him over and over again as that magnificent cock slipped in and out of her cunt. Those eyes... those stares... Alicea felt his lust reach for fulfillment with each fucking movement.

The bed squeaked with the fucking, as loudly as a bed had ever seemed to squeak. His cock hurt her. But she forced it in harder with her insistent tugs. Fuck me.. fuck me... she screamed to herself over and over again. Be my fucker, be my lover...

The stranger was deliberate and frenzied in his pace. He was aware of this woman's new husband in the shower, and knew he had to fuck her quick and good. He focused his eyes on her bouncing tits and the chain tossed around between them.

"Oh... oh... oh..." Alicea moaned quietly with his thrusts. Her robe hung completely open at her sides.

He was seeing her all beauty. She smiled with the memory. Her saw her face, her tits, her pussy... she was naked with this man, this man that was not her husband. She was fucking this man, this man that as not her husband.

The stranger grunted. His sperm shot into her, licking the slippery walls of her cunt. She felt it ooze inside her, tickling her clit and thighs. Oohh, his cum... her cunt felt so alive from the sticky wetness. It trickled out her pussy, down her legs and onto the sheet.

"Rub it! Oh please, rub it!" she only thought the words, but they were answered.

The stranger took the blanket in hand, and wedged it between her legs.

"Ohh... oohhh..." Alicea kicked as his fingers pushed his sperm into her. No panties were in the way. Nothing stopped his sperm. He rubbed her hard and fast. The chain bounced on Alicea's breasts, the clasp had moved to the front.

Her hands found it, and removed the obtrusive chain from her breasts.

The stranger moved his body up hers, his cock hard once again. The chain was gone... now replaced by his swollen cock.

His juiced-up penis slid between her breasts. She pushed them together, tightening them on the slippery length. His hands joined hers, and massaged her tits while his cock fucked them.

The shower stopped.

The stranger kept humping. Alicea kept fucking. She heard the sounds of her husband sliding the curtain. She heard the sounds of him brushing his teeth. But she focused on the slurping sounds of the stranger's cock fucking her tits. Cum on me... Oh, cum on me...

The sperm shot into her neck, leaving a glistening trail of white along her chest. She dipped her head, and tasted the amount of cum that spurted into her mouth. The stranger sat up, and moved is cock to her lips. Alicea took it, and sucked the gobbed sperm and her own juice from the tip and length.

Her husband's electric razor stopped.

Alicea sprung from the bed. The stranger had his trunks on in an instant was quickly headed out the door. Alicea wrapped her sperm covered breasts in the robe

Tom emerged, his body still dripping from the water. Alicea stood before her husband.

"Mmmm." Tom hummed as he kissed his bride. His hands went for the tie..

Alicea grabbed his hand, and pushed him aside. She headed for the bathroom to wash the sperm from her cunt and tits.

In a little while, she would go for some iced tea.

-------The End---------


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