Chapter 2


Tomorrow they would leave the snow cave for the cabin. No search party could be mounted before the storm died down. With the blowing snow there'd be no trail to follow, no sign of them living or dead. It would be as- sumed that they were buried beneath the snow or that wolves had gotten them.

He pressed his large finger between the puffy pussy lips and worried the tiny pebble within. She turned her face toward him and let her thighs drift further apart. The moisture followed very quickly, as did the motion in her hips. Victor pulled the blanket over his massive head and suckled on her breast. Joseph, not to be for- gotten, pulled gently at the other side. There was enough light now to see her lovely breasts and make out the dusty pink of her taut nipples.

Carrie scarcely breathed when Victors beard scraped onto her belly. The very thought of what was happening excited her. She lay back in the cradle of Joseph's arm and held the blankets up so they both could look. Her legs were spread wide and the wild red hair between them looked like tongues of flame. The soft skin of her thighs felt the harsh prickle of his bushy beard. His fingers pinned back the supple folds while his lips and tongue paid homage to the delicate pinks within. She heard herself confess to Joseph that no one had ever licked between her legs before. She thought that only sluts would permit such a thing. She watched her pubes rising and falling in a carnal dance with Victors mouth. 'I am a slut she thought. And if I am to die in this frozen cave I'm glad of it.¹

There was defiance and desperation in the way she moved her belly. Words that no church-going woman ever uttered rolled easily from her lips. She wanted to come. She wanted Joseph and Victor to see the slut in her. To use her as they chose. She watched as his tongue wob- bled over her clit and the cave, once again, reverber- ated to the screams of her pleasure.

Victor knelt above her, his beard wet from her juices. Like feathers on a fox¹s mouth, a few red hairs still clung to his chin. 'Did you like that m¹lady?¹ he asked politely. He moved up further until his knees straddled her ribs. 'Your husband would be surprised?¹ he smiled. 'Do you come like that for him too?¹

She thought of her husband with a mixture of remorse and resentment. He would never understand her depravity in the snow cave. And she would never behave like this with him. She couldn't remember the last time he'd made her come. Not even her own fingers had ever made her erupt so deliciously.

As Victor loomed above her, Carrie knew what was expected of her. He saw her looking at his penis and chuckled. Is your husband's so big? Do you suck him m¹lady?¹

She leaned forward and kissed the silken bulb rather than answer. Its heat surprised her. She took the shaft from his hands and placed her own delicate fingers onto its girth. Her other hand collected his balls and cradled them in her palm. She¹d never done it before... but she had seen it done. One night at the settlement camp her drunken husband made her sit in a rented room while a whore took him in her mouth. Now Joseph and Victor were watching her as if she was the whore. The stirring sensations those thoughts sent through her were far from unpleasant. It made her tremble with the wickedness of it all.

The tip of her tongue explored the silkiness, wetting the helmet and tasting its flavor. The rim seemed par- ticularly sensitive for Victor. The moment her tongue brushed across it, his body jerked and he sucked in his breath. She nibbled on it with her lips and Victor rocked from side to side impatiently. His hands ruffled through her hair and his said 'Take it in your mouth now girl. Suck on it like a pig on a teat.¹

He laid back onto the blankets and helped her onto all fours between his legs. Her sensuous mouth engulfed the broad head and lashed it with her velvet tongue. Each stroke brought her lips further down the thick shaft. Victor encouraged her with his hands and his words. When she whispered breathlessly that she¹d never done this before, he laughed uproariously.

'Never sucked your husband?¹ he chortled. 'And yet you suckle so well on a stranger¹s cock? What a fool he is to abandon such a treasure. A virgin mouth and a cunt he¹s never tasted.¹

Behind her, Joseph knelt at her upturned buttocks. His hands, squeezing her dangling breasts and roaming over her belly and thighs, sent shivers through her soul. The pleasure his cock had brought her only hours before made her quiver for him again. With Victor¹s cock in her mouth and Joseph¹s near her backside she felt deliciously sluttish. She sucked hard while Victor held her head in his hands, pushing in deeply and slowly withdrawing. She imagined her husband sitting in a chair in a rented room, watching her pleasure Victor with her mouth. The thought made her lick and suck with greater relish.

Her rhythm was soon matched by Joseph. From the back, the penetration seemed more complete than it had earlier in the night. His long cock filled her up and his fingers, playing over her clit, were magic. Like a sen- suous cat she raised her buttocks toward him letting her knees drift further apart.

Victor¹s strokes were short and powerful and his cock had begun to jerk in spasms. Carrie wanted all of him in her mouth. Her tongue stretched along the bottom of his cock until the head grazed the back of her throat. She held on as his hands clamped the sides of her head. His great belly tensed and his seed splashed against her throat quickly filling her mouth. She swallowed to keep from choking and then again and again as she milked his frenzied cock. The taste was pleasant, mild, and slight- ly salty. She licked all traces from his glistening sex.

Joseph¹s wide hand had spread across the small of her back. His thumb descended between the firm cheeks until it rested on her anus. The touch felt so alien that a wave of goose-bumps rose on her shapely cheeks. With her face still buried in Victor¹s groin, her thoughts were now distracted by the strange feel of Joseph¹s thumb pressing the rubbery ring. She tensed when he pushed inside. He could feel the walls of her vagina tighten too. His middle finger replaced his thumb easing its way to the second knuckle. For a moment Carrie froze while her mind raced to catch up with the unfamiliar sensa- tion. Her hand reached back and momentarily stayed Joseph¹s.

'Has he never fucked your bum either?¹ she heard Victor ask. 'That husband of yours neglects you.¹

He reached back and held her cheeks apart for his friend. Joseph pressed his cock against the opening and pushed in. Still wet from her juices it slid easily and she gasped at the feeling. Another push brought him in further and she feared he might be too big.

'Loosen your muscles,¹ Victor advised. With a con- scious effort she relaxed, surrendering herself to Joseph¹s invasion. He eased forward burying the full length in her snug passage until she could feel him deep in her belly. His hands rested on her hips and rocked her to and fro until she began to get used to the feel- ing. It was not abhorrent, nor painful. Carrie found it pleasantly obscene. Again she thought of her husband and nestled back against Joseph, encouraging the penetra- tion.

Victor, still on his back, slid down further between her legs. Her splayed thighs rested against his powerful hips. When he flexed upward, his cock prodded her belly. She lowered herself until it rubbed across her mons. She used her hand to guide him between the lips, sinking down until the whole shaft was engulfed.

Victor¹s sturdy cock felt massive inside of her and Joseph moved freely within her anus. Their cocks dueled from both ends of her belly creating sensations that one man alone could never provide.

Carrie knew should couldn't last long without coming. Every push from Joseph in behind ground her tender clit into Victor¹s pubic hair. The men were close too. Her body shook from the force of their thrusts. With a strangled moan Joseph snugged her hips against him, driving his cock in deep. Her own orgasm had started and she writhed in ecstasy against their cocks. Two more powerful thrusts and Joseph¹s seed poured out inside of her. Victor¹s hands grasped the backs of her thighs pinioning her undulating pelvis to his own. His mighty thrusts lifted her off the blanket. His whole body shook as he propelled his essence into her womb.

Carrie felt delirious. She lay with her panties pres- sed between her legs leaking their fluids. Her cheek rested on Victor¹s thigh and she watched his pummel soften and recede. It still glistened, glazed from his semen and she could smell her juices on it. She was fascinated by its velvety head and dismayed by the rag- ged remnants of his foreskin. It gave her a funny feel- ing in the pit of her stomach as she thought of it how it must have hurt to have it sliced away. She planted a comforting kiss on the spot, then another at the top. Her tongue dipped into the moist opening and swirled around the head. She tasted her own juices and recog- nized the mild salty flavor of Victor¹s semen. Like a cat grooming her kitten she licked him clean.

Within the hour they had started their trek. The wind was weakening but still managed to cover their tracks. Carrie felt comfort in walking between them, Victor¹s massive back shielded her from the wind. Joseph¹s help- ing hands, several times, kept her from falling. In the daylight, the remnants of the storm seemed less frightening. Even the cold seemed manageable with her cheeks flushed from memories of the night before. She was glad when the two men missed the trail marker to town and trudged in another direction. With any luck there'd be another snow cave for the night...




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