Chapter 1


Elizabeth was wasted. She wanted to get a little messed up, but she was obliterated. she left the partying horde and found refuge in a bedroom. Her head was swirling and she needed a rest.

She was surprised her boyfriend wasn't here yet. Rick, the DJ she met at a wedding a week earlier, had told her he had personally invited him. It wasn't like Ken to be late...

Her mind trailed off on the thought. "Oh God..." she whispered to herself as she flopped on the bed. She scrounged into the pile of coats, trying to regain her senses.

Rick had hovered over her the moment she walked in the door. He didn't make much effort to hide his interest in her, and she was sure he would have asked her out at the wedding if Ken hadn't been there. They had actually turned out to be old acquaintances from high school. Ken didn't like him much, and called Rick an asshole more than once during the night. But he was definitely attractive. He looked very pleasing in his tuxedo the previous week. Now she saw him in a simple T-shirt, and really noticed his muscular build for the first time.

Rick made several drinks for her, and she allowed her self to consume them more rapidly than usual. Even though she loved Ken and was loyal to him, she couldn't deny the desire to impress her new suitor. But why was she so fucked up? She was never like this after a few drinks...

She had dressed well for the evening, a short black leather skirt and a black leather jacket zipped up to a point just below her cleavage. She felt a smiling wave of heat spread over her as she remembered she wore no shirt underneath. Ken loved her in leather, and she knew the evening would end in heated, orgasmic fury. She remembered the drink in her hand, hoping not to spill it on her clothes. She sipped from the alcohol, and fell back into the bed. The world crawled to slow motion. The sounds outside the door grew prolonged and full of echo. She started to lose track of where she was...

Rick entered the room. Elizabeth didn't notice him at first, or what seemed 'at first' anyway. The opening of the door stretched the boundaries of perceived minutes. The careful locking was like hours.

"Having a good time, I hope."

Elizabeth didn't answer, she just felt the moment, the sounds, the sights around her. She was unaware to the smile that began to twist on Rick's face... the focused stare of his eyes upon her... the stepping towards the edge of the bed... his hand on her leg.

She should have said something. She wanted to, but her lips seemed unable to move. Something stirred in her. A pulsing wave reverberated up her leg and into her chest. She could almost see the sensation. She thought, remembering her love for Ken and her loyalty. But as his hand moved to her knee, she didn't care.

Rick eyed her intently, seeing if she resisted at all. He looked at her slender leg, covered just barely by her black leather skirt. She was incredibly sexy. Her legs were perfectly smooth. They shifted slightly, not from his touch, but from the constant motion induced by the drug high. She had taken it like a trusting child. His plan was developing as well as he could have hoped. A simple invitation to a party, a little hidden substance in her drink, and the inevitable outcome. Rick's cock burgeoned with readiness,. He couldn't shake the image of her all week. God, he wanted to fuck her so bad. He would have walked away from his DJ booth if he could have gotten her to leave. She was easily the hottest girl at the reception. Her long, curly hair. Her tight, red dress cut well below her breasts and precociously extending a mere few inches below her waist. The visible bumps in the dress convinced him she was braless, and the bouncing, jiggling motion of her breasts on the dance floor confirmed the suspicion. If only it wasn't for the damned boyfriend. She hung on him all night, forcing Rick into the bathroom to masturbate on two of his breaks.

Now she was here. No boyfriend in sight. Yet... Elizabeth gyrated with the high, never ceasing her flowing legs and hips. The movements created wonderful opportunities for her knees to rise and bend slightly, creating views high up her leg and into the darkness beneath her skirt. God did he want her! But was she ready? He jockeyed his head, trying to glimpse her panties.

Her motion was indeed ceaseless. her head swayed from left to right in smooth, rhythmic motions. Rick touched his throbbing cock, knowing he head to test the waters. He pushed on her right knee, and she obliged him by pulling it up. Rick pressed his tongue against his lip at the virtual slow-motion action. Her skirt fell lower as her leg raised, those precious centimeters of flesh slowly revealed themselves. He tried the other knee, Sure enough she raised it as well as part of her motion. The skirt fell lower, revealing his quest: her beautiful cunt covered by a small pair of lacy red panties. "Oh God", he whispered to himself. His reaction was to at first look away for fear of being caught. But he saw Elizabeth pay him no head. She was in her own drugged-out world now. He noticed some of her drink spilled down her body. She hadn't even noticed her loss of control. He hadn't drank a drop himself, since he wanted to fuck Elizabeth and remember it, but he felt it would be his duty to lick the leftovers off her cleavage.

Ohh, her breasts, so shamefully covered by the leather that they seemed to burst against the top of, fighting for freedom. Her top was so tight, her tits were so perfect...His hand moved up just beneath her skirt. She gasped...

Elizabeth had lost the sense of what was going on , but the feel of Rick's hand only a couple of inches from her panty line reminded her. "No, Elizabeth. Don't let this happen. He's not worth it if he has to take advantage of you. Besides, he really isn't that interesting. Ken, Ken's the one you want and love!" But in the eternity it took to think these thoughts, he had slid up her skirt. Her red panties shimmered in the light. ""Oh God, he knows I'm helpless!" She thought to herself. She went to move her skirt back down, but he caught her hands, then kissed them. Her hands wanted to move but remained still in his clutch. Her thoughts fought through the high, but too often returned to the swirling world and random images of her mind. "Maybe I should get up, I should fight him off.

In this time, he had moved his hand to unzip her jacket. "Uuuh..." she breathed at his forceful action. The motion was quick, and effective. Her zipper slid down quickly, and she realized a much greater portion of her chest was visible to him than she cared for. She wished she had worn a bra, but at least her nipples were still covered...

Um, no they weren't. He had finished the process by opening her jacket wide. Her eyes tried to meet his, but they were focused on her exposed breasts. The sight reminded her of her childhood and the many evenings she fell asleep on the couch and had to be undressed by her mother or father. The gentle rocking caused by Rick's movements induced a hypnotic bobbing of her breasts. The motion up and down her chest seemed to speak silent words of comfort and peace into her mind. She felt her muscles relax, and her breasts accept they were nude.

She was almost out-of-body now. She imagined herself from above. Her jacket crumpled around her sides... Her skirt up around her waist... her legs rolling in a circular motion, stretching and shaping the folds of her panties.

Rick was nearly as transfixed. Despite her bared breasts below him, he was still hesitant to move. Hesitant for fear of awakening her from her trance. Hesitant because the sexiness of the girl beneath him deserved worship. He rocked on the bed, and watched the seductive jiggling her breasts and thighs. Her knees were fully bent, her feet at the base of her ass. He gathered the images as fuel for his lust. It was time...

Elizabeth went to sit up as she found Rick's mouth sucking her left nipple, but lost her thought almost instantly. She lost herself in a swimming world of sensation and motion. He started flicking his tongue, removing the extra drops of alcohol scattered across her bosom. The action reminded her of Ken, how she loved to feel his tongue slide around her nipples. He had a great tongue! She lost herself again as his hands moved to her breasts.

"Ken, oh Ken..." she moaned as he took her soft breasts in his hands. Rick grinned at the effective trance and the knowledge he would succeed. He didn't care what she called him, so long as he fucked her. He massaged her breasts gently, reveling at the nipples poking in and out of his fingers. Strange colors and tinglings shot through her as his mouth gently drew her right nipple in. He sucked slowly and gingerly.

"Stop... stop... " she whispered as a moment's thought told her it wasn't Ken. But his reply was rub her left nipple with his fingertip.

She continued to lay there, almost frightened, as he kneaded her breasts and sucked on her nipples. But the realization again faded into the ceaseless world. Patterns formed in her eyes, she felt like she was floating. The finger on her nipple froze her in erotic submission. Images of Ken flooded her mind and she felt peace again...

He touched her cunt.

"No!" her last moment of will! True, his touch was protected by her panties, But they were thin and would give way easily. "No, she said again, a little more loudly. He paid no heed as he slid his finger underneath her panties and into her cunt. "Umm!" she squealed highly. Her motion was absorbed by her hips as his finger probed inside her. He stooped a moment. Why, she didn't know.


He slid her panties down. She didn't want to lift her legs, but she couldn't stop him. She was essentially naked and ripe for fucking. Her jacket was still on, but was loosely hung about her shoulders with all the material spread on the bed. Her breasts were exposed and bouncing with each slight motion. And now, her legs were up and spread open, her cunt awaiting patiently. He touched her cunt again, "Uhhhh. Ummmm." The feeling had echoes, and longevity. It had aftertastes and embers. The time passed was immense and short. Each touch, each probe, was met with aftershocks. She opened her eyes. He had moved off her, but now was moving back, his pants and, needless to say, his underwear, in a state of disrobe like her own jacket and panties.

He started fucking her. He rammed his cock into her cunt and started pounding. Pounding her cunt over and over. Her titties jiggled with the motion, and Rick grabbed them, caressing them in his hands as he fucked her. It was happening! He was fucking her! His cock shot pleasure through his whole body with each thrust into her. "Oh yeah, oh yeah.." he thought. His eyes opened in a glazed stare. The pleasure ... the sight of her lightly freckled shoulders and breasts, her perfect pink nipples bobbing and jiggling. He pushed harder and faster...

Elizabeth had been quiet, but now got into it. "Oohh, oooh, oooh, yes yes, fuck me. Oh god!"

"Ahh, ahhh, ahh!" he exhaled with each thrust. His pounded his cock into her cunt at a fast, steady pace. He looked down, loving the sight of his cock buried deep inside Elizabeth. He thought about Ken and laughed. That idiot was in love with her! He was desperate for her! But here he was, Rick, fucking her! He moaned loudly, she moaned with him. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God! Oh , Ken!"

Elizabeth felt like a dam had burst in her. She came in a steady stream. And she could FEEL the cum tickling her pussy as it eagerly moistened her opening. The cock inside her was like its own soul, melding into her own flesh in a heat she could feel on her lips. Ken... Ken.... she let the word wrap around her thoughts and body like an invisible sexual light.

Rick continued pushing into her soft cunt, but monitored his pace. He was ready to cum, and he strained to keep himself from it. He closed his eyes.

"Come on... come on..." he moaned.

The door opened.

Two of his friends entered the room, one with key in hand. The other had another person behind him. Rick flashed a devil smile as he recognized the third person. I

It was Ken.

Rick had invited him. He just told him to get there a little later than the others. Ken's eyes darted to the bed. He saw Rick, naked from the waist down. Then he saw Elizabeth and turned ashen. Rick lifted her of the bed slightly and started to really drive into her now. He bit and sucked her nipples. Ken started to lunge at him, but found himself held by the other two men.

"Ha! I'm fucking the girl you love! Aha!"

The words were a dagger through him. Rick looked back at Elizabeth, poor oblivious Elizabeth. "Tell me you want it, tell me you want it, baby!"

"I want it, oh I want it! Fuck me. Oh fuck me.." she gasped back

No... No... Ken couldn't believe her words.

"Tell me you want my cum. tell me..."

"Cum in me , oh God, cum in me. I want your cum!"

Rick let go of her shoulders, and grabbed her waist. She hit the bed as he started pounding her cunt wit full purpose. "Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahh" he exhaled with each thrust. Elizabeth pulled him into her, matching his grunts with Yes's.

Ken struggled against the arms of his captors, but somehow felt weak. Why? He only had one drink since he got here...

"Oh, it's so good!" Elizabeth was absorbed in the lust and fucking. "Oh, it's so good, Ken!"

Ken heard his name. His heart leaped with both happiness and rage.

""Oooh, who's fucking you? Who's dicking you?"

Elizabeth's eyes hazed, then opened.

"Rick. Rick, Fuck me Rick! Fuck me hard!"

"Yeaaah!" Rick slammed into her. His motion carried them off the bed and onto the floor. Elizabeth's hair still clung to the sheets as Rick cupped her buttocks and drove into her.

He let go his cum in motion of quick thrusts and jerks. Elizabeth screamed with pleasure... Rick's sperm lined her cunt and she felt the impact shoot through her nipples.

Ken watched her body flinch and her mouth gape with orgasm. He felt tears should have come to his eyes, but the thought fled as quickly as it came. He couldn't even force himself to get up when one of the men holding him rose to his feet and walked to Elizabeth. The new man lifted her mostly naked, sperm-dripping body back onto the bed. He worked at his pants as Rick walked up to Ken's face.

"Boy, I wish you had her back in high school!" His smile was evil and loathful.

"Fuck you." Ken managed a sentence.

"Elizabeth already did. Or wait, I guess I fucked her."

Ken couldn't reply as a new humping body entered Elizabeth and her cries of excitement returned.

A parade of men entered the room one by one. Ken vaguely recalled seeing no other women at the party, but the thought was gone quickly. He watched an uncountable pair of hands grope her flailing breasts. He saw an assortment of hard cocks release into, and onto her. Her cunt dripped with cum. Her nipples dripped with cum. Her lips dripped with cum.

When the last man finished ejaculating on her face, Ken hope the nightmare was over.

Rick walked back to the bed. In his hand was a glass, full to the top of some beverage. He gave it to her.

One hand took the glass and brought it to her lips. The other rubbed her pussy.


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    Fuck me , what is the name of that substance. If i can get hold of it, in Centurion, you and your buddies can fuck my wife al night.