In the late 60’s, I was living in Springfield, Mass. I was between jobs and working for a combination record store and gas station. Gas stations were a great place to observe people especially women in the summer. Back then, gas stations really gave full service and you got your windshield wiped too.

Many of the women wore short shorts, and when wiping the windshield, you were often treated to some strands of pubic hair sticking out around the crotch. Also, you got a pretty good idea of who wore panties and who didn’t.

Some women would spread their legs even more when they knew you were looking, others would clamp them shut. You also got to see who was fooling around with who. There was a married guy next door who usually came in with his wife in the car. Occasionally though, he came in with another guy’s daughter next to him in short shorts. He frequently had his hand on her leg and there was no doubt in my mind he was boinqing her!

One day after a particularly good windshield wipe, I came back into the station and commented about being horny. A regular truck customer was there and overheard me. "Have I got a lay for you!", he commented.

"Oh boy!" I thought to myself. "She must be a real beauty if you’re giving her away!" I said.

"No, really, she’s not that bad, you’ll like her. She’s 24, a little over 5 feet tall, and about 140, a little heavy but she’s got a good shape."

He told me her name was Brenda and he gave me her phone number. It seemed too good to be true, so I said "OK, so I call her up and what do I say, do I tell her I want to fuck her?"

"You could do that and she’d probably say OK but you might want to be a little more sensitive!"

"So why are you giving her to me instead of keeping her for yourself?" I asked.

"She won’t go out with a guy more than once, she’ll tell you that right up front!"

After thinking about it for a day or two, I decided to call since the worst that could happen would be a wrong number or I’d get the phone slammed down in my ear.

"Who is this?" was the answer I got when I asked for Brenda. Not knowing exactly what I should say, I said "a friend." The angry woman started to say something else but I heard Brenda in the background saying "Mother if that’s for me, you’ve got no right.."

They started arguing in the background and finally Brenda came to the phone and apologized for her mother. I told her that her number had been given to me by a truck driver and asked her if she’d like to go out to dinner that week-end.

She told me to hold on while she checked her calendar. When she came back to the phone, she told me that the "best" day for her would be the following Wednesday. I agreed and she gave me her address which was down on South Main Street.

The area she lived in was not the greatest but also not the worst part of the city. It was primarily a low income Italian neighborhood and she lived in a second floor apartment.

I heard a lot of kids inside when I knocked on the door. Brenda opened the door and said "Wait a minute," and shut the door. During that brief view of the apartment, I had seen at least three kids, 1 black, 1 white, and one somewhere in between.

Finally Brenda came out and I was pleasantly surprised. She was short, had shoulder length black hair, a re- spectable set of knockers, and a dress short enough to show a decent set of heavy but well proportioned legs.

Many men prefer short women and I was no exception. It seems that with a short woman, your cock seems that much bigger and more powerful than with a woman your own height! And as we walked down the stairs, I already had a hard on thinking of the possibilities.

We got into the car and I asked her where she would like to eat. "You pick a place", she said. She didn’t talk much and I had to carry the conversation.

"Aren’t you afraid to go out with a guy you don’t even know?" I said.

"No", she replied.

"Are those your kids, I saw in your apartment?"

"Yes", she replied."

"How old are you?"

"24", she said.

One of the kids I saw looked to be about 7 or 8 years old. I did some quick mental math and figured that Brenda must have been doing some serious fucking when she was 15 or 16! Also, at 24 she’s got to be at her sexual peak! My cock got a little harder and wetter as I considered the fact that she must be a really horny bitch who had been screwing black, Puerto Rican and white guys for some time now!

Her dress had risen a bit above the knee and I caught a glimpse of tiny black hairs on her thighs. It wasn’t unusual for women to shave their legs up to the knee and let the hair grow above the knee back then. She also had some black hairs on her arms suggesting that there would likely be a lot of black hair between her legs. The thought of our pubic hairs soaked with our fluids got me even harder and I could feel my underwear getting wet.

As we approached the restaurant and I turned the direc- tional signal on, she said "Let’s not eat, I’m not hungry."

"OK", what do you want to do?", I cautiously asked.

"Something else", she replied.

Mustering all my courage, I said "Want to go to a Motel?"

"Sure!" she answered.

Since I was clearly on a roll, I decided to push my luck and said "Do you want to fuck?"

"If you do", she said.

I reached over, took her hand and pressed it against my hard cock. "Does this tell you anything?" I laughed.

She moved over next to me and started massaging my crotch. Before long she had pulled out my cock and was spreading the pre-cum all over the purple head. She knew exactly how to squeeze at the base and force the stuff up and out where she spread it around and moved her closed hand up and down the shaft. I knew this girl had had lots of men! A couple of times I had to tell her to stop because I wanted to shoot inside her, not in the car.

When we got to the motel (Actually a $7.00 cabin), she went straight to the bathroom. I began undressing. When she came out she was wearing nothing but her panties. I could see a very large black triangle of pubic hair under them. She pushed up against me and turned her face up to me. I kissed her and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. She felt very warm, much warmer than I would have expected and as we kissed I suddenly felt moisture on my chest. As I backed away I realized she was lactating.

Realizing what I was looking at, she said "I just had a kid not too long ago, I’m still breast feeding, do you mind?"

"Oh no!, I quickly blurted out. I pulled down her panties and we kissed again. She took hold of my cock and as I slipped my hand between her legs, I was surprised to find her pubic hairs actually dripping from her sex fluids. I whispered "I think its time" and we went to the bed. As I knelt between her legs, and inserted 2 fingers into her. She was ready all right and as I withdrew my fingers, noted that her was flowing more than I'd ever seen before!

As I shoved my swollen tool into her she raised her legs so I could get really deep, I noticed again that her body seemed warmer than usual. I was about to ask her if she felt OK thinking she might have a fever, when it all suddenly came to me.. warm body, lots of clear fluids in her vagina.. she was ovulating! I thought about pulling out to discuss the situation but she felt too good wrapped around my dick, and anyway she suddenly wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my back, and started pumping me like crazy.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me", she kept whispering in my ear. I was past the point of no return and felt myself building toward orgasm fast. Thoughts raced through my mind. I wondered why she was doing this. I’m going to knock her up and she knows it! Wednesday, that’s why she made me wait, she knew she’d be ovulating! I can’t stop it, its too late!

But..I liked the idea of knocking her up! I liked the idea of shooting 200 to 300 millions of my sperm deep inside her like all those other guys had done before me! I snaked my arms under her back and grasped her shoulders from the back. I pulled hard on her shoulders as she raised her legs even higher. My balls, stomach and thighs were drenched with her fluids and our bodies slid against each other.

It was almost time -- and as I felt my cum starting to travel up my shaft -- I buried my cock in her and held it tight. "OK bitch, you want another kid? Well, here it comes!" I gave 2 quick in and outs and started jerking inside her. Again thoughts raced through my mind. There’s no way out now! She’ll never be able to get rid of my cum even with a douche! Its too deep- can’t get it all out! She’s so wet, it'll go quickly into her tubes!

After it was over and my cock began to shrink inside her, she started moving her hips again. She had good muscle control and I could feel her squeezing my cock which was still inside her. Slowly but surely, she got it hard again, and I shot 4 more loads into her before we were done.

My cock had been inside her for about an hour and each time she got me hard, I shot another load into her. Finally, I fell asleep on top of her, my cock still inside of her. When we awoke, the fluids from our sex had dried and our pubic hairs were stuck together. It was painful as we separated them carefully. Each of us had a souvenir of the night!

As we left the motel, it was clear to me that I had been utilized for stud service for whatever reasons Brenda had. I didn’t mind, Brenda was short, attractive, had hairy pussy, big boobs, was horny and ovulating. What else could a man ask for?

While most men won’t admit it, they all like the idea of knocking up a woman. I tried to arrange another date but as the truck driver told me, she said no because she only dates a guy once!

I saw Brenda again a number of years later. She was pushing a baby carriage with a couple of younger children alongside. I thought back to that night in the motel with my cum shooting inside her and our bodies sliding together -- and realized that it had been a once in a lifetime event for me!

The End


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