"Michael, could you help me?"

It was Mr. Dietel, my boss. "Of course, sir." I jumped out of my car door to see my employer half-dragging his wife from the open elevator. Thea was obviously quite intoxicated and not in control of her own faculties. I lifted her free arm and placed it around my neck; the middle-aged woman was cradled between us.

"Seems like my wife had a bit too much to drink." He always had a way of stating the obvious. This was not the first time he left an important party because of his wife's drinking problem. "Thea should go home" - of course she should - "but it looks like I may get the CMK contract tonight." He sighed. "If I play my cards right."

I opened the rear door to the limousine. "It's no problem, Mr. Dietel. I'll drop her off then come right back." He looked grateful.

Up until this moment, Thea Dietel had been inanimate. She spoke with slurred words. "I don't want to go home, Michael!" She turned her head towards her husband. "Let us go find a nice hotel and fuck our brains out like we used to?" It was my duty to ignore the private words of my employer and his wife.

"Now, dear." He let her go so I could manipulate her through the door of his huge car. "Michael will make sure you get home all right." She made a rude noise as her answer, while I was not amused with the task of handling his drunken wife. "I'll be home later tonight, dear, after I get that contract I have been working on."

This time Mrs. Dietel spoke to me instead of her husband. It was something she normally never did - talk to the help. "He would rather work on some contract than fuck his wife." She then spoke over my shoulder as I finally got her onto the rear seat. "Or are you fucking someone else?" There was venom in her voice. "Like that bimbo secretary of yours?"

After I stood back up out of the limousine, Mr. Dietel closed the door just as his wife's first sob could be heard. He attempted an embarrassed smile then pressed his palm into mine. I felt several bills being exchanged. "I know this goes beyond your duties, Mike, so after getting her home you can take the rest of the night off."

I wondered if Mrs. Dietel's last question was true. "Of course, sir, and thank you."

He waved my statement away. "I should get back." He walked back towards the elevator. "I called home and the maid will handle my wife once you get her there." I nodded. After all, it was my job.

Mr. Dietel quickly stepped into the open elevator and closed its doors. I was left alone in the large cement parking complex. Well, I thought, it's a job. Beats digging ditches.

I got behind the driver's seat and stole a quick look behind me through the rearview mirror. "You okay, Mrs. Dietel?" She didn't respond, but I could hear her near-silent sobs. "I'll have you home within an hour." It usually took seventy-five minutes to drive to the coastal home, but it was evening and I should be able to make good time.

It was a job. I began maneuvering through the busy downtown streets and the traffic, only occasionally looking back to my employer's wife. She was fine, half-laying upon the wide rear seat, her face hidden in shadow. Perhaps I would get lucky and she would pass out until the drive was over.

I'm not sure how long since leaving the garage it had been before Mrs. Dietel first spoke, but it startled me after the serene silence. "You wouldn't have left your wife for a contract, would you, Michael?" I glanced through the mirror to see Thea sitting up, looking directly into my eyes. She looked very weary, her eyes were red and puffy after crying, and her clothes were wrinkled after laying upon them for so long.

"I'm not married, Mrs. Dietel." I wondered if she even knew this - she only spoke to me to give directions to her next destination, not to ask about my personal life. I sensed that she waited impatiently for an answer to her question. My comment was irrelevant. "No, ma'am, I would never have chosen a job over my wife."

"Do you find me attractive, Michael?" Her voice had a new quality to it that I could not interpret. The simple question was also disturbing, something I never thought to hear from Thea Dietel.

What else could I say? "Yes, ma'am, I do find you attractive." She was. Late thirties, still in shape, with a pretty face - it was only her attitude that pissed me off. This evening I had noticed she looked particularly attractive, dressed in a light pink dress with while nylons and shoes, her long, wavy dark hair highlighting her attractive features. Of course, I only took a quick glance before becoming the dispassionate driver - after all I could not jeopardize this job.

Using a quiet almost girlish voice, she asked, "Would you like to fuck me?"

I almost hit the car in front of me, so distracted and surprised was I at the comment. I took several long breaths before responding, "Ma'am, we will be back home in a few moments. Then you can sleep off..." I was the chauffeur after all. The reason I had stopped talking was because I glanced into the mirror as I spoke. What I saw surprised me yet again.

The angle of the large rearview mirror allowed me to see much of the rear compartment, up to about the waist of anyone sitting in the seat facing forwards. Mrs. Dietel was sitting facing me, her eyes looking fiercely into mine. I could see a white silk-covered knee which led down to her thigh- revealing garters. One of the lady's hands was inside the front of her dress, one button undone, allowing access so she could manipulate her own breast. The other hand crossed the front of her body and was obviously placed between her legs, which I could not see.

"Would you like to fuck me?" Again the question, but this time I could see the needful desire in her eyes, and understood the sound in her voice. "I'll do anything you want! I want you to fuck me!" She sighed, and I saw that her tongue had quickly licked her red lips to moisten them. "Use me, Michael, fuck me any way you want; I need a man." I'm sure she did.

I wasn't sure what to do, but was certain her actions were induced by the large amounts of alcohol she consumed. So if in doub,t do your job. I continued to drive while watching the rear compartment very closely. Mrs. Dietel continued to manipulate her bosom and the arm across from her moved slightly, giving indication of a busy hand between her legs. Yet her eyes only came off mine to sigh her enjoyment, but would promptly return to the mirror. Thank goodness - I finally left the busy city and was on a quiet highway.

"I bet you have a big rock-hard cock?" She smiled for the first time. "One that likes a hungry wet pussy... like mine."

I spent another few moments watching her enjoyable show before she altered her presentation. I watched as she pressed her knees together and then lifted them to her chest, her hands going to her hips. She wiggled then moved her arms down before coming back up with her white thin panties. In seconds she threw the skimpy garment up to the front; it landed right upon my right thigh. I stole another look back at her, seeing that she waited for my response, then I lifted her damp panties to my face and inhaled.

Mrs. Dietel giggled like a teenager. "I knew you were a real man! A real fucking true-to-God answer to my prayers." She again lifted her legs up upon the seat, both her knees now visible, allowing me to see the band of her stockings and the clips of her garters. I breathed in the thick musk of Mr. Dietel's wife as I watched her slowly unbutton the multitude of dainty buttons on the front of her dress. "I'm going to sit here and fuck myself until you stop this car and rape me!" She giggled again just as her bra- covered breasts were revealed.

I reached up to the mirror and adjusted it, moving it down slightly. My view was unobstructed into the rear seat, and I could now see Mrs. Dietel's glistening spread cunt. I could not believe this was happening, nor was I sure how far to take this episode. She noticed my adjustment of the mirror and smiled her enjoyment. That was when she began the real show.

A bra landed upon my lap,removed quickly and thrown while I was distracted with her Venus mound. She scooted her bottom forward on the seat, pressing her already-spread sex towards me. I could see every detail of her flowered vagina that I imagined the taste of her nectar. The limousine filled with the sharp smell of her. Those next few moments would rush by very quickly.

Mrs. Dietel began to gently manipulate the wet lips of her sex, moving them back and forwards with one hand. The other hand pinched a nipple before firmly grasping a breast in a full hand. She was making pleasure noises, mainly for my enjoyment, I was sure. "I need your big fucking cock, Michael." The right hand worked upon her sex moved and the tips of her fingers rotated over the sensitive spot of her clitoris. Her bottom and hips wiggled delightfully while the hand over the breast became rough as it moved from one revealed breast to the other.

The middle-aged woman was still very attractive, and at that moment, damn sexy. I wanted to turn off the road, jump in the back and fuck her wildly. I wanted to lick up the abundant juices that ran from her vagina down to her asshole, bottom cheeks and even her inner thighs. She was right about one thing - I most certainly wanted to fuck her with my big cock. I decided, at that moment, to watch the rest of the show, then move in to give the madam her wish.

"Hummm!" She moaned out, the urgency in her voice apparent. A hand abandoned her C-cup breasts, then unceremoniously attacked her own vagina, inserting her two middle fingers deep inside her private gully. The other hand was rapidly moving almost in time with her wiggling and shivering body. I knew it would not be long now. "Cock...fuck me, you bastard...fat fucking cock fucking me...yes!"

"Yes!" Her bottom lifted off the seat and pressed outwards towards me, as I saw perfectly into her crotch and busy hands. Three fingers were shoved up inside herself, and the other was now at her mouth, licking off the glistening juices her sex had left upon it. She came fiercely as the now- clean hand returned to her clitoris. Mrs. Thea Dietel orgasmed and spasmed just as I slowed down so I would not have to take my eyes off the mirror as much.

The explosive orgasm seemed to last for several long seconds until she fell back down onto the seat. Her alcohol-induced sluggishness returned and she suddenly looked exhausted as she collapsed into the huge rear seat. Her delightful moaning lasted for another few moments as she enjoyed the after affects of her inner release.

"Mrs. Dietel?" I slowed the limousine and turned off onto a remote dirt road, only moments from the Dietel home. She hadn't even answered me, but put her arm over her eyes. "Thea?" It was the first time I have ever called her by her first name, and probably would be the last. I found an abandoned old dirt road that was overgrown with weeds and hadn't a house or building within a few miles. It was totally dark.

I put the limousine in park, got out of the car, opened the rear door and climbed in. Laying as she had last moved, Mrs. Dietel was still exposed, her dress about her waist. She was glowing in the dim light of the driver's compartment, her skin still sweaty from her earlier exertions and her chest rose and fell with her deep even breathing. I reached out and tentatively poked her foot. She didn't move.

Just touching her took much of my initial strength, since I knew that the game I was playing could effectively get me canned from my well-paying cushy job. Yet this opportunity could not be overlooked - Mrs. Dietel was an attractive woman, a woman who needed the touch of a man, and to top it off, was a bitch up until this night. I wanted to possess her, to fuck her, and to have her beg for me. Possibly in no other situation could I have a woman like Thea in my bed.

I again reached out and moved her foot, but didn't take my hand away from her silk-clad toes. I wanted her to wake up and again beg for my cock, which I would give to her only when I wanted to.

She didn't move.

"Thea?" My hand shook her more roughly this time and she didn't even moan. The woman was again passed out. "Damn!" I sat back and contemplated my next move. My employer's wife was almost naked in the back of his limousine and my dick was hard. Obviously my earlier plans had disintegrated. Again the rich got what they desired and the working stiffs were left holding the bag again. "Damn bitch!"

At some point in those few seconds I had decided my course of action and reached out cup one of her sweaty breasts in my palm. The nipple was still hard poked into my hand, and heightened my sexual hunger. This woman had promised, and begged, for my cock - was it wrong to give it to her? Even in this state? I didn't care any longer.

I was not dainty, nor was I gentle with my next few movements. I reached out with both hands and pulled her from the seat down onto the carpeted floor. She landed upon her naked buttocks and shoulders. My desperation was evident as I pried apart her thighs and knelt between them, the zipper loud in the silent compartment. Quickly and expertly, I aimed my stiff manhood towards her still-flowered open vagina and pressed forwards. The hot wetness engulfed me as I sank down to the root, our kinky hairs mingling together. This time it was my turn to sigh.

To my surprise, and delight, Mrs. Dietel began to rotate her hips. As the first of my thrusts drove home, she groaned loudly and I enjoyed watching the uninhibited jiggling of her breasts. My hunger showed in my animal thrusting as I drove again and again into her wet folds, placing her stocking-clad legs upon my shoulders, pressing her knees all the way to her chest.

Slowly, Thea began to drift out of her stupor and began to react to my enjoyment. Firstly, her midriff rose up to meet my down thrust with the same passion and needful desire. Next, one of her hands grasped her left naked bosom and enjoyed the softness, as well as the hard peak, beneath her palm. The other hand grasped her own leg, right behind the knee, helping me keep her legs spread wide and far back. "God, I'm cumming!"

The sweat was dripping down my spine as I noticed her own perspiration beading upon her smooth skin. The sight of her passion-filled face brought me closer to my own orgasm, but it was the tightening of her inner sex muscles that pushed me over the brink. I could almost feel my seed force itself up from my balls, through the long tunnel and finally to the end of my cock. Just as the first blast of my cum shot out of me, Thea cried out and her whole body seemed to quiver uncontrollably as her own orgasm began. I lost the sequence of events after that; surely my partner had another intense orgasm more powerful than the previous, but my own made that memory clouded.

Some time later I lay panting above Mrs. Dietel, my considerably smaller member still inside her slimy wetness. The first movement I made initially was to bend forward and kiss her still-hard nipple, the next was to let go of her legs that had been resting upon my back.

Throatily she spoke, "That was delightful, Howard." She hummed slightly afterwards, content with her body's feelings. Yet I wanted to know who Howard was - my employer's name was Christopher. Perhaps I was wrong and Mrs. Dietel hadn't been as lonely as I first imagined.

Thankful for her drunken stupor I disengaged myself from her and then proceeded to continue with my job. I drove Mrs. Thea Dietel home.


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