I had just turned 40 and wasn't really feeling that good about it. Some of the guys at work thought it was funny and decided to take me to a local nude bar for a private party.

I figured why not, there was no one at home, since I had divorced years earlier and hadn't seen my ex-wife or daughter for months. They had moved to the east coast.

The place was packed at first but as the regular customers left at closing time, the office group gave the manager a couple of hundred dollars to keep the girls working and to lock the doors.

When the time came for the big celebration, some of the cute little nearly naked girls took me a chair on the low stage and made me sit down. The lights shining down onto the stage made it very difficult to see any- thing outside the stage area, and the music was very loud.

"Now Ladies, show him a good time" yelled the DJ through the p.a. system. These little sex kittens were taking off my tie and shirt and shoes. "Get him babes," hooted the guys from the office as they whooped and laughed - and I became more embarrassed. When the dancers started going for my belt, I started to panic because I don't wear underwear and besides I keep my cock shaved and not all guys would understand why I would want to do that. Still, I didn't want to look like too up-tight so I gave up the fight and let the girls take my pants off.

So there I was, sitting naked on stage in front of my friends surrounded by naked and nearly naked dancers on my 40th birthday, not a bad way to celebrate!

"Now gentlemen, time for the evening's enter- tainment" laughed the DJ. A spotlight went to the door of the club and in walked a figure that I could barely make out through all the lights. When she entered the stage area, I couldn't help but feel a stirring in my loins.

There she stood - a little blonde around 5'4" with some of the nicest round tanned breasts I'd ever seen. Gold rings hung from her large pink hard nipples. She strutted up to me and bounced them on my face. This got the crowd yelling wildly. She was walking around behind me but always rubbing those big boobs on my face, and hair. I still couldn't make out her facial features because of all the smoke, noise and confusion going on around me.

When she came back around, she licked my face and started to trail down my chest. I didn't expect her to go much further since we were in public but when her lips hit the head of my now throbbing cock, I couldn't keep from humping forward at her hot little mouth. Instinct I guess. All of a sudden I wasn't think- ing about the crowd, or the fact that we were on display. I wanted that girls mouth on my cock.

The room was getting very quiet as the little dancer started to tongue me, slurping and rubbing my cock on her lips and chin. When she came back up my chest, she locked her lips on mine and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth.

"Don't you know who I am?" she whispered in my ear. "I'm Tracy, your daughter, back from New York."

"Tracy?" I said in a shocked voice..."STOP!"

"Why? You know you love this." and with that she embraced me and slowly slid herself down onto my erect cock. Her young pussy gripped my flesh and I could feel her hot skin rubbing on the top of my thighs. I could feel her moving up and down over my swollen manhood, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was helpless in my lust for this beautiful young creature. She was my daughter, but I was caught, I couldn't stop what we were doing to each other if my life depended on it.

Through the haze of my lust I heard my daughters voice saying, "I used to watch you in the bedroom, with mom and when you were by yourself". I always wanted to see your cock. And when I was with other boys, I always pretended it was you fucking me".

Her words burned in my brain and the thought of fucking my own flesh and blood proved too much for me as I spurted my seed into my own daughter.

Cries of encouragement echoed through the club as she threw her head back and shoved her large boobs into my chest, and screamed "Oh, God, I'm coming Daddy," she yelled as she ground into me moving from side to side. Then to my great shock Tracy quickly pulled off my cock and dive down to capture all the cum that was still pumping from me. I looked down into my lap to she my lovely daughter nosily slurping all that was left. Then with a wicked look in her eyes she shinnied up the front of my body and began a long sticky intimate kiss. After what seemed like five minutes, Tracy broke our kiss and whispered to me, "Now take me home and punish your bad little girl."

The guys in the office thought I had got lucky as I left the club with the hot little dancer. Only she and I knew that a family reunion was about to take place...

P.S. During that LONG weekend, I was able to take some pictures, as keep-sakes, you know.. I have enclosed one of then because I’m just so dammed proud of my young daughter’s body, she’s just plain beautiful.



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