The mail arrived at roughly 11:30 AM. just as usual. I flipped through the envelopes, hoping for something interesting instead of the standard assortment of junk mail and bills.

My eyes caught note of an unmarked envelope. No return address, and no mail-to address, just my name. And no stamp. Such an unusual envelope deserved to be opened first. I ripped open the seal and pulled out a piece of paper.

I'm going to fuck your wife.

The message was handwritten on notepaper. No other words, no other indication of the sender.

I laughed slightly to myself, knowing full well that a large number of men wanted to fuck my wife. Rebecca was a heart-stopper, but not in the in- your-face model sense. She was beautiful in the girl-next-door way. She was graced with a warm smile, silky smooth blonde hair, and an enticing body with a sexuality that couldn't quite be contained in her conservative wardrobe. She was like the eyeglass wearing librarian. You might not notice her at first, but with her hair down and the glasses gone, she sent a heat through your heart that gathered itself in your erection.

I loved Rebecca. I fell in love with her because of her warmth and wit. She was fun-loving, down-to-earth, and faithful. The message may have made some men feel their wife was cheating, but my heart told me she was unaware of this man's lust.

I stuffed the message and envelop into my pocket. I didn't see any need for her to be told of it. Rebecca was an easily-frightened sort, and she might get nervous at the mysterious statement of the note-senders intention.

I walked into the bedroom, and noticed my wife still sleeping. She liked to sleep in on Saturdays, and our love-making from the previous night had probably made her more tired than usual. I pulled the covers down her body, admiring her breasts squished under her slightly heaving chest. She had put her panties back on, but not her bra. I kissed her cheek and whispered, "Time to get up, dear." She nudged me away. I climbed into the bed and laid next to her.

If the note had done anything to me, it made me realize how special this woman was. "I'm going to fuck your wife." the note had said. "Sorry, that's my job." I thought to myself and began pinching her nipple. Rebecca moaned quietly.

"Let me sleep..." she whined.

"Ok, you can sleep." I mischievously replied.

I worked her panties off and spread her legs. Rebecca didn't say anything more as I positioned her on her stomach. I removed my sweatpants and mounted my wife. She cooed as I slowly pushed my cock into her cunt. I savored the feel of her, of her tight little pussy gripping my cock as she lay half-dreaming. I thought about the jealous men that would have killed to be on top of her like I was now. I knew the note-sender had to have masturbated to the thought. I looked at Rebecca's pert ass beneath me, and her slim waist. Her legs were long, golden and slim. The pressed roundness of her breasts held their position firmly as her shoulders moved up and down with the rhythm of my humps. Only I was witness to her beauty. Only I knew the smoothness of her skin, the intoxicating pressure the walls of her cunt exerted on my swollen cock. Only I knew the soft bounciness of her breasts on my face and in my mouth. And only I knew the ecstasy of her warm, full lips and her flicking tongue on my cock.

The slow motion lasted about twenty minutes. I fucked with slow deliberation, savoring the sensations I tried not to take for granted. As I came in her, I realized I could let no harm come to her.

I'm going to fuck your wife.

A second note arrived on Monday. I had almost forgotten about Saturday's note. Now I was a little pissed off. What if Rebecca had gotten this before I had? Fortunately, we both worked and I was a little early and able to get to the mail before she got home. I quickly walked into the house and burned the message. I threw the ashes and looked at the clock. 5:45 PM. Rebecca would be home in about twenty minutes. I decided not to tell her about this message, hoping it would be the last. I clicked on the TV and watched the news. Thirty minutes had passed before I realized it. No Rebecca. I didn't get too worried, figuring traffic must have held her up. Another ten minutes went by. Then another ten...

My heart was racing with images of Rebecca bent over a car hood... hands forcing her lyrical face into the hood.... a hand pressing against her white silk panties... a sharp tug, half ripping the fabric and cutting into her waist. I saw her frightened eyes, and the tears streaming down her face. I grabbed the telephone and called her work. I tried to contain my voice as I asked, "Is Rebecca still there?"

"No. She left on time."

I could see them off the road, just a few feet from view in a dark section near an overpass. ....a more forceful tug, ripping her panties and dropping them to the innocent earth... her skirt unable to defend itself as the diabolical hands thrust it down to her ankles.

"Thank you." I stammered the words as I hung up. I was in a panic. I cursed myself for not taking the threat of the note more seriously. Was she getting fucked at that very moment? Was it a co-worker? Was it a stranger? Worse yet, was it consensual? A hundred fears swept over me as I hurriedly put my shoes back on. Rebecca was a virgin when we married. Did she want the taste of another man? Was this a vile attack by a psycho and would I soon be getting a call telling me my wife was dead?

I threw on my coat and headed to the door. I was going to trace the path from home to her work. I couldn't get the image of her body being ravaged out of my mind. I even pictured her in the exact clothes she was wearing today. My mind reeled at the images of her lacy silk bra pushed over her breasts, not even unclasped, with dirty, smelly hands rubbing her nipples. And a large, diseased cock hurting her as it pushed into her cunt. The worst was the smile of the villain gleefully humping her as she sobbed in terror.

I fumbled for my keys. A pair of headlights turned into the driveway. It was Rebecca! She stepped out of the car smiling and intact.

"Where the Hell have you been!?" I was shouting.

Rebecca froze with a stunned look on her face. She then scowled, and hurried past me into the house.

"Do you know how worried I was about you? Do you know how late you are?"

"Sorry. I...I...didn't think I was that late... you must be early... I ... I..."

"You WHAT?"

"I wanted to surprise you. I didn't know you paid such attention to when I got home. I"

"Surprise me with what? A heart-attack?"

Rebecca started crying. She took a box out of a bag and handed it to me. It was from Victoria's Secret. I lifted the cover, and saw a skimpy white negligee in some tissue paper.

"I guess it was a wasted effort." Rebecca turned and headed towards the bedroom.

"Oh God, Rebecca." I grabbed her and kissed her. I held her tight as realized she was safe. Rebecca kept crying.

"I'm sorry for yelling, I was just so worried."

"I'm sorry. I would have called if I thought you would worry." I kissed her face and forehead. I must have held her for ten minutes before I let her go. I loved her so much. The images of her ripped blouse, expose breasts, and another man's dick in her cunt started to vanish as I pictured her in the new negligee.

"Honey, why don't we try out your little surprise. And then I'll take you to a wonderful dinner.

She smiled and took the box into the bathroom. My head swam in the fear I had had made.

I heard the light switch click and the door opened. Rebecca leaned in the doorway, playing with her hair as my eyes moved down her body. I don't know if it was the mirror light, still left on, casting a warm glow across her slim frame or the relief from terror I now let my heart feel. But she was the most beautiful I had ever seen her. The negligee was more like a thin, transparent coat wrapped around her upper body and not an inch below her waist. It hung open down the middle and her breasts invitingly peeked around the fabric. The light shown through the back of the silk like an angelic glow. Her hand moved to a necklace and began plucking the strand, causing the silver ornament at the bottom to bounce and glide over her nipple. She started to move towards me, but I motioned for her to stop. I wanted to approach her exactly like this, so I could burn the image into my mind and call upon at any moment of needed inspiration.

I simply kissed her when I reached her. Our lips met with wet tenderness, and our tongues played in and across our mouths.

"Honey?" she asked.


"Let's make a baby."

We had decided not to have children for another two years. But at this moment, I took nothing for granted.

I made love to her with an almost anguished desperation. I reveled in her image in the soft light. I glided my hands over every inch of her flesh, noting each tiny mole, each imperceptible curve. I memorized the way the light bent and glimmered around her breasts and down her thighs. We stood in the doorway for an eternity, never letting our bodies separate. Her perfume spread through me like fire, the taste of her lips was a sweet delicacy. The insertion of my penis was like a destiny crafted in heaven. Each molded thrust was met with an exclamation of our love. I clasped her hands as I came in her. And I knew as I watched my glistening penis pull out of her glistening cunt that there was no better form of perfection.

We went out to dinner as planned. She glowed across the table and wore a smile of perfect happiness. I would kill any man who dared disturbed that smile.

That night I set up my video camera in the window and trained it on the mailbox. If that asshole came back, I was going to catch him and beat him into a pulp. Rebecca was asleep and I did a quick check to see if anything had been left since the morning.. No messages. I clicked on my little LCD TV to monitor the box. Rebecca's naked body lay across me as I stayed up all night waiting for the note-sender. He didn't show.

I'm going to fuck your wife.

My tired eyes almost didn't believe the note I found in my work mailbox the next morning. But for the first time, there was more writing.

What do you go for first when you fuck her? Do you cup her breasts tenderly in your hand? Do you reach for her crotch and rub her clit? Do you bite her nipples?

My burning gaze was almost enough to tear the paper to shreds. I was furious! I went into the bathroom and torched the affront to my life. I began staring at the eyes of the men I worked with. They all wanted to fuck Rebecca, I was sure of it. But who was sending the notes? Who was sitting alone at night, dick-in-hand, picturing my lovely nude wife sucking his cock? Maybe it was the creepy nerd on the second floor, harboring a lust he knew he could never satisfy. Maybe it was the cocky stud two offices down who fucked three women a week and bragged of the tales. I called Rebecca, I told her it was just to say Hi but I knew it was to see if she was Ok. God, I prayed this was just a sick prank.

I'm going to fuck your wife.

Those damn notes! The next one showed up on my windshield. The descriptive text grew longer...

Do you initiate the fucking or does she? I bet she does. I bet she loves the dick. When I fuck her, I'm going to put my dick in her cunt first thing. I'm going to pound her from behind and cum on her back. I'm going to rip the hair out of her head as she screams for more.

I didn't know what to do. Should I call the police? Was it just some sicko getting off by pissing me off. I needed someone to talk to. I needed someone to help me decide what to do. But as I looked around the building, I knew I couldn't trust any of the men, not even the ones I considered my friends. Any one of them could be driven to the point of insanity by the lust she inspired. Perhaps being my friend drove their minds to a dark place their conscious thoughts couldn't deal with. I needed somebody else.

That night I arranged a dinner outing with Rebecca and her best friend form work and her husband. I managed to casually ask if they had any weirdoes at the company. If they had any flakes, basically. Neither Sue, Rebecca's friend, or her husband mentioned anything too unusual. I even managed to get in a half-joking question if there was anyone I should watch out for. It was half-joking to them deadly serious to me. They laughed and said no. The men there were well behaved. When we got home, I ran the tape I had made from my mailbox-cam. Nothing. No new notes, either. Not the next day, or the next. A week went by. Everything seemed normal again. Rebecca was blissful, attentive, and beautiful. We made love every night and very morning.

I'm going to rape your wife.

This was the message I heard on my answering machine when I got home the next Friday. The voice continued...

I'm going to rape her because she wants me, and I want her. I see her lust for me in her eyes. She tries to excite me by showing me her cleavage and her panties. I like the red silk ones she has. The fabric folds and shimmers so nicely around her ass. But I really like the black leather thong with the heart on it. I wouldn't think a nice girl would wear something so sexy. Have you corrupted her? Is she a little fuck machine now? I think I'll rape her and find out.

I listened to the voice in stunned silence. Was my beautiful wife really showing him her panties? Was she leaving an extra button or two undone to display a few more precious inches of her bosom? How did he know about the leather thong with the heart?

No. I couldn't believe Rebecca would lead him on or entice him. He must have a camera or something in her work bathroom, or quite possibly, pointed at our bedroom. Or maybe he was in the house! That thought caused the greatest fear as I realized that if he had been here rummaging through her panties then he knew how to get in.

He used the word rape. If Rebecca wanted him, he wouldn't have to rape her. The pictures returned... A dark figure cornering her... Her eyes wide, her voice high-pitched with fear... a scramble to get away that fails... strong hands ripping the clothes off her like they were tissue paper... a mysterious man pumping into my nude wife, laughing as he tears her hair and rips her cunt...

The door began to open. I quickly yanked out the tape and tucked it into my pocket. She couldn't hear this. She couldn't know.

Evidently she hadn't noticed my actions. She walked up to me and kissed me. I tried to hide my panic. But I was too nervous.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing... nothing..."

She smiled and pressed against me. "It's Ok, what is it? Are you afraid of being a father?"

Oh, if only that were it! My mind raced fast. "I have a surprise for you."

Her eyes widened with her smile.

"We..." the thoughts formed quickly... "are going on a surprise weekend getaway!"

"That's wonderful!" She there her arms around me. She kissed me over and over again. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise!" It was for me, too. All I knew is I had to get her away from here. I had to get her to safety.

"Do I need to pack?"

"Bring two changes of clothes, a bathing suit, and I'll take care of the rest."

"I won't need more clothes?" she said playfully.

"You may not leave the hotel room all weekend!" I wasn't kidding.

I remembered our wish to spend a weekend at a quaint set of cabins nestled remotely away near a nice, big lake. Rebecca practically assaulted me as we walked to the check-in office. She was so excited! I had manage to call ahead and arrange a last-minute suite. Business wasn't overwhelming this time of year. I was lucky.

Rebecca immediately embraced me when we got inside the room. I figured we were going to fuck right there. She pulled away from her mesmerizing kiss, and in her long, seductive stare casually mentioned, "I'm so tired and dirty after this trip. I think I need a shower."

She led me into the bathroom. She held my hand as slid the curtain aside. She continued to hold it as she turned on the water. With the hot, steaming water splashing forth, she turned to me. She remained quiet as she unbuttoned my shirt. Her soft, little hand spread over my chest and the splashing drops were like ice water against my burning skin. She nibbled at my chest as her hand went to my pants. My cock throbbed as her fingers darted around its nakedness. Her mouth broke from my chest and quickly found its way to the tip of my penis. Her lips closed around the head, and my eyes closed in delight. Rebecca wasn't always up for giving head, but she evidently felt I deserved a reward. I almost fell into the tub as my head grew light with ecstasy. I watched her head bobbing up and down in the bathroom mirror. Her delicate hair moved in waves as her mouth and tongue seemed to move like lightning. The sucking sounds fought their way to my ears, which trained on them through the sound of the water. I felt aloft as the slurping caressed my hearing and her hand caressed my shaft. She went for broke and plunged her mouth onto my cock. She gagged slightly, but quickly recovered as my cock disappeared into her throat. I came within moments, my body shuddering from the pleasure and the slight chill. Rebecca drank my sperm and remained clamped on my penis until the liquid ran out.

She stood up and brought her hands up her body with the motion. She knew I wasn't finished. We almost always had two orgasms each, and she knew it was her turn. Her hands moved with knowing massage over her stomach and around her thighs. I stood back and fully removed my dangling shirt. She was preparing me, giving me time to recover. The way she looked, it wouldn't take long. Her hands flowed across her body, shaping her breasts underneath her sweater. "Ooo." she breathed. The sound drove me mad. It wasn't an "Oooh," or an "uhhhh." It was the "Ooo", the high-pitched coo sound she made with her eyes closed and her lips pursed. "Ooo." she squeezed her left nipple. "Ooo" she squeezed her right. Her hands moved underneath her skirt. "OOO!" she almost screamed. Her eyes remained closed, her body swaying in rhythmic seduction. She pulled her sweater over head, and her breasts exploded into view. The satin white bra almost seemed to small. Her breasts surged against it. The clasp heaved with her breath and seemed about to give way. Still her eyes were closed. A favorite decision arose. Do I stare at her bursting, rounded breasts? A feast for any man's mouth? Or do I follow those hands across equally tempting territory?

I couldn't change the answer that always remained the same. My eyes stayed focus on the lacy twosome. My eyes transfixed on the gentle bobbing and the shifting skin beneath. My periphery enjoyed her hands moving eloquently to her vagina. "Ooo" she pressed her cunt beneath her skirt with a finger. Her hand withdrew and two fingers lined up together. "Ooo!" Then three fingers, sliding gently up and down her opening. "OOO!" her pitch could have shattered glass. Finally her hands slid off the skirt and cast it aside. Her eyes remained closed as she rubbed her breasts. The bra arched with the movement, separating from the flesh along the ridges as she swirled her hands. She felt for her nipples through the satin, and pinched them softly. "Ooo!" Her hands went for the clasp...

I grabbed her. I couldn't wait. I grabbed her and practically threw her into the tub. She giggled as my hands guided her. The water poured down on us, giving us a moment's shock.

"But I'm not undressed!" she laughed.

The water quickly moistened her bra and her nipples showed themselves like flowers in a rainstorm. I humped against her soaked panties, her cunt and hair almost totally visible through the filmy covering.

I kissed her, pressed against her. I was humping her instinctively. A maddening lust had taken over. By bare penis was fought desperately against the wet panties. I undid the clasp of her bra, and my hands squeezed her breasts. Finally, I was able to regain some control and pull away. I squeezed her thighs. "Ooo!" I tore at the panties, the thin straps snapping under the force and moisture. I pinched her clit, and she jumped into my arms. I slipped slightly on the wet tile, but braced myself against the side of the tub. I leaned her against the wall and pumped into her. I had no control. I pounded her cunt like an animal. My hips moved blindingly and Rebecca's cries changed.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh God!" I kissed the water that drizzled down her cheek. I held her in my arms, pounding her with pelvis only as I didn't want to bang her head.

"Aahhgg! Ahgg" I was grunting as I moved in her. I pounded, pounded, and thrusted. I buried my face in her breasts, tasting and biting the wet flesh.

"Oh Fuck, oh Fuck!" Rebecca was orgasming. I pushed harder. Rebecca was screaming her ecstasy. I wondered if anyone could hear, but didn't care. The strain of holding her started to take its toll, so we slid into the tub. My cock ached to get back inside her. I quickly slid her around me, her arms reaching for support on the bathroom floor. The water splashed off our bodies and onto the tile as I entered her again, now from behind. Rebecca grabbed her skirt to give her some friction on the slippery floor. I pounded with long, hard thrusts into my wife. I saw only her pussy, her cunt, and my thrusting cock. Fuck her, Fuck her, FUCK HER was the instinctual command on my brain. Her loose hanging bra flapped with my thrusts. Her body lowered as her hands slipped across the floor. I felt my desire fill my cock once again, and I started cumming. My cock continued to hammer into her as sperm shot into her cunt. I relaxed at the end of the orgasm, just enough to pull out of her and ejaculate a strand onto her back.

We collapsed on the wet floor, kissing and laughing at the mess we had made. Our eyes locked as we noticed our flushed faces. We were in love, and that stare said it all.

The weekend as paradise. We made love in the bed, in the Jacuzzi, and on the deck. Saturday was a beautiful warm day, and Rebecca decided to do some reading outside.

I took the opportunity. I called Sue first. I told her everything. I told her about the notes. "I'm going to fuck your wife" and the more ominous, "I'm going to rape your wife." She was terrified. She agreed not to tell anyone and to do some investigating of the men at Rebecca's work. I hung up the phone and began to dial the police. Before I pressed two digits Rebecca bounded into the apartment in her bikini.

"Who ya callin'?"

I hung up the phone. "Just checking voicemail. Nothing major." I still couldn't bring myself to tell her about the notes. I knew she would be petrified, especially now at the threat of rape.

I managed to break away Sunday to try a pay phone. I called Sue.

"Oh my, god! I think I know who it is!"

My rage boiled. "Who?"

"I went into work after we talked, I knew a lot of people had to be in. I heard someone..."


"Steve. It was Steve Cowlings. He didn't know I was in the hall... I heard him tell someone he was going to fuck Rebecca, if it was the last thing he did. He's hit on her before, but she has always..."

I hung up the phone. I acted as casual as possible, and got Rebecca to pack. Considering our light luggage, she was done in minutes.

We talked and joked in the car. I marveled at my performance. All I could think of was ringing this guy's neck. I was able to convince her to go to her mother's, who lived only three streets away. She quickly believed that I had some work to do before the new week, and I wouldn't be home anyway. I dropped her off, then quickly headed home for some - assistance.

My heart was pounding. I felt I was going to snap the steering wheel in my hands. I clicked on the radio tom try to preserve some rational thought. It annoyed me. I grabbed for a cassette, hoping to find an anthem for my vengeance.

"I'm going to rape your wife."

The message blasted over the speakers. I felt a cold chill swarm through my heart.

"I'm going to rape her. I'm sorry, there's nothing you can do. I'm going to FUCK her little cunt and she's going to like it. I'm going to pin her down and bite off her blouse. She's going to beg me to suck her nipples and finger her pussy. And she is going to suck my dick, man!"

I reached for the eject button.

"I like that 'Ooo' thing she does."

My hand stopped.

"Do you like that? It make me so god damn hard I practically cum in my face. Do you know she likes it when you cum in her bra? When she's wearing it, of course. She sloshes her tits around, covering them in goo. I wait for her nipples to get sticky, then I lick them clean."

I was crying. How? How did he know those things? How did he know she 'Oooed?" Rebecca had fucked him. A new image formed in my mind. Rebecca... sitting at her desk... a man walks in, she begins to unbutton her blouse... he's on her, kissing her, groping her breasts. She welcomes him.... her skirt opens, his hands, those dirty hands, tickle her cunt. 'Ooo!' she flings open her shirt, and takes his cock into his mouth, sucking and sucking until he moans... she wedges his cock between her tits, and the cum shoots against her chest... it rolls down her cleavage, and she slips her hands under her bra, rubbing the semen over her bouncing tits.

NO! It wasn't true! I couldn't believe it! Rebecca never asked me to cum in her bra. She never acted any way unfaithful. This fucker was lying. He was a perverted liar who somehow managed to see me making love to my wife. That's how he knows about the panties, that's how he knows about the 'Ooos." He wants her. And he'll rape her to get her. I changed direction....

I pulled into Rebecca's work. The number of cars gave me hope that the prick was still there. I had met him before, I knew what he looked like. I grabbed the crowbar from my trunk.

I marched into his office. He was alone.

"Think you're gonna fuck my wife, huh?"

His face grew white, then red as I buried the crowbar in his skull. He was till conscious.

"Hold it man, please."

"You think you can fuck my wife, RAPE her?!" I hit him again. "You're the one whose fucked!" I hit him several more times, across the back, and across his legs. I enjoyed beating him. I enjoyed seeing the terror in his eyes that he hoped to put in my wife's. I swung at his crotch, hoping to disable him from ever fucking a woman again.

I was surprised no one came into the office. They had to have heard. "You're so fucked, Steve. But not by my wife. I have that tape you made. You're going to jail for a long time, if I don't kill you." I wanted to kill him, but I hadn't decided if I was going to. Some thread of civility reminded me the law might not feel my actions were justified. I couldn't risk that. I couldn't risk being separated from my wife. I stopped my beating, and watched the groaning man on the floor. The door opened.

Sue walked into the room. A women came in behind her, and two men, one Sue's husband.

"I saw you pull in."

I looked at her. "Why didn't you stop me?"

One of the women was crying. "He raped me." was all she said.

The strange man walked up and shook my hand. "He had an affair with my wife, then left her. I hate that bastard!"

Sue's husband stepped forward. "We're all with you. We'll all testify of what he's done, and what he was going to do. We'll even say he attacked you first."

I smiled. They were ready to call the cops, but I had to call Rebecca. I had to hear her sweet voice. I dialed her mother's number.

"Hi Honey!" my heart melted at her words. I almost broke down into tears, but managed to keep control.

"I have some news." she said it with a gleeful tone. "I'm pregnant! I just did a home test!"

Now I couldn't hold back. I cried at the news, I cried at the relief, I cried at the wonder of the future. I had to go home. I sprinted out the door. I had to be with her. I had to make love to her. Only a thirty minute drive until we would be in each others arms again.

I tried to keep from speeding, but I was so anxious! For the first 15 minutes, I almost couldn't remember how to drive. I wondered only a little about the destiny that would befall Steve. The others were probably calling the cops now. They were calling the cops!

The car phone rang. I picked it up, expecting Rebecca.

"I'm raping your wife."

I slammed on the brakes.

What was this! How could this be!

"Oooh, I've never smelled a cunt like this before. I wonder how it tastes?" He made an obvious slurping noise. "Oooh, that's so good. You could sell it at a restaurant."

This wasn't real. How... How... two men. THERE WERE TWO DIFFERENT MEN! The sense was realized at once. One wrote notes, and used the word fuck. The other used voice messages, and used the word rape.

"Come on titties... where are those big little titties."

I slammed on the gas.

"There they are, under that mean sweater. Oh, what a cute little mole!"

It was real. He was looking at her breasts.

"Well, guess I'd better get on with this rape. It is a rape you know. I thought she would fuck me willingly, but she resisted! She was so scared when I grabbed her. I had to drug her... Ahhh..."

Fucking sounds. I heard his skin slapping against hers. I heard his grunts and the squeaking bed. He was in my wife.

The sounds were quiet and muffled. But I saw the images perfectly. Rebecca's skirt on the floor, her blouse ripped opened and her breasts staying almost motionless as her shoulders rocked beneath them. Her bra was on, as was his gleeful smile. He smiled triumphantly with his thrusts, pushing his diseased cock into her beautiful, innocent vagina. I could see her thighs jiggling in opposition to her breasts, and her parted lips beneath her closed eyes. At least she wasn't crying.

"Ohh ... Ohh... I'm going to cum!" I heard sounds of shifting. "There are two spots I love on a woman... ahhhh!... one is the little 'V' of her crotch, you know, where her legs end and her cunt begins? Ooohhh yeahhh! The other is the point where her two breasts converge underneath near one little bit of fabric. I like your wife's bra, it has a little clasp that's raised above the breasts. That's very sexy. Anyway, I came on your wife's breasts, hope you don't mind. But I am raping her and all. Here dear, let me help you spread that around."

One more block to go. This man, I was going to kill.

"There we are, tits all sticky. Tell you what, my good man, I'll let you lick them clean! Gotta go!"

No! I pushed the car around the corner and skidded into the driveway. I burst through the front door. I saw the living room chairs and table knocked over. I headed for the bedroom.


Even now she was so beautiful. Her legs were still opened, her breasts covered by her bra. Her panties were still hanging from her right leg.

The rapist was gone. The window was open and he was long gone. I knelt beside my wife. Her face so lovely, showing no signs of what happened to her. I noticed a glistening on her breasts, no doubt from the rapist's cum. I stroked her hair and dabbed away the small pool of sperm from her cleavage. Then I noticed it. Or maybe it was what I didn't notice.

Rebecca's breasts glistened in the light of the sun. Not knowing what made them glisten, any man would have salivated at the sight. Her beautiful round, perfect breasts. They swayed as I shifted in the bed. But they didn't heave. They didn't breathe.

Rebecca was dead.


  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    The writer has written a half story that he had no idea how to finish.The story line was good but the ending was garbage and ruined all the effort the writer put into it. That story had the makings of an epic but was ruined by lack of forethought. Storysman, dont pack up your day job because to be a good writer you need forethought and patience and you only have half of one a and none of the latter.
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    I was figuring it was the wife leading him on but the end is written like you ran out of things to write and just raped and killed her off. Pretty sucky ending
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    The double entendre of both Steve, and then another mystery assailant is actually too much. Almost borders on corny.
    Less is more, meaning that the story would work better if energy was spent on fleshing out one impending attacker and the train wreck that results from the meeting of wife, husband, and whackadoo.
    The love triangle, however you define, or defile it, still works very well on its own merit. Dont break it if it is already fixed.
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    I'm annoyed at end, was hoping she was being slut behind his back with surprise, but in a twist, at least he was still warm, so one more for old time sake eh, lol
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    The sad thing is that there are sickos like that out there, and they seem to be attracted to the same type of lady. They know they can't have someone like that and get off on degrading and destroying what they can't have.
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    cool story
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    first off what sort of stupid husband wouldn't share what he read with his wife that someone was going to rape her and fuck her if she was loving him so much as the story states and as the husband believed.
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    It was an enticing story until the end and then I hated the whole story because of the outcome.
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    Such a sad story