Nanako ran through the park at amazing speed, on her second wind now. She was thinking about the upcoming competition and, though nobody could have guessed it from her appearance, Nanako was worried.

Her traditional upbringing made her worry about every- thing she did. No matter how much she achieved, there was always the possibility she would make a mistake, and thereby shame her father and mother.

Her supreme ambition was to be a world-class figure skater. She had one of the best reputations for con- sistency, and an uncanny ability always to come through on the most difficult jumps. She knew, however, that some day it would happen: she would fall, or make some other irreparable mistake, and bring shame on her family.

As Nanako ran, she was thinking such thoughts, and not about her surroundings. She'd run through the park many times before in her constant effort to keep body and mind finely tuned; to keep herself fully prepared for the grueling competition that anyone at the top of their profession must face. She ran past the man who sells pigeons, and then by the flower seller, who always smiled and waved at her when she passed.

Turning into her home street, Nanako saw that her father had already come home. She picked up her pace, because she was running a little late and evening- school classes would be starting in less than an hour.

Her father was very strict about punctuality. A quick shower, hair blown dry and a quick change into her sailor suit (her mother thought it made her look more studious), and Nanako was walking to school as fast as her graceful body would allow without actually running.

She was just going to make it. Class that night was about human relations, a topic required for over-all credit. Nanako wanted to complete her education in case she ever really hurt herself skating. It was always in the back of her mind that she might damage her body in some way, and that her skating career would then be over.

When she entered the class room, breathing fast from her recent exertions, she found only Hiji there. He was a boy she'd known for many years, one who was always in trouble. He was what is known in Japan as an "Ashuta" - a 'bad boy' - and Nanako had had a few run-ins with him over the years. They'd been friends of sorts when younger, but lately she'd tried to ignore him as far as possible.

Hiji had always fancied this girl who sat next to him in class, but had never gotten anywhere with her. She was always too busy, what with all the traveling she did, and school activities. He was jealous of her life- style, and wished he also had a talent that could get him out of their drab little village.

He also admired Nanako, for her confidence and her beauty. Whenever he saw her, jealousy and admiration always battled one another. Tonight jealousy won out.

He'd just broken up with his latest girlfriend because she thought he was a loser. She had actually called him a loser! He'd so wanted to go back to her house and teach her a lesson, but she had two older brothers whom he didn't want to tangle with.

This made him even madder, because it was humiliating to be afraid of them. Such thoughts and emotions were swirling around in Hiji's head as Nanako entered the room. It made him even angrier to see this successful girl, who wouldn't even give him the time of day.

On an angry impulse Hiji strode up to Nanako and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to cry out in pain and surprise. He tightened his grip on Nanako's glossy black hair and marched her, bent sideways, out of the room.

They went like this a long way down the empty hall and into the vacant student-union room. Nanako was too shocked to scream. A good Japanese girl never made a scene, and she'd no idea why Hiji was acting like this.

As they entered the empty room she could just hear other students entering the building at the far end of the long hallway. The sounds were abruptly extinguished when Hiji slammed, then locked, the door.

This was too much for her. "Hiji! What are you doing?" she yelled.

He released her and leaned against the door. "I think it's time you learnt something you can't get from books. I'm going to show you how to have fun!"

Nanako had no idea what he meant. What was happening? Why was he doing this? As she looked on, Hiji began unzipping the fly of his pants. He unbuttoned the single button above the zipper and pushed his pants and underwear down his thighs, revealing, to Nanako's surprise, a large, stiff penis.

She'd never seen a full erection before. Sure, she'd seen her little brother naked, even given him a bath many times when he was younger, but she'd never imagined it could grow so big.

She backed away, consternation in her lovely face, as a realization of Hiji's intentions filtered into her mind. She pleaded with him: "No, Hiji, please! No...!" but he just grinned at her.

Her back came against the student lockers, and suddenly she knew that this boy was going change her life for- ever, and she felt deeply sad. It wasn't that she hated Hiji at that moment. Nor was it so much that she feared his intentions; though she did. But her family was going to be shamed, and she would never be able to hold her head up in public again.

All the years of taking particular care of her body, all the missed parties to keep her virtue intact, would be wasted. Such thoughts filled her mind as her horny oppressor walked purposefully towards her.

Hiji had become so aroused by the act of exposing his cock to this previously unattainable, beautiful girl, and by thoughts of what he was going to do to her, that he very nearly ejaculated on the spot.

Instead he pushed his body right up against hers and felt, against his own breast, her heart pounding in her chest. She seemed to him like a little lost bird wait- ing to be consumed by a predator. He rather liked the idea of being a predator, so that was how he behaved.

He bent down and, with one mighty pull, he yanked down Nanako's skirt. Then he grabbed her panties and yanked them down also. Without a word he dragged her to a chair, sitting down and pulling her on to his lap.

Nanako was shocked to find her bare bottom on Hiji's lap, and horrified to see his swollen penis emerge between her legs, in front of her crotch. She tried to resist, but Hiji was far too aroused to let her go.

There was a silent struggle as he tried to penetrate the young beauty, their bodies twisting and turning as Nanako struggled to free herself.

She didn't know it, but heightened perceptions, com- bining with her struggles and the friction of her pussy against Hiji's erection, were making her healthy young body react in a normal way by preparing itself for sexual intercourse. Her vagina began involuntarily releasing its slick fluids in preparation for the act that it instinctively knew was going to take place.

To Nanako's horror, during one of the twists and turns the young couple made as they struggled, Hiji's penis somehow managed to get into the 'right' position, and slipped easily into her. At the same moment, and with- out realizing the possible consequences, Nanako had been pushing her bottom down onto Hiji in an effort to lever herself up off his lap.

Using that push, Hiji sank his slicked cock deep inside the gasping young athlete. Nanako couldn't believe it; he was actually fucking her. And he was, too!

When Hiji felt his cock penetrate Nanako's vagina, he began wildly thrusting upwards, in and out, humping Nanako for all he was worth. There was a single thought in his mind, one objective - TO GET HIMSELF OFF IN HER!

She felt his deep thrusts, his hands holding her tightly as he moved under and within her. She wondered: if she became pregnant, would she have to marry this man? Must she give up her career to take care of his child? She was pondering questions like these when - all of a sudden - a kind of flash went off deep inside her body.

Nanako shivered, and her body began to sweat. Sweat was flowing down her back, under her sailor shirt, when it happened again, but much more intensely this time. As Hiji thrust yet again into her, she felt a tightening sensation between her legs that ran up her belly and out to the tip of her fingers and toes.

The feeling seemed to be flowing through all her veins and capillaries, and it was wonderful. She'd never felt anything like it before. She was a good girl, with a very busy life, and she'd never masturbated. Being raped by this boy was her very first sexual experience.

Hiji, thrusting and pounding away, felt his come exploding inside this beautiful girl. His head felt as if it was wrapped round with an iron band. He couldn't think; all he could do was ejaculate into the girl on his lap. He pumped and pumped his hot seed deep into her, and groaned when he felt himself begin to run dry.

At last Hiji was done. The room was almost silent now, disturbed only by the sound of heavy breathing and Nanako's quiet sobbing.

Hiji felt his cooling sperm begin to dribble from be- tween his victim's abused pussy lips. He began to be a little disturbed by the sound of her sobs. In the aftermath of his actions he started to think about the future, and to realize that what he had done today would have consequences tomorrow.

After a little while Nanako disengaged herself. She walked uncertainly to her discarded skirt and panties, picked them up and, with shaking hands, put them on again. Wordlessly, she stumbled to the door and left the room.

For a while Hiji remained sitting on the chair, his penis limp and still coated with a mix of juices. He sprang to life, however, on hearing noises from the hall and scrambled to put his clothes on, completing the task just as several students entered the room.

He knew them, and mumbled a hello before hurriedly leaving the room.

Nanako missed school the next two days, and a week later she failed to make the train for the Tokyo figure skating competition.

She did, however, meet Hiji at school on the third day, and this time it was she who led the way to the empty student-union room.

Nanako had a new passion.


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