I am a 34 year old nurse in a local hospital in Iowa. The story I am going to relate is true!

I got interested in nursing during high school, when a bunch of us girls volunteered at one of the hospitals. We were basically a type of candy striper, I suppose. Out of 5 girls who started out, only two of us stuck with it for any length of time. Then I am the only one who actually made nursing my career.

I am married with two children. My husband satisfies me sexually very well. But I have an obsession that takes over quite often during my job as a nurse. I love jerking guys off! It is almost a passion with me.

It started when I was doing the volunteer work. Since I had expressed interest in going on into the nursing profession, I eventually got a part time job at the hospital after school and on weekends. It didn't pay very much in the form of money, but it was invaluable since I was learning a lot that would help me in my studies as a nursing student.

I would end up working the night shift with an old nurse who was about 60 and a little chunky. She was very nice to me and taught me a lot. I'm afraid she also taught me my obsession! Or at least planted the seed for it!

On a Saturday night as we were making rounds, we came into a room where the patient was a 32 year old man who had his appendix removed and was recovering nicely, except for a persistent fever that was to be watched by the physicians for a day or two before he would be allowed to go home.

As we looked into his room, he was awake and seemed to be rest-less. His temperature was 101 and he was sweating quite a bit. In checking his chart, he had been given an alcohol sponge bath earlier to bring his temperature down. So Marie told me to get a bottle of alcohol and a sponge from the storage room. She pulled the covers down and untied the man's gown and slid it off.

I had to stifle a gasp as his penis came into my view. It was soft, but it was almost 6 inches long. I was no virgin by that time and was getting regular sex from a boyfriend, so I had something to compare against. My boy friends cock wasn't as big as this mans when he was hard!

I watched intently as Marie began with his neck and shoulders, and working her way down his stomach, being careful to avoid his incision. She completely avoided his genital area and went on down his thighs and legs. As I kept taking glances at his penis, I was shocked to see it begin to twitch and start to grow! Marie had him roll onto his side, so that his back was to us, so I no longer had a view of his penis. I had to fight the urge to walk around the other side of the bed, so I could see if he was getting harder. But I stayed behind Marie and intently observed.

Once she had done his backside, she had him roll back over. I had a shock as I was staring at his fully erect penis! It was as thick as my young wrist and at least 10" in length. It was too big to stand up all the way straight and kind of hung at an angle over his thighs. The head was enormous and almost purple; it looked like it would explode!

Marie went over to the sink and washed her hands. I wondered why she had not covered him back up. As she came back over, she said in a low almost whisper, "That's what happens when I bring a young cutie in with me." With that I watched in almost shock as she wrapped her right hand around the long shaft and began to slowly beat him off! I was in a state of excitement already, from seeing such a fine penis, but seeing Marie pump the huge shaft as though nothing was happening, made me start to leak through my panties.

For the first time since seeing his awesome cock, I looked into the man's face. Up until now I had been embarrassed to look him in the eye. I needn't have worried. Marie's expert hand had him in a dreamy state. His head was back on the pillow, eyes shut, with a contented smile on his face. It wasn't long and he began to pump up to meet her hand at each stroke.

Marie then took her other hand and cupped his heavy balls as he let out a groan and spurt after spurt of his sperm came shooting from the his huge erection. Once the spurts subsided, Marie wiped up the sperm, and tied his gown back on and covered him up. We left the room without even saying a word.

Once back at the nurse's station, I couldn't get my mind off that huge cock as it emptied itself! I went into our bathroom and fingered myself to a quick orgasm for relief. When I came back out, Marie gave me a knowing look and went on to tell me that it was normal to have the feelings I was experiencing. She told me the reason she did what she did, was that when a man was ill, and aroused, it was medically sound to relieve him of at least one of his conditions.

If a nurse couldn't take away the fever, she could at least relieve his sexual tension. Marie explained that she had learned over the years that this 'helping hand' usually made the patient recover much sooner.

"You got excited in there didn't you?" I only nodded. "I don't blame you; he has a hell of a cock on him."

"You did just masturbate in the bathroom didn't you?"


"Don't be ashamed, if I was as young as you, I'd be hot as hell too."

"But like I said, I've seen and emptied so many cocks."

I finally found my voice and began to stumble about how big his cock was. "I've pumped bigger in my time," was her answer. Just don't you ever climb on one of those or suck one, even though it is tempting, you never know what you might catch girl.

Before that patient got discharged, we got to sponge him one more time. And as before, he had a raging hard on! Only this time, Marie stepped back, and motioned for me to do the honors. I approached timidly and wrapped my hand around that magnificent cock, and began stroking.

My fingers still had about 2 inches of room between my fingers tips, that's how thick it was. My pussy was dripping as I sped up my hand motion. When I heard a loud groan and he started thrusting up into my hand, I took my index finger of the other hand and smeared his precum around the head, and then I slipped my lubricated finger into his anus up to the second knuckle.

He shot almost immediately, high in the air and landing all the way above his head. I kept wriggling my finger in his ass as his cock was exploding all over the place. Once the spurts subsided, I slid my finger out of his anise, and washed the sperm off of him. I was so flushed, due to having had an orgasm right along with him. Without even touching myself.

Once Marie and I got out into the hallway, she looked down at the front of my nurse's slacks, and said, "You better go change dear, and it looks like you're a natural at this." I looked down to see my entire crotch wet as though I had been hit with a bucket of water.

Once in the locker room, I pulled off my slacks and peeled the wet panties down. My hand instinctively went to my slit. The moment my finger came in contact with my hard clit, I had a violent orgasm, causing my knees to give, so I had to quickly sit on the floor, to prevent from falling. I had never cum so hard!

Well ever since, and that was quite some time ago, I have given relief too many a man's erection. Too many to count that's for sure! I get all kinds of offers to having from the men I do. But I remain faithful to my husband. If they grab for my ass or try to run a hand up my skirt.

I quickly stop my hand action and tell them, if I'm touched again, I'll stop permanently. I have yet to have one try it again. They don't want to be left in such a state, and have to bring themselves off! I don't want that either. I've learned to love the sight of a spurting cock.

I even jerk my husband off sometimes as I am on my knees in front of him. I suck his cock first, and then jack him until he begins to spurt, then I swallow as much as I can, making sure that my tongue cleans his stomach of any that got away. He seems to like these sessions best.

I know of a lot of nurses who will relieve a hard cock in the hospital when they can, so don't be afraid if you spring a boner. You may just get the best hand job of your life!



  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    My wife is a Doctor, and while she doe not relieve men herself, she always has on lady on staff that handles those concerns, and she does check them out carefully during her exams. She has told me all about it, NBD to me. I guess early on one older nurse taught her about some of that, and when she was a nurse she handled quite a few. More common than one might expect.