When I was 15 we used to live upstairs in a big double family two-story house. I was lucky to have my own bedroom in the attic by myself while my sister who was 17 had hers downstairs next to our parents. This gave me the privacy I needed for what else but jackin, jackin, and of course, more jackin. I was used to jacking off at least twice a day, sometimes more, but a few times I have done it like six. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and of course like any average fifteen-year-old guy, my balls were always filled to overflowing and begging for relief.

The houses in the older neighborhood that I lived in were all about the same. They were large doubles and really close together. Our backyard was only about twenty feet deep and so was the yard of the house behind us.

There weren't any trees behind my house so I had a total view looking down at our backyard neighbor's house through my window. I didn't have curtains on my window because there wasn't anyone living up in their attic like I was, that is, until one day early in the beginning of the fall school session of last year.

One morning about 6 a.m. as I was getting up I switched on the light as usual and walked over to the window to look outside. My eyes caught the most beautiful sight they have ever seen. In the lit upstairs room (not the attic) in the house behind us I saw a freshly showered petite girl, about 13, with only a towel around her hair who I hadn't seen before.

There was an older couple who lived there so this was probably their granddaughter. I could see she was butt naked as she dried her shoulder length blondish hair and slowly moved around the room. Her small firm ass was beautiful and her small but well formed tits bounced as she walked. My morning hard-on throbbed and jumped out of my boxers as I rushed to get my binoculars for a closer view.

With my left hand holding my binoculars to my eyes, my right hand was quickly curling around my painfully stiff cock, as I watched this girl's cute ass as she bent over to one of her lower dresser drawers. This allowed me to gaze at her most secret spot, her sweet looking pussy. I groaned my lust as I took in her wonderful slit; it looked like it would accommodate my hardon so nicely.

Through the binoculars it was as if I was right there in the room with her and I was having the hardest time trying to look at her while I took off my boxers off one handed. I wet my jacking hand with some spit but I only needed to do that once because my pre-cum was flowing out and lubricating my cock - she was turning me on so much.

I'm not really that big in cock size (5" fully hard) but I'd swear it grew bigger than usual as I stroked it watching that beautiful girl next door. She looked so great, and knowing that she didn't suspect that I was watching her made me even hotter.

Through my binoculars I could see her, turned sideways, start to do some stretching exercises with her hands over her head and her legs slightly spread apart. I almost stopped breathing when she turned around and bent over giving me a view of her spread-out pink pussy lips and her tits as they hung down.

She stayed like that for at least a minute or two and I could feel the cum welling up in my balls ready to explode as I gripped and stroked my stiff cock furiously. Before I could get my cum rag, my cock erupted in the most violent way and I shot my cum out with such force that it sprayed up over my head and gobs of it just rained down on me. Some landed in my hair and some ran down on my face and chest. That's not to say about the mess it made on the window and carpet.

Man it was like all over the place as I stood there still gripping my cum soaked, still spurting cock. Then I heard my sister's voice say "Oops Sorry!" I looked up to see my red-faced sister backing out of the room.

I felt like a little piece of shit and my hard-on withered on the spot. It was totally humiliating.

But later my sister said that she hadn't meant to spoil it for me, but that she's needed to borrow a couple of dollars for school. She said that I should just forget that it ever happened and that from then on she would always knock before coming into my room.

So I jacked off every morning for the next six months peeping on Jackie my sweet little Catholic girl next- door. I watched her do her morning exercise ritual and slip into her panties, knee socks and pleated skirt as she dressed for school.

My cock never has been as hard as it was then since we've moved to a house in the country and all I can see from my room now are trees. I will always have the memory Jackie gave to me as I lay back on my bed, and taking out my cock letting my mind envision her beautiful young body, her pussy, so sweet and exposed, spread out and waiting for my flood of cum to arrive.

Gobs and gobs and gobs of it...


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