The lure of earning very good money tempted me to apply to a small advertisement seeking a cook's assistant on a cattle station in outback Queensland. Hell, all my life I had assisted Mom around the kitchen so I figured I was qualified for any sort of cooking tasks. I rang the number and a young sounding guy invited me for an interview that afternoon. I dressed for the occasion; mini skirt and low cut top so my little boobs could display themselves. If you are being interviewed by a guy this works.

It worked like a charm with this fellow, more interested in my physical qualifications than my work record. As we stood up at the conclusion of the interview, I leaned forward over his desk to pick up my paperwork and gave him a real eyeful. I could see the bulge in his pants and knew that the interview had been a success.

Sure enough in four days I received two hundred dollars, a bus ticket and instructions. I was to meet a guy called Reg from Sandy Station at the Birdsville Hotel in 5 days. Shit, that was quick, bloody Birdsville. Oh well, the money was good so I got myself ready for the journey.

Four days in the bus from hell and I stepped off it and walked into the legendary Hotel. It was divine, ice-cold beer and friendly locals. Outside the temperature was over 110 degrees and it was expected to get hotter during my stay.

Next day a battered pickup with Sandy Station barely visible painted on the door pulled up at the Hotel. I made myself known and Reg near had a heart attack.

"What the fuckin' hell are you doing here, we was expecting a young guy. Don 't tell me that dickhead agent in Melbourne screwed up again," he shouted.

"Well do you want a cook or a bloody weight lifter? If its a cook, then lets get to it Reg," I remarked with a touch of sarcasm. He smiled and then said, "Girlie I didn't drive all this way not to have a bloody beer, so lets be into it."

Four hours later we crawled back to the truck, both pissed, and off we headed.

"How far Reg?"

"Three fuckin' hours love," he mumbled.

I fell asleep soon after and woke some time later in a lather of sweat. God it was hot and bumpy. My top was soaked with sweat and sticking to my boobs outlining every curve and as we bounced along, they just jiggled away much to Reggie's delight.

"Nearly there now Laura," he said with a grin. I looked around and thought, 'nearly bloody where.' At last a few scrubby buildings appeared and these were to be home for the next six weeks.

Work appeared to be finished for the day and two men strolled over to greet Reg and me. I was introduced to Andy and Ocker. They were sure not expecting me as their stares and nervous silence indicated.

Finally I got a couple of, "Gidday Laura, nice ta meet ya." I was shown the sleeping quarters, which consisted of six bunks in a row, and an end room, which appeared to be the showers. There was no room for privacy in this all-male set up so I guessed that I was to become one of the guys. The ice was soon broken when I was invited to join them in a "few drinks." There was a cool store full of food, beer and rum, which was very well stocked. I was told to help myself to whatever I wanted as all stock was shared between us. An aching tiredness soon set in and I went to bed after drinking for another hour.

It was dark when I became aware of my ankle being shaken and a male voice spoke quietly, "We got work to do young fellow, these bastards will be hungry in another hour." As he went outside I pulled on an old shirt, shorts and boots for my first days work.

Even at 4.30am it was warm and very little other clothing would be required. The cook, Bruno, couldn't believe his eyes or ears when I gave him a cheery greeting. "Shit," was all he could say. We got on all right though and worked side-by-side cooking and cleaning for the gang of workers.

By nightfall I was exhausted, hot and dusty and was wondering when I could freshen up, when Reg called out that the showers were working if anybody was interested. Bruno headed up to the homestead for the night, a journey of five miles or so, and I ran to the sleeping quarters. Quickly undressing, I wrapped a towel around myself and walked into the shower block. I blushed, no cubicles, just a long concrete floor with six showerheads. Reg, Andy and Ocker were all there enjoying the cool water so I dropped my towel and stood under the nearest spray. Feeling a bit modest I turned my back to the guys and it wasn't long before they started chatting to me about the days events.

Reg called to me, "Hey Laura would you please turn around this way, I told the guys last night that you had real nice tits. It's not right that only I get to see them when we generally share things between us."

I was trapped and could see that to remain friends I had to go along. I suddenly wished that I had not shaved my pussy so well before I left. I really felt naked. I turned towards them keeping one hand over my cunt for modesty sake, smiled and said; "Well what do think guys?"

"Told you they were nice ones Andy," said Reg.

"Yeah, real nice," said Ocker blushing.

Feeling a bit playful I gave them a bit of a shake and said, "Thanks guys."

They seemed happy with that so we dried off and went outside to relax and do some serious drinking.

My next recollection was Bruno announcing that the day had begun for us. Back to the heat and sweat yet again. 'Roll on nighttime' I wished.

Finally Reg announced that the showers were ready and I wasted no time. I did not even bother to wrap in a towel this time; I just stripped and walked in with the guys. There was no need for modesty as I was fairly sure that they had seen every inch of me now, well I had also checked out their equipment so we were even. I had just finished rinsing my hair when I was aware of Reg standing beside me with Andy and Ocker not too far away.

Then Reg spoke "Laura, we all agreed that we won't fight over you so we made a deal that we'll share you evenly like we share everything else here."

Oops, did I heard right. Thinking at a million miles a minute I concluded that to fight against them out here all by myself could be fatal. Instead I smiled and said, "What do you have in mind Reg?"

"Well Laura m'dear, since we have not had any bush girls through here for some months now, we're all full of cattleman's cream, if you get my drift." I pretended to be puzzled but on he went. "So Laura, if you will just bend forward, Andy and Ocker will support you, I'll be first if that's okay with you."

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place, I wasn't being given a choice here. Reg continued, "Now girl I had a good talk with that young barman back at the Birdsville Hotel and he sort of let loose that you enjoyed cock, so we won't disappoint you."

I had almost forgotten the other night, too much rum and a very helpful fellow, that's right -- he said he would help me to my room I remembered. He helped himself to more than that I recalled. It was rather strange standing there bent over with one guy on either side holding my arms while Reg eased his cock gently into me.

"You're a tight little fuck Laura, so much better than the bush girls that we're used to." He held my hips and pushed me firmly back and forward as if he was using my cunt just to masturbate with. It did the trick for him though because in less than a minute I felt the familiar spurt of hot cum. The instant he'd finished he swapped places with Andy who wasted no time getting balls deep into my now well-lubricated tunnel.

"Shit Reg I see what you mean, this is the best fuck I've had since Molly Parker's little girl discovered sex."

"Yeah' agreed Reg, "but its not every day you get to play with a fourteen year old is it?"

Just great I thought, being compared to a slut that age. My view was different that's for sure, Reg's cock now drooping towards the floor while Ocker's was bolt uptight in anticipation.

"Hey Laura, do you mind if I hold one of your swinging tits while Andy dumps his load?" asked Reg.

"Why I'd just love that thanks Reg," I replied, quite astonished that he had asked. Strange that a guy would ask to hold my tit but not ask to bury his cock into me.

"Ohh fuck!" signaled Andy as his cream spurting into me. After he'd emptied himself in me he pulled his still hard shaft from me and swapped with Ocker.

Poor Ocker had been waiting too long and came as soon the head of his cock entered between my pussy lips. He thrust his spewing rod into me and sighed as he dumped his load into me.

Afterward they all muttered, "Thanks Laura," and Ocker said, "Bet you enjoyed that huh?"

What could I say? I stood there for a while as their cum dribbled from me and realized that they must have been storing it up for quite a while. Lucky me!

Later as we sat around drinking I showed no sign of anything untoward happening to me and joined in the chatter as if I was just one of the guys who'd enjoyed a fuck. I suddenly wondered what happens if the cook's assistant is a young guy.

I posed the question and was told by Andy, "Well Laura, I hope it won't embarrass you, we still share everything here and the young fellows get to know it. They soon learn to drink cattlemen's cream and look forward to their nightly dose."

I shuddered, not for the young guy sucking these old farts off every night, but for myself, knowing what awaited me each night in the shower.

Ocker then said, "Yeah do you remember that little blonde haired fellow, he used to take it like a woman, I got used to him after a while and looked forward to fuckin' him. You could hold his dick at the same time and sometimes he'd drop a load in your hand."

Reg joined in with, "Surely you blokes haven't forgotten those young bush girls we used to find from time to time. It took two of us to hold her up while one of us tried to fuck her. Their wriggling and squirming sure used to get me off really good." It dawned on me that the strange way they used me was a throwback to their raping days.

I slept soundly that night and woke from a dream just as my boyfriend's hand began stroking my cunt. But it was not a dream! There stood Bruno and he whispered, "Laura, sorry to wake you five minutes early but it gives me time to catch up on my share that I missed last night. Please turn over and get up on your knees."

I looked up and in the dark I could just make out Bruno stroking his large cock. I sighed and got in position for him. He got on his knees behind me and nestled the head of his rock hard tool between my legs. He gently wrapped one large arm across the front of my hips and the other started massaging my tits. He groaned as he entered me, "We thought you would be pretty good but that's not the word for it, you're heaven girl."

He worked that muscle in and out for only a few minutes, which was long enough for me to orgasm silently and as I did I pushed my ass back into his groin and wriggled. This triggered Bruno and he held me very tightly as he emptied his life savings, or so it seemed, into me. Well, the cook was handy for more than just the meals he produced, and I wondered if this would become my early wake-up call from now on.

Working alongside Bruno all day drew us closer together. When the lunch duties were concluded and the men had returned to the cattle herds, I decided to get to know Bruno a little better.

I was standing behind him as he was drying a saucepan so I reached around him and put my hand down the front of his baggy shorts. I grabbed a handful of soft flesh and giggled as I asked him where his alarm clock was. "Laura, I'll give you ten minutes to stop what you are doing." His cock began to harden as he spoke.

Then with a wink he said, "Would you give me a hand to carry the leftover food to the cool room?" I readily agreed and grabbed a few trays of food and followed him. He closed the door firmly as we entered the cooler and he watched me as I stacked the food away. I turned around and saw that he had dropped his shorts and was quietly flexing his rapidly hardening tool. I stood four feet from him and calmly removed my top and shorts and gave him a smile.

He followed his now rock hard cock toward me and put his arms around me. His cock was pressed up against my stomach and I mouthed one of his nipples. His large hands reached for my buttocks, which he gently squeezed, pressing me tighter to him. I wrapped both my hands around his cock and marveled at the size of it.

He lowered me to the floor and lay on his back. He slid me up his body until my nipples were at his mouth. He hardened each one in turn with his tongue while a large finger entered my cunt from behind. "Laura" he said, "The men will go hungry tonight if I start fucking this delightful morsel."

"Let the bastards starve then," I said as I positioned myself on the head of his cock.

Bruno fucked me every which way for the next hour or so and I even had my first taste of cattlemen's cream as I tried to stuff his weapon into my mouth.

I decided that if I were to be the sex toy for the boys then I would lead the way. I had to admit it to myself that becoming a slut to these men could be habit forming.

We managed to get supper organized for the workers and demolished a few beers before heading for the showers. This time I was first in and quickly washed myself. As the men entered I stood facing them, front on, hands on hips and legs spread slightly. They actually seemed embarrassed by my sluttish behavior.

Reg burst out laughing, "Looks like Bruno has waved his magic wound again guys, it never fails."

The remainder of my six-week contract drifted by wonderfully, some days the guys just never even saw any cattle.


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