My name is Carl and this is my story about my relationship with my four closest buddies from high school.

They really are great guys and are willing to do almost anything for me and I for them. In high school we were called the five musketeers. However, they have become closer to me and my wife and our kids due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances over the years. As my story unfolds, you'll see why.

I went away to college and left my buddies Al, Bill, Chuck and Dave in our hometown where they managed to make respectable careers.

We kept in touch and after graduating from the State University, I got a job and got married to Cindy.

Cindy was not what some might say is a raving beauty, but she was a knockout to me and a solid "8" by any other standards.

I did good to marry such a pretty girl as Cindy, as I was never lucky with girls. Even back in high school, my good buddies teased me about my lack of luck with girls and my lack of being well endowed enough to please them if I was lucky enough to get to first base.

My buddies, all well endowed, had no trouble seducing the girls and delivering the bacon to them, as they use to say. They were responsible for getting me a date with one of the high school tramps, my first attempt at sex. The other was on my own in college.

So when I met Cindy, she and I just naturally sort of hit it off, first as friends and then lovers. She told me I had a certain quality that she liked. She said it was a sort of sweet combination of naiveness and innocence.

She wasn't a virgin, but for all practical purposes I was. The two incidents where I'd try to have intercourse with my dates failed miserably. Too nervous to get an erection one time and the other time, premature ejaculation.

Cindy admitted early in our relationship she was no virgin. After we started having sex, she quickly pointed out she'd been with guys who were much more endowed than me, but said that love was more important than a big cock. She showed and encouraged me how to use oral sex on her to make up for what my little prick couldn't do. She caused me to swell with pride when she told me that I was a quick learner and that she was proud at how well she'd trained me to be an excellent pussy sucker for her.

We got married and I was the happiest man in the world to have her as my wife.

We both had decent jobs and decided to put off kids for a few years.

A year years later, the company I was working for moved back to my hometown, but due to a promotion I got in the process, I had to travel almost every week.

I was glad to be back in the hometown with my family and my old buddies. They hadn't seen my wife before and were surprised at how pretty she was.

They came over often to see if we were getting settled into our new house and in the community. The guys were really great. They were always stopping by the house to see if there were things that needed to be done and were very helpful with all the hassles of relocation into a new community.

Because of the move, Cindy hadn't found another job yet and was at home quite a bit while I was working during the day. She let me know that she thought the guys were really nice. She was also impressed at their willingness to stop by and see if she needed anything done. Many times, all four would take time out of their busy schedules and stop by for lunch. I was glad to see that my wife got along so well with my old buddies.

And doing the times I was traveling, Cindy was concerned about staying home all alone in a new house and in a new neighborhood. The guys were over when she told me that. Being the kind of friends you just can't find everyday, Al and the guys indicated they'd be willing to take turns sleeping over on the couch so that my wife wouldn't feel so scared and all alone while I was traveling.

Cindy was thrilled at the idea and thought that it was so nice of them to do that for me.

"Honey, you really have such great friends who'd give up their bachelor evening to stay over here and keep me company while you're out of town on business."

I agreed with her and let her know that I felt rather relieved that they'd be keeping an eye on her while I was away.

This arrangement worked out rather well. Over the next three months, I was away from home four nights out of seven. I usually left for work Monday morning and then on to the airport, and then returned home Friday evening.

My wife told me that my four buddies took turns respectively, spending one night each, Monday through Thursday nights, while I was gone.

Even thought she said she slept well each night with each of them over, she still appeared to be tired on Friday night when I got home. It seemed to take her the whole weekend to get rested. By the time she was fully rested and refreshed, it was Monday again and it was time for me to start traveling again.

I asked my buddies to see if she seemed sick or anything, since she seemed to be worn out. I thought maybe it was her allergies or working in the yard and her garden too much.

One time I had the opportunity to cut my trip short by one day and I came home on a Thursday night about 11:30PM.

I thought about calling, but I was too anxious to get home, so I didn't.

When I got there, it was my good buddy Chuck's night to sleep over at my place. When I let myself in, he was coming from the master bedroom wearing only his shorts and holding his robe in front of him.

"I thought I heard a strange noise. It was you. That's a relief. I got up and went to check on Cindy to make sure she was alright." He said. He also let me know she appeared to be asleep as he returned to the couch. He still walked with his robe draped over his arm, but yet carefully positioned in front of him.

I chuckled mentally at his attempt to hide a probable nocturnal erection. Yet I thought that was very gentlemanly of him to carry the robe to keep from exposing himself from Cindy if she should be awake.

I was thinking how I couldn't do better than having such a trustworthy friend who would get up, without any regard of being embarrassed at how skimpy he was dressed, just to see if my wife was okay, after hearing a strange noise.

I guess my wife heard Chuck and I talking, for she stuck her head through the bedroom door and greeted me.

She said she decided to change the bed because in the process of getting up she'd knocked a glass of water over on the nightstand and some of it spilled on the bed.

"Cindy darling, isn't it a bit cool to have the window open so wide." I asked.

"Oh, I'll close it later, I just got the urge for some fresh air. I had spilled two of my favorite perfumes earlier tonight. You know how terrible mixed perfumes can stink up the place."

She was right, there appeared to be a fine odor of musty funkiness in the air of the bedroom.

I showered and got ready for bed. By then the sheets were changed and the room aired out.

I sought to be close to my wife, but she kissed me on the cheek and bid me good night as she turned her back to me.

I sought to have sex, but since it was so late, she begged off and asked me to wait until Friday night, our usual sexing night. I was horny, but I persevered and rested as best I could with my throbbing prick.

The next night was worth the wait. My wife was sexy as usual, even if her pussy seemed to be somewhat looser. She attributed it to my sucking her so much.

"It's nothing to worry about darling, it's from all that strong, exquisite sucking you do to my pussy. I don't want you to stop. It feels too good for you to stop, so don't even think about it." I heeded my wife's words.

Two months later I came home to find my wife in tears. She was pregnant.

"B-But how can that be? I guess one of the condoms I wore had a leak." I replied at her revelation. I let her know that although we didn't plan on starting our family as yet, we would make the best of the good news.

Recently, for the last few months, Cindy had been off birth control. During this time, we agreed the best thing was for me to use condoms until her doctor put her back on the pill.

"After all, darling even though you didn't want to become a mom so soon, this is a joyous moment and not a time to be sad." I said beaming a broad smile in an attempt to cheer her up.

"There is something else you ought to know honey. I may be the mom, but you, well, if there was no pin hole leak, you may not be the real father."

I was stunned and puzzled simultaneously at her words. After her explanation I was even more dumbfounded.

Her story was that about two months ago, our furnace went out one night while I was out of town. Dave was staying over. Well it got so cold in the house, that my wife invited Dave in the bed with her so that neither would get any colder.

You see we had moved from a much warmer climate than my hometown and we didn't have but two blankets and the quilt comforter on the master bed.

Since they both were wrapped in blankets, neither one made physical contact with the other than to share the warmth of the comforter, which covered them both.

Well it appeared that while they were lying in close proximity to each other, Dave had a nocturnal seminal emission. Apparently his semen soaked through the blanket wrapped around him, and the blanket wrapped around her, as well as through her flannel full-length gown, and apparently right into her vagina.

"He really shot off a lot of jism and made a big mess. I didn't notice the extensive dampness until the next morning when we woke up. He was really embarrassed. He wanted to tell you when you came home, but I asked him not to. After all, it was very embarrassing for me too and I wasn't sure you'd fully understand or forgive me for being concerned about his comfort, which led to this unfortunate event." My wife revealed in a sad remorseful tone.

She also let me know that my other buddy, Al, who is into air conditioning and heater repair, repaired our furnace and did so for free. Hence the reason, I never heard of the matter. Good friends are priceless.

I assured my wife that even though this had happened and that she was concerned that I wouldn't understand, I told her I did. Also, she seemed adamant about not having an abortion, which I'd suggested.

We talked for a long time about the matter, in fact over a whole weekend. She had concerns about whether I had any feelings about her emotional state of mind in this matter.

"After all Carl, half of this baby is part of me, my flesh and blood."

It became apparent after some time I was going to be looked at as the terrible one in this matter and that my ego was driving my abortion desire rather than concern for the child, who was totally innocent in this matter.

Dave, even though utterly apologetic at every turn, also seemed to weigh in on the side of my wife carrying his child to term. Every time I started to express my anger at him for the slick, carefully crafted words and manner he subtlety insinuated his desire for my first born to be by him, my other buddies would chide me for being so insensitive.

You see, Dave has this gift-to-gab talent, and is a very skilled debater. He could easily be a politician.

Between my wife's obvious displeasure with me and the increasing disfavor I was finding in the eyes of my buddies, I capitulated.

She hugged me after I told her that if she still wanted to have the baby, no matter if it were Dave's, I would treat the child as my own. She hugged me gleefully and let me know how good it made her feel that I was so forgiving and understanding.

My wife delivered a strapping baby boy. After a day or so, it was rather apparent that Dave's semen had soaked through to its natural mark and hence, Dave had given us our first born.

My wife and my buddies wanted to name the baby David. I didn't, but it was them and my wife against me. After them yelling our old high school slogan "All for one. One for all." I again capitulated.

I was back out on the road again and all seemed to be going well. Our son David was growing up and looked more like his real father, my buddy David, every day.

My buddies were still staying over while I traveled. I had to agree with them that since the baby came along, it was more important now than ever to have a man in the house with my wife and "my" son. It maybe my imagination but whenever David refers to my son as "your son", I can't help but sense there's a bit of a smirking tone in his voice.

Our son David was about 14 months old when another situation occurred that caused me some concern about the accident-prone nature of my buddies.

This time, my wife had gotten up in the middle of the night to get our son a bottle. The lights were dim. My buddy Chuck was awakened from his sleep by the noise of my wife in the kitchen. He went to investigate.

As a result of both being half sleep, skimpily dressed, and with Chuck sporting an involuntary hard on, they collided. Chuck's erection pushed right through my wife's open robe and split crotch panties. By the time they got untangled, awaken fully, and regained their senses, Chuck and my wife realized that Chuck had unleashed a torrent of his hot semen into her juicy, but unprotected pussy. She just happened to be ovulating and was not on the pill, as she'd told me her doctor wanted her off them for some tests.

"Honey, I know I should've told you sooner, b-but I was just afraid this would've been another incident that would increase the tension between you and your friends if I hadn't become pregnant." My wife said tearfully.

"Well you are. So since it's pretty much of a sure thing it's not mine, since none of my condoms ruptured, I guess abor..."

"Honey please, lets not even go there. You know I don't believe in that. Why don't we consider adoption instead?" My wife interjected cutting me off.

"B-But..." I tried to reply.

"DING! DONG!" The doorbell rang and my wife went to get the door.

It was the guys -my four buddies. I wasn't feeling the same degree of camaraderie they were at the moment. I was the only one with a sour expression on my face.

Chuck, who always had a happy go lucky outlook, was no different than always. If anything, he seemed even merrier.

We six soon got into a serious discussion about this second addition to my family, for which I played no role in the insemination process.

"Carl, I have to say first of all, I'm truly sorry for the pain and problem of the accident happening, but that's what it was, an accident. I was just trying to see that everything was all right, nothing more, when this unfortunate incident happened. However, now that it's occurred and she's pregnant, I think I have a bit to say, since I put the baby in her." Chuck spoke in a way I'd never heard him before. But I had to reply and let him know that he was out of place.

"But Chuck, its..."

"Honey, please let Chuck finish, after all, he's right. He did inseminate me. He does have a say." My wife said cutting me off. I was speechless at her actions in front of my friends.

Chuck took the opportunity to finish talking. I sulked. My face turned red.

"I like the idea of putting the baby up for adoption, since you are justifiably upset about the accident happening." He said directing his statement at me.

My wife thought a vote of us six should settle the matter in a fair and democratic fashion. Appalled, I opposed the very idea of a vote.

"Cindy honey, this is a decision for you and I to decide, not by a group vote." I cried out.

"Darling, I know what your vote is and it's murderous. I will not be a party to murder. Needless to say, my wife and buddies outvoted me.

We had a baby girl, who favored my wife more than Chuck, even though it was obvious that there was a definite resemblance to him in her face. The little baby melted my heart and won me over to my wife wanting to keep her versus going forth with the adoption process.

As before, I got a bit upset at my wife naming our daughter Charlene, which was the feminine variation of Chuck's real name, which is Charles. However, my wife and my buddies were again on my case about my objection to the real father not being considered in the naming of "our" newest family addition. It was them against me. Again I was browbeaten into accepting my wife's and buddies position on this matter.

After a few weeks, everything had settled down and our growing family was back into the routine of being a family with two young children. I was soon back on the road after a brief interlude of having taken sometime off to be with my wife and "our" new daughter.

My buddies, especially, Chuck and David, were back doing family watching for me while I was back out on the road.

After our youngest, Charlene was about 18 months old, I approached my wife about us trying for our own baby, since even before the wedding, we'd talked about spacing our future kids apart by about that much time.

I'd just returned from a grueling week of pulling every trick in the book to get a new client signed up. It was a very lucrative contract for my company and a big bonus for me.

It was a big night for us. My wife and I went out on the town. After a night out at an expensive restaurant and a stage play and some late night dancing, I could sense from the radiance on her face that her mood was good for us to start working on our next baby.

I made love to her twice that night and was sure that I'd done my duty very well and inseminated my lovely wife with my seed. I was very proud of my sexual prowess, as I'd never come twice in the same night before. Even though I got off twice and used my mouth quite a bit, I only managed to get my wife off once.

I was floating high the next few days, both from the large bonus as well as knowing that I'd finally got the opportunity to knock my own wife up versus my school chums doing the job for me.

About two weeks later my wife revealed to me that she was expecting and that we had another bundle of joy on the way.

"Wow! I knew I was ready to make a baby, but I didn't think my cum was that potent." I remarked to my wife Cindy.

"Well honey, actually I'm 5 weeks pregnant. The doctor informed me this morning. I went in to see him after my period was late". She said with a less than happy look on her face.

"F-Five weeks, b-but that c-can't be. W-Why we j-just made love..."

"It's Al's baby."

My wife went on to tell me the bad news of how she and my buddy Al collided one morning. He was coming out of the shower and she was going in, not knowing he was still in the bathroom.

"It was a v-very brief encounter honey, but again he had a morning hard-on and his stuff squirted all over between my legs and must've got sucked up in my cunt. I- I'm sorry honey. I-I just couldn't tell you about the possibility of me being pregnant by him, w-when you were so jubilant a-and upbeat on closing that big deal." My wife's eyes had tears streaming down her face. She looked so sad.

I sat silent for a moment as I let all that was said sink in. After about a minute of my silence and my wife's sobbing as she hugged me, I again raised the issue of abortion. That went over like a lead balloon. As before, my wife thought her not carrying the baby to term was an evil thing to do. I switched to adoption.

"I like adoption better, but I'll think about it. If I change my mind, we keep the baby. Otherwise, think how hurt Al will be, and me to for that matter, not knowing what kind of home our flesh and blood is in. In fact, as good as he has been to us, it's the least we can do is raise his child as ours." Her reply, as well as tone of adamancy shocked me. I also was amazed at how quickly she'd gotten over her tearful sadness.

Again, Cindy changed her mind time the baby was handed to her after the delivery. The look on her face told me that we had our third family addition.

The next time she inadvertently got knocked up was really the saddest time for me. You see, I was at home when my buddy Bill accidentally inseminated her.

It occurred one Saturday afternoon at a barbeque we were having around the pool.

My buddies were over and everyone, including our three kids, were all outside. The kids and Al, Dave, and Chuck were in the pool. Cindy and I were taking care of preparing the food. We were all dressed in our bathing suits, as it was a very hot day.

Bill had been in the pool, but went into the house to use the bathroom. On his way back out, he was to bring out the ice chest of cold beers and sodas that he'd left in the kitchen.

After he'd been gone for a few moments, Cindy went in to get the hotdog buns, which she'd forgotten to bring out twice before.

She was gone a bit longer than I thought it should take. After taking the last of the meat off the grill, I went to search for her. As I opened the loud squeaky back door and walked into our laundry room, which is off the back hallway and about 20 feet from the kitchen, I heard Cindy and Bill arguing.

"Bill! Why didn't you watch where you were going! Now look at what you've done! You've made a mess of me and the floor. Carl is really going to be upset about this for sure."

"I'm sorry Cindy. I know you're right, especially with all the other accidents that've been happening around here." I heard Bill say in a tone that for him was truly remorseful.

I walked over quickly to where they were, to get some idea what all the commotion was about. The scene that unfolded before me was what appeared to be just a spilled ice chest with ice and water, and of course several cans of beer and soda strewed all over the kitchen floor.

Also, both Cindy and Bill were wet and I learned that both had fell to the floor after colliding. Both their bating suits showed indications of wetness from having been in contact with the icy watery spill.

"Aw Cindy, these things happen. As long as you two weren't hurt, it's easy to mop up the ice and water and pick up the cans. Believe me, there's nothing to get upset about." I said, trying to be a conciliator between them.

"Honey, I'm worried about what's not quite so obvious, and will take more that a little moping to clean up."

"What are you talking about?" I asked as I started picking up some of the canned beer near where I stood.

As she explained, with Bill's help, I dropped the four cans I'd just picked up. I had to sit down.

It appeared that water and ice and cans of beer and soda weren't the only things spilled. In addition to those things, apparently, as the two collided and fell, bill's big cock was pushed out of his trunks and my wife's bikini was loosened enough for bill's sizeable prick to contact the entrance to my wife's pussy lips, which caused him to involuntary release a wad of his jism. My wife said she was certain that some got into her muff.

She went on to explain how she'd poured a can of beer over her sperm soaked snatch in an attempt to neutralize the potency of my buddy's sperm.

Well, to make a long story short, the beer douche didn't save the day. A few weeks later my wife was confirmed pregnant.

I could tell by subtle indications that she and my buddies were already posturing themselves to battle me in reference to her carrying this latest accidental impregnation to term.

I didn't even try to put up a defense or even mention anything about adoption. I resigned myself to the fact that it was my fate to be an accidental cuckold and that it was a foregone conclusion that I had another tax deduction on the way, courtesy of my buddy Bill.

A little over 7 months later, Cindy delivered a 7 pounds boy that was a spitting image of Bill. The doctor was amazed that a 7 and a half month old baby was so well developed, since it had been 7 months and 2 weeks from the time of the ice chest incident to the delivery of "our" newest family addition. He repeated that our new son appeared to be a full term - 9 months- baby.

My wife assured him it was not. I had to agree with her, after all, I was there when the accident happened.

Anyway, no matter that, we were all thankful that the baby, even though obviously not mine, was healthy and had 10 finger and 10 toes.

Despite they aren't mine biologically, all the kids think highly of me as their dad and make me feel good that they look up to me. That's a great consolation, even if I didn't have the honor of helping to conceive them.

Cindy and I have decided to not have any more kids as it's expensive enough raising four kids these days, even though my buddies chip in regularly toward the care of each of their respective flesh and blood accidents.

However, it looks like things have stabilized in our marriage. Cindy is back on the pill at last, as her doctor has said it's okay for her to do so.

I'm still traveling and my good buddies are still keeping a firm watch over my family for me while I'm away. They all seem to find time out of their busy schedules to spend time over at my house while I'm away.

One of my neighbors indicated to me that on several occasions, while I was away, more than one, and some times all four of my buddies have slept over while I was out of town. It sure is comforting to know that my good friends are going out of their way to watch out for my wife, the kids, and the house.

Even though my wife and I only have sex once a week - on Friday nights - I'm thrilled at how well I satisfy her. She raves about how good I am at pleasing her sexually with my weekly efforts. I think she loves my tongue in her juicy cunt better than my prick, since that's how I always get her off each time when we make love. However, I still detect that she seems a bit tired when I get home. But then again, when you're home with four kids, it does take a lot of energy out of you.



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