Cindy stared in wide-eyed horror as she faced her boyfriend, the captain of the basketball team. "You can't mean this, Tommy, please." She tried to hug him, confused and hurt and scared. She was a sophomore on the cheerleading squad, her blond good looks and lithe, womanly body combined with a friendly personality to make her one of the more popular underclasswomen on the campus. It wasn't too big a surprise when Tommy had asked her out, and they had been going out for two months now, and she really cared about him she couldn't understand why he was doing this to her.

She felt his hands on her shoulders, pushing her away, holding her away, as tears blurred her vision, her big blue eyes glistening in the dim light of the locker room. She had followed Tommy in here because he had wanted a blowjob she had been giving him head every day for two weeks now, enjoying how much he enjoyed the way she used her mouth on him and had assured her that the locker room would be empty. "Come on, Cindy. On the team we agreed that we'd share everything. It won't be so bad."

She shook her shoulders and slapped at his hands, angry now. "No! Let me go!" She was speaking to the group of eleven boys, black and white, tall and muscular, standing silently behind Tommy the other members of the team. She stood there, shaking in fury and fear and hurt, her lean, long legs two clean white pillars leading up to the skimpy cheerleading skirt hiding her firm round ass. Her white blouse hid her smallish breasts, her arms quivering from behind white sleeves.

They moved around her silently at a nod from Tommy, like a nightmare, silent and inexorable. She stood, more stunned that Tommy would try to force her to do this, would force her to fellacio the entire team, than that he had asked her to. Hands gripped her upper arms as she stared dumbly around her, at five foot six tall for her age, but dwarfed by the boys around her. She shuddered, and resisted as they forced her onto her back on one of the narrow benches in the isles, her legs on either side of it, her skirt riding up her legs, falling gently between her thighs, her breasts thrusting up as they pulled her arms under the bench.

She couldn't think she was stunned, only able to look pleadingly at Tommy, who smiled down at her. "It won't be so bad, Cindy. Just relax." He turned his eyes away from hers as she whispered, "Tommy, no, don't," tears streaming down her face, her body shaking as if she hypothermia.

"Tie her hands up," she heard Tommy say, and for the first time she realized that it was really going to happen, that Tommy was really planning to give her to his teammates. She screamed, the sound echoing around the locker room like a death cry as her lithe body strained against the hands suddenly grown hard on her arms and her thighs and her chest, holding her down, sinking into her firm white flesh, burning her as her stomach heaved as she struggled.

She screamed again, a primitive howl as she felt tape wrapped around her wrists under the bench, her thighs quivering as the struggled to lift themselves against the hands holding the down, bent at the knees, her feet flat on the floor. She wanted to kick them, hurt them, get them off of her, but they held her down, her arms pinned beneath the bench, hands pressing into the white flesh of her thighs, more hands pressing down against her chest, flattening her breasts as she strained against them. Muscles corded in her neck as she lifted her head, her pretty face twisted by a screaming "NOOOO!" as Tommy straddled her stomach, bunching up her blouse in front of him, the feel of his jeans rough against her flesh, and began to unbutton her blouse. She was panting deeply, her head hanging from the end of the bench, her straight blonde hair pooling against the hard concrete of the locker room floor, an upside- down view of ankles and calves and hairy thighs disorienting her as she felt Tommy's hands spreading open her blouse, his touch, once so desired, now hated as he slipped his fingers over the top of her bra, pulling it down until it bunched under her breasts, exposing the two creamy mounds, topped by a cherry, to the eyes of the watching boys.

"Tommy, please Tommy. Stop this. I won't tell anyone. Please," she spoke to him, lifting her head so she could see him. She felt his hands on her breasts, and blushed again as he ran his hands over her exposed breasts, his fingers tweaking her nipples.

"AAAAHHHHHHGGGG!" she screamed as he twisted her nipples violently, squeezing and tearing at them with his fingers, her scream fading to gasping pants as the pain drained from her and she felt his breath against her neck.

"Now Cindy," he said, "you've been giving me blowjobs for two weeks now. It's time for me to share with my teammates. You will blow each of them today, and you will do a good job, or I will be forced to hurt you. I don't want to hurt you. Do you understand?" There was a pause, and her mind froze, realizing that he meant what he said, that he believed it. "Do you understand?" he said again, his fingers tightening on her nipples.

"Yes, Tommy. I understand," she whispered, horrified at his words.

"Good. Let's get started. Me first. You are my girl."

Cindy felt bile rise in her throat as she heard those words, and disgust fill her as she saw Tommy's cock bobbing upside-down in front of her face as she lay bound and held down on the locker room bench. She saw hem kneel in front of her and push his cock against her lips, his hands on either side of her head, wrapped in her hair. She opened her mouth when she felt fingers at her nipples, allowing him to slide his cock into the warm depths of her mouth.

Every other time she had gotten excited at this act, as feeling his swollen manhood bulging in her mouth, tasting the smoothness of his skin, the salty tang of his precum exciting her. Now it was a horror, her vision narrowed to his hairy balls, his thighs, and his ass-crack. She felt hands rubbing her breasts and stomach and thighs, and she felt sick as Tommy began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, her full lips sliding along his shaft as he began to use her mouth.

"Mmmmmgggggffffff," she said through the cock in her mouth as she felt hands push her skirt up, palms pressing against her panty-covered mound. She cried in frustration as she felt fingers pulling aside the cotton and press against her virgin opening she didn't want to be raped; she hadn't asked for it. She had wanted to be with Tommy, to make him happy, and he had betrayed her, given her up to his teammates. She sobbed softly before gagging as Tommy pressed his cock against the back of her throat, her position giving him a straight shot down her gullet.

She began to panic as she felt him force his cock deeper into her throat and as the fingers at her cunt became more insistent, rubbing up and down across her labia, pulling them back, exposing her tight hole. She thrashed helplessly on the bench, her whole body shivering as she sobbed, the pain exploding in her throat dragging sharp, muffled cries and whimpers from her heaving chest, where hands mauled her young breasts and tweaked her nipples to hardness.

She felt the cock lodged in her throat as if it were happening to someone else. It was all happening to someone else: Tommy fucking her throat harder now, using her face like a cunt; the boys mauling and sucking on her breasts, bruising them with their rough treatment; the hands roaming across her flat stomach, pinching and scratching the smooth, white flesh; the fingers now sliding into her virgin cunt, painfully dragging against her clit, still hidden in the folds of her labia; the hands clenching against her firm white thighs, massaging and pinching and rubbing them as she squirmed in her bondage.

"Oh god oh god yes," she heard Tommy moan and felt his cock flex within her throat, and felt the weird sensation of his come spurting down her esophagus, filling her belly with his seed, his cock buried in her mouth to its base, his balls pressing against her nose, filling her with the scent of him. She shuddered as he pulled out, denying to herself that this was happening.

Her mouth hung open stupidly, her pretty eyes dulled from shock, her lips puffy from Tommy's face fuck. She saw vaguely another cock approach her, and felt it enter her mouth, her mouth engulfing it naturally, her lips stretched around the shaft as if there were always a cock there.

She shuddered again at the pain of it penetrating her throat as a second boy began raping her throat, her young teenaged body shaking constantly now as hot, wet mouths seemed to be trying to devour her body. Mouths on her breasts, on her stomach, on her thighs, on her arms, on her bush; she felt them all over her body, squirming, living things sending cold chills through her body.

She gasped and squeezed tears from her eyes as she felt her panties cut away, and warm airbrush up against her cunt, followed by soft lips meeting her labia. She tried to pull her hips away, her thighs and buttocks flexing futilely as the weight of unknown bodies held her down. She whimpered through the cock in her throat as she felt the tip of a tongue slide itself up and down her labia, sending shocking sensations through her young body.

She couldn't think; her mind seemed to have shut down. Her young virgin body was being assaulted and she could do nothing, nothing, mouths and lips and tongues all over her body and a cock down her throat spasming as it shot its load deep into her belly, tasting salty and sweet as it rested in her mouth before he pulled it fully out of her mouth, her throat swallowing reflexively, sending his come to fill her stomach, her stomach which writhed under the attentions of wet, warm, living things sucking and licking and kissing it like the things against her breast nipping at her nipples, teeth hard sending sharp pains through her body.

Mouths at her thighs sucked and licked while hands squeezed and one mouth right at her cunt make her squirm in their grip, a mouth teasing her soft, virgin flesh, a tongue gently probing between the labia, wetting it, sliding along it, searching for her clit, swirling around it, sending shocks of sensation through her young body which tightened her stomach and made her sick, sick to be suffering this, suffering this all because of Tommy, whom she had trusted.

A third boy was fucking her throat and her world narrowed down to her head being jerked back and forth, her blond hair sweeping the floor with each thrust of the cock in her throat, the thump of the hips against her chin and the balls against her nose counting time for her as hands tore at her scalp and mouths crawled over her succulent flesh.

She felt the cold sweats envelope her as lips found her clit and began sucking on it, drawing it into a hot mouth where a tongue ran around it, fingers probing deep into her virgin cunt, one, two, more, stretching her as sensations flooded her body from the mouths and hands covering her, flaring at her breasts and clit and cunt, making her want to scream for them to stop, to stop, to get off of her and leave her alone as the cock slid in and out of her throat and the teeth chewed at her nipples and breasts and the tongue rubbed her clit back and forth and back and forth until she started shaking, shame and horror flooding her mind as her nerves caught fire and her cold sweat began to burn against her skin along with the mouth and fingers and hands and tongues and even the cock in her throat send shocking wave after wave of staccato sensation, hot, burning, shaking, quivering, tension seeming to build in her teenaged virgin body, to build from the pit of her stomach, tightening it as sensations assaulted her shaking, thrashing, bucking form, tightening it tighter and tighter and tighter until she howled through the cock spasming in her throat and every muscle stood out in sharp definition from her strong thighs and come flooded from her virgin box to soak the lips and mouth and tongue working her swollen clit and her stomach heaved and clenched and heaved again as an unbearable pleasure more unbearable for being forced clawed its way through her young body, tearing at her mind, heaving at her body like an animal trying to escape all the while the lips and mouths and tongues and hands and the cock in her throat kept working, trapping the clawed animal of pleasure in her body, exhausting it in its thrashing and straining and screaming until she lay limp on the bench with a new cock down her throat and the mouths and lips and fingers and hands and teeth still trying to consume her succulent white flesh.


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