They were at it again, all five - husband and four sons - at window stations, peeking through blinds, drooling over that sixteen-year-old prick-tease, Pam Decker. Dorothy took a peek. This time Pam was out front washing her Mustang in short-shorts and wet crop top, barefoot. This was pure torture. That girl needed to be taken down, but Dorothy knew that none of her mob stood the slightest chance, not without a weapon, cuffs, blind fold, duct tape, and rope. Even then, it would take all of them and they had best dispose of the body, for if they were ever caught, the judge would put them all under a jail for harming one hair on such a lovely creature.

She was a lovely girl. Dorothy had to admit that. Pam had it all in absolute perfection - blonde, built, cute, and very sexy. She even had a beautiful face and personality. She was a prick tease without meaning to be, probably virgin because she meant to be, playing the field because that was wise, and enjoying life because she had it made. Her parents pampered her and everyone loved her, but she lived across the street from jerks, morons, and a would-be child molester. Other than that, Pam had it made.

After the show, Dorothy called her guys to a family meeting. She had them all take seats on the couch. Red, her husband but still considered one of "the boys", sat in the middle with the twins, Frank and John, on his right, Greg and Joe on his left. The twins were Pam's age but one grade behind - freshmen. Greg was two years older and out of school from having dropped out. Joe was two years younger than Pam and set back a grade, so he was still in the seventh grade. They weren't much to look at, but they all had one fine feature that Pam probably didn't know about or appreciate. They all, even Joe, had exceptional dicks - larger than average and beautifully formed with big balls.

Red had the whopper, a full ten-incher in bright pink. Next came Greg with a nine-incher that was just as thick as Red's, roughly the thickness of a large carrot at the base, but in chocolate brown. The twins and Joe all came in at eight or better, thicker than a plump frankfurter, with Joe sporting one of those strung-bow dicks. The twins had the largest dick-heads, like firemen's hats. Rated on a scale from one to ten, there wasn't a dick that would rate below a nine, and three out of five that would rate a ten by any girl's standard, and which three would depend on personal taste. If Pam was at all interested in dicks, a bonanza lived right across the street from her. The thought occurred to Dorothy - what heterosexual sixteen-year- old girl wasn't interested in dicks.

Dorothy looked over her guys, waited for them to get settled and quiet, then said, "How would you all like to knock Pam up and then have her serve you all as a willing whore?"

They looked to each other and then back to Dorothy as though she had asked a dumb but amusing question. They all nodded. She went on, "I know a way, but I will need your full cooperation. You would all have to follow my advice and orders to the letter and not do anything on your own. I lead, you follow. You back up everything I tell her, and never do or say anything that contradicts what I tell her. If you all do that, I believe I can get her on your dicks at a very bad time of the month, but if one of you goes off on your own, doing your own thing, you'll blow it for everyone."

Red said, "How you gonna do that, Dorothy? She won't even look at us, much less talk to us. She damn sure won't let any of us screw her."

"I had a friend just like Pam. I know that girl. I know her defenses and I know her weaknesses. Darla kept getting pregnant, too. I know how. I know why. Pam is no different. They are like peas in a pod, and once they get a dick in them, they don't want off till the dick gets off, and then they go, 'Oh shit.' Mark my words, Pam will go oh shit five times in a row, several times a day, all through her fertile cycle, and she will end up pregnant. Only then will she think about what to do, go to her best friend, and say, 'What are we going to do?'"

Greg said, "What did you and Darla do?"

"She had six secret abortions in three years; mostly, we raised money. She used to make me so fucking angry, but I finally came to realize that she had no control if a guy did it right. A guy did it right to me and that's why you're here, Greg. That's why your dick is brown and the others are pink. I hope this isn't coming as a shock to you, but you are not sitting next to your biological father. Your daddy was one smooth nigger, because he talked me into letting him incubate his bastard in my womb."

This was not news to anyone. Greg looked like his daddy had been one smooth nigger. Joe looked like his daddy had been a white, traveling-salesman, bow hunter. The twins looked like Red except for the hair. They got their dark hair from their mother, otherwise they would look like typical freckle-faced, green-eyed, elephant- eared, carrot tops. The Bagwell Boys were a motley crew of mother fuckers and nothing to bring home to Mom and Dad because a girl can't show Mom and Dad the dick and say, "Mom, Dad, look what I get to marry - a dick and balls that will come when you call, and cum like a busted fire hose."

Dorothy had the guys intrigued. She had their full attention. All were in agreement - what they each tried individually fell totally flat, why not give Dorothy's plan a shot? They had nothing to lose. The odds of scoring with Pam were remote and none, and were only remote in the case of a rape going well. The odds were very remote as the Bagwell Boys were not the brightest bulbs on the tree. Between them, they could out-shine a dying firefly. To rape Pam and pull it off would take criminal genius, careful planning, and flawless execution. Dorothy could pull it off, but Dorothy had no desire to rape anyone. She did have the desire to get those boys laid and teach Pam a lesson at the same time.

Dorothy's planning actually began months before revealing the plan, and much of the groundwork had already been laid. Seeing the car washing exhibition made Dorothy decide to go ahead with the plan. Pam knew she had the Bagwell Boys at the windows, and she tortured them. That would never do. In Dorothy's mind, it was Pam who threw down the gauntlet. Whatever happened, Pam brought it on. Whether she carried a bastard child to term would be her mother's decision. Unlike Darla, Pam could and would go to her mother, also Pam's best friend.

The trouble was, Jenny Decker was a staunch right-to- lifer, who when posed with the hypothetical, "If you daughter were raped and impregnated by a black man, would you force her to carry the bastard to term?" The answer was, yes. They wouldn't keep it, but they wouldn't kill it. Pam wasn't asked. Pam wasn't present. Jenny spoke for Pam. Dorothy could not help but wonder what Jenny would say if the situation were not hypothetical. Was Jenny hypocritical? If so, could she also be unfaithful, get herself knocked up, and abort the little bastard. Interesting possibility. Dorothy was happy that Pam threw down the gauntlet and threw for her mom. The contest was on.

The Bagwell Boys proved good students. They studied their roles and rehearsed their parts without questioning the rhyme or reason. Dorothy seemed to know what she was talking about. She, at least, had confidence of success - success being defined as getting Pam naked and willing to get fucked. Willing to get knocked up seemed like pie in the sky to the Bagwell Boys, but that was success as defined by Dorothy. They were willing to humor her if that was what it took to get her working toward that goal. Better to aim high and fall short than aim low and get a direct hit.

The Bagwell Boys all aimed low. Red would have been satisfied with a good long look at Pam's bare ass. Greg wanted to see her in bra and panties, in poses or doing modeling walks like on a runway. The twins had to see her naked tits - Frank had dibs on the left tit, John had dibs on the right. They wanted to suck on their own tit at the same time they way they still did on the mother. Joe would kill to sniff her pussy directly instead of her bicycle seat, which he hadn't been able to do since she got the Mustang. To Dorothy, their goals were laughable and pathetic, easily accomplished at the first encounter, and if she failed, she swore she'd concede defeat. Her confidence impressed the boys.

Dorothy chose the following Saturday to launch the campaign. She had the boys at the ready and waited by a window for Pam to emerge. The Mustang look clean and ready to go cruising. If Pam emerged before noon, odds were she'd have no place special to go and just wanted to find something to do. At ten fifteen, Pam emerged, dressed in typical school clothes - skirt and blouse, cruising clothes, no-place-special clothes, just something she threw on. Dorothy stepped out and called Pam over just as Pam was unlocking the door to her car.

Pam didn't want to come anywhere near the Bagwell den, but mother Bagwell was now a friend of her mother's, an odd couple but her mother enjoyed Dorothy's company. Their views were diametric opposites, but Dorothy was an articulate proponent of her views, interesting to talk to, and never got steamed or excited. Two women with opposing view points on very explosive subjects could talk like rational human beings. Jenny liked that very much, so Pam had to accept that Dorothy could ask her over and expect her to come. Still, she wasn't happy, and even less happy about Dorothy insisting she actually enter the den.

Pam stepped in reluctantly, then did an about face upon seeing all five Bagwell perverts sitting on the couch. But Dorothy had closed the door behind her, so Pam faced a closed door with Dorothy's hand on the knob, Dorothy saying, "Pam, please hear me out. I know you hate them and I now know why you hate them. You have every reason to hate them, but I want you to know, you hate the Pam Decker fan club."

Pam put her hand on the knob over Dorothy's hand, saying, "I am disbanding the club. May I please go, now."

"Pam, please. [taking her hand off the knob, leaving Pam's] Of course you may go. I'm only asking that you hear me out before you go."

Pam thought, then folded her arms and faced Dorothy as the two stood in profile to the fan club. Pam said, "All right. I'll hear what you have to say, but I don't want a fan club, certainly not one made of perverts, peeping Toms, grabbers, mashers, liars, and bicycle seat thieves."

"I know you speak the truth. They have all confessed their misdeeds. Even my husband confessed to offering you money on several occasions. To your credit, each and every time he did, you told him exactly where he could stick his money. For as little as he was asking, and for as much as he offered, I think most girls would have given those offers serious consideration."

Pam appeared surprised that he would have confessed those offers. In truth, they were tempting, and now that she had a car that always needed gas on a tight budget, very tempting. All he wanted to do was look at her bare ass for a set amount of time at an agreed-to fee. In truth, Pam never did tell him where to stick his money. She either said, no, or I'll think about it. She was glad Dorothy was under the impression that she'd told him where to stick it. Dorothy's version could easily get back to her mother, so Pam said, "I am not a whore and I do not appreciate being treated like a whore. I have never given anyone any reason to think I might be a whore at any price."

"I think they finally understand that."

One part of Pam went, "Damn!" while another went, "Good, I'll find another way to get gas."

What she said was, "May I go, now?"

"Not yet. I haven't told you what it is I need to tell you."

"Could you do it fast, or outside, because I don't like being here in the same room with them."

"I can well understand, but you need to see how they have changed."

"Yeah, right. Is that what they told you, that they changed?"

"I know they have, because I finally convinced them that there was no way any of them could ever score with a doll like you, that you are so far above their league, you may as well be a Christi Brinkley, a Penthouse Playmate, or a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, that trying to score with you in their clumsy, inept ways only drove you further away, that what they should have done was take the opposite approach and tried to win favor by sucking up to you and doing nice things for you. That still won't get them laid, but might get them peeks at those things that fascinate them so. I explained to them that girls do take pity on fawning admirers and will give a good one a peek, sometimes a feel, and on rare occasions, grant a wish. I know my boys, Pam, and they all want to try this new approach. I assure you, they have changed. Like it or not, you do have a devoted fan club that will let you walk on them in high heels just to get a peek up your skirt."

This speech had Pam blushing from embarrassment and excitement, partly because Dorothy's husband was included in the fan club and Dorothy didn't seem to mind, like there wasn't much she could do about it. Pam looked over her fans, then back to Dorothy to say, "Why are they sitting like that and why do they have that blanket over their laps?"

"I made them take their genitals out and sit on their hands as a way of atoning for all the liberties they stole from you and insults they heaped on you. You are free to pull that blanket off and do whatever you feel like doing to them, even if it hurts, whatever it takes for you to feel even, and if they resist in any way, pull their hands out or beg for mercy, you get to kick them right in the balls while the others hold him. All agreed to give you this and not be babies about it. They know they deserve the worst and they are terrified as you can see."

This was most intriguing to the girl. Indeed, they did look nervous, but they also had erections under that blanket. This was so bizarre, and so tempting. They all looked so big, even Joe. Having never seen a fully erect adult-size penis, the desire to at least look had great appeal, so when Dorothy took her by the hand and led her to her fans, Pam allowed herself to be taken and led, then stood and watched as Dorothy yanked away the blanket, revealing five fully erect adult-size cocks, a sight so stunning that Pam couldn't help but suck in a gasp, like a kick in the gut, or a slap in the puss with a stiff dick.

They didn't just have their genitals out, they were all naked from the waist down except for socks. They also had their legs apart as much as room allowed, either showing off or making their balls vulnerable. Pam was as fascinated by balls as by dicks, and she never imagined balls like the Bagwell balls. Pam often fantasized having a man by the balls, even her father. She liked to imagine holding his balls while he fucked her mother, actually being a part of the sex life by not only doing that but by handling foreplay for both along with clean-up. All they had to do was the actual fucking, and for this nasty chore she was paid a handsome allowance.

Pam allowed herself to be led down the line, stopping at each for Dorothy to offer comments that suggested she had an intimate knowledge of each. They started with the twins and ended with Joe. By the time they got to Joe's strung bow, Pam knew the boys were mother fuckers and the husband was pussy whipped. Gone were terms like penis and testicles, screwing and masturbating. In their place were cocks and balls that fucked and jacked off.

Pam couldn't take much more without dropping to he knees and sucking one, so she took her hand back and made for the door, saying, "I have to go, now."

With her hand on the door, Dorothy stopped her by calling out, "Pam, please don't go and leave them like this. Nothing has been resolved. They haven't atoned for a thing."

Pam said without looking over, "This is nasty and I don't want to do this. I don't want to touch any of them; I just want to go."

"Pam, please try to put yourself in my place. Imagine yourself as a mother of four boys and a husband with a thing for young chicks. Imagine that you live right across the street from their dream girl, that you see them being tortured and tormented on a daily basis. You see their suffering and you do what you can to relieve as much as you can, but no matter what you do, it's only a band aid solution. Wouldn't you at least try to help them get something off the girl, when you can see they are going about it all wrong and you know how to do it right? Is it so wrong for a mother and wife to want that for her loved ones?"

Pam slowly turned her head to look at Dorothy, then said, "No, not really."

"Pam, I know you are no prude, and I know you're not shy. I know you're not a cruel person. I believe in my heart that if you knew beyond any shadow of doubt that nothing you do here would ever leave this house, you would end this feud, allow them to prove themselves, then reward them in some way. Before there is any rewarding, they must be made to atone for past wrongs, and they must demonstrate that they did change, that they are now ready to serve and worship and be satisfied with whatever they get, even if it's just a peek at panties or a sniff of your bicycle seat."

With racing heart, Pam took her hand off the door, faced Dorothy and the fans, then said, "Well, if I was absolutely certain nothing would ever get out, you're right, I'm not a prude, shy, or cruel. If I were convinced they really were fans, I would do much more than just offer peeks at my panties or a seat to sniff. I probably wouldn't wear panties and I'd probably let them sniff the real thing...IF I thought they were being sincere and would be discrete about it."

Dorothy came up and warmly took Pam by the hand again, saying while leading, "I personally guarantee their sincerity, and if you ever get wind of anything that got out, just tell me. They'll find out who leaked and they will plug that leak so that it never leaks again. [arriving at the couch] Sweetheart, if you'll let my boys sniff your pussy, I will get down on my hands and knees behind you and tongue your asshole for as long as you allow them to sniff your pussy."

Pam stood before Frank on weak legs. That lurid offer and that vivid image caught Pam completely off guard. Pam could almost feel that long, feminine tongue go slithering up her colon, the soft face pressed against pliant ass cheeks, supple lips on a puckered sphincter - dizzying stuff to a girl who tried not to think vulgar thoughts like that, but foreplay often required vulgar service. She just never thought about receiving.

Pam found herself standing between Frank's knees with wicked thoughts on her mind, with Dorothy urging her to kneel and do as she pleased with his genitals. Pam suddenly aware of why she was there, looked to Dorothy and said, "Oh, no, I couldn't."

"Pam, if the situation were reversed and your mother had you sitting on your hands with your genitals exposed, offering these guys the opportunity to do as they pleased, do you think any of them would even hesitate to go all the way?"

"Well, no, but my mother would never place me in that situation."

"I think she would if she thought you were being a prick tease and making them suffer. Your mother has absolutely no sympathy for prick teases, and a daughter is no exception. She could watch you getting screwed by one after the other, with no protection, at the worst time of the month, and be satisfied that you were learning a valuable lesson. I could have gone that route but decided to go this route instead, because these guys deserve to be treated as abusive jerks more than you deserve to be treated like a prick tease. If you disagree, we'll do this the other way. I'll arrange things with your mother and we'll get this thing settled once and for all. It's your call, Pam."

Pam's mind was a blur. She was thinking in a fog, but thinking that perhaps her mother would feel that way and might believe whatever Dorothy told her. The idea was exciting to contemplate, though like most fantasies, quite absurd. Pam acted as though the notion was not absurd at all, saying, "No, let's handle it this way. What do I have to do?"

"That's up to you, Pam. Do whatever it takes to make you feel squared-up. They should be made to suffer, if not physically, then sexually. You need to teach these guys a lesson that being aggressive jerks doesn't pay. If it were me, I would tease each one mercilessly and make each one cum in his own face. I would give each the best head ever, then just at the point of release, I'd bite, or pull the dick out of my mouth and jack it off in his face. I'll tell you something else, I would get each one by the balls in my claws and at least make him sweat. You have lovely nails, Pam. They make excellent claws. Good claws make a powerful impression on balls. Start by getting Frank by the balls, then go from there. Go ahead, kneel down, get comfortable, and make him sweat. That's it, kneel down. There you go...Now give me your hand...good, now cup his balls...excellent, now let's see those claws."

Pam couldn't believe she was on her knees between Frank's legs and had his balls in her right hand. His balls filled her right hand, and they were so soft and malleable. The urge to squeeze became overpowering. She made claws and did squeeze until she saw him wince and heard him groan. She made him wince and groan several more times before she took his dick in her left hand and began fondling a cock and balls. She never imagined anything like it - so soft, yet so hard, and hot. She thought they'd be cool. She knew that balls were in a sack on the outside of the body to keep them cool. On Frank, nature's plan wasn't working. Cock and balls were quite warm, hot and throbbing, weeping precum, getting her hand wet. At first, she thought he was leaking piss, but soon realized what she thought was thin watery piss was actually a thick, honey-like, super-slippery substance - stuff that could be useful in fucking a tight pussy.

Pam played with Frank's cock and balls for several minutes until she felt comfortable enough to do as she pleased with it, and she pleased to taste it. She took the slippery head into her mouth and discovered the taste of what some called dick honey. His fireman's hat filled her mouth. She sucked and pumped, then got up over him to suck better and pump more effectively. She didn't look like she was trying to teach him a lesson. She looked like a hungry cock sucker who was sucking her first cock and couldn't wait to taste her first load of cum, knowing that she would love the stuff.

Pam sucked Frank's cock like a sex-starved girl alone in a room with a cock. Frank might have lasted longer had she not sucked his dick that way, but seeing Pam Decker's gorgeous face full of his cock, doing her best to suck his balls up through it - well, the sight and sensations got the better of him. He blasted her mouth, making her eyes bug out in surprise at the force and quantity of his discharge, and that was just the initial blast. That was followed by ten good pumping squirts which she sucked and swallowed though he pumped cum into her mouth as though he had control and was using her mouth as a cum dump. With each jet, he would lift and tense. He fucked her mouth, but Pam didn't mind. She did like cum and liked having her mouth used as a cum dump. She eagerly joined in, using both hands on his cock. After the last jet, she still kept on sucking, using her hands to milk more sperm out until Dorothy tapped her and said, "You certainly taught him a lesson he'll never forget."

Pam suddenly realized that she was not alone in a room with a cock. She blushed and sat back on her heels, releasing the spent member. She looked to Dorothy but didn't quite know what to say. Dorothy smiled, wiped a cum drool off Pam's chin, and said, "If that squares you with him, fine, but I want this hatchet buried. Are you and Frank friends, now?"

Pam looked to smiling Frank, then to Dorothy and smiled. She nodded and said, "Sure, I guess. I don't really want to hurt anybody. I would just like us to be nice to one another. I'm willing to make the first overture."

"Suit yourself, but this will be the only opportunity you get to vent your anger and frustration. If after this I see you teasing them, giving them dirty looks, or being unfriendly, we'll go about this another way. When you find yourself naked between me and your mother, and we each have a leg with the boys lined up to fuck you while you are ovulating, you might wish you had done this right in the first place."

Pam was bright red, not from embarrassment, but from an aroused flush brought on by that image. Pam did not want to think that scenario was impossible, nor convey to Dorothy that she thought so. Just the opposite. She wanted Dorothy to think it was possible and likely otherwise she'd never try, and one never knows. Dorothy and her mother were pretty close. Maybe they were lovers. It could happen. Pam looked unsure as she said, "Maybe I can't vent this way, but I don't think I need to. I'm not like that."

"Fine. Now move on to John. You gave Frank eight minutes. They will all want at least that if you plan to be nice to each one."

Pam walked on her knees to a position between John's knees and immediately set about fondling his cock and balls. With him, she didn't wait so long to get started on the sucking. With John, she had to take breaks to lick his cock and balls, pacing the climax, but when Dorothy announced that he had less than one minute, Pam got serious and made him cum in fifteen seconds. Again, she swallowed the entire load and milked dick for the remainder of his time.

She next moved between Red's legs to face mega dick. He was a double hand full and a mouth full. She loved licking his dick, licking, jacking, playing with his mighty sex organ, and when he had less than a minute, she had it stuffed in her mouth and was pumping hard. If she thought the twins were cum gushers, their dad was a busted fire hydrant. He choked her and made cum shoot out her nose, still, she stayed with it and swallowed all she could. Dorothy wiped her face and neck, then moved her along to Greg.

By now, Pam was a seasoned cock sucker. She took to sucking Greg's dick right away. Greg received an eight- minute blow job, and she didn't spill a drop. Joe got the best blow job because she got into head bobbing while sucking. Joe got to fuck her in the mouth. Actually, she fucked her mouth on his dick - same thing. When she sat back after sucking down Joe's load, she was full of semen, looking down a row of spent dick on grinning pricks and wondering how she got that way when all she wanted to do was cruise the mall and see who was out and about on a Saturday morning.

This was all so very strange, surreal, bizarre, but Pam couldn't blame anyone. No one forced anything on her. The Bagwell Boys did seem to have undergone a change. They were still seated on their hands and still hadn't said a word, not one of them. Dorothy assisted Pam to her feet and checked her face and neck for cum. She found a little, wiped it off, then hugged Pam, saying, "I'm so proud of you, Pam. I didn't think you could suck off all five, but you did, and didn't spill that much cum. You are quite the little cock sucker. Your mother thought you would be, knowing how she feels about abortions, and knowing you'd never leave a guy with blue balls. She was right."

Pam made a face that Dorothy couldn't see, a face that said, "What! Mom said I was quite the little cock sucker! You're shitting me! My mom thinks I suck off my dates? Do you actually think I suck dicks? Does Frank, John, Red, Greg, and Joe think I'm a cock sucker? Dumb question. Of course they do. Of course you do. Of course you'll tell Mom and confirm what she believes. She'll tell Dad and the next time we're alone he'll want his cock sucked. Why shouldn't he. He has a cock. I'm a cock sucker. Shit, I AM a cock sucker. I do suck cocks. I'm pretty good, too, suck and swallow. I, Pan Decker, am a fucking cock sucker...and, I am being praised for it by my neighbor, my Mom's best friend, and the wife of one of the cocks I sucked. Cool."

When they parted and stood at arm's length, Pam wore a smile. Dorothy came in and kissed that smile. Pam didn't expect that, nor the tongue. Pam got the impression that Dorothy was bisexual. That was a long kiss that kept getting longer and more passionate right in front of the guys until the two were engaged in a standing lesbian love seen. That kiss gradually turned Pam into a bisexual before their very eyes. She liked French kissing with a woman a lot, liked being felt up, and loved having their pussies ground together. Pam didn't mind being stripped and didn't mind stripping Dorothy. They went to the floor naked and got nasty in reverse.

When it was all over and they were both sweaty and slimy wet, they rolled apart and looked at the peanut gallery, still sitting on their hands, only with new erections. Pam boldly sat back and offered them a wide beaver as Dorothy toyed with it and said, "That's more like it, Pam. Don't be bashful around them. Show it all. Give them something to dream about."

"I don't mind, but isn't this considered prick teasing?"

"Not if you are willing to offer them relief."

"What, by sucking them?"

"Any way you like, but they can't do it for themselves. I told them to sit on their hands for as long as you're here. As you can see, they do mind. As you can also see, they are dependent on you showing mercy. You can tease them and make them suffer, or give them relief in any way you choose. As a sex symbol and object of worship, you always have that option whether they are sitting on their hands or not. In the future, they'll be allowed to take matters into their own hands to get the relief they need. This time, they must suffer or depend on your mercy."

"I can do anything?"

"Anything or nothing. If you'd like, you may get dressed and go."

Pam mulled this information over while getting a finger slowly fucked in her pussy. Pam settled back onto her elbows and widened her spread so that all the guys could clearly see the finger working in her splayed pussy. This as not as big a deal as it would have been before the lesbian suckfest they put on, a very vulgar exhibition which featured Pam's private parts in every conceivable way. There were times Pam thought the sole purpose was to show her most intimate parts in every possible way. By contrast, this was nothing, just another nasty, uninhibited, slutty thing to do on a day that she felt slutty, wanted to be treated slutty, and wanted to be seen as slutty by males who worshipped uninhibited bisexual sluts.

As she watched a single finger fucking become a double finger fucking, Pam said, "Can I fuck 'em if I want to?"

"Sure, they'd love that, but don't you think that's being a bit too generous?"

"I just wondered if I could."

"I know you're not technically a virgin, but your mother is sure you have never been screwed. I think she's right. Are you virgin?"

"I am in that I've never been screwed by a real dick, but not if dildos count. Mom keeps hers in her night stand. I figure if she doesn't want me to borrow them, she'd lock them away."

"She knows you borrow them."

"She does! She said that?"

"Yes, she bought two just with your little pussy in mind - training dildos."

"Wow, two are like training dildos. I can't believe she told you, or that she got them for me and never told me. Dorothy, are you and mom...you know, lovers."

"No, Pam, just good friends who often discuss sexual matters. We're dancing around the idea of doing more than talking, but she's not ready to lie down just yet."

"Figures. I think she will, though. I know she likes seeing me naked and my pussy seems to fascinate her. I've seen that look in the locker room at school. She'd like a lick. I sure wouldn't mind."

"I'll pass that along. I'm sure she'll be thrilled."

"Oh, no, Dorothy, don't do that."

"Why. She has confessed the desire and she is aware that you know. She feels like a degenerate. I have been trying to help her get beyond that nonsense. She would be thrilled and relieved to know how you feel."

"Honestly...she would?"

"Honestly, you mother is dying to suck your cunt. The least you can do is let your own mother and father into your fan club."

"My father!"

"I thought that went without saying. You mother certainly thinks so. Weren't you aware?"

"Yes, but I wasn't aware that she was aware."

"They discuss his problem. He is trying hard not to fuck you, but you are making that very hard, no pun intended."

Pam giggled and said, "I sure do. He gets hard easy....So, Dad has a problem, huh? Well, he just got a bigger one because I don't want to be any kind of virgin, and I don't have anything against incest, male/female or female/female, father/daughter or mother/daughter or mother/father/daughter. In my book, incest is best."

"You talk like a slut."

"I feel like a slut, and I'd like to fuck your husband."

"Be my guest. You two will make a beautiful baby."

"I should be safe. My period ended a few days ago. I guess I should pull off just to be extra safe."

"You should, but you won't. If you can, you're a better slut than I am."

"Why, is it hard to pull off?"

"Damn near impossible. Once you start fucking, primal centers take over and you're mating. That's how nice girls get pregnant. Pulling off a dick that's getting ready to spit just isn't in our nature, and there is nothing like taking a dick raw and riding it through a climax, feeling it squirt sperm deep in your pussy."

"Wow, that does sound good. That's one thing you don't get with a dildo. That's really neat, huh?"

"It's the ultimate in fucking. It's what fucking is all about. Anything less, you're not really fucking, and the closer you get to the danger zone, the more exciting it is. If you allow a dick in while you're ovulating, there is no way that dick will come out unspent."

"Like I say, I should be fairly safe. I'm willing to risk it. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Honey, he's all yours. They all are. Fuck 'em all. If you fuck one, you may as well, can't hurt."

Dorothy helped Pam to her feet, then assisted in getting Pam straddled over Red's hips. Dorothy held the dick up as Pam eased down. Pam had a very wet and relaxed pussy between her legs, so Red's mega dick went in without too much difficulty, but the last half took some work. She eventually sat with her pussy lips mashed to his pubic mat to catch her breath and marvel at her accomplishment. Her mom didn't have a doldo this big, and Pam didn't think she had a pussy that big. Red made one in her that big.

After a few minutes to marvel and adjust, Pam began fucking herself on the dick, going slow at first, taking short strokes at first, but soon taking long strokes in stride. Within ten minutes, she rode him like a pro and experienced what Dorothy talked about, the burning desire to make him cum in her pussy. When he did, she came with him. Her first fuck was fantastic, so fantastic that she wanted to fuck them all and did in a variety of ways. She was a limber bitch with a burning itch.

Before leaving late that afternoon, Pam fucked them all twice and made lesbian love to Dorothy again. She left the Bagwell home one fucked-out teeny bopper. Her mother wondered where she had been since the car never left the driveway all day. When Pam told her she had been at the Bagwells all day, her mom put the odd walk and the disheveled look together with this shocking news and added it all up to a day-long gang bang at the Bagwells. Pam could see the awareness dawn, but her mother didn't pry.

he did go into her bedroom and get on the phone:

"Dorothy, what is going on?"

"Going on?"

"Don't act coy with me, Dorothy. Pam just came home from all day at your house and she reeks of a woman's scent. Furthermore, she looks like she has been ridden by five horny males all day. She can barely walk. I want an explanation and I want it, now."

"Jenny, you said that when she is ready to be sexually active you would support that decision. Well, she's ready and she is bisexual. One more thing, Jenny, I do not reek. I am very clean and pride myself on vaginal hygiene. What you smell on your daughter is the natural female scent, musk if you will, but it does not reek, smell, or stink."

This made the line go silent at the other end. Dorothy waited. Jenny finally, in a much more reserved tone, came on to say, "I see. I apologize. You're right, she did not reek, it's just that the scent of a woman was all over her and I am not used to that scent coming from my daughter."

"Get used to it, because she loves to wallow in pussy. She loves fucking more, but pussy is a close second."

"Oh god, is she having unprotected sex with all of those boys?"

"Red, too, and yes. She loves taking a raw cock. She would never put a rubber on a dick and she can't wait to ride while ovulating. Face it, Jenny, she's as good as pregnant. Even if you put her on the pill, there's no time for it to take effect."

"Dorothy, you are doing this on purpose."

"Am I?"

"You know very well you are."

"Not to change the subject, but Pam is under the impression that you leave your dildos where she can get to them because you want to share, and you have two that she is sure you bought just for her, training dildos."

"Oh god, no."

"She thinks that is so cool."

"She does?"

"It is, or would be if it were true. I didn't burst her bubble, and you shouldn't either."

"If she thinks it's cool, I won't."

"She also thinks you are bisexual with a desire for her."

"Where did she get that idea?"

"From you. You shouldn't stare at a girl's pussy with desire in your eyes. She knows the look, but she thinks that is cool, too."

"She does?"

"Incest is cool - father/daughter mother/daughter father/mother/daughter - incest is best. Be warned. You and Matt have a sexual predator under your roof, and she is out to get you both."

"You must have encouraged her."

"I didn't discourage her. You know my feelings on incest."

"I will not stand for her having sex with her father, Dorothy."

"I notice you didn't say you would not stand for her having sex with her mother. You like that idea, don't you? She's very good, Jenny. She is also very tasty. That pussy tastes even better than it looks, and we know how good it looks, don't we? [there ensued a long pause] Don't be a hypocrite, Jenny. If you enjoy her, let Matt have some, too. Take her to bed with you. You'll thrill the piss out of her and make her biggest fantasy come true."

"That's her biggest fantasy, to join us in bed for a threesome?"

"Actually, she wants to serve you two as a fucking assistant, you know, handling the foreplay, guiding the cock in, holding her father's balls while he fucks you, then cleaning up all the mess. She used to imagine doing that with a warm wash cloth. She now sees herself using her tongue. Let her serve you and up her allowance. Make that an official chore. That is her biggest fantasy."

"It it really, Dorothy? Don't lie to me. If Matt goes along and we do this and I find out you lied or even exaggerated, I will never speak with you again or allow Pam to cross the street."

"You gotta let her cross the street or we can't knock her up, so I won't ever lie or exaggerate, and haven't. You will let her keep crossing the street, won't you?"

"As long as you deal straight with me, yes, I will not interfere."

"Good, now let's talk about you. I know you have never been unfaithful, but after fucking your daughter, Red couldn't help but wonder what you'd be like. He was very impressed. He was wondering if you'd consider being unfaithful long enough for him to try you out. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Well, are you interested in ten inches of thick dick or is that too much for you?"

"I uh...well, no, that wouldn't be too much."

"Then I'll tell him you're interested in spreading your legs for him. You are interested, aren't you?"

"Well, I...yes."

"Good, we'll get you fucked and we'll let Pam assist."

"Oh no!"

"Relax, she also likes to assist with adultery."

"Oh god."

"I told you, there is no god. Do what feels good because this is all there is."

"I hope you're right, because I am going to assume there is no god. If there is, I will never speak to you again, Dorothy."

"Fair enough, now take your panties off and get your slut ass over here...and bring that slut daughter of yours."

"Oh god!"

The End


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