Only Travis would attend a wedding ceremony of two people he hardly knew with a pocket full of condoms. There was no logic behind it, but as Travis would always say, "I'm a proud supporter of safe sex."

Actually the gleeful bride and groom's identities were best known to Travis's mother, Carol, who was surprised when she received an invitation at the office from her former best friend, Tammy.

Tammy really had it in for Carol dating back about two years when she caught her giving head to her college graduate son, Robbie, in the garage during a 4th of July barbecue. Needless to say fireworks of all sorts went off that year! Carol, who was depressed about her recent divorce with Travis's father at the time, tried desperately to apologize to Tammy and blamed her irresponsible actions on the wine and "not having a man for so long." Tammy, who went through weeks of hypnotic therapy to get THAT image out of her head, founded and managed the unauthorized "Carol, The Office Slut" campaign around the workplace. She refused to ever talk to Carol again, but let her frustrations out on indecent doodles and anti-Carol memos that were decorated on every cubicle wall standing on the 4th floor. This silent and intense hatred existed for two years, until now.

Now Tammy seemed to be too excited that her fat daughter was finally getting a man and leaving the house to care who attended the party. Carol, who wisely chose not to wear her usual revealing outfits to work for two years, even saw a soft look of tranquility, maybe even forgiveness, in Tammy's eyes when her chocolate-dipped pupils met hers.

"Please do come, Carol," she said in her hushed voice. For some reason, Tammy always had a hushed voice after her long-term anger period. "I really do want you to be there. I know things haven't been the same between us, but I really do miss you. You need to see the house anyway, and Walter, and the family. It's been really long and I've been in a bad place for too TOO long. But now I'm in my happy place. And I want you to be there. You and Travis."

Carol, moved to solid tears, gushed and squealed, "Oh, of course I'll come. If you have me. Does this mean you forgive me?"

"Oh sure, besides it was so long ago I can hardly remember what the big deal was." No one in the workplace cared to remind her.

Travis chose to wear the snazzy navy blue shirt and silver tie he wore for his senior pictures. He was only seventeen, but he felt he could pull off twenty easily with his sophisticated clothes and the killer combination of his charming smile and sensual hazel nut eyes. His moustache, which he had been working on for a whole year, could pass as an older gentleman forgetting to shave his upper lip for two (maybe three) weeks. He was delighted to find the only pair of matching pants made his ass look like a ripe juicy apple. And, of course, there were the condoms. A last minute decision with absolutely know right or reason to it. Yet when Travis woke up this Sunday morning, he had a spiritual feeling evade him and it told him that he would need them.

Carol came into his room dressed in a decent, lacy black dress with violet tulips. The blackness of the dress matched the dark roots hidden under saucy red auburn hair and the violet tulips matched the hint of purple in Carol's make-up, fingernail polish, and fake contact lenses. Carol didn't let the fact that she was 45 get in the way of her trying out for Esquire magazine. She had a fit, mature, toned body with a nice dark tan and swaying hips. Her cleavage tentatively peeked our from above. She didn't want to show off her impressive boobs at Tammy's party, but at the same time --- she was SINGLE!!!

"Don't you look sharp," she purred, swinging Travis around to take a good look at her little man. "All the girls will be begging to dance with you, I'm sure." Travis shrugged with a hey-what-can-I-say?-I'm-a-stud expression on his face and took an eye-full of his mother. "And you look......wow." Carol grinned delighted, "Really?"

"Mom, as your son, I shouldn't allow you to leave the house with that dress on."

"Well as your mother I have the right to ignore any orders you give to me!"

"Seriously mom, you look HOT."

"Yeah, well, that's the Sicilian part of the family. All the women in Sicily look absolutely gorgeous."

"Really? You need to let me know when we plan to travel there to discover our roots."

"Okay smarty, let's go." Carol ordered as she led the way to her car and simultaneously searching for the keys to the Camry through her vinyl purse. " The ceremony happens in half an hour!"

"Jesus! Look at the ass on you!"

"Watch it, Trav. Any remarks like that at Tammy's house and you're in big trouble, buster."

Tammy's house, which was a quaint little suburban home, stood on the other side of town, which meant Travis would have to spend at least a good twenty minutes of suffering while the radio dial stayed strictly on Adult Contemporary Soft Rock, the lowest form of music on the planet (or, at least, Travis's planet). But Travis could easily escape the mating call of Michael Bolton as he looked out his window and fantasized about the girls at the reception. He knew Tammy's daughter was a cow of a woman, which isn't a nice description for anyone, but was the best description he could make of her. He also knew that Tammy, like his mother, was quite a looker for her age. With any luck, she could have other daughters who carried the better of the gene pool. Ancient lore stated that Carol and Tammy were sorority sisters and party animals, he didn't need a yearbook full of dirty remarks to know what possibly had gone on in his mother's bed during that crazy period of the great 7os era.

He knew that his mother was a very sexually-driven woman. She might have even been misinterpreted as a "slut" or something, but he also knew that his mother wasn't easy or cheap. She loved sex and she loved her body, but she had a mind to back it up with and was very smart how she used her body. He didn't care that his mother was this way, in fact, his whole family tree was driven on sex, and he wasn't any different. He lost his virginity when he was 11 to a girl that lived three floors down from the apartment he used to live. She was going on 14, and not fully developed, but Travis had been fascinated with the female body ever since.

"Are you listening to me?" Carol nudged her son who had been staring out the window and ignoring her for almost twelve minutes now.

"Did you say something?"

"I said the groom is going through training to become a firefighter, isn't that interesting?"

"Sure I guess. Just don't corner him in the garage or anything. This is his wedding day."

Travis didn't know why he liked to pour a bit of gasoline on the burning the flame that was his mother. Sometimes he was very attracted by her anger, in fact, Freud would probably have a blast analyzing his enjoyment for riling up the Italian temper of his mother. It was almost a turn-on for Travis.

Carol decided not to give Travis the pleasure this time around. "You know, Travis... the sun is up. Maybe you should tell those boy scouts camping under that tent down there to get up." Travis looked down at his pants and turned bright red to find a bulging erection saluting towards his direction. A ridiculously obvious erection that his own mother not only caught him on, but had the brass to call him on it. He had never felt so humiliated.

"Wonder what you were daydreaming about." Carol said with an evil grin. "Oh God, sorry mom... I... " Travis began.

"No need to apologize, sonny. It's completely natural. I have a pretty good idea how the male sexual organs work, so it's really no shock to me." Travis was silent. He must have been thinking about his first time with the neighbor girl. How tight her pussy clenched his little penis as he thrust it inside her. He only knew the fucking motions from what he witnessed on the video tapes he used to steal from his parents' room. He remembered how strange it felt for the two of them. It was probably the best orgasm he ever had because he remembered how it ran through his whole body and left him weak in the arms of his junior high lover.

Michelle, he thought her name was. But who can be sure? He remembered how hard his little cock got when she revealed her flourishing little mounds with soft, pink nipples. He loved how the nipples of the younger girls poked out so plump and pointy at the same time. He remembered playing with Michelle's little nibblets and was amused by how even at eleven years old, he had his own little routine going on.

"Are you embarrassed, Travis, honey? I didn't mean to embarrass, you. At least no one else noticed."

"No, ma. I'm just a little surprised, that's all. It kind of caught me off guard."

After that moment, the two decided not to chat to each other on the rest of the way to the wedding. Carol continued to sing along to her music on the radio and Travis looked out his window, begging for his cock to die down.

They arrived to the angel-white abode decorated with balloons and ribbons and a loud sign announcing PATT & JERRY'S WEDDING. The ceremony was already taking place behind the house in a heavenly gazebo holding the reverend, bride, and groom as the bridesmaids and best men lingered awkwardly outside, faced down by a cluster of friends and relatives sitting uncomfortably in lawn chairs.

"Shit," Carol hissed as the two of them tried to slip in the back without causing too much attention to themselves. "We're late." Travis rolled his eyes at the obviousness of that statement. He then looked on at the bridesmaids. One was tall, pale and a little chubby with a stern look on her face behind thick glasses. Another was practically a midget, standing hardly four feet with a shaggy haircut, but a rather cute face. Travis, by the amount of jewelry she had on her, concluded that she was around the good age of 18 or older. Yet she was small, too small for Travis's figure and he went on to the next girls. The last two looked too young to start high school, which was the limit for Travis. Travis was flexible with the pussy he hammered, but you have to draw the line somewhere. He would sometimes make exceptions, if there were exceptions to be made; but from the looks of these girls, he didn't have to think twice to pass.

"How long is this going to take?" Travis whispered to Carol who just shushed him back. "I need to take a leak, should I just wait?" Travis insisted. "Well if you have to go bad, run in the house real quick, but hurry back." Travis nodded and quietly left the squatting crowd, heading toward the back door of the house.

Travis had never seen inside Tammy and Walter's house before. It was much cleaner than his house and the walls were covered with family photos. One photo in particular caught Travis's eyes. It was Tammy when she was younger, spread out on a picnic blanket out at a park somewhere. Her white woolish top clung to her body tightly, but was so tiny, it only covered up her chest, leaving her flat tummy and navel to clear view. Her jean cut-offs were rolled up her thighs even more to show her muscular thighs spread out on the blanket. Her blond hair laid out over her head where she laid and she stared into the camera with deep blue eyes and gave it a pouty kiss. Travis, for the first time since he got to the wedding, was turned on and very much wanted to know what was under those revealing clothes.

"Travis? Is that you?" Travis turned around and saw Tammy with a bright, surprised face and an empty beer bottle in her hand. "Oh my God! Look at you!" She put the bottle down and walked up to Travis, "You're a man!" She squealed in almost disbelief. Only inches away, Travis could smell the odor of alcohol permeating from Tammy. "Hello Mrs. Anderson."

"I haven't seen you for so long, give me a hug!" Tammy grabbed Travis and pulled him towards her. Travis gave off an uncomfortable smile and noticed something odd was happening downstairs. He had another boner and this time it was poking against the flesh of Tammy Anderson, his mother's college chum. He didn't know how many beers Tammy had and he didn't know why she would be drinking anything inside the house while her daughter was getting married, but he did know Tammy had a bad reputation of alcohol and an even worse lack of tolerance for it.

"Travis, God it's been ages since I hugged someone. I can't believe it." Tammy backed away from Travis and picked up the bottle she put down, shook it, and laughed. "Empty. Don't you hate it when that happens."

"Mrs. Anderson? Shouldn't you be out there watching your daughter be married?"

Tammy sighed and went to the refrigerator to pull out two more bottles. "She doesn't care about me, she told me last night. I worked so hard putting this together and she tells me last night that she hates me and never wants to see me again and this and that... and some other stuff..."

"I don't think she meant that, Mrs. A. did you guys have a fight or something?"

"Yes, Sherlock! You guessed it. We had a fight. And I told her... hey, Travis, do you want a beer?"

"No, thanks."

"C'mon, I won't tell your mother. You can trust me." Tammy winked at Travis and gave a smile that was glazed with intoxication. She was gone. Ridiculously gone, and now it seemed that she was hitting on Travis. "Sure whatever.." Travis took the beer in hopes that it would make Tammy happy and, by all means, calm. Tammy went on with your slurring of words... "So if she doesn't want me to watch. Fine! It's being videotaped anyway. Am I talking too loud? I'm sorry, honey, I'm so wasted. Do you think this is how your mom felt when she was giving my son a blowjob?"

Travis's eyes bulged and though he hadn't attended to say anything, a nervous laugh exploded from his mouth and he improvised, "I... I really have no idea."

"Do you want a blowjob, Travis?"

Travis was silent. No nervous laugh. No laugh at all. He sat his bottle on a table and looked at Tammy with shocked and confused eyes. "Because I can give you a blowjob, Travis. Really. I may be old, but I know how to give a blowjob."

Travis was caught in a lost Twilight Zone episode. Tammy Anderson, who he had known for as long as he could remember and who knew him since he was born, wanted to suck his cock. Want to give him a blowjob. "Are you serious?" He faintly whispered, not really making a sound but moving his lips. "Dead serious," she replied approaching him and immediately rubbing the erect cock she felt as they hugged. "Don't you want me to, Travis?"

Travis did want her to, the moment was strange but right. So right. He not only feared, but also expected Walter Anderson to walk in and catch his wife stroking him over his pants. But he didn't. Another moment passed and there was nothing but sheer tension, heavy silence, and no one coming in the back door.

"No one will know baby, it'll be real quick."

Suddenly Travis was flipped on devil-may-care mode and he kissed Tammy. Tammy giggled in delight and squeezed Travis into her body. She had gained a few pounds since the picture, but she was most certainly not overweight. Her breasts were bigger and fuller and her waist was slightly wider. Travis reached behind her and squeezed her rear which was plumper. Tammy started to breathe heavily and passionately. "We have to hurry, Travis. Before people walk in."

"Okay, I'm ready." Travis said straining. If there was one thing he was bad at it was getting hot under pressure. But his cock which was a decent boner to begin with, roared under his zipper. Tammy kneeled under him unstrapped his pants. She kissed his member over the boxers and it leaped in joy. The oldest woman he ever made it with was 25, now he was letting this wild, drunk 45 year old woman lick his balls. This was an incredible event, though it was being rushed for time. Tammy pulled the strap of Travis's boxers and his cock bounced free like a diving board. "Aaah... Travis, it's beautiful." Tammy told him as she put the head against her lips and softly ran it across.

A volt went up Travis's spine; then Tammy's tongue emerged. She took the head inside her lips and made soft moaning sounds as she rolled her tongue around the tip. He took his hands inside her curly blond hair and rubbed her head as she took in more. She grabbed Travis by his balls and played with his shaft more. It was some warm inside Tammy's mouth who curled her tongue around Travis's shaft in rotations that made his head spin. She was definitely a pro at this and Travis was honored to be experiencing the oral acrobats of an old cocksucker.

She took his cock out and licked the sides. "Are you gonna cum soon?" She cooed. "N..NOt yet." She took his cock in her mouth again and started to suck hard, making slurping sounds that made Travis even hotter. He looked down and was mesmerized by the tight cheekbones that inflated in and out as she bobbed her head. Travis chose to take a broad move and pushed Tammy's head closer to his groin. He could feel his penis go deep into her mouth and the head reaching the top of her throat. He was careful not to gag her, but Tammy didn't seem to mind a bit. She stuck out her tongue and reached for his testicles to lick. She tried to get both of them inside her mouth. She was very ambitious.

"Oh......Gaw....Now I'm gonna cum...." Travis spat out as he guided Tammy's head into short, quick motions, still deep in her mouth. He could feel his head aiming directly into her throat as it peeked in and out. His balls tightened and inside Tammy's warm, wet....


Tammy's head flung out from his grip, releasing his cock from her jaws. His cock shot out five thick globs of semen, one hitting Tammy on her chin, two hitting her chest, and the other two hitting the kitchen floor.

Travis collapsed to the floor and quickly gathered his cock to push it back into his pants. Tammy looked behind her to catch Carol standing by the back door with a statuesque portrait of shock on her face. Tammy wiped her chin, "Now we're even, bitch!"



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