Chapter 2


Her breathing came faster and faster and her body experienced a different kind of heat. Joe's fingers slid into her body, pumping slowly as his big rough thumb rubbed back and forth across her clit. Kristen whined in protest, but held unmoving, her fearful eyes staring up into Joe's hard angry ones.

At first, she wasn't even aware of her awakened arousal. For despite her many sexual encounters, Kristen had had an orgasm only once. That was with a woman high school teacher when she was fourteen. The woman had put her mouth down there and a feeling of such overwhelming pleasure had come over Kristen that it had frightened her.

She'd never allowed another woman's hands on her since then, for fear that she was in fact a homosexual, which, according to societies dictates, would have made her something less than perfect. Her trysts with men had been a cold sort of thing.

Mostly she just laid there and let them do as they wanted, a necessary evil for her to achieve something or other. She had moaned and groaned at the appropriate times, but seldom felt even an inkling of excitement herself. Her body was a tool to be used and admired, nothing else.

Most of her encounters in fact, had ended before actual intercourse. Kristen was skilled in overexciting me and then bringing them off either by hand or, if absolutely necessary, but mouth. She had only "gone all the way" half a dozen times, none of which had lasted more than a few minutes.

Now, the unaccustomed feelings coming from her crotch, combined with her flustered and fearful con- fusion towards Joe's confrontation and rudeness, left her in a floundering mental daze.

She half leaned, half sat back against the table, her legs slightly spread and her body bent back. Joe's hand continued to work away at her groin, which was responding with a tremendous wave of hot, tingling pleasure.

"Like that. Don't you baby?" he hissed, his lips pulled back into a snide, ugly smile.

He thrust his fingers harder and faster inside her now moist hot little pussy chamber. His thumb pressed down hard on her clitty, rasping across it with intense pressure.

Kristen was trembling and shaking, her body grip- ped by confusion and a sensual passion she did not know how to deal with. All she could do was continue to stare at Joe's face as his hand rubbed and pumped and squeezed down inside her shorts.

Then he growled, his left hand going behind her head and gripping a thick chunk of pink hair tightly. He jerked her head to one side, making her cry out, the cry, a low bird like chirp of confusion and fear. His mouth came down on hers, which was open anyway.

His tongue shot inside, rasping and whirling with- in her oral cavity. He held her tight against him, his hand rubbing roughly away at her crotch, his body pressing hers back against the table. The kiss was long, endless, when he withdrew, Kristen gasped, her chest heaving as she sought to draw breath.

Her eyes were wide and staring still as he pulled his hands free, grabbed the center of her tied blouse and tore it open, letting her hard swollen breasts drop out. His hands immediately captured them, cupping them from beneath, holding them up as his fingers kneaded the gleaming moist flesh.

His mouth descended, his lips sliding across her left nipple, then seizing, locking onto it. He chewed the nub as he sucked it into his mouth. Kristen moaned, a high pitched sound of bewilderment and negation. Joe drew his lips out, sucking the firm pink flesh.

Her nipple lengthened and expanded as it hardened, his lips enfolded the long stiff little bud as he ground them softly from side to side. He pulled away, then turned his attention to her right breast, her nip- ple, already hard and elongated, seemed to burn as his mouth enfolded it, and Kristen gave a shuddering moan.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!"

Joe buried his face between her fat meaty mounds, squashing them in together from either side. His face rubbed up and down, then slid up along her throat, chewing and sucking until his lips locked on hers again. He held her tightly, his crotch grinding into hers.

His hand once again found her hair, twisting her head up and back for his lips. His right hand moved down and unzipped her shorts, then shoved, letting them fall to her ankles. Clad only in her thin silky bikini panties, Kristen found her legs unconsciously spreading.

Joe's hand slid inside, his fingers penetrating her sopping pussy, his thumb rubbing ruthlessly up and down on her hard clit. Kristen's groin humped against him as her body responded against her will. Her breath- ing was coming in short, harsh straining gasps.

She felt her body burning with a fiery heat. It was centered at her crotch and getting worse and worse. She was losing control of her muscles as her legs be- came weak and wobbly and her body trembled and shook alarmingly.

Then a roaring blast of hot blistering pleasure roared through her body, like an inferno it seemed to consume her very flesh as she convulsed in quivering, shuddering climax. Her hips humped out and down against Joe's sticky wet thrusting fingers and her legs parted widely, her body sitting back further on the table and her chest shoving out and up as her back arched.

Joe held tightly to her hair, fighting her body's jerking, humping, shaking contortions as he stared down at her gaping sightless face with deep satisfaction.

As her orgasm ended and her shaking subsided, he grabbed the panties and tore them right off, hurling them into a far corner. He shoved the girl back against the table until she lost her balance and fell back on it. His hands gripped her calves, shoving her legs wide, wide apart until her thighs ached with pain, the tendons strained alarmingly.

"Now you look good." he leered. "Now you're in the proper position." He abandoned her legs, his hands go- ing to his own shorts. "I'm gonna give you that ride you been asking for, sweetheart." he grunted, taking his raging erection out and pointing it at her gleaming wet cunt crack.

Kristen laid exhausted, her chest heaving. She stared up at him, her mouth gaping, her eyes wide. She didn't know what was happening to her, or even why. She watched as if in slow motion as Joe's big cock moved closer and closer to her crotch.

Then she felt it, felt it wet and rubbery and yet still hard as iron as it pierced her oily cuntlips and pushed into her sodden cunt tunnel. Almost instantly it reignited her arousal. She felt her cunt expand to take in the intruder, then clamp down hard, drawing it fur- ther inside.

It was bigger than most of the cocks she'd known, but her pussy had little difficulty accommodating it. Joe's hands came down on her legs, holding them wide, almost parallel to the table edge as he stuffed his hot fuck tool, balls deep into the twitching, shivering little pink haired teenager.

He jammed it in hard, then tore it back out and slammed it in again. A good hard ride he had promised and a good hard ride she would get. He used full steady strokes, but sent them hammering down into her body with bruising impact.

His hips slammed into her spread thighs and but- tocks with a meaty slap and a protesting creak from the table legs. His cock was a blurring piston as it rutted into the bewildered girl. Wave after wave of intense sexual fever washed over her, rendering her helpless and stunned.

When Joe let go of her legs to fasten his iron fingered hands around her meat swollen tit mounds, the force of his grip sent shock waves hurtling through her chest. It was as if her tits were bags of bubbling hot boiling sexual water and his hands had squeezed them flat, sending the liquid shooting into her body where it burned with maddening and agonized fervor.

Her body quaked, then rocked, her ass bounced up off the table without her willing it, then did it a second time. Her hands, resting on the table above her head, flopped and jerked and trembled, then her back arched with terrible force and she cried out in ecstatic release.

A loud groan of orgasmic satisfaction drifted out of the tent, causing the native porters to give each other knowing looks, but fortunately not reaching as far as the girl's parents, who were listening to a Brahms' symphony.

Kristen's head thrashed from side to side and her teeth gnashed as her body was gripped by an electric current that refused to let go. She shook furiously, her ass bouncing wildly on the table as Joe's hard boner continued to pound into her sizzling cunt chute.

"Yeah! Yeah! Go for it, baby!" Joe groaned, his cock flaring and steaming along it's entire length. His hands gripped her waist, almost completely encircling her tiny waist. He hauled her back and forth on the table like a rag doll, jerking her against his savage thrusts.

Then the girl's cum finally subsided. Her body's shaking eased into light trembling and twitching. He bent forward across her, his cock screaming in excite- ment as he kept pumping it to her. Then he came, his cock like a firehouse as it jetted boiling white scum down into her exhausted, languorous body.

He laid atop her panting, sweat covered body as they both recovered. Neither spoke. His cock softened within her and he slid it slowly out, watching her glistening cuntlips slowly close together once more. He reeled back a pace, his shaking hands pulling his spent cock back inside his pants and fastening them together.

He shook his head, then looked down at the girl, lying there in a semi-conscious daze, and staggered out of the tent. Kristen laid atop the table for long minutes, her legs still spread wide as the furnace be- tween them slowly cooled.

She raised her head wearily and looked around, then blinked slowly and with a groan, pulled her legs together and sat up. She shoved herself to a sitting position on the table, then eased off, almost falling as her rubbery legs failed to support her properly.

She was in a state of shock, her body and mind still staggered by the events they'd just experienced. It had been the first orgasm she'd experienced except by her own hand since fourteen. It was certainly by far the most powerful.

As her mind cleared it turned more and more to how it had happened. How had she let that... that... that animal turn her body into his own personal plaything? The kind of man that attracted her was smaller, hand- somer, well... prettier, she thought. She'd never liked the rough tough jock type.

How was it then that her body had responded to him as it had? She blushed as she remembered how she'd cum with his hand down her panties, rubbing her off like that. How humiliating! How could she!? She wobbled across the canvas floor to her bed and practically fell in.

She was mortified! How could she possibly face the man in the morning? It must have been the heat, she decided. The heat and boredom and some kind of weird animal reflex on account of her being in the jungle like this. It wasn't her fault at all.

The next morning, Joe expected a change in per- sonality. He was surprised and angered when it didn't turn out. His pleasant greeting was greeted by a turned up nose and a sniff of disdain. Kristen was intent on pretending last night had never happened.

"Sleep well?" he asked, slightly chastened.

"That is certainly none of your business, MISTER Steel," she said, contempt lacing every word.

"What's with you?"

"If I want to converse with you, which I doubt, I'll let you know." She sniffed, walking away. He glared after her in confusion.

Kristen tromped off into the bushes, her hands deep in the pockets of her knee length pink pants. Her bikini top was slightly too small for her perfect breasts, but then, all her tops were slightly too small. She glared around her, still upset by last night, and still not able to understand it.

She heard water and shifted direction towards it. A minute later, she came out on the bank of a swiftly moving river. She sat down on a stone and took off her shoes, dangling her feet in the water as she pondered the weakness her body had displayed.

Perhaps it wasn't her body at all, she thought. A man like that probably haunted whore houses and such. He must be greatly experienced in such things, though she would have thought he'd have been little better than a boorish slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am type.

She heard a strange sound and turned. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped in surprise and fear. A fat, round Black face stared back at her from a foot away. His eyes were equally wide as he beheld the strange looking beauty.

She screamed. He scrunched up his face and then put his hand over her mouth to stop it. His strong hands easily fended off her weak shoves and slaps and a quirky smile appeared on his face, then he scooped her up and carried her several yards upstream to his canoe.

He shoved the squirming girl down into the canoe, and with the speed and precision of a rodeo cowboy, had her hands behind her and bound tightly to her ankles within seconds. That done, he shoved the canoe out into the fast flowing water and paddled out into the center of the river.

The canoe raced downstream as Kristen squirmed around onto her side and gazed up at him. He was a nightmare come true. He wore only a loincloth, and his dark Black skin gleamed in the sun. A bracelet of some kind was around his upper arm, and another around his ankles. He wore no shoes and his feet were enormous.

Kristen wondered if she were to be eaten. He look- ed like the old pictures in the National Geographic she'd had to look at in Geography class. What was worse, sitting beside him in the handmade canoe, was a small ax and a bow. A knife was stuck into the side of his loincloth's belt.

Kristen quivered in fear, praying someone would rescue her before this savage cooked her for dinner or chopped off her head.

For his part, Mbinga, a member of the Bantu tribe, was more amused than anything. He'd never heard of a race that had pink hair before. In fact, he'd never even heard of the color pink.

Downstream was the rest of his hunting party and he was anticipating their own amusement and astonish- ment when he presented this strange looking female.

Joe was the first to arrive at the riverbank. He couldn't see any sign of Kristen, and first feared the idiot girl had fallen into the fast moving water and been carried away, then his eyes scanned the bank and saw the outline left by the canoe. He hastened over and examined the big footprints.

He took off his hat and wiped the sweat off his brows as the jungle resounded to the trampling sounds of the Taylors and some of the drivers. They were gonna love this, he thought with resignation. He turned and looked downstream. Well, that little girl is sure gonna get a lot of fucking now, whether she liked it or not.

He was more remorseful that it wouldn't be him do- ing it than that she'd get her little hole plugged. He had little fear for her life. The Bantu who inhabited this area might not be exactly civilized but they wouldn't kill anything as harmless as the pink haired teenager.

"What's going on!? Where's my daughter?" Charles cried as he burst through the bushes. Joe through out an arm and caught the man just before he fell into the river, dragging him back out from the waist deep water at once.

"Don't wanna be goin' in there, Mister Taylor. There's some pretty nasty types live in this water."

"Where's Kristen?" Lucy cried, arriving in front of several of the Black drivers.

"I'm afraid Kristen has gone for a little ride." He sighed. And I'm the one who's gonna have to go and fetch her back, he cursed inwardly. Silly little twat!

* *

Kristen's wrists were pinched tightly by the thin vines. Her shoulders ached from having her arms pulled so tightly back, and her hands were starting to go numb. Her ankles were in no better condition. The savage had tied her very tightly and efficiently.

Her clothes were soon soaked with river water, for the canoe, though well made for it's type, was not waterproof and an inch or so of water was always in the bottom.

Twenty minutes of paddling through the fast cur- rent landed the canoe in a small lake. The far bank held half a dozen canoes and Mbinga paddled across to them, calling out in the shrill sing-song greeting of the Bantu. There were answering calls from the eight men on the bank who were drying fish and skinning a boar.

Mbinga brought the canoe up against the bank, then jumped out and pulled it up after him. "Come see. Come see." he called excitedly. The others walked over to him as he lifted Kristen from the canoe and tossed her carelessly on the wet sand.

"What is this?" Contaw demanded, frowning.

"I found this strange looking female sitting alone by the river."

"Alone? A female?"

"She must have been banished from her tribe." Mbinga said.

"With hair like that, it is no wonder." Verwinti sniffed.

"What color is that, anyway?" Niyou asked.

"I do not know. I have never seen it's like."

"Perhaps she is marked by the Gods."

"Or the devil." another suggested.

"All females are marked by the devil."

There were knowing nods from most of the men at that. Counta's woman had cheated on him and bore him another's son.

"What do we do with it?" Niyou wondered.

"Are you sure it's female?"

"Of course it's female. Look at it's mammary's there," he responded, indignantly..

Counta pulled out his knife and carefully slit the vines binding the woman's wrists and legs together. He slid a hand under her right arm and hauled her erect, where she stood trembling and staring at them.

"What if she is a witch?" Niyou hissed. There were murmurs of worry and several made a warding sign against the devil. They stepped back from the girl, who's head kept whipping from side to side, staring at them all.

"Red is the color of witches," someone said!

"She is not red she is White."

"Her hair. Her hair is red!"

"That is not red."

"What is it if not red?"

"If she were a witch she would not allow Mbinga to capture her."

"Perhaps she wants us to bring her back to the village so she can ensorcel us all."

There were more warding gestures.

"I am sure she is not a witch," Mbinga said in- dignantly.

"We should leave her."

"But if she is a cast out female she will die."

"Let her."

"That is not an honorable thing to say."

"We can not take the chance."

"There is no chance in it." Mbinga said. "I will prove that she is no witch right here."

"How? You mean..."

"I will make use of her the way a man uses a woman. No witch can stand that for she would lose her powers."

"She will not let you." Banga said, making more warding signs.

"I tell you she is not witch." Mbinga said. He moved against the girl and before she could react, tore her bra top in half. Kristen squealed and closed her arms over her breasts, trying to back away.

"Watch out Mbinga." someone warned.

Mbinga twisted the female around and held her arm firmly, his hand reached for the strange garments she wore on her hips and pulled downwards.

They easily slid down over her well rounded hips. Mbinga paused a moment to admire the perfect tone of her White buttocks, then grabbed the shorts and pulled, causing the female to fall on her back as he jerked them up and off.

"She is calling out a spell!"

The others moved further back, except Randow who was braver than most.

"At least bind her so we might survive." Banga cried.

Kristen screamed and begged them to let her go, but they either ignored her or seemed to not under- stand. One of the natives stripped her naked and tossed her onto the ground. They were in a low clearing with dirt and a slight stubble of grass beneath her.

The two natives who hadn't backed off pulled her wrists to the ground. One of them held her right hand down while another picked up a rock and a foot long stick. Kristen screamed again, fearing they were about to drive it through her hand.

Instead the stake was driven deep into the ground. The second native tied a vine tightly around her wrist, then tied it to the vine. This was repeated with her other wrist, and her ankles, until Kristen was spread- eagled and tied securely, hardly able to move a limb.

"Look. Her hair is a different color between her legs!"

"Surely that means she is a devil."

"I am not worried." Mbinga said, for he had once lived in the city and did not believe in witches any longer. He pulled off his loincloth and pulled on his long flaccid penis, watching the female struggling use- lessly against the bindings.

She was not particularly attractive, though her hips were decently round and her breasts could feed many sons. He considered her too skinny though. The most attractive thing about her was her smooth un- blemished flesh. For despite varying skin tones, he had never seen anyone with such pure and flawless skin.

He skinned his fist up and down on his organ, squeezing his fingers tightly. His eyes slid up and down the female's body, admiring the perfection of the ivory skin. He knelt beside her, still rubbing on his organ. His other hand moved to her groin and squeezed. It certainly felt like a true woman's.

Kristen's arms and legs pulled frantically at the tight vines, despite the pain it caused her bare wrists and ankles. Her eyes were wild and terrified as the savage knelt beside her and then began pawing at her crotch.

She let out a sob of defeat as his hand squeezed her crotch, then slid slowly up and down her body, caressing her smooth flat belly, then the skin of her chest above and between her breasts. Finally his hand rolled up and down over her upthrust breasts, pausing atop each little hillock to fondle her nipples.

Her eyes kept flicking from his hand on her skin, his skin rougher even than that pig from last night, and his prick, which was rapidly hardening under his flicking fingers. Then he let go of it and positioned himself between her legs, falling forward on top of the hapless girl.

She groaned in disgust and revulsion, feeling his hard, sun baked flesh atop hers. His skin was coarse and rough as it pressed down on her firm rounded breasts, irritating them and rasping across her twin nipples. His cock was a hard bone like thing pressed against her belly.

Then the man jerked up on one elbow and grabbed his cock. He pressed the uncircumcised head against her cunt. Kristen was terrified of it. She had never seen or heard of an uncircumcised cock before and thought it must be some kind of mutant thing, as if the man wasn't even human.

It pushed against her cuntlips like a normal cock though, and she felt her lips yield under it's unre- lenting pressure. It moved inside her body as she jerked against the vines once more, helpless and sob- bing in misery and fear.

The cock pushed down deeper and deeper despite her tight squeezing of her pussy muscles. It rasped hard against her tight dry cunt as it moved in, bringing pain to her shaking body.

The man grunted and threw his hips forward, jam- ming another several inches of cock meat up into her belly. Kristen gave up resisting, she wept and let her head fall back, staring up at the sky as the man drove his cock fully into her body, his balls pressing against the underside of her buttocks as he sighed and rested atop her.

He pulled back almost immediately, then began a quick, forceful rutting against her crotch. Kristen grunted in pain as his long cock slid back and forth inside her pussy tunnel. The sky above gradually began to blot out as the other natives moved forward, some- what reassured now that she was no danger, now that Mbinga had deflowered her.

They watched intently, making sure it could not be some trick. Their eyes followed Mbinga's organ as it moved back and forth, sliding in and out of the female's love hole.

Kristen's breath was harsh and uneven as she slowed her sobbing. Her eyes were watery with tears and saw everything blurry. Her ankles ached as the native raping her threw his hips against her crotch with a flurry of very hard thrusts, slamming her small, light body upwards against the bindings on her ankles.

Then he grunted in pleasure and came inside her. Kristen was as horrified as most women would have been if a dog or pig had cum inside her. She imagined the foul wet stuff burning away inside her belly, like some terrible acid.

"You see. I told you." Mbinga sighed.

"I will try and see." Niyou said.

"You do not think she could still be a witch." Mbinga accused.

"No." Niyou grinned. "But if you are going to sell her, I should find out how she rides first."

There were several laughs, though several men still looked worriedly.

Niyou knelt between the female's legs, his own organ already hard.

Kristen groaned in dismay as the second native climbed on top of her. She watched dully as his fat cock pushed against her pussy and then drove inside. This one was much more eager than the first. His hands roved across her body, squeezing and caressing her skin.

His hands folded atop her breasts as he held him- self fully inside her, and he began to fondle them roughly, then his mouth bent and he kissed her on the lips. Kristen almost threw up in disgust. She closed her teeth and lips tightly and turned her head away.

The native grabbed her pink hair, a move that brought ooohs of worry from some of the men watching. He held her head tightly and kissed her again, preven- ting her from shifting aside. Still, her lips and teeth remained tightly closed.

He cursed and backhanded her, knocking her head to one side. The Bantu did not tolerate defiance in women and certainly not in captured slaves, which was what Kristen was for the moment. He slapped her in the other direction, then backhanded her again.

She surrendered with a woeful sob and her mouth opened. Niyou's lips closed against hers and his tongue shot into her mouth. His hands slipped under her and clutched her round buttocks his nails sliding deeply into the tender, malleable flesh.

He resumed his wild pumping, his cock pounding in and out of her cunt tube so hard that her body was half lifted with each stroke. Kristen felt strange tastes in her mouth and wondered what manner of awful thing the savage ate.

Her cunt ached from the ferocious assault of his hammering cock tool. Her ass flesh was being squeezed and kneaded as he hauled her up against his downward thrusts. He humped against her fiercely, now raising up his chest and howling in glee. His body was arching backwards as his cock slammed deep into Kristen's body and spewed out it's load of hot white semen.

"Her love tunnel feels almost unused." he gasped to the others. "It is amazingly tight on my manhood."

Most of the women in the Bantu were heavy and their pussies were consequently larger than the com- paratively skinny girl now staked out on the grass.

The next native tore off his loincloth and dropped between her legs. Again, a hot male organ was driven deep into Kristen's body and the humping renewed. She closed her eyes, tears spilling down the sides of her face as she was raped for the third time.

The sun blazed down overhead on the lewd and carnal scene, as one after the other, each of the nine men present got on top of the skinny White girl and used her body for their own pleasures. Mbinga then used her for a second time, to restate his ownership of her.

Finally, all were satisfied. They were satisfied not just in their lusts, but that the female was no threat. No witch could have any power after being rid- den so hard by so many Bantu men.

Kristen's arms and wrists were cut loose and the weary, miserable girl was hauled to her wobbly feet. Her hands were bound behind her once more, but her feet remained free as the natives put her aboard one of the canoes and set off down the river again.


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