Chapter 4


Joe knelt behind a large coconut tree as the group of Pounta warriors moved past. He held the Uzi in his hands, almost not breathing until they had passed. An encounter now would have made it extremely difficult to continue the search, to say nothing of the danger to his skin.

He heaved a sigh of relief when they'd passed, then lowered the gun. Just as he did an arrow thunked into the tree next to his head. He dove flat and rolled, hearing several other arrows zipping past him as he rolled behind a bush and pair of trees.

He peered through the bush, seeing nothing. Look- ing back at the tree, he could see the direction the arrows had come from, just behind that set of trees there, he decided. Then one of the bushes shook and he fired an entire clip into the area, shaking the gun from side to side to spread out the impact area.

As soon as the clip was empty he jumped to his feet and raced back the way he'd come along the trail. There were no sounds behind him. Even if he'd hit one of the natives and not killed him the man would not have made a sound.

After thirty seconds, he turned and jumped as far as he could off the trail, landing and rolling. Then he began crawling as fast as he could without making noise. He clutched the reloaded Uzi to his chest as he moved as far from the trail as possible.

Once out of sight of it, he jumped to his feet and struck out at an angle, moving swiftly, but quietly. Nobody could outrun the natives of this area, so his only hope lay in silence, in them not knowing exactly where he was.

He cursed furiously as he moved. He was reasonably sure he'd killed a few of the Pounta, if that was in- deed them in the bushes, and that meant they'd never stop tracking him. This was going to make it damned hard to find that girl, unless he brought an army back here.

He heard no movement behind him, but he knew bet- ter than to take heart in that. The Pounta wouldn't make any noise. His little jump off the trail wouldn't fool them for more than a minute, and despite his pre- cautions as he moved, they would find his trail very soon.

He moved between a pair of tall trees, then stop- ped. He quickly reached back and pulled a thin spool of fishing line from his pack, tying it and then stringing it around one of the trees, through the bushes and around the other tree trunk. He attached a grenade to either end and then raced away, knowing they couldn't be far behind now.

He was right, less than thirty seconds after he started running there was a loud double explosion be- hind him. He smiled grimly. If they hadn't heard him running, they might have been watching the ground more carefully. Now they'd have to slow down considerably to avoid any similar traps he left.

That gave him time, which was what he really need- ed. He was no slouch at losing pursuit, and given enough space between him and his pursuers he was reasonably sure he'd be able to lose them. The trouble was he was heading directly away from the Bantu vil- lages and towards the Pounta


Kristen wrinkled her nose and pushed away the bowl but the old fat woman insisted, pushing it back at her again. She'd already drank a bowl of the foul smelling stuff and didn't want any more, but couldn't seem to get that across to the big woman.

The heat and smell of the first bowl was already making her sick. Her chest felt on fire and her stomach rumbled. Nevertheless, she began sipping on the bowl, thinking forlornly about the cases of spring water in the jeeps they'd brought.

Only after she finished the terrible stuff did the old woman let go her hold on the bowl. She looked at Kristen curiously, her fat hand feeling Kristen's belly, then her chest, between her breasts, then her forehead. She nodded then moved away, saying something to the other fat woman.

The two of them Picked up another pot of some- thing. Kristen groaned, praying it wasn't something else she had to eat. She didn't think she could keep anything else down. Her stomach was feeling more quivery and unsettled by the minute.

But they didn't hold the bowl near her face, in- stead they turned her over onto her hands and knees, pushing her down and holding her there, though she didn't resist. One of the fat women took a handful of thick goo that looked like a kind of dark honey or molasses, and rubbed it against Kristen's crotch.

Kristen was startled, but didn't move away. The fat woman rubbed her hand up and down Kristen's pubic mound for a few seconds, then slowly thrust a finger in between Kristen's pussy lips. Kristen tried to move away, but the other fat woman snapped something angrily and Kristen trembled but held still.

The finger inside her pushed deep into her cunt tunnel, then wriggled around, pressing first one side, then another, then another, then another. It withdrew, then slid in again. It withdrew, and then two fingers were thrust into her.

Kristen could feel her pussy oily and wet with the greasy slime she'd put on her cuntmound. The two fingers pressed against opposite sides of her pussylips and opened her up. Now two more fingers, then three more were placed against her pussy mouth, all holding her cunt wide open.

She whimpered in pain as the first fat woman held her cunt wide open. The second fat woman slapped heap- ing handfuls of that smelly oozing molasses stuff against her, then began to thrust several fingers into her pussy, rubbing the stuff into her good.

Kristen had no idea why they were doing that, in fact, she was finding it increasingly hard to think anything coherently. Her brain was in a strange muddle and she didn't know why. Suddenly, she giggled, then stopped, amused at nothing in particular.

The woman behind her continued to rub her fingers in and out of her pussy tunnel. The second woman let her cuntlips go and they closed tightly around the second woman's three fingers, which continued to slide in and out of her cunt tunnel.

Churla pulled her fingers free from the White girl's love tunnel and stood up, wiping her fingers off on her skirt. She accepted a drink of retgha from Ghumne and watched the still kneeling girl. Beneath her legs, as if she had released it from her bowels, was a wet pile of Churla's brew. More continued to dribble out from her love hole now that it was closed.

That was all right. Lunga would not be happy if the girl was a mess down there. Churla gave her love hole a few minutes to push out the excess liquid, then moved back to her. By this time, the girl was humming softly and moving her head from side to side like an imbecile.

Churla led her a few feet away from the pile of liquid, then knelt beside her once again. She wiped the girl's crotch dry, then began to rub her finger up and down the little pink slit. She found the centerpiece of woman's enjoyment, up at the top of the lovehole, and began to manipulate it carefully.

Churla had done this a number of times before, always with new virgin wives. Normally the Bantu girl's married as soon as they began menstruating, and as such the girl's were often of small size compared with the men. The men married only when they were old enough to pay the bride price to the girl's father.

The girl's humming became more highly pitched as Churla worked on her love button. The girl's behind began to push back against Churla's rubbing fingers. That was good. Churla knew that the girl's own love hole would now be manufacturing it's own grease to ease Lunga's passage.

She kept rubbing the little button though and the girl pumped her behind out at her with more vigor. Churla stopped then, though the girl continued to rut her ass backwards for several seconds. Churla waited a time, then began to rub the little button again.

By the time Lunga returned half an hour later, the White girl was sobbing and shaking with need. Churla had never brought a girl to such heights of need before. Were it not for the immensity of Lunga's organ she would not do so now. It was a cruel thing to do.

Though neither could understand the White girl's language, they could both recognize the pleading and begging and weeping, and felt sorry for the girl. They both knew that it was for her own good however. She would receive her reward many times over when Lunga took her.

Churla gave her trembling body a final rub, then stood up. She and Ghumne lifted the girl by the arms and carried her to a big log that was covered with a blanket. Even they could not take Lunga's massive weight upon their body and of course, no one could expect this slight creature to do so.

They set her down belly down, across the log. It was almost too high for the girl's knees to touch the ground, though she was not a short girl. They balanced her carefully, with her top draped down one side and her ass sticking up in the air.

Each pulled a leg apart, opening up what was now a steaming volcanic pit in the girl's crotch. Lunga nodded with a grunt and the two moved aside.

Lunga stripped off his weapons and loincloth, standing there naked. He smiled happily as he looked down at the trembling White buttocks looking up at him. His hand went to his manhood, which was already at half erection. Fat fingers shucked up and down as he knelt behind the girl.

Very quickly, his manhood rose up between his legs until it was pointing straight out towards the girl's gleaming moist pussy mouth. Lung looked at her smoothly rounded ass cheeks with interest, dropping his big leathery hands on them and kneading the soft flesh.

He grumbled with pleasure, then took his right hand off to fold it around his thick penis. He pushed the uncircumcised head against the opening to the girl's love hole and slowly pushed forward. At first, her love hole flatly refused to open before his blunt nosed organ.

He was a warrior however and used to challenges and adversity. He pushed harder, then harder still. Slowly his organ began to sink into the incredible tightness between the girl's legs. As he did, she whined and mewled and shook her body atop the log.

Kristen was dazed and unhappy. She didn't know what was going on, but her body felt tense and wet and itchy. The itch was most pronounced between her legs, being so itchy and tingly that she kept trying to touch and scratch it. The women wouldn't let her though.

The strangeness in her belly grew and grew and she began to whine, then suddenly, she felt something push firmly against her cunt opening. She mewled with plea- sure for firm pressure was what she instinctively knew she needed to gain the release that would satisfy her belly.

The firmness became greater and greater, and she felt a pain, almost a tearing between her legs. She whimpered in pain, trying to draw away, but was held in a grip of iron. The pressure mounted and she felt her pussy lips being forced unnaturally wide around something.

She kept trying to crawl up over the log and es- cape but couldn't move an inch. Her pussy lips con- tinued to open, to spread as some massive thing pushed against her. She felt it stab into her body, prying open the front of her cunt tunnel as it drove into her.

Her elastic cunt spread wider than ever it had before, the silky flesh of the tube straining to absorb the giant girth of the object pushing into it. Thick gobs of grease and girl juice eased the way as the huge cock pushed deeper, a full three inches inside her now and spreading her cunt wide, splitting her cheeks and body.

Lunga threw his hips forward and the girl screamed in pain as three more inches jammed into her small belly. She was even tighter than Mbinga had said. He swatted, not with the effort but with the tremendous pressure being exerted on the front of his manhood.

He pulled back an inch, then thrust forward, jam- ming three more inches into her belly. He grumbled, the sound like a lion, then drew back two more inches. He lunged forward, his bloated organ stabbing in sev- eral more inches.

Kristen trembled in shock, sure she was being killed. Her entire lower body felt grossly swollen around some massive log that had been forced up into her. She hugged the log, her fingers White as she felt the log press even deeper inside her.

She felt it's end crushing up against her cervix with tremendous force. Her belly ached and screamed, cramps rolling through it as her organs were forced apart. Even her pubic bones were slowly forced wider, as if she were in childbirth.

Still the pressure continued as more and more of the log was fed into her overstuffed fuck tunnel. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, waiting for the feeling of blood gushing from her crotch.

Then the thing jammed even deeper, seeming to push right up into her stomach. She almost threw up, gagging as the thing forced it's way up the length of her body. She wondered, dazedly, if it would actually go up through her chest and into her brain.

But it moved no further. It held within her, un- moving. She trembled around it, and felt it throb within her body. She wondered what kind of a log or weapon they had used that it should seem to breath with a life of it's own.

Lunga rubbed his hands over the woman's widely parted buttocks. At last, the entire length of his manhood laid within her. His fat, heavy balls, the size of tennis balls, hung low beneath his crotch, resting against the side of the log as his manhood shaft laid enfolded in the fiery heat and crushing embrace of this White girl's love tunnel.

He waited patiently, knowing he must. Churla had been only thirteen when he'd first taken her, and no bigger than this. Ghumne had been the same age. He knew that the woman beneath him was older than they had been, though not quite as large as them at their first use.

He slowly pulled his manhood back, retreating only a few inches for fear that the entire tunnel would collapse behind him. He pushed forward again, then retreated. Slowly he built up his speed as her muscles surrendered beneath his immensity.

Certain now, that the girl would survive Lunga's lovemaking, Churla and Ghumne left the hut to begin making the afternoon meal. Lunga humped faster and faster into the girl's love hole, his hands now moving more freely across her wonderfully soft skin.

Kristen could hardly believe she was still alive. The thing that had pushed into her cunt was now moving in and out, fucking her like a cock. Wearily, she pull- ed her head up and turned around to gaze behind her. There was a giant behind her and he actually was fuck- ing her.

She stared with disbelief at the size of his mas- sive prick as it moved in and out of her body. She could hardly believe her cunt had managed to absorb something that size without splitting wide open. There was no sign of blood, though his cock was completely Black and would have made that difficult to spot.

Weakly, her head fell back and she groaned as the giant fucking her picked up the pace. His enormous cock was thudding down into the end of her cunt-pit with tremendous force, causing her pain. It felt like there was a fist repeatedly punching her deep inside her body.

Her cunt tunnel, so widely stretched, felt like it was being rasped by sandpaper as the fat fuck-stick drove in and out. Every hair on Lunga's shaft cut along the super taut skin of her rubber cunt tunnel. The pain however, began to ease, partly because her cunt had somewhat adjusted, but mostly because her muscles had given up and were no longer functioning.

She felt the repeated impact, not just of the giant's cock tip against her cervix, but of his heavy belly and hips against her ass and thighs. The impact was hard enough to bruise her painfully, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. In fact, the power of his thrusting grew.

Now though, without the agony she had first ex- perienced, her body's previous sexual arousal began to reassert itself. Her clitty was being buzzed furiously by the thickness of the cock driving over it, her cunt was being ploughed, skewered.

Her belly, already cramping and fluttering with the deep and thick penetration, resumed it's sensuous dance as her already dazed mind suffered under new assaults of feverish need. Her body shook, trembled. Already it was jerking and humping as the giant cock threw it forward and pulled it back, but it increased it's movement.

Then a minor orgasm swept through her, leaving her breathless. Rather than calm her body down it merely stoked the fires higher. She was burning up with sexual fever, her body bubbling and boiling as her nerve end- ings twisted and quivered.

A second orgasm hit her, wrenching her reality and making her cry out at it's sudden shocking force. Her body shook and trembled, and her ass actually pushed back against the monster prong fucking her. Again, she clutched the log, now holding it as a child caught in a whirlwind, seeking an anchor to reality.

Her body convulsed and she howled in torment and delight. A fireball of sexual ecstasy exploded in her lower belly, sending hot steaming streamers shooting out into her body. She was being royally fucked, and in the dim recesses of her mind knew it.

The giant's fingers hauled her upwards, lifting her off the log and carrying her across the floor to a bed of straw. She was dropped back down onto her knees again, and the reaming continued, with even more force. Now the huge fingers, which totally encircled her belly, hauled her back against the fuck-pole rutting her.

Her body was jerked back and forth like a rag doll, her head flying up and down with the sudden changes in direction, her breasts whipping back and forth. Spit drooled out of her gaping mouth as she stared at multi colored lights bursting before her eyes.

She came again, her entire body seared by a super- nova, blasting through her. Sexual electricity ripped up and down her spine, causing muscle convulsions. Her back arched, then began to bounce up and down wildly.

Something huge and hard and heavy was slamming in- to her buttocks with terrible force, but the feeling was hardly noticeable beneath the impaling power of the mighty cock within her. Giant fingers like sausages whipped around her breasts then squeezed them with an awful force, making her screech in response.

Her chest exploded with agony and ecstasy, her breasts burning and throbbing and rippling with sexual electricity. Fat fingers caught her nipples and twisted them, pulled them downwards, distorting her breasts. The nipples were stretched out a full two inches from her tits, almost touching the ground beneath her.

Then she came again, the top of her head blowing off as her body flailed and writhed and danced in mad- ness. Her head lashed from side to side and her entire nervous system screamed and flared out. Then, just be- fore she lost consciousness, she felt an immense flood of liquids gushing into her belly. She knew it was her blood and that she had just died, but she died happily.

Lunga felt his seed shooting into the White girl in great fat heaping wads of shiny white potency. Her body collapsed after a final wailing shriek as he emptied himself into her. He gave a satisfied sigh, and pulled his fingers from around her waist.

Her arms collapsed, dropping her head and chest down onto the ground. Her knees slipped apart and her ass slowly sank down, her cunt sliding over his soften- ing cock before finally pulling free and dropping her flat on the dirt. Thick gobs of White sperm dribbled out of the still open love hole, but Lunga knew enough had been pumped into her to do the job.


Joe giggled weakly as the sound of the distant explosion echoed through the jungle. He'd started lay- ing false trails hours ago, finally creating enough of a gap between him and his pursuers to plant the thin wire, then double far back, climb a tree and climb and jump from branch to branch through the densely packed growth for a hundred yards.

The explosion signaled the Pounta had found the end of his trail miles distant and heading in the op- posite direction. Now, unless he hit bad luck, he was safe, at least from that group. He rested his weary frame for a half hour, then rose and began making his way back north.

By darkness he'd recovered most of the ground he'd lost during the morning's pursuit. He slept in a tree, then continued at dawn, leaving that particular tribe's boundary a few hours later. He reached the first of the Bantu villages, and after a nervous few minutes, was welcomed generously enough.

He had lunch with the village chieftain, who pro- fessed no knowledge about a White skinned female in this area and looked at Joe like he was crazy when the White guide tried to explain what the color pink was.

Joe managed to gain a guide further north, to the Clantae village a dozen miles away, reaching there by nightfall. The girl wasn't there either, much to his disgust and weariness. He decided to camp there for the night.

Around the fire, he told the chief of his trouble with the Pounta and how he'd escaped them. The chief and his warriors howled with laughter as he described the Pounta being blown up by his explosive booby traps. The chief called him "Loitiiea," which meant roughly, tiger-man, and presented him with one of his daughters for the night.

The girl, a young thing who's body still bore the slimness of girlhood, but also the wide hips and round- ed breasts of womanhood, giggled at the sight of his reddened prick. Her body was a gleaming, shiny Black in the dim light as he slowly caressed her body.

Her small brown nipples tasted of smoky meat as he suckled gently. His tongue slid downward along her bel- ly and then in between her legs. She allowed him to part her thighs, glancing in astonishment as his tongue began to move up and down her slit.

He slid a finger inside her, and began to pump it in and out as his tongue found and began to slid back and forth across her clit. She was extremely curious as well as wary, but relaxed completely when the pleasure began to course through her body.

She whimpered, murmuring in wonderment as her body steamed with sexual heat. The Bantu were hardly the world's greatest lovers. The men simply drove it in and humped for a couple of minutes until they came. Orgasm was not totally unknown among women, but seldom hap- pened in actual sex. As for masturbation, it was tech- nically forbidden to women, though the older ones all did it from time to time. This girl, though, seemed not to have. Her eyes were wide with excitement and bewild- ered pleasure as Joe's tongue whipped back and forth across her clit.

Then her back arched. "Oooooooooohhhhhhh!" she gasped, pushing her small cunt up against his face. His fingers slid in and out of the little pink slit as his tongue writhed against her.

When she stopped shaking, he climbed up the length of her body and drove his cock into her tight pink hole. She threw her arms around him and kissed him, their lips meeting wetly and forcefully. His hands went under her ass and jerked her up against him as he began to pump into her with excited speed.

Then he came, his cock spewing out his jism as she writhed in pleasure under him. He sucked hard on her nipples, his hands fondling her ass as he humped con- tinuously into her pink hole.


Kristen was awakened by Lunga's wives, who slapped her face and tossed water on her to bring her to con- sciousness. Churla rubbed her hand against Kristen's cunt gently, smiling in sympathy and saying something Kristen couldn't understand.

They helped the teenager to her feet and walked her outside into the sun, sitting her down on the ground as they sat on low stools beside her. They began sewing hides together, making a skirt for someone. Kristen tried to sit, but couldn't do it comfortably. Her behind and cunt hurt too much when she put pressure on them.

One of the women said something to the other, and they both looked at Kristen and laughed. She flushed in embarrassment. Then one of them got up and picked up a basket of some dirty clothing and pulled on Kristen's arm.

Naked, she followed the woman down the path to the stream, where the woman dumped the basket, then picked up a sarong. She brought it over to a rock and dumped it into the water, then started rubbing it on the rock. She motioned to Kristen, who stood beside her watching.

Then she moved away and pushed Kristen towards the thing, obviously wanting her to do it. She sighed and began rubbing the thing against the rock as the woman stood by and watched in satisfaction. The woman pro- duced another wad of leafy gooey stuff, like the women had used to clean Kristen earlier.

She rubbed it against the cloth and signaled Kristen to keep rubbing it as she watched. There were several other rocks and the other woman began to clean clothes on one, as Kristen cleaned them on the other.

After about an hour, she found herself wondering why these people didn't get a washing machine, then smiled at her own foolishness. The fat woman saw her smile and smiled back, saying something happily.

Kristen followed her back into the camp, looking around more carefully than she had before. She noted that there were several nude people in the camp besides herself. Most were women, but a couple were men. She guessed that these too were prisoners of some sort.

In fact, they were slaves, as she was. But the word slave simply didn't enter her mind. She thought of herself as a prisoner, that was all. The fat women taught her how to pound meet with a rock, for what purpose she didn't know, and had her stirring a deep smelly pot of something.

After that, she began to sweep out the hut with a rough broom thing, then carried in fresh straw from a pile under a lean-to. The giant man came into the hut just then. He pushed her down onto her knees and knelt behind her.

Kristen whined in anxious worry and tensed up. He pulled her legs apart and then slowly forced his huge organ into her body again, pounding furiously against her until she cried out and collapsed with exhaustion. When he'd poured a load of hot cum into her, he left.

She was given more clothing to wash, then a small bowl of goop to eat for lunch, after which she had to follow a girl of about ten to a small pasture where there were goats. The girl showed her how to milk the goats, and despite her revulsion, Kristen had had to sit down and begin to fondle the thing's teats, sending milk shooting into a wood barrel.

By dinner, she was exhausted. She had to keep working though, as the two fat women, their numerous children and the giant man who'd raped her, all ate.

When they had finished, she was given a bowl of the same sludge she'd eaten before, along with a bowl containing the scraps from their own meal. She looked at it in surprise and disgust, but she was ravenous after working all day and had no choice but to eat the partly burned, partly undercooked, cold meat. In fact, she wolfed it down quickly. Mildly surprised that she could even force it into her mouth.

Shortly after that, one of the fat ladies led her across the village to a small hut. This one was much more strongly built than others, and had a door of sorts, made of strong young tree branches lashed to- gether. She was pushed inside and the thing closed behind her.

Churla pushed the bolt into place across the slave shack and gave a sigh of relief. Now she could go back to her hut and get some sleep. She glanced behind her as she walked away, hoping the White girl would be all right in there.

Normally, slave women slept in their owner's hut. Only slave men were kept in the strongly locked little shack. However, out of kindness for her body's needs, they had put her in with the two slave men. She had only been taken twice during the day and they worried that was not enough.

Lunga's huge girth could not be used by her always though. After all, Churla and Ghumne needed it's use as well. From Mbinga's description, the girl needed to be used many times, and Churla was confident the slave men would see to her.


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