Chapter 5


Joe bid farewell to the Claintu village and headed east towards the Minra clan village thirty kilometers away. Again, he was accompanied by a guide, a thin, grinning teenager who moved along far to cockily for Joe's comfort.

Close to the village, okay, but after half a dozen kilometers he began to worry if the boy might be show- ing off in a rather dangerous way. He had to con- tinuously shush the boy as he insisted on talking in overly loud whispers.

It was more in resignation, then in surprise then, that he saw a blur next to him and then watched a spear pin the boy to a tree. The boy was looking at it in astonishment as several more spears chunked into the ground and bush around him.

Joe dove behind another tree, then edged around towards were the spears were coming from. There was no sign of movement and no sound from whoever had fired the arrow. He knew the general direction and that was all. Then the bushes suddenly jerked apart and a dozen screaming Pounta warriors raced forward.

Joe brought the Uzi up and sprayed bullets towards them, felling several, then he swung the butt around to knock aside a stabbing spear, kicking the man in the crotch and shooting two others as they approached from the other side.

He shot the first warrior then, jumping atop a low hill and firing wildly behind him. Half a dozen feet away another warrior slammed his spear deep into the Bantu boy's belly.

Joe raced through the bush, reloading as he dodged spears. He kept spraying the gun behind him as he ran, forcing the pursuing warriors to dive to cover. Then a long flying spear caught him in the side, bowling him over.

The surge of adrenaline he was riding allowed him to jerk it out, almost screaming as blood welled from the wound. He tore a spare shirt from his pack and wadded it up, pressing it against the hole, then get- ting up and staggering off.

Most of the warriors were dead behind him, and he shot two more who wouldn't quit before he left the last of them behind. He managed to stop finally, and pull bandages and disinfectants from his pack, carefully bandaging the wound before falling unconscious.


Kristen couldn't see anything in the darkened hut, but then she heard, and sensed movement. She was stand- ing with her back against the door and she pushed against it worriedly. It failed to budge. There was some light in the hut from barred windows high up, but there was nothing to see.

Then something moved into a section of light. She heaved a sigh of relief. It was only a man. Two men, she corrected herself. Both tall and Black, and looking at her with astonishment on their faces. One of them said something to the other.

Kristen was surprised at the words, for she thought she'd come to recognize the sing-song language of the people who'd captured her and this was dif- ferent. The men moved closer, and she saw that they were naked. They must be prisoners like her, of course, she chided herself.

"Who are you?" she asked, hoping they would speak English. They looked back blankly. "My name is Kristen." She patted her chest. "Kristen."

"What does she say?" Craw asked.

"I do not speak her language." Sno replied.

"Why is she here?"

"Why would I know."

"It has been long since I have had a woman."

"You may never have another if her master catches you."

"Why would they put her in here if not as a reward to us?"

"I do not know all the ways of the Bantu. Perhaps it is a test."

"If so, I intend to pass it." Craw said, a long smile appearing on his face as his eyes slid up and down the light skinned female standing before him.

"They may kill you."

"I am tired of this anyway. At least my member will enjoy itself before I die." He reached for the female and drew her in close to him, his hands running up and down her body. Her skin was amazingly soft.

"I have never taken a White woman before." he breathed.

Kristen had no idea what the two were talking about. It was plain what the first one wanted however, when his hand began to caress her breasts. She stood acquiescently as his hands roamed her lithe body, sliding down between her legs to cup her pubic mound firmly.

The man looked at her, as if wondering what she would do. Kristen looked back blankly. She had no idea of the low status these men held, and was afraid to resist in any way. What was the point, anyway?

The man pushed her down on her back on a pile of straw and lay down on top of her. She spread her legs resignedly and felt his hardness press against her belly. His mouth slurped around her right nipple and his teeth chewed lightly. She winced, for his teeth were odd and sharp.

Then she grunted a she felt his cock pushed into her pussy hole. Her sore pussy lips spread and his member pushed into her. Her cunt adjusted quickly, despite her lack of sexual excitement. Perhaps the long fat cock of the giant had loosened her cunt forever.

She grunted in disgust as the man's mouth came down on hers, his lips rubbing forcefully, and his tongue sliding into her own mouth. His hands were all over her, like mad, uncontrolled animals, they were fast and rough as they moved from place to place, squeezing and fondling her.

His hands slid under her then, cupping her ass cheeks as he began to stroke into her. Like most of the natives she'd been raped by, he had not a trace of expertise, at least as she'd come to know it. There was no gentleness in his fucking, instead it was a harsh, fast, brutal fucking.

He humped furiously into her, his cock slicing in and out of her pained body. His hips smashed down into hers, his pubic bone cracking against her crotch and lower belly as he rutted against her. She felt the speed of his cock burning up her cunt, sending pain shooting into her belly, but knew she could do nothing about it.

His breathing became faster and faster as his excitement mounted. His cock pumped brutally, his body hammering down into the slim White girl. Kristen's ass was bouncing up and down on the ground, in the grip of the man's iron fingers.

He jerked her groin up to meet his brutal downward thrusts, sending his cock shooting down her fuck tunnel with powerful force. He began grunting with the effort as he humped against her. The tiny shack resounded with his gasps and grunts, and the wet slapping sound of his body coming against hers.

His cock pistoned back and forth inside Kristen with incredible speed, and her body was hammered re- peatedly by the brutal pounding of his groin into her thighs and crotch. His lips were bruisingly demanding as they roved hungrily against hers.

They moved all along her throat, stopping every few inches. Wherever they stopped his sharply pointed teeth came out and nipped her tender flesh repeatedly. He gripped her twin mammary mounds and squeezed them up and together, then rubbed his face back and forth across them.

His hands seized her head firmly and pressed his lips against hers, his tongue wriggling around in her mouth as his breath was forced into her and then sucked back out. He ground his hips into her, his prong buried deep in her silky fuck-tunnel.

Kristen moaned, her body becoming aroused despite her unhappiness. All her resistance to fucking had been broken down in the past days. She was no longer embar- rassed or even bothered much by strange men taking her without her leave and consent.

Her body, without the resistance of her mind, responded as a woman's body will, her clit, repeatedly hammered, rubbed and sawed by the man's cock and belly, send hot quivering blasts of sexual bliss through her belly.

Her pussy, stuffed and pumped, sent it's own steamy message of enjoyment. Her breasts, sucked, man- handled, squeezed and kneaded, their small pink nipples chewed and bothered, became hot and swollen with sexual heat, the nipples hard and erect.

Tentatively, at first, she began to respond, to push back against his pounding fuck-tool. Her heels ground into the dirt, pushing against it as if to lift herself upward onto that plunging organ. She drew her heels up, then raised her legs into the air in short little bounces.

As the hard, savage fucking continued, she brought her legs up around the tribesman, hugging him to her as she opened her crotch to even deeper penetration. Her moans were added to his grunts as the steely cock con- tinued its' rasping pump.

She whimpered in ecstasy as she felt his cocktip high in her belly, and ground herself harder on it. His hands came down around her ass cheeks, pulling her even tighter against his crotch as his excitement became uncontrollable.

He pounded his cock down her slimy wet cunt tunnel his body sweating and gleaming in the moonlight coming from the window. Her fingers dug into his back, clawing at him as she began to cum. Then she threw back her head, her mouth opening in a silent gasp of delight.

Her head thrashed from side to side and her body jerked and shivered as an orgasm washed over her. All awareness disappeared as her cunt flared and exploded around the humping, pistoning organ within it. Then it pulled and sucked ferociously on the moving cock and long wet wads of sperm gushed forth.

"She gave you a good ride!" Sno said, apprecia- tively. "Let me use her now."

"There is much time." Craw groaned, laying flat atop an unmoving Kristen. He gave a final gasp, letting out a great breath of air, then rolled off the girl. Sno quickly took his place.

Kristen felt another cock pushed into her cunt. She lay in a daze, half conscious. Her eyes were closed as the second man settled atop her and began to pump. She didn't move, lying spread-eagled on the straw covered ground as he eagerly humped her.

She slowly opened her eyes, watching the man's straining face as he humped down into her crotch-hole. She could feel his cock working it's way back and forth and could feel it was thicker, though shorter than the first man's.

She lay there, tiredly enjoying the second fuck, her cunt relaxing also at first. His mouth came against hers and she kissed him back, lightly. His hands squeezed her breasts, then his mouth lowered onto her right nipple and bit sharply. She moaned at the sudden sharp pain.

A small drop of dark appeared on the nipple, out- lined in the shaft of moonlight, and the man's mouth closed around it, sucking fiercely. Kristen felt him sucking on her blood and wondered if he was some kind of cannibal. Somehow the idea excited her.

Or perhaps it was the steady sucking and chewing on her outraged nipple, or the furious rutting cock within her fuck-box. Her body began to steam with sex- ual heat once more and her crotch slowly began it's up and down dance against the stranger's fucking.

She felt her frame seized in the carnal embrace of sexual arousal, and once more gave herself over to it's embrace.

By morning, Kristen was an utterly exhausted wreck. For Sno and Craw had been without a woman for more than two years. They took her over and over and over again, seemingly tireless, and her body responded each time. She lost track of the orgasms that had racked her, of the gut wrenching spasms that had torn her belly open, and the groaning gasps of pleasure she had uttered.

Unfortunately, she was hardly permitted an hour's sleep, when the fat woman came for her. She was brought back to the same hut as yesterday, given a little gruel, and then placed on her knees as the giant took her again. His huge organ had pounded into her relent- lessly, finally sending her into a shrieking orgasm that dropped her unconscious to the hut floor.

She had been wakened and set to cleaning the hut, then the surrounding area. After that, many other tasks awaited her, from gutting fish, to drying meat and hides. Nor were the Bantu inconsiderate enough as to let her go without rutting.

Though the slaves were busy in the daytime, Lunga had considerately offered her favors to his friends. Every hour or so, one would show up and either push Kristen to her knees where she stood, or pull her into his hut, or just into some bushes. Then he would enter her body and fuck her furiously.

By nightfall, she was barely able to walk, and practically fell onto the straw after the fat woman placed her in the shack again. The two slaves were waiting for her, though, their lust hardly sated at all by the previous night's work.

Again they took her repeatedly, one after the other, only tiring towards dawn, for they had heavy work to do in the day. Kristen's fuck tunnel was more heavily used than a forty-second street hooker's, and was beginning to chafe and bleed from overuse.

Her eyes were dull, exhausted slits, and her body became whiter than ever as she slouched and slumped her way through her daily tasks. She fell asleep while milk- ing the goats and was slapped awake by the annoyed boy tending her.


Joe woke up in the night. He felt better, the pain still there, but diminished considerably. He didn't move at first, taking in his surroundings. He was lucky some animal hadn't come upon him in the night and started eating, he thought grimly.

Slowly, he sat up, then staggered erect. His head swam, but he held still and the dizziness passed. Money ain't worth this, he thought, miserably. He sat back down again, then unwrapped his arm and looked at it. It didn't look too bad. Didn't seem infected or anything.

He carefully rewrapped it in fresh bandages and then ate some dried food from his pack. It was nourish- ing if tasteless and he felt considerably strengthened. Now where the fuck am I, he wondered, bleakly.

He tried to replay the events of today, especially concerning the direction he'd run. He couldn't be that far from the village, a few klicks at best. He could probably make it back by morning. How they would receive him, considering the boy who'd gone with him was dead, he wasn't sure and didn't intend to risk it.

He knew the general direction of the next Bantu village, and now was probably a good time to head for it. By dawn, the Pounta would be on his trail, and he was in no condition to be running. He slid his pack over his shoulder and set off slowly.

Luckily there was a full moon out. Still, he kept careful watch on the ground as he moved, and still managed to trip a number of times. He wasn't making much progress, so concentrated instead on obliterating all trace of himself.

After several hours, he was exhausted. He found a tree and climbed upward, then settled in for a nap as the sky began to light around him.

His watch alarm woke him several hours later. He felt stiff and sore, as he always did when sleeping like this. His arm felt sore, but no worse than before, which hopefully meant it wasn't going to start turning yellow and green.

He lowered himself to the ground and set off again, this time making better time. He encountered no signs of the Pounta, and by mid day was approaching the Bantu village. A mile from it's outskirts he was chal- lenged by a sentry and yelled back a greeting in Bantu.

Twenty minutes later he was standing before the chief, who, like the previous one, wanted to know all about his adventures with the Pounta. He sighed quietly realizing the necessity of the tail. It would only serve to ingratiate him with the Bantu if he told them of all the Pounta he'd killed.

Finally, he was able to get to the point and ask about Kristen.

"No. No White girls here. I have not seen a White woman since... " the chief thought carefully. "Not for many years anyhow." He finished, lamely.

"None of your people have heard of a White girl being taken by neighboring villages?" he asked, wearily.

The chief shrugged, then called out the question to those surrounding them. There was a chorus of nega- tive responses, then one man, who had been out hunting, trotted into the village with his catch of snakes and overheard.

"You wish to know of a White woman with the Bantu?" he asked.

"You know something?" Joe asked, eagerly.

The man looked at the chief, who shrugged.

"There is a White woman at Retewq." He said.

"For how long?"

"Not long. A few days. She is very sweet to look upon, though skinny. Her hair is an odd shade."

"That sounds like her!" Joe gasped.

"Is she one of yours? She has a strange appetite."


"They say she must receive a man's organ very often or else she suffers pain."


"That is what they say." the man shrugged.

"Where is Retewq?"

"Not far. Only a half day's journey north."

"You can not set out now. You would arrive after dark and be shot by the sentries." The chief said. Joe looked at his watch and realized that was the truth.

"You stay with us the night. I have two lovely daughters to offer you." the Chief beamed, throwing his arms around the giggling young women as they looked shyly at Joe.

"Well now. That's right kind of you, Chief." Joe grinned.

He stayed with the girls that night, surprising himself by taking both twice. Like most of the African girls' he'd had, they were astonished at his foreplay, and would probably be more than a little displeased with their next lovers.

After a hard day's march, he arrived at the en- virons of Retewq. As at the previous village, he was challenged and then welcomed into the village. He trotted in behind the young sentry, wading through a small stream and then climbing a low hill at the edge of a clearing.

He stopped suddenly, attracted by something moving only a few feet away. His eyes opened wide as he peered around a bush. There she was! Kristen was on her hands and knees, her legs apart and a look of satisfaction on her face. A dark skinned Bantu warrior knelt behind her his cock plunging back and forth in her cunt.

The man felt Joe's eyes on him and looked up. He smiled and waved.

"She will be free for your use in a few moments, Stranger, should you want her."

"Uh, thank you." Joe stammered, watching the man, matter of factly return to his fucking. Kristen didn't even look up. Her eyes were closed and her jaw hung low. Her fat breasts were swinging back and forth beneath her as she humped her ass back against the man's plunging cockstrokes.

"This way, Joe-boss." his young guide gestured. Joe took a last look at the odd scene and followed him up the path to the village. A short time later he was explaining his journey again to the local chief, stressing the many Pounta he'd killed to reach here.

In the midst of the explanation, Kristen walked past, naked, her arms laden with hides. She didn't notice him again, her shoulders slumped and her eyes on the ground.

"We did think it strange, she was out on her own." The Chief admitted, glaring at Mbinga.

"I was very close by, Chief. If your man hadn't been on a swift river, I'd have caught up long since."

"Still, the matter is out of my hands." The Chief shrugged. "You may kill Mbinga for stealing the woman, but she has been properly sold to Lunga, who bought her not knowing of any prior ownership. If you want her back, you will have to buy her from Lunga or kill him."

Joe looked at the one called Lunga without a great deal of encouragement. The guy was huge!

"I'm sure we can work something out." He said.

"That is between the two of you. For now, you are an honored guest." He gestured at the woman and food was brought. Joe sat down, knowing he had to observe the amenities first.

He ate gladly, sick of dried food. During the meal which Lunga shared, Kristen came out from a hut and Lunga called to her. He had her serve him, looking at Joe challengingly, then slapped her on the behind, set- ting her cheeks jiggling as she moved on some errand.

After dinner, she moved quickly to Lunga, who nod- ded and tuned, gesturing to his hut. Joe followed him across the village until the big man sat down on a rough stool in front of the hut. Joe sat down next to him as one of the man's wives brought water.

They both sipped the water, a nominal welcome to his home, then Joe settled down to business.

"I hope this skinny, weak woman has not been a burden on you, Lunga." he said.

"No. No burden at all. I have enjoyed her love- tunnel enormously. It is very tight and friendly."

"Yes. That is true. Still, she can surely not compare to your wives."

Since his wives were standing behind him, Lunga could hardly disagree.

"Being as weak as she is, she will not long sur- vive in Retewq."

Lunga frowned and one of his wives prodded him with her fingers.

"See. I told you."

"Shut up, woman."

"She is, as you can tell, of little real use in chores." Joe said, playing to the women. "She knows nothing about cooking or cleaning or any of the womanly duties."

"She gives a man a long hard ride." Lunga growled. "This is a woman's first duty."

"True. True. Still, in a very few days she will waste away until she sickens and then dies. Then all your money will be gone and you will have nothing to show for it."

"Why do you want her if she is so sickly?" Lunga demanded.

"Well, I will take her back to her people, where she will not sicken. There she will be happy and healthy once more."

"Woman. Come here." Lunga called into the hut. Kristen emerged a moment later and Lunga pulled her down to her knees beside him. His hands stroked her head, as if petting a dog, then cupped her breasts and squeezed them.

"And how much will you give me for this worthless woman?" he asked.

"I hear from Mbinga that you paid two goats for her." Joe said. Lunga frowned and glared across the village towards the man.

"This is true." He admitted.

"I do not have any animals with me, of course." Joe said. "But I do have the government paper that you can exchange for livestock with others."

Lunga nodded. He knew about money. Some of the villagers had been to the city, or to the farming towns not far south of the river.

"And how much of this paper will you give me?" he asked, stroking Kristen's breasts and belly.

"I will give you enough to purchase three goats." Joe said.

"Three goats. That is a lot for one skinny woman."

"Yes, I know. But I can see that Lunga is a great warrior, and he deserves a high price."

"My women have spent many hours training this female in woman's duties. That is now wasted." Lunga observed.

"Ahh, but three goats. Think of what you may trade for that."

"Not as much as four goats."

"Four goats! That is too high a price for this one."

"Not for a man who has come so far and been to so many villages in search of her." Lunga observed shrewdly.

"You are a very smart man, Lunga." Joe sighed. "I will have to see if I have enough money." He pulled out his wallet and carefully counted the money in there, knowing how much he had but putting on a show. Finally he sighed and looked up glumly.

"You take the very food from my mouth, Lunga." he protested.

"Ahh, but such fine skin and soft flesh is worth it." Lunga smiled, sliding his hand down between Kristen's legs and squeezing her crotch. They had been talking in Bantu, of course. Kristen had never even looked at him during the conversation, her dull eyes staring at the ground.

Now she groaned low in her throat and arched her back, pushing her crotch forward. Joe watched in dis- belief as she rubbed her pussy back and forth across Lunga's motionless hand, her eyes closed.

"See how much she wants my manhood?" Lunga's teeth gleamed. "Never have I met a woman like her. In truth, it is proving time consuming to satisfy her. She gets little done since she is always on her knees."

"Then we have a deal?"

Lunga looked regretfully at Kristen, who was still humping against his hand in slow, grinding movements, her head rolling around weakly.

"I will miss the tightness of her love hole." He sighed. "But we have a deal." He spit on his hand and held it out. Joe did the same and they shook hands.


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