Chapter 6


Joe handed the money over to Lunga, who gave Kristen's crotch a final squeeze, then took his hand away.

"She is yours." he said, eyeing the money dub- iously. He knew what it could bring, but didn't really like the stuff. He looked back at Kristen, who was still humping slightly, her own hands coming down to her crotch.

"She is in need again." he observed. "I do not envy you having to return with her on your own. Perhaps I should accompany you so you are not overly tired by her."

"I'll manage." Joe assured him.

"So you say, yet she is obviously in need here. Will you not relieve her?"


"You may use my hut." He said, generously. He clapped his hands and one of his fat wives lifted Kristen to her feet and led her inside. Joe tried to think of a way of avoiding it, knowing the girl would probably be pissed off when she regained her senses, but couldn't find any alternative.

Where the Bantu had come to the conclusion that Kristen needed a rodding every so often, he couldn't guess, but they'd think him a poor master if he left her in pain.

He sighed and followed the girl into the hut, where the fat woman was placing her on her hands and knees. Kristen assumed the position eagerly, spreading her legs apart and raising her ass into the air. Joe's cock gave a lurch as he eyed her naked crotch and it's glistening fuck-hole.

He got to his knees behind her, his hands slowly running across her taut ass flesh. "Oh well." He said to himself. He opened his pants and drew out his bulg- ing cock, pointing it at Kristen's cunt sheath. "Well, baby. I told you I'd ream you out after I got my hands on you. I just didn't think it would really happen so literally," he thought.

He pressed his cockhead against her tightly closed cuntlips and she moaned in response, pushing back against him. He had no idea what had happened to her mind since he'd last seen her, but figured she'd pro- bably be seeing a shrink for the rest of her life.

He pressed his cock between her lips, forcing them open, then thrust forward, driving himself deep into her cunt tube with a single stroke. Her chest swelled suddenly at a quick intake of breath, then she arched her back and almost purred in pleasure.

He pushed forward, jamming his cock fully into her tight, warm fuck hole until his balls rested against her. His hands slid up and down her sides, from her hips to her armpits, then up onto her shoulders. He ground himself into her, twisting his cock around inside her.

Then he drew slowly back, his hands sliding under her and squeezing her round tit meat. He began to fuck her, using slow, even strokes, using the full length of his cockshaft as he rode back and forth in her belly.

Lunga came in while he was rutting her and watched nonchalantly. Joe was used to the ease with which these people treated sex, but he was still bothered at the audience. Still, Kristen's box was stroking against his shaft with too much pressure and heat for him to pause.

He thrust into her again and again, his cock slid- ing in and out of her pierced fucklips as he rode her like a bitch dog. His hips moved faster and faster, sending his cock pounding down the tight silky fuck- tunnel to the bottom.

He felt his sex juices bubbling around in his crotch and knew he would cum soon. He knew that Kristen was on the verge of cumming too, and had to wait until then, otherwise the Bantu watching would think him weak. He clenched his jaw as he fucked into her, press- ing his cock downward against her clitty.

He slid his hand down beneath her, stroking her belly, then sliding it in between her legs to manipu- late her clit. She gave a loud gasp and redoubled her own pounding movements, sending her ass slapping back against his thrusting cock-rod.

Then she came, arching her back and shaking her head from side to side as she gurgled in pleasure. Her body shook and trembled as the orgasm blasted through her and her cunt clenched and unclenched around Joe's stabbing cock.

She drew him in tight and his cum spewed out into her belly, bubbling down her fuck tunnel to her cervix and on into her womb. His fingers gripped her hair, drawing her head backwards as he bit deep into the side of her throat and sucked hard.

Finally he stopped and pulled his softening cock out of the sagging girl's sheath.

"Would you mind if I rode her a final time?" Lunga asked deferentially. His cock was sticking straight out from his crotch and Joe was amazed at the sight of it. To turn him down would be considered awfully unfriendly.

He waved and nodded, crawling a few feet away and sitting down. Lunga quickly knelt behind Kristen and held his enormously thick cock in his fist. Joe stared at it in awe as it pushed against Kristen's crotch hole. If that was what she'd been getting for the past week, no wonder she was insensible.

He watched in stunned amazement as her cuntlips spread wider and wider to engulf the massive organ. Then it slid into her, inch by inch by inch, until Lunga's belly was pressed against Kristen's sweet round teenage ass. Joe shook his head slowly, wondering where she'd found room for it all.

Without preamble, Lunga began to pump into her. His strokes were powerful and savage, his body hammer- ing into Kristen's ass cheeks relentlessly. The girl shivered and shook and bucked like a bronco ready to throw it's rider. She groaned and grunted and shook as another cum roared through her.

Joe watched her eyes roll back in her head, watch- ed her body stiffen, then shake and shudder repeatedly. He watched Lunga's gigantic cock rutting brutally into her slit, spearing her with it's immense size and bru- tal force. His own cock stiffened again.

Ignoring her orgasm, Lunga continued to ride her, rodding his fat cock back and forth, driving it deep into the young woman's belly as he drove his hips in and out. After long minutes of fucking, Kristen came again, this time grunting in almost animal like madness.

Lunga jammed his cock deep within her quivering body and held still. Joe could imagine the fat wads of cum blasting into the girl's belly as Lunga came. Kristen whined and yowled like a stuck cat, then her head and body began thrashing madly.

Lunga pulled his cock back slowly, a look of sat- isfied bliss on his face. He held it for a moment, then drove deep into her body again, almost lifting her from the ground. He did it a second time, then a third. Finally, he pulled out, leaving Kristen to sag to the ground, almost unconscious.

The Bantu found a native skirt and hide top for the girl, and gave Joe the hide slippers they'd made her. Joe left the village, waving behind at the villagers as he led Kristen forward, the rope around her throat.

Out of sight of the village, he untied the rope, then, reconsidering, slid it around her narrow waist and retied it, afraid she'd wander off. They journeyed for a few miles before stopping.

"Kristen." he said, in English.

She looked up dull eyed.

"Remember me? Joe?"

Kristen continued to stare at him.

"I'm going to bring you back to your mother and father."


"Your mother and father. Do you understand me?"

She nodded.

"Say something then." he said, in exasperation.

She didn't say anything.

"Kristen? You remember who I am?"

"J... J... J... Joe?" she whispered.

"That's right, babe. And your name's Kristen."

"Kristen." she said, cocking her head.

"My name is Kristen."

"I know that, girl." He sighed and opened his canteen, swigging several mouthfuls of water.

"J... Joe?"

"Uh, huh."

"You're going to take me home?"

"That's right honey."

"To my mother and father?"

"Uh, huh."

"Not to the big man?"

"Nope. Forget him. You won't see him again."

"Or the other men?"

"I'll take you to your father and then you can go home to California."

"California." she said, wonderingly.

Her eyes were blinking repeatedly.

"I'm tired." she said, at last.

"Well, we'll be at the next village around noon." You can have a nap then.

They didn't make it nearly that far though. Joe wasn't thinking about how weak the girl was. They only made it a half dozen miles before they had to rest. During the rest, she fell asleep, and he figured they might as well camp and eat.

He woke her up to eat some dried food, then let her fall asleep again. "Probably good for her." he muttered, somewhat impatiently.

She slept most of the afternoon. They made a few miles before dusk, then she ate, exhaustedly and fell asleep again, sleeping until after dawn, when he woke her up. It was the first night's sleep she'd had in days, though Joe didn't know it.

She didn't talk much during the trip back to the other village, mostly just responding to his questions if he asked them. Still, at least she was responding.

She was reluctant to enter the village, but moved forward at once when he glared and raised his voice. They ate with the Chief, who eyed the girl with interest.

Joe decided to leave the village, rather than spend the night. He knew he'd have to offer her to the Chief if they stayed and wasn't sure if that would send her back into her bleak dullness.

A dozen miles outside the village, they stopped and Joe let her sleep again, cursing the delay. He kept careful watch as she slept away much of the afternoon. Then woke her and continued on until it was dark.

Now back in the heart of Pounta country, he didn't want to stay on the ground. He lifted her into the tree and tied her to a branch, then settled down himself and slept soundly.

After a couple of days straight travel, they had reached a roadway and were walking south on it, hoping someone would come by and give them a lift. Kristen had regained her senses, though she seemed strangely agree- able, for her, and not very spirited.

Since he'd never had the occasion to be with a woman who'd just been subjected to repeated rapes over a number of days, Joe wasn't sure what to do or say. After some time though, she finally voiced what seemed to be bothering her the most.

"I just don't understand." she said.


"I... Well... You wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

"I don't understand how I could do that."

"Huh? How you could do what?"

"You weren't there. You didn't see me." she groaned, shaking her head.

"See you doing what?"

"Promise not to tell my parents?"

"I promise."

"I was... I was a total slut!"

"A... "

"I the a nympho from hell! I screwed like I was crazy!" Her eyes were wild as she stared at him in disbelief.

"You have no idea how many times I came, how I acted, and the things I said!"

"Well, I'm sure..."

"No, no!" she shook her head. "You don't under- stand! I wanted them to do it! Not at first, but then, oh how I wanted it! How I groaned and wiggled and waved myself in their faces to get them to fuck me! Especial- ly that giant man!"


"Was that his name?" she asked, wonderingly. "I never knew. All I knew was that he had this huge, big cock and I wanted it in me!"

"You were exhausted and beaten down. You hadn't eaten or slept..."

"But I knew it was wrong! I couldn't' help myself! I wanted his cock! I wanted all their cocks!"

"I ain't no shrink, Kristen. But what's wrong with wanting a good screw?"

"But they're savages!"

"They were men."

"Savages." she shook her head. "And I rutted with them like a complete slut, like a bitch in heat!"

"I don't think that's any big crime."

"You didn't see me." she repeated.

"Well, with a cock that big..."

"You saw it then? You saw his... Did you... did you see him... fuck me?" she asked, swallowing.

"Uh, well, he wanted a final fling before you went."

"So you did see. You saw me with him. Did you see how I shook and moaned and acted like an insane nympho?"

Joe easily resisted the idea of telling her that he'd fucked her first.

"I saw you. You looked hot and sexy."

"I always look hot and sexy." she sighed. "But I never acted like a complete whore before."

"You acted like a cocktease."

"All girls act like that." she smiled tiredly.

"There must be something in me, some kind of raw, carnal whore that likes doing it with savages."

"You acted pretty happy when I did you in your tent." he said. She blushed, the memory coming back to her. "I... I'd forgotten."

"I didn't. I couldn't. You were one hot little number.

I don't think you're changed much."

"I don't understand why I let you do that, why I responded to you, or to them."

"Your body responded. Hell, girl. Why fight it? So you enjoyed yourself. So what? Nobody else has to know."

"But what about now? What about in future? Am I go- ing to drop my pants every time some guy looks sideways at me?"

"Somehow I doubt it." he grinned.

Another day, and several rides got them south of the river. Another day and they'd be back in town where he'd left his jeep. Kristen had continued to mope, though she didn't seem quite so bad. She was not at all the argumentative girl he'd traveled with before, for which he was grateful, and she hadn't remembered that he'd taken her in the village.

Then the truck they were riding on stopped at a roadblock. There were a dozen soldiers standing around with their rifles. They demanded everyone's papers, and studied them carefully, gazing at the owners suspi- ciously. When Kristen was unable to produce any papers, she was ordered off the truck.

Joe got down with her and the truck drove on.

"Look, Captain..."

"I am no speak to you!"

"But I am the girl's guardian."

"What means guardian? Are you husband?"

"Well, no."

"Are you brother or uncle or cousin."

"No, but..."

"Then shut you up." He turned to Kristen, his eyes examining her strange costume.

"Why do you wear this?"

"Uh... My clothes were lost in the river."

"You get these from Bantu, yes?"

"Uh... yes, I guess so."

"Bantu are bad people. They fight against govern- ment. Where you see Bantu."

"It was far north of the river in..."

"I ask you? I not ask you!" the captain snapped.

"Look, Captain, I can get her papers if..."

Someone hit him on the back of the head with a rifle butt. When he came to, his guns and watch, and other valuables were gone. He was lying by the side of the road with nothing much more than his clothes.

The roadblock and the soldiers were gone, and so was Kristen. He held his head, which throbbed with pain and gazed up and down the road furiously. Right on the fucking edge of town, he thought, viciously, thinking of the things he'd do to that Captain when he caught up with him.


Kristen was sitting in the back of the army truck, her eyes looking down at her feet. Soldiers sat all around her, most of them staring at her body, most of which was revealed rather well by the Bantu outfit. The man beside her slid his hand along her thigh and laughed when she moved slightly aside.

Her skirt was held together by a single knot at her hip. The soldier worked it loose and pulled the skirt open, revealing everything to their lust filled eyes. Kristen pressed her knees tight together, her hand bunched at her lap to hide her nakedness.

The soldier pulled her hands aside and forced his hand between her thighs, squeezing her roughly.

"I think the Captain wants her for himself." One of the others warned.

"Will he know?" The first one asked, staring fur- iously around. The Captain was in a jeep up ahead of them. Nobody said anything, though several of them grinned.

The man gripped Kristen's hair and twisted it cruelly, making her cry out in pain, then he forced her down onto the floor of the truck and around to her knees so her face was between his knees. The soldiers sitting across from him stared into her naked ass with admiration.

"I have heard that White women like the taste of a man's organ." The soldier panted, undoing his pants and taking out his erection. Kristen whined in denial, but couldn't move at all as the man's fingers kept a tight hold of her hair.

He pointed his cock at her and pulled on her hair, forcing her face closer. "Take it in your mouth, White woman!" he hissed. Kristen could not understand his words, but knew what he wanted well enough. She opened her lips and slid them around his cockhead.

She hadn't sucked a cock since coming to Africa. None of her numerous lovers had known about fellatio, being too crude and ignorant to know much perversity. This soldier came from the city though, and though more sophisticated than the Bantu, was considerably crueler.

He forced Kristen's lips down his cockshaft, hump- ing up at her as she began to suck on his tool. The others watched eagerly, bulging erections showing in their uniform pants. One of the soldiers opposite stared into the White girl's crotch and fell forward off the bench, pulling at his pants.

He knelt behind her and then pulled out his hard, Black cock, pointing it at her slash.

Kristen grunted into the cock as she felt another one drive deep into her cunt. Hands held her hips as the cock began to work in and out of her furiously. She tried to concentrate on the cock in her mouth, but the ferocious ruttings of the man fucking her kept throwing off her pace.

The man sitting before her growled and slapped her face, cursing at her. She redoubled her efforts, trying to ignore the pounding against her ass. The man shoved his cock deep into her mouth, cursing at her angrily. His hand fastened around her hanging titty and squeezed it tightly, twisting it around painfully.

She moaned and jerked back, but was held in place easily. Her tit was twisted again, and the cock pushed against the back of her mouth. Then the cockhead slip- ped past her mouth and lodged in her throat. At once, the man lunged forward, driving the cock down her throat.

He began to throat fuck her, timing his strokes with the man raping her fuck-hole. The two of them lunged into her together, jamming their cocks into her weak, helpless body and crushing her against them. Both of them were grunting and laughing with pleasure.

Then the man throat fucking her came, his cum shooting down her throat into her stomach. He slid his cock back out of her throat and Kristen gasped for air. Another man knelt in front of her then and gripped her hair, forcing her head up and back as his cock pushed between her lips.

Cum spewed down her fuck hole and the soldier pulled out, another taking his place. Kristen's head reeled. She had never been taken like this, so meanly and cruelly. She'd never been fucked by more than one man at a time.

The Bantu had been rough, but out of ignorance and not out of cruelty. They had never knowingly inflicted pain on her as they used her body. These men were dif- ferent, city men, army men, who could do pretty much as they liked to the helpless, and much used to rape.

Their hands dug into her flesh, pinching nastily, slapping her without reason and cursing her continuous- ly. Their nails dug into her nipples, grinding hard to make her cry out. Their cocks hammered her with brutal savagery, causing the maximum pain to her soft flesh.

Her hair was pulled and twisted, her face and head slapped. Her breasts were crushed and mashed and pinch- ed and slapped, and fingers abused her clit, not to pleasure her, but to cause her pain. Each cry of pain brought laughter from the men who surrounded her.

They had raped many girls and women, but never a White woman, and they were getting the most of this opportunity, knowing another would probably not present itself.

The cock in her throat shot it's load and pulled free. It was not immediately replaced, though the dazed girl didn't know why. The cruel men turned her so she was facing down the aisle between their benches, then the man rutting her pulled free.

At first, she didn't know what was gong on. Then she felt a hard, sharp pain at her anus. She moaned in fright as she realized the cock was trying to force entrance there. She had never, ever done that before, thinking it disgusting and filthy.

Now she felt her pained asshole forced open as the soldiers watched with glee. A hard, fat cock was pushed slowly into her anus. Every cry of pain made the soldiers laugh and giggle as they urged on the man behind her.

The cock drove deeper and deeper into her rectum, twisting and thrusting with no regard at all for the pain she was experiencing. She had put up with a lot from the Bantu, but now Kristen felt shattered and lost. She had never encountered men like these before. They were worse, much worse than the Bantu.

She cried out in pain as the cock wormed deeper into her anus. Tears poured from her eyes as the prick sank to the bottom of her asshole and lodged firmly and tightly inside her. Hands slapped her and squeezed her. The cock held still but a moment, then pulled back, hurting as much as it had going in.

The soldier began to rut furiously, humping in and out, tearing his cock around inside her, ripping her flesh and reaming out her asshole. He beat down her sphincter and crammed his long, oozing cock pole down into the deepest pit of her asshole.

Then her hair was jerked viciously and her head pulled up. A fat Black cock stared her in the face. Seconds later someone cuffed her hard, rocking her head. The cock prodded at her lips and she meekly opened them, allowing the man to stuff his cock into her mouth.

Again she was hammered from two sides. One cock slammed up and down her tight anal sheath, the other slid back and forth over her shapely, pouting lips. The man fucking her ass was pounding into her with relent- less force, his cock slicing in and out of her with brutal ease.

He was grunting, a high singing song of conquest and satisfaction. He drove his spurting rod deep into her guts and sprayed a hot load of salty seed into her body. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, then he with- drew, immediately replaced by another.

Another hard cock penetrated her anus, thrusting deep inside her. This one was longer than the other and caused painful cramps deep in the recesses of her belly as it brought hard pressure to bear inside her. The man showed now mercy, ripping the cock up and down her anal passage as his hands slapped out a crude, bru- tal tattoo on her soft White ass cheeks.

His hands soon turned her ass red with pain as his cock continued to skewer her tight asshole. His hands moved up her body to her ribs, his knuckles pressing hard and making her wince with pain. Then his hands slid under her and started squeezing her hanging tit- ties.

The man fucking her face, jammed his cockhead deep down her throat, then spit out his dirty sperm. As he withdrew, the man raping her asshole, jerked her back against him. His hands slid under her arms, then up behind her head in a full nelson, pulling her way up and back, bowing her back as his cock ground deep into her ass.

She was half sitting on his hard cock, her back arched painfully and her head pressed downward. He rub- bed his hard cock back and forth in her ass tunnel as others around them pawed and fondled her breasts and crotch. Fingers slid up her cunt tunnel while her nip- ples were pinched and twisted.

A cock was pushed against her face and she swal- lowed it, sucking instinctively now as her body burned with pain and fear. The men manhandled her like a rag doll. She was pulled back down on the floor of the truck bed, on her right side. Her head was forced back and the cock in her mouth slid down her throat.

The man ass fucking her knelt behind her, holding her left leg high in the air as he rutted into her. Another man knelt in front of her at her crotch. He helped the man behind her force her leg higher still so her tendons screamed in pain. Then his cock was pushed against her cunt.

She whimpered in confusion and misery as the man's hard erection forced open her tight cunt and worked it's way into her. Her entire crotch was afire with pain now as her skin was tautly stretched between the two raping cocks. The soldiers were not to be denied, however, and soon her cunt tube was stuffed with male meat.

The two men sawed their cocks back and forth in her body, churning her guts into a boiling frothy mix- ture of pain and bewildered arousal. She seemed to no longer have control of her bodily functions as her skin rippled with heat and her guts fluttered and spasmed.

Out of nowhere, her arousal blasted into the stratosphere and consumed her body. Her frame was slashed with razor sharp sexual shocks that blasted into her with the impact of an explosion. Her body was speared by three giant cocks and helpless to withhold it's hot sexual fever of carnal response.


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