Chapter 7


Joe arrived at the little town several hours later. There he found Moure and a pair of Rovers. Moure was sleeping under one and Joe had to lay down on the ground and stick his leg underneath to jab the man awake.

Inside the Rovers was the equipment he'd been unable to carry with him down river. There was a second Uzi, and a number of other weapons, including explos- ives. Joe pulled out a stick of dynamite and looked at it, promising himself he was going to stuff it up that Captain's asshole and light it.

"Where we go, Boss?" Moure queried.

"Where's the nearest army base?"

"That be north, near Bwale."

"That's where we're goin'."

"Them no good, Boss."

"That's for sure. I gotta find someone, though."

"Hokay, Boss."

A couple of hours later they were parked across the road and a half mile down from the entrance to the army base. It wasn't a big place as things went, but it was heavily guarded. Joe studied it through his bino- culars, looking for the most likely buildings where they would take prisoners.

Fortunately, there weren't many. Most of the structures were obviously barracks. A few were supply type buildings, and a garage or two. There were only two buildings that looked likely to be housing prison- ers, and one of them, the one with an extra barbed wire fence around it seemed to be number one.

He watched the soldiers doing their rounds and curled his lip. They were typical of African soldiers, sloppy and poorly disciplined and trained. He didn't think it would be very hard to penetrate this base. Getting through the second fence would be only slightly harder. There were no guards on it, but plenty of light.

He looked around the base a little more. there didn't seem to be any kind of generator. That meant that the power came in from the big dam fifty miles off. It would not be hard to cut the wire outside the base. Barring bad luck, he'd find Kristen tonight, or rather, tomorrow morning, around three.


Kristen had come several times before the multiple fucks ended. The truck slowed near a fence and several of the soldiers pulled her back into place on the bench and put her clothes back around her. One even gave her a rough wipe between the legs and over the tits with a rag.

The truck pulled through the gate and into what seemed to be some kind of army base. They drove over to a building with another fence around it and the truck stopped. A few seconds later the officer in charge came back from the jeep and Kristen was pulled down from the truck, which drove away.

The man led her through a gate and up the walk to the two story windowless building. There was a thick steel door and he pounded on it. The door opened and she was dragged through. She looked around, her eyes wide. She was in a very dimly lit little entrance hall. Narrow halls led off in three directions and a stair well led both up and down.

The officer said something to the men there and then led her across the hall and down the concrete stairs. They emerged in an even more dimly lit hallway. It was all concrete and lit only by a few naked bulbs hanging here and there along it's length.

There were steel doors placed against the sides of the corridor and they stopped in front of one of them. The man opened it and pushed Kristen through. Then the door slammed shut behind her. She was in a very small concrete cell of some sort. There were no furnishings. No cot or anything.

The cell was lit by one small light bulb up high. The walls were covered with scratch marks and stains. The floor was filthy and covered with old straw, stained with ugly looking, foul smelling things. Bugs moved all around on the walls and in the straw.

She stood in a corner, not wanting to touch any- thing. She didn't know what she was going to do if she had to stay here for any length of time. The idea of sleeping here was horrifying. She just couldn't bring herself to lie down on the horrible looking floor, despite her exhaustion.

Hour after hour, she stood there in the corner. Her legs were becoming stiff and weak. Finally there was a clanking sound and the door opened. A harsh voice called out and she moved to the door, then shuffled out. There was another officer of some sort. He grabbed her arm roughly and led her back down the corridor and into another room, this one bigger.

There was a bored looking man standing in the room. His eyes widened with interest when he saw Kristen. The two men spoke to one another and then the man moved to Kristen and began pulling off her clothes. She sighed and did nothing to stop or hinder him. In seconds she was nude.

The man pulled her over into a corner where there was a shower. He turned the water on, cold of course and tossed her a bar of soap. She just looked at it for a second and then back at him. He gestured impatiently. She started to scrub herself, glad to clean off some of the filth she'd accumulated.

She felt itchy all over just from being near all those bugs in that filthy cell and scrubbed her feet repeatedly. She also scrubbed between her legs and over her tits. She only wished they had a douche and mouth- wash so she could get rid of all trace of the stinking sperm that had entered her body.

After she'd scrubbed herself, the water was turned off and the man pulled her away from the shower and over to a table. His hands slid over her body, linger- ing for a while on her breasts, which he squeezed repeatedly, like a small child, fascinated with a new toy. His hands slid between her legs and squeezed her pussy as well.

He looked at his watch and then sighed, apparently with regret. He fetched a towel and threw it to her and Kristen began to dry herself. After that, the man gave her a brush and led her to a little table that had a cracked and dirty mirror over it.

Well, it was the first one she'd seen in a week and she was grateful, until she saw herself. She winced at he horrible mass of tangled hair. It took fifteen minutes of relentless attack before the tangles were out and her hair fell more or less straight.

What she needed, she sighed, was a full perm, as well as a complete massage, oil down, and makeover. She could stand to have her nails done too. The man didn't seem likely to offer that however. He grunted im- patiently, then pulled her away from the chair and out the door into the corridor.

There was another soldier waiting there. He ex- changed his hand for the other's on Kristen's arm and then led her down the corridor to the stairs, then up them. They didn't stop at the first floor, but instead went up to the second. There, the hallway was much wider and looked much less threatening.

Kristen didn't care. She was just happy they weren't taking her back to the dungeon, or whatever it was they called the basement. They walked to a wooden door and stopped. Then the man knocked twice. After a moment, the door opened and the man saluted an older man.

The older man replied in kind, his eyes on Kristen roving up and down her naked body. She'd been without clothes for so long now, that it was difficult to be embarrassed as his eyes bored into her. He motioned her inside and then closed the door.

She was in some kind of office. The man led her over to a chair sitting in front of a desk and then sat her down. He moved around behind the desk and looked across it at her, though he didn't sit down.

"Good afternoon." he said, his accent terrible.

"You speak English!" she cried.

"Yes. I speak English."

"Oh, thank God! Will you contact my parents and tell them where I am?"

"First you will answer my questions."

"Anything you want."

"Who do you work for?"


"Who do you work for?"

"I don't work for anybody." She said, confused.

"You work for the South Africans, don't you?"

"I told you, I don't work for anybody."

"What were you doing north of the river?"

"I was kidnapped!"

"You expect me to believe that?"

"But it's the truth. I was grabbed by some Bantu and taken to their village."

"The Bantu would not have taken you there, especially not with that strange hair of yours. They would have thought you were an evil spirit or witch."

"Well, they did."

"Did you have sexual relations with them?"

She blushed and nodded.

"With who?"

"I don't know, a lot of them."

"So you are an American prostitute."

"I am not!" she said, indignantly.

"You lie! I see it now. You were sent here to use your filthy body and influence our people into rebel- lion!"

"I was not!"

"That is just the kind of thing the filthy South Africans would do!" he snarled, stomping around the corner of the desk and staring down at her furiously.

"But I'm not a prostitute!" she protested. His hand swung down and slapped her face so hard she was flung out of her chair. She sat on the floor, holding her cheek and looking up at him in fear.

"Get up, you slut!"

"I'm not! I'm really not!"

She slowly got to her feet and the man shoved her back in the chair and grabbed her still damp hair. He pulled her head far back so her neck bent across the back of the chair. He laid his fist against her throat and looked nastily down at her.

"One blow and you would die, slut!"

"Please don't hurt me!" she gasped.

He pulled her hair forward again, then jerked her out of the chair and slammed her belly into the desk and shoved her down across it.

His knees forced her legs open and then she felt his hard male organ pressing against her cuntlips. She sighed in resignation, by now almost used to rape. His cock slid into her and he began to pump energetically. It was less than a minute before he came inside her and pulled out again.

"I do not believe you whore!" he gasped. "You are a slut and a prostitute. It is obvious that you work for the South Africans."


"I will have you taken back to your cell. There you will remain for the next ten or twenty years or so, until you decide to cooperate."

"But I don't know anything!" Kristen wailed, appalled at the idea of going back to the little cell. She dropped to her knees in front of him and flung her arms around his legs, tears coursing down her cheeks.

"Please, please don't send me back there!!" she begged.

"I'll do anything you want!"

"Well," he said, considering. "It might be pos- sible for you to work out your penance in some other way."

He carefully examined her body again, noting the fullness of her round breasts and the perfection of her skin, despite the numerous light scratches.

"I think we can find some other form of punishment for you." he smiled.

She was not surprised at what the "punishment" consisted of. She was given another cell, only this one was on the second floor here, and was much bigger and nicer. It had a nice big bed too and Kristen found her- self spending most of her time in it.

Every hour or so, another man would come to her, always an officer of course. She would twist and turn her body as they directed, then allow herself to be pushed to her back or onto her knees as the man fucked her. None of them spent much time fucking her, general- ly spraying inside her within minutes.

For that she was grateful. She wondered if she was to be an actual prostitute for the rest of her life. That was what she seemed to be now. Did they really think she was a hooker? Probably not. She doubted it mattered to them.

After some hours, she was exhausted, but the men showed no sign of stopping. There were no clocks or anything, so she didn't know what time it was. There weren't even any windows to look out of. She didn't know if it was day or night.

She took a quick shower. The officers didn't want to smell each other on her skin. She douched, for much the same reason, then took off her shower cap and brushed her hair. Five minutes later, her next customer arrived.

He didn't arrive alone, though. Kristen stared in surprise as the man, a big fat guy, led in a small thin girl behind him. She was a couple of years younger than Kristen, and her skin was as Black as Kristen's was White. She was just as naked too.

The two girls stared at each other for a moment, then the man said something. Kristen didn't understand it but the girl evidently did. She moved forward until the two were standing only a foot apart.

Kristen stared at her. She was shorter than Kristen, and her breasts were smaller. Despite the darkness of the girl's flesh, Kristen could see the dark slit between her legs, for the girl had no pubic hair. Kristen had never seen a girl this old without pubic hair, and realized at once that it must have been shaved off.

Kristen's gaze traveled up to her face. It was pudgy, with wide brown eyes and the very light coating of Black hair that most African women had.

The man said something else and the girl moved against her. Kristen jerked back slightly, but knew she had to do whatever the man wanted. The girl's body pressed against hers, and her arms came around Kristen and caressed her White skin.

Kristen stared into the girl's brown eyes in fright, worried now that she would respond even worse than she had with her male rapists. The one time she had cum before had been with a woman, and it had wor- ried her for years. Now she was faced with another, and had no choice but to let the girl fondle her, and even return the caresses.

Already the girl's hands were sliding up and down her lower back, then they slid down softly over her buttocks, following the contours of her rounded cheeks as her fingers barely touched her. Suddenly the girl's fingers gave a tight squeeze. Kristen gasped and jerked upward onto her toes, her body pushing against the Black girl's.

Their breasts touched, and it was like the girl was a live electrical circuit. Kristen's round breasts exploded with blood, swelling up like balloons, her nipples hardening and lengthening, pressing into the Black girl's own smaller Black breasts.

Their bodies rubbed together as the fat man watched with an interested smirk. The Black girl cocked her head to one side then kissed Kristen, her lips wide and soft and wet. The kiss went on and on, the girl obviously familiar with the man's tastes and knowing how to please him.

Kristen found herself returning the kiss, found her own arms instinctively going around the smaller girl's shoulders and her hands rubbing the girl's back. Their lips moved together with more and more passion, their tongues dancing together, first in Kristen's mouth, then in the other girl's.

The Black girl pulled her lips away, lowering her head to Kristen's soft rounded breasts. She cupped one gently, forcing the nipple out even further. Her lips surrounded the long pink bud of flesh, pressing down against it, surrounding it, and then rubbing softly from side to side as her tongue swirled on the very tip of the sharp little nubin.

Then her lips moved forward, her mouth suckling as the Black girl took more of Kristen's tit meat into her mouth. Now Kristen could feel the girl's teeth against her nipple, pressing down, not hard, but with a sharp- ness, a slight pain that send heat coursing through her body.

The Black girl's hand slid up and down the crevice between Kristen's firmly rounded ass cheeks, the strok- ing soft, and slow, then suddenly the hand slid down between her legs from behind, and squeezed her pubic mound firmly. Kristen gasped and pulled the girl's head into her tits.

She felt her body shivering and her legs going rubbery. The Black girl was suckling furiously at her breast as her fingers prodded at Kristen's cunt slit, then she forced the tight lips apart and drove a finger up into Kristen's cunt, wiggling it about with quick, agile movements.

Kristen felt herself lowering as her legs gave way, and then she was on her knees, looking up into the Black girl's hairless slit. The girl spread her legs, straightening her body and caressing the sides of Kristen's head. She pulled Kristen forward, so her face was pressed into her Black groin, then rubbed herself against the White girl.

Kristen opened her mouth, hesitantly, then her tongue slid out and touched the Black girl's cunt slit. She rubbed her tongue up and down the narrow slash, pushing harder and deeper, trying to force her tongue up the tight twat hole. Her hands slid around the girl and cupped and squeezed her small ass cheeks.

Her fingers dug deep into the flesh as her mind was dazed by brilliant flashes of sexual electricity. She rubbed her tongue madly up and down the slit, then found the little pink clitty peaking out and began to work on it with almost desperate intensity.

The girl began to moan and sigh with pleasure, her hips slowly pumping from side to side and in and out. She arched her back, and brought her hands up behind her head, throwing her chest out. Her eyes closed to narrow slits and she moaned louder, partly from plea- sure, partly because she knew the watching man wanted her to.

She began to mumble and mutter in a low panting voice, words that Kristen didn't understand, but the ogling man did. His cock swelled with excitement as he watched the White girl's tongue dance in the Black girl's crotch.

Then the girl seized Kristen's face and pulled her hard against her crotch as she rubbed furiously against her. She cried out in ecstasy, her body trembling and shaking through a light orgasm that she exaggerated for effect. She let her knees give way and fell down onto her knees in front of Kristen.

Their lips joined again, and their arms encircled each other, then they slid to the ground, their bodies rubbing and stroking each other. The Black girl laid on top of Kristen, who spread her legs wide, and began to rub up and down against her, stroking the White girl's jittery wet crotch with her own.

She suckled fiercely on Kristen's round titties, her hand sliding between the White girl's legs and stroking her cunt. A finger pushed into Kristen, then a second, then a third, then a fourth. Kristen groaned and whimpered and humped up against the pumping fingers as her body tingled and shook with arousal.

Then she gave a low gasp as her cunt was forced even wider. The Black girl's wrist passed through her cunt and she had her entire hand inside Kristen's cunt box. She bunched up her fingers into a tight little fist and worked her hand even deeper as the White girl writhed beneath her.

She finally reached the bottom of the tight, wet, sucking cunt box and ground her knuckles against Kristen's cervix, making the her scream in pleasure. Kristen jerked and humped and twisted in a mad sexual dance, her body consumed by vast waves of intense erotic bliss.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kristen gasped. "OH YES! OH YES! YES! YES!"

The Black girl pumped her fist up and down the spasming pink cuntslit, watching with amusement as the White girl went insane beneath her. Kristen's body thrashed and shook, jerking and bucking furiously as she was whipped by hurricane force winds of delirious sexual pleasure.

She shook and trembled and whined like a bitch cat with her tail on fire. The hole between her legs had become a furnace, then an erupting volcano that threatened to fry her with it's intense heat. Her eyes rolled back and her body stiffened, then she collapsed motionless, her chest heaving with exertion.


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