Chapter 8


It was almost embarrassingly easy. He simply cut a couple of the strands of wire and slipped into the camp. There were no guards in sight. The one that was supposed to be patrolling had evidently gone to sleep somewhere. He kept low as he moved across the dark camp, heading for the second fence, the one around the building that was his target.

He slipped into some bushes a dozen yards from the fence and waited, scanning his watch. Two minutes later, the lights went out and he raced forward and clipped the lowest strand, then slid under. He used a small piece of wire from his pocket to tie the severed strand back together, then raced to the building and jumped, grabbing the drainpipe.

This was a gamble, but it held and he shinnied up to the top and fell over onto the roof, gasping for breath. The lights came back on again. There was no loud outcry or anything. Maybe nobody had even noticed. But no, the door below opened and a fat looking guy with a machine pistol came out and looked around. Apparently satisfied, he went back inside.

Joe crept across the roof. There it was, a door leading down. He knew there'd be one. It was locked of course, but that presented no major difficulty. He took out the pry bar from his belt and slowly began to work on it. It didn't take long. The wood was rotting and the steal was rusting.

Five minutes later, with very little sound, the door popped open and he slid inside. There was a narrow stairway, which he moved down. At the foot was another door, this one unlocked. He stepped through and into a hallway.

It was quiet in the hall, though from each of the numerous doors came quiet and unidentifiable sounds. He pushed the first one open a crack and looked in. There was a naked Black man on a bed. A young girl, only barely developing, was squatting atop him, taking his thick cock into her body.

He closed the door. The next revealed much the same, except the girl was older. Across the hall, he opened the door to find a man fucking a boy in the ass. The next room revealed an oriental woman hanging from her wrists from the ceiling. Joe couldn't see the guy, and didn't care to. He closed the door and moved on.

He pushed open another door. There was a man sit- ting on a chair, his back to the door. Joe couldn't see any girl. This was obviously some kind of whorehouse and he couldn't imagine the guy being alone. He opened the door further, peering around it.

There was a pair of legs on the floor. They were obviously female, and just as obviously Black. He started to retreat, then curiosity got the best of him. What the heck was she doing sitting on the floor?

He pushed his head around the door. Now he could see much better. The girl was on her back and there was another girl on top of her. The two were sixty-nineing and the one on top was White... with pink hair!" He was so relieved he almost laughed.

Instead, he crept into the room and closed the door. The man looked up in surprise just to catch the butt of his Uzi in the face. A second blow took him in the head and he fell over, unconscious. Joe moved around him to the girl's who were still licking and slurping at each other's pussies.

He gripped the pink hair and pulled upward. Kristen blinked in dazed confusion.

"Time to go pinky." he said. He looked down at the Black girl, who looked back impassively. He pulled on Kristen's arm and hauled her to her feet, where she staggered and would have fallen if not for his firm hold.

He picked up the Black man's pants and slipped them onto Kristen's legs, rolling them up at the bot- tom. Then he grabbed the uniform jacket and got her into that, tying the belt to keep it closed around her.

"Let's go."

"Go?" she mumbled, in confusion.

"Just follow me." he sighed, pulling her along, hand in hand.

He opened the door and peaked outside. There was nothing moving. Everyone was too busy. They went down the hallway and up the stairs to the roof. Joe checked his watch and pulled Kristen over to a corner, where he'd tied a rope earlier.

"Do you think you can climb down a rope?"

She looked at him blankly and he cursed softly and tied the other end of the rope around her under her arms. He checked his watch again. Just then the lights went out.

"Over you go lovey." he said, pushing Kristen over the edge of the building. She gave a low cry, but stop- ped when she realized the rope was preventing her from falling.

He lowered her to the ground, where she sat down dumbly at the base of the wall. He jumped over and slid quickly down to the ground, landing beside her.

"Let's go, kid!" he hissed. He slipped the rope off and then pulled her to the fence, quickly pulling the wire loose and shoving her threw.

A minute or so later, the fat guy came out of the door again and looked around. He saw the rope coming down from the roof and gave a cry of alarm. A second man joined him and then the two raced back into the building and up the stairs.

They drove for over half an hour before Kristen finally began to talk.

"Are you going to take me back to the camp where I was kidnapped?" She asked, softly.

"No. Of course not. You're parents are in Harare anyway."

"Are we going there?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"What about tonight?"

"Tonight, we take you to what passes for a luxury hotel in this city."

"Luxury." she said. "That would be something new."

"I hope you like it."

Thirty minutes later, they entered a large, and old building. There were thick wall to wall carpets in the lobby. Apparently he already had a room for they didn't go to the desk. Instead he led her to the elevator. The man inside looked at her unusual clothes but then politely averted his eyes.

Then they were in his room on the fourth floor. It was tastelessly overdone, with big carvings and murals and atrociously ostentatious furnishings. Kristen loved it though. She loved the shower and bath even more. She spent half an hour in the shower, scrubbing herself down. When that was done, she filled up the bathtub and spent another hour in the bath.

She emerged, finally, clad in a big oversized bath towel, her hair falling behind her in a dark red wave.

"You look much better." Joe said.

"I feel much better."

She sat down beside him on the couch, looking at the big fire crackling in the fireplace. "I guess I have a lot to thank you for." she said.

"Part of the service."

"It must have been hard finding me in the jungle like that, then to break me out of that awful army base... "

"I'll charge your father a finders fee."

She smiled. "I'd like to apologize."

"For what?"

"For the way I treated you, you know, before I was kidnapped."

"Oh, that. Forget it."

"I was a bitch. Admit it."

"Ok. You were a bitch."

She smiled again.

"Still, there were moments."

"You mean in your tent?" he grinned.

"Yes, of course I mean that. That was, I'll have you know, the first orgasm I'd had with a man, ever."

"You're kidding!"

She shook her head.

"What do you mean, with a man?"

"I had one when I was much younger, with a woman, and of course, I've had a number, as they say, on my own."

"A woman, huh. I wondered whether you were gay."

"I'm not really. I haven't even been with a woman in three or four years, except for tonight that is."

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Don't get cocky, Joe. I came like gangbusters with the Bantu, remember, and even in the truck on the way to the army camp... well, anyway, let's just say that you don't have to be superman to make me cum now. I don't know how or when I changed, but I've become a multi-orgasmic nympho."

"All women should be so lucky, and all men."

"So anyway..." she continued, swirling a little of the brandy he'd poured into a glass for her, "I forgive you for the rather rude way you uh, did me then, and even for doing me again in the village. Oh yes, I know about it. Didn't think I'd remember, did you?" she grinned.

"It was sort of, thrust upon me, lass."

"Not half as much as it was thrust upon me."

"Aww well."

"I forgive you for that, but I want a favor."

"Name it."

"I've been fucked like a she bitch so often in the last week, screwed in the dirt and grass and mud, hammered by big dicked jerks and all. I want something else. I want you to make love to me."

"After all you've been through?"

"I want to see if it's me that's changed, or whether it was just the roughness that made me cum. Do I need to be used like that or can I have an orgasm that doesn't leave bruises?"

She stood up and let the towel fall to the floor. Joe set his glass down and stood up as well. He reached out and took her hand, then led her forward until they were next to the fireplace, then he gently drew her down onto the heavily carpeted floor.

"How's this for cliched?" he grinned, pushing her onto her back beside the fire. He knelt beside her, then pulled off his shirt and slipped his pants down. Nude, he sat next to her, his hand sliding softly across her flesh, caressing her curves and sweet rounded breasts.

He laid down next to her, his arm going around her. Their faces leaned together and they kissed, softly, gently. His hand continued to slowly massage the flesh of her shoulders and sides, then slid easily down over her belly and into her groin. He cupped her moist pubic region, his fingers rubbing softly.

Her breathing became heavier as his lips slid over hers and down against the side of her throat. He kissed her there, then his lips moved downward kissing her shoulders, then her breasts. He sucked in her left nipple, and slid it around inside his mouth, his tongue rubbing against it. Then he let it go and took in her right nipple, repeating the gentle suckling.

He kissed his way down her body until he was between her legs. Kristen spread them wide, drawing them back so her heels rested against the sides of her buttocks. He laid between her legs, his face against her crotch. Slowly his tongue began to work up and down her slit.

She closed her eyes and lay motionless as his tongue and fingers began to manipulate her clitty and delve between the ever more moist lips of her cunt hole. He sucked on her lips, then moved to her clitty and began to work on it, his teeth grinding back and forth on it as she started to mewl in pleasure and hump slightly against him.

His hands caressed her buttocks as his tongue worked on her clitty and pussy. He slipped a finger into her cunt, pushing it in to the knuckle and working it easily around. His tongue continued to slither back and forth across her clit as he started to slowly pump the finger in and out of the young woman.

She groaned loudly, her hands coming down to his hair and caressing his head. He worked against her clit with long, slow raping licks, making her raise her ass in the air and move it in slow circles. His tongue pushed forcefully in between her lips and sucked out wads of girl juice, then returned to her clit.

His finger was joined by a second, then a third, pumping slowly in and out as his tongue moved faster on her clitty. Then she suddenly gave a moan of plea- sure and her hands pressed down hard on his head as she humped up at him. She jerked and shook as an orgasm rolled over her.

"So... so now... we know." she panted, when it had subsided. He slid up her body, his tongue suckling on her breasts again before he laid down atop her. She stared up into his face as her breasts pushed heavily against his chest. Then they kissed, a long, slow gentle kiss of certainty and pleasure.

She felt his hardness pressing against her belly and reached down to take it in her hand. He raised his crotch slightly and Kristen took the cock and placed it against her hot, wet pussy entrance. Then she slid her ass slightly over and pushed it in. He settled down upon her again, his cock sliding easily and deeply into her cunt.

She groaned involuntarily as his hard hot meat filled her up. She clenched down on her cunt muscles, feeling his cock with them. She slid her arms around his body as their kiss continued. He began to slowly push his body up and down over hers, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

She sighed with pleasure, not pushing back, just resting there, legs spread, enjoying the sensation of being fully penetrated by the fat organ. It slid in and out of her body, rubbing persistently across her clitty and bringing new arousal to her body.

Her skin flushed with excitement as her body began to twitch and tremble with sexual bliss. Her hands slid down to his ass and squeezed down, drawing him in tighter. She slid her legs up around him and shook her head from side to side.

They rolled over, and now she was on top, a posi- tion she had not occupied in some time. She straddled his hips, sitting atop his organ and gazing down at him. She bent forward and kissed him as he cupped her breasts and fondled them with his rough fingers.

She pushed back up, sitting down, then kneeling, her knees wide apart on either side of his hips. She rose up, pulling herself high above him so only the tip of his cock was inside her. Then slowly, wanting it to last forever, she slid down his shaft, letting it push up into her belly.

He pulled her down again, his hands around her back and head as they kissed, then they rolled over again, and now he was on top once more. He began to fuck into her with harder strokes, his cock sliding back and forth across her clit as she shivered in excitement.

She felt her body quiver and shake, felt the orgasm high above her. It was a huge sparkling white cloud, vast and deep, it fell downward onto her, en- gulfing her, and making her body shake and spasm and convulse in erotic ecstasy.

His cock plunged back and forth within her, and seconds later the cloud engulfed him also. Searing heat joined their bodies as his juices spat down into her and joined with her own. Their cum went on and on and on, and then as they slowly relaxed. And Kristen knew that everything would be OK...


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