Kriste was jarred awake; fear paralyzing her. She felt invisible hands groping, pulling and pinching at her flesh and her mind spun in a haze of shock and disbelief as she gradually realized what was happening to her.

She was being punished!

It was the dreaded "hazing of the unpopular" and she couldn’t believe that her classmates were actually inflicting it on her. She could hear urgent whispering by the men around her bed and feel their hands groping at her breasts and pinching her nipples. Someone was fondling her crotch; there was a hand over her mouth; and more hands were holding her arms and legs immobile.

It seemed to go on forever; Kriste twisted and squirmed, trying vainly to fight off her tormentors. When someone forced his fingers inside her vagina, pushing them in deep, she couldn’t hold back any longer.

A strangled sound came from her throat and she began to sob uncontrollably. The cadets who’d been molesting her realized that they’d done enough and quickly dispersed to their own dorm rooms, leaving the young woman huddled in a ball, sobbing quietly. Her humiliation was complete. How could she face them all in the morning? How could she go on after this?


Kriste had been so proud, so excited, when the letter with the congressional seal had arrived, informing her that she’d been nominated to attend the Air Force Academy. She was on cloud nine for the whole last semester of her freshman year at junior college.

Having planned and worked toward such a moment ever since her sophomore year in high school, actually to be accepted had been a pinnacle of achievement.

Kriste arrived in Colorado Springs all by herself and though she tried to make herself agreeable the obvious fact that many of the male cadets resented her presence had thrown cold water on her enthusiasm. They had continually harassed both her and her roommate, Darleen, the only other female cadet at the academy during that winter term.

The pressure placed on them both had been almost overwhelming, but Kriste remained positive and was determined to succeed, no matter what. Moreover, she intended it to be on merit and not by following the path Darleen had taken.

She looked over at Darleen’s empty bed and wondered if she was fucking the group captain again. If Darleen had been in their room as she was supposed to be, the attack that Kriste had just been subjected to would probably not have happened. Her thoughts were bitter as she rocked back and forth, still sobbing, unable to control the feelings of loneliness washing over her.

Slowly her sobs subsided and a determined expression transformed her pretty face. Her thoughts turned towards home, to school friends and she was swept away by an intense longing for friends and family. For people who loved her and would protect her and accept her for who she was.

Kriste glanced at her roommate’s empty bed again and thought to herself grimly: ‘I’d rather die than follow Darleen’s example. I’ll just have to take it I guess.’

She understood why her roommate had taken the group captain as a lover. It had stopped the other men on base from hitting on her, whereas Kriste had to continually fend off such advances. She thought bitterly: ‘I just want to become a combat pilot, and I don’t want to have to date the whole damn squadron to get there! Why can’t they give me a little respect? What’s wrong with me anyway? Why don’t they like me?’

What she’d experienced only moments ago was probably retaliation for her continual rejection of the advances made by her male classmates. Some of the guys in her training platoon obviously thought it was a great joke to hit on her. At first she used to explain to them why she thought it wasn’t a good idea to be romantically involved. When that didn’t work, she had become more blunt. She knew that they called her a "lezbo" and "the ice queen", behind her back, but she tried to ignore it. After all, she had a goal and she didn’t want anything or anybody getting in the way of it.

Kriste shivered when she thought that this same "lesson" might well be "taught" to her again. She hadn’t had that much experience with boys in high school, most of her extra time being taken up with ROTC activities and a rigorous exercise and study schedule after school. She wanted to be fully prepared if she ever got the chance to become an Air Force cadet. She wanted to be the best there ever was, to do something special with her life.

The realization that this nocturnal incident had been the first time she’d ever had her body "intimately" touched by a man made her cry again. Her dreams had always been of a knight in shining armor, not a bunch of grubby unseen hands grabbing and pulling at her. It hadn’t been anything close to proper sex, not at all like the stories her girlfriends used to tell each other about their own experiences with boys.

Kriste had never had any stories to tell, but her friends admired her anyway for what she was trying to accomplish. Moreover, becoming popular at school had always come easily to her. Here at the academy though, things were different. Her blonde, peaches-and-cream good looks were almost a liability. For the first time in her life Kriste wished she had been born a man, or even an ugly woman; then maybe they’d just leave her alone to pursue her dream unmolested.

She lay restless in her bunk, unable to sleep. Dawn had begun to show its cold light through the barracks window when she heard her roommate stumble over something as she made her way into her bunk.

"Krissy, you awake?" asked Darleen.

Kriste considered pretending to be asleep, not wanting to talk just then. She was still mad at Darleen for breaking the rules, thus leaving her vulnerable to the attack by her fellow classmates. She realized, however, that Darleen would persist until she was answered - it was her way.

"Yes, Dar, I’m awake." And then inquired in a sarcastic tone, "Did you and Ron have fun last night?"

Darleen sat down on her own bunk and pulled her T-shirt over her head, carelessly exposing her breasts to anyone who might be passing the half-open door to their room. She’d obviously come straight from her lover; her nipples were swollen and pink, as if someone had been sucking them. Kriste felt a stirring deep in the pit of her stomach as she thought about what her roommate must have been doing all night.

Darleen noticed her stare and smiled complacently. "Yeah, he was up to it all right. And how did you enjoy your evening?" she asked in a knowing tone.

The bitch! So she knew what had happened last night! Had she known before, or only afterwards? "I didn’t sleep all that well. And if you’re referring to what some of our fellow cadets did to me last night, I just want to say: thanks for warning me."

Darleen felt a little sorry that she’d treated the matter as a joke, but she hated not being as strong as Kriste and it made her feel a little better about herself to have her roommate taken down a peg or two.

"I’m sorry, Kris; I didn’t know it was going to happen, honest! I just heard about it a few minutes ago as I was going down the hall. All the guys were talking about it. If it makes you feel any better, David told several of them how stupid they were and that you could make a complaint against them. I heard him say he wouldn’t blame you if you did."

Kriste had no intention of making a formal complaint, but as the day wore on and sly looks from some of the men in her training platoon made her relive last night’s humiliation, she realized that she’d have to do something. So that evening she requested an interview with one of the base counselors for morning sick-call, maybe she needed professional advice.


Making it through the next night without incident, Kriste showed up in front of Lt. Beal’s office for her 0700 appointment. The young woman hadn’t previously taken advantage of any medical services and wasn’t too happy about doing so now, but she felt she had to talk to someone other than Darleen about her fears and anxieties.

Lt. Beal turned out to be an old war horse with over twenty five years in the Air Force. Kriste was disappointed when she realize that she would get no sympathy there. Lt. Beal’s solution was a simple one.

"Girl, you sound a little uptight to me. When I was you’re age, I’d have paid money to get a bunch of handsome cadets to feel me up. I suggest you consider making some lucky young man a little gift of that virginity of yours. Have some good sex and you’ll be right as rain."


As she walked to Logistics class, the phrase "Make some young man a gift of that virginity of yours" kept running through Kriste’s head. At nineteen, she hadn’t yet had any kind of sex with another person. Could she herself be the problem? Was she the one who was strange? Might she have brought the events of the other night on herself by being so uptight about sex? The question preyed on her mind all day.

She’s always known what she had wanted and boys weren’t part of it. But now, on the threshold of realizing everything she’d worked for so long, everything was turning out to be a disaster. None of her classmates liked her and she couldn’t make any friends. Maybe she was going about it the wrong way.

As Kriste sat alone at dinner that evening, a distracted look on her face, a young cadet came and sat beside her.

"Mind if I sit here, sweetie?"

Normally Kriste would have said something like, "Don’t call me sweetie. I have a name, you know!" Now, however, she just looked at him and smiled wanly. He was John Davenport, the guy with the rich family from Boston. Kriste had never liked him; to her he seemed just a loud-mouth. During actual flight training she’d performed much better than him and he’d been less than gracious about it.

On an impulse she said, "Would you like to go out with me tonight?"

For once Johnny didn’t have a smart comeback. For an awkward moment he just sat there with his mouth open looking at her. But at last he recovered his composure. "Sure, honey, I’d like that just fine. But what made you change your mind about dating?"

Kriste took a deep breath and said, in a determined voice, "I’ve decided to have sex with a man and you’re it. So how about it?" She felt so nervous that she almost fainted; the decision to offer herself to a fellow classmate had taken all her courage. She’d ignored sex all her life, but here she was, effectively asking a man to fuck her. Her heart was pounding as she waited for his reply.

As for Johnny Davenport, he was almost speechless, stuttering: "S-sex? With me? I don’t get it?" He stared at his pretty classmate amazed.

Kriste stood up, dinner tray in hand and said in a voice that she hoped sounded inviting, "You’ll ‘get it’ all right. Tonight, I promise you. But do me a favor and keep it secret, will you?" She looked at the young man until, as if awakening from a trance, he came to life, "Ah... sure, sweetie. I promise... our little secret..."

Kriste stood for a moment longer looking down at him and then turned to go, saying over her shoulder, "I’ll meet you in town at the Blue Bird. Why don’t you get us a room?"


Kriste hurried back to her dorm room, a vicious case of butterflies beating around in her stomach.

Darleen was dressing for that night’s date. "You meeting Ron in town tonight, Darleen?"

Her roommate grinned and nodded. She was pulling on one of her short skirts, which barely covered her bottom. Kriste wondered how she could sit without making a show of herself; then she thought: ‘But that’s probably the idea.’ Returning to the question she really wanted to ask, Kriste said, "Would you mind dropping me off in town?"

Darleen shot her one of her ‘Darleen’ looks. "What, at the library?" She was being sarcastic, but Kriste didn’t notice. She was so nervous and confused that she actually said, "No, I’m meeting Johnny at the Blue Bird and I just need a ride, that’s all."

Darleen turned to look at her roommate. "You’re what? You and Johnny? Oh man, now I’ve heard everything. Why’d you pick a jerk like that to go out with?"

Kriste looked hurt for a moment, but then, trying to sound confident, she said, "I’m not marrying the man. I just need to lose my cherry and I think he’ll do."

Her roommate must have thought of something funny, because she laughed. However, she agreed to drop Kriste off at the motel.


It was after eight when Darleen left Kriste in the motel parking lot. At the last moment, Darleen, feeling some concern for her roommate said, "Do you want to ask me about anything? Should I come back in an hour to see if you need a ride back to base?"

But Kriste had already steeled herself for the coming event and just wanted to get it over with. She found her friend’s questions distracting because they required her to think and she didn’t want to think right then. She replied, "No thanks Dar. I’m okay, but thanks, anyway." She squeezed her roommate’s hand as she exited the car.

Darleen watched her Levi-clad friend walk toward the motel office. ‘That bastard Johnny better appreciate what he’s getting tonight,’ she thought, while guessing that he probably wouldn’t.


After inquiring at the front desk and getting a leering once-over from the clerk, Kriste headed for Johnny’s room. She was determined to go through with this. As always, once she’d made up her mind, she was carrying her decision through to the end.

Kriste knocked on the door, feeling her heart thumping in her chest and her pulse throbbing in her throat.

When the door opened, she saw a messy bed, the covers thrown on the floor and heard the TV blaring. Johnny stood looking at her, wearing just his underwear. He was obviously trying to shock her, to make her nervous, so she said lightly: "Embarrassed about size, are you? Is that why you’ve kept your undies on?" She smiled at his blank look before pushing past him to the bathroom.

Hearing the outer door close, Kriste leaned with both hands on the small bathroom sink and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wondered what she was doing here. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Johnny, now sans underwear, standing in the doorway.

Kriste didn’t move, but slowly raised her eyes to look at his reflection in the mirror. She’d never seen an erect penis before and though she knew, in theory, about the workings of what was between a man’s legs, she was still surprised at the thing itself.

Johnny’s organ was fully hard and pointing out and up. For a moment she was afraid that he could be too big to fit inside her - she hadn’t realized that men grew to that size. Kriste put on a brave face and turned to face him, "Well, shall we get it done?"

The young man looked admiringly at Kriste, thinking how pretty she was, with her straight blonde hair framing a pretty tan face; her wide-set blue eyes and full lips had long attracted him. And now he was going to fuck this babe! The prospect sent an erotic thrill through his body.

They stood in silence facing each other. Kriste’s eyes were locked on Johnny’s pulsing erection. Soon Johnny felt a little self-conscious, so he exclaimed, "Hey, sweetie, we can’t do it with your clothes on, now can we?"

Kriste was startled for a moment and then quickly began to strip off her clothes. She was like someone about to go skinny dipping in winter, wanting the initial shock of diving into the cold water over with as soon as possible.

Johnny didn’t care that she looked nervous; he just wanted to ravish her body. He couldn’t understand why she’d put the moves on him; he’d tried so many times he’d virtually given up. That’s why he’d instigated the recent nocturnal call on her. And boy... Mmmm...Mmmm! Her tight little pussy-hole had felt so good, a little piece of heaven. He could still feel her pussy lips around his fingers. And her smell... he’d fallen asleep in his bunk with his fingers in his mouth.

Kriste had already undone her pants and stepped out of them. She was pulling her T-shirt over her head when Johnny decided he couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed the surprised woman around the waist and pushed her onto the messy bed. Her arms were still above her head, with the T-shirt obstructing her view, so she cried out for him to wait, but Johnny wasn’t listening. He wanted to fuck her and he was ready.

As Kriste continued struggling with her T-shirt, while lying on her back on the bed, Johnny parted her thrashing legs and pushed his swollen cock into her. He pulled out slowly and then pushed back in, but fast this time, fast and hard.

Kriste’s maidenhead at first resisted his entry, but then gave way all at once and he pushed in as deep as he could go. His head was spinning, the sensations momentarily over-powering him. She was so tight! It felt like a living glove on his straining cock. He could feel the beat of her heart, pulsing through the warm walls of her cunt and throbbing around his organ. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced and he loved it.

Kriste stopped struggling with the tangled T-shirt when she felt Johnny begin to enter her. Though the sound was slightly muffled by the shirt over her face, she could hear him grunting in his effort to affect a deep entry. She felt herself being stretched... more and more. It started to hurt and still she was pushed even further.

Lying with her hands above her head and her legs dangling over the edge of the bed with a man hunched over her, thrusting his bloated organ into her exposed cunt, Kriste didn’t know quite how to react. Though she hadn’t known what to expect, she’d never imagined anything like this. She cried out through gritted teeth when the long, thick shaft was pushed home, all the way into her. The pain was intense, but her cry didn’t faze Johnny.

Now that he had reached his goal he began to pump away happily, bouncing the young woman’s body underneath his own.

Kriste’s body was young and strong and it soon recovered from the initial shock for Johnny’s assault. Her strong, shapely legs began flexing with each thrust, but it was uncomfortable for her, the position an awkward one. But

Johnny didn’t care; he was enjoying the pussy wrapped around his pumping shaft. He enjoying it so much, in fact, that he grunted with each thrust, until his body eventually went rigid, trembling on top of Kriste as he pushed hard and deep into her and as his body jerked uncontrollably, he emptied himself into her.

The only sounds in the room after he slumped on top of the young woman were his gasps for breath. Then after a few moments he pulled out and stood up. He sighed and said enthusiastically, "Now that was fun. We’ll have to do it again next week; or maybe tomorrow night would be even better." He laughed to himself as he wiped his shrinking member with a towel and began to dress.

Kriste, her T-shirt still wrapped around her face and arms, lay still for a few moments after Johnny pulled out of her. She wasn’t really sure what had just happened. She had lost her virginity, hadn’t she? The slight pain between her legs suggested it and the cooling sweat on her chest and stomach seemed to confirm it. Slowly she sat up on the bed and pulled her shirt back down over her breasts. She watched silently as Johnny wiped himself and talked about their next time.

To sum up her impressions, all Kriste could think of was that it had been, well... disappointing. She was kind of numb; everything had happened so fast and she’d got no pleasure from it. She remembered how her girlfriends had talked lovingly about their men and about how good they had made them feel.

Kriste sat there with nothing on but her T-shirt and socks, watching her first and only "lover" getting dressed, making ready to leave. When Johnny had buttoned his shirt and was ready to go, he turned to Kriste and said cheerfully, "You can stay in the room as long as you want; I paid for the whole night. And baby, I wanna thank you for a great fuck. I really enjoyed it. Maybe again tomorrow night, huh?"

Without waiting for an answer, he pulled the door open and was gone. Kriste looked blankly at the closed door, feeling nothing except an uncomfortable trickle of cooling sperm flowing from her bruised vagina. Not quite sure what she was supposed to do now, Kriste continued sitting where she’d been thrown just a few minutes before.

Slowly, the thought formed in her mind: ‘Is that all there is to it?’ She’d just had sex for the first time and was now sitting alone on a bed in a cheap motel, leaking on the sheets.

A knock at the door interrupted her reverie. She got up slowly from the bed, wondering why Johnny had returned and went to open the door.

It was David, another classmate. Kriste blushed a deep pink, realizing what she must look like, wearing just a T-shirt in that rumpled room. She grabbed the top sheet off the bed to cover herself and stammered, "D-David, what’re you doing here?"

"Kriste, forgive me for butting in, but I ran into Darleen at the Coyote Club and she told me what you intended doing. I couldn’t believe it; I thought I knew you. I’ve always admired your ability and your drive to succeed, but here you are, crawling in the dirt with a jerk like Johnny Davenport! I had to come over and ask why and to see if you were okay. What made you do it?"

Kriste described the series of events that had brought her to the motel room: the hazing; what Lt. Beal had said to her; and why she’d chosen Johnny. "I was just following the counselor’s advice; Johnny was the first man I met after deciding to get rid of my virginity. I had to see if my problems were because of me, or something else."

"Then why didn’t you come to me or, hell, to just about any other guy? You must have known Davenport is a jerk," David said angrily.

"I didn’t realize just how big a jerk he was till tonight, but I didn’t want to do it with anyone I liked. I wasn’t trying to find a boyfriend; I didn’t want to get involved with anyone yet. You can understand that, can’t you, David?"

"Well, yes, I guess I can. But tell me, did you enjoy it?" he asked in a gentler voice.

Kriste was embarrassed, but she smiled and said, "No, it was awful! If sex is like that it’s a wonder the human race has survived for so long!" She had somewhat recovered from her ordeal and was preparing to put it behind her as a bad experience when David stepped closer to her.

"Listen Kriste, I don’t want to leave you with just this experience to judge men by. Let me show you what someone who actually cares about you can do. Please."

She looked up at him, her bright blue eyes wide. She realized it probably wasn’t prudent to do as he suggested, but Johnny had left her feeling frustrated and somehow short-changed. Impulsively, she answered: "Okay David, what do you suggest?"

He smiled. "I suggest a hot shower, for both of us. Come on..."

He took the young woman by the hand and led her into the small bathroom. Still clutching the sheet around her, she waited, wide-eyed. He looked into her blue eyes, which seemed to shimmer under the bathroom’s fluorescent light. Then came up close and took the sheet from her grasp before slowly unwinding it from her body. Then he stood back to look at her appraisingly.

She was stunning, standing maybe 5’6" in bare feet, with a lovely body: round breasts, flat stomach, long lean legs and beautiful thighs. He had to close his eyes for a moment or... He wasn’t sure what would happen, but she was having a serious effect on him.

Finally he removed her T-shirt, pulling it up over her head and along her shapely arms and tossing it out into the room. And then, to make her feel less self- conscious, he quickly stripped off his own clothes. He saw her staring at his tumescent organ and smiled at her expression.

Kriste said, wonderingly, "I never dreamed I would ever have sex with two different men in one night."

David brought his face close to hers and kissed her. "You’ll forget about that first time, provided I do this right." He touched Kriste’s right breast, fondling and stroking it before bringing to his lips to a nipple.

Kriste marveled at the sensations that his fingers and then his mouth were causing her aroused body. She ran her fingers through his hair as he nuzzled her, kissing and slowly sucking on each nipple in turn. His lips felt more wonderful than anything she’d ever experienced, having never felt anything but her own touch on her breasts before. This was completely different and much more intense. She loved the way he swirled his tongue around her nipples; it made her knees feel weak and gave her a strange lovely feeling between her legs. She gave an audible "Oh" of disappointment when David moved away from her to turn on the shower.

When the water was warm, he stepped into the shower stall and Kriste followed, naked, behind him. She intended to do whatever he wanted and instinctively knew that he would be very different from Johnny.

The young couple washed each other - slowly and luxuriously - enjoying the sensations created by their soapy hands as they fondled each other. David paid special attention to Kriste’s pussy, soaping and massaging it, as if trying to remove every trace of the man who had been there before him.

She, in turn, washed him, spending extra time and effort on his magnificently erect penis. She was thrilled by its size and texture and by the way it responded whenever she touched it. She nuzzled up against David, holding his warm, wet, soapy erection in her hands and rubbed it against her stomach. Cupping his big balls, she began lightly massaging them too. It all felt so wonderfully intimate that she knew her second time was going to be infinitely better than her first.

After they’d washed each other and fondled and pressed their bodies together to their heart’s content, reveling in the sensations that wet soapy skin can generate, there was only the drying left. Kriste enjoyed that part too. She stood erect and proud while David lovingly ran a dry towel over her contours. He didn’t miss a spot, nook or cranny.

Kriste was just as enthusiastic when drying David’s larger, muscular body. She paid special attention to his persistent erection, perhaps somewhat neglecting other, slightly less interesting, parts of his body. She was fascinated by it and not a little anxious, hoping its stiffness would last long enough to make her feel the way her girlfriends had described themselves as feeling, back in high school.

Kriste shrieked when David swept her off her feet and carried her over to the disheveled bed. He laid her down and climbed up beside her, immediately bending to take a breast into his mouth.

Kriste felt his tongue playing with the nipple, while his lips and even his teeth, lightly pulled at it. He began stroking her body, massaging her breasts and petting her smooth thighs. He ran a hand all over her flat stomach, then down between her legs. For an instant her mind flashed back to the previous night, when many hands had invaded her body and a jolt of fear went through her. Soon, however, the many new sensations being generated in her inexperienced body brought her back to the present. David was so loving and tender; everything he did seemed so natural.

Without any warning, he moved down her body and planted his mouth on her pussy lips. Kriste became afraid again. This was unknown territory for her and she didn’t know what might happen next. She knew about oral sex. No girl could get through nineteen years without hearing quite a lot about it. But that was all hearsay; she had no idea how to respond, or even how it worked.

Her heart pounded fiercely as David parted her pussy lips with his tongue, flitting the tip up and down her long, soft, moist opening. She nearly jumped when he took her clitoris between his lips and began to suck on it.

The sensations she had felt between her legs now began to surge through her breasts and tingle in her nipples. It seemed to her that David was transmitting sexual signals throughout her body.

It suddenly became all too much for her. What had started as an undefined yearning had suddenly become an urgent need. Kriste had never had a real orgasm before and so wasn’t expecting what she was about to experience.

When David’s tongue flicked yet again across her engorged clitoris, a flash went off in Kriste’s brain. It felt as if, for an instant, her whole body was on fire, pulsing from David’s mouth out to her toes and fingertips. Then another flash went off and another.

The pretty blonde began to jerk and writhe and then to moan. She cried out as she thrashed around, "Oh DAVID! Oh god DAVID! Oh YES! OH DAVID YES!" She was gasping for breath. Not having expected anything like this, she didn’t really know what was happening to her. The orgasm was simply swamping her in an ecstasy both physical and emotional like nothing she could have imagined.

Finally David pulled his lips away from Kriste’s throbbing mound. She looked down her body and saw his twinkling eyes, his moist chin and the lazy smile on his lips. Fighting to breathe and giggle at the same time, she reached down for her lover, pulling him up her body into a long, languid kiss.

Kriste tasted herself in his mouth and it made the kiss that much more exciting. Eventually she pulled out of the kiss and looked shyly at David. Blushing slightly, she said, "David, can I...? You know, can I...? Oh, you know, can I?" She began to giggle incoherence, but David, of course knew what she wanted and rolled over on his back, once more revealing his impressive erection, which visibly pulsed in time with his heartbeat.

Kriste squirmed into position, her face close to the engorged penis. She was fascinated by the male sexual organ. With her parted lips poised, she stopped for a moment to gaze once more at this beautiful thing, noting its smooth contours and the mushroom-shaped, wrinkly helmet that crowned the handsome shaft.

She took the shaft in both hands and gently moved the soft skin up and down, finding the whole thing begin to expand even more, to become even stiffer and stronger. The wonderful purple head also became even larger and shinier as she continued her slow pumping movements. She was fascinated to see a crystal-clear drop of fluid appear at the opening at the tip of his smooth organ that was throbbing in her hands. She examined it for a moment longer before tentatively touching it with her small pink tongue.

Satisfied, she licked the head, which made even more fluid ooze out from the little hole. Kriste was totally absorbed in her game, unaware that David had propped himself up on his elbows and was watching his beautiful young companion play her little sex game. He found it extremely arousing that she was using his cock in such an uninhibited way. He knew it was the first time she had ever seen a man’s sex parts up close and this erotic little show stimulated him so much that he began to worry that he might not be able to put off his cum much longer.

Kriste continued to toy with David’s organ, but she had a little problem. She knew that oral sex occurred when a man did what David had done for her and that a woman ought to suck the man’s penis in return. She was a little worried, though, that she might not do it right. She looked up to ask David to tell her how he wanted it and was surprised to see him watching her. She blushed when she realized how her little game must have looked to him and thought: ‘Well, I’ll see if I can distract him.’ She gave a little giggle and then suddenly began licking David’s cockhead faster than before, this time using the whole of her tongue.

Then she took the whole head into her mouth, gently sucking on it and rolling it around, lapping her tongue around the underside in the little valley that was there. It felt so soft and smooth and yet hard and powerful in her mouth; so wonderfully male. ‘Cock sucking is almost as good as being pussy-sucked,’ she thought, giggling to herself and feeling aroused by such a smutty thought. If only she could tell her high school friends about this!

After a short while David reached down and grasped Kriste’s bobbing head, throwing her off her rhythm. She stopped and looked up, frustration in her bright blue eyes. He said, with a wry smile, "Baby, keep doing that and you’ll get a mouthful. I’ve gotta have you in a more traditional way the first time if it’s okay with you." He smiled again. "You’ve made me so horny, I’ve gotta cum inside you the old-fashioned way."

He pulled her smaller body up on top of his, positioning her pelvis just by his balls. "Now raise up and take me into you at your own pace, I don’t want to hurt you."

Kriste looked at David’s erect penis with a momentary apprehension, worried that he might be too big for her. With her pretty face a mask of determination, she placed one leg on either side of his waist and got up onto her knees. Leaning on one arm, she took hold of his rigid tool and placed its purple head at her pink opening. She wiggled it around for a moment, looking for the best point of entry and then, her eyes closed and smiling beatifically, she slowly impaled herself.

David closed his eyes to when he felt himself sink into Kriste’s hot moist box. It was as sexy a feeling as he’d ever had; she was so wonderfully warm and tight. He kneaded her smoothly muscled thighs with his hands, tracing the firm muscles just beneath the skin. When he re-opened his eyes he saw that Kriste’s head was thrown back, her arms slightly behind and at either side of her. With her perfect breasts thrust forward and her tight flat stomach rippling as she slowly and rhythmically rocked back and forth to a beat that was in her own head.

He caught his breath. She presented a sublimely erotic, completely female picture stretched out above him, using him with such obvious pleasure. It was too much.

He’d wanted to hold out longer, to give his angel another orgasm, such that a man can give a woman, but it was too late. She felt too good, he couldn’t... Kriste’s head came forward and her eyes opened. She looked deep into David’s eyes and whispered, "You’re cumming... aren’t you? I can feel it." And she could, too. Deep inside her body she felt a little jet and then another, as spurts of hot sperm started their slippery journey towards her womb. She could actually feel him pulsing inside her, pressing against her furthermost wall, deeply, throbbingly. She rode him with love.

David couldn’t answer her, his brain temporarily addled. His attempts to hold back had only made him cum that much harder. Kriste’s cunt was so tight that with each ejaculation her interior walls seemed to massage him, pulling the next spurt from him as if he were being milked. His orgasm was so intense that it hurt; but it hurt so good.

He vaguely heard Kriste making a noise, but was unable to concentrate so long as his own shuddering orgasm continued unabated.

Kriste was amazed by how he made her feel. She realized that her lover was having an orgasm inside her; that he was experiencing for himself what he had created in her only minutes ago. It was incredibly exciting to see him moaning and squirming under her; so exciting, in fact, that she felt another flash go off at the point at which they were joined, a flash that she now recognized as an orgasm.

It happened the moment she realized that he had emptied his seed into her. It was all so sexy, so wonderfully erotic... She began to make small sounds in time with their rhythm, little puffs going "huh, huh, huh, huh," as she ground herself against him.

After what seemed like ages David had to stop. He pulled Kriste down on his chest, then rolled over her to bring his body on top, without ever leaving his warm harbor.

Kriste curled her lovely legs over and on top of his bottom, making sure that he stayed in her the way she wanted him. His cum was a distant warmth, deep inside her.

After resting like this for a time, she said huskily, "Oh David, that was marvelous! I hope you intend to stay the rest of the night. After all, Johnny did pay for the room until morning."


Eighteen months later Kriste Hansen graduated in the top ten of her class. She was assigned to the 37th squadron and in 1990 went to the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert Storm. She was one of the few female fighter pilots actually to perform in the area. David remained one of Kriste’s good friends, even till this day.


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