I'll admit it. I've been so into the books that I haven't been paying too much attention to my sex life. This is not good for a 26-year-old healthy California girl.

It's not that I'm being a nerd or anything, it's just that school costs so damned much and I felt that I really needed to pour myself into it and study hard to get the most out of it.

So it was a big surprise when the following happened. I guess that's when you least expect something unusual and you certainly couldn't plan this.

I'll admit to being bi-sexual but I don't normally frequent gay bars. I don't have anything against them, I just don't usually go out with getting "picked up" on my mind.

After months of personal restraint (no, I'm not into B & D either!), I decided enough was enough.

I have this "computer acquaintance" whom I've carried on a torrid on-line affair and we decided that we should finally meet. So after a few e-mails back and forth, and a nice chat on the phone, we settled on this bar she knew, and a time to meet.

It was Friday night and I suggested that we meet earl- ier rather than later. It's a good thing because, as far as I could tell, she was a no-show. To slightly complicate matters, the L.A. bar she picked was obviously a gay bar but after a couple of drinks, I decided it wasn't uncomfortable to be sitting alone.

I was a little pissed off at her, drunk, and, of course, horny. This is a lethal combination for a girl alone. I was thankful that I had sat next to a couple...yes, a HE and a SHE who happened to be married (I assumed from their matching rings).

I didn't think much of it until after I realized that Toni (that was my 'puter friend's name) wasn't going to show, or, at best, would be terribly late. Then, I sort of wondered what a couple would be doing in a gay bar but thought they may have mistakenly stumbled into it. The name of the bar didn't give away that it catered to gay clientele.

"My name is Joanie and this is my husband, Tom," the lady next to me was saying.

"Oh! Sorry, I'm Jennifer but my friends just call me Jen." I was still mad and in a fog.

I saw them for the first time and realized they were both stunning. She, with her thick, auburn, long, slightly curled hair and blue eyes, and him with his tall, rather boyish, dark good looks. (His jeans fit nicely too!)

As hard as I tried to not be obvious, I was just toasted enough to have a silly grin on my face as I sipped at my 3rd white wine. (I'm not much of a drinker, can you tell?)

I didn't realize it but the two of them had already fully assessed me but hadn't decided if I was gay or not.

I was rambling on...."I was supposed to meet a friend here but I guess she's a no-show..." and as I nervously talked I could feel Joanie's thigh slightly pressed against mine.

Again, I didn't really take too much note of it except that she had exceptionally beautiful legs perfectly encased in [obviously] expensive hose.

"Well, you're being quiet tonight...." she turned and said to her husband. Her thigh nudged me as if to say, "let's wake him up."

"Oh, not really...I'm just noticing the pairings here....Hard to believe that some of these women are gay. While others, they're almost more man than I am!" His smile was pure white teeth framed by a very sexy mustache and one of those lower lip growth things.

Without saying anything, I had to agree as both Joanie and I surveyed the loud and dark room.

It was then that I felt Joanie's hand on my thigh as she said, "Come on! ...gotta go tinkle!"

Without thinking, I covered my wine glass with a napkin and followed miss "sexy" toward the ladies room. Some- how, I could just feel Tom's eyes on both of our swing- ing bottoms as we walked away from him.

There was the usual line and Joanie started panicking with, "I really have to GO, Dammit! I hate these fuckin' lines! This is bullsht!" She turned to eyeball the men's room door just as it opened with a guy leav- ing and pulling up his zipper. He turned to us and gave us a "gee-I-didn't-have-to-wait" look that really pisses us off.

Just then, Tom's smiling face rounded the corner from we where and caught the door before it closed. He paused, looked inside, and said, "C'mon honey....I'll watch for you."

Joanie wasted no time and scurried into the men's room. Tom held the door and turned to me as if to say, "you wanna go too?"

I didn't have to go that bad and decided to wait it out. Besides, I'm sure I had some facial "damage control" that needed attending to.

As the ladies line started to move, Tom and I smiled at one another. I clumsily filled the gap left and a skinny heroin-looking waif got in line behind me.

Moments later, Joanie emerged, whispered into Tom's ear, and joined me in line again.

"You don't have to wait with me..."

"Oh, no...that's okay, this will give us a chance to have some girl-talk....whew! I'm glad he was there to let me pee!"

I've done the same thing in a pinch but I don't make a habit of it as the guys tend to give you funny looks....especially the ones peeing at those sinks made for dicks!

The hallway was crowded and Joanie nudged her way up to me... I had the burning question I just had to ask...."Have you, ahm....do you guys....?"

"Do we come here often?" she finished for me and laughed.

"Well, yeah...I mean this IS a gay bar right? And you guys are married....?"

"Well, you see..it's like this...." she started as she took my hand in hers. Tom and I have a special relationship....."

Oh brother, here goes! Not another one of those open-marriage thingys...

I wasn't so much paying attention to what she was saying as to what her eyes and body language were conveying to me. She was quite the sales girl!

Her other hand held mine briefly, then moved to rest on my hip as her eyes mesmerized me with their deep blue pools of longing looks. If it had been totally quiet instead of incredibly loud, there would have been no mistaking her intentions. She wanted me and I was flattered!

"......and so Tommy and me....well, we just like to have fun once in awhile, but we don't cheat on each other..." I could feel her hand sliding over my hip to my butt in a little dance of teasing seduction as she continued talking. She didn't have to do much selling. I was totally lost in her eyes and the sin- cerity they conveyed.

We finally entered a stall (they were larger than normal thank God) and I quickly undid my shorts and panties in one motion, hovered and peed.

Joanie turned to freshen her make-up in the mirror that was in the stall (someone was smart!) but that was after she snatched a peek and watched me uncere- moniously raise my short skirt and lower my panties.

After I was done, I quickly wiped, stood up, and started to pull my short skirt back down when she asked, "Is that a tattoo?"

"Ahm, actually no, " I said as I straightened up. "It's a mole."

She took that hesitation to move in closer and inspect the mole that is oh-so-near my pubic area.

She reached out and gently touched it with one finger while her other hand went behind my right thigh (just below my cheek) and took control.

"That tickles!" I said as she ran her finger over it.

"But it's so cute! It looks like a little Minnie Mouse or something!"

I could feel her hot breath just inches away from my now swelling pussy lips. Damn! They were giving me away!

"hmmmm....." She continued her close inspection and then took advantage of the situation by running two fingers through my sparse pussy hair.

"And do you trim this yourself?.....and MY, we ARE excited aren't we...?"

I couldn't help myself....her fingers were casually running the length of my pussy and started to push on my "button".

"OHHHhhhhhh...." it then came to me, how long it had been since my pussy had felt any other fingers but my own. Time suddenly slowed to a crawl.

She slowly rose up and worked those magical baby blues on me as she gently pressed her lips to mine while starting to finger my now soaking pussy lips.

"Not here...........please.........." My "resistance" was too little, too late.

We mutually sucked each in other's tongues and lips while I was swept into absolute exstacy and came right on her pressing palm and fingers...."OH GAWD!" It was quick, but intense. And very much needed!

I couldn't help myself and she was obviously proud that she could bring me off so easily. I could tell as we broke our kiss, she had that sparkle in her eye that said, "Gotcha!"

I put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself but the commotion in the restroom was too much as she quickly helped me pull my panties and shorts up and we abruptly left.

"Have fun girls?..." a big, bull dyke smiled knowingly as we departed the stall.


Tom was right where we had left him at the bar and he had that ever-present white-toothy smile. "Finally got in there, eh?" The double meaning didn't get pass either of us but I didn't know if he suspected what may have just occured in the restroom stall.

"Yes!" Joanie said a little too excited.

It had only taken a few brief exciting moments, but I didn't realize the flush that was so obvious on my face. I also didn't realize that my lipstick was smeared enough to give away that I had been recently in a lip-lock with his intriguing wife.

My short skirt rode up as I quickly went for my wine and drained it in one gulp still feeling flustered from the encounter that was a first for me.

Tom's eyes were on my exposed thigh as I had hoisted myself on the stool.

I glanced at my watch and realized that it was nearing 11 and I didn't really look forward to the drive back out to the valley.

Sensing this Joanie said, "Hey Jenn, why don't you come over to our place; let's get outta here?"

Before I even really confirmed I'd go with them, Tom drained his shot glass, smiled at both of us, and said, "Ladies? Shall we depart the premises?"

Apparently the wine (and my drenched pussy) did the talking for me as I hooked my arm in Tom's on one side, while Joanie hung on to the other. It's a good thing as I felt the blood rush to my head when I got up, like I was going to pass out.

The next thing I knew, we were in the night air and Joanie was insisting she drive my car so I wouldn't get lost. "Don't worry, I'm an excellent driver," she said as she snatched my keys and, with a dutiful Tom standing by, helped me into the passenger seat.

It seemed like only seconds later that we were pulling up in front of a large, white spanish-style home that was obviously owned by well-to-do people.

"My gosh......" was all I could say as we pulled behind their Beamer convertible in the circular drive. Tom was suddenly at my side and opening my door for me. I guess I had briefly passed out as I just couldn't remember the drive there or how my short skirt ended up rucked up around my waist. My pussy, though sopping wet, felt like it was on fire!

"Welcome to our humble abode," he proclaimed with pride of ownership and though he saw my bared pussy, he discretely ignoring my plight as I tried to show some modesty by pulling my skirt down.

"C'mon in and we can take a hot tub dip if you'd like..." Joanie added as she came around to assist me. I couldn't believe that I was this drunk! I was feeling no pain but was coherent enough to be in awe of what an immaculate, yet comfortable home they had. Neatly appointed, well-furnished were all terms I would use to describe their home. It was like a movie stars! The lighting both outside and inside the home were incredible and with the flick of a switch, the home went into a sexy setting and drifting soft music coming from I don't know where.

I felt like I was being seduced (and I was!). I also felt like....taking .....a ....nap....

"I'll fix something to drink....." Tom's words trailed off as I slipped into oblivion.


When I next "awoke" I was sitting with them in their spa just off their bedroom which overlooked all of L.A. Was I dreaming? What a view! I was really in a fog but the bubbling hot water felt very peaceful.....

I was totally unaware of how I ended up in their spa... and completely naked! They, too, were without any clothing (and why not, it was their house after all!).

Joanie was holding me tightly to her, and it was then that I realized how truly beautiful a woman she was.

Her breasts were absolutely perfect and our bosoms "squished" together nicely as she hugged me close to her. Both our nipples stood at attention from the night air.


"mmmmmmm....." was all I could say....as I drifted in and out of consciousness..

"Those 'Roofies' really hit her hard...." I overheard Joanie talking to Tom.....

Now I was sprawled out on their bed with my back and head pillowed neatly upright.

Tom was sitting in front of me with a most magnificent hard-on and was gently stroking himself as he longingly looked at me spread out before him.

"Jenn?....you okay, honey?" It was Joanie on my other side. She was rubbing some scented oil on my shoulders and gently working it into the nape of my neck while her other hand worked the oil across my belly back and forth.

"Mmmmmmm....I'm just fineeeee...." I was in an almost hypnotic state, and my gaze went back to Tom's ruggedly handsome, tanned face and body.

I watched him stroke himself and if it wasn't so damned erotic (do any other women love to watch a man mastur- bate?!!) to see him, I might have drifted off again.

I didn't fully realize it, but I was laying splay- legged and Joanie was moving her hand from my neck area to rub oil all over my breasts.

"Ohhhhhhh......mmmmmmmmm........" It was my voice but it was coming from somewhere else. Her fingers gently pinched at my nipples sending little shocks through my spine to my heated pussy.

Her hands felt absolutely delicious and the next thing I felt shocked me into reality!

It was her soft tongue lapping at my pussy lips and from the way it felt, I must have been in a state of constant arousal. I know that feeling!

I started cumming the moment her tongue touched me and I could hardly control myself or prevent the orgasm from building and sweeping over my entire body.

Tom continued to watch us and when our eyes next met, I realized mine had hunger in them for that beautiful 8" of hard meat he was holding and stroking.

"You want it?.." he teased and leaned it toward me.

"Oh please....I barely could reach over and grab onto his hunk of manhood but it was like it was my Life Ring and Joanie continued her tonguing of me throughout my efforts to reach it.

"OHHHHHH GAWD!" She was laving my whole bottom and pussy area as I was about to reign in Tom's beautiful cock.

I pulled him to my mouth and nearly swallowed all of him as he groaned out his pleasure from my hot, wet mouth enveloping him.

It tasted wonderfully salty sweet and I didn't even know if Joanie would approve of my sucking down this wonderful tool of his (and hers). It was obvious Tom didn't mind as I felt his balls flexing and clenching while his cock was beginning to tighten and pulsate.

Just then, Joanie speared her tongue into my sopping pussy and gently inserted a slim finger into my ass. (I'm not big on the whole ass-fucking thing but felt wonderful!)

My mouth was filled with one hot jet after another of Tom's salty offering and I swallowed as fast as I could.

"OH SHEEEIIIIITTTT!!!!" Tom bellowed out as he thrust his pelvis into my face and grabbed my head tightly to him. Jet after sweet-salty jet shot into my mouth and throat and I kept on sucking it down. After about 4 or 5 good squirts, he nearly had to pry me off of his now barely-starting-to-shrink meat. I knew I had drained those big, beautiful balls of his juice. I fondled them victoriously.

As Tom fell away, I let go of him, I fell into Joanie's embrace and pulled her legs over me so I could get at that red, wispy nest covering her white skin and pink lips.

Her pussy hair was magnificent as I finally got to see it for the first time while pulling her toward me. Neither she, nor I let up for air as we licked away at one another.

I felt Joanie's legs tremble and her whole body shud- dered in a heaving climax that nearly dislodged me from her pussy. But like Tom's cock, I wasn't going to let go until forced to do so. She shuddered and shook with abandon.

I continued on her, licking her from clit to her puckered tight butt hole. The taste sensations of the both of them was unlike any I had experienced.

As she fell away from my pussy in the throes of a continual climax, I was finally able to pick myself up to my knees and still lick at that now sopping red, pink, and white pussy of hers.

It was then that I felt Tom's mouth on me from the rear and where he started to lick me like a man pos- sessed. I was deep in sexual heaven!

It had been so long since I felt the shudders of a thorough orgasm that my body was going into overload from the multiple throes that coursed through me.

Just when I didn't think I could take anymore I felt Tom's re-hardened pole slip into me like I was a wet sleeve made for him. I was so wet that a baseball bat would have slid into me with ease!

"OH DAMN!" Tom held my hips firmly as he slid his cock in to the hilt hitting both my cervix and "G" spot in grand fashion. Simultaneously, he slipped his thumb in my soaked bum hole which was totally relaxed to receive it.

The feeling of that huge log sliding in against his finger together with Joanie's lips underneath us suck- ing on my clit was more than enough to trigger another massive orgasm causing me to convulse and shake like I never had before! I was being skewered and sucked to the point I thought I would lose all controls and succumbed to their ministrations and manipulation of me.


Never had I cum so hard in my life! They were like a magnificent sex machine together and Tom continued sawing back and forth in me with no let up setting me off on yet another orgasm. He was powerfully taking me!

But I could feel myself squeezing him....this is some- thing I hadn't felt often but the multiple orgasms together with his size, made me want to squeeze what- ever he had to offer right out of him.

That did it. That, and Joanie's sucking and licking at his balls as they slid over her forehead in a bouncing fucking motion.

"ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tom's body turned to steel as I felt his cock pulsate inside me and spew out what jism he might have had left in him. We all froze "at the top" of our mutual orgasms.

"AAAHHH...AHHHH....." He was obviously sensitive (as I certainly was!) as he started to pull out of me only to have Joanie gobble him down her throat fresh from spraying deep in my pussy.

I can't imagine what our combined tastes must have been like but for Joanie, who was now frigging herself furiously, it must have been like nectar!

"OH Gawd honey..! ....Oh, Oh!" Tom was still reeling and I simply fell on top of Joanie and took over for her frigging fingers as I diddled her over the top into a final "O" for her.

The next morning was even better as I groggily awoke to images of the previous night being shown on a huge video monitor across from the bed.

At my side of the bed was a huge platter of fresh fruits, melons, and juices and the bed was shaking from Tom giving Joanie a morning poke.

"Good morning sunshine," they both beamed at me.

"YUCK!" (I am NOT a morning person) I laid back down but soon opened my eyes to last night's replayed vision of sexual frenzy.

The sight of Tom's magnificent hardness jamming me from behind and Joanie underneath, was working to stir me up again.

Tom quietly pulled out of Joanie before cumming and both of them moved over to me.

Joanie coyly played with my breasts and sucked in my nipples while Tom slithered down the bed and attended to last night's dried juices on my sore pussy.

I said, "Oh no you don't..." and I turned around to go down on that pussy-juice coated log of his to experience what the two of them tasted like together!

I knew this was going to be a long morning!



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