The three women sat in the Chinese restaurant having a wonderful time. After hours of shopping they had come to the restaurant for drinks and dinner. A drink before dinner had turned into several. A glass of wine during the meal turned into a couple of bottles. And then of course there were the after dinner drinks.

The three women were all in their mid-twenties. Bobby was the oldest and at nearly six feet, the tall- est. She has wide shoulders and short dark hair with an almost male looking cut. Her ability to eat and drink almost anything she wants and retain her slim figure makes her the envy of her friends. Bobby was married once, for about five minutes, as she puts it.

Jamie is the quiet one of the group. She is about five and a half feet tall with an athletic body honed by near daily workouts. She has a soft, medium cut brown hair, saved from being mousy by red and blonde highlights. Her eyes are her best feature. They're light blue and seem to glow and twinkle constantly. She's never been married or even seemed serious about a guy.

In this group Anne has the body that makes men turn their heads. Although she talks constantly about being too heavy, the extra weight is in all the right places. She's about Jamies' height, but the comparison ends there. Anne has 38d breasts which have a firm conical shape tipped with perfect nipples. An oval face with a perfect complexion is topped by a bell of thick blonde hair. Anne lived with a guy for a couple of years before they broke it off.

The dinner and drinks had finally had their effect and everyone seemed ready to leave when the server brought some fortune cookies with the bill. Bobby passed around the cookies and everyone broke one open. Bobby said, reading the little slip of paper, "It says that I'm to look for a major change of life." She shrugged, nothing to exciting or funny in that.

Jamie opened hers and read, "You will reveal your true self, soon." She tossed down the slip and looked at Anne.

Anne fumbled with her cookie. She had really put away the booze. She reduced the cookie to crumbs before finally getting the piece of paper ready to read. "Hmmm I'm supposed to make three wishes in the next thirty seconds." She dropped her hands to her lap and looked up.

"Well....?" prompted Bobby, looking across the table intently.

"Oh..." said Anne. "Uh...let's see...I want a slimmer bod....a real hunk of a guy to order around... and true love."

It seemed to Anne that the light in the room was steadily growing dimmer. It faded to black as Jamie's voice said, with a laugh, sounding far away, "Is that all?"

The lights came back on slowly for Anne. She looked around to see what everyone in the room was doing about the black out and was amazed to see an empty dining room. In place of tables and chairs and booths, there were pillows and cushions of all shapes and colors scattered across the floor. Some were draped in what seemed to be silks and furs. She turned to her friends. Jamie looked as stunned as she. Anne then turned to Bobby and almost fell out of her chair.

Instead of the tall slim woman she knew, there sat a man. She looked closely. It could have been Bob- by's twin brother, if she had one. But this was definitely a guy. He had the shadow of a beard, and where Bobby had average breasts, this guy had huge pecs. Her slim arms were replaced by ones with bulging biceps and forearms.

"What are you looking at?" said the man. It sounded something like Bobby's tone, but instead of her alto, there was a deep clear male voice. "What's happened to me?" he cried, jumping up. Bobby had been wearing a pair of shorts with fairly short legs. Now they threatened to tear from the bulge of heavily muscled thighs. And that wasn't the only thing bulging. The front of his shorts looked as if it were stuffed with one of the pillows in the room.

"I'm sorry, Bobby," said Anne, "I guess you got caught up in my wishes."

Bobby pulled the waistband of her shorts away from her muscled abs and looked down. "If I have to be a man, at least I came well equipped," she said. "And look at you."

Anne stood up and looked down at herself. Where her waist had been just a bit thick there was now a flat tummy. She spun around and spotted a mirror in the corner. Anne walked over and gasped. Her hair had always been one of her good features, and now it was thicker and more lustrous than ever. Some weight had gone out of her face and now her cheekbones were more evident, as were her thick lashes and full lips. And her tits. No weight loss there. In fact she could swear that her bra was fitting more snug than usual.

She turned to see Jamie walking closer. Anne looked for some extraordinary change in her looks, but there didn't seem to be any. Except for a really mean- ingful look in her pretty blue eyes. Oh my gosh, thought Anne, she's the true love I asked for.

Anne had never been interested in girls, but when Jamie reached out and caressed her cheek with a feather light touch Anne felt a tingle run clear through her body. A tingle that seemed to settle in her tits and pussy. Jamie took another step then kissed Anne. It started as a friend's kiss. Their lips barely touched. Then Jamie moved closer. Her small tits met Anne's firm melons. Their kiss got deeper. Jamie slipped her tongue between Anne's lips. Their tongues lashed back and forth from one mouth to the other. Anne couldn't believe it. She had never been more aroused in her life. Jamie pulled her down. They lay on soft and silky cushions.

Jamie quickly took of her clothes off, and then began to remove Anne's. She took off Anne's top and then her bra. Anne's tits almost burst from their confinement. Jamie gasped at the sight of Anne's succulent and perfectly formed tits, and put her lips to Anne's nipple. She began to suck and lick it. Anne moaned, she was feeling waves of pleasure coursing through her big breasts. Jamie tugged down Anne's shorts and panties and spread her legs. Anne began to massage and rub her tits as she watched Jamie's face lower to her pussy.

"May I join in?"

Anne looked up to see Bobby standing there. Bobby had said that she was well equipped to help them out, but Anne had never dreamed. The cock jutting from Bobby's crotch was bigger than anything Anne had ever seen or heard of. It had to be at least sixteen inches long and as thick as her wrist. And it wasn't just jutt out. A steady stream of clear precum was flowing over the head and down to his balls.

Jamie looked up, "Wow Bobby, do you know how to use that thing?"

Bobby said, "Watch this," and began to vigor- ously rub her hand from balls to cockhead. As they watched, Jamie rubbed Anne's clit in time with Bobby's hand.

In a minute Bobby's hips began to undulate. His breathing became faster and shorter. "Oh...oh....here it comes," he hissed between clenched teeth. And then his cock erupted. The cum didn't just fall from the tip of his cock. It came in a stream that shot onto Jamie's back. Then another stream just as powerful, followed by another and several more just as full.

At the sight of Bobby's ejaculation Anne came also. "Yes...oh yeah... that's great," she cried, her back and neck arched until her forehead was nearly on the cushion. Waves of ecstasy poured through Anne. She moaned and cried and thrashed about for so long as Bobby continued to jack off. He came with another huge display of cum -- Jamie was afraid she might actually be hurting her lover.

Jamie stopped flicking her finger over and around Anne's clit and began to lightly stroke her tenderly. "Anne?" she said with concern, "Are you all right?"

Anne's spasms died slowly and she looked at her friends with dazed eyes. "You really didn't have to stop," she said in a husky voice. She reached up and pulled Jamie next to her. She gave Jamie a loving kiss and said, "I think its your turn now." She lay Jamie on her back as she winked at Bobby. Bobby she noticed, still had a raging hard on.

"Now you just relax and let me do the work," Anne said, as she leaned over Jamie's tits and began to give them a tongue bath. Her hand worked its way down Jamies' flat stomach to the downy pubic hair of her crotch. One finger worked its way into Jamie's pussy. Anne wasn't surprised to find that it was already running with sex juice. Anne gave Jamie a deep wet kiss while she motioned Bobby to join them.

Bobby quickly moved to kneel between Jamie's legs. It took some effort, but she was finally able to bend her dick until the head began to work its way between the folds of Jamie's pussy lips. Bobby was worried that Jamie might not want to handle the huge fucker threatening her tight hole. But he was wrong. At the touch of his throbbing member Jamie began to hunch her hips onto it.

Well, if you really want it," Bobby said with a smile, and began to ease her hips forward. Between the two of them it took only a few seconds until Jamie's well oiled cunt was completely filled with marble hard cock. In only seconds Bobby was groaning out an orgasm and cum actually shot out of Jamie's pussy with a squishing sound. Bobby didn't even slow down. He seemed to be just as hot and horny as ever. Anne slid down Jamie's tummy until her face was only an inch away from Bobby's pistoning cock. She closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and began to flick it across Jamie's clit. Almost immediately Jamie began to thrash and moan with a wracking cum.

"Anne", she moaned. "Anne...Anne...Anne!"

Anne opened her eyes. And looked up into the faces of her friends. Their normal faces. "What hap- pened?" she asked.

Bobby said, "You sort of went nuts, did some really obscene things and then passed out."

Anne staggered to her feet with the help of her friends. As they made their way out of the restaurant Bobby said, "Here, I saved this for you." Anne nearly tripped over her own feet as she took the fortune cookie from Bobby’s hand. She'd give the matter some long thought before opening this cookie.



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