"Hey Tommy, wait up man!" I shouted as I hurried to catch my friend.

He turned and waited for me to draw alongside.

"Phew man. I haven't run like that since that cross country run at school."

"Or the night we turned over that off license." He smirked.

I laughed. "Yeah right. That was a hell of a laugh. Hey man how's it going? I ain't seen you for ages. Whatcha been doing?"

"I'm living in Docklands." He proclaimed airily.

I whistled. "Wow, you have come up in the world. You win the lottery or something?"

"Naw, better. I gotta new bird. A high flying city type, loadsa dosh and a flat by the waterfront."

I looked him up and down. He seemed just like the old Tommy I knew and loved, scruffy, slouching, unemployable.

"You bin stretching your dick or what?"


"Well, what the hell does a bird like that see in you?"

He shrugged. "I dunno. I was in one of those city wine- bars - he must of noticed my sneer, because he continued quickly - I was looking for some drunken yuppie to roll and she just came on to me."

"Whaddya mean?"

"Come on Ali, you ain't that stupid. She came up to me and asked me if I wanted a drink. I told her that I didn't want any of the pisswater that they sold there and she laughed. We ended up, drinking pints, in a pub on the Mile End Road. She took me home that night and we screwed each other's brains out........"

Which wouldn't need much effort where Tommy was con- cerned. He wasn't the brightest of God's little creatures.

".....and I've bin living wiv her ever since." He concluded, triumphantly.

"She must be a right dog." I ventured.

"Watch it mate, that's my bird your talkin abart. Anyway she's a right little cracker and she bangs like a shit- house door."

"You lucky bastard!" It was the expected reply, even though Tommy's idea of a right little cracker and the rest of the male population's differed by a considerable margin.

"Look I gotta photo!" He pulled out a crumpled polaroid which showed a dark haired piece with barely discernible features, standing next to a hulking Tommy.

I had to admit that her figure looked ok, even if her boat was indistinct and blurry.

"Nice!" Was all I said.

There seemed to be a huge internal conflict going on inside him, judging by the look of anguish on his face. I'd seen that look before he was either thinking or was about to burst out in anger and break a few adjacent heads. Judiciously, I stepped back.

"You're my mate aincha?" Evidently he was thinking, my head was safe.

I nodded.

"You wanna do me a favour?"

I shrugged. "Yeah why not. Whaddya want?"

"You wanna screw my bird?"

"No man! She's your bird. I don't wanna screw her, what you take me for?" I'd seen him loosen a guy's teeth once, just because he'd asked one of his ex girlfriends to move out of the way. I wasn't falling for that one.

"Even if I asked yer too?"


"If I asked you te screw her wouldya do it?"

"I 'spose, but only if you were sure."

He smiled. "You're a real mate you are." Then he hugged me. It was like being crushed by a bale of rancid denim.

"What yer thinking?" I asked after he put me down again.

"Look." He said with his arm draped over my shoulder. "My bird she's got these, sorta, urges man. Know what I mean?"

I shook my head. I hadn't a clue what he was talking about.

"Aw c'mon Ali you know. She likes fucking."

"Lucky guy."

"Yeah." He seemed distracted. "She's got these, what the fuck they called, oh yeah, fantasies man. Weird ones."

"What? Like fucking while swinging on the wardrobe door, that sorta thing?" I asked. This was suddenly getting interesting.

"Yeah, that as well. But her real thing is to be fucked by a buncha guys."

"So you want me to get a few of the guys together and come round and give you a hand?"

For a second his forehead creased in annoyance, then it cleared and he shook his head. "Nah! Thanks fer the offer mate, but I got that bit covered."

"So whaddya want then?"

"I want you to grab her and fuck her outside. Well I don't, but she does. She says it turns her on." He looked puzzled. I didn't come close to understanding women, so poor old Tommy had no chance.

"Look, lets get this straight. You want me to just grab her and fuck her. Just like that? But she don't even know me."

"Yeah I know. Stupid cow eh?"

"That's rape that is. I don't wanna rape no-one. I get enough birds of my own without having to rape no-one."

He shook his head, ponderously. The conversation was obviously taxing his thought processes. "Na! It ain't rape, she wants it."

"How do I know that?"

"You calling me a liar?" He threatened.

"No. Look, what if she was just winding you up or some- thing?"

"Do you think so?"

"It could be. You know birds, they're always changing their minds."

"Yeah you're right. Tell you what, I'll ask her tonight. You gonna be in the King's Head tomorrow Lunchtime?"

I nodded. It was part of my routine and he knew it. Maybe he was losing touch with his roots.

"Right I'll see you there then." With that he shambled off.


"She told me to give yer this."

He handed me an envelope. Inside was a single piece of expensive writing paper. I nearly fell of my stool when I read:

I, Penelope Hope-Mathers, hereby certify that I have consented to being abducted and forced to serve a group of men, headed by the bearer of this letter, in any sex- ual manner that they see fit. Subject to the following rules.

1) That my outer clothing does not get damaged such that it is unwearable after the event.

2) That I am returned, after the event, to the place from which I was abducted.

3) That I am not physically harmed or damaged, except for the normal wear and tear inherent in multiple, enforced, sexual encounters. In any event there will be no marks that may be visible when I am wearing my normal clothing.

4) The time and place will be at the discretion of the bearer with the following caveat: that if the event takes place on a week night then I may be returned in time for me to clean myself up ready for work the next day.

5) I may be physically restrained in any manner the bearer sees fit including, but not limited to, bonds and gags. However note that rule 3 applies in this case.

6) There is no maximum limit to the number of sexual encounters that I must endure during the event, save that rule 4 must apply.

7) Photography and/or videography of the event are prohibited., as are the use of any drugs.

Signed: P.Hope-Mathers Witnessed:

T. Forsyth

"Have you read this?" I said as I punched the paper with my finger.

He shrugged, reading wasn't his strong suit. "Yeah, I signed it didn't I? So whaddya say?"

"I'm fucking gobsmacked."

"Yeah, she's a weird bird alright. So you gonna do it?"

I thought about it for a while, then nodded. It might be fun. "So how's this gonna work?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"We gonna come round to your gaffe and pick her up?"

"Nah! She's thoughta that. She says she wants it to be a surprise so I gotta work something out wiv you."

"Like what?"

"I'll tell you what she does and when she does it, then you can choose the time."

"Aren't you gonna be there?"

He shook his head. "Nah! She don't want me to. Anyway I might end up breaking a few 'eads if I see you fucking my girl."

"So when do you suggest?"

"I wuz thinking of next Friday night. She always goes to the Supermarket in the evening, you could get her there."

We discussed the forthcoming event for a while. Then I took my leave. I had a lot of planning to do and a load of mates to round up.


"What the fuck you choose this heap for?" Said Smithy, waving his hand around the interior of the bright pink, 1950s Cadillac. "Its hardly fucking inconspicuous is it?"

"Shut the fuck up." Snarled Daryl, for whom the car was his pride and joy. "Or I'll punch your fucking lights out."

"Give it a rest." I interjected. "We chose it because its big and it has a big boot. You can hardly get her away on your fucking moped now can we?"

Now it was Smithy's turn to be incensed. "MOPED! A Fucking Moped! That's a hog that is. A fucking Harley, a real one. A fucking Moped indeed."

I held my hand up. "Hey shut up. I think that's her."

We all stared. She was absolutely, drop dead, fucking gorgeous. She had shoulder length brown hair, a breath- taking face and a pair of legs that seemed to go on for ever. A firm, bouncy pair of titties and a figure that most girls would die for, were only partly concealed by her dark business suit and white blouse. She was head- ing, nose in the air, towards a Porsche that was parked at the back of the car park.

"Come on you fuckers or she'll get away."

"You sure this is ok?"

"Course it is. You read the letter, now come on."

With that we piled out of the car and pulled the ski masks down over our faces. She seemed to have a sixth sense, as we converged on her, and she partly turned. She was obviously stunned, momentarily, because she just stood there, her mouth open, but then she recovered and started to run.

"Quick." I shouted and Smithy leapt at her and wrapped his arms around her. She opened her mouth to scream but I was on her like a flash and I pushed the rag into her mouth and tied it in place with a piece of oily rope. More rope secured her hands behind her back.

We stood there admiring her as she squirmed in Smithy's iron embrace. She was even more gorgeous close up. I pushed my face towards hers.

"Looks like your fun is about to begin." I said, just before I secured the blindfold. I then turned to the others and said. "Come on get her in the boot before someone sees us."

We hustled her over to the car and tipped her inside the boot., carefully tying her ankles together then looping them to her wrists with a spare loop of rope. We then slammed down the lid and sped off.

The whole abduction had taken less than two minutes.


Smithy's mum had a caravan out on the beach near Thur- rock. It was in a run down trailer park, that was likely to be deserted at this time of year. So it suited our purposes beautifully.

It took nearly an hour to get there during which time the guys were like schoolkids on an outing. The air was full of comments like:

"You wait till she sees mine, she won't want to know you fuckers."


"I wanna go at that mouth man. You see those lips? Made fer sucking they are."

I kept quiet, after all I was in charge of this little event and a little seriousness was in order on my part.

When we arrived there were 3 cars and a couple of bikes there and, judging by the noise, the party was in full swing already.

We pulled up and jumped out to open the boot. She looked lovely lying there. Her skirt has coiled up to reveal a broad expanse of micromesh covered thigh and we got a glimpse of a lacy garter. My blood pressure soared a couple of tons per square inch as I caught a glimpse of her soft, creamy thigh over the top of her stocking and a flash of her black lace panties. This was class this was.

"Maybe we should have got a cake." Said Smithy as we undid her hogtie and pulled her out of the boot.

"What the fuck are you on about, you div?" Said Daryl.

"You know, so we could make her jump out like at those stag parties."

We thought about it for a moment, then I had an idea.

"Tell you what, go and get that blanket you keep on the backseat Daryl, while me and Smithy get her togs off."

"Whatcha gonna do?"

"You'll see." I put my mouth close to her ear. "You wanna get outa those restricting clothes don'cha luv? Give yourself a bit of freedom like."

She shook her head vehemently, but I ignored her as I started to unbutton her jacket. Smithy started in on the zip on her skirt and was frantically trying to tear it down.

"Careful son. " I said. "Don't ruin the clobber."

She writhed and tried to drop to the ground but, with the help of the newly returned Daryl, we quickly pulled off the outer layers until she stood, shivering, in just her bra and panties.

"Untie her ankles Daryl. Lets get those knickers off and see what we got."

"Ain't she gonna get cold?"

"Na! That's what the blanket's for. Anyway she'll get warmed up soon enough."

Her struggles became even more frantic, but our blood was up now and before long she stood, naked, in the bitter north sea wind. Her body was even more magnifi- cent naked than it promised to be when she was clothed, even though it was turning a fetching shade of purpley- blue in the cold.

We stood admiring it for a second then I signalled Daryl to cover her completely in the blanket. We then hustled her inside.

Altogether there were a dozen guys, including us, and they all whooped and hollered as we entered.

I stood in front of her and announced. "Now I told you that this was a bottle and bird party. Have you guys brought the bottles?"

They cheered and held up a variety of cans and bottles. "In which case here's the bird!"

With that I pulled the blanket aside to reveal her in all her glory.

For a second there was a stunned silence then they all started talking together.

"What a body."

"I've got to tear myself a piece of that."

"Fuck me, look at those tits."

I held my hand up and the hubbub died. "Its my party, so has anyone got any objections to me having first poke?"

They shook their heads.

"Ok, lets get to it men. Here, give me a hand to hold her down."

Now she was struggling like crazy, pulling this way and that like a madwoman. She was one hell of an actress, considering she wanted it and all, maybe this was part of her fantasy. Women! I don't know.

We threw her on the bed and at least a dozen powerful hands grabbed hold of any available flesh to pin her down and open, ready for her dramatic opening. Hands grabbed her tits, her thighs, her ankles, her arms, while still more massaged and teased her legs and her sides. I burrowed my way between the forest of arms and lowered myself onto her. She felt so warm and vibrant under my, by now naked, body. My prick lay along the length of her tightly clenched thighs like a turd in a furrow.

"Ok boys, open up." I quipped and the men on her ankles started to lever her open, while she whimpered and twisted, trying to get away. Finally she was pulled apart like a wishbone and her pussy lips were spread wide and ready. I touched her, she was slightly damp but hardly enough to ease our collective discomfort. So I spat on my hand and rubbed it up and down my stonking hard on. I then positioned the head against her slot and prepared to board her in earnest. And all the time the hands molested while she mewled and bucked. It was magic.

I looked around at the leering faces.

"Masks on boys. I'm gonna take the blindfold off."

They quickly pulled on their masks and, when they had done so, I removed the blindfold. Her eyes were wide open, filled with tears and staring straight into mine.

"Ready or not, here I come." I said and lunged.

Her back arched and I could feel a ripple pass through her whole body as I forced an entry into her. My god she was fucking tight. Tommy was a lucky guy alright. I had to keep ramming and ramming, in order to make any pro- gress but after a while, and a considerable amount of effort, I was home. I paused and stared into her eyes, our noses touching.

"You ready?" I whispered and I'm sure I saw her nod. I nodded back and we were off, with the ribald comments of my mates ringing in my ears.

It was the wildest fuck I've ever had. Even though she was pinned down, she knew more tricks than a fucking conjurer. If Black and Decker ever came up with a power tool with a fraction of the versatility that her hips displayed, then they'd take over the world. Tommy was right, this girl was fucking hot, hot, hot.

Before long I was boiling up to my cum and, judging by her contortions and the look in her eyes, so was she. I pounded away like a madman, my mates yelling in my ears. Faster and faster I went until.......

I came like an army, followed microseconds later by a wild contraction of her pussy which signalled her own orgasm was hitting her like a truck. I felt I must have poured about a gallon of spunk into that deliciously writhing body, there just seemed no end to it.

Finally I fell on her. Spent.

Immediately hands pulled me off and another guy settled between her gorgeously flared thighs and she was off again.

After the third or fourth guy we pulled her over and onto her knees. We worked out that we might as well get the most out of her available holes and her mouth was looking mighty unused. She kept turning away when Smithy tried to push his, admittedly dirty, prick into her mouth. So I pulled the guy away that was about to renew the humping of her pussy.

I then motioned the guys to hold her tight and proceeded to spank her bottom with hard, stinging strokes.

"Please, please stop. I'll do it. I'll do it." She cried.

I pulled her head up by her hair. "You gonna stop fucking around and start sucking him?"

"Yes please don't spank me any more."

"Well do it then." I said and pushed her head down towards Smithy's rampant prick. Her ruby lips kissed the tip then opened wide to admit him. We could see the bulge in her cheek as he pushed himself deeper into her hot, wet cavity. She tried to pull back as he pushed against the back of her throat, but he held her head like a vice and she just had to accept it.

Just then the guy behind her lunged into her pussy with one, long, forceful stroke which pitched her forward. Which in turn rammed Smithy's prick down her throat. The look on Smithy's face was a picture and I only wished I had a camera to record it for posterity, but I remembered her instructions. I didn't want to break her rules.

The evening wore on, with most of us chuffing beers and watching the action. By now she didn't need holding and she was taking on 4 guys at once, one in her cunt, one in her mouth and two in her hands. I reclined on the floor studying the prick going in and out of her sloppy cunt. Each time it pulled back I got a glimpse of her asshole, which seemed to wink beckoningly at me. I'd never had anal sex before, my girlfriends all thought it was either disgusting or it would hurt. But this girl didn't seem to mind what we did to her. Anyway she wasn't exactly in a position to object now was she?

So when the guy finished in a welter of spray I told the next guy to lie down. We then manoeuvred her over the small bed until she sat astride him. We then pushed her down onto his rampant prick, which immediately started banging into her. Her hands and mouth mindlessly took up the rhythm again, leaving her asshole pointing straight at my prick invitingly.

Again I spat on my hand and slowly worked my cock up to full erection. I was going to enjoy this.

What can I say about the experience? She was tight, very, very fucking tight. She squirmed, yep she squirmed alright. She even yelped a little round the prick gagging her mouth, but my blood was up and she was going to get it. So she did.

I fucked her little ass raw and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I could feel the other guy pumping in her pussy through the thin membrane that separated us and it seemed to spur us both on to further efforts.

The best bit?

That must have been when we all came together. Yes, her too! It was fucking amazing. You shoulda been there, I can't describe it. She was hotter than a fucking steam boiler and her hips seemed to take on a life of their own, turning and grinding against us. And when she climaxed it was like my prick was caught between the jaws of a velvet vice. I didn't stand a chance, I just had to let rip with everything I'd got. And she took it all, while she thrashed around like a madwoman.

She managed to fuck all of us at one point. One in her cunt, one up her ass, two sharing her mouth, two in her hands, two in the dips behind her knees, one enterpris- ing guy had cupped her feet together and was fucking her instep, while another had forced her tits together and were fucking them madly. There was even a couple with her hair wrapped around the pricks as they jerked off. An observer would have found it difficult to see that there was a woman in the midst of that lot.

It was one hell of a finale.

Finally we were spent and we dropped where we were.

She lay on the bed, her cunt and ass red and oozing. She was in a hell of a mess and I thought she looked great.

Somehow we managed to get enough strength together to dress her again and bundle her into the car. She was completely out of it, murmuring quietly to herself.

We propped her into the passenger seat of her Porsche and she flopped down with her head on the driver's seat. We even put her shopping in the back seat.

Just before we left I leaned down and kissed her on her cheek. It tasted flat and mildly salty.

"Thanks babe. That was great. I hope you enjoyed it."

Her eyes flickered open briefly but she said nothing. But I was sure I detected a faint nod.

And so we left her.


"Ali. It's the phone."

"Who is it mum?"

"Its Tommy."

"Ok tell him I'm coming."

I stumbled out of bed, blearily looking at the clock. 9 am!

"What the fuck are you doing calling me at this time of day man?" I groaned.

"I just phoned to say sorry."

"Sorry? What for?"

"Cause she couldn't show yesterday. She had to do some late night presentation in her company or something. Hope you're not too pissed off............Ali! Ali! Are you there?"


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