It was a hot Sunday afternoon as I lay on my patio with just my throng g string on. I needed to work on my tan and I thought I would be all alone. Just before I dosed off, I thought that I heard whispering from above me. Keeping my eyes mostly closed, I acted like I was just moving my neck back and looked up. Through the small slits between the boards of the balcony above me, I could see the figures of several people. I knew who they were. The family above me had a nice looking wife with three teenage daughters. I would guess that their ages were 14 to 17. The oldest girl had developed some really nice tits and a great ass. The middle girl was going to match her sister in body and looks. The younger girl showed promise but was still very shy. All of them had their mothers blond hair.

I heard them very softly giggling so I thought I would give them a little show. I let my hand wander down to the small pouch of the suit and softly stroke my cock through the material. I heard the sharp intake of breath as I did this. I enjoyed the touch of my own hand so much that I threw caution to the wind and let the other hand slide inside and grab my cock which was now becoming erect and hard to contain in the cock- pouch of my g-string suit. I pulled back the material and let it rise out.

Knowing that I had young female eyes on my prick gave it an extra hardness. I reached down and got the jar of baby oil. I let a large amount drop onto my now throbbing cock and started to slowly rub it in. Now I had them in my spell. There was not a sound as I slowly let it grow to it's full size. Because I keep my balls and cock completely shaved clean, I knew that they could see everything I was doing. I didn't want to come yet so I got off the chair and said out loud, "I think I'll go up to the pool."

Since I was in such a sexy mood, I slid off the suit and stood naked out in the public area. Taking only my towel, I wrapped it loosely around me and started up to the secluded pool area. I wasn't too surprised when I heard voices following me. When I got to the pool area, I went to the hot tub and quickly got into the water naked. The bubbles hid my bobbling cock somewhat unless you were right above me. When the girls came in, I acted like I had been caught.

"Excuse me girls, I don't have a bathing suit on here. Maybe you would be embarrassed since you probably haven't ever seen a naked man before."

"Why aren't you wearing something?" the youngest girl asked.

"Hot water ruins the elastic in suits," I explained. "Besides, it feels so much better this way."

"Okay" replied the 17 year old. Her sisters face's looked shocked as the blonde teen quickly untied the top of her lime green bikini and dropped it to the pool deck. She then slid down her tiny green bottom and stood in the noon day sun naked. I was surprised to see how large her breasts were. The nipples were large, pink and puffy. Tracy Lords nipples. Her pussy was as smooth as a 10 year olds.

"How old are you?" I asked explaining that usually woman have pubic hair by this point. "17 but I've shaved it all off."

To my amusement, she told me she shaved it after seeing one of my videos playing one night. Evidently, she had been snooping for some time and had watched me through the window. If she saw me watching videos, then she knew what I did while I watched them. So, she had seen me cum.

With a bold look she came over and slid in the hot tub next to me. Her hand used my thigh for support and her wrist bounced against my cock. She looked at her two sisters and told them not to be chicken, to get into the water. The fifteen year old girl hesitated for a second then quickly pulled her one piece suit down and stepped out of it. Her breasts were still growing but the nipples were already fully developed, nice and full and hard as pencil erasers. Her pussy had a light covering of fine blonde pubic hair but I could see the slit clearly. She crawled into the hot tub opposite me but did not go below the water. Her tits stood out clear in the noonday sun. Her cheeks were flushed and I knew that a male had never seen her naked before.

Now it was the youngest ones turn. She didn't ask or say anything but quietly took off her two piece suit. She turned to push down her pants. Her butt had started to take on a woman's shape but she still had the bubble butt of a younger girl. When she turned, I saw that her little pussy still had the non puffy lips of a young girl. Her breasts were only a hint but her nipples were quarter size and nice and pink. She was too young for fucking but old enough to know what men liked and wanted. She showed no shame as she sat down in the water. She looked straight at my hard cock that was bobbling in the water.

The oldest girl had now leaned against me and let her hand wander between my thighs. The back of her hand was resting against my smooth shaved balls and it felt great. Even when I was young I had not had anything this good looking.

Her sisters just watched as her hand slowly kept moving until it had circled my cock. She turned to me and slid the rest of her body around my knee and let her firm young breasts rub down my wet chest. When I felt the second hand on my leg, I guessed that it was the 15 year old and I was right. She had one hand pinching her own nipples and the other stroking the head of my dick. It did shock me a little when she turned to her sister and proceeded to stick her tongue into her mouth.

The 17 year old then rose up and positioned her- self over my knees and slowly slid down my wet thighs until I felt that young shaved pussy slowly envelop my cock. It was the tightest pussy I had ever felt and the water made it even tighter.

I closed my eyes as I sunk all the way into her. I leaned my head back on the steps of the Jacuzzi. When I went to rise back up, my progress was blocked. I opened my eyes to stare into the 14 year old pussy. I thought about it for about 7 seconds then proceeded to stick my tongue straight into that wet little snatch.

Her reaction was quick. She threw her head back and pulled on her baby nipples. The 15 year old was now pulling on my balls and rubbing her older sisters clit from the front. Because her cunt was so tight and the pussy was so good tasting and the ball pulling felt so good, I came. I bucked as my hot cum exploded into the pre-legal pussy.

She pulled off when I really started to shoot and watched as the white cream hit the water and beaded up. The fifteen year old slowly picked up her sisters hand and licked the white cum that was on her fingers. The youngest one just stared as my cock with her eyes wide. Sisters tongues thrashed and the little one moaned.

It took several minutes before the water stopped splashing. The three girls looked at each other and started to giggle and smile. The oldest one now slid off my softening cock. She looked me in the eye very seriously.

"You are our property now. What you did was against the law and we will have to tell out mom."

"Whoa," I said. I don't know how old you are."

"Relax," she replied. "We want to take you home so you can fuck her too. Her and daddy love to fuck other people that we like. Be there tonight at 8 or we will call the police. The girls playfully wrapped towels around their naked bodies and went out the gate while I sat naked, wondering what to do. . .


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    Pretty hot! Please write more about all the girls!!
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    Would like to hear more about the little one