This story takes place inside a "very private" club that caters to a special clientele. Socially and sexually sophisticated jet-setters visit this club whenever they are in town. There are places like the Pink Pussy elsewhere, but none quite so entertaining.

Gretchen is a private dancer. She's had many experiences in her young life, but the one she describes here is one of her favorites.

She was born in Eastern Germany, in a small hamlet called Hetzobaden, and grew up in an authoritarian society. When the Berlin Wall fell, she was one of the first people to leave, gravitating to Berlin and becoming an exotic dancer because of her outstanding looks.

She soon had more money than she'd ever thought possible. She was a very talented dancer, in great demand.

After a year or so of dancing in Berlin clubs Gretchen was given an opportunity to make big money, in one of the private sex clubs in Munich. Today she is a private dancer at the best one, and her act is fascinating to watch.

I'll let her take the story on from there...


I met Kristen and Kathy last year at the Pink Pussy. I'd worked there for almost six months by then, and remember seeing them walk into the bar area and sit down for a drink or conversation.

It was unusual for unescorted women to visit the Pink Pussy unless they were gay. This couple, however, didn't look that way to me, and, believe me, I can usually tell.

I was in the middle of my act when they came in, and I couldn't see them that well, but it struck me that they looked rather young to be there. The platinum blonde had a certain magnetism for me and I couldn't take my eyes off her, at least not until Kurt jammed his big weenie into my mouth.

At that point I lost track of the girls. I'd been on stage for about 20 minutes, and we were about to start the really wild stuff. The act was popular with the customers, and there was a lot for me to do. I had to concentrate, because it isn't easy to take in something that big right up to the hilt.

Kurt began fucking my mouth with his big dick, and I went into my act. I let him push me down on the floor of the stage and penetrate my mouth and throat as deeply as he would a woman's vagina. Believe me when I say that taking a man's erect penis up to the hilt in one's throat takes a certain talent. Most women can't do it, no matter how hard they try; the gag reflex is very hard to avoid.

But it was part of our act, so Kurt was pumping away, in and out of my throat, and I was massaging his big balls. The act required us to pretend to be members of the audience who'd gone up on stage to have sex in front of everybody. Many in the audience would follow us as the evening wore on, and it was our job to get the ball rolling.

I've always enjoyed exhibiting myself in public. I'm proud of my body, and work hard to keep it just right. (I've enclosed my picture with this story; it's the one Kristen and Kathy would have seen displayed inside the private lobby, behind the regular night-club. They show all our pictures, so that people won't be upset if they notice we're not really just part of the audience. You'll like my picture. It's my favorite.)

As Kurt started to get excited - and I can always tell when that happens - he pumped away even harder into my mouth. At the last moment, as planned, he pulled out and sprayed me with a healthy load of spunk.

As usual, I tried to catch it in my mouth while he jerked his wanger about, kneeling at my side. It was very messy, as always, and the audience loved it, getting to their feet and cheering us on.

Kurt's a good boy; there aren't too many men who could come two or three times a night in front of a crowd. If I were a man, I think I'd get so bored with sex I'd have a hard time ejaculating.

Well, maybe not, because I can orgasm many times on stage, and I've been doing this for quite a while.

Kurt finished his masturbation show, and lowered his beautifully firm body onto mine to rub his sperm be- tween our bodies. I pretended to be overcome by passion when he put his big penis between my legs and placed his knob against my pussy lips; and I rolled my eyes and grunted when he fell heavily on top of me and thrust his shaft into my cunt.

While he was pumping away I looked out at the audience and saw the two girls again. They'd moved to a table near the front (ringside tables are always given to attractive women) and the blonde was watching us intently.

Her friend looked as if she'd seen it all before and wasn't really paying attention. Instead, she seemed to be sizing up the men in the room.

Kurt finally went into his orgasm act, and I went with him. He started really pounding into me, while I wrap- ped my legs around his hips and started meeting his thrusts. I was really enjoying Kurt's cockthrusts; he could be like a machine after his first orgasm of the night.

He started grunting, pretending to come inside me, and I realized he was going to call it quits before I got myself off, so I grabbed him and rolled on top. There was no way I was going to let him leave me feeling frustrated. I started riding him as though he were one of those mechanical bulls you see in fake western night clubs.

I was really enjoying myself, and as I rode Kurt's cock I looked down at the blonde and saw that she was right there with me. She was holding her breath, and it was obvious that she was oblivious to everything else; it was as if I was performing for her alone.

She looked so sexy, gazing up at me with innocent lust in her eyes, that I became excited, and an orgasm began, quite involuntarily, to rise up inside me. In moments I came on Kurt's big dick, and as my body shook in a mindless, orgasmic state I looked into her eyes, and we connected. She was right there with me, and it felt wonderful.

Of course, Kurt, the consummate professional, came right along with me, and our show reached a sexual height most couples can only dream about.

We collapsed in a sweating, sticky heap, breathing like a couple of blacksmith's bellows. At last I stood up, and so did Kurt, and we gave our signature smiles to everyone before prancing off the stage.

"Thanks, Kurt. That was great. You always surprise me with your technique. Just when I think I'll have to pretend, you get me horny."

Kurt smiled complacently, saying in his Bavarian accent: "Gretchen, you're much too horny to need to pretend; that's why I like to perform with you. You're always my first choice. Well, I'm off to the shower. We're on again in two hours." And with that, he walked naked down the hall, his magnificent wanger swaying in front of him.


You might think, with all the sex we get, that we'd become blase about it, but you'd be wrong. Sure, as far as being naked around people is concerned, you get used to that, but fucking in public is always a turn-on.

Suddenly remembering my little blonde, I hurried to my dressing room and took a quick shower. The time between shows was our own, when we might choose to lie back and relax, or go out into the crowd, and maybe do a little private dancing.

Private dancing is where the big money is. A talented girl - or guy, for that matter - can make a lot in one night. I once got a ten-grand fee for about twenty minutes' work. That's unusual, though I keep my eyes peeled for rich Arabs now.

My normal nightly take is around two to three thousand, not counting the money I get from the club. That's taxable; the rest isn't. At any rate, it says something about my state of mind when I tell you I wasn't think- ing about private dancing at that moment; only about that little blonde.

After finishing my shower and douche, I looked for something appropriate to wear. I picked out a French T, which is a silk dress, cut like a normal T-shirt for girls.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I could see through the material every curve and plane of my body, even the little goose bumps around my areolae. It occurred to me that most women would be scared stiff to wear something so revealing in public.

After admiring my body a little while, I bounced out through the door and into the main room to look for my potential new playmates. I wasn't certain they'd still be there, but when I remembered the look in the younger girl's eyes I was hopeful.

Yes, there they were, giggling together about some- thing. For a second I was uncertain what to do; what if my intrusion was unwelcome? However, I really wanted to meet them, especially the blonde who had so intrigued me, so I plucked up courage and strolled over to their table, ignoring the usual offers from customers I passed.

"Hello. My name is Gretchen. May I sit with you for a moment?" Both girls looked up at me. The older one smiled, but the younger, blonde girl seemed startled. I thought I saw her shiver, but it might have been my imagination.

"Why, of course. We loved your show, and we were just talking about you," the older girl said. She sounded American.

Americans seem to stand out in Europe. I guess Europeans do the same over in America. She continued: "I'm Kathy, and this is Kristen. I can't tell you how sexy you looked up there."

"Thank you. Coming from such a good looking member of our gender, I consider that a real compliment. Have you been here before?"

"No. We're in Germany for the international figure skating competition in Nuremberg. We had a few days on our own and, well, I'd heard of this place, and just had to visit while we had the chance."

Kathy was gushing, and mixing up some of her words in her excitement. I turned to the blonde. "And you, what do you think of the nightclub?" I examined her closely, and was as intrigued as the first time I saw her. She looked quite innocent, but I sensed a kindred spirit lurking behind those big blue eyes. I continued to stare at her as the silence stretched out, then she started as if shocked by electricity, and her beautiful young face flushed an inviting pink. "I... I... I'm sorry," she stammered. "I didn't mean to stare at you. It's just that I... don't really know what you said just then. I was so busy looking at you that I wasn't hearing anything. Please forgive me..."

"My beautiful young friend, I could forgive you any- thing. Please don't be sorry. I, too, enjoyed looking at you." I smiled at her, hoping that things would go as I planned. I hadn't realized before that they were American, or I'd have taken it into consideration. We all know what prudes Americans are. I still felt, however, that I could make a new friend if I tried hard enough.

By now another couple were on stage. They were amateurs, but I had to admit they looked pretty good undressed. "Kristen, you didn't answer me earlier. Have you enjoy- ed yourself this evening?"

"Oh yes. I didn't think I would, but Kathy talked me into coming, and I can't begin to tell you how sexy I think this place is." She said this with such enthus- iasm that I was charmed.

"What did you think of Kurt and me on stage?"

"I've never been so turned-on in my life. I never thought that sex could be so, well, sexy. You almost made me want to join in." Kristen giggled nervously as she said the last sentence.

That was my cue - what a lovely girl to give me such an opening. "Kristen, Kathy, how would you like to perform for the audience?" I truly thought they would make excellent performers. I could tell they'd look good naked on stage - their bodies were really shapely, perhaps because of their ice skating - but would they do it?

Kristen sounded shocked. "Oh no! I could never do that. Honestly, I'd die of embarrassment. But you do it, Kathy. You'd be wonderful."

"Kristen's a virgin; that's why she's so shy. But I have to agree with her. I just wanted to see some hot sex; not perform or anything like that." Kathy sounded a little nervous, but I noticed a glint in her eyes.

"A pretty girl like you still a virgin?" I said. "That's hard to believe. How old are you, Kristen?"

"I was 18 last February, and it may sound weird, but between school and trying to be a professional skater I haven't had a lot of time for dating, and boys and things. And I don't like being made fun of about it."

"I don't mean to do that, Kristen, honest. I just felt a kind of connection between us, and thought you might like to perform. It could be just you and me... and Kathy too, if she wants... You know, you won't be here that long, and this could be your only chance. Many women do it here, just once. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let oneself go. You might find that it's as enjoyable as it looks. And I don't just ask anyone, you know."

"I don't want to get pregnant or even take the risk of having it happen. I admit the idea does excite me, but what with diseases, and the pregnancy thing, it's just out of the question." Kristen said this with such a cute firmness in her voice, it made me smile.

"Sweety, I wouldn't let anything happen to you. For your information, the professionals who perform here make as much as $600,000 a year, and don't want to get pregnant, or contract any kind of disease. Kurt has had a vasectomy, and couldn't make you pregnant if he tried. But I was thinking about just us girls. Come on, Kristen. Give it some thought. I can just see us up there; and I know the crowd would go wild to see you."

I noticed that Kathy seemed to be thinking over what I'd just said, and I remembered my first time. I hadn't been a virgin or anything, but it was a great thrill. To get up in front of 50 people and have sex with some- one makes the heart pound like nothing else. That first time, I just let it happen, letting the man do whatever he wanted to me, and just reacting to his touch.

I think I had more orgasms that night than ever before, or since. It was as if every nerve ending in my body was on fire. I tried again.

"Kristen, you'll never have better sex than with me; I guarantee it. You won't have to do anything, just leave it to me. And Kathy, I know you'd love it too. Come on, what do you say? Our show starts within the hour, and I'd love to have both of you in it."

Kathy had a glazed look in her eyes, but answered after a little hesitation: "Sure. Why not? I guess I really wanted to do it all the time. Come on, Kristen, lets both do it. It'll be fun, and you don't have to do anything you don't want to up there. Besides, I've seen you in the shower often enough, and I can tell you you've nothing to be embarrassed about. This is a one- off chance, and if we don't take it we'll always wonder what it would have been like."

"Kathy! I can't believe you said that!" Kristen sounded shocked; it was obvious that she usually agreed with her friend.

I really wanted to have sex with this girl, so I pushed just a little harder. "Kristen, it would be a fling for you. In a few days you're going home to America, where there's nothing like this. You'll be perfectly safe with professionals, and believe me when I say it will be a memory that will stay with you the rest of your life."

"Well... I don't know... I've never considered doing anything like this."

I could tell her resolve was breaking down, and looked at Kathy for support. Kathy got the idea and piped up: "Come on, Krissy. Let's do it - I dare you. I'll do it if you will. Come on."

"Well... I guess it would be different... but I wouldn't have the faintest idea what to do?"

A thrill ran through my body and I jumped up, saying: "Follow me, ladies. I'll take you back stage and we'll go over the program."

With that, I took them by the hand and led them out of the front room. I noticed on the way that some of the more experienced customers were eyeing the girls, and putting their heads together, no doubt having guessed that they'd been talked into performing.

We went directly to my dressing room, and I buzzed Kurt. I asked him to stop by and see me, saying I had a couple of beautiful women I wanted him to meet.

Kurt, being Kurt, was there in a flash. "Ahh, yes," he breathed. "They are quite exquisite, Gretchen. I would like to perform with them very much. Hello, ladies. Did Gretchen tell you about me?"

Kathy said, in a small voice: "We saw your last per- formance."

"That is very good. Did you like our act?"

Here Kristen jumped in. "Oh, you were marvelous. I never realized sex was like that."

Kurt looked a little taken aback by this, and shot a questioning glance at me.

"Yes, Kurt, Kristen is a virgin, but she wants to perform."

"We have never done it with a virgin before, Gretchen. Is this wise?", Kurt asked, sounding a little troubled.

"I'll take care of Kristen," I said. "You perform with Kathy. I'm fairly sure she can handle you." I chuckled. "And if Kristen wants to do more, we'll let her, OK?"

"Sounds fine to me, but you ought to get them ready; we're on in 25 minutes. I'll see you ladies a little later. I'm really looking forward to it." Kurt gave Kathy a long smoldering look before padding out of the room, her eyes following him with the look of a child in a candy store.

With Kurt out of the way, I turned to the girls. "OK. Now you have to strip for me."

They stood there, wide-eyed, neither making a move. I walked up to Kristen, and began unbuttoning her blouse, while she just stood there quietly, letting me undress her. I pushed her open blouse back off her shoulders, then unclipped her skirt and let it drop.

I was enjoying myself, guessing how Kristen must be feeling to have another woman undress her. I remembered the first time it happened to me, and hoped Kristen was enjoying it as much as I had. I smiled at her as I came in close, reaching around behind her to unclip her bra, and stepping back with it in my hands.

Yes, I liked her body as much as I'd thought I would. She stood, now, just panty-clad, her arms at her side. It was a good sign when they didn't try to cover their breasts. She had a small, but well-muscled and highly- toned body. I like that in women. So often they're just soft, and that does nothing for me.

But Kristen's was an athlete's body. She stood there, with excitement in her eyes, and looking into mine. I found myself wanting to feel her, but held myself back.

"Kristen, you're beautiful. I really mean it. You're going to make a lot of people dream about you tonight."

I now turned to Kathy and helped her take off her sweater. After I'd pulled it off over her head she unfastened her own skirt, then removed her bra and panties. Yes, I thought, she's got some nerve. I don't know if I could have undressed myself like that the first time.

The girls were now standing buck naked in front of me. Kathy was a few inches taller than Kristen, and larger- boned, and her breasts were a size or two larger than Kristen's. Both girls, however, were quite perfectly proportioned.

"Come along, girls. We have to take a shower, then oil our bodies, and we're running out of time." I threw my French T onto the back of a chair and led them into the shower stall. Oh yes, this was really going to be fun.

I started the water flow and stepped in, beckoning them to follow. Once all three of us were wet, I started to soap Kristen's body. I had my reasons for picking on her first. To my surprise, Kathy joined right in, and while I soaped Kristen's front, Kathy was doing her back.

I roamed my hands all over Kristen's firm body; it was heaven. I thoroughly soaped her up, massaging her breasts until her nipples were standing at attention. She just stood there with eyes closed, letting me do whatever I wanted, luxuriating in the sensation she was getting from being massaged all over. Remembering my mission, I ran my hands down her flat stomach, and knelt down in front of her to wash her thighs. As I did that I trailed my hand over her love triangle. For a while I kept up a pretence of washing her light blonde pubic hair, but then, without any warning, I pushed two fingers deep between her pussy lips.

As I expected, Kristen jumped in surprise, but I had my answer. Our little Krissy might be a virgin, but her hymen was gone, so she'd had something in there. That was good. I was glad to know that.

I apologized for my 'mistake', and Kristen and I now turned our attention to Kathy. Once we'd washed and oiled one another (and I enjoyed that too) it was time to go.

"Well, girls, this is how it works. Kristen, you'll be with me; and Kathy, you get Kurt. Don't worry; he'll treat you gently. Kristen, you do whatever, and when- ever you like; no pressure. And if there's something you don't like, just let me know."

With that, I took both girls by the hand and we walked out on stage. There was immediate applause. Of course, I always get applause, but this seemed to contain a note of expectation.

I guessed that the 'fact' that Kristen was a virgin had reached the audience. That's one thing management is good at, getting the word out to the clientele. Both girl were nervous. They knew roughly what to expect but not really how to behave.

I was impressed to see that they didn't look awkward, only a trifle subdued. "Step to center stage, Kristen. Kathy, walk over there; that's where Kurt will come in."

The girls did just as they were told, and I thrilled at the sight, knowing this was their first time. Kristen was mine, and I had everything ready.

Kurt came on stage to a fanfare, sporting his signature hard-on, which, I thought, looked a little harder than usual for a second performance. I wasn't at all of- fended. After all, I felt the same way about Kristen.

He strode up to Kathy and took her in his arms. Mean- while I walked up behind Kristen and wrapped my arms around her, leaning my chin on her shoulder to watch Kurt and Kathy perform. I didn't want to go too fast.

We saw Kurt spin Kathy round within his arms so that they faced each other. He looked huge next to her, like a genie with a fairy princess. He knelt in front of her and reached up to her shoulders with his massive hands, then ran his big paws down over her breasts, her nipples, down her firm stomach to her legs.

He did this several times with Kathy standing erect and proud in front of him, obviously enjoying the sexual massage. Suddenly, as if overcome by lust, Kurt took hold of Kathy by her shapely hips, and lowered her to the floor as if in a ballet.

Unlike a ballet, however, he immediately sank his face deep into the V of her golden thighs. Kathy was responding beautifully, and I was becoming extremely wet from watching them.

Almost without thinking, as I rested my chin on Kristen's shoulder, I started toying with her nipples. We swayed from side to side as we watched Kurt giving head, and I was surprised, and pleased, when Kristen's hand crept up and started caressing my cheek.

Kurt was putting on a great show, and the audience were getting excited, some of the regulars on their feet to get a better view. Kathy's hips were writhing under Kurt's mouth, and she was obviously not acting.

After a while Kurt crept, still on his knees, up to Kathy's lovely face. He plunged an arm under her upper body and pulled her up from the floor. Still kneeling, and with only one hand for support, he began pas- sionately frenching her. Soon Kathy was struggling for air but Kurt, in dominant mood, kept up the suction.

Meanwhile, my little vixen had found my mouth with her hand and inserted a finger, a move that had taken me six months to devise for myself. I began to think Kristen might have natural talent for sex.

Becoming aware that she was pushing back against me in a slow rhythm, I stopped paying attention to Kathy and Kurt and gave my full attention to my own partner. I turned Kristen around in my arms and kissed her on the lips, lightly at first, then a little harder, then we started frenching.

We stood in the middle of the stage, our bodies pressed together, and over fifty strangers watched as my little Kristen began kissing me in earnest. I was amazed at how quickly she'd become aroused. A new girl normally just lets things happen, but Kristen was obviously enjoying her little exhibitionist fling, and was pre- pared to take the lead if she felt like it.

The crowd started cheering us on by name. I think, by now, they all knew about Kristen's virginity, and that this was a rare one-off experience. I pulled back from Kristen and knelt down in front of her. I had intended demonstrating some of my famous tongue action, but she did the unexpected again and knelt down with me, clamping onto my mouth again and giving me a little tongue herself.

Eventually I pulled away, whispering: "Kristen, I want you to get on all fours, because I'm going to fuck you from behind. The audience will love it, and I guarantee you will too. Trust me, sweety."

Kristen frowned, but did as she was told, going down on all fours and waiting for me. As I crawled around behind her I was able to examine her body. In the light of the club her skin seemed to glow with its own inner light. I was moved by her beauty as I raised myself up to lean on her strong, smooth athletic back.

I reached between her legs and began stroking her cunt slit, rubbing my knuckles against her clitoris at the end of each stroke. I wasn't surprised to find that she was wet; so was I...

I was finding jerking her off even more enjoyable than doing myself. Her body shivered each time my hand touched her love-button, and I enjoyed that too.

To know that this girl had never had anyone's hands on her before, that her sexual pleasures had previously only been self-induced, and that I was her first, really got me going.

I signaled to the stagehand and he threw me my prop. I whispered to Kristen: "Sweety, I'm going to fuck you very soon. Trust me. I won't hurt you. Just stay loose and let it happen, OK?"

She just moaned in reply, rhythmically thrusting her behind back onto my fingers. I pushed my leg between hers and let her hump my thigh. Meanwhile, I took my famous strap-on "manhood" and slipped one end into myself, then strapped on the support harness.

Oh, it felt so good to be full. I always feel powerful when I wear a strap-on; I sometimes think I can use a fake dick better that most men use their real ones. But then I have an advantage; I know what it feels like to have a man fuck me. No matter how hard they try to imagine it, heterosexual men can never really know that feeling.

I felt a little thrill when I realized that Kristen didn't know it either... yet.

I pulled my leg back from between Kristen's while she groaned with frustration. Then, leaning back a little, I rubbed my "manhood" against her glistening pussy lips. I said softly: "Kristen dear, I want you to reach back and put me inside you."

She looked back through her legs, and I felt her body jerk in surprise when she saw my life-like 10-incher. I said: "Trust me, Kristen. You're going to enjoy this, I promise."

She slowly reached back between her legs and fingered my 'cock'. After a while I had to say it again, a little more urgently this time. "Kristen, please put my cock against your opening. Do it now; everyone's calling for you to do it. Can't you hear them, Kristen? They're waiting for me to take your virginity. Do you want me to, sweety? Do you?" My heart was pounding as she now took my fake cock and pulled it towards her cunt, making 'my half' of the dildo move inside me as she did so.

She placed it at her opening, and I gently urged my hips forward to penetrate her pussy lips. Kristen cried out as her virgin pussy was stretched, but I didn't stop.

Slowly I inserted an inch. She was quaking under me, but whether from pain or pleasure I neither knew nor cared. I was simply concentrating on doing my little American princess, so I rhythmically went an inch deeper, then another.

The crowd was going wild by this time. I could hear Kristen's breath coming fast and shallow, like a woman in childbirth using the Lamaze method.

Successive thrusts went deeper into her stretched opening until, finally, I bottomed out. All ten inches were inside my little princess, and she wasn't screaming into the night.

The audience was egging me on with a low, rhythmic chant of: "Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!...", and that's what I did, and Kristen seemed not to mind one bit.

Thrust in, pull out, thrust in, pull out... The rhythm started slow, and built up. I know what a crowd likes - and that is a big dick going in and out of a pretty, wet cunt. It sounds crude, but that's human nature, and I make a lot of money because I understand it.

So that's what I did to Kristen. I gave her a lot of dick; fake dick, to be sure, but good dick. She was really getting into it - I could hear her groan at the peak of each thrust - and I knew that she was going to reach the summit tonight.

The crowd were making a terrific din, but Kristen was in her own little world. I was holding her around the stomach, keeping up the pace, when I felt her tummy muscles start to ripple, and her body began to jerk under me. Then she began screaming: "OH yes! YES! OH GOD YES!", and thrusting back at me as hard as I was thrusting into her.

Each of her movements pushed my half of the two-way dildo against my clitoris, and within a minute I experienced the most exquisite orgasm I think I've ever had.

Knowing that Kristen was coming as a result of my efforts greatly helped to push me over. We shook and spasmed as one, our juices and perspiration mixing as we were simultaneously overcome.

All of a sudden Kristen seemed to lose her strength and began to sag under me. I couldn't hold her up, so she fell to the floor of the stage, sprawling out under me, pulling my vinyl 'manhood' out of her body while the audience roared with approval.

I looked down at her sweet, limp body and smiled. An expression of utter bliss was on her face, her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. She's a natural, I thought. She wasn't acting, but didn't need to; she was a natural.

I heard another part of the audience shouting Kurt's name and, still on my knees above Kristen, I looked around to see how he was getting on.

He was pounding away like a machine at Kathy's pussy. From my angle I could see his huge cock pulling out of her, then disappearing back into her like a snake into its hole. Kathy was oblivious to everything but the fine screwing she was getting from Kurt.

I knew how that could be, having been there a few times myself. I looked down at Kristen. She was curled into a ball, her knees up to her chest, lying on her side and facing the audience with her eyes still closed.

Then I looked back at Kurt. His bottom was rising and falling. I knew that even if he came inside Kathy he'd keep up the rhythm till she had an orgasm; he could do that. I felt I ought to join in, so I stood up, my fake member in one hand, and skipped over to the rutting couple.

I knelt behind Kurt and looked questioningly at the audience. They cheered me on: "Do him! Go on, do him!" I usually ask Kurt in advance if I'm going to do my reverse routine, but things were different tonight.

The only warning I could give him was to bend over him and rub my nipples against his back. He didn't seem to notice me, however, or perhaps he didn't care - I don't know which.

So I grabbed hold of my still-wet and slick 'cock' and pushed the head against Kurt's rear door. I let him take me in at his own speed. Each time he pulled out of Kathy he impaled himself on my 'dick'. I'd sort of follow him down a little when he thrust into her again, so that with every backward move of his hips my "dick" buried itself a little deeper in his ass.

Eventually it was buried up to the hilt. I always like doing men. It's a trip to turn the tables and, besides, the crowd always loves it.

Every time Kurt pumped into Kathy, he'd pull himself off my 'cock'; and whenever he pulled his own dick out of her, he'd get mine deep in his rear.

Therefore, while Kathy was getting the screwing of her life, Kurt was getting banged up at the same time. We put on quite a show. It isn't easy to maintain a rhythm like that, but Kurt and I knew what we were doing.

At last Kathy started to convulse in her final orgasm. Both Kurt and I could tell that he'd used her up; that she couldn't take much more. She was making unintel- ligible noises as her beautiful body flopped around uncontrollably underneath Kurt.

Then, to my surprise, Kurt himself started to come. I could tell, because I was stroking his shaft evey time he pulled out before thrusting in again, and all of a sudden I felt hot fluids gushing out over my hand.

I smiled triumphantly at the audience, holding out my dripping hand up for everyone to see. Kurt now fell sprawling on top of Kathy, pulling free from me, then rolled off her prostrate body.

I was so breathless I just stayed on my knees, jacking my vinyl 'cock' in my hand, actually pushing it in and out of my vagina, though the crowd just saw a woman masturbating her dildo. I liked doing that; it was kind of my trade-mark.

After a minute I jumped up and pulled off my strap-on, holding it above my head like a trophy, and Kurt got up and stood next to me. The music swelled. There we stood, in the middle of the stage, two blonde Germans, with our two American conquests, used-up and prostrate, on either side of us. It was a very erotic, and a sym- bolic scene, believe me.


That night was such fun for me that ever since then I've always kept an eye open for another virgin to take on stage. I must admit, though, that I never found one like Kristen again.

She and Kathy went back to Nuremberg for their skating competition, and did well. A week later they went home to America. I still get Christmas cards from them. Kristen has told me many times that if I ever come to America I must stay with her.

I've no idea where Oregon is, but if I ever do go to America I will surely find out...


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