Michelle stood by her dorm room window gazing out at the fading light that the weak, late afternoon winter sun cast across the near deserted campus. The flat gray mat of a sky warned of impending snow, and the fact that it was a Friday seemed somehow to add to the overall impact of the scene. It was semester break and she had decided to stay on campus. Her plans for Florida died when her friend Joanne had come down with the flu and had to cancel.

Somehow Florida without Joanne just wouldn't have been much fun. And Daddy had that damn business trip! Of course the company's European affiliate had to pick now to have problems. But they were sufficiently serious to warrant Daddy going himself. Usually one of the VP's could handle just about anything. And going home with just Drucilla, the cook/housekeeper, for company just wasn't a viable option. Of course if Mommy were still alive, it would be different, but it was going on three years now since that stupid, drunken, asshole kid had rammed Mommy's car head-on. All the money in the world couldn't bring Mommy back or ease the pain in Michelle's heart every time she thought of it, but the family DID have more than enough money to make that stupid little son of a bitch sorry.

Oh, did he get sorry! If it had been a legitimate accident that would have been one thing. But to drive THAT drunk, after three arrests for DUI, and with a suspended license. That was too much! He got what was coming to him, unfortunately not soon enough.

Michelle pushed herself away from the window and forced herself to stop thinking about it. Even after this time she became so angry at the thought of Mommy dying like that she had to force her mind onto a different subject. She knew that getting that upset didn't help anything and certainly wasn't good for her. And she didn't want to wipe out the generally positive attitude she had cultivated thus far during the break. Staying on campus had not proved as bad as she had originally thought it might.

She stayed up late watching movies, slept late in the morning, read, and just generally did what she wanted when she wanted. There was a skeleton staff on duty in the cafeteria for those students who had remained on campus either to work or, like Michelle, out of choice. So she could always get something to eat there if she wanted, and if she didn't want to go out at all, the mini-refrigerator and hot plate in her room generally took care of just about anything she wanted. And there was always pizza delivery!

As the dinner hour was fast approaching, Michelle grab- bed her jacket and headed over to the cafeteria for something to eat. She could have used the tunnel and avoided the winter air, but tonight that air felt good. It was crisp and clean and cold. It had enough bite to make her skin tingle, but not so cold as to be uncom- fortable. The windless, darkening, near deserted campus gave an air of serenity. Michelle walked slowly enjoying this moment of peace. The only sound was the crunch of snow beneath her boots. At the midpoint of her trek she paused and closed her eyes and just let the moment engulf her and soothe her. The peace was almost hypnotic and when Michelle finally resumed her journey she felt ever so much better about herself and about life.

Tonight, Charlie, the apprentice chef, was trying out something new. Angelo, the head chef would never have let Charlie get away with serving Linguini con vongoli with her experimental wine sauce to the entire student body. But this was not the entire student body, and besides, Angelo was taking a vacation so Charlie was in charge. And as head chef (regardless of how tem- porary) she drew up the menu and could experiment as much as she liked. The only real criteria limiting her was that if couldn't cost the college TOO much, and she had to make it edible!

Michelle sat down with her dinner and began to eat. Charlie's modifications were great! She would have to find out just what Charlie had done and relay the info to Drucilla. This was too good to keep quiet about. She was just delighting in her third bite when someone walked up to her.

"Hi! My name is Marty. Mind if I join you?" Though Michelle was momentarily reluctant to break the mood of her solitary delight with her dinner, she soon recog- nized Marty as the occupant of the room corresponding to hers in the opposite wing of the dorm. Well, almost corresponding, for though Marty's room lay in the same relative position in her half of the dorm as Michelle's did in hers, the dorm's design dictated that no one could see into Michelle's room from another room while Michelle had an unobstructed view into many of the other dorm rooms, particularly Marty's.

Though she had never met Marty, she had enjoyed watch- ing her on several occasions as Marty exercised in her room. Marty exercised nude!

Though Michelle occasionally dated, she also felt a strong attraction to women. More than once she had become quite aroused watching Marty, and felt compelled to give her breast and even her pussy a squeeze. One night she had even masturbated thinking of this beau- tiful girl and the way she moved.

What a delicious little cum that had been!

Thinking of how she had 'known' Marty caused Michelle to blush and she quickly gestured to the chair opposite her as she tried to avoid choking on her linguini. After a quick sip of water, she smiled and extended her hand saying, "Glad for the company. My name is Michelle." The girls shook and smiled at each other.

"Actually," Marty began, "I knew your name." "I've noticed you around the campus and asked one of my friends who you were." The slight blush that past over Marty's cheeks, and the sudden downcasting of her eyes implied that there was more. Marty did not elaborate though.

They started with very generic small talk about their courses, the professors, and the college in general. They each also downed two helpings of Charlie's linguini, but were just too full to go back for a third. The time flew by as they talked.

The more they talked, the broader the course of subjects that they covered and the more personal and intimate the level of their conversation. And as they talked, the more in common they found they had and the more they liked each other. But as much as they had in common, they found out that they were also opposites in many ways.

Though they were both quite smart and had easily gained admission to this elite institution of higher learning on shear merit alone, Marty needed full scholarship in order to attend while for Michelle, money was no pro- blem. That was the reason for Marty being on campus for semester break. She had to help in the Biology and Chem. labs.

Marty came from a lower middle class, white collar family who were unknown outside their own circle of family and friends, while the administration building of the college had been named after Michelle's paternal grandmother while a wing of the library bore the name of her great aunt. And Michelle's soft blonde hair was in sharp contrast to Marty's thick, lush, raven mane.

But they both loved movies, nature, classical music, and pizza. They were the same height and almost exactly the same build. Where Marty was a Hanes Her Way girl, Michelle was strictly Victoria's Secret. That is of course, when they wore underwear which each confessed they occasionally did not.

Finally, they were aware that someone had walked up to them. It was Charlie and she threatened, "If you guys don't clear out of here soon I'm going to charge you rent." But there was a smile on her face as she said it. Marty and Michelle looked around and realized that they were the only ones still in the cafeteria. "OOPS," both said simultaneously and somewhat sheepishly.

As they grabbed their jackets they complimented Charlie on the great dinner. Charlie promised Michelle that she would write down her recipe for Drucilla, and wished the two girls a pleasant evening as they ven- tured out into the night. The sky that had threatened snow earlier was just starting to deliver. A few flakes gently floated to earth and served only to strengthen the almost surreal atmosphere that had been present earlier. The girls walked quietly, almost afraid to speak lest it shatter the peace and stillness that pre- vailed. There was no awkwardness in their silence. Instead there was a sense of affinity and comradeship that was enhanced, rather than detracted from, in their mutual, meditative appreciation of the moment.

As they approached the dorm, Michelle suggested that since Marty also enjoyed movies that she come up and they make an evening of it. Michelle said she could pop a tape into the VCR and they could sip wine and watch all night if they wanted to. Marty readily agreed and shortly they were lounging comfortably in Michelle's room with a glass of wine watching "Rebecca".

Rather than watching quietly though, they chatted and giggled through much of the movie, increasingly so as the wine went to work relaxing them. Though no overt gestures had been made, each felt a strong attraction to the other. Both girls had previously experienced sex with guys as well as the delights of saphic love, but sexuality, or more specifically Lesbianism, had certainly not come up during their earlier conversa- tion other than a brief discussion of dating experi- ences. Thus neither girl knew if the other might share the desire that she herself felt growing within.

Finally the movie ended and Michelle got up to get another tape and to refill the wine glasses. She glanced out the window and was surprised to see that the few flakes that had been falling earlier had multiplied tremendously and that the snow was falling very heavily and accumulating quite rapidly.

"Oh my," Michelle exclaimed, "Would you look at that!" As Marty came to the window, Michelle said, "It is much too terrible out for you to go. You'll just have to stay the night." Marty started to reply that Michelle was silly, that she lived in the same dorm, but the intensity in Michelle's eyes cut short verbal response. Michelle could see her desire reflected in Marty's eyes and she touched Marty's cheek gently with her hand.

"I really want you to stay," Micelle said almost shyly.

Marty said nothing but brought her hand to Michelle's cheek and the two girls kissed. It was a soft, gentle, and yet intense kiss that held the promise of fathom- less depths of passion. They broke that first kiss and stood together lightly stroking each other's face and hair until a second kiss became vital. This was deeper and even more intense than the first. Their lips part- ed and their tongues licked and dueled gently and the two girls melted into each other's arms.

The intensity of their kisses slowly increased as their breathing became deeper and the liquid heat of their loins became more and more intense. Their hands were everywhere, clutching, stoking, caressing. Each felt her breasts flatten against her chest as they held each other tightly and the breasts of the each pressed tightly against the other's. Their hips began a desperate swaying as each sought to grind their molten sex against the other.

Their lips flew over each other. Lips on lips. Lips on ears. Lips on necks. Each sought frantically to devour more and more of the other. Marty finally managed to gasp, "Please baby. Get naked for me. Love me." Michelle could only groan her assent as she kissed and nibbled Marty's neck one more time before breaking away.

They stood slightly apart as they both pulled off their T-shirts and slipped out of their jeans. As they had taken their boots off when they had returned to the room, each now stood before the other clad only in their bras and panties. Their woman scent began to pervade the room as each noticed the moisture which had seeped through the crotch of the other's panties: Marty's soft cotton briefs; Michelle's dainty bikinis. But their otherwise similar natures ram true as each girl's intimate apparel was the same shade of pale blue. But their bras, normally perfectly adequate, felt sizes too small. Their panties, each in their way normally soft and delicious on the skin, felt constrictive.

Such was the level of each girl's arousal, each wanted to be naked. To cast away the last confining elements of their clothes. To be free and naked for the other, and equally, to delight in the beauty of the other's body. Marty and Michelle each unfastened the catch on their brassieres and slipped then off, dropped them to the floor by their sides as each proceeded to bend and slip their panties off their hips and down their long sleek legs. The two girls stepped out of their panties, standing before each other totally, deliciously, lus- ciously nude.

Each thought the other was the most beautiful, exciting thing she had ever seen. Though of the same height, Michelle's hair was a soft dark blonde as opposed to Marty's rich black tresses. Michelle was more tanned, a tan which extended over her entirety, while Marty's skin was paler, especially those strategic spots which had remained covered beneath her otherwise minimal bikini. Though both girls wore the same size bra, Marty's breasts were more conically shaped compared to Michelle's more rounded fullness. But each girl pos- sessed prominent nipples which stood out proudly, like sentinels at the crests of their little hills.

Both girls had trim, sleek figures, though each posses- sed just enough of that luscious fullness that women are supposed to have in those areas where women are supposed to be lush and full. Both had trimmed their pubic hair from around their labia so that the wet, pouting lips of her sex was plainly visible, but where Michelle's deeply cleft slit was topped by a neatly trimmed mound of soft dark blonde pubic hair, Marty's trim little patch was that same rich ebony as the hair on her head.

They threw themselves back into each other's arms, the excitement of their kissing and nibbling on each other now enhanced by the feel of soft velvety skin sliding against more of the same. Michelle rubbed her chest against Marty's, letting her hard, prominent nipples slip and slide against Marty's equally erect little treasures.

In the meantime, Marty ground her wet pussy against Michelle's leg while at the same time slipping her own leg between Michelle's and into the junction of Michelle's thighs. Their hands traced desperate pat- terns over each other's flesh questing constantly for the smooth plane of back, the rounded firmness of buttock. One moment might find one's hands cupping and squeezing the other's soft, smooth butt, while the other might be losing herself in the soft, thick hair that adorned the head of the goddess she held in her arms. The next moment might find positions reversed as the two beautiful young women found that they just couldn't experience enough of each other.

As their passion grew and came to demand more atten- tion than the laws of gravity allowed them, they broke for a moment and climbed onto Michelle's bed. The dorm room was large enough that Michelle, as part of her initial redecorating, had removed the college provided twin bed and replaced it with her own queen size. So there was ample room for the two lust crazed girls, though the way they were intertwined the old twin bed would have had room enough, and with some to spare!

Hands were now free to explore and Marty began to sque- eze and caress Michelle's breast, alternating between tugging and pulling on the nipple, and rolling the hardened, thickened nubbin under her palm. Michelle slipped her hand between Marty's thighs where her fingers traced light, teasing patterns up and down the length of Marty's slit and over the full, soft, rounded lips of her labia. The caresses became more and more intense. Michelle cupped her hand against Marty's love swollen cunt and slipped her middle finger between the soft folds of Marty's womanhood. She plunged her finger deep into Marty's passion drenched love hole. Marty moaned with delight at this welcome intrusion and Michelle felt her new lover shudder with pleasure as her finger probed and rubbed Marty's sensitive, lust flooded twat.

In response, Marty spread her legs to open herself fully to Michelle's questing finger and thrust her hips ever harder and faster against Michelle's hand. Not to be surpassed by Michelle's magnificent manual manipu- lation, Marty's hand rocketed to her new friend's delta where she began stroking, probing, tugging, caressing, and otherwise generally trying to obtain as much con- tact with Michelle's hot, juicy cunt as she possibly could.

No woman could withstand for long the attention that these two were giving to each other even if she wanted to. And resistance was not an element impacting either girls' reactions at the moment! Their kissing and fondling bore fruit as almost simultaneously the two girls shuddered as waves of orgasm washed over each of them. Quick kisses were alternated with moans of pleasure and gasps for breath as each ground their pussies against the probing, massaging, oh so pleasing hand of the other.

Slowly their pounding hearts began to return to their normal rhythms as they lay in each others arms. Finally Marty lifted her head from the pillow where it had nestled so close to Michelle's and gave Michelle a wonderfully sweet, tender kiss which summed better than any words ever might her gratitude for the pleasure she had just received and the joy she felt with her new friend and lover. Michelle's gentle caress of Marty's cheek and the love and fulfillment in her eyes conveyed that the sentiment was ever so mutual.

Marty gave Michelle one last long, lingering kiss be- fore lowering her head to Michelle's breast. Michelle sighed as she closed her eyes, rolled her head back, and thrust her chest upwards towards the soft lips that were gently enveloping her nipple. She could feel the tip of Marty's tongue thrusting lightly against her nipple just before it began to be rolled and lashed by Marty's marvelous oral attentions. Marty's mouth open- ed wider and sucked harder on Michelle's sensitive breast and nipple as Michelle continued to moan her approval.

Marty meanwhile was keeping Michelle's other breast thoroughly satisfied with her gentle squeezing and caressing of its full, firm softness. Fantastic sen- sations raced between Michelle's breasts and her sensitive, responsive cunt. Suddenly Marty abandoned Michelle's breasts and quickly turned on the bed bringing herself to the junction of Michelle's thighs. She sealed her mouth over Michelle's pussy and sucked the lips into her mouth as her tongue began to lash between Michelle's cunt lips. Michelle moaned with delight and clasped her hands over her lover's head, holding it tight against her throbbing gash. With Michelle's hands and her thighs each holding Marty's head tightly in place, poor Marty could barely breathe.

But she was not about to abandon this luscious morsel she was dining on, so she managed to obtain an occa- sional breath in between her preferred activity of the moment, that of the intense sucking and licking of Michelle's magnificent womanhood.

Michelle began to feel she was missing something and wanted more, so she grasped Marty's soft, round butt and pulled her friend closer, burying her face in Marty's incredibly aroused and flowing snatch. Marty paused in her ministering to Michelle's cunt and moaned as Michelle sank her tongue deep between the folds of Marty's pussy.

But soon enough both girls were hard at work trying to give the other greater pleasure than she herself was receiving. Tongues licked over sweet, soft pussy folds while fingers slipped and probed deep into each girl's feminine chamber. Clitties, now fully engorged, were alternately rolled beneath tongues or drawn between moist, loving lips and gently sucked as though they were tiny cocks. The bucking and squirming of each girl's hips became greater and greater as each girl experienced levels of pleasure and sexual arousal unparalleled in their young, but not totally inexper- ienced, lives.

Marty's climax exploded first as she ground her snatch hard against Michelle's mouth. Her head fell back and she clapped her hand over Michelle's pussy as she cried out in the most magnificent orgasm she had ever exper- ienced. The sudden manual stimulation of her snatch, combined with her friend's cries of pleasure, pushed Michelle over her crest. She gasped and moaned as her orgasm surged and pulsed through her.

The shear intensity of their orgasms overwhelmed the two girls as they collapsed on the bed, their heads resting on the thigh of the other, their faces just inches from that wonderful little pussy that each had derived so much pleasure from, and given so much plea- sure to.

The rising sun brought consciousness back to the two young lovers who awoke exactly where they had fallen asleep, next to her lover's sweet and beautiful cunt. Marty turned herself around and was welcomed into Michelle's arms. The girls kissed tenderly and fell asleep again in each other's arms, content and secure in their new found love and in the warmth and softness of each other's lush, young body.

First thing Monday morning, Michelle spoke with the dean and obtained one of the dorms few two-bedroom suites for herself and her new roommate. One strange thing though. The second bedroom never did quiteget used as a bedroom.


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