Chapter 3


Robby Benson hated his name; all of his fellow freshmen made fun of it. Apparently there had been some child actor back in the dark ages with that name. It seemed that no one would ever let him forget it.

He looked at his watch and quickened his pace. Only ten minutes until school starts, he thought. He was glad to be going to school that day; it was a really big day for him.

'Yeah, man, he was going to get some tutoring from the 'Angel' of the junior class.' For once he almost liked his name. Robyn, Robby - they sounded a lot alike.

He, and just about all the other boys in his class, had a crush on Robyn Berry. She was such a fox. His reputation had gained serious credit when it became known that Robyn was going to tutor him.

Just lucky, he guessed; luck of the draw, because she'd volunteered to be a student tutor and he'd drawn her name. 'Yes, sir, what a deal!' he thought.

Robby heard the first bell ring while he was jogging onto school grounds and he quickly headed for his homeroom. Just as he arrived he heard an announcement over the loudspeaker that they were going to watch the Mars landing that morning.

It seemed that the school was on some kind of closed network and that they'd all get to goof off for an hour or so, watching Mars. Well, that was just fine with him. He'd just dream a little more about his angel.

The final bell rang and the teacher announced that the Mars landing would be on the screen in about five minutes and that they were all to be quiet and remain in their seats.

A few minutes later the TV in Robby's room came on. Everyone sat expectantly, figuring that the Mars thing ought to be worth at least a few minutes of attention.

Robby almost jumped out of his seat when an image of a beautiful naked girl and a handsome naked guy flashed on the screen. She was on her hands and knees and he was fucking her, doggy style.

Robby couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Wow..." he croaked. He'd never imagined anything like this, even in his wildest masturbatory dreams. All the kids in his freshman homeroom also gasped and silently watched the erotic sex show on the screen.

When Robby's numb mind began to work again, he realized that he recognized the girl. It was Robyn Berry, and the guy was that football guy. "OH MY GOD!" he screeched.

The teacher, busy at her desk, had noticed nothing amiss until Robby's outburst. She looked up and saw rows upon rows of shocked, open-mouthed faces staring at the television screen and she became alarmed. What could possibly be going on? She wondered.

She got up from her desk and walked around to the front of the screen, where she stood, stock-still and white- faced, as her eyes brought the picture, with all its implications, to her brain.

She quickly turned the set off, to a tumultuous "AAAHHHH!" of disappointment from all of the students.

*** Two weeks later ***

The alarm blared in Robyn's ear, slowly bringing her to consciousness. Groaning, and rolling over on her stomach, she reluctantly opened her eyes. 'Oh god, it's today,' she thought. Life had been hell ever since the day that the video had been shown to the whole school.

As she dragged herself from her bed, the incident played in her head for the thousandth time. She remembered looking up expectantly, excited at the prospect of seeing the Mars landing on television, but as it dawned on her that, instead, she was watching a video of two people having sex, her brain had gone blank and her face white as a sheet.

'It was her! Her and Taylor! But how could that be?' She groaned when she thought about the fact that she hadn't even told Max what she'd done, after all how could she tell him. This was a fine way for him to find out.

In shock she slowly turned in her seat towards Max, who was sitting beside her in class. Their eyes locked for a moment and she could see the anguish in his eyes. She opened her mouth to tell him... what? What could she say?

Max took another long look at the screen before standing up, his body trembling. He knocked his chair over, then turned and ran from the classroom.

It wasn't till then that Mr. Stephens noticed anything was amiss. He strode to the TV set, where he quickly took in what was being displayed. He at once recognized the couple performing on screen. "My god!" he cried, and reached for the off switch.

As the screen went black, he swung round to look at Robyn. She was frozen in her chair, like a young deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming Mack truck.

He said gravely, "Robyn, I think you had better come with me." He took her arm and helped her rise from her seat, then walked her out of the room.

Just outside the classroom he stopped and faced her. "What the hell was that I just saw, young lady?" His face was red, and he looked thoroughly upset.

Tears streamed down Robyn's cheeks, but all she could say was, "I'm sorry, Mr. Stephens. I'm so sorry. I had no idea..."

Robyn spent the rest of the morning in the principal's office in a state of extreme nervousness, waiting for one of her parents to pick her up from school.

Taylor sat across from her; both had been suspended from school for two weeks.

At last her father showed up, having been called at work and told the story. He looked at his daughter as if she were a stranger. Robyn began to cry despairingly. There was nothing she could say, nothing at all. She couldn't explain what she'd been thinking, or why she'd had sex with Taylor. Her life seemed to be at an end. At any rate, it could never be the same again.


Now, two weeks later, after a huge fight with her parents, Robyn was going back to school. Her father had been all set to take her out of public school and place her in the local Catholic School, St. Bartholomew's, but she'd fought him long and hard to stay at Mountain View High.

Her parents couldn't understand why she would want to stay after such humiliation. Her father had said, "Young lady, I don't understand you any more. First you humiliate yourself and shame your family and then you want to brazen it out and go back to a school where you've made yourself a laughing stock." He felt so frustrated that he seemed close in tears.

Robyn persisted, however, and the day at last arrived when she was due to go back. She left the house quietly, dressed in a long skirt and heavy sweater. She was determined to be an exemplary student from now on. Dress conservatively, think conservatively and act conservatively, she thought.

Walking with her head down, her eyes looking at the ground, she hurried to school. She was worried to death about what her classmates would say. She couldn't even let herself think about Max. He hadn't come over even once while she had been grounded. The last sight she'd had of him was on the day the video had been shown and the look on his face was etched in her memory.

As she entered her homeroom class, the other kids became quiet. Pretty soon there wasn't a sound to be heard as she crept to her old seat. She couldn't bring herself to look anyone in the face, but just slumped down in her seat and faced stiffly forward, focusing on nothing.

Suddenly she heard hushed whispers, and looked up to see Max at the door. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment. Then he swung into the room and sat down a few chairs away from her. He didn't look her way again for the rest of the period.


Robyn thought that the day she'd just spent at school had almost been as bad as the day of the video showing.

At last school was over for the day, and she was going home. At least Jerry and Kelly had talked to her - they'd even eaten their lunch with her - but there'd been no sight of Max since homeroom.

Jerry had invited her to go with them to the Phoenix, but Robyn had declined; all she wanted to do was go home, climb into bed and cry.

She was walking through the sports field, her eyes fixed on the ground, thinking about how she had screwed up both her own and Max's life by her stupidity, when she felt herself pushed violently from the back. She fell to the ground, hands first, scraping both palms, and cried out in fright and pain as she hit the dirt.

Shocked and confused, Robyn looked up at her assailant. Her jaw dropped when she recognized Taylor and a couple of his football buddies.

She saw red. "Taylor, you have a nerve! I thought you'd be in hiding, not pushing girls around." She was furious with him.

He'd forced sex on her and then shown it on video to the whole school. Right then she felt she'd like nothing better than to strangle him. Of course she knew she couldn't have done it even if she'd been strong enough to overpower him, which of course she wasn't.

Taylor just laughed. He pointed at her, saying, "The little whore really liked riding my dick; you guys saw it. You think she'd like to suck it now?" He stood threateningly over Robyn, and scuffed a little dirt onto her skirt.

Her eyes started to water, not in fear, but in anger. How dare this bastard keep trying to humiliate her! What harm had she ever done him? All she'd wanted to do was keep the peace. She'd always treated everyone with respect, but here he was, hurting her again. She couldn't believe it.

Taylor grabbed her shirtsleeve and dragged her to her feet. "Maybe the guys would like a piece of the action this time. Whatdya think, Robyn? You up for a little gangbang with a buncha horny jocks?" He pulled her up to him and pressed his mouth on her lips, in a careless, sloppy kiss.

"C'mon guys, let's take the little slut behind the bleachers and show her a good time." He clamped his big hand over the girl's mouth and bodily dragged her the thirty feet or so to the bleacher area.

His two friends followed him, though they looked a little unsure of themselves. As soon as they reached the secluded space behind the bleachers, Taylor threw Robyn to the ground again.

She was breathing hard now. The hand over her mouth and nose had made her light-headed with lack of oxygen. There was real fear in her eyes as Taylor hovered menacingly above her.

Without warning he dropped down on her and started to wrestle her blouse open. Robyn began to scream. It was all she could do, and she screamed with all the power in her lungs.

Taylor flat handed her, hard. The shock of the slap to her face stunned her. It also silenced her for a moment.

"Scream like that again, bitch, and I'll smash your cute little face in. Got that? You just lie there and take it like the good little whore we all know you are. Okay, baby?"

Again he started pulling at Robyn's blouse, not caring about the damage he was causing. Buttons went flying and cloth was ripped as he roughly undressed her. Robyn's blouse and bra were thrown a few feet away and her skirt was ripped open, baring her beautiful, silky legs.

Taylor stopped for a moment, breathing raggedly from his efforts and from his rising lust. He had to admit to himself that this girl really was beautiful and he stared at her nakedness for a few moments before calling to his friends, "Hey, was I lying when I said she was a gorgeous piece of ass?"

The two other jocks looked eager and ready for their turns when Taylor had finished with her.

Robyn begged him to stop. "Please, Taylor, don't do this. Don't you think I've suffered enough? You've already ruined my life; are you trying to kill me?"

He guffawed and said, "Baby, I just want to fuck you. I don't give a shit if you wanna die or not; just don't do it till I'm done with you, okay?"

He forced Robyn's smooth tanned legs apart with his knee and began to position his exposed cockhead at her opening.

She was determined this time to fight and to die if necessary; she wouldn't let Taylor rape her. They wrestled for a while in the dirt until Taylor became frustrated with his squirming victim. He hit Robyn another glancing blow to the face, which knocked the remaining fight out of her.

She lay there stunned, tears pouring down her dusty face. Taylor quickly mounted her and forced his fat prick into her, shoving violently all the way in making the girl cry out in pain.

Robyn looked dazed as she stared into the blue sky. She saw birds flying overhead in pairs and fluffy white clouds floating high up. She could feel the boy on top of her as he brutally humping her body.

Strangely she couldn't feel anything anymore, her mind was numb, her beautiful blue eyes were no longer as clear and brilliant as before. That special spark of liveliness had gone from her lovely face as well. The liveliness that usually played across her features was fading with each brutal thrust of her teenage rapist. Robyn felt as if her life was over. Taylor had won.

One of the other boys was now dropping his pants in anticipation of his turn. He looked at his buddy fucking the hot girl. 'It's so fucking perverted,' he thought to himself. He'd never been this hard before and he was looking forward to banging this chick in the worst way.

Taylor, meanwhile, was really enjoying himself. 'God she's tight!' he thought. "Yeah, baby, I'm gonna cum in you again," he crowed. "Maybe this time we can make a baby. With our looks we'd make a knock-out kid." He increased the violence of his thrusts at the thought of making this 'hot bitch' pregnant.

Robyn closed her eyes and thought of... death...

Suddenly there was a loud noise, a yell, and all hell broke loose. After the yell, the next thing that registered in Robyn's mind was that Taylor had stopped fucking her. Then she saw the blood.

Was she dying? Had they killed her? Slowly the scene came into focus.

MAX! OH MAX! Max had found them and he was smashing heads. He'd already downed the guy with his pants down and apparently he'd banged Taylor on the side of the head with a board.

Taylor was standing in a crouch, naked from the waist down, still with a partial erection. Blood dripped down the side of his head and he was circling Max in a wrestler's stance. Max didn't waste any time. He took the two by four and slammed it into Taylor's crotch.

The big football player doubled over and crashed to the ground, face first. Max now rushed over to Robyn, cursing over his shoulder at the remaining jock, who turned and ran away as fast as he could.

"Hi beautiful. How ya doin'?"

Robyn, who was lying in the dirt, stripped naked, dirty and disheveled, leaned against Max and gave him a bright smile. Her big blue eyes were shining, even as her tears ran down her cheeks.


In a perfect world Robyn and Max would live happily ever after and Taylor would go to jail for a long time, but it's not a perfect world. However, if these events actually happened - and let's say they did - then Robyn and Max would have as much chance of living happily ever after as anyone else.

Even though there was some violence and pain in my story, all the same, I hope you enjoyed it.




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