Nikki walked out of her school building, and headed down the walkway to the bus that would take her home. Because her middle school was situated on the same campus as the local junior-high and high school, Nikki had to walk among students four and five years older than she.

She flinched when she heard the voice of Mike Fleming. He was one of those older students and he was also her neighbor and self-appointed tormentor. "Hey Nikki," he called.

Nikki drew within herself as much as she could. Her shoulders hunched over. She hung her head and let her hair cover her acne pimpled face. She clutched her books to her flat chest and tried to ignore Mike. He caught up to her easily though and leaned over to whisper in her ear as they walked. "Hey Nikki, how about a little pussy this afternoon? Huh? I'll just slip my big ol' pecker in that dry virgin cunt of yours and make you a woman."

Nikki walked faster. This would be over in a few seconds. Mike wouldn't dare say anything like that near one of the teachers monitoring the busses. Mike turned and danced away. "OK babe," he cried out. "I'll be glad to help you study anytime." His emphasis on the word 'study' left it clear to the surrounding students that he meant anything but studying.

Nikki reached her bus and climbed in. Unfortunately, Mike took the same bus, but she was careful to take a seat nowhere near him. She would have sat next to her friend Steve, but he already had two other guys with him in his seat. It was amazing to her that Mike could be such an asshole, whereas his brother, Steve, was her good friend. Nikki sat by herself for the homeward trip, and when the bus reached her stop, Nikki jumped off and ran to her house.

As she neared her home Nikki could see her father loading suitcases into the family mini-van. The family was planning a trip, but they weren't due to fly out until Saturday and today was just Thursday. "Daddy?" she asked. "What's going on?"

Her father's head jerked up. He looked as if she had caught him doing something naughty. "Hi honey, I'm afraid I've got some bad news."

"What's wrong?"

"The airlines messed up our reservations, so we're going to have to leave today to drive to Lucas' graduation."

"But Daddy," she whined, "I have to go to school tomorrow, it's the last day."

Her father sighed, "I know sweetie, but if we leave after school tomorrow then we'd have to drive all night and that's not safe." He put up his hands to forestall another protest from his daughter. "You're old enough to make this decision. You can go with us - I'll call your teacher and arrange it - or you can stay here. Mrs. Fleming said that she would watch you."

Nikki read the tone in her father's voice and decided that further whining was useless. Her father would do whatever it took to keep Susan, her stepmother, happy. Her father was a dentist who had divorced Nikki's mother two years ago and then immediately married Susan, his very young and very buxom assistant. Lucas was Susan's younger brother who was about to graduate from law school. He was going to stay with them while he studied for the bar exam.

Nikki didn't have to put a lot of thought into her decision. She could stay home and do pretty much as she pleased, or she could spend hours cooped up in a car with a couple who acted like they were still on their honeymoon. Nikki sighed as if she were making a sacrifice of life altering importance, "I guess I'll stay here all alone," she told her father.

Her father gave her a brief hug. "That's fine, honey." He thrust his hand into his pocket and pulled out a hundred- dollar bill. "You can spend this on whatever you want."

Nikki took the money and then her father cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted toward the house, "She's staying here Susan, let's go."

A few seconds later Susan bounced out of the house. She was wearing shorts and a cardigan knit top that was cut short enough to leave her tummy bare. It was clear from the way her tits bobbled and swayed underneath the stretched material that she was braless.

Nikki rolled her eyes when she heard her father and Susan giggling as they entered the van. She could just imagine what they'd be playing at on the road. With hardly a wave to Nikki they were on their way.

Nikki, feeling a bit abandoned, walked into the house and threw her books on the dining room table. With no one to nag her, at least she could snack to her hearts content. She grabbed a bag of chips and a soda from the kitchen.

Nikki had just settled down to watch some television when the doorbell rang. It turned out to be Steve. "Hi," she greeted him, "what's up?"

Steve flopped down on the couch. "I didn't want to hang in my room anymore while you know who does you know what."

Mike and Steve's natural mother had disappeared years ago. Their father had married Alice years later. She was not only much younger than the boys' father but also a real beauty. The marriage didn't last long because their father had died in a traffic accident. The young widow was left with a generous insurance settlement and two boys to raise. Somehow, the sixteen-year-old Mike had found his way into her bed.

Nikki laughed, "You mean Mike and Alice are doing it again?"

"Oh they have sex every day now," said Steve, with disgust in his voice. Life wasn't fair, Steve thought. His brother was a bully, a jerk and real ass and yet he was lucky enough to get laid almost constantly.

"Every day?" echoed Nikki.

"Yeah, her soaps end right after Mike and I get home from school, and that's when they go to it. They used to find some reason to get me out of the house, and then they started to going in her room. And today there was a sexy scene on her last program and they started to go at it on the couch. He was kissing her and rubbing her breasts, and..." Steve's hands were in the air making stroking motions. Then he realized what he was doing and said, "Uh, you get the idea."

Nikki giggled, "Has she ever asked you?"

"Oh no," Steve said. "I mean I like girls and all, and I want to have sex, but..."

"But Mike would beat the crap out of you," Nikki finished.

"Yeah, even worse than he does now." Steve sighed, "Now if I had muscles like that guy," he pointed at the television, "Mike would leave me alone."

Nikki turned to the TV. The popular fantasy-show "Xena" was on and Ares, the god of war, was on the screen. The actor playing Ares was a devilishly handsome, heavily muscled man.

Yeah, Steve thought, if I had a body like that I could be great at any sport I liked, and Mike wouldn't fool with me, and I could screw Alice with a huge cock until she couldn't stand it.

On the screen there was a flash of light from which the goddess Aphrodite appeared. "And I wouldn't mind looking like her," Nikki said, pointing at the skimpily clad beautiful blonde who played the goddess of love.

I'd be beautiful with big tits and rich and so sexy that guys couldn't stand it, thought Nikki.

The two youngsters stared at the screen, lost in their own thoughts and wishes.


Meanwhile, on another plane of existence:

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, lay on a chaise longue watching Nikki and Steve. She smiled indulgently, the children were so cute and naïve. From behind, she heard the stomp of boots and the clink and jangle of armor. She didn't have to turn in order to know who was approaching. It could only be her husband, Ares, the god of war.

"Are you watching the humans again?" he asked in a deep, booming, disgusted voice.

"Quietly dear, they're worshiping the both of us."

Ares glanced at the two children. "They're not worshiping us, they're enamoured of a couple of actors. Now please my love, you promised to help me."

"Oh yes, what am I to do again?" asked Aphrodite, not taking her eyes off the children.

"On the planet (he made a sound like a drop of scummy water hitting a mud covered rock), I need for you to make Princess (he made a sound like a foot being pulled out of mud) fall in love with Prince (he made a sound like the other foot plunking down in the mud)," said Ares. His tone of voice made it clear this wasn't the first time he'd gone over his plan with his wife.

"And this is all in aid of...?" asked Aphrodite, yawning as if it really didn't matter.

"So that their alliance will insure that a certain war will continue for years. I shall be worshiped by both sides. There is even talk of virgin sacrifices. It should be glorious." He was booming once more. Then in a much softer voice he said, "So will you please forget those ungrateful humans and come along before peace breaks out?"

"Oh very well," said Aphrodite, arising. Then, just to tweak her husband she flicked godly power from her fingers at the two children and said, "You two would make the cutest couple."

Ares rolled his eyes.

"And have a couple of wishes on me, you little dears."

"Oh please," said Ares as he took Aphrodite's arm and the couple faded into a mist.


Back on Earth Nikki and Steve both felt a jolt of something that made them both jump.

"What was that?" asked Nikki, looking around.

"I don't know," said Steve, "maybe it was static electricity, or a sonic boom."

"Those are nowhere near the same."

"Well I don't know," said Steve.

"Yeah...whatever," said Nikki. "Hey, I'm going to have the house to myself this weekend. What are you going to do Saturday?"

"Don't you remember? I'm leaving for baseball camp."

"Oh, that's right," said Nikki. "Darn, I thought we could do something since Dad and Susan left. How long will you be gone?"

"Only a whole week."

"A week? I bet Mike and Alice will have fun while you're gone."

"No, Mike's going to spend the week with our Uncle Dan and Aunt Margaret."

"What's Alice going to do?" asked Nikki. "Dad said she would be checking on me."

"Uh...she says it's something about a job...but I think she has a boyfriend staying over. I don't think you'll have to worry about Alice bugging you."

"So she's doing it with Mike and she has a boyfriend?" Nikki sounded skeptical.

"She could do it," said Steve. "It doesn't take Mike long to do his stuff."

They both giggled at that.


Nikki felt funny on Friday. She tingled and all over and even got dizzy a time or two. She put it down to the excitement of the last day of school and the fact that she got up so late she didn't have time for breakfast. After a full day at school she went to bed early.

On Saturday morning Nikki squinted her eyes to a room full of sunlight. She felt as if she had slept soundly and without moving all night. With her eyes still mostly closed against the light she threw her legs over the side of the bed and levered herself up to a sitting position. She still felt funny; maybe she was coming down with a cold. He chest sure felt heavy.

Nikki pushed herself off the bed and nearly fell on her face. She stumbled for a few steps until she could regain her balance. She turned to see if she'd tripped over something, but when she looked down all she could see was her own body. Her hands flew up to her chest and she gasped as her hands bumped into breasts. Her breasts. Her very substantial breasts.

Nikki ran to the bathroom to examine herself in the mirror. She jerked off her pajama top and her eyes immediately locked on her new tits. They were spectacular. They weren't just appended to her chest they were her chest. Her breasts seemed to curve and swell outward from her collarbone to the end of her ribcage with hardly any sag. They didn't have the artificial and rounded ball shape of an overreaching boob job; they had a very natural flow and curve. Even her areola swelled so as to thrust her nipples up and out. Nikki reached up to touch the shapely orbs as if they might disappear at the slightest brush of her fingertips. But they didn't disappear, they were warm and smooth as satin, and had real weight and firmness as she cupped and caressed them.

I wonder how big, thought Nikki. She ran into her parent's bedroom to grab one of Susan's bras. She had to paw through several until she found one that still had its size marked. It said thirty six-D on the little tag. The bra hooked in the back, so she placed the cups on her breasts and pulled until they fit snugly. Fit snugly over only the tapered tips of her tits that is. There was no way that she was even close to being a thirty six-D. But that was all right, for all that flesh, there was hardly any sway or jiggle as she moved. She really wouldn't need a bra right away.

Nikki examined herself once more, but this time it was in the full-length mirror of her parent's bedroom. She turned to see her profile and a huge smile appeared on her face. Her tits were simply out to there, just huge and shapely. And, oh my God, she thought, so is my butt. She grabbed it with both hands. It was heart shaped and as firm as they come.

She stepped closer to the mirror and received another surprise. A surprise almost as big as her new breasts. Her face and hair were perfect. There wasn't the slightest blemish on her face. Unless you counted the tiny pink scar on her chin she had received when she had fallen as a youngster. But as far as zits or pimples or blemishes were concerned, there wasn't a sign. And as for her hair, it was thick and full, not a split end to be seen.

Nikki was so thrilled that she could hardly stand it. She thought if she diddled her clit for five second, she'd cum right then. Why not, she asked herself. She tweaked a nipple as she flicked her finger over her pussy mound. In seconds her knees quaked and she gasped as an electric charge raced through her pussy. She'd never cum so hard and fast in her life.

Nikki wandered into her own room to get dressed, which made her recognize that she needed some new clothes for her new body. The hundred-dollar bill that her father had given her would buy a few things if she chose carefully. She picked up her purse and pulled out the crisp, new bill. It seemed too thick to be a single bill and as she rubbed it in her fingers the single bill turned out to be more than one. In fact, once she got them all separated there turned out to be five one hundred-dollar bills. Nikki grinned, now I can do lots of shopping, she thought.

Nikki borrowed a pair of Susan's shorts - they fit her hips like a glove, but were a bit large in the waist. She threw on her biggest tee shirt, which now stretched dangerously tightly across her tits and went down to the stop to catch a bus to the mall.

When the bus came she got on and dug in her shorts for the fare. She couldn't find it. She realized that she must have left the quarters on her vanity. She had dealt with this driver before. He could be a real ass. He'd make a big deal about having the correct change and then throw her off. He'd done it before, leaving Nikki in tears.

"I'm sorry, I left my change in the house," she said to the driver. "I'll take the next bus." She turned to get off before the driver could yell at her.

"Hey babe," called the driver. When Nikki slowed and then cautiously turned back, he said, "Come on, you can pay me next time."

Nikki bounded back up the bus steps - the driver's eyes locked on her lightly bouncing breasts. She bent over when she got to the top so as to be face to face with the driver. As his gaze fell into her cleavage, she said, "Thanks so much."

As she walked down the aisle of the bus she felt a light touch on her hip. When she looked down she saw two well dressed, elderly ladies sitting together. One of them said, "That's it honey, a good set of tits will get you places."

"Now Edna, don't tell that young lady such nonsense," said her partner.

Edna winked at Nikki. "It's not nonsense. I had degrees in business and economics, but it was these babies that got me a career," she said pointing to her ample bosom. "With those bullet bras we used to wear...why I had tits out to here." She demonstrated by holding her hands several inches in front of a pair of breasts that were none to small even now.

Nikki glanced at the driver and then back to the two ladies. She giggled, "Yeah, I think I see what you mean."


Nikki spent the morning happily picking out new clothes at the mall. It was amazing; yesterday she would have had a hard time getting a clerk or salesperson simply to take her money. Today, those same people surrounded her. They couldn't do enough for her. All she had to do was express a little interest in some article of clothing and that article, in its correct size, with all its accessories would appear as if by magic.

By early afternoon she had several bags of clothing and a huge appetite. She made her way to the mall's food court and settled down with a burger and a soda. She was so lost in her own thoughts as she ate that she didn't notice the trio of girls who sat down at the next table.

"Excuse me?" said one of the girls.

"Yes?" said Nikki as she looked up. She recognized the three girls at once. They were the most popular, prettiest and richest girls at the local high school. They even had pretty and popular names: Tiffany, Cynthia and April.

"You look familiar," said Tiffany. "Do you go to Kennedy?" she asked, naming the high school across town from their own school.

"No," said Nikki. "I'm thirteen years old and go to the middle school next to yours."

Tiffany looked shocked and then decided that Nikki was making a joke. She laughed a bit nervously and said, "I...uh...wondered if you might want to come to a party I'm having tonight." She went on to explain that it was the end of school...etc. etc.

Oh wow, thought Nikki. Tiffany's make-out parties were famous. Only the coolest of the cool were invited. She decided to play it cool too. "How nice of you ask. Maybe I can come."

"That's great," gushed Tiffany. She named the time and gave Nikki directions.

Several hours later Nikki was back home in front of the full length mirror examining herself in the dress she'd purchased for the party. She had decided on a black empire style. It was sleeveless and the soft material was molded to her breasts with a neckline that plunged dramatically to reveal the curve of her luscious tits. The hemline that stopped halfway down her thighs had a bit of silver floral embroidery that matched the thin silver chain around her neck.

Nikki called a taxi to take her to the party. She new she looked hot when the driver kept running off the road because his eyes were more often on the rearview mirror than they were on the road. As flattering as that was, she was relieved when they finally pulled into the drive that curved in front of Tiffany's house.

As she exited the cab Nikki heard the loud music and laughter of the party coming from one side of the house. She followed a gravel path that wound through a small shrub and flower garden until she came to a low fence that surrounded a swimming pool and the party.

As she stepped through the gate in the fence Nikki saw Tiffany break away from a group of partygoers and swing her way. "I'm so happy you came," she said, taking Nikki's hand. "You look absolutely fabulous, let me show you off." Then she proceeded to do just that. She hauled Nikki from one knot of talking, drinking and dancing teens to the next, clearly implying that the beautiful girl with the incredible body was her good friend.

Nikki could only remember a blur of faces and names. At some point someone had shoved a beer into her hand. She sipped at it cautiously and the taste made her decide that merely holding the can would let her look cool.

Suddenly, Nikki and Tiffany were standing in front of a guy who was definitely not a teenager from the local high school. "Nikki, this is my cousin Ken. He's the quarterback for State's ball team."

"I'm only the third string quarterback," said the young man who stood up to take Nikki's hand.

Oh wow, thought Nikki as she took his hand. Third string, tenth string - it didn't matter - Ken was Hollywood's idea of how a quarterback should look. He was over six feet tall with blonde hair, wide shoulders, narrow waist and tight buns.

"Please, sit down," said Ken. He made sure Nikki was seated next to him before he let go of her hand. "I thought I knew all of Tiffany's beautiful friends. Where has she been hiding you?"

"Oh we've been best friends for...let's see...a dozen hours now," said Nikki as she consulted her watch.

Ken laughed, not only was this girl drop dead gorgeous, she could crack a joke too. They talked and danced a bit until Nikki noticed that the crowd around the pool was thinning out. "Is everybody leaving?" she asked as she looked around.

Ken checked his watch, "No, it's not that late. I think most of the party has moved inside." He stood and stretched. "And since I'm supposed to be the chaperone, I guess I better go take a look." He motioned for Nikki to follow him.

They entered Tiffany's spacious home and took a flight of stairs downward to a dimly lit hallway. Ken stopped in front of a door that had a hand lettered note taped to it. The note said, "Couples Only".

Ken opened the door and they entered the family recreation room. The wall at one end of the room was filled with an entertainment center and conversation area, while the other end of the room held a bar that was covered in beer and wine containers. A billiard table dominated the center of the room. Nikki and Ken looked around the room - every chair and stool and corner of the room contained a couple in one stage or another of making out.

Some of the couples were talking quietly; most were kissing passionately. One girl, who was mostly hidden by the back of a sofa, was bare on top except for the two male hands that were covering her breasts. As Nikki watched, the girl arched her back and moaned. Nikki wanted to run over and see what who was under that girl and what he was doing, but she was suddenly too nervous to move. She looked at Ken, expecting him to explode and throw everyone out, but he just nodded. "Everything looks cool in here, but...uh...maybe we better stay a while," he said to Nikki.

Ken sat on a rail of the billiard table and pulled Nikki against his side. "You don't mind if we blend in do you?" he asked.

Nikki wasn't sure what he meant, but she found out when Ken tilted his head a bit and kissed her softly. His lips were warm and soft and moist and she felt like her entire body was about to melt into his. Nikki had heard her friends describe French kissing. It had always sounded so disgusting when they talked about it, but here and now it felt very natural when Ken's tongue parted her lips.

Nikki was feeling sexy as hell. She had been afraid that her inexperience would be a turn off to Ken, but he seemed to be really getting into it. He kissed her harder; his breath was getting shorter and his hands were all over her back and brushing her ass and tits. Then suddenly Ken broke off their kiss. He suddenly straightened, "I...uh...have to check on something. Don't move," he said as he backed out of the room, "I'll be right back in a couple of minutes."

Nikki felt uncomfortable standing there alone when there was practically an orgy going on around her. She made her way to the bar where she pulled a beer out of the refrigerator. She took a seat on one of the barstools next to a couple whose hands were busy...very busy. The girl's back was to her and when the guy saw Nikki sitting there alone he slid his hand out from under the girl's shirt and gave Nikki a big thumbs up as he looked her over.

Nikki smiled at the guy and for a second he looked as if he might dump the girl he was fondling and come after her when Ken came back. He looked at the beer in her hand and said, "That's looks like a good idea." He proceeded to get his own beer from the bar's refrigerator.

Ken gulped his beer and Nikki sipped at hers for a couple of minutes. Then Ken put down his empty can, burped discreetly into his hand and put his arms back around Nikki. They kissed again furiously, and Ken's hands grew bolder. He brushed his fingers over her breasts and when Nikki didn't protest he began to cup and run his big hands over her generous tits.

Nikki was really into this time. The room receded from her mind. There was nothing but his lips and hands and the growing heat in her breasts and between her thighs. Then Ken suddenly stopped and stood back. He gave her a funny look and said, "I'm sorry, but I really have to go check on something again. You know a chaperone's work is never done, but I'll be right back." With that, he practically ran out of the room.

Nikki didn't know whether to cry or scream. Was there something wrong with her? She was frustrated and embarrassed and besides that she had to pee. She sighed. At least she could do something about the peeing part. She asked one of the girls in the room - one who didn't have a male tongue stuck down her throat - which way was the bathroom.

It turned out that she had to travel even farther down the dim hallway outside the recreation room. Nikki found the bathroom by the gleam of light that came from the crack at the bottom of its door. She was so anxious to empty her bladder that Nikki had turned the doorknob and cracked open the door before she thought to check for an occupant.

Across the room she could see Ken in profile. He was standing with his feet wide apart, his back arched back and his hips thrust forward. He had his eyes shut and his hand was jumping down like mad on his cock, which was jutting boldly from his slacks.

"Mmmmm...shit, that girl is so hot," he murmured. He spit on his hand and began to rub the head of his cock with a twisting motion. "I've had all the pussy I've wanted since I was sixteen, and now this girl has me beating off twice in an hour." Ken's hips jerked and a spurt of white cum jetted out of the end of his cock.

Nikki softly closed the door and backed down hall, her hand covering her mouth in surprise. Was he talking about her? Of course he was. After all, with whom had he been all night? Nikki felt a surge of sexual power that made her tits and pussy glow. She had a great looking college man masturbating over her after their first meeting. Heck, it was during their first meeting, and he'd had to excuse himself twice in order to do it.

Just then the bathroom door opened and Ken emerged. "Oh hi," he said. "Do you need to go...?" he asked, pointing over his shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm only going to pee," explained Nikki. She slid past Ken with a conspiratorial smile on her face.

When Nikki finished in the bathroom she went back into the hallway. Ken wasn't there. She checked her watch. It wasn't really late, but she wanted to get home before Mrs. Flemming started checking on her. She pulled a cell phone from her clutch; she would call a taxi once she got outside.

Nikki left the house and walked through the pool area. She got several drunken offers to go skinny-dipping from some naked guys who were drinking beers in the pool. Nikki just smiled and waved to them.

She took the gravel path back through the little garden. She had just rounded the corner of the house when she heard someone whisper, "There she is!" from behind some bushes that abutted the house.

Someone else hissed, "Be quiet, shit head."

At that moment Nikki was feeling pretty bold and certain if herself. She stopped and called out, "Who's in there?"

There was no sound from the bushes. Nikki held up the cell phone as if it were a weapon and said, "I've got a phone here. I'm calling nine-one-one if you don't come out."

There was some frantic whispering from behind the bushes and then one by one three boys revealed themselves. Nikki knew who they were. They were in her grade at school, but it was obvious that in the dim light of the evening and in the bright light of Nikki's personal changes, the boys

and Nikki couldn't help but think of them as youngerlittle boys - didn't recognize her.

For a second Nikki wondered what they were doing behindthose bushes, then she realized they were standing opposite the recreation room windows. "What's up guys? Doing a little peeking were you?"

The boys answered by not answering, they shuffled about and examined the ground at their feet. A few days ago these boys would have laughed at Nikki for even thinking about showing up at Tiffany's party, and now she had them so cowed they couldn't even look her in the eye.

"Oh yeah, I think so," she taunted. "You were getting your jollies by watching." She approached the boys. "Here, I know what you wanted to do." She took one boy by the arm and pulled him around so that he was facing the other two. "You stand here." Then she grabbed another of the boys and tugged his arm until the three formed a shoulder to shoulder triangle.

"Now I know you were watching all that kissing and petting." Nikki began to pace around the boys, trailing her hands along their shoulders. "And you got to look down the girl's dresses from up here." She stopped and whispered in one boy's ear, "I bet you really liked looking at my tits didn't you?" The boy shivered.

Nikki continued to circle the boys. She made sure that they felt her breasts brush against their backs and arms. "And I'm sure," she murmured, "that you all have nice stiff little cocks. And that you can't wait to get home to jack off."

The boys shuffled some more and cleared their throats. Clearly, that was exactly what they wanted. "But why wait?" asked Nikki. "You're so stiff now you can hardly stand it." She made her young voice as low and sexy as she could. "Go ahead, pull out your cocks. Let me see what you've got."

For a long second Nikki thought she had gone too far, that they would tell her to go to hell and chase her away. Then she heard a zipper slowly come open and then the other two unzipped and suddenly Nikki could see three pinkish hard-ons in the dim evening light.

The boys were tentatively stroking themselves when Nikki said, "Mmmmm...it's much nicer if someone else does it. Go ahead, do the guy on your right."

Nikki held her breath. Surely they wouldn't this, but then three right hands stopped stroking their dicks and moved to their neighbor. Nikki wondered if this was what they called a 'circle jerk'?

Once they got going the guys certainly weren't hesitant. Nikki cooed and urged them on as the boys pumped their hips and one another's cocks faster and faster. Then one boy moaned and flecks of cum squirted from the end of his cock. That set off the other two and Nikki watched as white stuff flew between the three little voyeurs.

Nikki suddenly decided that now she really had to get home. As she walked away from the trio she heard, "Hey, get your hand off my cock, you little pervert."

"Well you hand your hand on his," said a second voice.

"Oh gross, I've got cum on my pants," cried the third voice.


Nikki spent most of Sunday morning in bed, however she didn't sleep the entire time. She would awaken from time to time and her hands would leap up to her breasts to reassure herself that those firm melons were no dream. Then she would replay the events of Saturday evening in her head. An intoxicating feeling of sexual power would energize her pussy and she would give herself a quickie. It was nearly noon before her appetite for over-sugared cereal and milk overcame her appetite for orgasms.

Sunday afternoon was a different story. Nikki began to wonder what her father and stepmother would say about her transformation. It wasn't like she could undo it. Hell, she didn't even know how it had happened. After turning the matter over in her mind for a couple of hours she finally decided that her new body was a done deal and they would just have to live with it. But as the time drew near for her parents and Lucas to arrive, Nikki found herself putting on her biggest, sloppiest tee shirt, although it really didn't hide anything. A little cover up to begin with couldn't hurt, she decided.

When Nikki heard the family's minivan pull up she ran to the living room and arranged herself on the couch, her legs tucked under and her elbow propped on the arm of the couch in her usual televising watching position.

Her father was the first one to walk in. "Hey honey," he called out as he lugged two suitcases through the room. When he came back by he gave Nikki a long look, "Did you get your hair cut or something this weekend?"

Nikki unconsciously raised her hand to her head and ran her fingers through her hair. The gesture pulled the tee shirt tight against her full breasts. "Uh...I sort of got rid of my split ends...I think?"

Her father's eyes bugged out, and not at her hair. "Yeah Nikki, they...uh, I mean you hair looks real nice." He hurried out of the room.

The next person through the door with suitcases was Lucas, her stepbrother. "Hi Nik'," he smiled and looked her over. "Wow babe, puberty has certainly been good to you."

Nikki laughed, "Thanks, you're looking good too." Lucas was tall and thin, with dark hair, that he wore longer than most guys his age. He had sleepy eyes that were gazing at her in frank admiration. He didn't have Ken's rugged good looks, Nikki thought, but he was cuter in a sort of boyish way.

"Excuse me?" said Susan from the doorway. Lucas moved aside and his sister came in the room. She too gave Nikki a long look and frowned. "Nice tee shirt," Susan said dryly as she passed by.

"Yes, it certainly is," agreed Lucas as he winked at Nikki and followed Susan out of the room.

A few minutes later, Nikki passed Susan in the kitchen as Nikki was going to get a soda. Susan was carrying a basket of dirty clothes she and Nikki's father had accumulated over the weekend.

Susan stopped in front of Nikki and said, "Hey little girl, if you want to look like you've got boobs then at least be realistic. I mean stuffing a bunch of socks in a way oversized-bra is just too obvious."

"You mean like this?" asked Nikki innocently as she pulled the bottom of her tee shirt out up and over her enormous tits. She let the cloth lay there as if it were on a shelf.

Susan's mouth fell open as she gawked at Nikki's breasts.

"Speaking of bras," said Nikki as she picked one of Susan's filigree lace numbers out of the clothesbasket. "I've always liked your taste in lingerie." She held the bra up to her tits. The small cups of the lace demi-bra covered her little more than pasties would have.

"Oh dear," said Nikki as she dropped the bra back in the basket and pulled her tee shirt down. "Your bra seems to be too small." Susan was still standing in the kitchen with her mouth agape as Nikki left.

Later that evening Nikki awoke in her bed. She could hear her parents in their bedroom that was next door to hers. In fact, she heard them almost nightly, mostly because they had sex almost nightly and they could be pretty noisy. Right now, though, all she could hear was the murmur of their voices in conversation. She heard her father say something, and then she heard Susan make a comment in a flat declarative tone of voice, and then she heard her father bellow quite clearly, "They're real?"

Nikki smiled and turned over in her bed and tried to go back to sleep. However, ten minutes later she was still awake because her parents were louder than usual with their sex play. Nikki arose and tiptoed to the wall that separated her room from theirs. She put her ear to the wall and heard Susan moan excitedly, "Yeah that's it baby. Slide that cock between my breasts...uh huh...that's it...fuck my tits, fuck my tits, fuck my tits...uhhhhh yeah."

Nikki felt hot blood rush to her face. She'd done this before, her ear pressed to the wall, listening to Susan and her father go to it hot and heavy. She'd felt vaguely guilty about her eavesdropping then, but now she just felt sexy as hell. The hot blood seemed to flow from her tits and go straight to her clit. Nikki slid down a bit as she strove to keep her ear flattened against the wall while she spread her legs, bent her knees and shoved her hand into her pajama bottoms all at once.

"Huhhhh...now suck me off honey," groaned her father.

Nikki heard her parents moving about on their bed. She placed the middle three fingers of her hand on her pussy mound, and began to rub the flesh around her clit.

"Oh yeah, right down your fuckin' throat," gasped her father.

Nikki could imagine her father jamming his cock into Susan's mouth until her nose was smashed against his groin. She hoped he had a handful of Susan's hair and was pumping her head back and forth on his cock.

"Suck it baby, suck it," moaned her father as Nikki's fingers drew out her first orgasm. An orgasm that was quickly followed by a second and then a third when she heard her father hiss, "I'm gonna cum right down your throat baby...yeah, right now baby...uuuhhhhhh yesssss."

Nikki was cumming again and again. She didn't want to stop but she had to when she heard her father climb off the bed. He was probably headed to the bathroom and then it was likely that he would check on her before he finally went to sleep. She silently crawled back into her own bed. By the time her father opened her door and peeked in, Nikki was sound asleep.

The next morning Nikki slept until long after her parents had left for the office. Late in the morning she finally slumped out of bed wearing a pair of her father's old pajamas. Even though she filled out the shirt nicely, the sleeves fell well below her hands and as she scuffed along the cuffs of the bottoms lay in folds on her fuzzy bunny slippers. She visited the bathroom and then she was on her way to the kitchen for breakfast when she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh Lucas, I forgot you were here."

Lucas looked up from the book he was huddled over and said, "And the top of the morning to you too little miss scruffy."

"Humph..." was all Nikki could say. She went into the kitchen to fix a bowel of cereal. She carried the bowel to the breakfast nook where Lucas sat reading and jotting down notes. "I thought you were out of school. What are you studying now?"

"I'm trying to pass the bar."

"The bar?" she asked around a mouth full of cereal.

"The exam to get my license to be a lawyer in this state."

"Oh, what kind of lawyer do you want to be?"

Lucas looked thoughtful, "At first I figured I'd just do general stuff...wills, divorces, maybe some criminal cases. But now I think I might become an agent, a personal representative."

"What do they do?" asked Nikki.

"Negotiate contracts, make deals for people, advise them on legal stuff."

"Oh," said Nikki, clearly she'd reached the end of her interest in the subject and the bottom of her cereal bowel at the same time. She went back into the kitchen and rinsed out her bowel and put it away lest Susan have a hissy fit.

Nikki went back to her bedroom and sighed as she looked around. It was her first official day of vacation and she was already bored. Well, it would be tough to beat the sexually charged atmosphere of the last couple of days anyway. Or would it? The thought leaped into her mind, she could turn her charms on Lucas and see what happened. He wasn't exactly a heartthrob but he was kind of good- looking. Plus, he was older than even Ken the quarterback. Maybe that would make it more of a challenge to turn him on.

She examined herself in the mirror. If she was going to have some fun she had to put on something besides floppy pj's and bunny slippers. She opened a bureau drawer. There was the Lycra swimsuit she had purchased on Saturday. It covered her from her neck to thigh and the practical suit was capable of reining in even her magnificent tits. She laid it aside as not being sexy enough and picked up the expensive scraps of cloth that made up a bikini. It was navy blue and made of a thin material that was probably never intended to be immersed in water unless it was being washed.

Nikki brushed her hair into place and shrugged out of the pajamas. She set the hourglass shaped piece that covered her pubes and a bit of her rear into place and then she tied the strings that would keep it snug on her hips. The top took a little longer. She barely had enough string to tie a knot in the ends that went behind her back. Then she stretched the material across her nipples and tied the last strings around her neck. She grabbed up a bottle of suntan lotion plus a pair of sunglasses and headed back to the breakfast nook.

"Lucas? Would you like to do me?"

Lucas jerked his head up from his studies. He'd been so absorbed that he'd missed Nikki's approach until she was standing right beside him, and now he practically had his face buried in her bosom.

Lucas leaned back a bit. He was overwhelmed by the curves and firm flesh that were revealed from every side of the girl's bikini top. He dragged his eyes up to Nikki's face. "Do you?" he asked, a little breathlessly.

Nikki smiled seductively and handed Lucas the suntan lotion. As she turned about she asked, "Would you do my back? You know, rub lotion on it?"

"Oh...yeah...sure," said Lucas. He squirted the lotion on his hands and tentatively dabbed them in the center of Nikki's back.

Nikki swayed her hips and leaned into Lucas' hand, encouraging his touch. He responded by using both hands to massage her lower back and hips and then as much of her firm butt as wasn't covered by her bikini bottom. At that point he changed direction and did her upper back and then her shoulders. He could imagine his hands sliding down the slopes of her breasts and then under the bikini top to feel her nipples move between his fingers.

And he might have done it too, if Nikki hadn't twirled around, plucked the lotion from his hand and said, "Thanks Lucas, I don't think mean ol' Mr. Sun has chance of burning my back after that hand job." In a second Nikki had ducked through a set of drapes that covered a sliding glass door which led onto a patio just outside the breakfast nook.

Nikki positioned a lounge chair on the patio so she could see the door and drapes as she sunned herself. She slipped on her sunglasses and proceeded to apply more of the suntan lotion. She stretched out her legs languorously and smoothed the lotion on. She moved her legs apart and even rubbed it slowly on the inside of her thighs. All the while she kept an eye on the sliding glass door and the drapes.

Nikki hadn't been on the patio for two minutes when a little curve appeared in the line of the drapes, a curve that was at eye level for Lucas. Nikki stretched her arms above her head; throwing her shoulders back; straining her breasts against her top and then running her hands through her hair. She saw the drapes pulse outward as if something had hit them and then a second later it happened again. Nikki realized that it must be Lucas, and that he must be hitting the drapes with his hand as he masturbated.

Nikki felt a thrill of sexual power run through her body. All she had to do was flaunt her awesome tits, smile a bit and guys couldn't wait to grab their cocks. It made her feel light-headed and daring. She decided that if she was going to stop teasing Lucas and take things to the next level now was as good a time as any.

Nikki threw down her lotion, stood up, and strode back into the house. She found Lucas hunched over his studies acting as if he hadn't noticed her entrance although she was standing inches away.

"I saw you watching me."

Lucas looked up, "What?"

"I saw you watching me out there." Nikki took off her sunglasses and twirled them around by an earpiece. "You were watching me and jerking off."

A red faced Lucas eyed Nikki. She was right of course; he'd been beating his meat for all he was worth just seconds ago. She looked so hot with her great tits, slim waist and legs, perfect hair and skin. The only thing to spoil her looks was a little smirk on her face.

"Yeah," said Lucas, "I don't know how, but I guess you caught me." Suddenly, he grabbed the bottom of his chair, scooted it away from the table and made a quarter turn toward Nikki. Then before he settled back onto the chair, Lucas pulled down his shorts and underwear. As he slouched back in the chair, Lucas' rigid cock lay across his groin. Lucas spread his arms wide as if to say, 'Yeah? So What?'

Nikki didn't run away, or gasp, or even blush. She stepped forward to straddle Lucas' legs, and in one smooth move she pulled aside the crotch of her bikini with one hand, grabbed Lucas' cock in the other hand and then, as if she'd done it a thousand times before, Nikki eased herself onto his throbbing dick.

Now she gasped. Nikki had just surprised and scared the hell out of herself. She waited for the traumatic pain, for some sort of burning sensation or at least some sort discomfort, but it never happened. There was a feeling of stretching and filling in her pussy as Lucas' cock pushed its way in. And Nikki loved it. She stretched up on her toes and then back down again. Nikki couldn't believe the passion running through her body. She had to have more. She picked up first one leg and then the other and placed her calves along Lucas' thighs. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to rock back and forth.

Lucas couldn't believe it. Suddenly he had his arms full of willing female, his face buried in her breasts and his cock sheathed in a hot, wet and clinging pussy. He could hardly move, but he didn't have to. Nikki was plunging up and down on his cock like a wild woman. It was as if his dick was being milked. Pulses of pleasure rippled up his cock and Nikki's pussy spasmmed around his cock as if she was cumming constantly.

There was no doubt as to whether or not Lucas was having an orgasm. The pumping, gushing sensation hit him out of nowhere. It felt like the cum was pooling at the base of his cock and then every muscle in his groin was rocketing the load through his dick and into Nikki's willing pussy.

Lucas thought it was the cum of his life. In fact he held that thought for about three minutes, as Nikki rolled and bucked her pussy on his still rigid cock, until the next mind-bending orgasm racked his body. His cock wouldn't go soft. It became more sensitive though, like it was engorged, the nerve ends more exposed.

After his fifth cum in a dozen minutes Nikki finally slowed and then slowly lowered her quivering legs off Lucas. She had to steady herself by holding on Lucas shoulder. "My legs started to ache. I just couldn't go anymore. I...uh...hope you...uh...enjoyed it?"

"Enjoyed it?" squeaked Lucas. He cleared his throat. "I've never cum like that in my life. It was unbelievable. I thought you were going to suck my insides out through my dick or something."

"Really?"grinned Nikki. She ran a finger along the inside of her thigh. As she lifted her hand a mixture of body fluids dripped off her finger. She giggled, "I think I need to take a shower."

Minutes later as the hot water cascaded over her fantastic figure Nikki thought, so that's sex. No big deal. You just plug in a cock and then cum until you can't move anymore. She must have been doing it right; Lucas seemed to be impressed. She wondered when they could do it again. She knew guys had to wait a while, but it was only a few minutes. Wasn't it? Nikki stepped out of the shower. A few minutes had passed, she wondered if she should even bother to get dressed.

But Lucas was nowhere to be found. He didn't come back to the house until after Nikki's parents returned home that day. On the following day Susan stayed home from work and Nikki couldn't figure out a way to be alone with Lucas. Not that he seemed eager to be alone with her. Lucas spent most of the day in his room.

It was Thursday morning, just after her parents had left for work, when Nikki saw Lucas again. She awoke in her bed when he called her name. She opened her eyes to see Lucas standing next to her bed, naked. His cock jutted out from his groin with a drop of precum about to drip off its tip.

"Wow," Nikki said. "What are you going to do?"

Lucas put his fists on his slim hips. "You wore me out the other day, but today I'm going to fuck you silly, little girl. You'll be walking funny by the time I get through with you."

Nikki jumped off her bed and ran to the bathroom.

"What's the matter?" called Lucas. "Are you scared?"

"No, I have to pee first," Nikki answered from the bathroom.

An hour later Lucas rolled off Nikki with a moan like he was dying. He lay on his back with his arm thrown across his eyes. Nikki rolled on her side with her tits nestled against his chest. Nikki reached out a finger and ran it up the length of his flaccid cock.

"Again?" she asked plaintively.

"Oh God no," cried Lucas as he jerked straight up in the bed and grabbed her hand. "Don't touch it. You'll just make it hard again." He flopped back on the bed. "Although I honestly don't know how."

Lucas lay there a full minute with his arm back over his eyes. He'd thought he was being some sort of superman. He'd pumped Nikki's pussy time and again. He'd cum so many times he'd lost count and he'd still kept a hard-on. As far as he could tell Nikki had had one continuous orgasm. But now, whereas she was still hot for more, Lucas felt as if his poor penis was a raw, aching piece of meat.

Lucas carefully and slowly eased his legs over the side of the bed. He gingerly stood up and began to walk across the room like an old man with bowed legs.

"Where are you going?" asked Nikki.

"To take a shower," mumbled Lucas.

"Can we do it again after your shower? Or hey, maybe we can do it in the shower," Nikki called after him.

"No," moaned Lucas, waving his hand at her to stay on the bed. "No more sex."

"Not today?" she asked.

"No," he called back. "Maybe not ever," he mumbled to himself. "Oh damn, my dick hurts."

For the rest of the week Nikki couldn't get Lucas to so much as look at her. She snapped at her parents and sulked in her sexual frustration until her father decided that she had too much free time on her hands and gave her a list of chores to perform. So on Friday Nikki was in her front yard absently raking up grass clippings when she heard someone walking up behind her.

"Hi Nikki, having fun?"

Nikki turned. It took her several seconds to recognize the well-muscled young man who stood there bouncing a baseball in one hand. "Steve!" she said with a welcoming smile. For a moment the two friends looked one another over.

"Wow, look at you," they both said in unison.

After they stopped laughing Steve said, "No, I mean it. You look beautiful. I mean you're built like...like I don't know what. And it all happened in the week I've been gone."

"Thanks," said Nikki, "but what about you? That must have been some baseball camp. You look like you've been working out for a year, not a week."

"Actually, I got this way more like overnight," said Steve.

"Hey, me too," said Nikki.

Nikki dropped her rake and the two kids took a seat on the grass in the shade of a tree. Nikki launched into an account of her week. She even went into detail about the sex. She thought Steve might be embarrassed or shocked by her story, but he just sat there in rapt attention and begged for details.

"So," she said finally, "tell me about baseball camp and what happen to you."


Steve's Story:

Whap, whap, whap. Steve's eyes popped open to the sound of someone slapping his palm against a clipboard. For a second Steve was disoriented, but then he remembered where he was. Due to traffic delays he had arrived at baseball camp too late to do anything but crawl into his bunk fully clothed the previous night.

Now it was early morning and one of the camp's coaches was trying to wake up his charges. "Let's go guys. Time to get started. You've got an hour to eat breakfast and get ready for practice. Our group will be on field three, so let's go." He consulted a paper on his clipboard. "Steve Flemming?" he called.

Steve stuck his hand in the air.

"Steve you need to get checked out by the nurse before you do anything today. Come on and I'll show you where to go."

Steve jumped from the bed. He hadn't even removed his shoes the previous night. In a second he and the coach were out the door of the cabin.

Using his clipboard as a pointer the coach directed Steve to a cabin about fifty yards away. "Join us as soon as you can, son."

"Yes sir," said Steve. He jogged over to the cabin and climbed the steps to the porch. A handwritten piece of paper in a wooden frame on the door said 'Laurie Forbisher, RN'.

Steve opened the door and stepped into a waiting area. Through a door across the room he saw a young woman sitting at a desk, reading a newspaper. A cup of coffee on the desktop steamed into the morning air.

"Hi," the woman called out when she saw Steve. "I'm Laurie and you must be Steve Flemming?"

"Yes Ma'am," responded Steve.

Laurie laughed, "Don't say Ma'am to a woman under thirty. You'll make me feel ancient." She gestured to a room behind her. "Come on in and we'll get you checked out."

Steve followed her into an examination room where Laurie checked his height, weight and vital signs. At the same time Steve couldn't help but check her out. Laurie was a couple of inches shorter than he was. She had light blonde hair that was cut short but full. She had a pretty oval shaped face with light blue eyes and a warm smile. She looked trim in a white knit polo shirt and red shorts. She was also wearing a lab coat that held her stethoscope and pens. It made her look more cute than professional.

Finally, she finished her exam and picked up a plastic cup. She handed it to Steve and said, "I need a urine specimen. There's a toilet through that door over there, and I'll be at my desk when you get through."

"OK," said Steve. He stepped into the toilet and closed the door. Suddenly he was overwhelmed with the urge to pee. He hadn't used the bathroom since the night before. Steve unzipped his shorts and went through the unconscious motions that should have bought his penis out of his underwear. But somehow his cock was still trapped in his shorts. Steve felt as if he was about to wet himself so he grabbed the shaft of his cock and gave it a tug. He could feel the head sliding through the cotton of his underwear, but it still wasn't free. So he gave it another tug and finally Steve felt his cock-head come free. He could relax and vent himself. Steve looked down in order to position the cup Laurie had given to him fill when everything froze.

He couldn't believe what he was looking at. His cock was at least three times larger than it had been yesterday. Did he have some horrible disease? He fingered it warily. It didn't feel tender or inflamed. Steve frowned. Should he be worried? Should he call the nurse in to take a look? Maybe later, he decided, if he began to hurt.

By now the pressure in his bladder finally prevailed and he let rip a stream first into the little cup, and then he finished in the toilet. A minute later he was handing the cup to Laurie who was sitting at her desk.

Laurie took the cup and said, "Listen Steve, I'm helping with a research project concerning young teens and exercise. Would you like to take part?"

Steve shrugged, "What would I have to do?"

"Just come by here for a few minutes before you eat lunch and again before dinner each day."

"OK," said Steve. He was an agreeable guy and spending time with the pretty nurse seemed like a good idea.

The rest of Steve's morning passed in a blur of hustle and constant motion on the baseball field. At noon he jogged back to the nurse's cabin only to have to sit for several minutes while Laurie dealt with a series of other boys. When everyone else had left she called him into the examination room.

"Hi Steve," she smiled at him. "I took you last because I need to do some preliminary tests on you that I'd already done on the other guys." She turned away from Steve and began to sort through some instruments that were lying on a table. "How about stripping off your shirt and shorts and we'll get started."

Steve didn't give her request much thought. His doctor back home was a lady and he was used to stripping off his clothes for her, so he was standing there in the nude when Laurie turned back around.

"Oh...I'm sorry," she said. "I meant for you to leave on your under shorts, but that's OK. I'll just be a minute."

She took an instrument and began to hold it against various parts of his body. "This uses light of a certain wavelength to measure your body fat," she explained. She looked at the instruments small display. Laurie frowned and said "And you, have practically no body fat. Tell me Steve, how long have you been using steroids?"

"What?" he said in surprise.

She gestured at his well muscled body. "I mean, you don't ripped like that at your age unless you're using something."

"But I don't," protested Steve.

Laurie's face said that she didn't believe him. "Well, I didn't want to bring this up, but just look at your penis."

Steve looked down. His cock didn't look too perky. It arched away from his body and then pointed at the floor. Maybe he was sick.

"Too many steroids can wreck your sex organs," Laurie went on. "I mean, it's obvious you have an erection. And look at it, at your age your penis should be straight as a ruler and pointing at the sky. Yours is all drooped over."

Steve resisted the urge to cover himself with his hands. How could she think he had a hard-on? It was a wonder that his penis hadn't disappeared all together in embarrassment.

As if the object in question was cued by the conversation, Steve's cock began to swell and lengthen. He knew what was coming. Like all teen males, Steve couldn't anymore stop his erection from happening than he could flap his arms and fly around the room.

In thirty seconds Steve's cock was pointing nearly straight up along the rippling muscles of his torso. Its head, that was hiding Steve's navel, twitched slightly with the beat of his heart.

Laurie was staring at it in wide-eyed disbelief. "I take it all back, " she said in amazement. "Now that's a hard- on." Then she cleared her throat loudly, pulled her eyes back to Steve's face and said in a more normal voice. "Well, obviously I was wrong, but if you don't mind, there's one more test I'd like to do."

"Anything," said Steve, eager to change the subject.

Laurie picked up a plastic cup like the one Steve had urinated in that morning. She handed it to him and said, "In order to clear up this steroid business, I need a sample of your sperm."

It took a second for what Laurie wanted him to do to sink in. Steve looked up at her and then took the cup. "Oh," was all he could manage to say.

Laurie began to back out of the room. She pointed over her shoulder and said, "I'll just wait in my office." She bumped into the door and then without taking her eyes off Steve, she managed to get the door open and leave.

For the second time that day Steve studied his penis. He wasn't absolutely sure. He hadn't seen the erection of any other guy, but it sure seemed to him as if he was hung like a horse. He felt a sensuous surge run through his cock. Steve suddenly decided that he didn't mind producing some sperm for the pretty Miss Laurie. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and tried to form a circle with his thumb and middle finger. Oh shit, thought Steve, my cock's so big I can't even get my fingers Steve began to masturbate. He was awkward at first because he wasn't used to the size of his newly grown cock and especially the placement of its sensitive head. But awkward or not in only a couple minutes he felt the rising pressure at the base of his cock. He was about to cum.

Steve had to bend over and push down on his penis in order to get the little cup in position. Then suddenly his orgasm was happening. Steve's orgasms were usually a flutter of contractions in his groin followed by a few drops of clear fluid flowing out of the slit in his cock- head. But this time there was no mere flutter of muscles, his hips hunched forward and the muscles at the base of his cock went into spasm and Steve heard a squirting sound. And then he heard another and another. When he came down from the glowing euphoria of his orgasm Steve stared down into the cup. There was so much cum in it he could make it slosh back and forth. He shrugged. Big cock, a lot of cum, it seemed reasonable to him. Steve pulled up his pants and returned to Laurie's office.

Laurie took the proffered cup and looked at its contents in amazement. "Uh...thanks Steve. I'll see you before dinner?"

"Sure," said Steve boldly. After he'd seen the look on Laurie's face he was feeling cocky in more ways than one.

After lunch Steve reported back to his group on one of the practice fields. One of the coaches approached him and said, "Steve, we're going to move you to the older group. You're way ahead of your own age group in speed and strength, and I've never seen anyone pick up on technique like you."

"OK," Steve said. "That sounds good to me." He'd thought that things were coming to him pretty easily.

The coach led him to a different practice field where the coach in charge there was just finishing up some remarks to his players. As the group broke up and headed onto the field, Steve was introduced to his new coach who said, "Hi Steve, why don't you warm up with the other guys. We'll be doing some pitching drills this afternoon. Take it easy until your arm gets loose."

"Yes sir," said Steve. He grabbed a ball from an open sack and trotted onto the practice field. The boys were arranged in two opposing lines that were about fifty feet apart. Each boy was playing catch with his opposite number in the other line. Since there were an uneven number of boys, there was one guy at the end of one of the lines who had to make do with only occasionally catching and throwing a ball that came his way.

Steve took his place across from the leftover player and said, "I guess it's you and me."

The older boy eyed Steve suspiciously as they began to toss the ball. "Are you sure you belong in this group?"

"This is where the coach brought me," said Steve innocently.

"What did you do?" taunted the older boy. "Give him a blow job to get on a better team?"

Oh great, thought Steve. Here was another bully like his brother Mike. Steve knew that any answer he gave would only make things worse, so he concentrated on making the correct arm movements that the coach had taught to him that morning. Due to his concentration, he was unaware that the other guys were throwing harder and harder as they warmed up.

"Damn," hooted the older boy as he stabbed at one of Steve's easy tosses. "Your arm must be about as limp as your dick. Can't you throw any better than that?"

Steve's face went red. Some of the other guys were laughing openly at the remark. Only a couple of players were frowning at the older boy. Steve caught the ball as it zinged back into his glove. He settled the ball into the fingers of his right hand and locked his eyes onto a spot that was a couple of inches to one side of the older boy's head. Then in one fluid motion, he stepped forward and launched the ball with a snap of his arm just as he'd been taught.

The ball hissed through the air and the older boy jerked his glove upwards. The throw was too fast though. He never got his glove open far enough and the ball caromed off of the thumb and smacked the bully right in the nose.

You could hear the crunch of cartilage and the older boy's high pitched scream all over the field. Almost instantly, blood gushed out of his nose, over his lips and onto the front of his shirt. One of the coaches ran over and demanded, "What had happened here."

Steve had visions of being escorted out of camp when one of the other older boys spoke up. "It was an accident. The big jerk asked for a fast pitch, and when he got one, he couldn't get his glove on it."

The coach frowned, but all that he said to Steve was, "I heard you've got a rifle for an arm. Let's be careful where you point it. OK?"

"Yes sir," said Steve, relieved that things went no further.

After Steve had played and practiced all afternoon, he took a desperately needed shower and put on fresh clothes before he headed to his next session with Laurie. As usual he was the last one to enter the examination room.

"Hi again," greeted Laurie.

"Hi," said Steve. He had to hide his disappointment. Laurie had primly fastened her loose fitting lab coat until it looked as if she was wearing a dress.

"Let's try the body fat test again, shall we?" she asked as she turned to her table of instruments. "Just pull off your shirt and shorts."

This time Steve knew to leave his underwear on. He hopped onto the examination table and Laurie began to run her scanner over his back. She gradually worked her way around his body until she was running her scanner over his thighs.

Steve couldn't stop himself. He peeked down the front of Laurie's lab coat. His eyebrows shot up when he found himself gazing at the top of her breasts. No wonder she was wearing her coat like a dress, she was wearing only a skimpy bra and panties underneath it.

For the second time that day he felt his cock begin to grow in front of Laurie. In fact, the growth was downright painful because it was caught between his legs. Steve squirmed around a bit and suddenly he felt his cock pop from between his legs. He could hear it whiffling through one leg of his boxers and before he could cover himself his cock head had pushed its way past the waistband of his underwear.

"Well, well look who's come out to play," said Laurie. She took her scanner and ran the plastic head over the head of his penis making it swell and turn purple with excitement. She glanced at the read-out and said with a smile, "Just as I thought, no fat here. Only stiff muscle."

"Really?" asked Steve, loving the feel of the hard plastic rubbing about on his cock.

"Actually it's more a sponge-like tissue, but there's no need for an anatomy lesson when there's so much fun to be had," said Laurie, running the palm of her hand over his cock-head.

"Fun?" whispered Steve. The feel of her hand was even better than the scanner.

Laurie stepped back and began to undo the buttons on her lab coat. "Oh yeah, we can have lots of fun if you'll keep it secret."

With her lab coat unbuttoned, Laurie flashed open first one side of the coat and then the other giving Steve glimpses of her nearly nude body. "How about it? Think you can keep a secret just between the two of us?"

"Yeah," said Steve, continuing his monosyllabic end of the conversation.

"Good," said Laurie as she finally whipped off her coat. She stepped over to Steve and grabbed his boxers. Steve thought she was going to rip his underwear in two before he could get his butt off the table and she could slide his shorts down his legs.

Laurie threw his boxers into a corner and then stepped out of her bikini panties and tossed them into the same corner. She spread her feet wide apart, and then Steve's eyes went wide as saucers as he watched Laurie's fingers disappear into her crotch.

"Do you know how to tell if a woman is sexually aroused?" asked Laurie.

"No," croaked Steve.

Laurie pulled her fingers away from her crotch and shoved the glistening, fragrant digits practically under Steve's nose. "Vaginal secretions," said Laurie.

"Oh," said Steve, as his nostrils flared at the scent and his eyes crossed as he tried to follow her fingers.

"It's not always a foolproof indication of course," said Laurie, "but in my case I've been wet all afternoon just thinking about that great cock of yours." She took her fingers and painted his cock-head, mixing her wetness with the precum that was beginning to ooze from his slit.

"Uhhhh..." said Steve.

Laurie moved to the side and put her forearms on the examination table, then with her ass sticking up in the air and twitching back and forth she said, "That's why we're going to skip all the foreplay. Now hop up and stand behind me." Steve did as he was told. Laurie reached around and grabbed his cock shaft and when she pulled it down his cock slapped her on the ass.

"I still can't believe how long this thing is," Laurie said. "Come on now Steve, work with me, you need to move your hips back a little."

Steve moved his hips back until he felt Laurie slide his cock-head along her ass. He felt the tip of his cock push a bit flesh to one side and then another bit of flesh the other side and then Laurie tugged him forward a little and suddenly Steve thought he'd died and gone to heaven. A hot velvety softness engulfed his cock-head and even the slightest twitch of his body brought sexual bliss. He stood there, reveling in the feeling for long moments.

"Uh, Steve?" said Laurie. "The idea is to generate a little more movement."

"Oh," said Steve as he pushed his hips forward.

"Ahhh..." moaned Laurie, "I can't believe how good that feels."

Steve caught on to the idea immediately. He began to pump Laurie's pussy with long slow strokes. This has to be a hundred times better than using my hand, thought Steve. He felt his cock swell and suddenly his orgasm was right there. He sprayed a dozen long streams of cum into Laurie's stretched pussy. He could even feel the hot stuff wash back over his cock, and he could see it dripping off her pussy lips.

Laurie, who had seemed so cool and matter of fact just moments before, became some sort of shrieking wild woman. Her legs quivered and her moans went up in pitch until she was almost screeching.

"Are you alright?" asked Steve. He wondered if he'd done it all wrong. Was she hurt?

"It's...it's wonderful," she gasped. Laurie stretched out her arm and waved her hand to urge him on. "More," she demanded. "Come on, fuck me more."

Steve felt a surge of power in his cock. Not that it had even begun to become limp or anything. Laurie was OK. She had cum just like he had, albeit much louder. He began to swing his hips once more.

"Oh yeah baby, that's it," Laurie said, and then she was cumming again. Her hips were plunging and dipping, twisting Steve's cock first one way and then the other. He had to grab her hips in order to get their rhythm going once again.

Steve felt another orgasm building and then he was pumping out another load that was just as big as his first. The head of his cock became super sensitive, but Steve was determined not to stop. He kept going and going, cumming and cumming until he recognized that Laurie's cries had changed from passion to pain.

"Stop honey...please stop...I can't take it any more." Laurie had collapsed her upper body onto the examination table. Her eyes were glazed and her voice was a hoarse whisper.

Steve immediately jerked his cock out of Laurie's liquid feeling pussy. He didn't want to hurt her, but on the other hand he didn't see any need to waste a good build up. He was still iron stiff. He stroked his cock a dozen times and more streams of cum arced through the air and landed on Laurie's back.


"And that was pretty much how it went all week," Steve said to Nikki.

"Wow," said Nikki. "That was some story." I wouldn't believe it if it didn't sound so much like mine." She giggled, "What else did you learn at camp?"

"Well, when Laurie felt better she showed me a lot of different positions. She..."

"I meant baseball, you goof."

"Oh yeah," said Steve sheepishly. "I did great. The coaches said I might be making millions as a pitcher before I get out of high school."

"You're kidding."

"No, said Steve. He stood up fingering the baseball he'd been carrying. "I'll show you. Pick out a target."

Nikki shrugged. "How about that tree over there," she said, pointing at a tree not fifty feet away.

"No, much harder than that," urged Steve.

Nikki got up and looked around, determined to find a near impossible target. "OK, see Mrs. Jackson's mailbox?"

"That's it?" asked Steve.

"No, the flag's up. Let's see you hit that."

Steve peered at the little red flag that had to be at least two hundred feet away. He took a step and then his arm whipped forward. The ball hissed away and seemed to hang in the air for a second, then it dipped down, there was a click and the flag bent over sideways.

"You did it," said Nikki. She ran her hands over the heavy muscles of Steve's arm. "Maybe this arm really is worth millions."

"I hope so," said Steve. "One of the coaches said that he'd be glad to be my agent, if I didn't know anyone."

"Oh, I know who you can get," said Nikki.


"My stepmother's brother, Lucas. He's going to be a lawyer and I'm sure he's honest. Just the other day he said that he wanted to be an agent. "

"We'll see," said Steve. Nikki's warm hands were still caressing his arm, and the subject of agents was getting further and further from his mind. Despite the fact that they'd been talking about sex for the past hour, Steve was feeling nervous about bringing it up directly with Nikki. His thoughts were interrupted when a car stopped on the street and they watched as Steve's brother, Mike emerged. Mike took a bag from the car's trunk and then he waved to the driver as the car pulled away.

Mike saw Steve and Nikki standing in her yard and pointed a finger at them. "Stay out of the house for a while," he commanded, and then he trotted off.

Steve laughed, "I guess Mike's going to jump on Alice. Unlike some people I could name," his voice took on a very superior tone; "he hasn't had sex all week."

Nikki giggled and nodded her head in agreement. "Why don't we get your ball and fix Mrs. Johnson's mailbox, and then pay Mike and Alice a visit."

"Good idea," said Steve he could already feel his cock begin to swell.

A few minutes later Steve used his house key to unlock the front door of his home. He quietly opened the door and then he and Nikki boldly stepped inside. Just as Steve had thought, Mike and Alice were too hot for one another to take the time to go to another room. There were two puddles of clothes on the floor and Alice was on all fours on the rug, while a naked Mike, who was on his knees to her rear, spanked his groin against her butt with a slapping sound.

Mike's head jerked up. His passion glazed eyes turned angry. "What the hell are you..." He broke off when he saw that something wasn't quite right about his little brother.

Steve began to casually pull down his shorts, and said, "Hi Mike. I thought I might find you and Alice like this." He kicked his shorts across the room and then jerked his under shorts down with a flourish. His oversized penis leapt up and thwacked into his hard stomach muscles. "And I thought she might like a real cock for a change." Steve took his cock in hand and as he slowly stroked it he grinned at Alice and asked, "What d'ya say Alice? Want a little of this?"

Alice gaped at Steve's cock as he turned sideways to let her get a good view. Her lips didn't say anything, but her eyes said that she wanted it bad. Steve walked over to the astonished Mike and put the tip of his index finger on his forehead. He gave a little push and Mike did a full backward somersault across the room. Moving smoothly, Steve knelt behind Alice and slid his cock into her dripping pussy.

Alice's eyes flew wide open. "Ohhh myyy..." she sighed. "Never so full...never so deep." Steve began to steadily pump his adopted mom, and in less than a minute she was shivering with her first orgasm.

Mike righted himself in a corner of the room. It looked as if he was gathering himself to assault his little brother until Nikki walked over and sat beside him. Mike's eyes went from Nikki to Steve and then back again. "What...what happened here. How did you get so sexy and where did Steve get all those muscles and that...that log between his legs."

Nikki giggled. "We're not sure, but we're certainly having fun." She took Mike's flaccid cock in her hand and in a couple of strokes it was rock hard. She continued to stroke him as they watched Steve and Alice hump like rabbits. In a few seconds cum was spurting from Mike's cock. Nikki used the milky fluid to lubricate her hand and then she continued to jerk Mike.

Nearly an hour later, Steve and Alice had moved to the couch. Steve was slouched down on the cushions and Alice was on top of him with her arms wrapped around his neck, and her tits flattened against his bulging pec's. Earlier she'd been throwing her ass up and down like a madwoman, but now she was panting heavily and she was barely able to rock her hips back and forth on the upper half of Steve's cock. But still, every few seconds, the muscles of her ass trembled with another orgasm.

Steve peeked at Nikki from the veil of Alice's hair that lay across his face. He stood, holding Alice in his arms as if she was a child. Although she was murmuring, "More...more," Steve laid Alice on the couch and withdrew his cock from her overheated pussy with a slurping sound. Alice whimpered once but then she rolled onto her side and seconds later she began to snore softly.

Steve gestured to his nearly unconscious brother and said to Nikki, "Don't you think he's had enough?"

Nikki had been absent-mindedly stroking Mike's cock as she'd watched Steve and Alice perform. Now she turned her attention to Mike to look at her handiwork. His groin was covered in cum. In fact, the stuff had flowed across his thighs and it was pooling on the floor. As they watched, Mike moaned and three more spurts of cum erupted from the tip of his cock and fell back onto Nikki's fingers.

"Oh yeah, I guess so," she said as she withdrew her hand and looked around for something on which to wipe her hand.

"Here you go," said Steve as he threw Mike's shirt to her. "I'm sure he won't mind," he laughed.

He watched as Nikki cleaned off her hand and said, "It looks like everyone's had his fun but you."

"And I like fun," said Nikki. "Lots and lots of fun." She grinned at Steve as she tossed down Mike's cummy shirt. "Think you're up to it?"

Steve stroked his cock, that was still straight and ridged, and said, "As long as you're in sight, I'll always be up to it."

Nikki smiled into his eyes, took his hand and said, "Why don't we go find a nice soft bed?"


Aphrodite sighed as she watched the two teens leave the room hand in hand, "I love a happy ending," she said to Ares who was sitting by her side. He'd been watching the humans with rapt attention.

He snorted loudly. "Well of course they're happy. They can have all the sex they want, and soon they'll have more wealth than they can imagine."

"And there's something wrong with that?"

Ares waved a dismissive hand, "It's a waste of godly power on two ungrateful humans."

Aphrodite cocked an eyebrow, "I suppose you're right," she said. "I'll just put things back they way they were. I'll make them think it was all a dream." She stretched out an arm as if she was getting ready for exercise. "I mean there's certainly no point in watching those young, perfectly formed bodies writhe about in ecstasy. Pushing one another to ever-increasing heights of passion. I can make them love one another, but I can't make them wise. They'll probably waste their treasure on all sorts of depravity."

Ares snapped his hand out and then softly drew Aphrodite's arm back to her side. "Writhing bodies, heights of passion and depravity, you say?"

She nodded slyly.

"Well, I suppose we could let them have at it for twenty or a hundred years or so."

Aphrodite patted his arm and said, "Whatever you say dear. Whatever you say."


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