It was more than I could bear, to see my parents, day after day, struggling. My father's health was beginning to fail and, with no savings, I knew both he and my mother would work until the day they died. My mother had worked in the same department of the same department store on the Ginza for the last twenty five years and my father was a carpenter. It was an okay living but the way the Japanese economy was heading, and having never really planned for the future, it wasn't enough. They wanted to retire and I was desperate to help them.

Yes, desperate. So desperate that I turned to trying to make money any way I could. I was only eighteen but I had one very valuable commodity: a beautiful body, made for sex, and the will to use it.

I stand 163 cm tall with an athletic build, developed by vigorously participating in gymnastics, swimming and dancing. My breasts are large for my age and firm, perky. My waist is thin and I have a flat Belly. I often wore short tees to show off my midriff. My complexion's smooth, even and tan. My hair is long and straight.

Eighteen in Tokyo is technically the age of consent and so like other girls my age I was found that "compensated dates" were something that I could do. I would go to the arcade and go with men into the karaoke booths and they'd pay me for a blowjob. Or sometimes I would arrange "dates" with older men through "telephone clubs" and meet them in love hotels for an afternoon of sex.

By the time I was nineteen I was making a pretty good living, but the money never seemed to be enough. Enough to live comfortably to be sure, but not enough for my parents to retire on. Unless I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

I was on one of those paid dates, with some professor type, when my life changed forever. It cer- tainly didn't seem like that would be "the night". He was a simple, older, nondescript man. We were eating lunch on a Saturday afternoon after having had some pretty intense sex when he asked me, "What would you do for half a million dollars?"

"Half a million Yen?"

"No, half a million dollars."

With half a million dollars, about fifty million-yen, both my parents could retire and I could invest some of it for my own future. "I'd do anything," I said.

"Don't be ridiculous, nobody would do 'anything', we all have our limits."

"Well, I wouldn't kill or hurt anyone, I guess, but otherwise..."

"Would you be someone's sex slave for a year?"

I hesitated for only a moment, "Yes!"

"Sex slave. Not lover. You'd have to do whatever he asked, whenever he wanted."

Again. I hesitated only a moment. "Yes, I would do that."

"What if your 'master' wasn't human?"

That shocked me. "I don't understand..."

"What if I said that as part of a research experiment, I wanted you to be the sexual companion of a gorilla for a year?"

I almost laughed but he looked so serious.

"You would be perfectly safe. For the most part."

"You can't be serious, a gorilla?"

"To my knowledge its never been done before. That's why we're offering so much money. This is really important research, but highly illegal."

"But how could I go away for a year? I'm attending university, and my parents..."

"I could tell you parents, and your school for that matter, that you'll be participating in special academic studies at the university. They'll be very impressed."

I though about the money again and agreed. Two weeks later I was at a special research center in Chiba being prepared to meet my mate.


They started by showing me video of the gorilla and I was shocked. He wasn't a normal gorilla. He was genetically engineered. He had a slightly below average human intelligence, an upright posture and near human hands. The videos I saw showed him practicing in martial arts, discussing politics and military history (his vocal cords were near human too) and even dancing to some club music. It reminded me of Planet of the Apes, but his name was Yoshi not Caesar.

His "humanity" made it easier for me somehow. At least it wasn't so much like bestiality.

Finally they stripped me and measured every inch of my body, they were going to purchase all new clothes for me. Then I showered in some kind of special disin- fectant and they had me put on a short silk robe, barely reaching below my crotch, and over that a silk kimono with long, flowing sleeves and a pair of loose white socks. Then they put me in an elevator which led to his area.


As the doors opened I was suddenly afraid. The elevator opened to a vestibule and there he stood, so much larger that I expected. He wore Hakama pants and a wrap tunic. Around his waist was an obe belt and tucked into it was a samurai short sword. He was huge. I hesitantly stepped out of the elevator and bowed low at the waist saying, "hajime mashite."

He nodded his head in return and said, "bon- saaru," in a guttural voice.

We went into a courtyard and rinsed our hands and face in a small wooden bucket before entering a teahouse. He motioned for me to sit and took a seat opposite me. He began preparing tea.

"Have you ever been part of a tea ceremony be- fore? He growled."

"No." I answered timidly.

"Have you ever seen one?"

"No." I answered again.

"Well the rules are simple. You may not discuss anything other than tea or the ceremony. You may com- plain, question, compliment, but only about tea.

And so it went, for more than an hour. As he passed the tea cup from his massive hands to my small ones I again marveled at his size and began to worry about having sex with him. If he was proportionately built...I just couldn't imagine...

He told me the history of the blend of tea he was using, I commented on its bitterness, he talked of some of the symbolism behind the ceremony. I have to admit, talking of such mundane things helped to sooth my nerves and take my mind off my predicament. It also gave me time to get used to being with a talking ape.

When we were done he showed me how to clean up and where the kitchen was. I was a little surprised. I hadn't realized I was to be his maid, I thought I was just there to be his sex slave. "Is that a problem?" He grunted.

"No, I just can't promise how good my cooking is. I haven't been known for my culinary arts."

We went to a room with a large hot tub. "Undress me," he demanded.

I took off his tunic and his belt. The hakama pants fell and he stepped out of them. He was left standing in a loincloth. I looked at him questioningly and he nodded, "Everything."

I took off the loincloth and gasped when his penis was revealed. It was "only" six inches or so long, but was thicker than my wrist. I hoped he didn't want me to suck it, I thought, I didn't think I could possible stretch my jaws wide enough!

He climbed into the tub and told me to undress. I slowly and deliberately dropped first the kimono and then the robe as he watched. I began to ease myself into the tub, it was so hot! He gingerly touched my hairless pussy as I got in the tub.

My skin turned red as I submerged myself into the water. I felt like a lobster. He was scooping water up with his massive hands and pouring it over his head, trying not to pay attention to my quiet whining.

After the bath we stood in a large shower stall with no shower. There was a large barrel and a wooden scoop. He scooped the icy water and poured it over our heads. I was shocked and hopped around as he laughed and continued to pour the water over me. "It will close up your pores and get your circulation going."

Finally we walked, naked, into the adjoining bedroom. He motioned me to kneel before him and I knew the moment of truth had arrived. A clock somewhere chimed eight PM.

As I knelt before his huge cock I saw again why one of the female scientists had referred to him as "donkey kong". He was an ape hung like a donkey!

His cock was solid black and, of course, was uncut. As it stiffened in his hand he pulled back the foreskin revealing a cock-head slick with precum. I was terrified. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth as wide as I could. The slick head eased past my lips and I was aware of scraping him with my teeth (I couldn't help it) but he didn't seem to mind.

He had both hands on my head now and gently, slowly thrust his cock into my mouth. I began to gag as his cock pushed to the opening of my throat. "Breathe through your nose, deep breaths, and relax your throat," he demanded.

I tried to do what he said. I'd deep throated a men before but they hadn't been anywhere near as large as him. But he was patient and took his time. He fucked my mouth slowly going just a hair deeper each time. My jaw was aching and I began to tear from the exertion.

Then, suddenly, his cock stiffened even more (I hadn't thought it possible) and wave after wave of thick hot fluid washed down my throat into my belly. I think if I'd had a coffee cup or a glass it would have easily filled it to the brim! I'd never really enjoyed swallowing but something about his thick, hot creamy jizz made me hungry for more.

Then after a bit of relaxation he laid me down on the tatami mat and gently spread my legs. I couldn't believe it, a huge orgasm and he was ready for more, his cock never really went soft.

He lay between my legs and sucked my nipples and flicked my nipple ring with his massive tongue. I cooed with pleasure as his tongue and mouth worshipped my large breasts. Slowly and patiently he sucked, nibbled, licked and played with them. I've always been proud of my breasts and I'm glad he seemed to enjoy them.

Slowly he began to make his way down my body to my belly and finally to my pussy. I had never been eaten out before. My total experience with sex had been to make my "clients" happy, no one had ever worried about giving me pleasure before.

His tongue was long and thick, like a mans penis. He gently licked up my crack and I noticed suddenly how wet I was. I moaned in pleasure as he licked my slit and gently flicked my clit with his tongue, only occasionally slipping his tongue inside me past my swollen wet lips. Pleasure washed over me as I enjoyed a warm and thorough orgasm.

I thought he would be done but he wasn't. He continued to lick me and tongue me, this time going deeper and using more tongue fucking. He took his time not seeming to tire.

He was becoming a bit frenzied and so was I as I bucked my hips and arched my back and screamed with another orgasm, the best I'd ever had, he grunted ape- like sounds in a triumphant manner.

I was dazed as he placed my legs on his shoulders and positioned the head of his massive cock at my pussy. His cock was slick with precum (again) and my pussy was soaking wet from my juices and his. His cock slid in easily but stretched me wonderfully. I cried out as he thrust into me and had to reassure him that he wasn't hurting me.

His massive balls were slapping against my ass as he fucked me hard. He took his time, his upper body strength was incredible.

A small line of drool hit my cheek. I didn't know if he was doing that on purpose and didn't care. I was his fuck toy and he could do whatever he wanted to me. But I was loving it. Even the drool.

I came again and he kept on fucking me. His stamina was incredible, it was almost more than I could take. I was spent but I didn't mind that he kept going. I was his to enjoy and for some reason I was pleased that he was finally getting laid.

I realized, watching him, how lonely he must have been these years, growing up in a lab. I felt his cock swell in me as he shot massive load, this one filling my pussy and oozing out and down the crack of my ass. He pulled out and flopped down beside me. We both lay there, breathing heavily enjoying the afterglow. My head was swimming.

As I regained my composure he rolled me onto my belly and began playing with my ass. His hand slipped down to my pussy and I spread my legs to give him access. He was taking his cum and mine from my pussy and smearing it on my ass. As he slipped a finger into my behind it occurred to me what he might be planning. "Yoshi-san, I have never had a man up there..."

"Then this will be your first. How fortunate for us both."

For the first time his mastery over me really hit home. He pulled my hips so I was on my knees, shoulders to the floor, face buried in a pillow. My ass sticking up in the air facing him. He was kneeling behind me and still finger fucking my behind with his middle finger.

Then his cock-head was there. I closed my eyes and tried to relax but screamed as he entered me, this time from pain. He fucked me slowly and slowly the pain began to disparate. I can't say it began to feel good though because he was so big and stretched me too much.

He was grunting again and fucking me hard and fast. It seemed to take him forever. I could feel my whole body moving back and forth with the force of his thrusts. My nipple rings rubbed against the tatami sending waves of pleasure through my body even as my ass ached terribly.

I cried with a mix of emotions sobbing as he continued to fuck me. The pleasure brought me to the edge of climax but the pain kept me from actually cumming. It was maddening and he didn't seem to be tiring.

Finally he buried his cock in my ass to his balls and shot a third massive load of cum. And that was what did it, holding still like that, feeling his cum splashing around in my ass, feeling the heat inside of me. A wave of pleasure slowly washed over my whole body, and I had my own orgasm.

I was exhausted and fell asleep in his arms almost immediately. I realized how long we must have been going at it as the first light of pre-dawn began to light the room.

I had barely dozed off when I was awakened by a load of hot cum splashing all over my face and breasts. I'm not kidding, if I could have caught it in a drinking glass it would have filled it up. Wave after wave covered my face, got in my hair and covered both breasts. I scooped as much of it as I could into my mouth, trying to please him. Finally, finally, as dawn broke through the windows, we both drifted off to sleep.


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