Harry smiled as he watched Susan come up the drive- way, bags of groceries perilously balanced in her hands. Always so independent, Susan rarely asked for help in anything. She prided herself in "getting the job done".

As she walked through the door, she called, "Hi sweetie! I'm home!" Harry moved towards her to take some of the groceries from her.

"Why didn't you ask me for help, Sue?" Harry asked. "I wasn't doing anything important."

Susan replied, "I can handle it. If I need your help I'll call you." Harry couldn't help but smile again.

"Susan," he said, "Why did we ever get married in the first place, if you never need my help?"

"Because I love you so much, stupid!" she said putting down the bags and reaching for her man.

Susan felt that she was the luckiest girl in the world. She had the perfect man and the perfect life. "Harry," she said with a wicked grin, "Now that I think about it there is something I think I need a little help with." With that she seductively went over to him, put her arms around him, and kissed him gently on the lips. She could feel the ripples of his strong muscular back as she held him in her arms. Her gentle kisses became a little more passionate as she inhaled his musky cologne. It was her favorite, and although he wasn't crazy about it, he wore it because it always turned her on. She looked up into his clear blue eyes and her heart just melted away.

Harry was thinking just how lucky he was to find a wonderful girl like Susan. She was simply amazing. Her soft brown hair, meticulously parted and fashion- ably styled, fell down around her shoulders as she embraced him. He could smell her clean hair, amazed that even after being in the crowded supermarket that her hair could smell so nice. "Well, maybe I'll stop bugging her about those expensive shampoos and con- ditioners she buys," he thought.

Her scent was subtle, like the faint smell of wild flowers in the breeze. With the closeness of her body and her lips on his, he began to feel his cock stiffen. His response to her kiss took on more urgency, their tongues intertwining with wild abandon. He held her close and felt the curves of her firm young body on his. His stiffness increased and he moaned softly through the kiss.

Susan could now feel his erection pressing against her pubic mound and it excited her. She could feel her pussy getting warm and moist, as she shifted her body so that he could press against her clitoris. As his hardness pressed through the light dress and panties she was wearing, a shiver passed throughout her body and she shuddered. Reaching between the two of them, she started unbuttoning his shirt while still kissing him. After getting all the buttons open she slid her hands inside, feeling the warmth of his hairy skin. She gently bent down to kiss each of his nipples.

Harry gasped as he felt Susan's lips on his skin. As she finished removing his shirt, he began unzipping the back of her dress. Inch by tantalizing inch, the zip- per lowered, the exaggerated effort heightening Susan's excitement. Finally the zipper was at its end. Susan leaned forward and let him guide the dress down to the floor.

She stood there in her bra and panties. She was ab- solutely breathtaking. Harry stood mesmerized for a moment, admiring the image of his beautiful wife. Her sweet gently sloping breasts, with the points of her nipples just visible under her black lace bra. Her trim muscular stomach and sexy belly button. "Oh, how I love the shape of that innie!" he thought. His eyes traveled lower to her bikini-cut black lace panties, her well trimmed pubic hair just visible under the waistband, above her tanned and exquisite legs. She ran at least a mile every day, and you could tell by looking at her shapely legs.

Susan was now getting hotter by the minute. She could feel his desire for her as he gazed longingly at her. She quickly opened his belt, unzipped his zipper and removed his pants. His underwear just barely covered his bulging erection.

She licked her lips as she reached inside his under- wear and began running her fingers up and down his cock. It was so smooth that it drove her crazy. How could something so hard be so smooth? She had no answer, but there it was for her.

As she pulled at his silky tool her heart began to beat faster; the feel of him never failed to drive her crazy. An overpowering urge to taste him made her squirm excitedly within his embrace. Susan slid off his underwear and knelt in front of Harry. The scent of his sex was thoroughly intoxicating to her.

She wanted badly to taste his come right away, but she held herself back, building his excitement sen- suously. She began kissing his penis gently and then ran her tongue up and down the whole length, paying special attention to the sensitive underside, pausing only to lick his hot balls. She could feel how full of come those balls were and it excited her even more. As he moaned in pleasure, she engulfed his cock with her hot mouth. She held it in her mouth, not moving anything but her tongue for a few seconds. Then she began a steady up and down rhythm, taking him all the way into the back of her throat.

"I've gone to heaven," thought Harry. Susan's mouth was pounding away at his cock like a jackhammer ripping up a street. There was no way he could hold out much longer if she kept this up. His legs felt weak as he felt the seed rise through his cock and fill Susan's mouth. Spasm after spasm rocked his body as wave after wave of pleasure filled him from head to toe. Susan prolonged his orgasm for as long as she could.

As Susan enthusiastically swallowed his sticky come, she felt her excitement growing even more. She loved the taste of Harry's come. The salty musky taste drove her absolutely crazy. She sucked every last drop out of him, feeling him go soft between her lips.

As she stood up, she looked again at her man. Even after his orgasm, his cock still looked like a viper, poised to strike. He stood her up and held her close. As she melted into his body again, he reached behind her and began unhooking her bra. He could smell her excitement leaking from her totally soaked panties.

Her breasts swung free from their imprisonment, enticing pink nipples pointing upward. Her nipples looked like the heart of a miniature rose blushing scarlet with excitement. They called out to him and his mouth obeyed. He licked and sucked on those luscious nipples until Susan's back was arching and it was evident that unless he got to her pussy soon, she was going to have to satisfy her cravings herself.

Harry peeled off Susan's panties and guided her down on the wide fluffy sofa. Her pussy was so hot! Harry could imagine his cock sliding into her warm wet fur- nace, which brought him back to full hardness.

As he parted her legs he inhaled her pussy's scent, which drew his mouth toward her like metal to a magnet.

Harry absolutely loved eating his wife's pussy. Be- fore marrying Susan he had eaten out a lot of girls, but none seemed to enjoy it as much as Susan. As Harry started kissing up and down her thighs, Susan started writhing in sexual passion. Now it was his turn to tease her for awhile.

After what seemed to Susan an eternity, Harry spread her pussy lips and started lightly licking her pussy up and down, finally coaxing her clitoris out from under its little fleshy hood. "The female body is really amazing," he thought, "And beautiful." Her clitoris stood erect while Harry licked and sucked on it, causing Susan to cry out in ecstasy.

Wave after wave of pleasure trembled through her body. Her head felt light, as her sweaty body thun- dered towards her earth shattering orgasm. "Oh Harry! Ohhhh Harrrry! Oh Harrrrrrry!" she moaned, urging him on, until he felt all her muscles contract and she came violently, with his tongue mashed against her clitoris.

She almost blacked out, her pleasure was so intense. "Oh Harry! You're really terrific! I love you so!" she stammered, trying to regain her control, still winded from her earth shattering orgasm.

"I love you too Sus..."


Harry suddenly sat up in bed, his heart beating a mile a minute, as he came fully awake. It all seemed so real, just like it happened those eight long years ago. Harry even had a hardon, excited from the memories of his beloved Susan. She would not be able to help him with it this time though.

He still couldn't believe that she was gone. It was so fucking unfair. A freak accident, they called it. The driver of the lumber truck never even saw Susan's white Honda Civic. It wouldn't have made much differ- ence anyway, with the speed he was going. At least she died instantly. There was no pain. That is, no pain for Susan. Harry was absolutely torn apart. Susan was his life. How could he go on without her? Were it not for their darling little Melissa, Harry probably would have ended it all.

But now his life had a different purpose. He lived for Melissa, for within her the spirit of Susan lived on. She had her mother's smile, nose and hair. She even had some of her mother's independence, much to her father's chagrin. Raising a daughter in today's world as a single parent, much less a single father, was tough.

Harry had to be both the mother and father, and he learned to do both jobs well. Growing up without a mother was tough on Melissa too. But she was tough like her Mom and she had developed into quite a nice young lady. She got good grades in school, and was very popular. Still, Harry thought, she needed a Mom.

The only problem was that Harry could not bring him- self to date any women. None that he met could hold a candle up to Susan. She was still his measuring stick. Consequently, Harry's social life revolved around Melissa. Her activities became his activities. She could sense the sadness in him, but was powerless to do anything about it.

Then came Open School Night. Every parent's dread. Appointment slips were sent home with all the children a few days before. Harry's appointment with Miss Wilkins was at 9:30 PM. He arranged for Susan's sister Linda to babysit Melissa, and off he went.

He got there a little early and had to wait about a half hour. While there he looked at all the couples, smiling and laughing about their children, and started to feel sad. Susan really would have liked this, he thought. Damn! It's just not fair. He made a show of looking at all the pictures that the kids had drawn, but his mind was on Susan.

"Mr. Wheeler! Mr. Wheeler! Are you okay?" It was Melissa's teacher, Miss Wilkins.

"I'm sorry, I was lost in thought and didn't hear you," said Harry.

Miss Wilkins smiled. "That's okay, you're my last appointment tonight. Why don't you come inside."

Harry entered the small classroom and sat in one of the only two adult-sized chairs facing the teacher's desk. He looked at Miss Wilkins. She was young and attractive, with straight hair the golden color of the sun. A fragrant scent of wildflowers flowed across her desk. She was dressed in a tight red sweater that hugged her body like a long lost friend.

"Melissa is a delightful girl," Miss Wilkins said, "She brightens my day just by being here each day." Her full red lips reminded Harry of the color of ripe apples, hanging on the tree, ready to be picked. Red, delicious, luscious, apples. "...don't you think, Mr. Wheeler?"

Harry shook his head slightly, trying to focus his thoughts. He hadn't had this type of reaction to a woman since before his marriage to Susan. "I'm acting like a teenager," he thought. "I'm sorry," he said, "I missed what you said. I'm having trouble focusing my mind tonight. I guess I've just had a stressful evening."

"Well, I can definitely understand that," Miss Wheeler said, "My evening hasn't exactly been stress free either. Talking to some of these parents is impossible. Mind you, most of them are really nice people, but some of them really drive me nuts!" she said. "Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't you join me for a cup of coffee at the coffee shop across the street. We can relax and relieve all this pent up stress." suggested Miss Wheeler.

"Well, I don't know Miss..." began Harry.

"My name is Colleen, and I'm not taking no for an answer. So, let's go!"

As Colleen got up, Harry couldn't help but look at her shapely legs, clad in black pantyhose with a seductive seam up the back of her legs, disappearing under her flared black skirt. Harry's imagination followed those seams all the way up to where they met at the center, between her legs. He had to shift sideways to hide his growing erection from her.

They spent over two hours talking in the coffee shop. They discussed everything from Melissa to work, music and movies. When Colleen heard about Susan's tragic accident, her heart wept for Harry. He felt a compas- sion from her that he had never felt from anybody else. He felt so at ease with Colleen. It was as if he had known her for his whole life. There was an obvious chemistry between the two of them.

Their conversation was interrupted by the owner of the coffee shop, who informed them that he was closing up and that they would have to leave. They left and stood outside together as the coffee shop's lights went out and the owner locked up and left. Standing outside, in the glow from the streetlamp, Colleen looked like an angel. Harry decided that that's what she was. In his mind he became convinced that Susan had arranged this meeting so that he could once again be happy. He looked into Colleen's deep brown eyes and felt a strange feeling, almost as if they were drawing him inside. He moved closer to her and she to him.

Colleen looked at Harry. He certainly was attrac- tive, but he was different from most of the other men she had met and dated in her life. He seemed so soft inside, so caring and emotional. He was a true man without all that macho crap she despised. She felt herself magically drawn to him.

Their faces were now inches apart and the distance was closing rapidly. As their lips met, a spark passed between them, the electricity drawing them close to- gether. "Let's go back to my place and we can talk some more." said Colleen, her voice a little more husky than it usually was. "We can take my car and leave yours here, it'll be safe in the school lot." Harry nodded agreement, barely able to talk. This was not exactly how he had planned the evening to progress, but he sure wasn't complaining.

They drove the short distance to Colleen's townhouse and parked in the carport. They both nervously got out of the car and walked in silence to the front door. On the third try Colleen finally got the key to go into the lock and the door swung open. They entered a wide hall leading to a sunken living room stylishly appoint- ed with a sofa, loveseat, and two overstuffed chairs. There was a bar and stereo/video center along the right hand wall and various paintings of peaceful landscapes on the other walls.

"Sit down and I'll make us a drink," Colleen said. "I have some champagne in the fridge." She got the glasses and poured the bubbly liquid into the glasses. Just as they were about to drink, Harry remembered Melissa. "Can I use your phone? I have to check on Melissa." Harry said.

"Sure, the phone's in the kitchen, right through those doors," replied Colleen. She watched Harry as he went through into the kitchen, and thought again how different he was from the other men she had dated. He really loves his daughter, and why not! She's an absolute doll. Even though teachers are not supposed to have favorites, Melissa was definitely hers. After meeting the child's father, she began to see where she got a lot of her good points from.

"She's staying over at Susan's sister's house to- night," said Harry. "She practically begged me. She's very close with Susan's sister Linda." He sat back down next to Colleen on the love seat. He could smell her fragrance, and it again exuded the same appealing sensuality to him. The toast was made to a surprising- ly pleasant evening and they drank deeply from their glasses.

Almost as one, they put their glasses down on the coffee table and resumed their kiss from in front of the coffee shop. As their arms came up to embrace each other, their tongues gently probed each other's mouths. The delightful passion of the kiss excited them both.

"It's been so long," thought Harry. His hands began to roam over the unfamiliar territory of Colleen's body. He found every curve to be a new surprise for him. His hands explored her back, her shoulders, and her soft sweet hair. He touched her face tracing the contours of her cheeks and ears, all the while pas- sionately kissing her. His excitement continued to grow, and in no time his cock was straining against his Dockers.

Colleen's hands weren't exactly staying in one place either. She roamed his muscled back, tracing every contour on his back, shoulders and face. He wore an interesting cologne, musky, yet sophisticated. It suits him well, she thought excitably. Her pussy was dripping wet, her panties drenched. "He seems to sense what I need and want," she thought. She reached be- tween their bodies and began stroking his rod right through his pants.

When Harry felt her fingers on his cock, he almost went crazy. He took his hands and sought out her breasts. As he touched her delicious globes, he shud- dered with anticipation. He had to see them.

Harry slowly raised her sweater over her head. Colleen put her arms over her head to help him and off it went. Her breasts were enclosed in a lacy white push up bra, although from the looks of them, they didn't need to be pushed up very much. He reached around and unhooked her bra, freeing her upturned breasts and revealing sweet, pointy little nipples, their tips just begging to be sucked.

Harry's mouth attached itself to one nipple while he gently rolled the other between his thumb and fore- finger, massaging her breasts all the while. She looked down on him with her nipple in his mouth and moaned quietly. There was something about this guy that was such a turn on. She couldn't put it into words. It was as if he was lust, love, and sensuality rolled up into one package. While she watched, he switched breasts and took her other nipple in his mouth.

While Harry was sucking on her nipples, Colleen opened Harry's belt, undid the button on his Dockers, and unzipped his fly. Reaching through his underwear, she managed to pull out his erection. She gasped at the silky smoothness of it, as she wrapped her fingers around it and began stroking it gently.

Harry stopped sucking and moved his mouth back up to Colleen's face, pressing his lips to hers with passion. His hands crept up her silky pantyhose until he reached the waistband. His hand found its way inside the panty hose and white lace panties, over her soft pubic mound, and into her steamy snatch. He couldn't believe how wet her pussy was. She was really hot, and this excited him even more.

As he sought out her clitoris, her scent wafted to- ward his nostrils. It was heavenly indeed and reminded him of Susan's scent. She moaned as he found her clit and she increased the speed that she was stroking his cock.

Almost at the same time, they both stopped as they finished undressing each other, until they were totally naked.

As Colleen took off her soaked panties she climbed on top of Harry. She gently lowered herself onto his hard cock. As he entered her, she sighed in satis- faction, and continued on until his entire shaft was buried in her pussy. For a moment she concentrated, contracting her vaginal muscles around his hard cock. Those kegal exercises really paid off. Harry was moan- ing and could barely keep still.

"I can't believe how good this feels," thought Harry, "I almost forgot how good sex could be." Colleen was incredible. The way her pussy muscles grabbed and milked his cock was like nothing he had ever felt nor imagined.

Colleen began moving up and down on him, slowly at first, building her speed as she went on. Every stroke, though, ended with his cock all the way inside her pussy. She could feel him almost hitting her cervix at the top of her vagina, sending delicate sen- sations throughout her whole body. As her speed and rhythm increased, Harry began meeting her thrusts, going even deeper than she had thought possible. Their bodies were thrashing together desperately trying to become one being, united in their passion.

Colleen's orgasm began first. Her vaginal muscles contracting and spasming almost out of control. She cried out as wave after wave of climax flowed through- out her young nubile body. Just then she felt Harry's seed shoot deep into her pussy, it's warmth spreading deliciously inside her, coating her insides with its sticky treasure.

Harry's body was not under his own control. It responded on a primal level to orgasm. The intense feeling of euphoria as he emptied himself into her was indescribable. It was so good that it almost hurt.

After what seemed to both of them like the world's longest lasting orgasm, Colleen collapsed on top of Harry, with Harry's now flaccid dick still buried deep within Colleen's pink folds of pleasure. Colleen looked down at Harry and saw tears in his eyes. "What's wrong?", she asked with concern.

"Don't worry," Harry replied, "These aren't tears of sadness. They're tears of happiness. It might be too soon to say this, but what the hell. Colleen, I think I've found what I didn't even know I was looking for. I already feel like I've known you my whole life. It's as if we were meant to be together. Oh, you probably think I'm just being silly or wishy-washy."

"No," said Colleen, "I understand completely. I feel it too. It's weird. I mean, I only met you and I'm already madly in love with you." She couldn't believe she'd just said that. "What a jerk I am," she thought.

"Well, Colleen, I'm madly in love with you, too. I never thought I'd find someone to replace my Susan, but I think I have. I'm positive that she arranged for us to meet, and fall in love. She knew that I needed someone and that Melissa needed a Mom. I can't believe I'm asking this, but will you marry me, Colleen?"

Colleen was speechless. She'd just had incredible sex with the man of her dreams and here he was asking her to marry him. "Yes, I'll definitely marry you!" Colleen said.


And they did get married, and although it may sound corny, they all lived happily ever after.


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