I looked at my two eldest daughters sitting at the supper table, and decided it was time. The red hair and blue eyes of both children made them look exactly like me and my sister had at the same age (well, it should). Like my sister and me, both little girls looked enough alike to pass for twins, and often had. Which was not surprising, when you considered it.

Since the older girl had been having periods for just over a year, while her year-younger sister had just started (exactly on time, and in sync with the rest of the family) I decided that tonight was the perfect time to introduce the kids to sex; the same way my mother had introduced my older sister and me to sex, at the same ages. The fact that MY period had been just over a week and a half earlier, told me that this was the perfect time to start; as the whole family, from my sisters to my mother, grandmother, and both children usually had our "monthlies" within a day of each other. Like so many other things about our family, this was expected, where it might be considered unusual in some other families, I understand.

Before I spoke, I looked once again at the 11 and 12 year old little girls, and relived in my mind MY first time . . . .

-= =-

It had been a night just like this one, with the whole family sitting around the dinner table. The only difference being the furniture-styles and various home decorations that had been replaced over the years with more modern variations. Jennifer and I were just getting ready to get up from the table, and start washing dishes (another difference: now we have a dishwasher) when my mother stopped us.

"Tonight," she said thickly; licking her lips in anticipation, "your grandmother and I have decided that you two girls are old enough to learn about sex."

Both Jennifer and I looked at Mom with surprise. While Mom and Grandma had not kept our family history a secret, we hadn't really expected this to happen yet. Being children, the responsibilities of being an adult had always seemed to be years away; even though we knew it couldn't be much longer. So, while it was a surprise to both of us, it wasn't really a shock.

Thinking about it now, I realize that Mom had deliberately waited until I was old enough, before starting my elder sister, as she felt it wouldn't be fair to me, if she didn't. The two of us (like my two eldest daughters) were almost like twins in everything we did. Mother had even held up my big sister from starting school, so we could attend the first-grade together. Her mother had started her out at least two years earlier; not wishing my mother to miss out on the slightest chance. It had paid off too; as Mom got pregnant with Jennifer not three months later.

With us, Mom figured it was better to allow us to learn together, just like we learned everything else together. After all, we WERE almost identical-twins, even though we were born almost exactly a year apart.

So, it wasn't really all that big a surprise to hear our mother say, "So tonight, your father is going to teach you girls about sex, by getting both of you pregnant, so you'll both know what it feels like. With any luck at all, you both could have three or four kids by your father before you're 20, just like I did."

Mother looked at us expectantly; as if waiting for either of us to object. Only (of course) we didn't. Just like her, we had been EXPECTING this for several years; and no more thought of objecting, than we thought of objecting to doing the other "chores" around the house, like washing dishes and keeping our rooms clean. (I understand in SOME families, kids don't do these things without being forced.

-= =-

But in our family, we all help out without even thinking about objecting; even helping our mother with the babies was just another thing we girls did.

Yes, even "helping Mom" by HAVING babies by our father, just like she did, was just considered another one of the "chores" that we girls were expected to help out around the house with. So, if Mom figured it was time we "helped out" by having Daddy's babies, then we sure weren't about to raise any objections. I mean, it was just one of the things a girl DOES, if she's of our family.

"Can we watch too, Mom?" asked our little sister.

My mother looked at our two younger siblings speculatively, then decided it was OK. She had different plans for the two younger kids than us older girls, and I guess she figured it wouldn't hurt to let them get a head-start. "Well, OK," she said; surprising me and Jennifer. "But I just want you two to watch. You're much too little yet to take Daddy inside you; so I want you to restrict any experimentation you two do, with each other. OK?"

That was the first time we had any inclination that Mom planned on mating my little brother and sister, like Great- Grandma had mated Daddy to HIS sister.

Yes, our family comes from a LONG line of incestuous relations. Great-Grandmother Henrietta had Daddy get his sister pregnant with Grandma when he was 10 years old. Then Grandma repeated the process; with Daddy fathering Jennifer, me, (Oh, I'm Marie Calander) my little brother Mark, and our little sister Diane on Mom; starting when she was barely 10 years old.

All of us Calander girls (Yep, we have more jokes about that one) get pregnant "early and often" like voters in Chicago; preferring to have out kids early; and then having our children produce the next batch when we get older. Where most families are just starting, we are usually just ending.

As I said, we come from a LONG line of incestuous relation- ships; starting with the two Calanders who got orphaned by a house fire back in the late 1700s, for almost 200 years our family had bred father to daughter, brother to sister, and (VERY occasionally) mother to son, in an unbroken string, for over 15 generations.

-= =-

Two of my great-aunts had shocked the entire family, when instead of sticking with their brother and 6 sisters, they had married their cousin; preferring to have a husband to share with each other, instead of 6 siblings. Well, at least they "kept it in the family".

WE all know enough about genetics, that we all have a good laugh at the "dangers of inbreeding". For US, the family had inbred for so long, that any dangerous or unhealthy genes have LONG since been bred OUT. In fact, for us, the danger would be to have children by somebody OUTSIDE the family; as we would be taking the chance of almost certainly introducing some unknown bad genes into our family. None of us wants to take that chance.

Besides, there's advantages to being so closely related. After 15 generations, (possibly even longer; as we don't know whether the custom started with the two Calenders in 1789, after the fire, or their parents were incestuously related also) we're almost like clones, or identical twins. The two kids who started the family (well, at that time, being 15 and 13, they were both considered of "marriageable age"; so not really kids) had just kept on living together when their parents died; eventually having children of their own; with none of the new neighbors, who moved in around them, ever knowing that they were any different from any other young married couple.

The family eventually split up, with brother marrying sister, until after three generations a tiny genetic defect showed up that led to our present family structure. Instead of the normal mix of just a slightly larger number of girls being born, for some reason our family exceeds that ratio by four or five to one.

It's a rare generation that has more than one male sibling, in the four or five kids each of us girls usually have; and sometimes boys skip an entire generation.

It was a shock, when another of my great-aunts had THREE boys, that one of them married his cousins, instead of sharing his sister with his two brothers. Can't say as I blame him (or the girls either).

The whole family gets a chuckle out of hearing some "old" family in New York claim to be "Pure Bred". They don't know what the term means. After so many generations of father breeding daughter, and brother marrying sister, our family is so closely related that any of us can take skin-grafts from any of the others; fathers, daughters, or brothers and sisters. Even our fingerprints are close enough to look like a match, at first- glance.

Though we know of a few (very few) other families that follow the same incestuous lifestyle that we do; none of THEM approaches being "pure-bred" like we do. In fact, the entire family has been only breeding to itself for so long, that many of us wonder if we COULD still have children with somebody outside the family. . . . not that any of us would want to take the chance with our children to try.

So, that night, Mom had Dad come into the bedroom that Jennifer and I shared, to do just what she said he would do: Teach us about sex, by getting each of us pregnant with our own father's baby.

-= =-

Mom had Jennifer go first, "Since she had been waiting a year longer," and had Dad put his prick up inside her while the whole family watched.

God was that exciting! My other two siblings and I had gathered 'round one side of the bed, while Mom supervised Dad breeding my big sister from the other. She showed us Dad's penis, and explained how sperm came out the hole in the tip; before being squirted inside the female's belly, where it combined with her egg to make a baby.

She had Jennifer wipe Dad's pre-cum dribbling cock up and down her own slippery slit; until both of them were panting and they were both as slippery as they would get. I found it hard to breath I was so tense.

Then Mom had Jenny push up at Daddy when he pushed down; and his thick thing slid into my sister's body. Jennifer let out a slight "ouch" then a louder "OW" as Daddy slid out about a half-inch, before sliding all the rest of the way inside her.

Being first wasn't really the best, it turns out. Daddy had barely gotten his prick inside my big sister, when he started shuddering and shaking, and pulling Jenny close, while he spurted and spasmed his seed inside her.

The whole family watched closely; while Mom made running comments on how Daddy was ejaculating his sperm in our big sister, and how (with any luck) he was getting her pregnant; since our period was a little over a week before, and Jenny should be ovulating any time in the next three or four days.

(Huh? "OUR period?" Oh. . . I SAID we were almost all identical. When any of us girls reach puberty, she almost immediately falls into "sync" with the other women in the family. I hear this isn't so rare; even in families not as closely related as ours. . . something about women in the same house with a fertile male makes them have periods at the same time. It's just more pronounced with us. Mom always knows when us girls are having our periods, by when she has hers. Just like I know when my daughters are menstruating.)

So, when Daddy squirted his sperm in my big sister's womb, that first night, the whole family knew that there was actually a good chance he was getting her pregnant right then . . . just like there would be a good chance he would get ME pregnant with his baby, when he did the same thing to me about an hour later.

Yes, it took over an hour before Daddy was able to "breed" me like he did my big sister. Daddy (at 35) was no longer the young kid who could fuck three times inside an hour, like Mom says he was when SHE first had Daddy get her pregnant. Still, I couldn't complain. After breeding my big sister, it took Daddy almost 20 minutes of sliding in and out of my hot little hole, before he came in thick sticky gushes of white baby-making cum squirting against my uterus, where it belonged. I barely noticed the pain of losing my virginity, as the excitement of mating with my own father made me too excited to feel it . . . almost. It DID hurt for just a second; and I let out an "OW" to match my older sister's; but after that, it started feeling pretty good.

-= =-

No, I didn't climax that first time; any more than Jennifer did. But I DID enjoy the feeling of Daddy sliding in and out for almost 20 minutes, before he stiffened on top of me, and blew thick sticky wads of incestuous cream against my womb; just like he had done with my big sister.

You know . . . it was almost funny. For the next three days, Jenny kept insisting that Daddy fuck her first, because she didn't get to feel it good, like I did. And each time, the excitement of being inside her made Daddy "blow it" by cumming almost immediately after he got inside her; while I got to feel Daddy sliding in and out of ME, for at least twice as long, each time. It wasn't until the third time, that Daddy managed to hold off and let my "big" sister enjoy it for a while, before he got too excited and ejaculated his sperm inside her. There must be something incredibly erotic about breeding your own nubile young pre-teenaged daughter, that makes a man cum quickly. Especially, if it's the first few times. Whatever.

In any case, it was almost a week before Daddy was able to give each of us the big long screw that he usually gave Mom, my grandmother, and my two aunts.

Still, we enjoyed it very much. Just feeling your own father's thick prick sliding up inside your vagina, has to be experienced to be believed. Then, feeling the man you love most in the world, your own father, jerking and shaking on top of you, while he squirts and spasms your womb full of the same thick white cum that created you in your mother's womb, at the same age, is a pleasure that cannot be described to those of you out there who are neglected by their parents; as I understand is the custom. How a man could mistreat the little girl he claims to love, by making her marry and get pregnant by somebody else, is something I'll never understand.

Huh? Did we climax? No. . . . not at first. At first, it was just enough to know that Daddy enjoyed squirting his sperm inside us. It was almost two months before my sister or I "got off" with Daddy. And (of course) it was Jenny who did it first. I watched with envy the first time my big sister started shaking and jerking underneath Daddy, while I knew her tight little slit was squeezing and milking on Daddy's prick, like you just couldn't do consciously. That was the thing that made me jealous the most . . . the fact that she was making Daddy feel good, in a way I couldn't yet. Not that I didn't try. I squeezed and did my best to make Daddy feel good inside me, while working back and forth as hard as I could. By this time, both my sister and I were what Daddy called, "pretty darned good fucks." Well, it all came from TRYING to be "good fucks." We both WANTED Daddy to feel good when he fucked us; that way he would do it more often; so we could have that much better chance of feeling his baby growing inside us.

Mom gave us lessons in how to squeeze Daddy's prick, by having each of us practice holding a carrot inside our cunnies; and pretending we were holding back pee. After about a month or so of this, I got so I could hold a carrot inside my vagina for almost 20 minutes, while Jennifer could only manage 10.

-= =-

It was a friendly rivalry between me and my big sister, over who fucked Daddy best, who had their first climax by him, and who got pregnant first.

It was almost a month after Jennifer that Daddy was fucking me, just before he started the (by now familiar) jerking on top of me that presaged his filling my womb with squirt after thick sticky squirt of thick white cum; when I suddenly started wailing and grabbing Daddy; and my cunny started squeezing and clamping on his prick like I couldn't believe. It seemed like a big ball just grew in my belly, and then exploded; as I had my first climax with my own father pumping his incestuous seed in my womb. From then on, I was never satisfied unless Daddy "got me off" at least once. And the older I got, the easier it got; until eventually I could manage to have three or four climaxes, before it got to be too much for Daddy, and he squirted my uterus full of thick white jets of incestuous cum. God, do I love fucking my father.

I'm not sure; but I've always figured that I got pregnant that first time I came with Daddy's prick belching thick white gobs of sperm in my womb. For sure I didn't have my period two weeks later; so even if it wasn't that particular day, I have no evidence that it wasn't. To ME, that was the first time that Daddy got me pregnant. Of course, my big sister had to copy me; skipping her period at the same time I did. Mom was right about the two of us being identical in so many ways.

After that first time, Mom made sure that Daddy got each of us two girls pregnant almost immediately the first time, and then at least once every two years, for the next three kids apiece. By that time, our little sister and brother were old enough to take over; with Mark and Diane having twins, almost before my son was born.

Huh? When did they start? Didn't I TELL you? Oh; I guess not.

Heck, both kids were fucking each other that very first night. Even before Daddy stiffened on top of me and squirted my tummy full of cum for the first time, I heard an "Ow" from our little sister, as her "big" brother copied Daddy; and slid his tiny peter up inside his sister's tight little slit.

By the time either of our parents even noticed that Mark had climbed on top of Diane, mounting her just the way Daddy had me, it was too late; as the boy already had his prick buried to the hilt in the little girl.

Besides, Mom had always planned on mating the two kids. It just happened a little earlier than she planned, that's all. Once they started though, Mom didn't figure there was any reason to make them stop; so she just let them continue "practicing making a baby" just like Daddy was doing with Jennifer and me, until about three years later, they "got it right" for the first time.

Just like Mom, Diane had her first baby before she was ten years old; only by my little brother; instead of by Daddy, like the rest of us girls did.

-= =-

Since then, she's had three more children by our brother; and they are planning to have at least two more. All girls. Diane plans on starting her own dynasty, just like Daddy, with her own brother. Well, she's gotten off to a good start; with four kids by Mark, before she was 15.

In a way, I'm a little disappointed, because that means that I probably could have gotten pregnant by Daddy at least a year earlier myself. Oh well. Maybe it wouldn't have been as much fun, being pregnant at only nine. For sure my sister and I had fun "getting bred" by Daddy, when we did get old enough; and for years afterwards too; keeping our bellies filled with his babies until we each decided we'd had enough. Then, when Jennifer moved out, Daddy stayed with Mom and me; since Jenny had two healthy sons to "help her" with her four girls.

I feel sorry for you "outsiders"; because I understand most of you have to wait until you're 16, or even older, to begin having babies; and some don't start until you're over 20! To me, that's a shame to waste your life that way; still raising babies, when you're in your 20's. In OUR family, we start as young as possible, and most of us girls have finished having kids LONG before we're 20; and our kids are already having kids of their own by that time; leaving us to relax and play the role of grandparents.

By the time we're old enough to earn a living, our baby- making days are usually over, so we don't have little kids getting in the way. I mean, girls should have their babies while they're still young enough for their parents to support, so they can pay more attention to the babies. Then THEY can support THOSE children, when THEY get old enough to have babies. That way, we don't have the big conflict over the importance of a job, versus the importance of having kids. That's still another reason for "keeping it in the family", as it's so much easier to get somebody to fuck; if that "somebody" lives in the same house with you. Especially if it's somebody you already love, like your own father.

Mom made sure that we all "kept it in the family", so none of HER kids got "hot pants" for any of the boys outside the family, and thus kept the family "pure" by getting our sex where we were supposed to. Mom knew we would start fucking somebody; and if it wasn't Daddy, then it would be somebody else. Thank God our mother bred us to Daddy in time, before we started chasing the boys in the neighborhood; just to feel what it was like to be fucked, and have a baby growing in our tummies.

Otherwise, who knows what kind of mongrels our children would be; as horny as the three of us were? And we all WERE horny little sluts, who would probably have dropped our panties for the first man who tried; if Mom hadn't let us feel what a REAL man like Daddy could do; breeding us girls, and getting us pregnant with his babies within three months of the first time he squirted his sperm inside our tummies; so that our children remained "pure- bred", just like we were. No "mongrels" in OUR family!

Thinking of which . . . I snapped myself out of my daydream.

-= =-

If my daughters' children were going to be "pure-bred" like the rest of us, then I'd better make sure that they didn't get interested in any of the "mongrels" out there.

-= =-

My pussy was already so slippery, it was like it was running streams of melted butter at the very thought of what was coming. The girls were ready enough . . . I knew that MY egg was probably ripening inside me even as I stood there; so my daughters should be ready also. Lord knows I had been waiting for this day long enough . . . So had Daddy.

"Tonight," I said thickly; licking my lips, in unconscious imitation of my own mother, 12 years earlier, "my mother and I have decided that you girls are old enough to learn about sex."


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