The murmur of their voices made its way to my basement office. I couldn't help but overhear my wife upstairs as she talked with Tracy.

I was used to it by now. Tracy stopped over regularly to talk to my wife about things she felt she couldn't share with her mother.

Tracy's mother was okay, but nothing special. She was hard to talk too, even for the wife and me. Divorced ten years ago, she was struggling to raise her daughter alone. Working two jobs, she was seldom home, but in my opinion she was doing an adequate job.

Tracy was 15, pretty and had just started dating this year. I'll admit there were times when I looked at her with more than a neighborly interest, but heck, every guy has an imagination, right?

Well, I didn't feel like working right then and so I tried to tune into the conversation they were having in the kitchen above me.

"Really Mrs. Morely," Tracy was saying. "I really want to stay a virgin, but the guys just seem to want sex. My friends have the same problem, and we don't know what to do!"

After hearing that, the conversation had my full at- tention.

"I know honey, they all want the same thing at that age. Who's the guy you're dating now?" asked my wife.

"His name is Rick, and he's almost seventeen Mrs. Morely." Tracy replied.

"Let me tell you what I did when I was your age." My wife answered.

"My boyfriends 20 years ago had the same ideas as yours do today. They'd take me on a date and expect to get in my pants right away. So I'd keep them happy by giving them a hand job."

I smiled as my wife Debbie spoke, I knew she was an "experienced" woman when I married her. She's always liked sex and has always been great in bed. I often silently thanked her past boyfriends for teaching her so much before she married me.

"So your saying like, guys never change, right? But what's a hand job?" Tracy asked.

"It's when you do a guy by hand, like they do them- selves, until they cum. You know, you jerk on penis up and down, and than they squirt their sperm out. It relieves the pressure and once they come, they turn into nice decent young men again." Debbie said with a chuckle in her voice.

"Gee, I never knew you could do that, you're so smart Mrs. Morely." Tracy paused; "I'm going to try that on my next date with Rick."


That next Saturday found me in my office again when I heard Debbie answer the front door. I stopped and listened.

Tracy seemed to be sobbing. "I tried what you told me to do, I tried to do him by hand, but he said I was doing it wrong and it made him sore. Than we had a terrible fight and I'm afraid I might never see him again."

My wife led Tracy into the kitchen and they talked quietly for a longtime. I kept straining to hear what they said, but they kept their voices too low. So much for that I thought, and went back to work.

That night in bed I brought up the subject. "I heard Tracy talking earlier, what did she want?" I asked.

My wife explained the situation to me from the begin- ning (I didn't let on I already knew). Than she hit me with a surprise question.

"Tracy doesn't know how to jack a man off, and neither do her friends. They'd all like to learn how, but they don't know who to ask. Would you be interested in being part of a demonstration to show them honey?"

I could feel my face redden in the dark as I replied, "Don't you think that's a little bit personal? Besides, what if their parents found out?" Secretly it was my dream come true, but I didn't want to tell Debbie that.

"I know its asking a lot honey, but they're so young, and they don't know anything about sex. I just sort of thought maybe we could help them out."

In the dark, naked next to wife, my cock had grown hard. "Well, only if you think it would be okay. You go ahead and figure it out and I'll do what ever you need me too."

My wife called Tracy the very next day, and they plan- ned it all out for the next evening. Tracy and her friends would stop over that night and my wife would tell them about sex and I'd demonstrate how men jack. That way they would be ready for their weekend dates.

Then Debbie said, "I want you in top form so they can see you shoot a big load, so no beating the meat behind my back, and no sex tonight!"

I was really juiced by the thought of jacking off in front of a bunch of teenaged girls and could hardly contain myself, but eventually the evening rolled around, and when the doorbell rang, I knew that this was it.

My wife answered the door and soon the hall was filled with young giggling female voices. "Hi Mrs. Morely, we're here!"

I was sitting in the living room, holding my breath as they came in. Tracy introduced everyone. "Mr. Morely I'd like you to meet Beth, Cindy, Diane, Krissy, Mary- lyn and Carole. Girls, this is the nicest guy in the world, meet Mr. Morely."

We tried to make small talk and I tried not to be too obvious as I eyed each of the young girls. I knew Tracy was 15, Beth looked a little older maybe, and Cindy Krissy, Marylyn and Carole seemed younger.

Who was I to complain, I admired my soon to be audience. After several minutes of in-depth expla- nations Debbie stopped and turned toward me. "Okay girls, I've explained everything to my husband and he's agreed to help us with a demonstration."

The room was silent. "David, why don't you go upstairs. When you're ready call us from the bedroom."

I tried to act natural as I walked up the stairs, but my legs hardly worked; I kept feeling like I would stumble and fall at any moment.

Once in the bedroom I checked my myself out in the mirror to make sure I was "looking good". Then, laying back on the bed I yelled, "Okay, come on up!"

The giggling girls, followed by my wife entered the bedroom. "Now girls, remember what we talked about. David is doing this as a favor to us. You must never tell anyone about this."

My wife started moving chairs up around the bed. She placed them all on one side in a row and the girls sat down. "Now Dave, I want you to be comfortable with this." Debbie seated herself on the other side of the bed, opposite the girls. "I told them how embarrassed you were and how I had to talk you into this. Is it okay if the girls ask questions?"

I said it was.

"Let's start by you talking off that robe."

My face went red again, but I did as I was told. We hadn't planned this much and I wasn't sure what to do. As I slide the robe off I could feel their eyes on my penis. I heard Beth take in a deep breath, "Oh my God, its different than I'd imagined."

Debbie asked, "How many of you have ever even seen a mans penis before?"

Tracy was the only one to raise her hand. Than looking around she said, "But it was dark and I really couldn't see much." The others giggled.

"I saw a picture of one in one of my health books!" Carol replied. Again the others giggled.

"How many of you have ever touched a mans penis?"

Again, only Tracy raised her hand. "But it was only one time and I didn't know what to do." Again, giggles.

"Well, it seems we have a lot to learn here tonight doesn't it." Debbie was looking right at me with a smile on her pretty face. Than, reaching forward she started to give them a guided tour of my parts.

I am only 28 but to the teenage girls I probably looked much older. I was so nervous that I couldn't get really hard as my wife reached over to grasp my cock.

"Now, this is a man's penis." She held my semi-hard member as she spoke. "A man urinates through it, and when he's aroused it gets harder. When it's completely hard, he can put it into your vagina. While he's in your vagina, he strokes it in and out of you to stim- ulate himself and have an orgasm. When he has had an orgasm, it's also called an ejaculation, his sperm squirts out into you through this little hole in the end." My wife held my dick up showing the teenage girls the little slit in the head of my cock. I felt the blood rushing into my cock as it swelled in her grip.

Debbie continued, "That's how you have sex, and it's also how you get pregnant if you're not protected."

I was having a difficult time trying to remain relaxed as Debbie continued. "Here, in this sack, are his balls, or testicles. They make the sperm that is shot out of his penis when he ejaculates. A mans balls are very tender and must be handled gently, his penis can take rougher handling."

My self-control was ebbing and I feared I might come as Debbie continued, "Most men like to have their penis stroked like this (she started moving her hand up and down my cock). The most sensitive area is right here under the head." She lifted my penis and turned it gently so the girls could see.

"Moderate pressure while you rub right here will make him come after a few minutes." Her finger was resting on the little wrinkled area right under the head. Debbie started stroking me slowly as she spoke. "Now, what I've found works best is to put either your thumb or your index finger like this, so it hits that special spot."

I was starting to thrust my hips and couldn't control it. "Now everyone watch! I want you to see how Dave hardens as I continue to stroke him. Notice how the skin stretches and his balls move up? This tells you your doing it right."

Debbie was smiling; the girl's attention was fixed on my cock. Diane broke the silence, "He looks so hard, can I touch it Mrs. M?"

"Well I don't know, I think that's up to David. Would you mind dear?"

Debbie's voice pleaded as she slowly stroked my cock. All I could do was mutter that it would be okay.

Diane reached out her slender arm, wrapping her soft young fingers around my cock. She stroked me slowly and lightly.

"No, no, that will never work." Debbie said. "Use more pressure and faster, that's right."

Diane speeded up and squeezed me until I never wanted her stop.

Debbie interrupted Diane, "Okay, now that was good. I think it would be a good idea if all you girls had a go, just to get the feel of it, so to speak".

My heart was beating rapidly as each girl took a turn feeling my erection and gently rubbing it a few times. Their warm little hands were quickly pushing me toward orgasm, and I had to think of some pretty disgusting things to hold the line for a little longer. I wanted this to last as long as possible.

"Look, it's wet and slippery at the end, and it's so soft there." Beth was blushing as her thumb smeared the goo at the tip of cock around.

"That's called pre-cum, Beth." Debbie said. "It con- tains sperm and you can get pregnant from it, even before a man comes. Never let a man inside of you unless you're protected, even if he promises to pull out before he comes."

Carol asked if she could feel my balls. Again Debbie said each girl could take turns, and they did.

I held my eyes tightly shut as their smooth young fingers rolled my balls in my sack and squeezed them.

"How do you know when he's ready to come Ms. Morely?" Tracy asked.

Debbie started stroking me again. "Just watch closely Tracy." My wife said. "His penis will get harder and harder, his hips will start moving faster. When you do this to your boyfriends you'll feel their penises start to throb and jerk a little under your fingers."

All this excitement was having a strange effect on me that Debbie and I hadn't planned on ... my cock started to feel numb and I began to go limp. I was over excited and couldn't keep it up. Debbie noticed this right away.

She said, "Sometime it takes awhile girls, especially if the guy is nervous."

Debbie moved lower on the bed. "Here's a little trick that solves the problem if it should arise." Debbie bent my knees and spread my legs, placing her hand between them, she started kneading my balls. "If play- ing with his balls doesn't help, this will." Debbie spread the cheeks of my ass and started playing with my rectum.

This was two much. I could feel the pressure building in my balls. My mind whirled with the idea that I was totally exposed to these pretty young girls. My cock, balls and rectum were in full view for them. My hips started moving involuntarily.

"Look girls, he's getting close. When your boyfriend starts shivering like that he's ready!"

Debbie inserted her finger into my rectum. "Now move up closer so you can each seem David ejaculate. This is something worthwhile seeing."

The feel of my wife's finger in my anus was wonderful. That was all it took to push me into an incredible helpless orgasm.

I watched as if in slow motion as the girls all leaned foreword, their eyes wide. Debbie increased the pres- sure of her grip and started stoking me more rapidly, and it happened!

From deep in inside, squirt after squirt of hot come erupted.

"Oh look how far it shoots." Tracy said.

"Yeah, and look! Its sort of creamy and clear ... neat!" Carol gasped.

"Girls, that's sperm, and that's what gets you pregnant when a man shoots it into you." Debbie was watching ejaculate with shinning eyes as she spoke.

"Can you feel it when a guy comes inside of you?" Cindy asked.

"Yes sometimes, but not always." Debbie said. "I can feel Dave come inside of me only if I'm really still and he's in deep."

All the girls giggled and murmured together. I had the feeling they thought that would be an interesting experience to have someday.

Debbie contained to milk me even after my ejaculation was finished. The full attention of the girls was on my cock. Than slowly I relaxed and my penis returned to a normal pre-hardon state.

Kissing me on the mouth, and wiping the come up with the towel, Debbie took the girls down stairs for re- freshments after telling me to join them after I'd finished cleaning myself up.

I was exhausted by the experience and relaxed a few minutes. The girls had left by the time I got back downstairs.

"Well Dave, you were a success." Debbie said. "That was something that those girls will never forget. They each said they'd try it on their boyfriends this week- end."

Well, to make a long story short, Tracy stopped by again Sunday morning and spoke to my wife. Debbie came down to my office with the good news. "Tracy was here and said it worked, and said to thank you."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You know, the lesson on how to jack a guy off?" Debbie was smiling. "Tracy said she tried it on Rick and it worked perfectly. He squirted all the way up to the windshield of his car! Than he asked her to go steady!"


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