Chapter 4


The celebrations had been the best she had attended for many years. The fact that they were dedicated to her, for her sixteenth Birthday made them doubly special. She could select a husband from the many fine young men who asked for her hand and all the attention filled Lorena with a strong sense of pride. But she was a land owner and who she married would have to be considered very carefully, for the benefit of her and her employees. She was not going to rush into an agreement of matrimony. There were many who came forward to make themselves known without actually making a proposition, but Lorena knew that all the young men were eyeing her up with a view to acquiring her lands, and her body. However she was only sixteen and so time, at present was on her side.

She spent the time dancing, exchanging jokes and conversation with the others who were in attendance, and generally the evening went without a hitch. There was of course a fight or two between folk who had had too much tequila, and could no longer distinguish between a compliment and an insult, but there were enough sober people to stop these conflicts in their tracks.

The music was fast and happy, the food was tasty and plentiful, most people were enjoying themselves when Lorena finally called it a night, during the small hours, which were no longer quite so small. She slipped away without saying good night to anyone, hopefully they would all just keep dancing and singing, and not notice her departure. However there was one. There is always one who will not leave you alone and eventually they end up making themselves despised. There was just such a man at this occasion.

He had asked her several times to dance with him, and though he was not a bad dancer he had tended to take liberties with the way he had held her. Placing his hand on her bottom and touching her breast on one occasion, had made these times on the floor, more of a battle than pleasant interlude. She was pleased that she would not have to duel with him again that night, or so she thought.

She slipped into the house, newly completed and looking just as she had wished when she and the designer had set out the plans. Crossing the hall to the wide stairway she set foot on the bottom tread. She was tired and so advanced slowly up and did not hear the door open again behind her. Lorena was about half way up the stair when the man's gruff voice stopped her in her tracks.

She turned slowly and eyed him with scorn. He was still at the bottom of the staircase looking up at her with a glint of cunning in his eye, or it would have been if he had not been so very drunk.

"You will miss the party if you come in here." Lorena said down at him.

"Not the party I'm thinking of my lovely, why don't you show me your nice new bed and we can try it together." Lorena thanked god that she had not had much to drink and still had her wits about her.

"I don't think that is a good idea, you probably snore and that would keep me awake." There was a hope in her mind that maybe this boor would just get the message and leave, but ultimately she realised that he would not, unless she made him leave.

"I don't think I want to sleep, the night is too pretty for that. Why don't we just spend some time together, just you and me, in your room testing the furniture?" he lurched up a step, holding onto the banister for support.

"I don't think that is a good idea," replied Lorena. "You are too drunk to get out of the house if it burns down again and I would not like to have your life on my conscience if you were to get court in the flames."

"There is not going to be any fire in this house, it is built too strong. Come on what do you say to a little chat in your room, just the two of us, no one else need know?" Lorena noticed that he had a bottle in his hand as he lurched up two more steps. He took a drink but the effort did not make him unstable. He still had a long way to go before he went down in a drunken stupor. Lorena realised that she would have to tackle him herself or scream for help. The party was too noisy for a scream, she would have to come up with her own plan and hope that it worked. Her admirer took two more steps and rested again looking at her as if appraising the fitness of a new horse that he had just bought. Lorena turned and climbed the rest of the stairs and then turned again to look back at her assailant.

"If you want to see my room you had better hurry, I am not going to wait all night." The man whose name she could not think of at that moment produced a big grin all over his face and started up the rest of the stair.

"That's my girl, I knew you wanted me all along. Just trying to play me like a fish you were, with all that dancing with other men. Playing the field to see if there was a better catch, but I knew you would choose me, Ha, ha, ha." Pulling himself up by the banister as he spoke he had nearly reached the top. Four steps down, he stopped and took another drink from the bottle. It was still three quarters full. Shame to spill all that, thought Lorena. The foe stepped up another step, rested and then climbed another.

"Mighty fine of you to wait for me like this," he said as he advanced. "You and I are going...." he never saw the foot that flew out and kicked him under the chin. His head had been at the level of Lorena's stomach and just the right distance for a good contact. Lorena was sad that she only had thin dancing shoes on and not her riding boots, but the fall would contribute to the effect. The impact bruised her toe but she did not notice until she went to step on it. she had great satisfaction watching the poor man tumble down her new stairs and end up as a heap at the bottom.

Should she go to check on him? Was he still breathing? Would he get up in a minute and come after her? He didn't move. Lorena started down the stairs and the pain shot through her toe. She grabbed the railing just in time and prevented herself from following her victim. Was it broken? She tested her weight in the offending foot and found that it was his shoulders. She thought that was very funny as she admired her handy work.

It was as well she had decided against his advances, his genitals were too small even for a prairie dog. He would not be her stallion. She laughed at her little joke as she climbed slowly to her room. Once in she locked the door behind her and went for a comfortable sleep in her own bed, alone. What would the rest of the house hold make of his strange predicament?

The dawn broke quietly and Lorena was soon up and dressed. She went down to find her adversary still asleep, tied just as she had left him. Her foot only ached a little bit, nothing to worry about and the vagabond was obviously going to sleep for some time to come. Should she let him go? No leave it until he woke then get him to promise to leave her alone as she did not like his countenance. She scribbled a quick note to the staff to leave him as he was, and then went to the stables to collect her horse.

Via was already saddled and waiting. Nel's horse was also rigged with her sling. Lorena stood and petted her horse gently while she waited for Nel to appear, and wondered when she herself would be starting her proper first belly rid. Via was full grown now and had a good wide spread in his forelegs. Lorena had finished making her own sling and had tried it on Via but had not yet ridden naked in it. Soon she hoped, as Nel appeared.

The girl was carrying a syringe containing the now familiar green liquid. Could Lorena still call Nel a girl? She was twenty six years old now, a grown woman and beginning to show her age with one or two thin lines around the mouth and eyes. Lorena herself was a woman now if she could entertain propositions of marriage. Yes it was true, they were both women now and all childhood things would have to be relinquished to those who were still of that age. Not for her any more. As of the previous day, she was no longer a child.

A few moments later Lorena's Aunt walked in and appraised the situation.

"Now Lorena it is time to take on the adult side of your training. There is no reason for you not to know every aspect of what is involved in this style of riding, so from now on you will assist Neltitaca in her ride and she has consented to help you as you progress." Lorena was instructed in the art of injecting the horse as she had once done before, and then as the penis swelled to its full size she guided it into the waiting vagina of her best and closest friend.

It no longer amazed Lorena that such a huge piece of flesh could be inserted into the lower depths of the female human body. It only gave her a strong tingling feeling of excitement in her own loins. A feeling of longing and need that she knew would soon be relieved by her own body being pierced by her own loving stallion. The sense of anticipation was exciting to her keen mind. How long would it be before she too rode in this fashion? There was of course the natural barrier that had to be broken. How would it be achieved? Lorena's emotions were mixed up with longing and a little fear as she led the horses out to the yard. Mounting her own horse she and Neltitaca rode out together. Two girls, two different styles of riding.

Neltitaca took command of her own horse to begin with. They rode slowly through the fields until Nel passed through her first orgasm of the day. At this point Lorena had to take the lead and move both horses on. She was very familiar with the appearance of her friend impaled on the thick horse meat, but she still loved to watch the thrust and parry of the two bodies as they interacted together. The rhythmic swing of the lady in the harness rocking in time to the step of the horse. The sliding of the penis, in and out of the wet vagina. There was not a lot of motion there but it showed and even after all this time Lorena could not take her eyes off the action.

For the past two years, at least, Lorena had returned to her home, after watching her friend Nel saddled in this way, and had to change out of wet under garments due to the effect of the erotic view. She had even had orgasms of her own while riding and watching her friend get thoroughly impaled. Today was no different, but she would not get an opportunity to change at the end of the ride.

They were gone for about two hours. Walking their horses the whole way, chatting in between Nel's orgasms. Lorena tried to hold off from her own ecstatic responses to the ride, but failed miserably. Even Nel knew that Lorena had succumbed to the sexual pleasure. They returned to the stables and found Lorena's Aunt waiting for them. She was a middle aged woman, still attractive and without the worry lines that married life seemed to bring to women. Tall at one metre eighty she stood several centimetres over both Nel and Lorena, Nel being the shortest of the three.

Lorena was surprised to see her Aunt Elizabet but made no comment. She admired her Aunt for her ability to take stock of any situation and put things in motion to set things straight. Doubtless something needed to be organised, Lorena had no idea it was herself that would be the subject of the change this time. Lorena followed the older woman to the house admiring her long hare as she went. There was no spare flesh on this lady and there was still a lot of girlish swagger in the hips as she stepped out. This was a pretty woman and Lorena hoped to look that good when she was forty plus. They walked into the house and Elizabet lead the way to her room. They entered and closed the door behind them.

"The time has come for you to take to your horse. Via is a fine beast and will serve you well for many years, but he can not serve if you are not opened to him." There was no beating about the bush here. Everything was stated as it was, not as a story that eventually had a punch line.

"There are two ways to make yourself available to him. One is to take a man and marry and have to live with a husband dictating your every move or you can do it yourself, which requires more courage. I took preference of the second option and have never known a man. I can not tell you what it would be like to live with a man, and I can not advise you as to which man would be good for you. I have seen many men beat their wives and I have seen many wives beat their husbands. You will never have to live with either if you do what I did and open yourself, but you have to have the strength to go through with the pain from your own hand, which may be harder."

Lorena looked her Aunt squarely and made her choice. There was of course a third option, the man down stares would gladly have helped her, but she did not fancy the thought of his groping hands. She would do it herself.

The die was cast and Lorena was instructed on how to do it. The older lady went to a dresser and extracted from one of the draws a long cylindrical thing. Lorena could not see what it was at first but soon all was revealed. It was a wooden phallus, about forty five centimetres long and five centimetres thick. It had a penis shaped head that was a good centimetre thicker than the rest of the shaft and at the other end there was what appeared to be a hand grip.

The whole thing was immaculately carved with the shapes of the vanes and foreskin showing. It even had the little split in the head where a man peed. It was of a dark red wood, highly polished and very smooth to the touch. It was handed to Lorena to feel and explore. She caressed it lovingly and wondered if she had the strength to use it. she knew where it had to go and how it all fitted but she had been told that the pain was extreme the first time. Would she manage on her own? She expressed her doubt and received reassurance from the older woman.

"Come follow me, there is no time like the present and then you can have your first true ride tomorrow." Elizabit waltzed out of the room with Lorena close behind.

"I bought this from a trader who I saw at market one year when I was about fifteen. I had been sent by my Mother to buy groceries and as I had a little money of my own I was looking for some thing to keep me amused. The indian had come from one of the Amazonian tribes and he was looking to trade for tools that he needed. He would not take money so I had to go and get what he wanted in order to get what I had taken a fancy to. I took a liking to this as soon as I saw it.

"The indian said that it would bring me luck in marriage and I would never have to worry about my man. He was right, I have never had to worry about any man. He had a number of other things like rattles and small trinkets, a man's hat and a few things that natives of the forest use to cover themselves, but it was this that really caught my eye. He wanted a large machete in exchange so I duly went and got one.

"It took all of my money to get the type of blade that he had requested which had to be of fine steel. When I went back to see him with my exchange item he took it from me and cut a lock of his hair with it. Then he handed me what I wanted, packed up all his things and left, I never saw him again. Though I asked about him, nobody seemed to have noticed him, then or at any other time. Anyway this is what I received from him and it has served me well. Now I pass it on to you and bless your use of it. It will bring you good luck with men, and when it is time pass it on to another. One who you love and trust." The phallus was passed to Lorena who took it, feeling a little strange as she received it.

They had walked down to the hall and Lorena observed the man from the previous evening. He was awake now and moaning, still trussed up, obviously there was a storm in his head from the night's drinking. He had also relieved himself on the stone floor. Lorena and her Aunt took no notice and walked by him on their way out to the Yard.

The man's eyes followed Lorena as she passed him and as they were about to walk out he made a wining request to be released, all to no avail. Elizabet marched out to the centre of the court yard and stopped. Lorena stopped too, not knowing what to expect next.

"You are the lady of this hacienda. The undisputed owner of the house and lands. There is no person who has sway over your life here. It is a very privileged position, one that very few women ever have. If you wish too keep it this way you must demonstrate the fact that you will have no man as master. If you fail in this you will be married by the end of your seventeenth year.

"If you succeed you will be able to choose in your own time. You must open yourself here and now for all to see. This is the only way to stave of the swarm of men who vie for your land. There may not seem to be any who watch at this time but many will see and all will know by the night." Lorena was shocked at what she was expected to do. She turned bright red and the heat filled her head.

"I have to do it here, now, in full view? I...." She stammered but could not get any more words out, such was her shock.

"Don't fluster now girl," said her Aunt. It is this or be under another's rule. There is no point in hiding to do this. No body will know and you will still be pursued until you relent and accept a man to be your better. You must strip and act quickly, that is the only way." Lorena stood still looking at her Aunt. She could see the sincerity of the woman's beliefs and came to realise that it was true. She would be pursued until some man gained access to her land and body, then she would be subservient to that man. This was not what she wanted.

For two years she had been her own boss. She had even learned her father's side of the running of the hacienda, with the help of her trusted staff. This was good for her but it was also good for her staff. They would know that she would run things here as long as she chose to and only when she found the right person would she let them take over, as man of the estate.

"Before I do this, there is one other thing I must do to ensure my message gets round." She went into the stables and came back with a whip and then went back into the house. She stood in the door way and looked down at the bound excuse for a man who she had silenced the night before. He started to plead with her to let him free, but she cut his wines short.

"I will let you free and you will carry a message for me. If you try to touch me I will let you feel this." She said holding the long strand of the whip in front of him. Then she stepped forward and cut his legs free, followed quickly by the release of the bindings on his arms. His legs crashed to the floor and he cried out as the pain shot into his heels. Then Lorena threw his trousers into the puddle of urine that he had made. He watched them approach him and then his face fell as he realised they would have to be cleaned before he could ware them again.

"When you have cleaned that mess up you may come out to receive the message. I hope you are sufficiently ashamed of your behaviour last night" The voice was calm and strong. There was no doubt that what she said would have to be done. Then she shouted for one of her male staff. "Pascoe."

The man came running and gave a little bow as he arrived in front of her. He was instructed to see that Lorena's victim, who still sat in his own urine, cleaned every trace of the offending substance away, before being permitted to exit the building. Pascoe was a strong looking Spanish, indian mix and Lorena felt sure that he would see that the work was done completely. She turned and left them to the job. Once back in the centre of the yard she spoke to her Aunt.

"I will have an audience to carry the message and I am sure that it will reach every villager here." She handed the whip and the wooden phallus to the older woman. "Would you hold these for me while I prepare myself please?"

The two items were accepted without comment and Lorena started to remove her cloths. Her tank top, her blouse, skirt, boots, and finally underwear. Each item of clothing was laid out on the ground in a neat arrangement ready for easy retrieval later. Her panties were still damp from her earlier orgasms on horseback. She had never been naked in public before and the sensation filled Lorena with a slight sense of guilt that she should be exposing her body to all, but at the same time it was exhilarating and she felt free. She knew she would go naked again and often even if only at night.

With everything arranged as she wanted it, she turned back to her Aunt and accepted the whip and phallus back. She had been thinking hard about how she should go ahead with this ceremony and had not found any plan that satisfied her. She would take it as it came. She hung the whip over her right shoulder, with the handle between her breasts. She had only collected it so she would have some form of protection in the event that she was attacked. It gave her some sort of mental boost to know it was to hand. Then she stood in the middle of the yard with her legs about fifty centimetres apart, facing the door to the home she had had built. Ten minutes later her assailant and his guard came on to the porch.

Lorena knew that this was her moment. Holding the phallus in both hands she raised it above her head and showed it to all who could see. By now there were several people who had come out of the buildings to watch. A silent prayer passed Lorena's lips. She adjusted her hold on the phallus so that both hands were on the handle. She lowered it and bending forward, placed the head of the wooden monster between her legs. Her pussy was wet and her juice dripped to the ground in anticipation. Slowly she raised the head of the implement so that it touched her vaginal opening. She turned the shaft round so that the whole head shape would receive a coating of her love juice. Angling her hands and the stick so it pointed up to her womb, she suddenly thrust up, impaling her body on the end of the phallus. It split her flesh and a stab of pain entered her stomach. It hurt but was bearable. She would not faint.

The head of the phallus was hidden by her body but the rest of the stick was still exposed. Something sticky ran on to her fingers as she thrust upwards again. This time a length of the shaft slid into her body. There was no additional pain, for which she was grateful. Lorena felt as though she had accepted at least thirty centimetres but when she looked she could still see more than half of the tool protruding from her body. One final thrust maybe. Her pussy lips felt dry and she could see blood. Her mouth was dry and she was feeling a little disorientated. She clenched her muscles and pulled up on the handle of the piece of wood.

It slid in slowly, but it slid in. At last she felt something get moved inside her stomach. There was a new pain that stabbed her lower abdomen. Had the rod gone in as deep as it could? She tried again. There was the same pain again, it was not bad in fact she could grow to like it. She decided that the phallus was in as far is it would go. It was a solid unbending shaft. It yielded to nothing, perhaps flesh was easier. Lorena let go of the phallus and stood up strait, leaving it still inside her body. She felt the pressure ease in the depths of her vagina and realised that it would probably go in further now as her body was straight like the phallus. She did not try. She looked at her hands. There was blood on her fingers.

The job was done. It felt strange to have such a large item inside her body where nothing had ever been before. It was tight and stretched the walls of her vagina. Too tight to slip out she decided. She looked around her, maybe fifteen people were standing round watching. Some smiled some seemed serious. Her Aunt was smiling, the man she had tied up looked as though he had been robbed of all his money. Lorena realised that he had really wanted her and now knew he would not have her. An idea came into her head of how she could rub it in.

She walked over to the man remembering that his name was Ferdinand. The shaft of the tool rubbed between her legs as she walked. Bending over in front of him she grasped the phallus and in one swift motion, pulled it out and held it above her head. It felt like fire in her body as it tugged on her skin but she stood straight defying the pain. She looked at the bloody thing. The stain covered a little under half the length. She was proud to have accommodated that much and smiled. Then she made her proclamation.

"I declare that I shall take no man until I deem the time is right. Until that time, this is my master." Putting her hands down she spoke to her would be suitor.

"Well Ferdinand, your message is to report to the village what you have seen here today. You may go now." He was crest fallen. He bowed slightly to her and clutching his wet trousers he shuffled away. He looked back several times before he passed through the gate as though he was getting a last look at something he would never see again. He was not a poor man and had some influence in the village but she did not want him. The right man would come along one day and Lorena felt she had all the time in the world. Lorena turned to her Aunt. The small groups of people, her staff, slowly turned and went back to their work. The show was over. The pain was gone and Lorena knew it would not return again. She was free to do as she pleased now, within the bounds of her morality and that was very satisfying.

"Was that what you had expected?" Lorena asked her Aunt. "I hope I didn't make too much of a show." She bent to collect her cloths, not noticing the blood that was getting smeared on the garments.

"I think you did very well. Dramatic but brief. I cried out when I did it, but I did not have an audience that I was aware of. It was only later that I found out that I had been seen when I heard two people discussing me, and my actions. I am very proud of you. Tomorrow you will try Via for size, and if he is not too big we will get you saddled up, other wise you will have to stretch yourself some more. You had better go and clean yourself up now. Warm water with a little common plantain, no soap. Colletta has the plantain she will know what to do."

The old lady turned away and walked off while Lorena went to her room calling for Colletta as she went. The bath was duly filled and Lorena slipped into its warm waters, comforted by the herbal additives. As she lay back letting her long hair float around her she mused over the experiences that she would have the next day. Would she at last achieve her ambition? This was upper most in her mind. More than ten long years she had had to wait. Would she be able to ride side by side with Neltitaca for the first time?

She soaked in the water until it was cold, feeling with her fingers, the wounds that she had induced. They were tender. Then she called for a hot jug of fresh water to rinse herself, before drying and dressing for the mid day meal. The afternoon was hers, to do with as she pleased, and the night saw her go early to bed. The following morning was bright and Lorena sprang from her bed as though she had fire in her loins.

Today was the day and she did not want to waste any of it. She had a light snack and went to the stables without dressing. In the stables she saddled up both her own and Neltitaca's horses with the appropriate trappings. She suspended the riding sling from Nel's horse but left her own sling of for the time being.

Then she found the syringes and measured the correct dose of papaverine for Nel's horse and measured a dose of phenoxy benzamine for Via. The phenoxy benzamine was a drug that, though it produced the same effects, of swelling and stiffening the male member, it would only last about half the time that a similar dose of papaverine would last. Both worked by reducing the tension in the muscles around the veins, into which they were injected. This allowed additional blood to flow into the veins and so induce an artificial erection.

Lorena was not aware of the mechanics of what she was doing but she was very aware of the effects that she hoped to be experiencing in just a few short moments. Her Aunt had informed her of all the dosages that could be used and the length of time each dose would last. For her self she would administer the smallest dose of the weaker drug. The effect should last about two hours. That she felt would be quite enough for her first ride.

However before that she had to try the horse without the drug. She did not want to inject the expensive chemicals and then find that she was still too small to take the beast. Placing the prepared syringes in a safe place, where she could collect them later she went back to the horses and pulled Via from his stall. He followed her willingly and seemed to be quite aware that something was about to change for him. It would be his first time too.

The stables were all in one large building that had stalls up both sides and a large space in the middle, all under one roof. The floor was of packed earth with straw scattered randomly. It was softer than having a prepared floor but was also dusty and uneven. Lorena stopped in the middle of the building and looked her horse over. There were no faults or problems to be seen with feet or coat and his eyes looked bright and shiny. He was in good health.

Normally it would have been Rodrigues who checked the animal at the beginning of the day but this morning it was still to early even for him. It would not be long before he turned up but Lorena could not wait. She left the horse standing in the middle of the stables and fetched a small bench and placed it next to her lover to be. She would need something to lie on for this experiment. Via stood still only swinging his head to watch her every move. Then Lorena collected the grooming brushes and started to groom her stallion with long slow sweeps from neck to buttocks.

Starting at the top of his body she gradually worked her way over his coat until she reached his stomach. When she had finished she was very glad to see his large penis protruding from between his hind legs. It was not totally hard but it did have some stiffness. Only a little more stimulation would be required to bring him to full throttle. Kneeling down on the ground next to the animal she took hold of the extended member and stroked it gently. The texture was firm but the skin was soft like velvet.

As she fondled the penis she realised it was not just longer than the phallus she had used the previous day but it was considerably thicker as well. Maybe six centimetres at the head. That was half as much again, the size of yesterdays experience. Would it fit? She decided that it would have to fit no matter how much it hurt.

She continued to caress the huge shaft and had the satisfaction of seeing it harden further. It became unbendable and slowly rose to aim its eye forward between the forelegs of the animal. Via stood perfectly still as Lorena administered the massage. The penis started to pulse. Lorena had been able to feel the blood coursing through the blood vessels but now the force was enough to jerk the member out of her hand if she did not hold on tightly. She rubbed the soft texture of the skin against her cheek and kissed the head. It felt spongy. She squeezed it softly between her fingers and then inserted the head between her teeth. She tasted the slightly salty flavour as she tried to prise her tongue into the slit at the end. It would not go in but it was lovely to feel the opening sliding under the tip of her tongue. It seemed to suck as she withdrew, possibly like a baby on a mothers nipple.

She lingered there experimenting mouth to penis, captured by the spell of carnal lust and sexual adoration. Her mouth watered and she inserted as much of the head as she could. It would not go in and she realised that she would have to put it in her mouth while it was still quite a bit smaller if she was to do anything more than just suck on the end Eventually the realisation that time was passing slipped over her mind and she decided that she should get on with the job she had intended to do.

Getting up she walked round the horse to the bench which she had placed more or less in the correct position for her needs. The horse's penis slapped against his stomach as he waited impatiently for the next scene to unfold. Lorena lay down, on her back, on the bench and grasped the penis through between her legs. She was too far forward so she wiggled her way along the bench to get closer. Now she could bring the head of the penis into contact with her sopping pussy.

She had not noticed just how wet she had become and her tummy ached from fear of what was about to happen. She tingled all over from the fear and longing of her task. She tried to pull on the penis to force it into her body. But the horse was too far away and the solid member would not stretch enough to gain entry. Releasing her hold on the shaft with one hand she reached up and tried to push one of the horse's forelegs forward.

The horse responded and stepped forward. Then over what seemed an agonisingly long time Via moved each one of his hooves to compensate. First the other foreleg. As he did so he leaned onto the leg that Lorena had moved and the head of his penis pressed hard into her lower lips but still did not gain entry. Then one by one the other legs stepped up and suddenly Lorena was burst open as the head of the massive erection thrust violently into her. The shaft followed where the head went and Lorena cried out as she was filled to her abdomen with horse.

The horse stood over her and waited for a while, then some deep need took over and he started to thrust his hips. Thankfully the motion was small and Lorena was only rocked along the bench on which she lay. The penis did not enter her any deeper. She cried with each gentle thrust but soon the pain of the bench scraping on her skin was harder to take than the pain of penetration. She tried to move away but it was too difficult but in raising herself she did get relief from the bench.

It was an awkward position and put a lot of strain on her arms but she could manage for a while. The horse continued to thrust but the change in position was not so easy and the bend that was now instilled in his penis made Via uncomfortable. The penis started to loose its strength.

It took a few moments but eventually the shaft of meat dropped out of Lorena's body and hung limp between the horse's legs. The young lady slowly stood up and stretched her aching body. She did not feel sore internally but her back felt as though it had been used to role pastry. The sling would be easier, she turned to get it from the stall where she had left it.

That was when she saw Rodrigues standing in the stable door. He must have been there for some time, as he looked comfortable. Lorena was not troubled by this, as he had seen her naked on many occasions from being a child to the present day. He had also been the one to inject Neltitaca's horse when she rode each morning. That included directing the penis to the right spot on most occasions.

The mating of all the horses on the hacienda were his responsibility so he knew everything there was to know about horses and intercourse. He stepped towards her and a small smile crossed his face. There was no malice just concern. "If you had asked I would have shown you how to do that without hurting yourself. The idea was right but there are things you can do to soften the bed you make for yourself. Next time use straw and cover it with a blanket. I used to watch over your Mother. I often helped her with the initial joining. It is safer to have a friend to help and calm the horse if he gets too excited. Next time have someone to watch over you." As he crossed, he collected the sling and came face to face with her.

"I'll put this on for you, why don't you fetch the drugs. Neltitaca will be here any moment with your Aunt." He strode over to the horse and started to arrange the sling. Lorena returned to the place where she had left the syringes and collected them. Apart from the choice of rest she had chosen the test had gone off well. It was a tight fit but it felt so good and right. It would be a joy to ride today.

When she returned, Rodrigues had finished the sling and she gave the two syringes to him. Then she went to climb into her harness ready for her first ride. As she scrambled into the sling she hoped that her aunt and Neltitaca would arrive soon. She was settling down into a comfortable position when they appeared. Nel went immediately to assume her position under her horse and was soon ready. Rodrigues showed the two syringes to the old lady who nodded her consent to continue with the preparations. He walked over to Lorena's horse and strapped Lorena's legs high up on the horse's sides. Then he quickly injected the Benzamine directly into the penis.

After this was done he went to Nel's horse and after strapping up her legs he injected the Papaverine into the soft tissues of the penile pouch rather than the harder meat of the penis. The reactions were very different in time scale. The papaverine gave an almost instant responce and Rodrigues was able to insert the swollen member immediately, where as when he returned to Via, his penis was still only half swollen. However it was good enough to introduce to Lorena and as it was small it went in easily.

Rodrigues seemed to take no enjoyment from his task as though he was just mating ordinary horses. Lorena felt the penis being thrust into her again and tried to look at what was happening. She couldn't see anything because, which ever way she looked, either the horse or her own body got in the way. In stead she had the feeling that things were no longer in her control. The penis head spread her pussy lips and slowly slid into the deeper recesses of her body. Again she had no control over what was happening and the progression seemed to be unstoppable. It stretched her insides as it grew and forced its way to depths it had not reached before.

Her opening was wide and now held no barrier against entry. It was wonderful, but at the same time it was new, strange and a little worrying. How big would it grow? Could she take it all. The girth would be no problem, she had proved that already but the length, that was another matter. She could not test for that and now it was too late anyway. She had seen the size of the fully erect penis but seeing and feeling appeared to be two completely different things.

Suddenly the two horses started moving. There had been no warning and Lorena had not been prepared for the first thrust as the horse stepped forward. The penis, now almost full size, jabbed into her body extracting a cry from between Lorena's lips as pain lanced her innards. Would this happen at every step. The second step came and Lorena was swung up and then back in the harness. This caused the penis to slide out of her by a few centimetres and then thrust straight back in again. She was ready for this thrust, but being strapped in as she was there was nothing she could do to brace herself for the shock.

It seemed that the penis slammed into her tender insides, only to be retracted yet again as another step was taken. Lorena was sure she would die with the next thrust, but the horse was speeding up in its rhythm and the swings evened out and became less forceful. Once the little caravan got under way Lorena was far more comfortable and after a few moments was enjoying the subtle motions of the horses' gate. A gentle to and fro in four directions and the sliding in and out of that magnificent shaft between her legs was enough to lull anybody.

She reached her first orgasm before they had fully left the stable, and they came hard and fast from then on. Via took almost twenty minutes before he showed signs of climax. Lorena was not in any fit state to guide her horse. She had no idea who was guiding the animal and did not care as the action between her legs dulled the rationality of her mind. As long as Via kept on moving she was not going to worry about how or why he moved.

When Via shot his first load, Lorena knew it was about to happen. She was becoming used to the motion and was no longer quite so engulfed in the sexual ecstasy that had taken her earlier. Via started to get a little agitated and tending to walk sideways as much as he walked front wards. At first Lorena couldn't work out what was wrong with him, but it gradually dawned on her dulled mind that she had seen this behaviour before. It was what sometimes happened when a horse came into Nel. Obviously the same thing was about to happen between Via and herself. How wonderful, she thought to herself. This would make her joining complete.

It happened in a rush. One moment Via was half dancing along the path, the next he stopped momentarily and fired. Lorena felt the horse tense and stop but she was not ready for the onslaught of jets of sperm entering her body. It felt like a small fist hitting her insides. The first one was the strongest and it made Lorena climax again. The rest diminished in strength but each contributed some more sperm to the stock. Eventually the pressure had built up too much and some shot back out of her body in a small white jet that nobody noticed except Lorena. It was a strange sensation to have horse cum entering and exiting at the same time. It was nice and she wanted to feel it again.

She squeezed her legs together as best she could around the horse's body and Via walked on. His ejaculation over he seemed less frisky now. Hopefully that would change again soon. Lorena continued to have regular orgasms though they were less strong, as the party walked through the fields. Some of the time she was able to take note of her surroundings and at others she was too deep in ecstasy to be aware of anything except her own climax. It was a blissful experience to drift in and out of such heights.

At no time during the ride was she really let down to a normal level of sensation. The horse ejaculated a second time, but not so copiously, about thirty minutes after the first. It had the same effect on Lorena, but she was getting tired now. The walk was not yet finished though. Despite her tiredness the orgasms continued to fill her emotions. She was forced to accept every one as though it were some beautiful torture, inflicted by a jailer, as she lay in her prison cell bound and unable to avoid them.

The ride lasted two hours total and at the end, when Via was led into his stall, Lorena felt as though she was about to die. She lay limp in her harness, hands hanging to the ground at her sides. She was too tired to lift them. She was too tired to hold her legs up when they were unstrapped from the sides of the horse and Rodrigues had to lower them gently to the ground one by one.

Once Via stopped, his penis started to retract as there was no longer the massage action induced by the walking. The drug's effect having long gone. The diminishing shaft slipped out of Lorena's gaping vagina and left her feeling hollow and drained. She did not care though, she was too tired even for that. She just wanted to sleep for a year and dream nice dreams. Sleep she did, long before she was extracted from the riding equipment. Rodrigues covered her in a blanket and carried her to her room. She did not awaken until the next morning.

It was too late for her to ride again next day. Nel had already left and Lorena really felt that she could not take such treatment again quite so soon as this. She moped around the house sorting one or two problems that had presented themselves, but other wise time was easy on her shoulders. It was toward the end of the afternoon that she started to feel restless.

She went down to the stables and walked into Via's stall. He seemed pleased to see her and nuzzled up to her nibbling at her hair. She wrapped her arms round his neck and talked softly to him. Then she decided to give him a gentle groom, just to massage his skin and shine his coat, not that his coat needed shining in any way. The brushes felt good in her hands as she rubbed the horse's hair following the line of growth with each stroke.

It was not until she started on Via's belly that she noticed he was sporting a huge erection. She had been dreaming of other things and her hands had done the work automatically. The thick penis dangling between his hind legs jolted Lorena back to the present. It slowly dawned on her that, yes she would like to have his member inside her body again, but not to ride him this time just to couple as she had done before the ride yesterday.

Lorena got down on her knees and continued to groom the stomach area of her big stallion. From this position she could easily see the meat he was seeming to offer her. It transfixed her gaze and she knew she was ready for him. She forgot about finishing the legs and took hold of the stiff erection. It filled her hand. She needed both hands to wrap the thing all the way round. She was beginning to feel a desperation in her desire for this animals body. She placed the head of the penis to her mouth and kissed it.

Then she started to open her mouth and slide it in. It was not as big yet as it had been the day before and it almost slipped right in, but her teeth still got in the way. her mind was racing. If she left Via for a moment or two this monster would probably shrink a little and then it would go into her mouth. With a quick kiss of parting she left Via and went into the main area of the stables where she had mounted him the previous day.

There was nobody about so she went in search of Rodrigues. She was thinking about what he had said to her the previous morning when he had seen her trying to make love to the horse. She trusted him and he knew what he was talking about. He could help her now. When she found him she told him what she was after and he agreed to come as soon as he could and he would bring the straw too.

Lorena went back to Via. Just as she had thought, his penis had shrunk, almost to disappearing. It would not take long to make it reappear again, of that she was sure. Lorena led Via into the big area of the stables stripped her cloths off and started to groom him again. She just did his stomach and hind legs. The bits she had not finished before. It had the desired effect.

This time she did not let it get too big before she took hold of the penis head and inserted it into her mouth. It slipped in easily and she sucked hard on the rough skin of the head. She ran her tongue over the lumps and bumps that made up the fleshy glans. Inserting her tongue into the slit at the end and wiggling it up and down.

The reaction to this treatment was almost instant. The glans swelled up and filled her mouth. The shaft it was attached to, stiffened to a rock like rigidity. She was pushed back by the force and had to scramble to prevent herself from falling. She wrapped her hands round the shaft and hung on until the adjustment was completed. Then still holding the penis she started to massage its length with both hands. She sucked on the head as hard as she could and licked her tongue all over it. It was not until some moments later that Rodrigues walked in carrying two large bales of straw.

He took no notice of what Lorena was doing, placed the bales on top of each other in the middle of the hard earthen floor and then walked out again. A few moments later he returned with a blanket and this he spread over the bales so that it covered them and the surrounding ground. Then he went over to the bench, which was now back in its place on the side of the stable area, and sat down. He did not seem to look at Lorena while he did all this, but obviously he had seen what she was doing and commented.

"Relax your jaw muscles. It will seem much better if you do." Lorena almost gagged as she tried to answer, Her mouth stuffed to capacity with the penis head, but she tried to follow his instruction and eventually succeeded in easing the tension in her cheeks. Her tongue continued to play over the flesh in her mouth and it was not long before she felt Via tense in his hind quarters, but the first jet of cum still caught her by surprise. Not by the timing but by the shear quantity of sperm. It shot into her mouth and straight down her throat. She never even tasted it.

The second and third jets went the same way but this time some of the goo stuck in the back of her mouth and she could feel it round the back of her teeth. There were seven little packages all together and the last two she received on her tongue. It was salty but nice. Not like anything she had ever tasted before. It had a dry taste like a dry wine but at the same time it was sticky like syrup and though not sweet it was like something that one would spread on bread. She smeared the horse's seed all round her mouth and then swallowed. Now she was ready to get on with the real task of coupling with this animal. Even if he had just cum, Lorena was sure that he would manage it again.

She pulled away, and the meaty knob slipped out of her mouth. She closed her mouth. Her jaws hurt from being stretched so much for so long. Nothing that a little practice would not fix, Lorena decided. She stood up and led Via over to where Rodrigues was seated. He looked up at her, his eyes scanning her body as they raised to her eyes. There was a glint of amusement in them. Lorena took no notice. This was her horse, her stables and Rodrigues was a member of her staff. What she did was her business and nobody had any reason to make comment on the matter.

"Will you show me how to do this while I'm not riding him, like you said yesterday?" She asked. The answer was affirmative and the two people and the horse walked over to the straw bales. The instruction came swiftly and was easy to follow. Within three minutes Lorena was on her back, on the straw, with Via firmly implanted into her Vagina again. She had taken the penis and inserted it herself. It was sweet and beautiful. She did not feel so stretched and painful this time though it was still a little difficult at first.

Rodrigues held the horse's head and by subtle guidance, induced the horse to move so that his penis slid in and out of Lorena's body with a smooth easy action. She came several times within five or six minutes. Then Rodrigues stopped her and made her change position so she was lying on her front. This time he introduced the horse's member to her love nest and the sex continued. Again Lorena came several times and again she was stopped and another position was selected. She lay on her side and the horse entered Lorena. This time he was allowed to fuck her until he came deep inside her.

Lorena, in spite of the orgasms and strong emotion was able to feel the subtle differences in the different positions. They each had their good points and she would practice each many times over the following weeks and months.

This was her training and it was the order of the day from now until she was as accomplished as her friend Neltitaca. One day she hoped to ride in the Mardi Gras together with her friend, side by side, with crowds admiring their skill and prowess. Such is the stuff of dreams, but some dreams do come true. To begin with she rode every other day and rested between, but after a couple of months she started to ride every day except for when it was the wrong time of the month. Some times it would be just Lorena and sometimes it was Lorena and Neltitaca who rode but there were occasions when Elizibet would join them and ride under Korrtona. Soon Lorena was as accomplished as either of the other two ladies.


  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    I was delighted with the story and the rhythm and pace was perfect for me. I have one question .... Where can I read about belly riding , I cannot find it in a dictionary or in Wikipedia ? I would like to read it's history and government action. I hope you reply
  • Anonymous said:
    4 years ago
    Loved it I wish it would never end. thank you