Chapter 5


Lorena was well loved by her staff and the people around her in the village and other farms. They all respected her for being a fine looking woman who had the stamina and skill to run a hacienda without the strong arm of a husband to guide her. There were few arguments about what should be done, when or by whom. The rebuilding of her house had put much needed money from her coffers into the local community and she had not tried to cut corners or undercut one tradesman against another.

She had shared the work through out the community and as a consequence she now had no problems with getting anything done that needed to be done. Her capital had been greatly reduced the first years after the fire but with several good crops in hand, her finances were strong. She continued to belly ride when permitted by her duties and the time of the month, Her skill and endurance increased rapidly. Via was full of stamina and never failed to please his mistress.

After several months Lorena and Neltitaca took to longer and longer rides until they were able to sustain a ride for a full day. Nel had been able to endure a full day for many years and it pleased them both as Lorena approached the same degree of competence. The rides usually had to take place toward the end of the week when all the organising of the hacienda had been scheduled, both ladies agreed that it was worth waiting for.

Summer time arrived again and Nel went to her annual ride in the Mardi Gras. She would be away for several weeks but this time she made arrangements for Lorena to come to the spectacle in February. Their parting was sweet and tender as both females were particularly fond of each other. There was little that either would not do for the other. Over the years Lorena had seen to setting Neltitaca on her feet financially.

Though it had started off as a small contribution when Lorena had personal money to spare now that she ran the hacienda the contributions were bigger and more frequent. This with Neltitaca's supposed frugal and wise use of the funds had made her independent, should she wish to be so. Neltitaca had no reason to make a split from her friend, but it was good to know the money had been there. She offered to spend some of the savings on transport and a hotel for Lorena to see Mardi Gras but Lorena insisted on paying her own way.

Lorena grew very excited as the day of her travel approached. She had one simple bag and her travel cloths. There was a car to take her to Pota Pura on the Paraguay Brazil border, some two hundred kilometres away, and from there she had to take a train to Campo, the first major town in Brazil.

Lorena had only seen one or two cars before and had certainly never ridden in one. Most of the vehicles in the area were tractors and trucks. The ride to the station was very exciting and most interesting as she was whisked along the dirt tracks through scenery she had never even dreamed of. At the station she had to wait for nearly an hour for the train to arrive. She boarded as soon as the other passengers had alighted and then sat while the driver chatted to one of the many station staff for another hour. This did not bother Lorena, it was just the way things were.

An hour was no time at all in her village. Eventually the train set off and ambled slowly through the countryside, stopping here and there for people to step on or off. In fact the train was so slow at times, it did not have to stop. It was getting dark when they finally arrived in Campo.

The trains do not run very frequently and Lorena was forced to spend the night at a hotel across the square from the station in Campo. This was not because the train was supposed to stop for the night, just that the driver had business in Campo that had to be dealt with. The delay was of no hardship, and Lorena took the rest as a good opportunity to work out the aches and pains of the first part of the journey.

The travel arrangements continued at a leisurely pace the next day. After five hundred kilometres the train pulled into Bauru and again stopped for the night. This was a regular stop. Again the time was used to stretch the aching muscles and relax. The final leg of the journey started early the next day with a non stop ride into Sao Paulo. Here Lorena was required to change trains and catch another smoky leviathan to Rio De Janeiro, her final destination.

A fine looking gentleman was at the station to meet her and she was taken to a good hotel in a quiet part of the town. There was a good deal of haggling and arguing about the price of the cab, which Lorena was very please to be able to leave to the man she was with. The noise and smells of the big city were entirely new to her and it was a little dizzying to her senses. She stood and looked around hoping that soon she would be able to have a nice hot bath and some food to quiet her rumbling stomach.

Once she was in room, she relaxed in a tub of water that, though it was not cold, was not as warm as she could have had at home. Then she dressed and went down to the restaurant for a light meal. It was not late but Lorena tired, so she was quite prepared to go to bed and have to wait to see her friend the next day, but Nel turned up just as it was getting dark.

They chatted for about an hour and agreed to meet early the next morning. Dawn was fine and clear. Lorena dressed and ate and then stood in the hotel lounge until her friend arrived. They sat and talked for some time about a possible schedule and at about ten thirty the man arrived. Lorena found herself attracted to his looks but had no intention of allowing any thing to grow between them. He was just nice to look at. He was smartly dressed in a fine light tan business suit with a very elegant shirt and tie.

His shoes were white and his hair was short dark and slicked back with something that made it shine like glass. His dark skin positively glowed as he approached them. Lorena remembered his name, Nagiees Colopres, as he gallantly kissed her hand, and she greeted him with as much charm as he had given her. Soon after this Neltitaca left as she had much to do in preparation for the carnival in two days time.

Nagiees offered to show Lorena the city and they walked out together to see the sights. There was so much to see. Her guide skilfully whisked Lorena along the streets and through the shops finding all manor of things to show her. Little churches and massive Cathedrals that could have sat over her hacienda buildings and still have left room to walk the horses between the walls. Shops such as Lorena had never seen and wide roads all paved. There was not a dirt track in sight. The tall buildings and big open squares, and in the evening, the sea. An expanse of water that seemed to go on for ever. It was blue like the sky and birds wheeled and dived over its surface. Lorena was enchanted.

The sun set and the two people, who seemed to be the only two in this world of crowds and noise walked side by side on the white sand, toes sinking slightly as they trod. The happy couple parted late and Nagiees promised to meet again the next day at the same time. They would visit the grand statue of Christ high on the hill over looking the city. They climbed the mountain Corcovado partly on foot and partly by taxi to the base of the cog train. Then they took the slow ride up the steep side of Corcovado, with what seemed like a thousand other tourists in the poorly ventilated single wagon, up to the foot of Cristo Redentor.

Here they stopped for most of the rest of the day while Lorena almost ran, with child like enthusiasm, from point to point, and back again, to view the different sights and scenes. They had their lunch, and their dinner at the top watching the sun descend behind the surrounding hills. Running for the last cog train, they squeezed in with all the other tourists, for a faster but just as hot and stuffy decent. From the base of the cliffs they walked back to Lorena's hotel where they parted company at the end of what had been a truly wonderful day for both of them. Again the arrangement was made to meet in the hotel lounge next day but the itinerary was to be to see the final preparations of the precession members for that night's opening Mardi Gras.

Lorena was up early and dressed in her finest cloths. She did not intend to return to her room until all the precession was over. She packed a few things that she thought she may need, like a comb and a small bottle of scent that she had purchased the day before as a souvenir. Then at the last minute she decided to remove her under garments as it would probably be that little bit cooler in these hot and humid streets.

She had on a thin cotton dress of a fine rose floral pattern with a pair of white high heel shoes and she had let her hair down loose to hang about her shoulders. She felt as though she was dressed for her Sunday visit to church, but the lack of underwear made life a little bit risqué.

Nagiees was very prompt with his arrival and this time he brought Lorena a bunch of flowers. They walked out to the street and entered a car, far bigger than the rust heap that Lorena had ridden in for the beginning of her journey. They were driven to a small, by Rio standards, three story building and walked into a central square, inside the house. There were many people milling about doing this and that, and amongst them were several horses. Lorena recognised the horse that belonged to Neltitaca and went over to it.

Nel was no where to be seen but the horse recognised Lorena and snorted a greeting. After patting the big stallion a little, Lorena was led into a room at the back of the square and there she found Neltitaca behind a sowing machine putting final details to some garments. There were several ladies all doing similar things either sowing or fitting garments to their intended wearers. There was little time to talk so Lorena went back out to see what was going on in the yard. There were several brightly coloured floats draped in shimmering gold and silver.

There were canopies and grand chairs and thrones on the floats with many brightly dressed people in matching costumes that seemed to reveal as much as they covered. In fact there were some girls or ladies who had almost nothing on except for a ribbon that wound around their bodies covering, or not, the parts that would normally have to be covered for decencies sake. All the garments and trappings were of gold, silver or several tasteful shades of blue. It was stunning to see, and Lorena knew it would be even more spectacular once the show was under way.

Everything started to come together at about mid afternoon. And finally the vanguard was able to leave for the main assembly point. Lorena found Neltitaca as she was fixing her self into the sling that would carry her continuously for the next three days. There were some minor adjustments made to the harness to provide better support and then the final fitting was made to ensure that all was comfortable. Nel's outfit did not consist of much. She had a lot of glitter stuck to her naked body and the harness was covered in silver and blue silk like material. Her hair was set into tight ringlets that then had sequins and glitter sewn in to it.

Much of Nel's skin was panted to match the colour of the material that covered her horse and riding equipment. She was a sight that would bring many a man to tears. Gradually the revellers organised themselves into an order that would take them to the starting point of the official procession. The gates to the complex were opened and the contingent of eighty people slowly filed out to the street. There was much calling back and fourth between the display entrants and those who lined the street to watch them go by. Some of these people would not get another chance to see the procession as they may be working or away. Others just wanted a sneak preview of what was the premier event of the year. Lorena walked beside Neltitaca as she swung her way in the middle of the entourage. There was a young boy of about fifteen to lead the horse.

Nel had explained that he was a stable hand and would look after the horse through out the entire spectacle. Nel herself would be fed and watered as well if required. However she had tended not to eat or drink very much as it created problems later. It would be extremely difficult to pee if the horse was still inserted in her vagina. Lorena wondered about that. She had not had to hold on to her pee for more that twelve hours.

Nel was about to have a stretch of around fifty six hours when she would be unable to pee. It would be painful. The expanding of the bladder, due to increased contents, with no where to expand to and the tube through which she would normally pee would be squeezed closed by the enormous penis. Nel just laughed her enquiry off saying that one would get used to it in a while, but Lorena was concerned for her future rides in the famous Mardi Gras.

The huge horse's penis had already been inserted into Nel's tender loins before they had all left the safety of the samba school. The horse had been injected with a combination of Papaverine and Phentalamine in a fifty, fifty mix totalling eighty mil. This was expected to last for about six hours and should last the first half of the first night's parade. Due to problems of overdose and bad side effects the next injection would be sixty mil of Paracelsus, which though it gave a less hard erection was less troublesome to the horse.

The horse was delayed from ejaculating due to these injections and would probably only cum about six times in the whole three days. Nel on the other hand was already going through her first orgasm as they reached the starting place for the full Mardi Gras procession. She was hanging limp in her harness as she received the strong constrictions in her womb. Lorena watched over her friend as the stable lad manoeuvred his charge into the correct position.

There was a lot of jostling and nudging and pushing as all the people from all the schools sorted there exhibitions out into the prearranged order. It was five in the evening and the first schools were already starting off on the road, but with over a hundred schools it would take a long time for all of the contingents to get underway.

Neltitaca's school was eighty fourth in the line and would have to wait for four and a half hours before they could start but they all had to be there to claim their place or they would lose it. No allowances were made for those who were late. Lorena walked around the horse-woman combination and checked the straps and decorations for the last time. It would not do to have something fall off in the middle, somewhere where it could not be retrieved. She took a surreptitious look at the point where the two were joined. There was no missing the coupling.

The horse was about seven and a half centimetres thick and Neltitaca had taken well over half the length into her body. Her hairless vagina was stretched wide to accommodate the black and pink shaft and the thin lips that would normally have been tanned and wrinkled, were pulled taught and were enflamed around the horse cock. The horse was very nervous of all the hustle and bustle in the area. He stamped and pulled at the reins that the boy held, prancing his hind quarters from side to side, in order to see any danger, as things went on behind him.

Lorena tried to calm the beast with some effect, the horse knew her so that made it easier. The boy thanked her for her troubles. Slowly things settled down in the area of this school but people could still be heard calling and shouting further up the line. Now all Lorena and Nel had to do was to stand and wait. The horse calmed down and soon it was much quieter. Lorena stooped down and talked with Neltitaca for a while and then as Nel wanted to rest Lorena went to see who else was in this group.

There were seven belly riders all on fine looking stallions of sixteen hands or more. They were all dressed in a similar fashion to Neltitaca but there were differences of style and quantity of covering. One woman had painted her entire body gold and her horse was wrapped in pale blue silk. It was a truly stunning sight as all the riders stood together. All the horses were firmly implanted in there respective riders and there was not a penis that was not seven centimetres thick. Lorena wished that she was riding in this parade and had her trusty Via thrust deep into her pussy. She was getting quite wet, thinking about it and was glad she had not come out with her underwear still on. At least the hot air would help to dry her as time passed.

It grew dark and soon after the procession pulled them forward and onto the march. Wheels rumbled and feet clattered and harnesses jingled as they walked on. It took five minutes to get everybody in their group moving and Lorena realised why it had taken so long for them to start after the first group had left. She was about to walk off beside Nel when Nagiees appeared at her side. "Come with me I will take you to a place where we can watch the whole procession and not miss any of it. It is always best on the first day and you can walk with your friend tomorrow if you like." Lorena agreed and was whisked into the milling throng after a quick parting wave to Nel.

The two of them were soon away from the hubbub and the throng and Nagiees took her through dark streets and narrow passages. Lorena did not feel frightened or anxious. She felt surprisingly safe with this new friend. It did not take long to reach a new, brightly lit street where though there were many people, the floats had not yet arrived.

There were the normal street lights and some extra electric lights that had been put up just along the marching rout, but in addition to this there were also many people holding burning torches, that flickered and danced in the slight breeze Nagiees pushed Lorena to the front of the crowd and then stood close behind her. She could feel him pressed against her back and he had placed his hands on her hips. It was not an unwelcome touch and she let it stand. They did not have long to wait.

The first floats crept by with loud music and outrageous dancing. There were drums and whistles and shouts and screams to augment the grate cacophony. Lorena was soon into the swing of the occasion and danced on the side of the road, as the spectacle passed by. Some times the couple were on one side of the street and at others they walked to the other to get a different view of the event.

Many people were drinking and later there were one or two who, having overindulged too early, ended up lying in the road totally oblivious to the things around them. Lorena did not drink and had the best time of her life. There were people making love on the side of the road and many did so while still watching the parade. It titillated Lorena to see them, and to know that it would be so easy for her to do the same, as she had no cloth barrier to protect her inner sanctum. She resisted the idea though her escort was a prime choice of partner, should she change her mind The two of them moved up the street against the flow of the parade and came to a large square where all the samba schools seemed to be taking a rest. Drinks were being offered out and there were many different schools all talking to each other. It was a total riot of colour.

Many of the schools had of course left already and there were only about four or five schools stopped at any one time but Lorena worked out that they would all eventually arrive here. It was a fascinating thing to watch as the members of different displays all intermingled. Only the belly riders seemed to stay where they were parked, and the rest of the group seemed to use them as a regroup pointer for when it was time to move on again. This it turned out was also the place where the horses received their second injection. Lorena and Nagiees walked around talking to many folk.

Nagiees seemed to know everybody. People called his name or came up to him and shook his hand and congratulated him. It did not seem strange that he should be known by so many but it did seem strange that he should be her guide. She brushed off the thought and carried on enjoying the evening, which had now turned into early morning. She was feeling quite aroused by the noise and activity. It was a wonderful feeling. It took many more hours before the whole procession came to an end and even then many revellers just decided to follow the tail end and make their own unofficial display.

Lorena and Nagiees ended up drifting through the slowly emptying streets as the dawn started to arrive in the East. It was time to return to the samba school, to help look after the now quite tired paraders. Lorena stopped, turned to Nagiees, and realised that she was holding his hand. She liked it and did not let go. "It must be time to go and help the participants now but I need to go to my hotel to freshen up. Is that all right?"

The whole side trip should have only taken a few moments as there was not a lot that Lorena needed to do. There was no problem, so the two walked slowly to the hotel. Lorena invited Nagiees up to her room to wait while she did what needed to be done. He did not hang back. At the door she let them both in and turned to close it behind them. Then she did something she had not intended to do. Locking the door she turned to Nagiees and kissed him, full on the lips.

"I hope you are not married," she whispered to him, "Because if you are you will be very tired if your wife wants you to service her." She smiled up into his face and placed his hands on her buttocks. Then she folded her right leg round Nagiees's legs as though she was trying to prevent his escape, and slid his hand up her body taking her dress with it. There could be no doubt that she was naked and available under the skimpy garment. If she had not displayed her charms before, to some unsuspecting person, she would have been very surprised. This time she made sour that all was displayed. She turned her catch and herself so that she had her back to a mirror that she knew was in the room. Nagiees seemed to only take a quick look before he bent to kiss her again. This would work out quite well thought Lorena.

It was not long before they were both on the bed and disrobed. Lorena lay down for her catch and enticed him to her. He took no time in falling into her arms and penetrating her. The first fight was hard and fast. He ejaculated deep into her body after a few minutes and they lay quietly for a while. This was something Lorena had never had. Her vagina seemed very loose to her, almost sloppy, as he thrust in and out, but there must have been enough feeling for him to achieve his climax. The warmth and strength of a man were much more rewarding than a horse but that did not mean to say she would give up on a horse. They still had the gold meddle for endurance and size. This was a very nice interlude and a pleasant change from raw brute strength.

Lorena pushed Nagiees of her and climbed on top. He had remained quite hard even after the first ejaculation, so it was easy for her to find his weapon and reintroduce it to her succulent nest sight. She found him to small to fill her but she clenched her muscles to try and make her vagina a little tighter. She rode him as if he was a horse under her, galloping through the field around her hacienda. She came several times and was gratified to feel him shoot into her for a second time. Again they rested and lay together still joined as one Nagiees rolled onto her again and took her a third time holding her legs over his shoulders.

Lorena felt her bottom smacked by his testicles, with each thrust that he made, and reached another climax. He drove into her long and slow each time, reaching depths that he had not reached in either previous bout. It took a long time this time. He collapsed onto her, his full weight pressing her into the bed. he was warm and she folded her arms around him. He slept for a while. She did not, unused to having a second person in her bed, she thought about what it would be like to have a husband. No, this was fun, but to have to put up with it whenever he demanded satisfaction. That, she could do without.

When he awoke he rolled off her and apologised for imprisoning her in such a way. She made little of it and turned over onto her hands and knees, waving her bottom in his direction. This would be the best look he would ever get as she thrust her hips up and waggled in front of his face. He leapt to the task of satisfying her one last time.

This would be the coup de grace that he presented to her. He started to lick her buttocks and gradually advanced toward her vagina. Holding her hips he supported himself as he progressed. His touch became more subtle as he advanced toward her entrance until he was hardly touching her with his tongue. Just flicking at her skin. Suddenly he stopped and straitening up he thrust his penis into her expectant crevice. It slid in as far as he could reach. He thrust two or three timed to help strengthen his erection. As he continued to slide in and out, he put a finger to Lorena's anus.

She had not expected this and clenched her muscled. Nagiees scratched at the ruffled skin that surrounded the anal opening. Slowly Lorena relaxed. She had decided to let him do as he pleased. It would be a small reward for his time and effort in looking after her. As she relaxed he inserted his finger deeper applying some sort of liquid, possibly saliva, to the opening. She wanted him. It was taking to long. She was ready for him to cum again.

He continued to thrust his penis in and out of her vagina while his finger stretched her anal sphincter. It felt like he had pushed almost his whole hand into her though she knew it was not so. It did not hurt but she was very sensitive there and with each fresh movement she clamped her muscles again. However each muscle spasm was less that the previous one. Nagiees new he would get what he wanted soon.

Slipping his finger in and out and lubricating the opening with Lorena's own love juice, Nagiees loosened her anus to a point where it was easy to penetrate her. He briefly inserted a second finger and thrust twice. Then as he pulled his penis out, still maintaining his rhythm he swapped his finger for the now removed penis and guided his shaft into her tight anus.

The penis was at least three centimetres thick and stretched Lorena even more. It felt like it was burning as he thrust in several times to gain depth. Lorena gasped with each thrust and wondered if it would hurt more as he thrust more often. Lorena's vagina had been quite slack for the man but this new orifice was much to his liking. Like a virgin, which technically speaking, in that entrance she was. He rode her slowly, giving her time to acustomise to the new motion.

Lorena soon became used to the feeling and finding that it did not hurt much she decided to enjoy the act. This may be the only time she would ever be taken this way and it would be a shame not to enjoy and make the most of it. she reached back with one hand and started to stroke her clitoris. It was quite sore from previous attentions but it would still provide her with a good strong orgasm if she went slowly. She rubbed up and down between her pussy lips and started to slide her finger into her now vacant vagina.

Nagiees increased his rate of thrust, pulling his penis almost all the way out before returning it to the depths of Lorena's bowel. The tightness of her anus would provide him with a quick ejaculation but he wanted it to last as long as possible. Lorena achieved a first mild orgasm and seemed to go straight on to the next which was stronger. Nagiees increased his speed again as he realised that Lorena was well on her way to a massive climax. It started to seem like a well coordinated machine, each part speeding up in response to the other parts. It took only a short while until Nagiees shot his final jet of sperm into Lorena's aching anus. He was deep in her and his stomach was pressed hard against her buttocks as he spilled. Lorena reached her peek shortly afterwards and gasped as her body was wracked by the strong spasms inside her vagina. Both collapsed on the bed, and still united, drifted off to sleep for an hour or two.

Lorena awoke first and finding that Nagiees's penis had shrunk and flopped out she got up and went to wash herself. When she returned Nagiees was awake. She felt embarrassed at her nakedness in front of a man she had only known for three days. He watched her as she dressed and did her hair, then he followed suit and they went down to find something to eat. A quick snack and then to the Samba School.

Most of the people were resting still but some had started to fix things that had broken the previous night, or make changes to their dress or regalia. Neltitaca was asleep, with her horse, in a corner of the yard. Her horse was resting in the shade, and seemed to be contented as he munched on some hay that had been placed in a trough. There was also a trough of water which he had obviously indulged in as there was water all over the ground around him.

Nel's hand and legs had been released from the straps that had held her while she had ridden the streets but the huge horse cock was still deeply penetrating her vagina. Lorena stroked the horse's head as that was the only part of him that was not completely entwined and bound by various cloths, ribbons and straps. The horse nodded to her but otherwise did not move.

Nel continued to sleep. After a while Lorena decided to find something to do and ended up helping a young lad look after a couple of the other belly rider's horses. Feed and water and make sure that they were not too skittish in the heat of the day. By the third hour of the afternoon, more people were waking and starting to move about.

Nel awoke and requested a drink. She ended up consuming a half litre of water and having a small slice of bread with a piece of chicken. She must have been very thirsty. Lorena felt the heat and needed to drink at regular intervals. How Nel could manage to go three days with so little was beyond the younger woman's comprehension. Not long now until they all walked off again.

Lorena was to lead Nel's horse this time. She had been given some ribbons and pieces of cloth which she pined to her dress in order to show the house colours. She thought that it looked good, but several women came to her and, insisting that she remove the floral dress, they quickly arranged the bits and pieces into a reasonable example of a rather revealing Mardi Gras costume.

Lorena did not feel comfortable showing her body to such an extent, for all and sundry to view for the next six to eight hours, but time had run out and the precession was on its way for the second instalment. As she walked along Lorena wanted to adjust some of the trappings that she was now adorning, but she could not work out how to adjust without loosening what little she had. She did not wish to loose the whole lot and end up naked.

Eventually, deciding to leave it as it was, was the only choice. She had several blue ribbons entwined into her dark hair, and a large flash of glitter on each cheek. Her face make up was of deep purple to show off her skin colour around her eyes and this was blended into a pale blue on her forehead. To cover her body she had a single long ribbon, about a centimetre wide, that had been wound round her to provide an out line to the supposed clothes she would have worn if she had had any. It started off, tucked at the front, in a silver collar, and ran down the front of her body and between her legs. From there it ran up between her buttocks, around her waist, back down between her buttocks, through her legs again and up to the collar. Then it passed under one arm round her back, under the other arm round one breast and up over her shoulder. Then it looped round the strap at her back, back over the other shoulder.

From there it went round under the other breast, right round her back, under her other arm and back to the front of her collar. The whole thing was held in place by one beautiful broach of glittering blue stones. Lorena knew that if she unfastened the broach she would never get it fastened again, and there was just no way to move any one bit of the ribbon to cover her self more without it all falling in disarray. It was too late now anyway. Every thing was moving and she had no time to stop.

"Stop fidgeting with it, and enjoy the walk Lorena." Neltitaca had been watching her friend's consternation and wanted to put her out of her misery. "Once you are walking through the crowd it will not matter what you are wearing. Just be happy to be in the march. You are doing something I have never done. If you ride some day you will have done Mardi Gras every way possible. Watching, marching and riding. Not many people get to do all three."

This hit Lorena with a force. She would be almost unique. Participants normally had to attend the march on all three days of the march. If Lorena could find a horse tomorrow, maybe she could ride tomorrow and do all three in one year. Would they let her? It was up to the school with whom she rode. She wondered if Nagiees would help her. She liked him and felt that he would do almost anything to make her happy, but did his sphere of influence reach that far.

As she thought about the next day and the slim chance of doing a very special thing, her attention was drawn to the crowds that were beginning to line the roads. For the second day running people were standing five or six deep to see the Samba displays slowly wend their way through the streets of Rio. Her mind forgot about her nakedness and she started to enjoy the showing off and the sound and cries from the crowd. She started to mince her walk to show her grace and slenderness, really falling into the atmosphere of the exhibition. Lorena and Neltitaca had been talking to each other as they walked but the crowd threw so many comments that soon the ladies had to stop their chatter because of the noise. It was not long before they couldn't even hear what people were shouting at them.

Several different pieces of music playing at the same time plus shouts, whistles and bangs all added up to make a din that Lorena had never heard before The whole cavalcade progressed at a sedate one and a half kilometres per hour as the various individuals danced, leapt, swaggered and whirled their way along. The whole thing took over five hours to pass any single point in the city and it took three hours to walk the four kilometre rout. This meant that from the start of the first person, to the end of the last person, took over eight hours.

There were two places to stop and rest, one, about an hour into the walk, that Lorena had visited the night before, and another about three hours into the walk. These had been set up just to allow drinks and a rest for the dancers who otherwise had to keep going all the time. It did not take long for Lorena to find a natural dance style that made her feel happy and that she could keep doing for the duration. As she moved she could feel her breasts bounce in their ribbons and this turned her on. She began to get quite wet between her legs. Not to orgasm pitch but hot enough that she would have been happy to oblige any customer who requested her attention. She almost forgot her duty of looking after.

Neltitaca, hung in the harness beside her. There was also the needs of the horse who would probably require water at the stops. Lorena looked down at her friend. The older girl's eyes were shut tight as a sexual spasm raked her body. Lorena was pleased for her.

It seemed no time at all before the school reached the first rest area. Nel requested a small drink of water and then was happy. The horse seemed to require more. A bucket of water which was spilled over Nel's head as the horse drank and then there was the next injection to administer. This all took time and Lorena only managed to get a mouth full of water before she was off again following the rest of the procession, with her horse impaled friend at her side. For all the time it actually took to complete the course, it seemed to be only a few minutes to Lorena before they arrived at the second stop.

Several young men had stepped up to Lorena as she danced along, and had whispered things into her ear. She had pretended to hear and laughed on each occasion but the truth to tell she had no idea what any of the men had said. It had all been too noisy. At the second stop another bucket of water was administered to the horse but he only drank a little. Neltitaca required nothing. Lorena was better able to care for herself this time but it still seemed a very short time for a rest.

The last section of the walk passed just as quickly as the previous two and it was not long before the group were headed back to the school building. It was well passed midnight when they were all back again and after seeing to horses and riders, and making sure that all the parts of the float were in a good place the revellers continued their dancing and merry making. Bottles of drink passed from person to person without regard for whether they knew the next individual or not.

Lorena had several sips from two or three different bottles and was unable to say what any of them were. It made her tipsy and she just carried on dancing. It was beginning to show the promise of the light of day before anyone went to their makeshift beds either singly or in pairs. Lorena did not know and did not really care. She was quite tired from the effort of dancing all that time. She found a blanket from a corner of a room and then went back out to the yard. She lay down close to Neltitaca and was soon asleep. Nel was already asleep and the horse, still fully erect, nodded its head as it dosed by some hay and a water trough.

Day three dawned for Lorena at about eleven in the morning. Some others were already moving about but it was still quiet in the yard. Nel's horse had moved off to a shadier spot. Lorena was hot and could understand the horses' reasons. She stood up and slowly looked around. There was a faint smell of something cooking which made her stomach growl. She was hot and sticky, she wanted to cool off and the nearest thing for that was the horse trough. She dunked her head to try and clear it. It helped a little but she needed more. She climbed in, forgetting her outfit, if that is what it could be called.

Water flowed over the edge of the trough and travelled in runnels across the yard. Lorena paid no heed and sank down under the water, running her hands through her hair. It was then that she found the ribbons entwined in her locks. She unbraided them one by one and put them over the side of the water trough. Then she unfastened the broach from her neck and placing it and the collar on the floor she unwound the ribbon from her body. Remembering how wet she had got the night before she decided that the ribbon should be washed before it was used again. This she did in the trough. Then she emerged cool and refreshed, her naked body gleaming in the sun as the water dripped off. She wrung out her hair and then she stood bathing in the warmth to dry herself. Now she was ready for whatever the day would bring. After eating and seeing to Neltitaca's needs of food and water, Lorena suddenly remembered her idea of maybe riding on the last day instead of being a ground based spectator. She asked several people who was in charge of the school and was eventually directed to somebody. "I am sorry," came the reply.

"This honour is reserved for those who contribute to the schools finances on a regular basis. You were allowed to walk yesterday because you are a close friend of Lady Nel. She has been coming here every year for a long time and she always sends us money to help pay for the school. She made a special request for you and we were happy to oblige her. However if you wish to contribute some funds, maybe a thousand dollars, I would be happy to let you ride next year." He thought for a moment. "Besides, where do I get a horse at such short notice? Geldings, mares or donkeys, but these not possible for what you need. You need a stallion with a large penis and big nochos." He expressed a size in gross exaggeration of the truth and then with another apology for not allowing her the honour of belly riding today he walked away.

Lorena was disappointed. She had felt sure that she would find a way but of course without a horse she could do nothing. She could however give the man his thousand dollars and be sure of a place next year. The day passed slowly and the precession did not hold the same power over Lorena as it had the two previous days. She enjoyed herself but was always just a little sad that she had not been able to fulfil her hopes. She watched the march from amongst the crowd and this time was able hear the things that the men shouted at the riders. All the comments were lurid and accurately descriptive, and enough to make any lady blush, which Lorena did on numerous occasions.

She was with Nagiees again and they spent the whole night going from place to place to see what people were doing on this last night. It seemed that everybody wanted to make it last as long as possible. The antics and dancing continued non stop until sunrise. It was in the early hours just before dawn that Lorena stopped Nagiees and made love to him on the corner of a square through which the procession had passed several hours before. She did not hesitate or think about the consequences. She just wanted to say thank you with her body. It only took a few moments to finish, but in that time several other people stopped close by and watched. Lorena was oblivious to them.

Later she said fair well to the people at the school, to Nel, who was still strapped to her horse, and by the afternoon she was on her way home again. Arriving three days later she was greeted with warm enthusiasm from all her staff and had to spend hours telling of all the wonders of the city, the sea, the Mardi Gras and the belly riders.


Two weeks later she sent a money order to the Samba School for the equivalent of eleven hundred dollars to ensure her place in the next event. The extra was just as a thank you for their tolerance of an outsider.


  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    I was delighted with the story and the rhythm and pace was perfect for me. I have one question .... Where can I read about belly riding , I cannot find it in a dictionary or in Wikipedia ? I would like to read it's history and government action. I hope you reply
  • Anonymous said:
    4 years ago
    Loved it I wish it would never end. thank you