The Clark family lived in a battered mobile home which was set in an opening, off a dirt track not far from an

unpaved, secondary road. The ground around the trailer was dusty, and only a few weeds grew there. The area was strewn with debris, including the hulks of three vehicles and parts of others. Seven people lived there, five of them children, of whom Linda, at age fourteen, was the eldest, although she appeared to be scarcely twelve.

I first saw Linda on a cool, sunny morning, when she was strolling down the road near my house. She was barefoot and clad in shorts which revealed marvelous, perfectly formed legs. She wore a sleeveless halter which didn't cover her midriff, and one could see the belly button on her flat tummy. She scarcely had any breasts. Her face seemed so young and innocent, and I assumed that she was a girl just ripening, perhaps eleven or twelve, despite the fact that her body was a bit too large for that age. She noticed me sitting on my porch and waved at me in a friendly manner.

"Hi there," she called out in a young, sing-song voice, which, for some reason, sent shivers down my back.

"My nane's Linda, I live down the way," she said, pointing behind her. Her voice was like a delicate wind chime, so childish.

Although I have never been a gregarious person or open to people, I responded to the lovely girl with genuine warmth.

"I'm Tom," I replied, gazing at her intently, ogling her young body.

"You've just moved in?" It was more of a statement of fact than a question.

"Well," I responded, "I've had the place for a couple of months, although I haven't been up here much."

"You mean you don't live here all the time?" she asked with a note of incredulity in her voice.

"No," I replied, "I have a house down in the city, where I work."

"You must be rich," she said softly.

"No I'm not, although I have a good job."

"Would you like some lemonade?" I inquired, not wanting the lovely girl to go away.

"Sure," she responded and came up onto my porch.

I brought drinks for us from the house and we sat together on the porch swing, where we sipped them. I was unnerved by the proximity of her young flesh. Her thighs were exquisite and not two inches away from me. Can you imagine peaches and cream thighs, shapely and soft looking?

I had long known that I was very attracted to young girls, to their slight stature, to their innocent beauty, but I had never more than admired them from afar. Yet, here she was, Linda, sitting next to me, more beautiful than any girl I had ever imagined. Her bare shoulders were as lovely and as desirable as her cute knees. I dared not touch her, of course, although I longed to fondle her soft flesh.

Her voice was magical, like that of an eight year old.

"How old are you, Linda," I inquired, not looking at her, sipping my lemonade.

"I just turned fourteen," she replied.

I then looked straight into her face, but I didn't see fourteen years there.

"You look younger."

"I know," she giggled. "I pass for eleven at the movie house and I get in cheaper."

I wanted to pull her to me, to explore her modest chest with my hands, to stroke her sleek thighs, to kiss her pretty face, but I dared not. Had I done that, she would have freaked out and gone screaming from my house, and I didn't know who would then be most dangerous, the cops or her family.

I restrained myself, and we chatted for a while longer, before she eventually went home. I watched her leave, staring at the back of her perfect legs. I then went inside of my cottage, took off my clothes, lay on my bed and masturbated, dreaming of the girl.

Linda would seek me out whenever I was up at my lake- side cottage, and I began to go up there every weekend, despite the distance. I was twenty five years older than the girl, yet we actually played together. We did board games, tossed balls and swam in the warm water of the shallow lake. I never touched her, even by ac- cident. I was determined not to.

My hobby was photography, and I amassed albums of her pictures, a number of which I particularly treasured; ones in which she looked directly into the camera with a sultry intensity; ones in which her flesh was dis- played most alluringly.

It was not long before I met the rest of her family, her brothers and sisters, who began to play around my house and swim off my dock. Her father and mother came by one day, and they too began to visit regularly.

Ned and Ethel Clark were uncomplicated, uneducated and uninteresting. They enjoyed drinking my beer as we sat on the porch and watched their children romp. Linda would frequently come up and sit next to me, even as her parents looked on. It was unnerving.

"She's getting to be a big one," Ned said to me one day, pointing his corn cob pipe at his eldest daughter as she played with her siblings under a willow tree by the lake. "I'll have to marry her off before long, just to keep her out of trouble."

"She's a good cook," Ethel added, looking up at me slyly.

I was shocked. They were being so obvious. I was almost ten years older than them, yet I suspected that they were suggesting that I marry their scarcely pubescent daughter.

"Don't you think that she's too young to be married?" I responded.

"I married Ned, when I was about her age," Ethel re- plied matter of factly as she took another swallow of beer.

"You city folk don't understand the way we live up here," Ned commented.

"I know you like her," Ethel interjected, "and she's crazy 'bout you."

"Yes, of course I like her, but . . ." I stammered.

"The law says that she can marry at age fourteen, if we agree," Ned said, looking straight at me.

"And for a price, we'll agree," his wife added with a smirk.

I didn't know how to respond, so I said nothing. The two of them let the matter drop for the moment, and before long they and their children went home, except for Linda, who stayed behind. She came up onto the porch and sat beside me, closer to me, I thought, than in the past.

She was a beautiful child with an agreeable heft. She was large enough to fuck, I thought guiltily.

She leaned her head against my shoulder and looked into my face. I couldn't resist the girl. I palmed her cheek and kissed her lips lightly. Linda pushed her face at mine with enthusiasm. She was so innocent; she didn't even pucker. Fearful of what was happening, of what I was thinking, wanting, I suddenly got to my feet. Linda also got up, and she leaned against me, her blonde hair in my face. I put my arms around the girl and sur- rendered myself to her. We kissed for a long time, and she learned to do it properly.

"Are we going to get married?" the young girl whisper- ed, looking directly into my face with the utmost innocence. She had the face of a child who should be playing with dolls, yet I kissed her again.

"Yes, I think so," I heard myself say. "You'd better go home now," I then added, pushing her gently toward the porch steps. She beamed the most wonderful smile at me and then ran from the house. I watched dumbfound as the girl skipped childishly down the road.

I wanted that girl, and I was willing to accept pro- found changes in my life to have her. I couldn't take her down to the city with me and parade her about as my wife. It would be legal, but it would also be scan- dalous. People would point at me as I walked down the street. I would lose my job. I realized that I would have to live up in the hills with those simple folk and do most of my work via computer. It was very possible to do that.

The next day I made my arrangements with the Clarks, which involved an up-front payment of ten thousand dollars and a promise to "see to them in their future need." Linda and I would marry the following Saturday.

I had almost a week to think about the situation. I could still get out of it with the loss of ten thousand dollars, but I never wavered. I thought constantly of the girl, of having her every day into my old age, living with her, old enough to be her grandfather, yet having children with her.

The marriage ceremony was very abrupt and simple. An old judge who was clad in an ancient black suit with dandruff on the shoulders, a craggy faced man who showed no emotion or interest in what was taking place before him, married Linda and me as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

Afterwards we gathered at the Clarks and downed a few beers in a pathetic celebration. Linda clung to me and her mother smirked all the while. I managed to get us out of there and over to my cottage before long. We walked along the dusty road holding hands. The girl's blonde head reached to my shoulder. She was mine, I thought, as we hurried along, eager to be alone to- gether.

We sat on the porch swing at my cottage, she sipping a lemonade and I a vodka tonic. She was clad in a dress that she had outgrown, her wedding dress, which scarcely covered half of her lovely thighs and at which her small breasts pushed. We were both nervous. Linda leaned against me and I had an arm around her.

"Mommy said that It'll hurt at first, but that in time it'll feel good," she said, looking up at me shyly.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"But I think that you'll have to," she replied firmly. leaning hard against me.

I cupped a cheek of the brave little girl, my wife, and gazed into her eyes, so marvelously beautiful. Intense emotion caused my throat to ache.

"I'll be as gentle as possible," I told her in a whisper.

"I know you will," she replied and kissed my lips lovingly.

We sat there together for a long time. We kissed frequently. My fingers explored her flesh; her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, her soft upper arm. We kissed all the while.

I felt her fabric clad, braless breasts, scarcely a hand full each, which were pointy and with hard nipples. She stuck her tongue into my mouth as I did so and squirmed. I put a hand on her small knee and she spread her legs in invitation. I stroked up her inner thigh, silky smooth and warm to the touch. Her panties were damp.

I masturbated the girl gently until she gasped "harder, faster!" Linda, my child bride, revealed herself to be incredibly orgasmic.

She bucked and squirmed against my loving fingers to such an extent that I had to make an effort to keep her from falling off the porch swing. She pressed her face against my neck and sucked powerfully on it as she became inflamed.

She lost it completely and screamed into my ear pain- fully as her body contorted in orgasm. I had never before experienced such a sexual response from the females I had known in the past.

I diddled her to two more orgasms until she was sweaty and slack in my arms, totally spent. Then I picked up the limp girl and carried her inside the house, where I placed her on the bed. She lay there with her eyes closed, half asleep with her lips apart. I looked down on her young beauty. She didn't appear to be fourteen. Her body was large enough, but her face, in repose, was that of a much younger child.

I sat down on the bed beside her and took off her shoes and then her socks. She had little, well shaped feet. I raised one to my mouth and licked her instep. Linda suddenly came alive and squealed at the tickle. I held her foot to my cheek and ran my hand up and down her girlish calf. I sucked on her toes, looking into her appreciative eyes, so large and deep blue. I determined to lick her all over, to explore her young flesh with my tongue. I would taste my young bride before I hurt her.

Linda helped me take off her dress, and when I pulled down her panties she lay naked before me. She looked up at me eagerly, although with a bit of apprehension. She was gorgeous.

I leaned down and sucked in turn on each of her small breats and she fondled my head. I wanted, needed her desperately. I stood and quickly undressed. When my rigid cock came into her view, her mouth opened with an expression of surprise and concern.

"Will that fit into me?" she asked with a tremor in her voice.

"It's much smaller than a baby coming out," I replied as I lay myself next to her on the bed.

"I'm afraid," she whispered into my neck.

I knew that I would hurt her and I didn't want to. I wouldn't. We nuzzled and kissed for a long time. I diddled her to another powerful orgasm and then we slept for hours clutching to each other.

"Drink this," I told her in the middle of night, of- fering her a large glass of vodka. She wrinkled her nose at it, but she sipped it down.

After the second glass Linda fell into a profound sleep. Then I licked her, on all of her, including her armpits. I tasted her. Then I slickened my cock with my coppious pre-come, spread her legs and mounted her.

I just thrust my cock into the little girl, breaking through without too much difficulty, penetrating her fully until my stomach pressed against hers. I poked in and out of her in small strokes, but when I felt it coming, I plunged into her violently.

She was pretty out of it from the alcohol and did not feel a thing. When my orgasm was suddenly upon me, I surrendered myself to it totally. I roared. I shrieked at the ecstasy. As my cock pulsed it's last pleasure, I looked down at Linda's pretty face, so young, so innocent.

I did not go soft. I fucked her again as I raised above her on my arms, gazing at her childish prettiness. I came again, gasping and panting, inside of her, my young bride, who was oblivious of the pain.

"I feel sore down there," Linda said soon after she awoke the next morning.

"I took you last night, when you were sleeping," I replied clutching the girl to me.

"Thank you, but I wanted to feel you."

"You will soon, but it won't hurt too badly."

"I licked you all over," I added. "You taste good."

"I'm all sticky," she said as she got up from the bed. I could see that she had bled.

"Let's take a shower together," I suggested.


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    Excellent story that needs to continue.
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    the dream of every old man and you made it sound good, well done.
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    I think that you should write more parts
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    Hot smokin' hot!