Andrea stood gazing at her reflection in the dressing- room mirror. She had just pulled off her T-shirt and was standing in the little cubical in just her panties. Since her breasts weren't all that large she often went without a bra.

She wondered why she hadn't warn a bra that day, she knew that she was going shopping for new clothes, and would've normally put one on for modesty's sake. For a nervous moment, Andrea looked around the booth wonder- ing if there were security cameras or two-way mirrors being used.

She couldn't see anything that looked suspicious, but the thought that some stranger might be looking at her almost nude body made her feel strangely aroused. This feeling was happening more and more lately, she real- ized.

Andrea, at 20, had been married for almost six months, and prior to her marriage to Michael she had worked very hard to make herself into the perfect woman for him. Never having been a slouch, Andrea nevertheless worked out to tone her body to perfection. She had spent afternoons at the beach perfecting her tan, and even had her teeth whitened so her new husband would have the perfect bride on their wedding night.

Andrea sighed as she looked with satisfaction at her reflection in the dressing-room mirror. She had per- fected her body for her man, and she knew that she looked desirable because there was never a day that some guy wouldn't comment on her looks, or ask her for a date. She was glad that men hit on her; otherwise she would've begun to wonder about herself.

A shadow of unhappiness crossed Andrea's lovely face as she thought about Michael. She had been a virgin when they were married, and she hadn't known exactly what to expect on their wedding night. But she knew that there should have been more than a few kisses and Michael passing out still in his tux sprawled across their bed.

Since their wedding night, Andrea and Michael had made love exactly 16 times. Andrea made a quick calculation and decided that that was something less than four times a month. She didn't know if that was normal, but she did know that she wanted more, lots more.

Forcing her mind back to the task at hand, Andrea looked one last time at her naked body -- wishing that she were in bed with her handsome husband receiving the attention that she craved. Then with a sigh of resignation she slipped the pretty black cocktail dress over her head and adjusted the hem evenly at thigh level. She did a quick pirouette glancing behind her at her reflection, and liked what she saw. "If this doesn't do anything for Michael, then nothing will," she thought.


Michael had come home early from work that day, and stood watching as his wife pulled into the driveway. As he watched her unloading her packages from the car, he felt a bit like a voyeur. It made him horny watching his pretty wife going about her daily routine not knowing that he was there. She was dressed in nothing exotic, just jeans and a T-shirt, but he appreciated the body that was underneath those ordinary clothes.

He glanced down and was pleasantly surprised to see that he had an erection. He knew that his wife was less than satisfied with his performance in the sex department. It wasn't anything she had said -- but he could see the look of disappointment in her lovely eyes every time he told her that, 'maybe later' that he wasn't in the mood.

Michael had never been as interested in sex as his buddies while growing up, but it never really mattered until he'd met Andrea. It had been his idea to wait until they were married to have sex -- he was afraid that if he couldn't get it up she might not stay with him. But now that they were married he felt an incre- dible pressure to perform, and he knew that he was failing.

As he watched his luscious wife walk up the drive his erection shrank and his momentary lust with it. He wanted to take her to bed in the worst way -- he wanted to enjoy that beautiful body that no other man had ever sampled, but the pressure to perform was just too much and he couldn't stay hard.

As Andrea opened the front door her husband was there to help her with the packages.

"Hi sweetie, you're home early," she said in surprise.

"Yeah, the boss told me to take off early so we could get ready for the trip. Did you get everything you needed," Michael asked.

"Yes honey, I bought an outrageously expensive dress for the party, and with my other outfits I think I'll have everything I need."

Andrea was a little worried about their upcoming trip, but refused to let it show. She didn't really want to spend the week between Christmas and New Year's at Michael's boss's place in the mountains. But Michael had said that an invitation to the "mountain home" was something that any employee of Microcosm Inc. would die for. It showed that you had arrived as far as the company was concerned. Only the privileged few were ever invited to the Hanson residence, and an invitation for a whole week meant promotion time, Michael had said.

"When do we leave," Andrea wanted to know.

"I think as soon as possible, it's about a 3-hour drive and the last thing I want is to be late."

Andrea asked, "Do you know who all's going to be there?"

"Just Mr. Hanson, his latest girlfriend, the Bellamy's and us. This will be some real quality time, and I just know that I'm in line for a huge raise. You'll be liv- ing high on the hog once this week is over. I expect to get the comptroller's vacancy, which means another hundred grand a year," Michael laughed in delight, the unhappy thoughts of only moments before completely forgotten.


All during the three hour trip Michael was fun and entertaining. His smiling face, his funny jokes and the love that he obviously felt for her captivated Andrea. She watched his face in the glow of the dash lights as they sped through the night toward his boss's mountain retreat. He was so animated, so fun loving that Andrea forgot their problems and snuggled close to Michael as they traveled up the mountain road.

Michael was feeling good, he felt his wife's adoring eyes on him and put his arm around her shoulders, steering with one hand. They laughed and talked about unimportant things.

Andrea who had been frustrated by her husband's lack of response earlier in the day, placed her hand in his lap. To her surprise Michael didn't seem to mind. In the past when she had initiated anything sexual he would tense up, and things would become forced.

Andrea looked at the dash clock. They would be at their destination within the hour. She looked down at her husband's lap and watched as her fingers massaged him to semi-hardness. She so wanted to see him erect, she hadn't gotten enough of him since they were married and she was still curious about a man's sexual parts and how they worked.

With an impish smile on her lovely face Andrea pulled at Michael's zipper, opening his fly, and reached in- side.

Michael said in a merry tone, "Whoa, baby! You wanta cause an accident or something!?'"

"No sweetheart, you keep your eyes on the road and I'll keep mine on your lap. If we both do what we're concen- trating on then we'll be just fine!"

Andrea dug around in Michael's pants for a moment, fishing out his semi-hard penis. She could barley see the head of it in the dim light from the dash, so she tugged his belt lose and opened his pants wide.

Michael began to feel a little nervous, he knew what his pretty wife had in mind. He wished he'd taken a shower before they had left the house - what if he smelled? What if she was turned off because he wasn't clean?

Andrea looked longingly at Michael's manhood. She didn't get to have it often, but when she did she was instantly wet. She felt so hot at that moment all she wanted to do was to climb up between Michael and the steering wheel and fuck his brains out, making him have to peer around her thrusting body to keep the car on the road.

That thought brought Andrea's blood pressure up nice- ly, as well as her arousal level. 'God, she needed Michael,' she thought, 'Maybe I could get him to stop the car and we could do it in the back seat!'

To Andrea's horror, just as she was thinking about fucking her husband in the back seat, she felt his penis begin to shrink in her hand.

'NO! Please NO!' she screamed silently in despair. 'How could he get soft now of all times? Was she so unattractive? What had she done to turn him off?'

Michael felt the familiar shame as his dick flopped around in his wife's hand. She had been massaging him in prelude to giving him oral sex. She'd tried to do that to him once before but it had made him feel too nervous then, and it was having the same effect on him this time.

Knowing that he needed to say something, Michael mumbled, "I'm sorry baby, I'm just not in the mood right now, maybe later when we get up the mountain."

Andrea nodded numbly and said, "Sure honey, we'll see how it goes."

The young couple drove on in silence, Michael self- consciously zipping himself up, while Andrea felt the moistness between her legs that only a moment before had been molten hot -- begin to cool and feel uncom- fortable as she sat in miserable disappointment.


Mr. Hanson greeted the young couple in the drive to the large house tucked away deep within the forest. They had driven a full 20 minutes down his private drive after leaving the county road before noticing the lights that marked the existence of his palatial rustic getaway.

Andrea felt a little overpowered by this bear of a man. He was almost 50 but seemed as powerful as a bull, always talking a little louder, laughing with a little more zest than anyone else around him.

She had met him twice before -- the first time had been at his city apartment when Michael had first been hired. All the young executives where invited to a get-to-know-you dinner with the boss, he had been the picture of solicitude toward her that evening and she'd been impressed.

The second time was when she had come down to the office to bring Michael some papers that he'd left on his home office desk by mistake. Both Andrea and Michael had been surprised that Mr. Hanson had popped into Michael's office to welcome her.

He had taken her hand and squeezed it warmly, then kissing the back of it in the best tradition of a European courtier. Andrea was pleased that he seemed to remember her, and flattered by the attention that he showered on her while she was at the office. He even gave her the VIP tour of the FAB and offices. They both had to change into sterile clothing and wear a shower-cap type of head covering to go into the FAB area.

It was only a week later that Michael had received the invitation to the mountain home. And both of them were impressed by the magnificence of the place. It turned out that Mr. Hanson owned over 1500 acres and about 17 out buildings, as well as the 10,000-sq. ft. main house.


Andrea wasn't surprised that Michael was too tired to do anything that night. She admitted to herself that she would have been shocked if he had. She lay restless in bed beside her husband wishing that he would take her in his arms and make love to her. She felt herself flush as she thought of him thrusting deeply into her, of her legs wrapped around his strong young body, thrusting back at him with matching lust.

Tears rolled down Andrea's soft cheeks as she silently cried herself to sleep.


The morning shown in gloriously through the large multi-pained window of their bedroom. The early morning sun shown upon the handsome young couple as Lambert Hanson slowly massaged his aching cock, sitting in front of the video display.

He could see the object of his new found lust half uncovered, lying sprawled on one side of the bed. She was laying face down, and he could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. He was pleased that there was no tan line on her back, and even more pleased that he'd been right when he'd figured that she had a fabulous body. It was even better in real life that he'd imagined.

Lambert was a little surprised that the young couple hadn't screwed each other the night before. He knew that he wouldn't have missed that chance if he'd been Michael.

He squeezed his fully erect cock and began to pump it again as the handsome young man stirred, waking his pretty wife. He was immensely pleased and aroused when Andrea turned over and sat up.

God, she was beautiful! Lambert wondered how her hus- band ever got anything done. That body was so perfect, so luscious that he couldn't believe that she was real for a moment. Then she got out of bed and Lambert began to spurt little gobs of come from his raging hardon as he watched her walk to the bathroom.

She was truly perfect in every way, his dream woman. His orgasm was a surprise, more so since he'd fucked Marla twice the night before -- pretending that she was Andrea. He'd watched the young couple ready them- selves for bed the night before and had stood there amazed while Michael's beautiful wife undressed revealing her gorgeous body.

Lambert had been fired up -- expecting a good show. But when nothing happened between them that night, he'd gone to bed with an extra big load to expend. Marla, his current girlfriend had been a little sur- prised at his intensity, but had excepted his violent lovemaking as part of his unpredictability -- which she enjoyed.

He could hear Marla moving around in the bedroom, and knew that he didn't have much time left. But he could only stare as Andrea came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, drying her hair, and Michael walked past her to take his own shower. 'What was wrong with that limp-dick anyway,' he wondered.


As the week progressed Lambert's little spying act continued to show very little in the way of intimacy between to two beautiful young people. In fact they had made love only once since they had been there, and frankly, it hadn't looked all that satisfying for Andrea.

It had been on Wednesday night; they had all gone to the local nightclub in Martinsville, about 20 miles away. After an evening of entertainment and lots of dancing, (Lambert had danced with Andrea every chance he got.) they had returned to his mountain home and after a nightcap, each couple had gone to their rooms.

Lambert as usual left Marla to herself for a time, explaining that he had a little business to complete before going to bed. He'd headed to his office not expecting anything out of the ordinary. But when he turned on the monitor he was instantly riveted to the screen. There they were, Andrea underneath Michael, her knees raised slightly, legs spread a little, with Michael plowing away, grunting each time he came to rest.

This scene made Lambert instantly hard, the couple before him where very good looking, there was no denying that. But he could tell that even though they were screwing each other, and hadn't had sex for at least several days prior, Michael didn't look like he was enjoying himself as much as he should have.

Lambert actually became angry when he looked at Michael's beautiful wife, laying there, eyes closed, concentrating of the sensations her husband was giving her. He could tell that she was enjoying herself, there was no doubt as she hugged him to her and wrapped those beautiful tanned legs around his body and thrust desperately back at him.

He could also see her abject disappointment as her husband's body tensed and jerked as he came in her after only a minute. When Michael pulled out of his wife causing her to moan her need for satisfaction, Lambert decided that he would take over for that hopeless fool. He wondered to himself, 'How could any man not take care of a woman like that?'


On Thursday morning, Lambert Hanson asked Michael to stay behind for a talk about his future. Andrea didn't want to go to the lake if her husband wasn't coming with her, but Lambert insisted that they would be in a meeting most of the morning and that she shouldn't put a damper of everyone else's day. So she reluctant- ly went with the others for a day of water skiing and sun on the lake.


The two men were sitting on the large veranda at the back of the house, the older man looking out at the panoramic scene as he spoke, "Michael, I've decided to promote you. As of now, you're the Comptroller, and your new salary is $400,000 a year plus a 22% bonus if you bring the company in at budget." Lambert turned to watch carefully as the young man stood there in silent shock.

Michael had expected a hundred grand, but a three hun- dred thousand dollar raise was beyond his immediate comprehension. Finally he said, "Thank you Mr. Hanson, I didn't expect that kind of generosity, but you can bet I'll give you your money's worth."

"Don't be such an innocent Michael, that money is way over the rate paid for the job. I'm not paying you that kind of salary just for the Comptrollers job. I want something else from you too."

Michael sat down in an overstuffed leather chair. He could hear the sound that the leather made as it gave under his weight.

'What on earth was this man saying?' He couldn't imagine what Mr. Hanson was getting at, but he sure wanted that fabulous salary. "Well, what do you want me to do sir? I realize that four hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money, and I'm willing to do just about anything short of murder to earn it!"

"Good! And don't worry about having to murder anybody, all I want is free access to you wife." As he said that, Lambert looked closely at the young man. This was the critical moment, would he protest, would he fight for his woman?

"I don't understand sir, what is it you want with my wife?" Michael sat up straight with a confused look on his face.

"I thought that I had made myself plain young man. If you are that dense maybe I've made a mistake in promoting you to comptroller," Lambert glared at Michael hoping to intimidate him.

Michael had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. 'What the fuck was he saying? He wants to screw my wife, is that it? He would pay me a fabulous amount of money, just to have sex with my wife.'

This was just too bizarre -- he had to ask again. "Let me get this straight sir. You want me to let you have sex with my wife. In return, I get the job and all the money you've offered. Is that right?"

'Yes," was all that Lambert said in response. He waited, almost holding his breath.

Michael was in shock, but he had just enough presence of mind to say, "Andrea would never agree to anything like that, I can't 'make' her do it."

"I'm not asking you to do anything, all I said is that I wanted free access to her. If she wants to play the faithful little wife then I won't hold it against you. What I want from you is to keep your mouth shut and let nature take its course. If you don't get in the way, that'll be enough to keep your job and that nice big salary."

Then to Michael's further shock, Mr. Hanson went on to say, "And besides, your wife isn't all that happy in the bedroom department now is she?"

Michael stood up like a rocket. Had Andrea confided in this man, had she suggested this plan of action to him? He couldn't believe that his loving wife could have humiliated him like this, he loved her, and he knew that she loved him back. But a doubt gnawed away at him -- he knew that Lambert was right, he was terrible in bed. Maybe that was too much for his beautiful young wife to accept, maybe her hormones had made her go to this virile older man.

"Okay Mr. Hanson. If Andrea wants you she can have you, but I still think that you'll be disappointed when she turns you down," said Michael as he tried to sound confident.

"That's all I ask my boy, that and when she comes to you, you don't say anything against the idea. If you remain silent on the subject, you've done your job, and you'll get ahead in my company, I promise you."

The older man looked pleased with himself, the younger one looked a little green around the gills as he received his instruction for that evening.


It had been a wonderful afternoon at the lake, Andrea had enjoyed herself immensely. She wasn't used to so much attention. Everywhere they went, she was singled out by some man or group of men. Some of them offered crude whistles, but others just fell all over them- selves to help her do little things.

It would have been embarrassing but for her companions who kept making kind jokes about the locals, and how they weren't used to seeing such beauty around those parts.

After almost six months of doubt about her sex appeal, this trip was a real ego boost for her. She had thoroughly enjoyed herself, and she wanted to get home to make love to Michael. She felt so sexy, he'd surely let her have him tonight if she asked nicely.


Thursday night was enjoyable too, it was "party night" and some of the people from the office had been invited up to the mountain retreat, as well as a few locals.

Andrea was dressed in her new black cocktail dress, and Michael looked so handsome in his tuxedo as they entered the main hall and reception area. She checked out her reflection in the large mirrors facing the hall area one last time, and was more than satisfied with the impression that her short clingy dress made.

So was Lambert Hanson. He found it a little hard to breathe as he watched his new comptroller and his beautiful wife enter the hall. She was absolutely gorgeous in that skimpy black dress. He had the urge to push her to the floor in front of everyone and give her some serious face. 'God, there couldn't be more than a couple of inches covering that juicy little twat,' he thought.

All night long Lambert hung on to Andrea. He intro- duced her to important people and danced with her whenever the music allowed. She began to get a little nervous that Michael would get jealous, but every time she looked for him he seemed to be busy in conversation and never met her inquiring eyes.

As the evening wound down, Andrea noticed that Mr. Hanson's girlfriend Marla hadn't been around all evening. She inquired innocently, "Mr. Hanson, I haven't seen Marla all evening, is she feeling all right?"

She was assured that everything was fine and that Marla just had to leave a day or so early. Giving it no further thought, Andrea went in search of her husband.


Michael was strangely silent as they undressed for bed that night. As Andrea slipped under the covers, Michael turned out the lights and then as if forget- ting something, mumbled that he would be right back.

Time must have slipped by because Andrea was awakened as Michael climbed into bed next to her. She was drowsy from the champagne and sleep, but gratefully accepted his arms as they encircled her body, pulling her backward to spoon against his body.

Andrea came wide-awake as Michael's hand slid down between her legs! This was something new... Was he going to take the initiative for once? It felt delicious to actually lay there and let him do the work for once. She was so happy -- and so aroused.

She tried to turn over to kiss Michael but he held her firmly against his strong body. Wonder of all wonders -- she felt his erection growing as it poked between her thighs from behind. This had never happened before.

Completely aroused now, Andrea scrunched down a little, reaching between he legs and grasped his stiff manhood in her loving, stroking hands. Mmmm... he felt nice and hard, nice and big, it was like a dream.

She began to rub the throbbing head of his shaft against her hot, moist pussy slit. It was the most wonderful thing she'd ever felt in her life. To lay there lazily stroking her husband's cock along her pussy-lips, it was so... delicious...

Andrea was just too horny to wait any longer she quiet- ly moaned, "Fuck me, please Michael! Fuck me now...!"

"I'll fuck you beautiful, but you didn't really think Michael could do it, did you?"

Andrea tensed as she realized that the man in her bed wasn't her husband. She didn't move as she felt his hand between her legs, his fingers twirling around the little nub of her pleasure.

Then he said, "Michael knows I'm here, he also knows what you need, and is willing to let me give it to you."

Andrea wanted to scream, to jump up from the bed and run out of the room. 'How could Michael do something like this too me!' She thought.

Andrea almost stopped breathing all together when she realized it was Lambert in bed with her as he said, "You see, I paid him $400,000 for you, and he took the money gladly. But you're worth that and more to me."

She lay beside the older man -- stunned -- as he con- tinued to work on her numb body. But the numbness didn't last for long. As she lay there limply, she felt Lambert's big cock find its way further between her legs, it began to insistently poke at her unpro- testing opening.

After a few moments Andrea realized that he had entered her, not very deeply, because he was coming at her from behind, but as she realized that he was actually fuck- ing her, the floodgates opened.

She thought, 'Why not? Her husband didn't seem to care, and it seemed like she had gone "without" forever.'

In one violent twisting move, Andrea came to face her lover. Lambert was a little surprised as the supple young woman came up against him so suddenly. He could feel her smooth skin against his, her firm tight breasts with their rock hard nipples pressing against his chest. As she wiggled up against him he thought he might come then and there, just like a teenager.

She didn't stop there, She quickly pushed the older man onto his back and climbed aboard. He lay there fascinated by this beautiful woman. He realized that she had discarded her husband and was about to fuck him with all the intensity a young woman could bring to bear.

Lambert watched as she placed his huge stiff cock at her entrance and sank down upon it. God, it was better than he'd dreamed! She was so beautiful, and so tight!

Andrea smiled down at the older man with an evil grin on her lovely face as she ground against him. "Old man, I hope your heart is in good shape, because I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight. And tomorrow, you can send Michael back to the office and we'll keep at it until we both collapse!"

With that, Andrea started riding Lambert's cock like a cowgirl at a rodeo. Within a minute she was screaming at the top of her lungs, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!" Lambert tried to quiet her down, but she became louder until they came almost together.

Actually Lambert's orgasm started a moment before Andrea's did. Her wild display drove him over the top quickly. As he came in her, he momentarily thought about what he'd say to the guests the next day, he hadn't intended that everyone hear what was taking place.

But that thought was only a fleeting one as he almost sat up with the intensity of his orgasm -- Andrea felt him expand and contract inside her and knew that he was filling her with hot come. The thought of a strange man's come inside her body sent her into delicious spasms... "YES... YES... GOD YES!" She screamed.

Finally Andrea slumped over Lambert, their sweat soaked bodies pressed together, lungs fighting for air. She could still feel his stiff shaft inside her, twitching, and she shivered again in small multiple orgasms that made her moan with pleasure.

Michael stood in the darkened hall, peering thought the door. His come splattered against the hallway wall, and he was breathing as hard as the two people on the bed. If he'd only known earlier how much he liked to watch, things might have been different, he thought sadly.


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