My wife, Jody, and I have been married for eight years, and over that time, we have hosted some dynamite parties. However, we just moved to Baltimore, and really didn't know too many people.

I joined an amateur soccer team through the local rec council, and we play at the local park on weekends. Just seeing my teammates for games, I still didn't know any of them really well after a couple of weeks, so we decided to have a party for the team and their wives or dates.

Well, that Saturday night, I tapped a half-keg and Jody made gallons of her special wine punch and tons of food. It was a nice party. So nice, that even after some guys took their dates home, they came back to join the rest of the team in our attempt at "killing the keg."

By 2 a.m., we had all slowed down a touch, and the guys were sitting around in a great bullshit session. There were 10 guys and only 2 women left. Jody and the other wife, Connie, were in the den having their own talk session. Of course, sex was a big topic and a short time into the conversation, Bill, Connie's hus- band, stated that he and Connie had an "open" marriage and often "swapped." He asked me if Jody and I had ever swapped and I said "no," right away.

However, at that moment, the idea sounded very interesting because Connie was a drop-dead-gorgeous, hard-bodied, California blonde type.

Bill then told me that every guy there had fucked Connie, at one time or another, and that Jody and I should consider the possibilities.

Well, my dick WAS thinking about the possibilities -- my mind was in Coors-neutral! I was still sober (alright, maybe sober isn't the word -- un-drunk) enough to know that I didn't like the idea of Jody and another guy, but I also didn't like the idea that every guy there but me had had his shot with Connie. It just wasn't fair, and, -- damn it! -- she *WAS* hot looking!

As I settled down a little and began picking up the conversation, again, I realized that the guys were banking on Bill to set something up with Connie -- right then and there -- at our party!

Bill swaggered and swayed into the other room, and returned with Connie. She had this silly grin on her face and her eyes were sparkling. Bill put a few cushions on the floor and then, like some kind of crazy clothes storm, everybody was getting naked in a hurry.

I couldn't believe it! And I could see Jody stand- ing in the doorway, not believing it, either.

In a flash, Connie was naked and on her back and one guy flopped down on top of her shoving his hard cock into her. The other guys were all nude, hard, and waiting their turn. Even with Jody in the same room with me, I could feel my cock straining to rip out of my pants.

After the first guy finished, Bill said something about being polite to the host and giving him his turn. I started to say no -- I really did! I looked at Jody -- and then I looked down at Connie's naked body. She was pinching her nipples on her petite breasts, licking her lips and holding her legs open for me. There was a drop of the first guy's cum dripping out of her pink pussy.

I shrugged and smiled like an idiot. As I un- buckled my belt I saw Jody disappear from the room, and I thought, "Sure, she's pissed now, but she'll get over it!" Nothing was going to hold me back from fucking this fantastic blonde waiting for me!

I buried my cock into Connie's pussy on my first shove. She was wet and loose and I slid right in to my balls. But I was too excited. In about four hard humps I was blowing my wad in her cunt and Connie was smiling up at her audience, yelling "Next! Who's next?"

I was sitting watching the next guy plow into Connie when I heard Jody over my shoulder, "Hey, guys, I don't want you wear yourselves out with Connie! There are two cunts here that need fucking. Lot's of fucking!"

I turned around to ask Jody what she thought she was doing, but just then, she hit the stereo and began dancing. She danced over to me and said, "Not one word out of you, you bastard! This is my party, too. Just sit back and watch me enjoy this."

Jody danced to the center of the room and I thought my wife had never looked lovelier, sexier, hotter than at that moment. Before long, she lifted her sweater over her head to reveal her braless, magnificent 36C chest to the partyers. Everybody clapped and cheered and Jody quickly dropped her skirt and was naked, gracing the guys with a look at her firm, fantastic, flawless body. She danced till the song ended and then stood there.

Her eyes were glowing with excitement (or maybe it was revenge) and she asked, "So, boys, who wants to fuck me first?"

The guys went nuts!

Both women were immediately getting all the cock they could handle. It was obvious Jody was on a mission to fuck every cock in the room except mine. At one time, Connie had a lull in the action and asked me if I wanted to fuck her again. I nodded and tried, but Connie's pussy was so loose and sloppy-wet and I couldn't keep my eyes off Jody. I wasn't able to come and went back to my seat just watching Jody get her brains fucked out. She was fucking one guy after another with obvious enthusiasm and glee.

People started crashing around the room. Connie fell asleep but Jody was wide awake and ready to go. I watched Bill straddle Jody, reach back into her pussy for some lubrication and then fuck her tits. I had only seen that done in videos, before, but I guess because Connie's tits were so small, he enjoyed big tits when he found them. He shot most of his load on Jody's face and Jody looked at me as she wiped Bill's cum with her finger and then sucked that finger clean.

Finally, the last guy awake besides me came in Jody's mouth and fell asleep on the floor.

Jody looked at her body, covered with drying cum and then looked at me. "Well, you're still hard. You must have liked what you saw."

I thought about it, and didn't really have an answer. "I guess yes and no, Jody."

"Well come on over here, and let's see if I can make it a yes for you."

I got down on the floor and knelt between Jody's spread thighs. I could see nine other men's cum caked in her pussy hair and running down her crack. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted her in my life.

As I slid my aching cock into her still-tight pussy, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and smiled. "See? You get what you deserve. You know what they say about paybacks. You should have never even thought about fucking Connie."

"I know."

"Besides, I'm prettier."

"I know. Way prettier."

"And I have a better body."

"Much better, and a much tighter cunt," I agreed.

"How could you fuck Connie?"

"How could you fuck all these guys?"

Jody actually purred a little and said, "It was easy and a whole lot more fun than I thought it would be. At first, I just wanted to piss you off, but then I began to really like all the attention."

"I could tell that, Jody."

"I've just never been this naughty before in my life, and I guess I really got off on it. And, I even kept count. You're my tenth different cock of the night, and this is the fifteenth time I've been fucked. I also had 5 guys cum in my mouth and one on my tits."

I exploded into her well-used cunt with the absolute best orgasm I had ever had in my life. I kissed her well-used mouth and licked her well-felt tits. I loved her more than ever.

Before we went to bed, I looked around the room. "How are we ever going to face these people, again? What happens at the next game when we show up? What do we say?"

Jody smiled and said, "Next game? I'm wondering what these guys will want for breakfast!!!! Think it'll be a repeat with anyone you know?""


And she was right.

I awoke at 8 a.m., to the sound of Bill's hard cock slurping in and out of Jody's wet cunt. He was fucking my wife in my bed, not two feet from me, and my wife was loving it!

As the guys woke up, it became a repeat performance with Jody fucking all of the guys at least once before they left. Two guys stayed all day, screwing Jody over and over again, until they couldn't get hard, anymore. She was insatiable.

Bill and Connie left first. I think Connie got pretty pissed when it became real obvious who all the guys preferred fucking.

We've had two more parties like that, since that first one. I watch Jody fucking until I get tired watching, but she's still fucking. She's a lot more popular than Connie, and she never seems to say "no." She seems to be enjoying her new role as team slut and "general easy piece," and, although I never imagined Jody behaving like this, I'm still a good sport about it.


Jody called me from work one night and told me she was going to dinner, dancing, "and whatever" with three salesmen who were in town for the night. She came home the next morning, covered with love bites and scratches with just enough time to shower and change for work.

Another time, I was mowing the front lawn when Jody pulled into the driveway with a police car right behind her. The two cops followed her into the house and the three of them didn't reappear for an hour. Later, Jody told me that they had pulled her over for speeding just as their shift was ending, and she suggested "an alternative" to getting a ticket. Both cops have been back to the house several times, since; once, with two more friends along for the fun.

When will this end? Who knows? I guess I'll just have to wait until Jody gets this need for cock out of her system.

Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened if I'd never fucked Connie.


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