"Are you SURE this is right, Mom?" asked the picture- perfect young bride. All girls (and even women) look like angels or princesses when getting married. Charlene was no different. From the top of her veil with the tiny coronet in place, to the rhinestones glittering on the heels of her shoes, the girl looked the very picture of radiant bridal glory.

A woman doesn't need real beauty for this. Even the ugliest of dowdy frumps can look wonderful for a wedding once in her life. But Charlene had that beautiful brown hair combined with blue eyes, that seemed so common with girls her age in this area. A fact well appreciated by the horny young studs aching to trap these beauties into matrimony ... the only way it seemed to get sex in Marton County.

"Yes Dear," soothed her mother. "Father Jenkins KNOWS how inexperienced girls like you are, when it comes to sex; and has volunteered to see to it that you KNOW what is important on your wedding night. Now that we're sure it fits, let's get that dress off you before we wrinkle it. I don't have time to do another ironing."

"Well ... If you're SURE," she petulated; working to ease herself out of the layers of gown, like a man taking off a diving suit. "I don't want Jeremy getting angry about this. I mean, he's waited so long ... and really expected to be first."

"Don't worry about Jeremy," again soothed her mother. "Being first-born, he knows as little about sex as you do ... So Father Jenkins has also volunteered to instruct him in the details as well. He's very good at that. In fact, your fiancee is probably over there right now."

Father Jenkins WAS "very good" at teaching about sex. A priest is supposed to be able to instruct young newlyweds in many things having to do with married life ... not the least of which being HOW to have sex ... and incidentals like the taking of a girl's virginity, along with birth- control. No, the Church didn't really condone birth- control as such ... always wanting there to be at least a CHANCE for God to have his way and for couples to "do their duty" and "multiply". Besides, this helped spread the faith to younger generations. Still, couples WOULD do such things; and it was up to priests to see that the couples did not resort to abortion ... what amounted to murder of a child in the eyes of the Church. So better to see to it that such worries never came up.

Father Jenkins' ideas about teaching sex however, were definitely NOT approved by the Church. In fact, if found out, scandals about other priests and altar boys would have seemed rather picky and minor infractions. Not that Father Jenkins had any objections to altar boys ....

"I'm sorry, Jeremy," he told the pale and worried young man, "but you'll have to get undressed like I am. You won't be able to have sex with Charlene, you know, if you're still wearing your clothes."

The young man in question gulped and tentatively reached for a button on his shirt. The only reason HE was here prior to his fiancee, was because of his mother's insistence. "But I know ..." he began.

"Jeremy, Jeremy," soothed the older priest. "I've known you all your life. Even longer, in fact; since before you were in your mother's womb. A marriage is not just one contract. The vows you will take next week with Charlene are just one of many duties you will assume. For example, did you know that the marriage is not legal, until you consummate it?"


"Consummate it. That means have sex with your wife ... which in some cases may take over a week to happen. See, you didn't know, did you?"

Jeremy was now puzzled. Here he had thought he and Charlene would just get married, he would stick his prick inside here, and (eventually) they would have babies. Maybe things WERE more complicated among humans than he had assumed they were from watching animals out on the farm.

Father Jenkins looked proudly at the strapping young youth as he slowly got undressed. Like his beautiful bride-to-be, the young man had brown hair and blue eyes ... just like he did. A fact not too astonishing, when you consider that both children were actually his ... and thus half-brother and half-sister. For at least three decades now the 50-year-old priest had been teaching "sex-education" to prospective brides and grooms in what had been a small but fast-growing community. The good priest's teachings had resulted in a local "baby boom" that easily outstripped the commoner one taking place because of men coming back from the war. That no bad inbreeding effects had shown up in three generations (starting four now) gave the priest good reason to be proud of his children.

A priest is SUPPOSED to think of his parishioners as his "children"; but few did like Father Jenkins. Almost one- third of the people in the parish now WERE his sons and daughters, with a far-greater percentage being descendants that included grandchildren and great- grandchildren ... with a sprinkling of great-great- grandchildren that were all his direct descendants. A few, like Jeremy and his blushing young bride, were not only Father Jenkins' children, but his grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well! A fact known to almost every woman in the parish; but few of the men.

The women had good reason to keep this a secret. If their husbands had known, many would have been thrown out or abandoned; as even in today's modern society, having sex with somebody not your husband could lead to a quick divorce. And as for having another man's baby ....

That none of the children were produced by adultery, or were conceived after the women were married, had little meaning to men like that. To them, just knowing a child wasn't theirs, would be enough. Thus Father Jenkins leaned on each succeeding generation to send the young marriage-hopefuls around to him ... so he could teach the young kids what he had previously "taught" their parents. And the mothers knew better than to object. After all, who would the angry husband believe, her, or the respected parish priest who had seen him into the world, gave him First-Communion, and taught him the ways of life and women, before marriage?

Even if believed, that would not have saved more than a few marriages. So the women gave in to the good father's importunities, and dutifully sent each of their daughters (and often sons too) to be properly "educated" in the rituals of sex before marriage by the oh-so-caring priest.

"See," it's not so bad," soothed the priest in question, as he approached the trembling young man. "Being naked, is just the way God created us, so we could enjoy each other's bodies. It's a shame that we cannot do this often; but you will soon be married to the lovely Charlene; so you won't miss it too much."

With blandishments and soothing words, the horny old goat of a priest soon had the innocent young man BELIEVING that he was doing the right thing ... and thus he would be ready for his lovely wife by the time she was ready. Something the priest assured him would happen within a week or two after they got married. Thus, the "lessons" in how to relieve himself without forcing himself sexually onto his unprepared wife.

Before he was fully aware of what was happening, Jeremy found himself sitting on the small cot in the rectory, with his prick buried in the priest's mouth, until rising pressure caused him to grunt in warning.

A warning that Father Jenkins didn't need. Being long experienced with taking virginities (both male and female) he knew well the signals of rising orgasm in young men; and was not averse in the slightest to swallowing every drop of his son's precious seed. However, he DID have other plans. It is SO much better (he thought) to have your first orgasm while your father deposits HIS seed inside you ... or at least has his prick in you. The question (of course) was which hole of the boy he wanted to be buried inside, when he erupted.

Deciding that, "Turn about is fair play," the priest stopped sucking just as the young boy was about to spew. "Your turn," he motioned to Jeremy; pointing to the youngster to lie on the cot, while he moved his swollen penis to his son's mouth.

By this time, Jeremy would have done almost anything to get the wonderful sensations on his penis to continue ... so in spite of it seeming slightly obscene, he easily acquiesced and moved to suck the older man's prick like he had previously been being serviced.

Once his young charge got into a proper rhythm, Father Jenkins moved onto the small cot beside him, facing the opposite way, in a demonstration of "69" that would win Academy Awards if filmed and the Academy gave Oscars for sex-movies.

From his previous arousal, it wasn't more than a minute and a half before the young boy was squirting thick incestuous cum down his father's throat, while the priest took a few seconds longer to fill the young boy's mouth.

Having felt "Father" swallow every drop of his cum, Jeremy felt obliged to reciprocate; licking and cleaning up every drop, as the older man taught him to.

Two hours later, after "proper" introductions to anal sex, and the joys of mutual masturbation, Jeremy was sent on his way with the knowledge he would need to make it until his new wife told him she was ready ... like the good priest had taught him. An anus isn't exactly a great substitute for a vagina, but Father Jenkins had demonstrated rather well that on occasion it felt almost as good ... to both receiver and giver. Again, something the young man would find handy later on, when his wife was menstruating or otherwise unavailable "normally".

"Yes, Jeremy," he reassured the still trembling young man as he left, "I'll make SURE to teach your sis ... I mean your new bride what she needs to know for your wedding night. I've done this many times before, you know." With that, the prospective young groom had to be content.

It took a full day for the over-fifty priest to recover. He was no longer the young stud who could fuck three triplets in one morning, knocking all three of them up in one marathon incestuous session ... and then take on their brothers the same afternoon.

However, 2:00 the next afternoon the priest issued a warm welcome to the pretty young thing blushing in the doorway. That the beautiful girl was his own daughter, was fertile, and would be ovulating sometime in the next three or four days (according to her mother who had arranged the marriage-schedule to properly match the child's timing, per the priest's instruction) just added to her alluring beauty to the horny goat of a priest.

Still, Father Jenkins was a master of seduction, not rape. Getting his children to send THEIR children to him to seduce was as close as he got to forcing somebody into sex. However, with both her mother encouraging this, AND the spiritual leader of the parish the young woman had known and followed all her life assuring her this was the PROPER thing for a young woman about-to-be-married to do, it wasn't all that difficult. Father Jenkins often suspected (but deliberately never tested the idea) that many if not most (or even all) of his daughters actually LIKED the idea of the horny old goat of a priest having full vaginal sexual intercourse with their little girls ... and knocking the kids up BEFORE they got married, with her own father's baby kicking and squirming inside her fertile young womb. Even with younger girls that were NOT the priest's direct offspring, it was probably a kick to know the child would be knocked-up by her own grandfather, and carry her own uncle or aunt to term in her womb, days or sometimes even weeks before her new husband's seed ever saw the inside of the girl's vagina.

"Father Jenkins ... I'm not sure ...," began Charlene, as the priest took off her jacket, kissing her neck as he did so, and hung it on the hook by the door.

"Call me father," instructed the priest; helping the girl out of her blouse; baring her naked waist, now only protected by a thin brassier. "... Or even 'Daddy' if you prefer. Your mother told you what to expect, didn't you?"

"Father ... Uh ... Daddy?" Now the youngster seemed confused, as she almost helplessly let the priest unbutton the front of her pants, before slipping them down to her ankles.

"Daddy is fine," he reassured her. "A priest LIKES to think of his parishioners as his children. Like you are, my child. Think of me as your Daddy, who is teaching you to make love, so you can please your husband, please God, and please me by accepting his seed into your body so you can obey God's command to be fruitful and multiply."

"Oh God, fath ... Uh, Daddy. This just isn't right," she objected faintly; but not struggling as the priest kissed his way down her thighs, while removing garments and intruding pantyhose as he did so.

"It's not right to love your own father?" he asked; while pulling a shoe off the girl's foot and replacing the missing object with a kiss. Soon the girl's thoughts were almost incoherent, as she felt the man's tongue working its way back up the INSIDE of her thighs, close to the "private parts" she had expected to keep private to herself ... and possibly her soon-to-be husband, Jeremy.

Somehow Charlene only managed to raise a small objection (and her ass slightly at the same time) as the priest continued removing her most intimate of garments until both panties and bra had joined the heap of clothing on the floor. "You mean," she breathed; involuntarily pushing her chest into the man's sucking mouth, "Momma was RIGHT? You're really my ... my real Daddy?"

"Uhuh," he reassured her. "And her mother's too. So you see how right this is. I don't want you to do anything you don't feel right about."

[Author's note: Yeah, RIGHT! If the girl (or guy) didn't feel right about something, then the horny old goat would CONVINCE her/him to feel right; never giving the person a chance to think properly while keeping the "victim" so heavily aroused that proper thought was impossible ... only actual copulation relieving the stresses he was so expert in bringing on. And Father Jenkins WAS an expert at judging just how far to go in each case until the final consummation. Charlene was all primed and ready to go, from her mother's instructions, thus not needing the hour or two it sometimes took. But not once yet had any of the girls (or guys) he seduced objected ... at least, not out loud.]

"Uh ... I don't Know . oh . oh," she whimpered; as she felt the first intrusion of the good father's finger inside her virginal cleft. "I haven't ... I mean, Jeremy and I ...."

"Shhh," he coddled her. "Don't worry about Jeremy. I taught him, just like I'm going to teach you. You've got to know how to make your husband feel good, when it comes time for you two to consummate your marriage. I'm just here to help." Yeah, right.

"But I never ...."

"Shh ... Doesn't it feel good?" This asked, with a thick tongue probing her womanhood in a manner she hadn't suspected could feel so ... so intimate, even with her experimentation years earlier with her two younger sisters. But then, they had all been kids when that happened.

"Yes but ... But you're my own FATHER," she objected; as he placed the leaking tip against her now wet and ready young hole. If she didn't stop him soon, she knew the priest's sex would soon be buried to the hilt in her belly; squirting and inseminating her with her own father's sperm. That she had just learned of their true relationship just added to the obscenity (and, to tell the truth, the incredibly sexual carnality and wonder) of the idea of coupling with the man.

"That makes it all the better," he told her; fitting the first inch of fatherly prick inside her.

"Uh ... I guess," she somehow couldn't help but agree; lifting her hips so that the next inch sliced through her virginity in a sudden stab of pain. "Ouch," she added, almost conversationally; looking down at where the priest's swollen member had vanished partway into her body. The astonishment at seeing their incestuous connection made the girl involuntarily hunch forward, until half the man's penis was now embedded in her no- longer-virginal and leaking sex.

"So tell Daddy to fuck you, cum in you, and make a baby in your tummy, just like he did to your mother years ago," he prompted.

"Uh ... Fuck me, fa ... Uh, Daddy," she tried. Still wincing, she pulled back an inch until a red streak appeared on the man's prick. "Fuck me, Daddy," she repeated, stronger now, as he slid back inside her.

"The rest, too," he prompted again.

"Uh ... Unh, OOooh!" she moaned; temporarily distracted. Then, "Cum in me, Daddy ... Please?" By this time, almost all of the priest's swollen member was appearing and disappearing into the young girl's tight little slit. Charlene was working almost as hard as her father was to force the incestuous priest's swollen prick into her fertile young belly as they both could.

"All of it," he insisted; holding still until the youngster's gyrations on his engorged member stilled, and she looked up in frustration at his patient waiting for her to continue.

"Do I have to?" she asked; holding out on this last obscene request as long as she could. Charlene knew that once she ASKED him to do this, she would have no recourse or blame to put on him for planting his baby in her belly. Like her mother, she would always remember ASKING the priest to fuck her, cum in her, and knock her up with her own father's baby.

Father Jenkins just nodded; somehow holding out against the incredible pleasure of having the youngster's tight little slit squeezing and milking his swollen prick for its incestuous seed. He had to have the girl's mind, as well as her body, not only asking, but pleading for his baby-making seed, before he would let go and give her what had been his aim all along ... another incestuous baby for the girl to raise, without any obligations from him. Really nice work for a priest, if you can get it.

"Make a baby in my tummy," she broke down and said; her needs now growing too great to ignore. When the priest STILL didn't move, she added pleadingly, "Please, Daddy?"

"Well, if that's what you want ...," he teased; just sliding in and out about an inch.

"PLEASE, Daddy," she whimpered; now gyrating her hips as she tried to capture the delicious sensations she had felt inside earlier, when the priest's prick had been sliding in and out. "Knock me up. Make a baby in my tummy, so I can have my Daddy's baby, just like Momma did." When this finally brought a slow reaction and more movement on the man's part, the little girl broke down completely. "Please Daddy," she whimpered. "I want to FEEL your baby inside me. Please?" Charlene it seems, in the end, was (and is) just as horny a young woman as her mother was before her ... and her equally horny goat of a father.

[Well, is that so unexpected, considering that she had well over 7/8 of her father's genes? No wonder she was so easy to seduce. And the young crop of girls in the parish got easier and easier each year, for the same reason.]

Going faster and faster now, the priest slid in and out until he felt the rising of seed in his prick, and buried the belching member to the hilt in his daughter's body; filling the child's womb with squirt after squirt and jet after jet of incestuous baby-making seed. Charlene just moaned and grabbed at him; working against the priest to milk each precious drop of her father's sperm into her ripe and ready young womb as she could.

Like her half-brother earlier, Father Jenkins did NOT stop with just vaginal intercourse. Before the four-hour "sex-education" session was over, Charlene (like Jeremy) had been introduced properly to both oral AND anal sex. "After all," the priest reminded her, "she had to keep Jeremy happy until she had conceived ... and it was 'safe' to take her husband's sperm inside her body."

Charlene just shuddered at the implication ... but did not object in the slightest when Father Jeremy showed her how to use a rubber diaphragm to hold his sperm inside her womb. Once married, and once their initial consummation of their marriage, the couple would be good little Catholics; raising child after child for the benefit of the Church ... and of course, Father Jenkins, too. But that would be probably several days before she felt free to risk her husband's seed inside her body, where the priest's child might already be taking root. In the meantime, both children had been "properly instructed" as to how to proceed until she was ready to consummate the marriage properly.

"And now, My Child, do you Jeremy take Charlene, to have and to hold, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, to be your wedded wife, from this day forward, until death do you part?"

Jeremy looked stunned that he could be so lucky as to have such a lovely bride; and almost had to be prodded into saying, "I do."

"And do you, My Daughter Charlene, take this man, My Son Jeremy, to have and to hold, to honor and cherish, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, to be your wedded husband, from this day forward, until death do you part?"

"I do!"

"Do you Brother and Sister, promise to follow the teachings of God and the Catholic Church; to raise your children in the ways of God, and to follow his commands to multiply and replenish the Earth?"

"We do." "Therefore, by the powers invested in me by God, by the Church, and by the State I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Father Jenkins turned the now-glowing couple together. "As Father, I now command you Brother Jeremy to kiss your Sister Charlene." Only a few people (all women) in the parish noticed the slight difference of wording in the marriage ceremony. But then, why should they? After all, Father Jenkins had been giving almost identical weddings for over thirty years in the parish. By now, his interpretation of scripture was accepted as the definitive one.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he concluded, "I now present to you Brother Jeremy and his Sister, Charlene ... Now husband and wife." Well ... people were SUPPOSED to be brothers and sisters in the Church, weren't they?

Father Jenkins intended to see that they continued to be.


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