It was a miserably hot, sticky July afternoon. Joe and Dan had bowed to the elements and retreated to Dan's apartment. Sitting on the floor, leaning back against the sofa, they had already put a good dent into a case of beer. The fuck video they were watching featured several very foxy young ladies, along with one who looked as though she might explode, her implants were so big! While very routine in its plot, the sheer sexuality of the actresses made the video eminently watchable!

Joe was very turned on by all the humping and bumping and sucking and fucking going on in the movie and was trying to figure a discrete way to give his cock a little massage without being blatantly obvious about it. Another beer or two though and Joe figured he wouldn't give a damn who was watching. He might just be sitting there wanking off, Dan or no Dan.

Dan had no such trepidations and sat there squeezing his cock through his shorts. The tape was a turn on, and he was not about to waste it. If Joe was a bit more of a sexual liberal, Dan knew that they might both already have their peckers out waving in the breeze. He might even be helping Joe out with that massive boner Joe was so futilely trying to hide! Dan had long since admitted to himself that sexual thrills were where you found them, and he wasn't above passing up any just because they came from a cock rather than a cunt.

Out of the corner of his eye, Joe watched Dan fondle himself. Finally, figuring that if Dan wasn't worried about it why should he be, Joe gave into the urge and began to squeeze and stroke his long, very hard cock through his shorts.

Shortly thereafter, the video ended and Dan got up to put in another while Joe went to get a couple of brews. Both guys were quite aware of the huge tents that each was sporting in the front of their shorts, but both had just enough of a buzz on not to care.

The second video started off with a very at- tractive girl and her very well hung boyfriend making out in their backyard next to the pool. After some very intense fondling and sucking, the pair had just settled into an obviously very satisfying session of love doggy style. As the couple were really getting into their fuck, the gate opened and the guy's buddy walked in. Without a pause in the reaming of his girlfriend's cunt, the fellow invites his buddy to join them. The buddy quickly skins out of his swim trunks and strolls over to the couple. Standing next to the enthusiastically fucking pair, the buddy's cock is slurped up, not in the mouth of the girl, but by the guy!

Joe had seen bi-sexual videos before, though his interest had always been more toward bi-female ones. Maybe it was the beer or maybe it was because he and Dan were both sitting there stroking major hard-ons, but Joe was more that a little intrigued by the cock sucking going on in the video. After the film lovers had continued as they were for a few more minutes, the threesome separated. The buddy lay down on a nearby chaise and the girl straddled his waist and impaled her cunt on his rigid cock. As she then lay on the buddy's chest, her boyfriend moved behind her and stuffed his own cock into her cunt as well. The girl squealed with delight as two hard cocks filled her snatch.

"She certainly looks like she's enjoying her- self!" The comment came not from Joe or Dan, but from Natalie, Dan's girlfriend.

"Hi babe! How long have you been there?" Dan responded cheerfully. Joe was busy trying to discrete- ly cover the bulge in his shorts and the damp spot his pre-cum juices had made.

"Since the other guy showed up and made the party interesting," Natalie replied as she moved into the room and plunked herself down in the easy chair next to the guys. The heat outdoors had caused Natalie to perspire enough that her bra-less breasts showed clearly through her thin, damp top. Her nipples were proudly erect, aroused by the video loveplay she had just witnessed. They looked as though they might soon punch twin holes through the front of Natalie's top.

She spread her legs slightly and let her hand rest on the crotch of her jeans. With her other hand Natalie gestured with her thumb at the TV screen and queried, "Is she the only girl around here that can get a little action?"

Dan was used to Natalie's anywhere, anytime sex drive, but Joe was bug-eyed shocked. While he had always been very conscious of Natalie's magnificent, firm 36-C's, her tight butt, and her long legs, he had never for a second figured that he might get a sample of all that lush, female goodness.

Dan started to get up but Natalie promptly stopped him where he was.

"Not so fast big boy! You two looked like you were enjoying yourselves pretty nicely when I came in. Why don't you both keep it up for a bit? Put on a little show for Natalie. Make her good and hot!"

Both men started to let their hands return to their shorts covered cocks, but Natalie interrupted, "Not that way guys. Naked! I want to see the goods!"

When Joe hesitated, Natalie looked him square in the eye. As she swiftly and smoothly skinned her T-shirt over her head and sat there topless in front of him, Natalie asked boldly, "What's the matter? Not interested in a taste of these suckers?"

Putting his reservations behind him, Joe began to strip out of his clothes. Dan, always ready and eager, was already naked. Natalie eased back into the chair and as the two nude men began to masturbate to the video she cupped her breasts in her hands and began to pinch and pull on her hard, brown nipples. The three of them began to get very into the show they were watching as well as the show they were putting on for each other.

Natalie had the opportunity to study the new pecker in front of her, she was pleased to observe the tapered foreskin covering the head of Joe's cock. Though she was by no means excessively promiscuous, Natalie had certainly had her share of men. But this was the first cock that she had gotten to before the rabbi had.

After a period of mutual masturbation, the video had moved on to the two men 69-ing each other. "That's what I want to see," Natalie said. "You two guys doing each other!"

Joe froze. Bi-sexually he was a virgin, and now was fully acting the part. Jerking off in front of Dan was one thing. Even the two of them taking on Natalie was OK. But masturbating Dan and sucking on him was more than he had contemplated.

Natalie knew from what Dan had told her about Joe that Joe had never experimented with a guy before. She could see the nervousness in his eyes. She loosen- ed her jeans and pushed them down and off. Sitting in front of him clad only in a pair of very brief panties, Natalie spread her legs wide apart hooking her knees over the arms of the chair. Joe could clearly see Natalie's dark mat of pubic hair through the thin panties made even more transparent by the huge patch of wetness at her crotch.

"I know you want this," she said rubbing her sopping cunt lips through the soaked panties. "It's OK, Joe. You might even like it. You don't want to pass up this hot, wet, tight pussy now, do you?"

His eyes riveted to Natalie's snatch, Joe was not even aware of Dan's sliding over next to him and taking hold of his cock. As Dan began to stroke Joe's cock ever so slowly, Joe, still semi-zombified, slowly reached over and took Dan's erection in his own hand. As Dan squeezed and stroked Joe's cock, Joe slowly began to do the same to Dan's.

Still riveted to the awesome scene of Natalie's nearly naked beauty before him, Joe slowly became aware that Dan was manipulating his cock. He also became aware that the cock his own hand was stroking was not his. And it wasn't that bad!

It didn't hit quite all the right spots at quite the right time with quite the right intensity the way his own hand would. Otherwise, other than the grip being significantly firmer, the hand job Joe was re- ceiving did not feel all that different from that which he had received from many a lady. The real difference lay in the feel of the cock his hand was wrapped around.

Joe was exceptionally aware of the stiff rubbery resilience of Dan's cock. And though Dan's cock was incredibly hard, the texture of the shaft had a soft, smooth, velvety quality. But the strangest thing of all for Joe was the feel of Dan's blunt, denuded, mushroomed cock head. The feel of the pronounced ridge and the taught skin was so very different from his own foreskinned pecker.

Whatever Dan was doing to Joe's cock, and what- ever Joe was doing to Dan's, was evidently the correct thing because in no time both men were squirming and thrusting their hips in response to the other's man- ipulation of his cock. Joe had ceased his almost mindless fixation on Natalie's crotch and tits, and had begun to assume greater involvement in he and Dan's mutual masturbation.

Dan was stroking his cock with an intensity and rhythm no other person had ever achieved for him. Maybe just as the old saying that only a woman knew how to love a woman had some validity, maybe only another guy knew just how to bring out the best in a cock.

Joe was really beginning to enjoy the feel of Dan stroking and pumping his cock, and he was getting used to returning the favor for Dan. He was not quite ready though when Dan lowered his face to Joe's crotch and took the head of Joe's cock into his mouth.

As if to reestablish his heterosexual bearings, Joe turned back to the sight of luscious Natalie masturbating herself. She was still pinching and pul- ling on her nipple, but her free hand was stroking the length of her pussy lips now clearly definable within her drenched panties. She looked so soft and sexy and hot!

"Don't worry Joe," Natalie reassured. "I'm still here." She reached out with her foot and gently nudged Joe back toward Dan.

Lest he totally lose his nerve, Joe lowered his head toward Dan's pelvis and took Dan's penis into his mouth. Dan's cock felt almost demanding as its head filled Joe's mouth. With the bulk of Dan's mushroom head wedged firmly between his tongue and pallet, Joe ovaled his lips around Dan's shaft and let his lips slip back and forth on Dan's cock just behind the swollen knobby head.

The moan that Dan issued indicated that Joe was doing something right. Once Joe got over the fact that it was not the soft yielding folds of a female he was dining on, but a hard, thrusting column of male cock flesh, he really got somewhat into sucking and fisting Dan's hugely erect cock.

Perhaps his initial nervousness had taken some of the edge off his arousal. Or maybe it was because he was just so absorbed in the myriad of sensations stemming from his sucking on his best friend's cock.

Regardless of the reason, Joe was still a long way from coming when he suddenly felt Dan stiffen as his cock erupted in Joe's mouth.

Joe swallowed the multiple shots of Dan's thick cum and was amazed by how similar, and yet how dif- ferent, Dan's salty soup tasted compared to his own. He was also amazed by the sense of power that came over him as Dan's cock deflated in his mouth. Did girls experience this sense of control and authority that came from taking on a massive throbbing column of man flesh and reducing it to a small, limp vestige of its former self?

As Dan lay on the floor in his post-orgasmic collapse, Joe sat up and looked at Natalie. She stood and observed, "Well, he doesn't look like he's going to be able to take care of anyone for a while!"

Natalie slipped her panties down her long, luscious legs and stepped out of them. She walked over to Joe and stood before him her legs spread slightly apart as she straddled his body. With her hand on her hips she announced simply, "To the victor!"

Standing as she was, Joe's face was on level with Natalie's luscious gash and Joe promptly buried his face there. Now this was what he enjoyed! Sucking Dan's cock was OK for the experience, but in Joe's book there was absolutely nothing like pussy! Seeing it, touching it, tasting it, or fucking it! Anyway when he could get it there was nothing like pussy!

Natalie spread her thighs to open her crotch up for Joe's face. She closed her eyes, rolled back her head, and moaned as Joe's lips sealed over her own sex lips. Joe's tongue flicked over the swollen folds of her mons and shot into the depths of her sexual chamber. Joe grabbed Natalie by her full, rounded bottom and pulled her cunt even tighter to his devour- ing mouth.

Natalie was already quite primed from her mas- turbation and as she was about to cum, she pulled Joe's face away from her snatch and took a tiny step back- ward. Then she squatted over Joe's loins. While holding his cock shaft steady and upright, she fit the head of his dick to her open, wet cunt and proceeded to lower herself onto his dick. Slowly, but steadily, her hips sank lower as Joe's erection penetrated deeper. Soon their public hair ground together as Natalie had taken all of Joe's hardness into her lush hole. With her hands against the sofa for balance, Natalie began to raise and lower herself on Joe's cock.

Having tried a little cock, Joe could say with- out uncertainty that pussy was his preference. As Natalie pleasured them both with her motions on his cock, Joe took both of Natalie's breasts in his hands. He played with her nipples and sucked them as her breasts bobbed gracefully with Natalie's up and down fucking of Joe's cock.

The muscles in Natalie's thigh's rippled as she worked them to lift her sleek, sweating body up off Joe's cock and then let it slide earthward again impaling her soaked, open snatch on Joe's big, throb- bing erection in the process. Slowly she would lift herself, letting Joe's cock slip from her hot inner sex cave. Then, just as his cock head would reach her outer sex lips, she would lower herself.

Sometimes she would descend as slowly as she rose, letting the massive column of man flesh inch its way into her. Other times she would literally drop onto his cock taking its entire length in a single, awesome stroke. On these entries, the force of her impalement would make her entire body shake and her breasts would bounce and jiggle from the impact.

She literally shimmered as her efforts produced a sheen of sweat over her entire body. Little rivulets flowed between her full, round breasts, down her stomach, and through her lush mat of pussy fur to join the flow of sex juice that drained from her hole and dribbled down along Joe's cock.

Natalie's work was rapidly bearing fruit for them both and they clutched each other tightly as Natalie sank down hard on Joe's cock just as Joe drove his cock upward into Natalie's depths. They both shuddered and surrendered to the throes of orgasm. Over and over Joe's cock shot its thick sauce into Natalie's cunt as she whimpered and shook through her own cum. Finally, drained and exhausted, they col- lapsed next to the still semi-inert Dan.

After a brief rest and a break for another beer, the still unsatisfied threesome settled into a daisy chain with Natalie sucking Dan, Dan sucking Joe, and Joe sucking Natalie. Joe could live with Dan sucking his cock, but after having tried a guy he figured that if he was going to put his mouth on something he would prefer it to be a girl's juicy little snatch.

After warming each other up orally, Dan and Joe took turns fucking Natalie through every position in the book as well as a few that weren't even IN the book! They were so involved in their sucking and fucking that none of them heard the massive thunder- storm outside that dumped 5 inches of rain on the city and broke the back of the miserably hot July heatwave.

- The End -


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