Chapter 1


I've been married for 9 years now. I've never fooled around on my husband from time to time, but I've always played the faithful, dutiful wife to him.

I knew he had fooled around on me once or twice with the girls he worked with.

But now things are different, he never looks at other girls, he has eyes only for me. I love him so much for this and I'm going to surprise him. I'm going to pick him up from work, and treat him to the sexiest night out of his life.

I drive to his workplace wearing a housecoat with the sexist white see-through bra and g-string I can buy underneath. I always felt funny when I'm at his workplace, I don't know if he was sleeping with the girl I'm dealing with or what he might have said about me to win them over. I wonder if they are secretly laughing at me.

I arrived at his building, and ride the elevator to the 15th floor and walk up to the receptionist desk. I'm a few minutes early, but there is no one to meet me at the desk. I wait a bit, then walk up the hall to his office.

His office has a window that looks out into the hallway so he gets to keep an eye on all the comings and goings of everyone working there. There are blinds on the window but they are always open. Except for right now.

That seemed wrong, they're never closed.

Suspicion fills my mind. I look through the gap at the edge, where it doesn't quiet block the view and see the receptionist. She's topless! And she's stepping out of her expensive-looking silk panties. She is still wearing her mini-skirt, a dark blue "power cut" number.

She walks across the room, to MY Husband, who is sitting on the edge of his desk his shirt unbuttoned, his trousers open, down around his knees. He's leaning back, watching his receptionist as she walks toward him, her large firm breasts swaying slightly as she walks. She stops in front of him and reaches down and wrapped her fingers around his erect cock. His cock is wet, probably from her mouth, I suppose.

I watch them as she uses his dick as a handle to pull him back onto his desk. It is something different to watch, a stranger with her hand wrapped around my husbands dick. His purple knob sticking out.

Now she uses two hands, one stroking his shaft and the other ever so gently circling the head of his dick in a rhythmic motion. The look on his face is one of ecstasy. Then she moves her hand from his knob up to his face and a string of his sticky pre-cum follows, breaking half way leaving a shiny line on his belly.

Now she rubs the palm of her hand on his face caressing his cheek, making it shine as well. She is staking claim to my man, she has sucked his dick already. Did he cum in her mouth? Did she swallow his cum? These questions race through my mind.

Feeling that way is silly I know. Here the cheating bastard is giving what is rightly mine to a girl I don't even know. I want to bust in, to shout at them, but I can't move. Shock and disbelief hold me to the spot.

Now she's pushing him back onto the desk further, he appears to be totally in her control, his eyes going from her breasts to her face. Now he reaches out to her, laying down on his back across the desk he lifts the miniskirt she is still wearing up so it looks almost as a dark blue belt. She climbs up onto the desk and astride him. Now on her knees, still holding his cock, stroking it gently every so often.

I must admit, she is a beautiful woman, her long thick dark hair falling over her shoulders, her full bosom, no need for a bra for this girl. Her flawless skin, and her youth, she couldn't be a day over 19 at the most. Except for her breasts she would easily have passed for 15 or less.

My husband is a womanizing bastard, but credit where it's due, she's a beautiful woman. Watching them made me feel a wave of emotions, extreme excitement. For watching such an intimate moment, even betrayal, it's the kind of moment sacred to most married women, my husband being sexually possessed, and not by me. I always imagined when he screwed around it would be harsh unloving sex. But here I am seeing something entirely different. They're gentle, loving, extremely sensual, and totally different to the way we make love together.

She raises herself up on her perfect legs and moves forward onto my husband. The hand she is caressing his cock with now positioning it against her pussy, her most intimate of parts.

I know that feeling, as his knob parts my lips.

She lowers herself onto him taking all of him into herself, her eyes never leaving his.

I am standing at this window, peeping in through the gap between the blinds and the window frame, watching another girl and my husband. It's only been a minute, but it feels like a lifetime.

Now she has both hands free and she leans forward on him, and sucks on his nipples. Now I can see his cock buried in her pussy. He splits her wide open by the look of it. She is hairless there and I watch as she slowly humps up and down on him. She must be tight because her inner lips drag along his shaft as she lifts herself, and her outer lips nearly disappear as she moves down his shaft. It is wet from her juices, very wet, I can see her little pink arsehole to, it sinks in and nearly pops out with her movements.

I can't see his face now, her long tresses hide both their faces, but I see his hands as they squeeze her butt cheeks, rubbing her arsehole, feeling her thighs. She's no bigger than a teenage girl, five foot tall and very lightly built, except for her chest.

Her tits are squashed against him now, he holds her butt cheeks and starts to drive himself in and out of her faster. She is his now, he is using her body, with no regard for her needs, just his need to cum in her, to fill her with his seed. I know how this feels to.

As he approaches his orgasm his dick swells, the driving thrusts being forced onto her. She's impaled by him and she cums because of him. He drives into her faster feeling her excitement. I can't see his cock now, only his hairy balls because he is totally inside her now, holding her tightly against himself.

Then he pulls nearly out and I see the edge of his gorged purple knob glistening with their combined juices. A dribble of his semen escapes, then he drives in again hard. His fingers sink into her soft arse cheeks, then a little thrust, another then a buck of his hips.

I know he is cumming, shooting his sperm into her. He's giving MY sperm to this girl. I think of how it feels when he cums in me, I can feel his seed, the pressure of it jetting against my womb.

He bucks his hips again and presses a finger into her arsehole to the first joint. She arches her back, her breasts are red, her nipples sticking out. She is cumming herself.

My husband leans forward taking a nipple in his mouth and cups the other in his hand. She grinds down on his cock and his finger both. His semen dribbles out of her around his shaft, down over his balls and soaks into his trousers.

Finally she gradually relaxes as her orgasm subsides, and then gently lays down on my man panting for breath. Her breasts looking as squashed pillows between them, his cock still inside her with their sex-juice leaking slowly out of her still.

Then she speaks for the first time, "I'd better go and ring your wife, I'll tell her you're doing overtime tonight, we have a lot to do yet"

"Mmmm, do that," he replies contentedly, he is still fingering her arse, now working a second finger in, "I do have some new ground to break." He says jokingly.

I can't believe this, he is going to screw her in the arse. The bastard won't suck my tits, not since our child was born. He never touches me apart from a rough fingering before sex, "To get me ready."

I shave my pussy to a neat patch of hair. I try to look my sexist for him, to keep him interested, but what hope do I have? With my soft tits and my soft belly against this girl. I'm thirty going on forty. I have a small pot gut, she has a flat hard stomach, my breasts sag and are very soft, her's are hard and stick out from her chest.

My husband has just filled her with his seed, "MY seed," it should be in "MY womb," not hers.

She sits upright then slides off the desk, from on top of him. His dick pops out of her flicking a small spray of their combined fluids in the air. His cock is still hard, it seems bigger than I ever saw it before, it stands up proudly, glisteningly wet, semen still dribbling from the end of it. He never cums that much for me.

She sits herself on the desk next to him and lays down on her back, legs open, knees up, spread wide. I look at her pussy. I'd never really looked at another woman's pussy before. Hers is pretty, obscenely open from their recent sex, juice leaking from it, down her crack, into her slightly open arsehole.

My husband sits up and reaches over between her legs, and I watch as his fingers disappear into her pussy. She seems not to notice, and reaches over herself to pick up the phone receiver from his desk and hits a speed dial number.

My mobile phone suddenly vibrates in my pocket, luckily I have the ringer turned off, or the game would be up. I wanted to see for myself how far they would go, how brazen they would be. And in a strange way I was turned on as all hell by watching my man perform like this.

I back away from the window so they don't hear and answer the phone, "Yes? Hello?"

"Hello Mrs. Drake? Your husband asked me to ring you..."

OH GOD it its HER, I'm watching her being fingered by my man. They are both stark naked and he has one hand fingering the sex juice from her pussy, and the other working it into her arsehole, "He going to be working late tonight," she was having trouble keeping her voice level, unemotional.

"We are working on a new project, and he is setting up the basic ground work for it."

No joke, he was now standing between her legs aiming his hard cock at her pink arsehole, his knob actually pushing on her anus.

"He says it's only basic entry level work."

He pushes his knob into the back-door opening and she gasps audibly. I hear it more than clearly over the phone.

"But if it's not done right, it just won't work."

His cock is three quarters up her now and he's fingering her pussy, rubbing her juices on his shaft and easing it further in. She is making fun of me while my husband makes use of her body. He pushes in further, I can't see her little pink ring anymore, I'm distracted.

I hear the pain of his entry in her voice. It is hard to watch your husband betray you as this and talk with the girl he is actually having sex with as if nothing is going on.

I can see in pornographic detail every action, every movement, every expression on their faces. The touches, the fondles, the kisses.

"OK, fine," I say, I want her off the phone, its too hard to see this far from the window. "I'll put something in the oven for him for later."

"Thank you Mrs. Drake, bye," she says sweetly.

I watch her hang up the phone. Then I move back to my position at the window. I can see her grab the desk with both hands, and my husband no longer controlled by this beautiful girl is dominating her. He grabs her hips and starts thrusting into her with determination.

I watch her face as a mix of pain and pleasure crosses it. She is not used to this, being used, or the harshness with which she is being used now. Her face gets redder, her eyes are clamped shut now, her breasts are jiggling wildly up and down her chest as she hangs on.

My husband thrusts harder now, I see his cock sliding in and out its full length, then he thrusts in and holds it in, his body tenses and then his hips buck a couple of time as he fills her bowel with his cum. I watch as she pushes back at him, motioning for him to let her up.

He pulls his cock out, its still hard, I am amazed at this, I have never seen him last this long before.

A little trickle of brownish stained cum leaks from her stretched arsehole.

He rolls her over onto her belly on the desk, and begins to enter her again, doggy style this time in the arse. She is really slippery from his cum now and she looks like she is enjoying it this time.

I feel sick now, I was getting hot before, but now, I was just sick to my soul. The man I had made my life with was betraying me in the worst way, and would keep on doing it into the small hours of the morning by the looks of it.

With my best efforts, I was never able to get a servicing like that from him. Now, with two kids, and a body showing signs of wear and tear, what hope did I have?

It had started with us, as I saw it with them now. He let me think I was in control, he was gentle, patient and kind. But by the end of the first night he was demanding, harsh, taking what he wanted with no consideration for me. Just as I saw happen to his receptionist today.

The young girl in the office would be ready and willing to do whatever he asked her to do tomorrow, regardless of the discomfort of the rough handling today. It was just the way he had.

I leave the building feeling sick, hurt, and incredibly horny. I make squelching noises as I walk. The need for vengeance comes up in my heart. I want him to pay for his betrayal, but how? I want him to feel the hurt I am feeling, and for the rest of his life too if possible. Just as I would feel hurt from watching him freely use another woman, one whose charms I can never equal.

How would he like it if he saw me having sex with another man? How would he like it if someone else filled my womb with their seed?

On the way home, the words I had spoken earlier to his receptionist whore, "I'll put something in the oven for him," took on a new meaning.



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