They say that everyone remembers their first time, for me this is especially true, it happened when I was fifteen and came about quite by accident, at least I think it did. Six years on we still have 'fun' together regularly. This is how it all came about.

My parents had gone away for five weeks; virtually the entire duration of the school summer holidays, and left me in the care of my older sister, Angie, who had just turned eighteen.

Although I got on well enough with Angie I wasn't too pleased about her being 'in charge', after all how many boys like being bossed about by their sisters.

During the first week there was an uneasy peace between us, she giving the minimum of orders which I reluctantly obeyed under protest, then things settled down and I found that things weren't as bad as I had expected, at least Angie allowed me a little more freedom than my parents did.

It was at the start of the third week that everything changed, for the better mind you, and all because of a magazine I'd found in the sideboard.

"What are you reading Rickey?" Angie asked as she barged into my room on that Sunday afternoon.

"Uh, nothing." I replied trying to hide the magazine under the covers.

"It's a lot of nothing you're trying to shove under the blankets then." She said, "Come on, hand it over."

I could feel myself blushing as I handed her the magazine, the naked woman on the cover seemingly screaming out the contents of the mag. Angie looked at the thing, her eyebrows rising towards her blonde hair, then she looked at me.

"Where on earth did you get this?" she asked.

"I found it in the sideboard." I muttered.

"Come on." Angie replied disbelievingly, "Where did you really get it?"

"I told you," I responded, "in the sideboard downstairs."

"Is it any good?" she asked.

To say I was stunned at her question would be an under statement, I'd been expecting a severe ticking off and a warning about the sins of reading such things.

"I don't know," I stammered, "I'd only just opened it when you came in."

"Well, let's look at it together then." Angie grinned, "Shove over."

I shuffled across the bed and she sat down beside me, her long legs stretching out on the covers beside mine. Opening the mag Angie held it between us while we looked at the pictures revealed, they left nothing to the imagination, the first picture we saw was a woman with a man's cock in her mouth and another in her fanny, the camera angle showed it all.

The rest of the magazine was like that, very few words and lots of graphic pictures of men and women plus women and women together. As we slowly flicked through the pages I felt my cock gradually rising to the occasion, had I been alone I would have found it a pleasurably sensation, however with my sister beside me all I felt was embarrassed and uncomfortable.

"Were there any more where you found this?" Angie asked as we finished the magazine.

She seemed a little breathless and her face was slightly flushed, all signs of excitement to those who knew, I didn't know, then, and thought she was getting angry.

"Yes" I replied controlling my breathing, "and a videotape."

"What's on the video?" she asked.

"How do I know," I said, "there's no label on the thing."

"C'mon," Angie said swinging her legs off the bed.

Reluctantly I followed her downstairs into the living room where I pointed out the cupboard in which I'd found the magazine. Angie opened the cupboard and took out the five magazines inside, then she sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to her to indicate I should sit beside her, which I did.

To my surprise she began to go through the top magazine, which was pretty much the same as the one she'd found me with, few words, lots of pictures. We sat there for the rest of the afternoon looking through the magazines, Angie turning the pages after we had both stared at the content. So engrossed were we that it was only as Angie closed the last mag that we noticed the time, six o'clock and it was starting to get dark.

"Looks like rain." Angie commented putting the magazines on the coffee table in front of us, "Come and help me with tea."

Confused, excited and frustrated all at the same time I followed her out to the kitchen where we prepared and ate tea. While we had been eating the rain had come down outside, a downpour that looked set to stay all night, it had become so dark we had drawn the curtains and switched on the lights.

She had me help her with the washing up then took a bottle of wine from the fridge, two glasses from the cabinet and led the way back to the living room. Placing the wine and glasses on the coffee table Angie picked up the pile of magazines and put them back in the cupboard, as she stood up I saw that she had the video tape in her hand.

"Let's see what's on this." she grinned.

I must admit that Angie had surprised me so far, instead of being mad about the magazines she had sat down with me and looked through them, now it seemed she was going to let me watch the video and from the fact that she had brought in two glasses I was going to be allowed to have some wine, something my parents only did on special occasions.

Angie turned on the TV and put the tape in the video machine while I sat on the couch and watched her, she picked up the remote controls and sat down beside me. Then suddenly she jumped up and headed for the door.

"Rick," she said over her shoulder, "pour us out some wine while I go and put the heating on."

It wasn't until she had mentioned the heating that I realised how chilly it had become. As she vanished from sight I opened the wine and poured it out filling the glasses to just below the rim, which was three times what I was normally allowed, but I was hoping that once it was poured out Angie would let me drink it. A few minutes later Angie came back in and sat down beside me again, she made no comment at all about the level of wine in the glasses and inwardly I grinned at having 'got away' with it.

"It'll warm up soon." Angie commented taking a sip of her drink.

"Did dad get the thermostat fixed?" I asked.

A few days before my parents had left the thermostat on the boiler had gone funny, now you had two choices either no heat at all or full blast, our father had intended having the thing fixed before they left.

"Not as far as I know." Angie replied, "Well I'd rather be too hot than freezing."

With that she started the video, picked up her glass and settled back to watch what was to appear on the screen.

At first there was a lot of static and a few squeaks, clicks then music blared from the TV speakers and a fully clothed woman, and two men crossed the screen to a bed. Sipping at my drink I watched as the men started kissing and striping the woman, then the men stripped while the woman wanked herself. In full colour and close up the woman sucked the men's cocks then lay back on the bed while one of the men fucked her while she continued to suck the other mans' cock.

Just before cumming both men pulled away from the woman and shot their juices across her stomach and face at which point the sequence faded out. Angie stopped the tape, fifteen minutes had passed, my glass was empty, my cock was hard and the room felt stifling hot. Leaning forward my sister picked up the bottle of wine and refilled our glasses, filling them to the brim, to my joy.

"Well," Angie grinned, "that was something."

"I wonder if there's any more on the tape?" I mused.

Angie fanned herself and took a sip of her wine before replying.

"It's bloody hot in here." she said, "Excuse me while I undo a few buttons, then I'll restart the tape and we'll see if there is any more action on it."

"Feel free," I grinned, "in fact I'll join you, at least I can take my shirt off."

Why I made the comment I don't know, perhaps it was a combination of the wine and the excitement, but as the words left my mouth I looked at Angie and for the first time realised that she was more than just my sister, she was a woman.

For the first time I looked at her as a woman, her shoulder length blonde hair, her deep blue eyes, her pert little nose and her full lips made her face beautiful, my eyes moved downwards to her shoulders, then down to her large tits. A little guiltily I turned my eyes away from my sisters body and busied myself taking off my shirt as her hands rose to open some of the buttons of her blouse.

"What do you mean?" Angie asked.

"What?" I replied puzzled.

"About at least being able to take your shirt off."

"Oh, that." I laughed, "Well, it's okay for men to take off their shirts in mixed company."

"Listen squirt," Angie grinned, "if I wanted to take off my blouse I would."

"Oh yeah?" I said, my mouth living a life of its own.

"Yeah!" she replied sharply.

With that she took of her blouse, picked up the video remote, started the video machine and sat back. For a brief moment I gazed at her tits barely contained in her lacy bra, then I turned my attention to the screen. There was more on the tape, this time it was two women having sex together, they used their mouths, fingers and tongues on each other before one of the women strapped on an artificial cock and fucked the other to a climax. Once again the scene faded out and Angie stopped the machine, another twenty minutes had passed, half my wine was gone and my legs were sticky with sweat.

"Jesus," Angie sighed, "I'm sweltering."

Grinning I stood up, feeling a little light headed as I did so, and took off my trousers, there was a revealing bulge in my Y fronts, but I never gave it a thought.

"That's better," I said to Angie, "pity you can't do the same."

"I can to." she declared poking her tongue out at me, "In fact I will."

Angie stood up and quickly removed her jeans before sitting down again, leaning forward she picked up the wine bottle and split the last of its contents evenly between our glasses then started the video again.

The third and final scene was an orgy involving six men and four women, the men had the women in all sorts of positions and in three ways, mouth, fanny and arse, one woman got fucked in all three ways at the same time before the scene came to an end and the tape ran out.

"Wow," Angie breathed, "that last one was a dilly."

"Interesting use of a wine bottle," I laughed, "though I'm not sure it was an ordinary bottle."

Beside me Angie, clad only in her lacy bra and equally lacy panties, laughed. "Of course it was an ordinary bottle," she said, "you don't think they make one specially to fit a woman's cunt do you? Anyway, you are right for a change, it certainly did look interesting. I wonder..."

Her voice faded away and I saw her looking at the empty bottle on the table.

"What do you wonder?" I asked.

She grinned at me then looked at the bottle again.

"You can't be serious," I laughed, "you couldn't do it."

"Why not?" she asked, her voice not quite steady.

"For one thing you wouldn't dare while I was around." I responded.

"You reckon?" she laughed.

"I reckon." I grinned, "In fact I dare you."

Having called her bluff I sat back feeling smug with myself.

"Right." Angie replied.

Leaning forward she picked up the bottle, amazed and excited by her action I watched as she pulled one side of her panty gusset to one side (the side furthest from me) and tried to push the bottle into her fanny. Her panties and the hand holding them to one side meant I could see nothing, but I knew what she was trying to do from having just watched it on the video and it excited me. I felt my pulse begin to race as I thought of the wine bottle sliding into my sisters' pussy, the glass slipping along her flesh.

"Damn!" Angie's curse cut across my thoughts, "This isn't working."

"Told you." I grinned.

"We'll see." she replied.

Putting the bottle on the cushion beside her Angie stood up and quickly pulled off her panties, as she sat down again I caught a glimpse of her fair, neatly trimmed V of her pubic hairs and the hint of the swelling of the lips of her fanny. Picking up the bottle Angie opened her legs slightly, giving me a glimpse of her pink pussy flesh, then pressed the neck of the bottle to her fanny, this time I saw the bottle slide into her without any difficulty. As the cool glass entered her Angie gasped then sighed.

"See," she said in an unsteady voice, "I told you it could be done."

While she spoke Angie's hands were moving with a will of their own, pushing and pulling the bottle in and out of her fanny in a long slow rhythm that was obviously (even to me) giving her pleasure. Her breathing became fast and heavy as her hand moved faster, her eyes closed and it was as though she had forgotten that I was there, fascinated I moved to get a better view of the bottle moving in and out of her hole.

Angie's free hand slid up her body to cup one of her boobs, her fingers pressing into the pliant flesh through the material of her bra, as she became more excited her fingers pressed more tightly into her flesh. Her hand moved across to her other boob and give it attention before sliding back to its starting point, in the second passing Angie somehow caught the clasp between the cups and the material flapped open on one side, the other side remaining in place only because of her hands squeezing her globe.

I stared at the swell and shape of the revealed boob, the nipple, only a short distance away, swollen and seemingly begging for attention; a temptation that I found myself unable to resist, leaning forward I slowly took the bud of flesh into my mouth and sucked it, my tongue pressing and running around its hardness.

"Oh yes!" Angie gasped as I sucked her nipple.

Her hand moved away from her tit and moved to the back of my head, pulling me tighter to her flesh, the bra sliding down her back freeing her boobs completely. Reaching up I took her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it, rolling it between my fingers at the same time.

"Yes" she sighed and trembled.

As I played with Angie's nipples with mouth and fingers her free hand slid across my thigh onto the bulge of my cock, I gasped around the flesh in my mouth as she gently squeezed my erection. Then her hand was moving again, sliding up my underpants to push past the elastic, the thrill of her hand closing around the flesh of my erection was electric and I groaned with the pleasure she was giving me.

Lost in pleasure I slid my free hand onto her stomach then down to her fanny, search for and finding the small bud of flesh I'd heard so much about, her clitoris, when I found it I pressed gently on it with a finger then rubbed it in a circular motion. Angie began to moan and her hand started sliding up and down my cock, I could feel her body trembling as she became more and more excited, her breathing coming in gasps.

The bottle had fallen from Angie's pussy and, keeping my thumb pressed to her clit, I plunged two fingers into her moist hole, her flesh sliding and clutching at them as I moved them in and out.

"God yes!" Angie cried out, "Oh yes!"

Her hand tugged at my underpants and I raised my body slightly to let her slide them down to my knees, for one brief moment I released her fanny to push my last item of clothing to the floor, then I returned my attentions to my sister's pussy. Inside I knew what we were doing was wrong, but I could not stop, the pleasure I was feeling had taken control. Angie started shaking, her lower body thrusting up onto my probing fingers, her voice rising as she climaxed; so violent was her shaking that she slid from the couch to the floor dragging me with her, my fingers still buried in her pussy, my mouth still enclosing her nipple.

"God!" Angie cried, "Please suck me Roger!"

Her words made me realise that Angie thought I was her latest boyfriend Roger, in her excitement she was fantasising that he was doing the things I was doing. Nevertheless I slid my tongue down her body until it came to her clit, with the scent of my sisters' juices driving me on I rolled my tongue around the sensitive bud making her cry out again in pleasure.

For a while I savoured the feel and taste of her clit with my tongue and mouth, my fingers still plunging in and out of her, then I moved my fingers away and let my tongue take their place. The taste of her juices in my mouth were sweet and sticky, eagerly I licked at her flesh, pushing my tongue as deep as I could to lap at her flow.

"Jesus!" Angie gasped and shuddered, "Oh God Roger that feels so good!"

A few minutes later Angie began to buck, her hands started pulling at my shoulders as she cried out.

"Fuck me!" she gasped, "For God's sake fuck me!"

I let Angie pull me up her body, knowing that as soon as she saw it was me the game would come to an end, but her eyes were tightly closed, her mouth open and inviting as she drew me down onto her body. Our lips met and I felt a spark of pleasure as I kissed my sister, I could feel my cock pressing along her pussy and raised my lower body slightly until I felt my knob pushing at her wet hole.

Angie moaned into my mouth as I pressed forward, my stiff flesh sliding into her pussy easily, drawing out my pleasure I pushed into her slowly, the muscles of her fanny grasping my cock as it went deeper. Then I was inside her, my full length nestled within the warmth of her pussy, her juices flowing around my skin, for a moment I lay still to enjoy the sensations I was feeling for the first time, then I moved one of my hands up to a boob and began to slowly slide my cock out of her.

"Oh Christ!" Angie cried parting our lips.

Gradually I let my movements become faster, I could feel my excitement rising, my balls tightening as I drew closer to my own climax. Angie buried her head in my shoulder, cries of pleasure echoing around the room, her body twitching and shuddering beneath me as she began to climax. The squeezing of her cunt on my prick sent me over the edge and with a final thrust I felt my juices surge hotly along my shaft to spurt out into her womb.

Gasping for breath I flopped forward, my head coming to rest on the carpet beside Angie's head, I could feel her pussy clutching at my cock which was still deep inside her and gradually felt my excitement mounting again and my flesh hardening inside her.

Slowly I moved my body, sliding my prick in and out, exciting us both with the movement, my sister began to gasp and sigh beneath me as she climbed to another climax, her body matching my thrusts. Raising myself I looked down at Angie's face as I plunged my cock into her, fucking her for the second time, her mouth opened in a gasp of pleasure, her eyelids shut as she enjoyed the moment. Once again I felt my balls tightening and my sister shuddering as we reached the point of climax, the point of no return.

"Oh God Roger, I'm cumming!" Angie cried, her eyes opening wide, "RICKY!"

Her discovery of who was fucking her came too late, with violent tremors a climax ripped through Angie's body, her cries filling my ears.

"No, Rick, no....yes, Jesus yes," Angie almost screamed as another climax tore through her, "fuck me Rick, fuck me!"

Our groins slapped together as I thrust harder and faster, my balls striking against her bum.

"God Rick," my sister cried, "don't stop! I want to feel you cum in me again!"

I looked into her eyes as another climax hit her, her eyelids half closing with the sheer pleasure, her excitement clearly visible. Then I felt the warmth of my juices rising as they surged along my shaft, with a groan I buried myself deep inside her pussy, my hot seed filling her.

"Oh YES!" Angie cried, "YES, YES, YES!"

For a few minutes I continued to thrust, my cock slowly shrinking, until at last I pulled out of her juddering body and rolled over to lie beside her. We lay there in silence, the only noise being that of our breathing slowly returning to normal, in my mind I savoured the memory of fucking my sister, at the same time feeling a little guilty about the event and wondering what Angie would do or say once she had recovered. Beside me I felt my sister stir, I sat up and looked at her naked body, memorising every line and curve of her while I had the chance.

Angie lay watching me. "Rick," she said softly, "you know what we did was wrong."

"I know." I replied looking into her eyes and dreading what was to come.

"It has to be our secret," she said, "no-one, especially not mum and dad, must know about it."

"I know." I replied.

"We will have to be," Angie went on, "very careful."

Sitting gazing down at my sister's body I felt a stirring in my loins, with the resilience of youth my prick began to swell yet again, before long I would have to retreat to my room for a wank.

"Rick," Angie said, "do you understand?"

"I understand," I smiled sadly, "we have to be careful about what we've just done."

"And will do." Angie whispered, "Lie down."

Surprised I lay back as my sister sat up, she looked down at me and smiled, then she shuffled her body and her head dropped from my view.

"God!" I gasped as her tongue flicked across the flesh of my semi-erect cock.

Disbelievingly I lay there while my sister licked my prick, bringing it back to full life before enclosing it with her mouth. The feel of her lips and tongue sliding down my shaft had me moaning with pleasure and I gasped as her tongue began to circle the underside of my cap. Angie began to slide her mouth up and down on my prick, her tongue stroking the sides and underneath of my stiffness, occasionally her teeth would scrape on my skin sending chills of pleasure through me and when she pressed my flesh to the roof of her mouth I almost climaxed.

"Angie," I gasped, "that feels so good!"

She hummed around the flesh in her mouth, her head bobbing faster and faster as she sucked me to climax.

"Jesus Angie," I groaned as I felt the warmth start to rise in my shaft, "I'm cumming!"

In response Angie took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, her hand filling the gap between her lips and my groin, her other hand closing around my balls. I could fell her tongue flicking quickly on my shaft as she sucked at me, her hands squeezing my cock and balls until with a cry I climaxed, my hot juices spurting stickily into her mouth. As my seed filled her mouth I could feel my sister swallowing, drinking my juices as fast as they flowed until at last the flow ended and she leant up to look at me.

"How was that?" she asked breathlessly.

"Fantastic!" I managed to gasp, "But I thought..."

"Rick," Angie smiled, "it's too late to turn back now. The first time was an accident, the second was a shock and a joy."

"Do you mean...?" I gasped.

"When you can get hard again," she grinned down at me, "I want you to fuck me again, only this time I'll know from the start who it is."

"I can't wait," I grinned, "I want to play with your body."

Angie laughed and tossed her head; with a sparkle in her eyes she leant forward and kissed me.

"I'll tell you what," she said parting our lips a few minutes later, "while mum and dad are away you can do what you want with me. In fact I'll teach you a thing or two, not that you seem to need much teaching, you are a natural."

"What exactly do you mean by 'what I want'?" I asked.

"As long as we can't be seen you can fuck me, or suck me, or handle me any time, any place, any where." she grinned.

"And after mum and dad get back?" I asked.

"We'll have to be more careful then," Angie grinned, "but I'm sure we'll find the opportunities. The only condition I'm making is that no-one, absolutely no-one must find out and I want no jealousy from you when I go out with my boyfriends."

"I agree to that," I smiled broadly thinking of the future, "in return you can do the same, whenever, wherever and so on. Now shut up and kiss me."

Laughing Angie leant forward, her boobs rubbing on my chest, and kissed me while I moved one hand to her boobs and the other to her fanny, in return my sister took my limp cock in her hand a began wanking it. It wasn't long before we were both excited yet again, under her ministrations my prick had become hard and erect, my hands had brought her near to climax by this time.

In a sudden motion Angie straddled me, her pussy gliding down onto my stiffness with one long, slow motion. Soon her movements were hard and fast as she drove herself to a climax, which was quickly followed by another and then another as she rode me. Having climaxed three times already it took ages for me to cum again, but when at last I felt the surge of warmth along my shaft the sensations were indescribable.

"I'm going to be knackered by the time mum and dad get back." Angie sighed as we lay recovering some time later.

The same thought had crossed my mind, however I was not going to waste any of the three weeks we had before our parents' returned and I was sure my sister felt the same. Nevertheless, we would have to rest some time, so at half eleven, tired and satiated we crawled up to our beds, for me it was lights out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next day, Monday, I woke up late; the sun was shining outside making bright patterns on my curtains. For a while I lay looking up at the ceiling, wondering if the events of the day before had been real or a dream, the question was answered a few minutes later when the door opened and my sister walked into the room wearing nothing but a smile.

"Wakey, wakey," she grinned, "it's nearly ten."

Grinning I got out of bed, crossed the room to my sister and kissed her, turning her around I guided her towards my bed where I spent the next half an hour enjoying the feel of her body and the noises she made as I fucked her.

"Randy sod." Angie sighed while squeezing my cock gently as we recovered, "Come on, we have some shopping to do...ooh."

The last was caused by me caressing her clit with a finger; despite her words my sister lay there while I used my hands to bring her to another climax.

It was nearly midday by the time we left the house to do the shopping, as neither of us could drive we had to catch a bus into the shopping centre, luckily one came within minutes of us getting to the bus stop. We sat at the back of the bus, which was nearly empty, with Angie in the seat next to the window, looking down I gazed at her stocking clad legs and wondered what she would do if I slid a hand under her skirt.

The answer was a smile, as my hand slid up her leg Angie looked at me, glanced around the bus then nodded at me, her lips curving into a smile of anticipation. Slowly I slid my hand up the material of her stocking, under the hem of her dress and onto the bare flesh of her upper thigh, my fingers moved through her pubic hair, after discovering that she had not worn panties, and began probing at her pussy as the bus stopped to pick up a passenger.

"Shit!" Angie swore at the same time moving my hand.

I looked down the bus and saw one of our mother's friends seating herself near the door; cursing mentally I looked at my sister and saw her watching the woman.

To my surprise Angie took my hand and put it back where it had been, I knew the seat in front of us would hide what we were doing, but if the woman turned and saw us she would come and say 'hello'.

"If I tell you" Angie whispered, "to stop, get your hand out from under my skirt damned quickly."

For the rest of the trip I stroked Angie's pussy, teased her clit and finally finger fucked her to a climax while Angie watched the woman. As she climaxed Angie bit her lip and groaned quietly, her cunt squeezing and wriggling on my probing fingers.

"Rick!" Angie hissed.

Quickly I moved my hand and looked up, our mothers friend had turned in her seat and had of course seen us, as expected she got up and came over to us.

"Hello there," she grinned, "fancy meeting you."

"Fancy." Angie smiled sweetly.

"Are you alright dear," the woman asked peering at my sister, "You look a little flushed."

"I'm fine" Angie replied, "just a little hot."

For the rest of the trip we sat and listened to the woman twittering on, what she talked about I can't remember, but I do remember wishing she would go away. Unfortunately she stayed with us until the bus arrived at the shopping centre, only saying her farewells once we were all off the bus.

"God that was fantastic." Angie breathed as soon as the woman was out of earshot, "I wasn't sure you would make me cum before she saw us."

"It was a bit of a risk Ang," I grinned, "what if she'd moved while you were cumming?"

My sister laughed and led the way to the shops where we picked up the bits we needed before heading for home, the return trip was uneventful as the bus was crowded. Once the door was closed behind us I dropped the shopping bags and grabbed my sister, at the same time I opened my flies and pulled out my hard prick.

"Here?" she asked.

"And now." I grinned.

"Good." she laughed bending forward over the hall table and raising her skirt.

Both of us were more than ready, my cock was still aching from the outward journey and I quickly discovered that my sister's pussy was sopping with juices. As I pushed into her eager cunt I reached around and opened the buttons of her blouse so that I could play with her tits and at that moment the phone rang. Reaching out Angie grabbed the phone while I continued to fuck her.

"Hello?" Angie said into the instrument, "Oh hello dad."

I grinned as I squeezed her tits and thrust into her, stifling a gasp of pleasure with a hand Angie listened to our father.

"No, everything's fine dad." she said, "Rick is behaving him...self. No, nothings wrong, I'm just feeling a litt...le stiff. Okay dad, see you in three weeks."

Angie put the phone down and groaned as a climax hit her, her muscles clenching around my, cock driving me to my own climax.

"Jesus," my sister gasped as I pulled out of her, "that was one hell of a turn on."

"I bet" I laughed, "dad thought you and Roger were at it."

"Fine, Roger can take the blame while you have the fun." Angie laughed, "Speaking of Roger, he's supposed to be coming round tonight, do you want me to put him off?"

"I don't think so, after all we are supposed to act normally." I replied, "Who's 'baby sitting'?"

"No-one," she replied, "I thought I'd trust you on your own. Anyway, I might persuade Roger to stay in, I don't really fancy the party he wants to take me to."

While we were talking we had picked up the shopping and put it all away, which left us a couple of free hours to fill before Roger turned up, or so I thought. As we got ready to have some fun the doorbell rang, while Angie got her skirt back on and her blouse buttoned I put my cock away and answered the door.

"Hiya squirt." Roger greeted me as he barged into the hall.

"Hello Roger." I responded.

I must admit I had never liked Roger, apart from calling me 'squirt' all the time I felt that he was a phoney, not to be trusted at any time, but he was Angie's problem.

'Hello Roger," Angie said coming from the kitchen, "you're very early."

"Just eager to see you.' he grinned, "Go and get your glad rags on and we'll go have some fun."

"But Roger," my sister protested, "I'm not supposed to leave Rick alone for so long."

"Ah, the squirt will be okay." Roger said.

"Will you?" Angie asked me.

"Yeah, sure." I replied more than a little annoyed with Roger, "Go on I'll be alright."

Angie went upstairs to change leaving me alone with Roger.

"Don't expect us to come back tonight." he leered at me.

"But..." I started to protest.

"One word from you and I'll give you a fat lip to go with your fat head." Roger hissed, "I've got plans for tonight."

I didn't like the sound of that at all, but there was little I could do, short of getting a punch in the face that is. We waited in silence for Angie to reappear, when she did Roger whisked her away so quickly that she barely had time to say goodbye to me. It crossed my mind to follow them, but Roger had a car, which put me at a major disadvantage so with nothing better to do I went into the living room and watched telly for a while.

Around five I made my tea and washed up when I'd finished; I was bored and for the hell of it I wandered upstairs to my parents bedroom, my plan was to make a quick search to see if dad had any more magazines hidden away. It came as no surprise to discover that he had a whole pile of them, in the same cupboard I also found three videotapes, leaving the magazines I picked up the tapes and went downstairs.

Switching on the video I put the first tape on, it wasn't a bad film, not a lot of difference to the one I'd watched with Angie the previous night, the second film was devoted to lesbian sex, it was fun and a bit of a turn on.

Putting on the third tape I settled back on the couch to watch more of the same, as the first frames rolled through I sat bolt upright and stared at the screen in amazement. There in glorious colour with full sound were my parents, mum was naked with her hands tied behind her back, dad was naked with his fingers up mum's pussy while his other hand squeezed her tits.

On screen my mother cried out and climaxed at which point my father had her kneel and suck his cock, as the camera zoomed in to a close up of mum with dad's cock in her mouth I wondered who had been operating the camera. Just before he climaxed dad pulled his cock out of mothers mouth and sprayed mum's tits with his juices, then he moved out of the scene, the camera joggled and another man, that I didn't recognise, came into view.

The man had mum suck him off as well, spraying his seed onto her face when he came, then he moved away and a woman, another stranger, came into view, she licked the sticky juices from my mother's body and face then had lesbian sex with mum. At one point whoever was controlling the camera zoomed in to give a perfect view of the woman's tongue flicking in and out of mum's cunt, followed by a close up of the woman plunging three fingers into mum.

When the woman moved away from my mother's shuddering body I thought that was the end of the film, instead dad, the other man and the woman came back into view and while dad fucked mum in the arse the other man fucked her in the pussy while the woman squatted over mum's face for her to lick the woman's pussy. Just before climaxing both men pulled their cocks out of mum and shot their seed over her, throughout the camera had zoomed in and out to give close-ups of the action and I wondered just how many people had been in the room when the film ended.

Sighing I moved to turn the tape off and stopped when the screen lit up again, once more I found myself watching my mother, once more she had her hands tied behind her back, this time it seemed there was only my father in the room for he had to move to zoom in the camera from time to time. I watched as dad had mother in the mouth, the pussy then the arse, each time pulling back to spray his juices over her as he came, then the scene changed, mum was alone, her hands were tied in front of her and someone, I assume it was dad, was operating the camera.

The camera slowly panned over mum's body in close-up, coming to rest on her hands which were busy exciting her pussy, obviously dad had taped mum wanking. On the screen mum's bound hands moved out of view to return with a vibrator which she used to bring herself to climax at which point the film ended. Turned on by what I'd seen I took the tapes to my parent's room and put them back where I had found them.

As I turned to leave I noticed the bedside clock and saw the time was after midnight, it seemed that Roger had got his way after all, Angie would be out all night. A little disappointed I went to my room, undressed and lay on the bed, my cock pointing at the ceiling as I prepared to have a wank, then I heard the sound of a key in the front door.

"Rick." Angie called up the stairs a few seconds later.

"Coming." I called back.

Just in case she wasn't alone I put a robe on before I went downstairs, I found her in the living room and she looked angry.

"What's up?" I asked.

"That bastard Roger took me to a party." she replied.

"And?" I encouraged.

"It was a swapping party," she seethed, "he wanted me to screw some ugly son of a bitch while he had the guys girlfriend. I left him then and there. It's taken me all this time to get home."

I decided she could probably do with a drink so I went to the drinks cabinet and poured her a glass of sherry, giving her the full glass I went out to the kitchen and put the kettle on to make coffee. Angie was just finishing her drink when I took her coffee to her, taking the hot cup she smiled at me.

"Cheer me up Rick," she said, "take your robe off and just let me look at you."

"My pleasure." I grinned removing the robe.

For a couple of minutes I posed for her then I sat on the couch beside her, put my arm around her shoulder and cuddled her while she drank her coffee. We sat in silence for the next five minutes, and then my sister leant forward, put her empty cup on the table, turned to me and kissed me. Moving my hands over her body I opened her dress, then her bra, she stood and kicked her dress aside, pulled off her panties and sat on my lap facing me, my cock sliding easily into her wet pussy.

"Mmm," Angie hummed, "just what I need."

Slowly Angie rose up and down on my prick, gradually her movements became faster as her excitement mounted driving us both closer and closer to climax. With a cry Angie suddenly thrust down on me, her pussy squeezing my cock as she had an orgasm, the sensation made me climax, my seed rushing along my shaft to fill her with it's warmth. Still she sat on my lap, her hips grinding, rolling her grasping pussy around on my still excited prick, her head thrown back as her cries filled the room.

"God that was fantastic!" Angie gasped a few minutes later as she got off my lap.

"Ditto." I grinned up at her.

"Much as I would like to..." Angie started to say.

"Anytime, any place, anywhere." I grinned at her, "The time is now, the place is here, and the where is your pussy."

With a smile my sister lay back on the floor and held her arms out to me, an invitation I lost no time in accepting. As I settled on of top her I felt my cock slide into her pussy, kissing her I began thrusting.

"I really think we aught to get some rest." Angie gasped as we lay recovering half an hour later.

It was after ten when I woke on Tuesday morning and I woke with a hard on. Getting out of bed I padded across the hall to my sister's room, opened the door and walked over to her sleeping form. Gently, so as not to wake her, I pulled the covers off her revealing her naked body, then I used my hands, again gently so as not to wake her, to arouse her.

Angie sighed in her sleep as my fingers excited her to a point near to climax, sensing that she was slowly waking up I climbed between her legs and slid my cock into her pussy. Slowly I thrust in and out of her bringing her closer and closer to climax, when her climax finally came Angie was awake, her body responding fully to my thrusts her sighs, cries, moans and groans filling the room. With a final thrust I came inside her, my juices bursting inside her womb.

"What an alarm call." Angie said breathlessly as I rolled off her.

She got out of bed and we went to the bathroom where we took a long shower together, exciting each other under the warm spray of water. We dried each other then made our way downstairs for some breakfast.

"I've got something to show you." I grinned as we shovelled food into our mouths, "I'll show you after breakfast."

As soon as the plates were washed I had Angie go into the living room while I popped upstairs and grabbed the tape of our parents at play. When Angie saw the central characters on the tape she sat glued to the screen, fascinated and excited by what she was watching.

"Why" I asked when the tape had finished, "were mums hands tied?"

"Bondage." Angie replied, "It's a sort of variation."

"Is it any good?" I asked.

"I don't know," Angie laughed, "but we'll soon find out."

While I put the tape back where I'd found it Angie went to her room, we met up back in the living room, I was surprised to see her holding the silk sash from one of her robes and a tube of KY jelly.

"Tie my hands behind my back," Angie grinned, "then do to me what mum had done to her. Use the KY before you do me in the arse though."

"Are you sure? About in the arse I mean." I said.

"Positive." she replied as she turned and put her arms behind her back.

The thought of tying up my sister actually was a turn on, picking up the sash I wound it around her wrists tightly then tied it off; Angie tested the binding by tugging at it and smiled when she couldn't get free. Next I squeezed some KY Jelly onto a finger and greased the outer area of her anus, with a second dollop of the Jelly I eased a finger into her tight arse, Angie gasped as my finger slid into her tight little hole, so tight that I could barely get my finger in.

Removing my finger I re-greased it and slowly pushed it back into my sister's arse, again she gasped as the finger slid into her, this time slightly more easily, nevertheless I wondered how I was going to manage to put my prick into her tight hole. For a few minutes I slid my finger in and out of her arse, Angie writhed and groaned as the moments drew out.

"Kneel down." I said pulling my finger from her anus.

Angie knelt; her movements a little awkward with her hands tied behind her back, looked up at me and licked her lips in anticipation.

"Do you want me to come in your mouth or on your face?" I asked quietly.

"On my face." she whispered.

Slowly I put my cock to her lips and watched her lick it then suck it, her head bobbing as she slid her mouth up and down my shaft, her tongue teasing at my flesh. Before long I felt my balls begin to tighten, pulling back I rubbed my knob on her lips, her tongue flicking out to tease the eye, then I felt the surge of warmth along my shaft that signalled my climax.

In a burst of white, sticky warmth my juices sprayed out to cover Angie's lips, chin and cheeks as I pulled out of her mouth. As the last of my juices dribbled out Angie leant forward and took my prick back into her mouth, my seed trickling down her flesh as she sucked me back to a full erection.

"Fuck me." my sister whispered five minutes later.

This proved to be a little difficult with her hands tied behind her back, but the problem was solved by Angie lying face down on the coffee table while I fucked her from behind. Once again I felt the surge of my climax and pulled back to spray my juices over her pussy while she cried out in orgasm. Still shaking Angie knelt up and once again took my prick in her mouth to make me hard for the final part; I savoured the feel of her mouth around my cock as she 'persuaded' my prick to stay hard.

"Do it." Angie gasped some time later, "Fuck me in the arse. Come inside me."

Angie flopped forward onto the coffee table while I covered my prick with KY jelly; it felt cool and slippery on my flesh. Then I covered two of my fingers with the gel and gently pushed them into her arse, Angie gave a gasp and a tiny sob as the fingers entered her, then she sighed. For a while I finger fucked her arse, my fingers gripped tightly despite the gel, my cock was bigger than my fingers and I felt sure I could not penetrate that tight hole with my hard flesh.

At last the moment of truth arrived, removing my fingers I placed my knob at the puckered little hole and gently pushed forward. Despite the KY jelly my knob was not going in, Angie was trembling and gasping as I tried once again to push my cock into her. Then, as though a barrier had fallen, my knob slid part way into her arse, Angie cried out in pain as the tip of my tool penetrated and I paused, not wanting to hurt her any further.

"Go on!" she almost whimpered.

Reluctantly at first I pushed at her again, my cock slowly forcing its way into her tight (God was it tight) hole, ignoring her cries and sobs. Then, in a rush, my prick was sliding deep into her, my full length surging up her back passage.

"GOD!" Angie screamed.

I could feel my prick being squeezed by her arse, I could barely move, but slowly I slid it back then pressed forward, fucking her arse as I would her cunt. At first my sister's cries were of pain, but gradually they became mixed with gasps of pleasure and then her cries were of pure enjoyment.

"God yes!" she sobbed with pleasure, "Fuck me harder!"

My thrust became more powerful under her encouragement, before long Angie was climaxing and she continued to climax as I thrust in and out of her arse. Despite having come a number of times already the tightness of her grasping arse forced me nearer and nearer to my own climax.

"Christ!" I gasped as I felt the surge of my juices.

With a final thrust I buried my cock deep in her back passage and climaxed. "That was fantastic." Angie gasped a while later as we lay recovering, "You can untie me now Rick."

"Can I?" I smiled at her, "I'm not sure I want to."

"Randy beast." she laughed as I started to play with her cunt.


As I have said before this happened six years ago, those weeks while our parents were away are indelibly burned into my memory. Angie taught me a lot and I enjoyed every lesson. By the time our parents returned we were both exhausted, but it had been worth it. Following the return of our parents our fun together became a rare event that we looked forward to with relish and savoured to the full when it happened.

Two years after that eventful time Angie got married which put an end to our games, her marriage lasted all of three years and ended in divorce. As Angie became a divorcee I became a husband, which should have been the end of my incestuous relationship with my sister, but fate plays some strange tricks.

Nine months after I married Marjory her brother died, his death seemed to take something out of our relationship, at first I thought it was just her grief, but three months later I confronted Marg with the situation. Tearfully she admitted to me that she and her brother had been more than close, they had been lovers, although they had only made love together once since Marg had married me, on the night before his death. His death had hurt her deeply and she had been afraid to tell me why she was acting as she was.

"Now you know, I suppose you'll want a divorce." she sobbed.

Before I could reply Marg dashed from the room, frowning I picked up the phone and called my sister.

"Angie, I have a problem." I said to her.

When I explained my 'problem' Angie laughed and informed me that she would be right over.

I must admit that I felt a little hurt as I found nothing funny about the situation, but I was also relieved that my sister was coming over. Making my way upstairs I managed to persuade Marge to come back to the living room. When Angie turned up Marg tried to put on a brave face, but she broke down again when she discovered that I had told Angie of her relationship with her brother.

"I understand you want a divorce." Angie said to Marg.

"I don't," Marg sobbed, "but Rick..."

"Rick doesn't want a divorce either." Angie smiled, "After all you've only done the same as him."

Angie explained the relationship between her and me, with a little help from me. As she finished Marg looked at me, her eyes bright, and a hint of a smile on her lips.

"You don't mind?" she whispered.

"Why on earth should I?" I laughed, "I've done the same, well except from having sex since our marriage that is."

To cut a long story to the bone, we all laughed at the situation, then had a few drinks and, well, one thing seemed to lead to another and I found myself having sex with both my wife and my sister, then watching while they made love together.

Two days later Angie moved in with us, the situation may not be normal, but I have no complaints. Marg has no complaints either having my sister around, she says, just adds to the fun.

As for Angie she always was a randy baggage and having both Marg and myself to satisfy her she is well contented. Sometimes, usually when I'm on my own, I wonder how things may have turned out if Graham had still been alive to share our fun; somehow I think things may have been even more interesting.



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