This all happened about two years ago after I had lost a great deal of weight. I am 5 ft. 5 inches tall and used to weight 149lb. I now weight in at an elegant 105lb and feel great. My husband Tom says I look great and loves my new look, and so he should because I look hot.

After losing all that weight a lot of men began flirting with me. Don't get me wrong, I loved the attention and I soon found myself dressing a little sexier than I should have I guess. My only excuse is that I was having fun and feeling great about myself. Even my sex life had changed, due to the fact my husband found me much more attractive.

We began to try new things in bed, like anal sex, which I found to be very stimulating. My husband has always liked oral sex and to be honest I love giving him a blowjob and making him shoot off in my mouth. I know it sounds sick, but I just love the feeling of his hot sperm squirting onto my tongue. Tom also loves it when I deep throat him, which is not hard to do because Tom's penis is rather short and thin.

At the time, Tom and I lived in a nice apartment complex. Tom worked long hours then and all I had to do was clean the apartment and then relax by the community pool, then later make his supper.

Anyway one afternoon while I was laying on a lounge chair by the pool I noticed a tall black man entering the pool area, he had very dark skin, so dark he almost look purple. We don't have very many black people living in our neighborhood so he stood out like a beacon.

I was a little nervous at first when he came over and introduced himself to me. His name was Bradley and he had just moved into the complex. He talked with me for a while and then stood up and said he had to do some laps in the pool. He then removed his robe and that's when I first caught sight of a huge bulge in his tight nylon trunks. It was unbelievable how his swim trunks bulge out; I could see the outline of his cock like he was naked. At first I was shocked, then my shock turned into amazement at his obvious size.

I then noticed Brad had a very well built body, with large muscles and a powerful chest, he was almost hairless, with very little body hair. As he walked away towards the pool I also noticed what a well-developed butt he had. Brad had left his towel and robe in the lounge chair next to mine, so I knew he was going to return. I laid back and watched Brad through my dark sunglasses as he did his laps. When he finally returned he sat there and struck up a conversation with me. He turned out to be a really nice guy.


Brad worked nights and we met several more times at the pool over a three week period and each time he sort of flirted with me. Then one afternoon after we'd been lying out in the sun for about an hour he invited me up to his apartment for a cool drink. I was reluctant for a second but then accepted his invitation, even though I felt very strange as I walked into Brad's apartment hoping that no one had seen us.

I began to wonder what I was doing there, as Brad went into the kitchen and began mixing our drinks. I'll admit that I had done a little fantasizing about him over the past few weeks. When my husband was making love to me I would pretend that it was Brad, but never really thought about actually doing it with him, until now.

I should have felt ashamed, but I didn't, then Brad came back into the room with the drinks and sat next to me on the sofa.

We both were still in our swimsuits and I was very aware of the gigantic bulge in Brads swim trunks. (To this day I believe he purposely flaunted his manhood in front of me). I was stunned when he leaned over and kissed me, I pulled back in nervous surprise. Brad said, "Aw come on baby I know you want it, I won't tell anyone. We'd be really fine together." I don't know why I didn't resist him, maybe it was his soft seductive voice. Whatever the reason I soon found myself allowing him to kiss me. And very soon I felt his thick tongue probing into my mouth as I began returning my sinful kiss with my own passion rising.

For a brief moment I thought about my husband and how it was wrong to do this, but my darkest desires overcame the will to stop. We soon were embraced in a passionate kiss and Brad began undoing my bikini top. My breasts fell out as he pulled the string and he began fondling them.

I couldn't help myself now, I began running my hands over his jet black body and I could feel all the ripples of muscles as he moved next to me.

I knew it was terribly wrong, but I did it anyway. I maneuvered Brad against the back of the sofa and positioned myself between his legs. Then I reached up and began pulling on his tight swim trunks. His cock sprang free and I was suddenly looking at the largest cock I had ever seen. Even soft it was two times the size of my husband's and after I quickly pulled his trunks off him I could also see that his balls were tremendous in size. Without realizing it I found my hand wrapped around the gigantic black cock in front of me.

I was captivated at the shear size of it as it slowly began to grow in my hands. It was jet black with thick veins bulging out of its sides. It soon reached 11 inches in length and was about 3 inches thick. I was amazed as I continued stroking his thick black cock having to use two hands now.

After a few moments of this Brad whispered, "Oh baby, suck me, c'mon suck my cock."

I knew that I was going to, I'd known it as I walked into his apartment I guess. I slowly lowered my head and for a brief moment I again thought of Tom and what he would do if he knew his wife was on her knees with a big black cock in her hands.

But for some reason I just didn't care anymore. I felt my lips pass over the head of Brad's huge organ. My mouth was soon stretched wide as I attempted to deep throat him, but I was only able to take about four inches. I used my hands and stroked what cock I couldn't get into my mouth.

I can't describe the feeling I had as I went down on Brad's massive black cock. Just knowing I was blowing a black man was enough to get me off, but to feel the immense size of his throbbing organ was something out of this world. His cock was huge, yet soft to the touch. I wanted him to cum; I wanted to feel his hot manly flood my mouth. I caressed his huge balls and could feel his creamy black seed through the skin. Oh god it was great! I vigorously began jerking him off as I sucked on the head of his magnificent manhood.

It wasn't very long before Brad began to breath heavily, and soon he moaned, "OH GOD, OH GOD, I'm gonna cum. I'M CUMMING, AAHH, AHAAH, AAHAHAH!"

I felt him explode in my mouth and I could feel his heavy cock pulsate as it pumped his seed into my mouth. I never knew a man could cum so much, I thought he would never stop ejaculating. My mouth was soon filled with his cum and it began streaming out past my lips.

Bradley finally stopped cumming and I pulled my mouth off his slowly deflating cock. I realized then what time it was and had to rush off, Brad told me to call him, as I raced home to get dinner started for Tom.


Two days later I went to Brad's apartment again. When he answered the door he was pleased to see me. I looked past him to see other men in the apartment, Brad invited me in and introduced me to his four friends, their names were Tony, Carl, Jake and Simon.

I was somewhat embarrassed at first, but Brad was so nice to me and made me feel so special in front of his friends that I soon relaxed. So when after a little small talk with his friends I didn't resist him when he escorted me back to his bedroom and we embraced in a passionate kiss. Brad began undoing his pants as we kissed. He sat on the edge of the bed pulling me down along with him. Then he whispered in my ear, "C'mon, baby, suck my cock, suck it like you did the other day."

I don't know why I did it, there were other people just in the next room, but I did. I knelt down in front of him and began stroking his thick black meat, and soon I was down on him and taking him into my mouth and stroking and sucking him. Brad let out a loud moan, "OH YES, YES, SUCK IT BABY SUCK IT!"

That's when the bedroom door flew open and all four of Brad's friends were standing at the doorway.

Carl yelled out "HEY WHAT ABOUT US, WHEN DO WE GET A TURN," I was so shocked and frightened that I jumped back. Brad began laughing and looked up at me, "Well baby are you up for a foursome?" Before I could answer the guy named Carl came into the room undoing his pants and said, "Sure she's up to it man, just look at how hot she is."

Simon then yelled, "HELL YEAH SHE LOOKS PLENTY HORNY TO ME!" and he also began undressing. Before I could respond Carl and Simon were next to me groping at my breasts and ass.

I know that I should have screamed, that I should have tried to stop what was happening. Any sane person would, right? Well, I was so aroused that I just closed my eyes and let the two men begin removing my cloths. And Jake and Tony soon got into the act as they laid me onto the bed and spread my legs apart. Then I waited silently to see what would happen as Carl crawled up between my legs and guided his 9 inch black cock to my pussy opening. It almost felt like I was being raped in a way, but strangely I liked the feeling.

I was still embarrassed, but the thought of being gang banged really turned me on, I still can't explain it. Then I felt Carl's black cock slide inside me and my head began spinning as I realized I had a black cock in me, I was really getting fucked by a black man. The taboo forbidden nature of black men and white women was driving me to my first climax as Carl began thrusting into me. I began to whimper, then I yelled out, "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMIMG, IM CUMMING, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER."

Carl began slamming his cock in and out of me, "ALLRIGHT BABY, YEAH, YOU LIKE THAT BLACK DICK DON'T YOU?" I watched as his body tensed and I knew that he was emptying himself in me. No man but my husband had ever cum in me before. I had another orgasm as Carl groaned and shivered on top of me.

Still hard, Carl rolled me over on top of him, and I began grinding my cunt onto his cock and soon felt a finger sticking in my ass. I turned to see Tony jabbing his fingers into my rectum I turned back and continued riding Carl's cock and soon felt Tony up behind me. I knew what he was tiring to do, he was trying to fuck me in the ass, but was having trouble. I shifted my body just enough and felt his cock slide into my ass.

I now had two black cocks in me and I really felt like a slut, I soon had another climax as I allowed both men to fuck me simultaneously. My insides felt stuffed as both men thrust into both holes.

Tony soon shot his load deep in my ass and soon after Carl sent another load deep in my womb. At this point I realized the men were not wearing condoms, but I was in such an aroused state I didn't care. I wanted them to fuck me, as I laid back on the bed and spread my legs wide for the next man, which was Simon.

I lay there looking up at him as Simon positioned himself between my legs and I reached out and took hold of his black meat and guided it to my cunt. Simon was soon slamming into me, grunting with each thrust. Within a minute he shot his thick load of jizz into my sloppy and still unprotected womb.

Brad was next in line and he was the one I really wanted. I wanted to feel his gigantic cock in me, I wanted it bad. I reached up with both arms as he moved close to the bed. I beckoned him with my mind and my body, almost pleading with him to take me. I had gone into a sexual frenzy and didn't realize what I was doing anymore.

Brad lay down next to me and I climbed on top of him and straddled him. I guided his wonderful cock to my pussy opening and slowly lowered myself down on him. It was an incredible feeling as Brad's cock spread me open. His cock was the king of all cocks.

I soon began bucking and heaving as I began to climax impaled on his magnificent pole. Then after I'd recovered just a little bit, Brad pulled me around to do it doggy style and began pumping his black pole into me like I was his bitch.

At first I was surprised when Jake offered his cock to suck on. But I willingly took his ebony cock into my mouth and began blowing him while Brad fucked me from behind. After two more orgasms of my own Brad let lose and shoot his load deep inside me.


Looking back I still can't believe that I did that, and with a bunch of black guys too! Well, about 2 months later I realized I was pregnant. And it was hell wondering if my baby would be black. If I'd cheated with white guys at least I could have pretended that it was Tom's child.

But as things sometimes turn out, Tom didn't really mind when our baby turned out to be black. He did make me tell him who the father was, and it's funny, I would never have guessed this about him, but Tom liked the idea of me having sex with another man. Especially a black man.

Now Brad and Tom and I are good friends and lovers. Stranger things have happened, but I wouldn't know what they were.



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