Chapter 1


Jill Kelly walked into the Vermont state prison. She was there to visit her husband Bob Kelly, who had been sentenced to 12-20 years on a drug possession bust, six months ago. Bob and his long time buddy Stan were nabbed trying to cross into Canada with a shit load of cocaine, and ecstasy. His lawyer told her he might be out in 8 years on good behavior, if he's lucky.

Jill's thirty-year-old legs felt weak as she entered the visitors entrance, when she married her high school sweetheart, some ten years ago, she could have never imagined he would end up in this much trouble with the law.

"Eight years in prison, how could this have happened?" She thought as she saw the visitor check in sign.

"Hi I'm Mrs. Kelly, I'm here to see my husband," she mumbled.

"Ah Mrs. Kelly," said an old guard sitting behind a large glass window, just inside the door. "I see you're a virgin."

"I beg your pardon!" Jill snapped.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch, I just meant it's your first visit here," the guard snapped back.

"Oh sorry, I'm just nervous," she moaned.

Jill could see a waiting room behind the glass, five or six women anxiously waiting for their visits, it was weird, it kind of made her feel kind of good, at times she felt like she was the only one.

"Here take this," the guard said, handing her a vanilla envelope, "put your valuables in it, purse, jewelry, everything."

"Everything," Jill snapped.

"Yah everything valuable, your watch, your rings, your car, your house, just put them all in that little envelope!" The guard hissed.

"Oh, I'm sorry again, I guess I had a little too much coffee this morning," Jill stumbled.

Jill complied with his order and the guard handed her some forms to fill out, as he buzzed her into the waiting area. Jill took a seat, she still couldn't believe she had to wait six month after her husband was sentenced, before they would allow her a personal visit.

"What sick fuck thought up that fucking rule. I mean, she was his wife after all," she thought as she signed her names to the forms.

Sergeant Adams spotted Jill as she started filling out her consent forms. Sergeant Adams was a husky man in his late forties. He was in charge of the prison's personal visits on the weekends.

"There she is, looking good eh," he said, while nudging his hunting buddy, who just happened to be the Sheriff's only son, Deputy Duffy.

"How the hell did I miss her at the trial?" Duffy gasped, as they checked her out.

"Nice long, soft brown hair, adorable face, wow, she looks so young and innocent," Duffy whispered, "you sure she's thirty."

"Yah she thirty all right, cute little thing ain't she?" Adams said as he read her file, "No kids either."

"Usually I never miss the cute ones," Duffy moaned.

"You were too busy testifying against her fucking husband," Adams hissed.

"Don't you think she will recognize me," Duffy said as he nodded.

"I don't know, her eyes were all watered up," Adams whispered.

"Only one way to find out," Deputy Duffy said as they approached Jill.

"Hello Mrs. Kelly, I'm Sergeant Adams and this is."

"The jerk that took away my husband," Jill interrupted Adams.

"I was just doing my job miss," Duffy smirked, "I guess I just have one of those faces," he thought.

Deputy Duffy had made the arrest quite by chance. Duffy and Sergeant Adams as well as several guards from the states prison were hunting in Northern Vermont, near the United States, Canada border. He ran into a couple of hunters who were looking for a small road that led into Canada, it was also unmanned most of the time. Deputy Duffy only became suspicious when he told them a better way to get to the boarder, but the were emphatic, so he showed him the way. He also called the border patrol and had them waiting for them all at the boarder. The drugs were quickly found in trunk of their car.

"They weren't the smartest drug smugglers in the world." Deputy Duffy thought.

"Have you signed your forms?" Adams asked.

"Yah here, can I see my husband now?" Jill cried.

Jill hadn't been able to just as much as hold her husbands' hand in over a year in half since Deputy Duffy had arrested her husband and his best friend, and since she also wasn't able to come up with the 2 million-dollar bail bond.

"I understand your eagerness, but we still have our procedures," Adams said, "If you come with us we will start your search."

"Search?" Jill screamed.

The sounds of nervous laughter, from the other women, filled the room.

"Didn't you read the forms? Before you can see your husband, we have to perform a search for illegal contraband. See its on page two," Adams scolded.

Jill had read the form quickly, "I must of read them too quickly," she thought.

"Let's go, your hubby is waiting," Adams barked.

Jill got up slowly; her breakfast tossed in her stomach, as she was led down the hall; there was a black door with the words, visitor processing, written on it in yellow.

"What going on...I mean where are the female guards?" Jill asked nervously.

"I don't know, maybe in the female prison." Adams answered sarcastically. He had been down this road many times before.

"Your not, I mean, what do you think I'm an idiot?" Jill screeched.

"What's the problem, you signed the forms, it gives us, the prison personal, the right to search your belongings and you," Adams hissed

"No fucking way am I letting you guys touch me, it's not right." Jill cried.

"Geez buddy, I don't think she likes us much, Oh well, have it your way. I'm sleeping in my wives warm bed tonight," Adams taunted.

"Fuck you," Jill snapped.

"Nice language and I thought your were the shy and innocent type," Duffy broke in with, "well then if that's the case, see yah in three months."

"Three months?" Jill snapped.

"Yah, you only get personal visits every three months, unless properly authorized," Duffy barked.

"First you make me wait six months and now three more, I'm his wife for..." Jill cried.

"And this is prison, not a fucking holiday Inn," Adams barked.

"You can't do this, just wait until my lawyer hears about this one," Jill huffed as she turned and scampered off.

"I hope he does a better job than he did at the trial," Duffy barked as Jill slammed the prisons front door.

The two men shared a laugh.

"I guess her old man goes hungry tonight," Adams said.

"Do you wanna tell him or can I?" Duffy said as the two men shared another laugh.

"Oh well, lets see what else we have today, I mean I'm here anyways." Duffy groaned.

Deputy Duffy didn't work in the prison, he was on special assignment, as he liked to call it. Basically he would also come to visit his older hunting buddy Sergeant Adams, when he told him he had someone special coming in, because next to his father, Deputy Duffy, despite the fact that he was only 26 years old, was the best female processor in the state.

Jill left the prison in a huff, she cried herself to sleep the next couple of nights, partially from the pain of missing her husband, and partially because she blamed herself for not having the courage to go through with the search.

"How selfish could she be, how could she ever face her husband again?" She cried.

Over the course of the next several weeks, she talked to her lawyer repeatedly, he just couldn't find a way around it, she had signed the consent forms, and it was a legal document, giving any prison personnel permission to search her for contraband at anytime and the state of Vermont had no law preventing opposite sex searches.

She talked to her mom, who had been her, tower of strength, during the trial, unlike Bob's family who had disowned him after his arrest, and again she slowly built up Jill's strength. She even offered to come with her when she went back. She also talked to her friends and her co-workers at the bookstore; she took a job at, after her husband got arrested.

Jill hadn't had a job since high school; her husband always took care of her. He had a good job as a stockbroker, while his father had also given him a large sum of money, when he graduated from high school. They had it made, a large house, nice cars, and luxurious vacations. They lived a charmed life for a while.

Then Jill's husband Bob, had a streak of bad luck, a change in the stock market, had cost Bob's clients millions, and had nearly wiped him out. He became desperate; he needed quick cash to maintain their current lifestyle. He also lost most of his clients, so the money stopped coming in.

He had swallowed his pride and asked his father for some quick cash, but to no avail, his father told him he would have to change his ways, and make do, heck their home alone was worth a million bucks easy, his father told him, but Bob was too proud to sell his home.

That's when his friend Stan came up with the drug delivery plan that landed them both in jail. It seemed so easy at the time, just drive up from their homes in Connecticut and make a delivery in Canada. Stan as it turned out, took the easy way out and hung himself in jail, while waiting for trial, leaving Bob to take the fall. Bob couldn't believe his run of bad luck, I mean what were the odds of running into a Deputy in the middle of nowhere.

Jill gathered up her strength and made another Saturday appointment, exactly three months after her first visit. She had tried to call and write her husband several times to let him now what happened, why she hadn't been there to visit him, but to no avail, seems like she didn't fill out the proper forms.

Finally it was time for her Saturday visit, she found herself back outside the prison walls. She also had dressed extra conservatively today; she didn't show any skin at all.

"Just let them feel me through all this," she said as she entered the prison again. She had a new sense of purpose; she didn't want to let them get the best of her. She had renewed confidence, but most of all she was fueled by desperation. She needed her husband to sign the sales agreement on their home, so she could make ends meet, at least for a while. Her job at the bookstore just wasn't doing the job, the bills were piling up.

Jill's heart began to race, as she entered the waiting area again. This time she was all alone though. She had made sure she filled out all the forms they had this time, reading them all extra carefully.

"Mrs. Kelly would you come with us," a deep voice bellowed.

Jill looked up, she saw the same two men that she saw on her last visit. Her stomached fluttered as she followed the men down the hall.

"What do these guys fucking live here?" She said to herself as they preceded the visitors processing room.

Jill saw a rather tuff looking, dirty blonde woman leaning against the black door. She was about the same height 5'6", as Jill, although she looked like she was just a little heaver then Jill's 115 pounds.

Jill blushed as she got a closer look at the woman who was dressed in a simple white tee shirt and a small black skirt, both of which were way to small to cover her pronounced curves.

"Deputy Duffy this is April James, she's here to see her husband, Bull James, who's back with us yet again, for another one of his brief visits," said Sergeant Adams.

After a brief exchange of greetings the four of them entered the processing room. Jill now felt even more uncomfortable than before. April looked and acted like she had been though this before, she was even smiling and joking with the two men.

"Was she actually flirting with them?" Jill thought.

Jill's mind was racing, they didn't even ask Jill if they could search the two of them together. Jill also couldn't help but wonder if April knew that the two men could see her large nipples that adorned her even larger breasts, under her white tee shirt, as she obviously didn't wear a bra today.

"Ladies," Sergeant Adams barked, "Deputy Duffy is here as a member of the Vermont state police special task force. It seems that there has been some concern that illegal contraband has been finding it's way into our correctional facility, he is here to assist us, and help us reexamine our procedures,"

Deputy Duffy had all he could do to keep his poker face on, he had been waiting for three month's for Jill's return. Jill on the other hand couldn't believe how young the deputy looked up close. He looked like he was just out of high school, he was a nice enough looking guy, 5'10",190 pounds she guessed, nice green eyes, cleanly shaven, baby face, Maybe it was the blue uniform, or the short haircut. She felt strangely attracted to him.

"But wait, he was the ass that took her husband away from her and now he wanted to search her too," Jill thought, it was almost too much for her to handle.

"All right ladies, lets do a little manual pat down, Jill step forward and stand on the star," Deputy Duffy said.

Jill looked down at the floor, in the center of it there was a large Silver Star on the floor, she moved over to it, although she didn't feel like a star. She figured this had to be some sort of sick joke on their part.

"Hands on top of your head," Duffy hissed.

Jill slowly complied, she hated being the center of attention sort of speak, and she trembled at the thought of this young man putting his hands on her.

"Hey Sarg, did you bag anything after I had to leave the other day?" Duffy said to Sergeant Adams as he moved behind Jill, and began to run his hands over Jill's shoulders and down her back.

"Nah didn't see shit. My buddy bagged a doe though," Sergeant Adams replied.

Jill felt his hands brush the back of her pants, his fingers running inside her waist band and then traveling down the top of her ass. They applied more pressure then she expected, but as she started to protest they left and traveled down her leg.

"Man, I haven't shot anything for a couple of years now," Duffy barked.

His hands now running back up the other leg.

"Well unless you count them couple of dudes who tried to rob the 7-11," Adams laughed

Jill braced her body, she figured if his hands traveled down the back they would probably travel up the front, on the way back up. She figured right, as she felt his run up and press right against her crotch. It was all she could do to fight her natural instinct to turn around and slap the cocky Deputy.

His hands were now running around the front of her pants waistband.

"Dude you know what I meant," Duffy hissed.

His hands now gliding over Jill's flat stomach.

"Yah I know," Sergeant Adams said, "but those two assholes, will never be back here again."

"That's for damn sure," Duffy quickly replied.

Jill cringed, as his hands had found her heavy sweater- covered breasts, but also due to the topic of their conversation.

"Did the Deputy, that was squeezing her breasts now, really kill two guys, or where they just trying to make her more nervous then she was already?" She thought, although she didn't know if that was possible.

Duffy's hands finally left her breasts and were know running through her hair.

"So much for all that time this morning, making it just right," Jill thought.

"Man look at all this hair," Duffy said as he undid her hair bun.

"You going to see Motley Crue later?" Adams said as he laughed, he was almost giddy with excitement, as he just loved watching Deputy Duffy in action.

"All right Jill step back, April over here," Duffy said.

"Goodie my turn," April giggled as she stepped to the star.

Jill felt relieved, "although it had been a little embarrassing, all in all it wasn't that bad," she thought, "man I can't believe I made my husband wait three more months for that, what was I thinking?"

Jill watched as Deputy Duffy started to run his hands quickly down April's back and up over April's front, she gasped when his hands cupped April's large breasts.

"He sure seemed to take his time there," she thought,

Now Adams was searching her breasts.

"Now what could he be looking for in there?" Jill thought.

"All right, April step back," Duffy groaned, "ok ladies, now that we now your not carrying any large contraband, we just have to search for the small stuff, and then you can proceed with your visit."

Jill's heart sank, but deep down she knew there had to be more to the search.

"We might as well start with you April," Duffy said as the two men were now standing on the star.

"Just lift," Duffy started.

"I know the drill," April interrupted. April was a veteran at this; her husband had been in and out of jails all along the eastern seaboard, petty theft mostly.

Jill was stunned as she watched as April lifted her white tee shirt over her breasts, gasping when she saw her large areola, and bumpy brown nipples spring into view. April then lifted her small skirt up and bunched it around her waist. Jill quickly noticed her pussy was completely shaved, as did the two men.

"I'm sorry, April I forgot that you've been though this before," Duffy said as April was doing this.

Jill was completely blown away, "there's no way they were gonna make her strip too, she couldn't, she wouldn't," she thought, even though she knew it was coming.

"Turn around April," Duffy barked.

"Nice tattoo, red bull...Oh I get it," he said with a laugh, as he remembered her husband's name.

Jill just couldn't help but look, he was right, she had a nice red bull tattooed on her right ass cheek. She also couldn't help but watch as they made her grab her ankles and reach back and spread her ass checks, which wasn't so nice. This was almost too much for Jill, she just wanted to run out the door screaming. She looked away when the two men moved in for a closer look, she just couldn't bear to watch, mostly because she knew that she was next.

A buzzing sound broke up the action, it was the red phone on the far wall. Adams answered it.

"Hello Sheriff, yah he's here, hold on...Deputy Duffy your dads on the phone," Jill heard Adams say.

"The young Deputy's father is the Sheriff, well now that just figures," Jill thought.

The two men both seemed to be chatting away on the phone, with the Sheriff, when April nudged Jill.

"First time eh," she whispered.

"Yah, is it that obvious," Jill whispered back.

"I could tell by the way your dressed, it looks like your on your way to church...and it looks like your gonna pee your pants, plus to be honest, they told me," April snickered.

Jill looked at April, but didn't have an answer.

"It's all right I remember my first time too, but it was before I had these," April groaned as she pointed to her breasts, which were still exposed, "they were a gift from my old man."

"They're nice," Jill managed, as she was slightly embarrassed, "why didn't she at least cover herself back up?" She thought.

"Yah nice to look at, which helps a lot in here, but there like carrying a ten-pound bowling ball on your chest," April moaned, as the two women shared a light giggle.

"That's it Jill, you have to lighten up, it's the only way to make it through this," April moaned. "Can I ask how long is your man in for?"

"The lawyers said a least eight years." Jill answered.

"Eight fucking years, oh man, then you better quickly learn to play their game," April whispered.

Jill looked at April with a puzzled face.

"Look, do you love your husband?" April asked.

"Yes!" Jill replied emphatically,

"All right then, you have to learn, for his sake" April whispered. "How long has it been since you have been with your know sexually?"

"I don't no," Jill groaned a little embarrassed by the question and also the fact that it was being asked by a naked woman, whose large breasts were brushing against her arm. "Ah, I haven't been able to touch him for nine months, oh, and then there was the year in a half he was awaiting trail."

"That's over two years?" April interrupted.

Jill looked down somewhat ashamed, it even seemed ten times longer.

"If you love him, and you wanna stay with him, you have to check your ego at the door, and swallow your pride, otherwise forget he ever existed and move on," April hissed.

"No way, he is the only man I'll ever love," Jill interrupted.

"I know how you feel, I would never leave my dumb ass husband either. Ok then here is how it works around here, quickly cause we don't have much time," April hissed as Jill leaned closer.

"When you come to visit, wear something like me, something simple, forget the bra, cuz they won't let you take it in anyways," April whispered into Jill's ear.

Jill couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"If you wear an outfit like yours, then their gonna make a big show out of stripping it off of you, you'll see. Usually I just flash em, and then I'm in," April groaned.

Jill looked at her with a quizzical look on her face.

"I think they just wanted someone more experienced, to make it easier for yah, they told me how you chickened out last time," April continued as Jill shook with anger, remembering that day.

"You have to pretend you like them no matter how much you wanna scratch their eyes out. Look if they sense fear and loathing they will just use it against yah, they are all power hungry," April said.

Finally, That was one thing Jill could agree with.

"And when you finally make it in to see your old man, dressing like this works too, as it gives your man easier accesses to your body, you see the guards won't let you take off your clothes, in the visitors room." April said.

Jill once again flashed April a shocked look.

"Believe me when your man finally she's yah he's gonna want touch you everywhere and he's gonna want to be touched, shit their locked in cages 23 hours a day, 23 hours, 7 days a week, do the math girl," April continued.

Jill looked down in humiliation again. She also hated to think of her powerful man locked up in a cage like an animal.

"Don't the guards watch...I mean?" She mumbled.

"Yah they watch, their perverts too, but believe me you'll get to the point where being with your man is more important, then a few stares," April moaned, "Oh yah, just don't tell your man what you had to go through to see him, there are some things a guy in prison just doesn't need to hear."

Jill watched as the two men ended their conversation and sauntered back over towards them.

"Where were we, ah yes Jill are you ready?" Duffy asked.

Jill nodded her head, still spinning from April's sermon.

"Very good then, why don't you start by unbuttoning that sweater," Duffy commanded.

Jill's fingers trembled with her buttons; she had lied when she said she was ready.

"Ok now hold it open," was the next order.

Jill slowly opened her sweater up, exposing her white bra.

"All the way," Duffy barked.

Jill spread out the sweater a far as it would go, her arms were like rubber, tears already forming in her eyes.

After a minute, she finally took it off, per Duffy's orders, and handed it to Adams for inspection.

"Ok lift your bra away from your tits and shake'em out," Duffy hissed.

Jill hesitated for a moment, a little confused by the order and she also just hated the word (tits.)

"Need some help," Sergeant Adams barked.

Reluctantly Jill pulled the cups away from her breasts and shook her shoulders.

"Lean forward and continue," Duffy hissed.

Jill did so, almost breaking into tears, but trying not to give them the satisfaction, somehow, someway, she had to make it though this.

"Ok since bras aren't allowed in the visitor's room, I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate it, hand it over!" Sergeant Adams barked.

Jill looked at April who was standing next to her, she flashed her that (see) look. Jill's face flushed as she reached back and unhooked her bra, no one but her husband and her doctor had seen her naked since she developed. Her Husband had been her one and only lover. Slowly, unintentionally seductive, she slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled it away from her body, she handed it over to Sergeant Adams and then quickly covered her breasts with her hands.

"Look buddy another one for my collection, man this thing is heavy," Adams said, as he held it in front of his own chest.

The two men laughed, which just added to Jill's embarrassment and then they just stared at her.

"What?" Jill managed.

"Are you gonna just stand there and massage your tits all day, or are you gonna put your hands down so we can inspect your titties?" Duffy said with a smirk.

Jill slowly dropped her hands, while the two men didn't even hide the fact that they were gawking at her. Jill just wanted to die, she looked down at her breasts, they were medium sized, a little on the pointy side, but it was her pink marshmallow like nipples that embarrassed Jill the most, but from the smiles the two men traded, it didn't seem to bother them.

"Ah hum...unbutton your pants," Duffy managed, almost losing his professional demeanor for a second.

Jill fumbled with the three buttons on her pants.

"Ok now put you hands over you head," Duffy said.

Jill did so although a little confused.

"What's this all about?" She thought.

"Now shake your hips," Duffy ordered.

Jill slowly, reluctantly, shook her hips, she also knew that she was shaking her tits too. She looked at April, who again flashed her that (see) look and Jill remembered what she said about them making a show out of it. She also whished she talked to April sooner, as her pants started to slither down her thighs before dropping around her ankles. She also finally got the shaking the hips thing.

"What you planning on doing a little jogging later," Adams said as Jill running shorts came into view.

"Can you please pull the shorts down?" Duffy said annoyingly. "I thought her pants were awful fluffy earlier," he thought.

Jill heard laughter as she pulled down her shorts that raveled her large white granny like panties; even April couldn't help but chuckle at poor Jill's panty selection.

Jill's face was beet red, her heart felt like it was going to exploded out of her chest, she again thought she might die of embarrassment.

"Are there any more clothes under your huge granny panties?" Duffy hissed.

Jill could only shake her head back and forth.

She looked at Deputy Duffy with watery eyes, he just placed his hands on his hips and tapped his foot, Jill knew what he wanted, she mustered up all her strength and rolled her panties down. Standing back up she used her hands to cover her crotch.

"Now finally, please turn around," Duffy barked.

Jill turned around; it was a little awkward with her pants, shorts, and panties still wrapped around her ankles.

"Now bend forward at the waist and untie your shoes, take them off, and remove the pants and stuff," Duffy barked.

Jill bent over and started to untie her shoes when she looked at the two men between her legs, they were staring at her back side, that's when it hit her, the view she must be giving them in this position. She picked up the pace and piled the rest of her clothes on the table.

Sergeant Adams again examined them.

"C'mon get your cute little ass on the table, lye on your back," Duffy punctuated his command with a slap on Jill's ass.

Jill hoped on the table and fell back her feet dangling of the side.

"Now what the hell is he doing," she thought.

"Put your feet up on the edge of the table," Duffy barked.

Jill looked down; Deputy Duffy was now standing in between her legs, she had to spread her legs wide to avoid him, as they now rested on the edge.

"Wider!" Duffy barked, "that's better," when she replied.

Jill had never been this mortified in her life. She always hated this position at the doctors' office, but here and now, in front of this asshole, it seemed a million times worse.

"How was she ever possibly going to do this again?" She thought.

"Jill you know it would be easier on everyone if you would shave your pussy, next time," Duffy hissed.

Jill just couldn't believe this could get any worse.

"Since I can't do a visual search I'm going to have to do a manual one," Duffy hissed.

Jill was wrong, it just did.

"Now Jill before I proceeded I have to have your permission, just to be ethical." Deputy Duffy said.

Jill looked at Deputy Duffy with a stunned expression.

"Ethical, this asshole doesn't have an ethical bone in his whole body," Jill thought.

"You can't be serious," Jill said.

"I'm afraid so, or you'll have gone all this way for not," Duffy said.

Jill looked at Duffy in disbelief, "how could such a nice looking young man be so evil?" She thought, "I can' believe I'm doing this."

"I need to hear it out loud," Duffy barked.

"Man I can't believe this," she screamed out, "all right search my fucking pussy, is that what you wanted to hear?" Jill said, as she had just about enough of this mother fucker's mind games.

"All right, I think I will!" Deputy Duffy hissed, "If I can find the fucking thing, under all this pubic hair!"

Jill closed her eyes as Deputy Duffy's finger found it mark, slowly entering her pussy. She cringed at the Deputy's light laugh, he was obviously amused at how wet she had involuntarily become. Jill squirmed about on the table as Duffy added another finger into her pussy and was thrusting them upwards and inwards, finding Jill's special spot.

It had been a long time for Jill, she was always worried about her husband in jail and in prison, to worried too even masturbate, so as hard as she tried to fight it, her body was betraying her, Jill felt another finger start to rub her now exposed clit.

"Hey what the..." she groaned.

Jill open her eyes and was surprised to see that the finger rubbing her clit belonged to April. She was sitting on the table next to her and just pressed a finger to her lips and hissed.

"Was April doing this because she wanted to, or were the two guards making her?" Jill asked herself as her head started to swirl; her skin tingled, audible moans now escaping from her lips.

"Oh my god, not now, not here!" Jill thought, as she felt a soft hand now squeezing her breast, fingernails lightly scrapping her nipple, she didn't have to open her eyes to know who was doing the squeezing.

Deputy Duffy's fingers were now aggressively thrusting in and out, much harder and much more skilled than she had ever experienced before, Aprils soft, yet wicked hands hard at work, it was to much for Jill to take, she finally gave in, she knew she had lost the fight anyways.

"Please, oh please, I'm cumming!" Jill's voice flooded the room, echoing off the soundproof walls, as her body thrashed about on the table. Jill's body enjoying its first orgasm in years.

Quickly a mixture of pleasure and pain raced through Jill. She had never experienced anything quite as pleasurable as that before, even in her married life, but why did it have to happen here and like this? Tears started to flow down her cheek.

April lifted her off the table into a sitting position, arms locked around her in a warm embrace.

"It's going to be all right," she whispered into Jill's ear as she caressed her back for several minutes.

"You made it though, your first you," April whispered.

"No she didn't...there is still one more thing," Sergeant Adams interrupted.

"C'mon guys she been through enough for one day," April groaned.

"Well we still have to now if she's gonna play by our rules, she still seems a little rebellious," Adams interrupted again.

"Please, she hasn't been with her husband in over two years, could you guys give her a break just for today, please for me?" April groaned.

"Well...I guess so, but just for you," Adams said softly, looking at his buddy who was just nodding.

Jill tried to dry her eyes, using her running shorts. She was still trying to get over today's events.

"Well April it looks like your gonna have to pull double duty then today," Adams said.

"What ever just leave us alone so we can dress, and get ready!" April hissed.

"All right, I'll tell the guard to fetch your men," Adams said as the two men left the room, not before giving each other a high five. Adams had told Deputy Duffy about April's masterful blowjobs. So they figured Jill could wait, her husband was in for quite a stretch.

"April what the fuck just happened?" Jill whispered.

"You just went through your initiation, my dear. Welcome to the prisoner's wife's life." April said as she finally pulled down her top and skirt.

"And the double duty stuff?" Jill asked meekly.

"My guess from the bulges in their pants, I have a couple of blowjobs to perform, but I don't exactly know, every time it's different, I've had to serve them beer naked or masturbate for them, play with toys," April answered.

Jill once again looked at April in disbelief.

"And you know that three months crap, in-between visits, there's ways around that too. There is no way I'm going to make my man wait three months, I come here whenever I fucking want to. You do favors for them and they do favors for you, it's that simple," April hissed.

"Who the guards?" Jill interrupted

"Yah, guards, prison officials, cops, and who's ever there, one time they had me blow the mailman just cuz he was by, like I said it's a power thing," April hissed.

"Oh my god," Jill gasped, as April now wasn't helping her anxiety level any.

"They have this room, it's like a break room or something, but it looks like a small barroom, they drink beers and watch sports," April said.

"Do I have too?"

"Only if you want a favor from them, like I did today," April interrupted Jill.

"I'm sorry about that April, I didn't mean," Jill whispered.

"That's ok, really I've kind of got used to it over the years, sometimes it really ain't that bad," April said.

"I don't know if I can do that," Jill said nervously as she was searching for her clothes.

"Most of the time they just want a blowjob, I don't think they get them at home so often and they usually don't last that long anyways," April groaned.

Jill looked at April with a panicked look on her face.

"Oh no don't tell me," April laughed.

"Isn't that gross!" Jill groaned.

"What sucking dick or the fact that you've made it this far in life without sucking one," April jeered.

"Please April," Jill hissed.

"I'm sorry Jill, I didn't mean to make fun of yah," April said, as she was helping Jill fix her hair.

"Giving head? It really ain't that bad. It's really the one time a woman has power over the man, I mean you have his sole reason for living, right in your mouth," April said, "I can honestly say I'm looking forward to sucking that cocky young Deputies cock, I'll make him cum in thirty seconds flat and then laugh at him."

For the first time the two women shared a laugh and a hug.

"Jill Kelly, do you know you share names with a famous porno starlet?" April asked.

"Too bad it isn't me, I'd probably have my husband out of jail by know!" Jill said, as the two women once again shared a laugh.

"Look we'll get together, wait for me at my truck, it's the big black, four by four, out front. We have a little group for prisoner's wives, guess we could use one more," April said

A young guard came into the room, just as Jill finished dressing.

Jill was a little uneasy about what April meant by, get together, but she had to admit, being touched by April soft hands earlier wasn't half bad.

"Let's go ladies," he barked.

The two women skipped down the hall, but not before showing the young guard their tits, to the visitors room doorway. Jill saw her husband nervously pacing the floor. Jill's heart raced, as the door open she jumped into his arms, the two locked in a warm embrace, Jill tears flowing; she had finally made it to her man.

She had made it through the most humiliating day of her life...So Far.

Jill pulled into the driveway of her Connecticut home, tired and on the brink of exhaustion, it had been a long drive from Vermont, and an even longer day. She drew herself a hot bath. She poured a glass of wine an stripped off her clothes for the second time today, and splashed into the tub. She lit a few candles before putting a hot wash cloth over her eyes.

Her mind drifted back to today's events, questions running through her head, Did she really make it though today, could she really go back there, was April really interested in her as a friend, could she join their club of prisoner's wives, could she really trade sexually favors. The hot bath water was about the only thing keeping Jill calm.

Her heart raced as she remembered her first embrace with her husband, it had been over two years, his body felt even bigger and stronger than she remembered. The two spent most of their thirty minutes together locked in a loving embrace. The only words the two exchanged were sorry, as they both had a lot to be sorry about their present positions in life, but they both knew that they still loved each other.

Suddenly it felt like she had been struck by lighting when she remembered glancing over her shoulder at April, while her husband kissed her neck. April was down on her knees, her skirt bunch around her waist, her head in her husband lap, bobbing up and down. The young guard was only a few feet away, licking his lips, obvious enjoying the show, or maybe waiting for his turn.

Her stomach turned as she pictured herself doing that to her husband as the guard watched. Her husband had asked her several times early into their marriage, for oral sex, but Jill just couldn't go through with it. She just couldn't get over her fears about putting a dick in her mouth.

As she soaked, her mind roamed to the conversation with April after their session. April had told her how after her visit with her husband, she had to go into the break room and blow the sergeant and the young Deputy. She stuck a finger in her mouth and pretended that it was a dick, she had to take it out several times to stop from gagging. Just how the hell do bad girls do that? She asked herself several times.

The following week she called April several times to talk, to try to learn as much as possible to try to avoid the amount of humiliation she endured in her first visit. April invited her up to her cabin, the following Friday for the prisoners wives clubs, Friday night meeting, and then they could go by the prison and visit their men on Saturday. She agreed only after some coaxing from April.

The following week was a hectic one for Jill. She sold her house and moved into a one-room studio over the bookstore. She also was suffering from a lack of sleep, She didn't know what was making her more nervous, her next prison trip, or meeting the other wives, or spending the night at April's house. She figured it was a combination of all three that was causing her sleepless night.

Friday, she made the trip up to April's cabin, which was relatively easy to find, as it was located among a popular ski resort. She pulled up to the cabin and spotted April's four by four. It took her nearly twenty minutes before she built up all her courage and with knocking knees; she knocked on the cabin door.

April answered the door. The two women shared a warm embrace, as she entered the cabin. April was introduced to the other women; while the other women stood up and introduced themselves. There was Beth, an older overweight woman, Candy, a tuff looking biker chick, who could have passed for April's sister. The last woman was a sexy tall redhead, who surprised Jill by greeting her with a soft kiss on the lips.

"You can call me Red, as in red hot," she purred into Jill's ear.

"C'mon Red don't scare the poor girl," April hissed, as she pushed Red away, "don't worry, Red is just a little affectionate that's all."

The wine started to flow as the women exchanged stories on why their husbands were in prison. They all got a kick out of Jill's husband's story.

"I can't believe he stopped to ask directions from an off-duty Deputy," Beth cried, "men never ask for directions."

"Eight years, wow that's along time, locked in a little cage with another guy," Red purred, as the other women nodded.

"I wonder if he's doing the pitching or the catching," she said as the ladies giggled. Jill didn't know what that meant, but she figured it was some sort of gay joke, which made her skin crawl.

"So Jill since it's your first time here with us, let's hear about your first visit to our little state facility," Beth said.

Jill rambled through her story rather quickly; it seemed just as embarrassing to tell her story, as it had been when she went through it.

"Jill did you forget that I was there with you, so I know you left out a few things," April said with a laugh.

"Please April, this is embarrassing," Jill cried.

"Jill what are we going to do with you?" April moaned, "We have to toughen you up some, can't have you balling your eyes out all the time, it's embarrassing for all us women, and I think I know where we can start."

Jill tried to clear her eyes.

"Jill just answer this one simple question, did you shave your pussy yet?" April purred.

"What!" Jill cried.

"You heard me," April barked.

"I trimmed it a little," Jill mumbled.

"That's what I figured, well we now know what your initiation into our little club is going to be," April announced. "Red go to the bathroom and bring the shaving kit."

"Yes!" Red cried, as she ran into the bathroom.

The other two girls grabbed Jill by the arms and dragged her into the living room.

"Lye her down on the coffee table," April barked, as Jill was protesting profusely.

"Lets get that ugly skirt off, I really have to give you some fashions tips, you dress like your sixty years old," April groaned as she striped Jill's skirt off.

"Nice pantyhose, at least you left the running trunks at home this time," April moaned, as they soon joined her skirt.

"Found it!" Red cried as she ran back into the room, shaving kit in hand, naked as the day she was born.

"What the frig..." Jill cried, when she saw Red's nakedness.

"Don't mind Red, she works hard to keep her body in tip- top shape, and she also likes to show it off," April said.

"What I had a new dress on didn't want it all messy," Red moaned.

Jill had to admit Red had a great body, her skin seemed to shimmer, her breasts were firm and her nipples were pink and puffy. Jill started to get an uneasy feeling.

"Please April I'm not a lesbian!" Jill cried, which brought laughter from the women.

"Hey girls, little Jill thinks were all lezbos," April said with a laugh, "well we might like the company of women once in a while, but we ain't no lezbo club."

April wiped a bead of sweat from Jill's face, and then licked her finger.

"Now if you don't quit your crying we are going to have to gag you, with these," April said as she rolled down Jill panties. "It's not like it's going to hurt to have your pussy shaved, you might even like it."

"Wow look at that bush, you want me to get the hedge trimmers out back!" Red cried, as Jill dark pubic bush came into view, as the women giggled.

Jill was fighting back tears, it wasn't even the shaving, it was the fact that the shaving was going to expose her pussy to these women, and then later at the prison, which she didn't even want to think about now. April on the other hand enjoyed inducting her new girls this way, while she really didn't consider herself to be gay, she didn't mind fooling around with women, especially when her husband was in jail, as he often was.

April started with her scissors and then moved to her husband's beard trimmer to carve a V, into the top of her pubic mound, pointing to her clit hood. Then used a straight edge and gel to shave her pussy bare, finally using a warm facecloth as she cleaned up Jill's new pussy.

"Well lookie here, she has a nice little pussy after all," April groaned, as she ran her finger lightly along her pussy lips.

Jill still tried to struggle free, but Beth and Candy had a good hold of her arms.

"She sure is a squirmy little fish ain't she," Beth hissed.

"Oh yah you should have seen her on the steel table in the processing room," April said. "The deputy was giving her quite the fingering, I just had to help him out, I figured she hadn't had an orgasm in awhile,"

Jill couldn't help but to feel flushed when she remembered her powerful orgasm she had experienced that day. Jill was still confused as why her body was betraying her again, as April continued running her finger over her pussy. She also felt that this in a strange way was cheating on her husband.

"Please April, stop, we shouldn't be doing this, I don't want to do this to my husband," Jill cried.

"Speaking of your husband, you didn't even give him some relief, I mean I saw the bulge in his pants when the guards took him back to his cell," April shot-back with.

"I just couldn't...' Jill cried.

"Man you left your man all hard," Beth barked, as the other women just shook their heads at Jill.

"There is so much you have to learn girl, and we can help you a lot, but you have to trust us, plus we wouldn't do anything to hurt yah," April said.

The two women released Jill's arms and April pulled Jill into her body and the two locked in a warm embrace as Jill balled her eyes out, on her shoulder. Life lately had just become one humiliating experience after the next. She wished she was more like April and the other girls, but she knew she was along ways from that. She had her doubts as to whether she could make that trip.

After an hour or so Jill had managed to compose herself somewhat. The wine was helping and she had taken a hot shower at April's request, only to find that her clothes were missing, as she dried of with the lone towel. She wrapped it around her the best she could and entered the living room.

"April where are my clothes?" Jill asked.

"I gave them to Beth too drop in the Goodwill box on her way home, except your shoes and sweater,"

"What..." Jill barked, a little upset with April's boldness, "thank goodness she had packed some extra clothes for her visit," she thought

"Well that's the next lesson," April interrupted, "we are going to show you how to dress for your visits. Now drop that towel and lets get started.

Jill was quickly back to being nervous, she looked on the couch and there was a pile of clothes that April, Candy and the still naked Red, were fumbling through. April looked over to Jill and motioned for her to drop the towel. Jill reluctantly dropped the towel and quickly covered her breasts with her hands. April had to laugh remembering that she did the same thing at the prison.

The three girls surrounded Jill, each had an idea of what she should wear, they were all putting on and pulling off clothes for the next hour. Jill never played dress up, at least not as a grown woman. She couldn't believe what the girls finally decided on for her.

She looked at her reflection in the full look mirror, on the bathroom door. Her jaw almost hit the floor. She was wearing a small blue satin top that hugged her breasts, the outline of her nipples clearly defined. She had a black leather mini skirt that didn't even come down to middle of her thighs, she had black knee high spiked boots and of course they didn't give her any underwear. She started to strike different poses, It seemed like the only pose that didn't leave her exposed was standing straight up and down, and forget about sitting down. She didn't think she could ever wear this outfit in public.

Jill noticed her newly shaved pussy shining in the mirror, looking around to see if the coast was clear, she took some time to examine it. Her pussy hadn't been this bare since puberty. She even spread her pussy lips apart, examining her inner pinkness.

"Nice huh," April's voice hissed.

Jill nearly jumped out of her skin, she didn't even notice that the bathroom had two doors and she also felt the sting of being caught in such a naughty act.

"You scared me too death," Jill managed.

"It's a lot sexier to be cleanly shaved huh, and just a little bit dirty too," April said enjoying her handy work in the mirror.

"Please April you're always teasing," Jill barked, pulling her skirt down as far as it would go.

"C'mon it's time for your last lesson of the night, we don't want to overload you too much for one night," April said as she lead Jill back into the living room.

Jill was thinking it was to late for that, she never imagined she would have been through all this, when she had left the house this morning. She noticed two kitchen chairs in the middle of the living room. Red was sitting in one of them, at least she was finally dressed. She had on hospital pants and a tight tee shirt.

"Ok Jill we are going to pretend that Red here is your husband and Candy is a prison guard." April said as Candy came into the room wearing a police uniform, slapping a nightstick in her hand. The girls chuckled, even Jill.

"Ok if you want to see your husband I'm going to have to see some T and A." Candy said in a deep voice, which brought more chuckles, but not from Jill this time.

"You see how much easer this is going to be in this outfit," April moaned, while Jill just nodded.

"C'mon Jill lets see those titties," Candy groaned.

"What you want me to really do it," Jill cried.

"If you want to see your husband sweet cheeks," Candy said, as she ran her nightstick over Jill's right breast.

"Believe me you need the practice," April chirped.

Jill looked down, even though this was supposed to be practice it felt a little too real to her as she lifted the bottom of her silk shirt and rested it just over her breasts.

"Nice, I just love marshmallows," Candy purred, forgetting her deep voice as her nightstick returned to her breast, "that's the T and now the A."

Jill trembled as she turned around and bent forward, she could tell by the looks on the other women's face that they must be enjoying playing their little perverted game. She felt her skirt being lifted up in back, letting out a gasp when the skirt flipped inside out and now rested around her waist. Please, was all Jill could cry out.

"Ok slut you can see your jerk off of a husband now," Candy barked.

"Honey," Red cried, while standing up, "oh you feel so good, and it's been so long," She said, trying to deepen her sexy voice.

Red was hugging Jill while running her hands up and down Jill's back, making sure they ran over here naked ass, while things were happing a little to fast for Jill to even protest. Red lightly grabbed Jill's face and starting kissing Jill slowly at first then proceeding to a full-blown make out session. It startled Jill at first since she had never been kissed by another women before, but she closed her eyes and pretended it was her husband, although her husband's lips were not nearly as soft as Red's were.

Jill was surprised again when Red's lips left her lips, but quickly found her nipples, sucking on them for several minutes. Jill figured she couldn't have stopped her even if she wanted to. She had to admit to herself that it felt pretty good.

"Oh honey you are making me so excited, I'm as hard as a rock," Red oozed, as she guided Jill's hand to her crotch.

"What the fuck!" Jill cried as she felt a large hard object in Red's pants, she jumped back forgetting about her spiked boots, as she crashed to the floor.

"You all right Jill," April cried as she helped Jill off the floor, "I'm sorry, I guess we forgot to tell you about the strap on dildo thing."

Jill looked over at Red who had her pants around her ankles and was rubbing a flesh colored dildo that was between her legs. A sly smile on her face.

"Man it scared the shit out of me, I never saw one of those before," Jill cried.

"Really big surprise there," April said sarcastically.

"What is it for..." Jill meekly asked?

"Well it's for a lot of things, but for right now, it's so we can pretend that it's your husbands cock, you see, I think it's basic blowing lesson time," April said.

"You're kidding, I'm not putting that thing in my mouth," Jill barked.

"For a married women you sure have a penis phobia, Do you let your husband put it in your pussy?" April teased, while Jill just gave her a dirty look.

"All right you remember how scared you were the first time a guy fucked your pussy?" April moaned.

"Ow yah, it was my husband" Jill mumbled.

"Really," April said a little surprised, "and now you probably like it. Well sucking cock is the same thing, your scared to death the first time you do it, then it gets easier after that, and if you learn really good, you can get men to do what you want, and not the other way around,"

Jill didn't know if she was buying it or not, but it make sense to her, sort of. She also knew deep down that from the sounds of it, she wasn't going to make it eight years in the state prison, without ever having to do it.

She watched as April went first, and for the next hour, April and Candy showed Jill the basics. She still gagged here and there, but at least she didn't feel like puking, like she thought she would and she even got a little more used to the girls fondling her.

"But was she ready for the real thing?" she asked herself.

When April finally announced that it was getting late, and that Jill had learned enough for one day, Jill felt relieved, plus her jaw was aching a little. Jill and April cleaned up in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, April gave Jill a naughty-nighty to wear. When Jill came out of the bathroom, she stopped dead in her tracks, right there on the couch, Red was fucking Candy from behind with the strap on.

"And that's another use for it," April whispered, "c'mon lets go to bed," she said, tearing the stunned Jill away from the living room and they headed for the bedroom.

Jill was still apprehensive as she climbed into bed with April with everything that had happened today.

"Don't worry I wont bite, but I will lick, if you want?" April purred.

Jill was confused for a second, "you mean you want to lick my pussy?" She finally managed.

"Wow you're so precious," April purred.

"You better get your sleep now, you have a big day tomorrow," April said, as she kissed Jill goodnight.

Jill closed her eyes, April finally said something that she totally agreed with.

The End...For now

In the next episode, Jill goes back to prison.


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