The party had started to wind down an hour before, and only Lacey, Kenneth, and a few others remained. Kenneth sat on the long leather couch, talking to the diehards and stroking Lacey's hair. Lacey was between Kenneth's legs, head on his thigh, totally nude. It pained her to sit.

"So, Lacey?" asked the party's host. "How's the job?"

Lacey blushed. As a registered massage therapist, she often did favors for Kenneth's friends. Larry had received a nice favor only the week before, getting his cock massaged by Lacey's mouth. (Of the six men in attendance, only one had yet to experience Lacey's special massage. Most had received it multiple times, some as many as a dozen. Lacey's mouth, as well as the rest of her wonderful body, was in great demand.)

Timidly meeting Larry's eyes, Lacey answered, "Just fine, Larry, thank you for asking."

Everyone but Lacey guffawed.

"She's lost more weight," Joshua Parks observed.

"Yes, she has," Jacques Pernierre agreed.

"She'll shrivel away to nothing," feared Billy Musser.

"She's almost there now," Jacques pointed out.

"True, but she still looks marvelous," said Billy. "Lacey always look marvelous, right?"

"Please," Kenneth interrupted. "Stop giving the girl a swelled head," at which everyone laughed again.

Lacey blushed harder.

Twenty-four years old, Lacey stood just over five feet four inches tall and weighed one hundred and two pounds, sopping wet. She had coal-black hair, eyes the same color, a razor thin nose, and cheekbones which practically leaped off her face. She had a wide, thinly-lipped mouth and a strong, dimpled chin. Her breasts were Lilliputian, comically so, bearing pea- sized nipples and aureole barely large as a dime--a fact which perpetually kept Lacey embarrassed.

"Come on, pet," Kenneth said, suppressing a yawn. "Time to go home."

Jumping up as though offered gold, Lacey gathered Bardal's assortment of toys and instruments, and packed them carefully into his carry-all bag. Kenneth retrieved Lacey's clothing.

"Put these in too," he said.

Confused, Lacey first blinked, then widened her eyes. "I-I have to go nude?" she stammered.

Kenneth only grinned.

"I'm going home with Kenneth," Billy joked.

"I'm following," said Jacques. "Camera in hand."

"Me too," chimed in Larry.

When Kenneth last had Lacey naked in the car, she had driven. Pulled over by a female cop, Lacey was forced to perform a field sobriety test, outside the car, completely nude. On Second Avenue at ten p.m., she had both drawn a crowd, and made the eleven o'clock news.

"No worry there," Kenneth assured her. "We're headed straight home."

Lacey released her breath.

"I am low on gas, though," Kenneth mused. Then he shrugged. "We should make it. If not..." his face broke into a mischievous grin. "We'll let you pump."

Again, Lacey's eyes widened. "But it's in the teens!" she protested.

Grinning, Kenneth said, "Then you'll pump fast!"

Saying their goodbyes, Kenneth, Lacey and the half dozen others departed. Walking down the corridor in a group, they shielded Lacey from the windows and the peepholes in the apartment doors. For this Lacey gave silent thanks. Waiting before the bank of elevators, she waved good naturedly, as only a completely nude girl in a crowd can do.

"Good night, Kenneth."

"Good night, James."

"Monday morning, Kenneth."

"Eight o'clock sharp, Jacques."

Jacques, widening his grin, added, "Get those little peepers home now, just as quickly as you can," referring to Lacey's fully erect nipples.

"I will," Kenneth assured him.

When the elevator door closed, Kenneth drew Lacey close and cupped her left breast. "You were good tonight, pet," he said. "You pleased me very much."

"Thank you," she said. "I was so embarrassed."

Kenneth nodded. "Nine men paddling your cute little behind was quite the attraction."

"I can imagine," Lacey muttered. Kenneth's erection, when finally he took her, was simply enormous.

Kenneth said, "Tell Daddy how much you liked it."

Lacey let her tongue do the talking. Unzipping his fly as they kissed, she slipped in her hand and Kenneth began to grow.

"Want it right here?" he warned.

Lacey quickly withdrew her hand. "No, sir!" she exclaimed. The memory of her last occasion in a public corridor on her hands and knees was quite enough.

The elevator chimed.

Please, Lacey thought. Let it be empty.

It was.

On the ride down, Lacey snuggled close to Kenneth's side, as much from exhaustion as fear of being seen. She needn't have worried. The elevator didn't stop.

"You like Alec Foster," Kenneth said, as they passed the tenth floor. "Don't you?"

"No," Lacey said, too quickly. She sensed Kenneth's gaze in the mirrored wall and kept her eyes down.


Lacey said, begrudgingly, "Okay, so he's cute. Lot's of guys are cute."

"Lot's of guys don't say no to a blow job and a spanking."


"Daddy," Kenneth corrected.

"Daddy," she quickly amended. "Sorry."

For her momentary lapse, Lacey nevertheless received a swat.

"Ouch!" she yipped.

Kenneth spanked her again.

"Sorry!" she keened, rubbing her behind. "I forgot! I really did!"

For the past two years--since a week after their first date--Kenneth had belonged to the Downtown Discipline Club. Consisting of successful businessmen (and some businesswomen) the club met twice a month, on Friday nights, at one of the member's homes. Tonight, and two weeks before, it was here at Larry's. Tonight, however, was different. Tonight was the biannual party.

Rather than a dozen or so members, and one or two selected "guests," fifty or more members had arrived. Most brought their wives or girlfriends (from whom the "guests" were selected), and Lacey was one of the lucky seven chosen to provide entertainment. No sooner had she and Kenneth walked in the door, had Larry, Jacques, and Billy whisked Kenneth away. They were gone for ten minutes. Lacey knew it was trouble then.

Stripping her completely nude, they bound Lacey's wrists behind her back and attached clamps to her nipples (she hop scotched from that pain, ho-boy!), then fitted her with a rubber ball gag. She spent the next ten minutes chasing an egg around the room with her nose, a totally new and erotic adventure. Then she took Larry's Fear Factor challenge, and lost miserably.

Crawling blindfolded about the room, Lacey randomly selected a man, then attempted to undo his belt, pop the button, and pull down his zipper--using only her teeth. If she succeeded within two minutes, that man would not spank her. No contestant was supposed to move, nor interfere with Lacey in any way. Most interfered with her regardless. Lacey failed, nine attempts out of ten. Of Kenneth's rat pack of friends, only Jacques Pernierre was eliminated.

Kenneth, reading her mind, said, "Call me Kenneth the rest of the night, if you want. I guess you deserve it. You had quite a time."

"It was awful," she said. "I hurt really bad."

Kenneth patted her rear end. "They like to spank. You especially."

"Tell me about it" she grumbled. Then she asked: "What does Larry do, anyway?"

"Spanks little girl's with forgetful minds," Kenneth said, as the elevator stopped. Lacey braced herself for the opening doors, but no one was in sight.

"He owns buildings downtown," Kenneth said, leading her out by the elbow. Lacey high-stepped on the icy floor, unaware of the cameras.

"Ouch! He's very rich?"

"What do you think?" Kenneth said, keeping his voice neutral. His eyes tracked a moving camera to their right. Then his eyes found and monitored another tracking lens, this one to his left. Lacey, prancing on her tiptoes, remained blissfully unaware.

"I hate the way he treats me," she complained. She rubbed her biceps and her forearms. Her breath billowed out white. Her nipples were exclamation points of pain.

"He likes his women submissive," said Kenneth. They were a fifty feet from the car.

"He likes them stupid," she replied.

"That too."

Tonight, Larry purposely waited for last, letting her tail become ripe. When he finally claimed his prize, Lacey's bottom was hand-printed and florid. Larry made it decidedly worse. Perhaps the worst ever. Lacey could barely sit down.

They passed beneath a camera almost directly overhead, impossible for Lacey to miss. Preoccupied with her feet, she missed it anyway.

"This floor is so cold!" she cried. "I am freezing!" Shivering violently, she ran the final ten feet to the car. Her entire torso was erupted in goose-flesh, and her teeth chattered.

Arriving beside her, Kenneth fumbled out his keys. He dropped them on the floor, then made a show of kicking them under the car. Feigning disgust, he squatted to find them.

"Help me," he said.

Groaning, Lacey dropped to her hands and knees and groped beneath the car. Behind her, three different lenses zoomed in. Looking down, Kenneth the saw the cute little bullseye of her anus and moved to his right. He removed Lacey's coat from his forearm and draped it over his shoulder, safely out of the way. The keys were clutched in his right hand.

If hapless had a name, it belonged to Lacey Kincaide.

"Any luck?" he asked.

"No," she complained.

Dropping even lower, Lacey elevated her rear end. The camera behind her made noise and Kenneth winced as Lacey suddenly raised her head. She looked around. Her face became red and grew redder by the moment as she said, "My God! What was that?"

Then she saw the camera and, shrieking, dodged behind Kenneth.

"A camera, Kenneth! A camera right there! Don't you see?" Then, realizing exactly what she'd been doing, and how her rear end had been, she squealed: "Kenneth! They're watching!"

Kenneth laughed. In a voice both reassuring and sarcastic, he said: "Right, Lace. Like people watch those things at three o'clock in the morning."

Lacey peered out. Her breathing was labored. Although barely two inches around, the lens looked like a cannon. "You think?" she said.

Kenneth let out a snort. "Figure it out for yourself."

Lacey remained unconvinced. To her eye, the camera looked very operational.

"It has a hard-on," Annie suddenly quipped. Annie was Lacey's middle name, also the name of the inner voice with whom Lacey had conversed since childhood. Annie was her best, and sometimes, only friend.

Not now! Lacey replied. Aloud, she said: "It's not moving, Kenneth. Shouldn't it be moving?" She looked carefully around the garage. There were four other cameras in sight, but other then the one directly ahead, none were pointed her way. She began to relax. She moved from behind him.

"Maybe you're right," she said, "but I am not looking for those keys!"

Kenneth laughed. "They're right there," he said, reaching down beside her left knee. He held out the keys in his hand.

Lacey shook her head. "Great," she said. "All that for nothing."

"It wasn't for nothing. You did it for me."

"As long as it wasn't for anyone else."

After letting her into the car, and then closing the door carefully behind her, Kenneth looked at the camera. Then he smiled and winked. The lens moved momentarily in and out, then returned to the fully extended position. Inside the car, shivering on the cold leather seat, Lacey bent low just in time to see the camera's final movement. She blinked in surprise. Had it really moved?

"You saw what you wanted to see," Annie said.

Shut up! You're supposed to be helping!

While Kenneth backed the Mercedes out of the space, and headed toward the exit, Lacey kept careful watch in the lens. It did not move--until the Mercedes had gone. Then, as though a man shaking his head in disbelief, the camera swung slowly back and forth.


"You know," Kenneth said, about an hour later. "I really do need gas." They were on 27A, approaching Islip.

Lacey groaned. "Kenneth--please!"

Kenneth looked carefully down the road. "I don't see anything open," he said.

"Thank God!" Lacey muttered. She slid further down in her seat.

They drove on for another mile, turning onto Montauk Avenue. Kenneth suddenly pointed. "There," he said. "An Exxon!"

Ahead on the right, making Lacey loudly groan, was a brightly lit station. "Kenneth, please," she protested. "Don't make me do this!"

Turning into the station, Kenneth pulled up to the pump. "I'm not kidding," he said, indicating the gauge. Lacey bent over. The needle sat in the red.

"Great," she said. "I'll freeze my tail off."

Kenneth said: "Yes, but it's such a cute little tail. Imagine how I'll enjoy watching it freeze."

"You and everyone else," Lacey grumbled. She looked around. Other than the attendant sitting nice and warm inside his glassed-in booth, the station was empty. Lacey thanked God for that. She opened the door.

"How much do I put in?"

"About eight inches," Kenneth quipped.


Kenneth said: "Ten bucks. It's all I got."

Lacey got out and shut the door. She looked apprehensively about. So far, the attendant hadn't noticed. A young black man with a shaven head, he sat with his chin cupped in one hand, reading a magazine. He appeared very large and was heavily muscled. For the first time, Lacey wondered if this were a sham.

"Of course, it's a sham!" Annie exploded. "You ever pump gas without paying first? At four o'clock in the morning? How dumb can you be?"

Lacey cat-walked to the rear of the car. He wouldn't do that! she objected, opening the lid and unscrewing the gas cap.

"Yeah, right! And Larry wouldn't come in your mouth!"

Shivering with revulsion, Lacey lifted the pump handle and flipped the lever. The settings reset. Fitting the nozzle into the tube, she wondered if Annie were right. She almost always was. Lacey began to pump gas. So far, the attendant hadn't noticed.

I am freezing! she thought. Hopping foot to foot, she caught Kenneth's eyes in the rear view mirror. Lacey almost gave him the finger.

"Right! Get spanked right out here!" Annie laughed. Then she said: "Don't look now, but someone is coming."

Lacey ducked as though from a bullet.

Leaving only her eyes visible above the fender, Lacey fearfully watched the car. Two blocks north, the headlight out on the passenger's side, the big sedan lumbered down the road. The way it hugged the line, Lacey suspected the driver was drunk. She knew it for sure when the Caddy veered into the oncoming lanes.

"Don't you come in here!" she pleaded, aloud. "Don't you fucking dare!"

Blood ringing in her ears, Lacey watched as the Caddy suddenly slowed, veered back to its side of the street, and tried to turn in. "No!" she keened. "Don't you dare!"

She needn't have worried. Too drunk to negotiate the turn, the driver ran over the curb, banged down on the parking lot tarmac, then climbed back over the curb. He rode the sidewalk as far as the second entrance, where he swayed back out into the street. Then he drove on, as though nothing had happened. Half dozen heads, all of them male, lolled back and forth.

"Oh, my God!" Lacey wheezed. "Oh, my mother of God!" Her chest ached from the stress, until she realized her chest was pressed against the cold metal fender, and yelping a startled, painful, "Yikes!" she pulled away. Aching furiously, her nipples pointed like accusatory fingers.

"This is so stupid!" she said, aloud. "So fucking stupid!"

"Don't cuss," Annie admonished. "Kenneth will hear you."

Lacey darted a look at the front seat. Her other half laughed. One of the many things of which Kenneth disproved, Lacey was not allowed to curse.

"You are so lame, Lacey Anne," Annie jeered. "So fucking lame!"

Shut up! Lacey shot back. Then she heard a clank!

What was that?

Lacey looked dumbly at the nozzle, then at the pump.

Nineteen dollars! How did I pump nineteen dollars!

Panicked, Lacey stood ramrod straight and nearly fell over. Staring at the display and it's horrible digits, she suddenly felt the attendant's staring eyes, and almost didn't care. "What am I going to do?" she whimpered. "Kenneth said ten."

"No," Annie said. "Kenneth said he only had ten. This is worse."

What am I going to do? Lacey repeated.

"Up for a blow job, Lace?"

Shut the fuck up!

Moving numbly to the door, Lacey inched it open and leaned in.

"Daddy? I-I made a mistake."

Kenneth and the attendant met eyes. "I see that," he said. "What are you going to do?"

The inner Lacey laughed, uproariously.

"I don't know," Lacey moaned. "I don't have a dime." Her purse, her wallet, all her money; everything was at the apartment.

Sighing mightily, Kenneth pulled out his wallet and removed all the bills. Counting them out, he totaled thirteen dollars. He dug out his change. "Thirteen seventy-eight," he said, putting the bills and change in Lacey's hand. "Good luck."

Lacey squealed, "But I'm five dollars short!"

"Five dollars and twenty-two cents," Kenneth said. "To be exact. Go see what he says."

Lacey's eyes teared. She looked at the attendant, who, standing behind the side window, watched with an intense gaze. Lacey's heart clenched.

I'm gonna get raped! she thought. I'm gonna get fucking raped!

Annie said: "Calm down, girl! No one's getting raped. You know how to handle this."

But Lacey! He's black!

"You've done black before."

Not in a fucking gas station! Not when I'm completely nude!

Annie laughed. "You're always nude, girl! Now go!"

Carrying the offering in her cupped hands, Lacey hurried to the window. "I-I have a problem," she stuttered. Her teeth chattered from the cold.

The attendant, wearing a spotless Exxon shirt under bib overall's, continued to stare.

Lacey looked all around. Her luck, so far, had held. "Can I come in," she pleaded. "Please?"

The attendant continued to stare, as though too shocked to speak. Finally, he said: "I can't do that."

Feeling totally surreal, Lacey thought: It's because I'm nude. Do something to calm him down.

"Look," she said, feigning a smile. "I know this is totally nuts..." she looked back toward the car. "But my boyfriend made a bet tonight that the Sixer's would win, and I took it." She shrugged. "Stupid, I know. But I hate the Sixer's."

That seemed to get through. "I hate the Sixer's too," the attendant said. "The Knicks got creamed." He spoke in a deep, very controlled voice. His diction was that of a white man.

Suddenly, Lacey found herself stabbed by an irrational attraction.

"He's quite handsome," Annie said.


"Muscular too. See those biceps?"

Will you shut up!

To the attendant, she said: "It really is cold out here. Help a girl out?"

Agreeing finally, the attendant went to the rear door and swung it open. Lacey hurried inside. It was impossible to hide her jutting nipples, upon which the attendant's gaze was locked. He shut the door and locked it.

"I really appreciate this," Lacey said, just as handful of vehicles--including a police cruiser--passed by outside. You have no idea how much I appreciate this! she thought. "Anyway, you probably saw what happened?"

The attendant nodded.

"I pumped a lot more than I should."

The attendant nodded again.

Lacey said, "Anyway, I was hoping...since we only have thirteen dollar's and seventy-eight cents, that you might understand?"

The attendant's expression changed. Why? his creased forehead said. Because I'm black?

Lacey hurriedly said: "I can bring the balance by tomorrow afternoon. And leave you something as collateral tonight. To show I'll make good."

"Like what?" Annie asked. "You're virginity?"

The attendant shook his head. "I can't do that. Policy says--"

Lacey suddenly laughed. "Policy! I'm totally naked here before you and pleading for my life. What are you going to do? Call the police?"

The attendant shook his head. "I didn't say that. I only meant--"

Lacey felt her hold slipping. "What do you want me to do?" she demanded, dropping to her knees. "Is this better? More subservient a position? Should I suck your cock now?" She reached out and the attendant backed away.

"You are a crazy little white girl," Annie laughed.

Shut the fuck up!

It was a moment before Lacey realized she had said it aloud. "Sorry," she said, sounding utterly defeated. "I didn't mean you." Holding out the thirteen dollars and seventy-eight cents, she said, "Will you take this, please?"

Unhappily, the attendant took the money.

For a time, neither of them spoke. Then, resigned to what she had to do, Lacey reached out and rubbed the attendant's penis through the front of his jeans. The attendant let her. He was fully erect.

"I've done this before," she said. "With black men, before."

The attendant only stared.

Working to control herself, Lacey guided the attendant around before her. The front of his jeans was massively tented, revealing the zipper's silvery teeth. The largest penis she had ever experienced before belonged to another black man, Charles Moore, but this man was dramatically bigger. Looking up, Lacey asked the question.

"Thirteen inches," the attendant answered.

Thirteen inches! Oh God!

Whereto Annie said nothing.

Stammering, Lacey said: "I don't...I'm not sure...how much do I have to do?"

"I'm not asking you to do anything," the attendant answered.

But his eyes said otherwise.

Wondering how thirteen inches down her throat would compare to ten, Lacey said, "I'll try. That's all I can promise."

The attendant repeated: "I'm not asking you to do anything. You don't have to do this."

"But I do," Lacey rejoined. I have no choice.

Reaching up and unzipping his fly, Lacey spread the attendant's jeans. His erection bulged right through the opening. Lacey couldn't help it: she choked in fear.

"Sorry," she said, covering her mouth with her hand. "I'm really scared."

"Try scared shitless," Annie suggested.

For once, we agree.

Putting her hands inside the attendant's jeans, Lacey freed his giant erection.

Oh, Jesus God! This is not real!

Thickly veined and thick around as her wrist, blood captured inside the shaft made it tick up and down. His testicles, when the attendant released them, were the size of lemons. They hung very far down.

Sperm factories, Lacey thought, numbly.

"And it's all for you," Annie agreed. "For you know where."

Lacey watched a drop of semen appeared at the tip.

"I can't do this," she said, nonetheless leaning forward with her hands on her thighs. She sucked the semen into her mouth, then enveloped the head with her lips.

"Oh, God," Annie moaned.

The attendant, leaning back from the hips, whispered something Lacey did not catch. Then he said it again.

"I am?" Lacey asked, releasing his penis.

The attendant nodded.

Lacey felt absurdly pleased. "But you're so good looking!"

The attendant grinned. "I'm also gay."

Lacey almost fell over. She exploded: "No way!"

The attendant started to laugh. "You're not only the first white girl," he said, "but the first girl, period."

Lacey grew embarrassed. "Is it okay?" she asked. "That I do this?"

The attendant said, "Am I telling you to stop?"

Lacey said, "You could."

The attendant shook his head.

Keeping her eyes on his, Lacey opened her mouth and took him inside. She wrapped five inches of him tightly, then tried to suck. Sucking was impossible. She could barely move her jaw. She wanted to laugh.

The attendant, understanding her plight, laughed and said, "You're doing just fine. I'll try not to gag you, okay?" He nodded toward the side window. "He know what's going on?"

Lacey moved her head.

"He doesn't care?"

Lacey explained with her eyes.

"His idea then," the attendant said.

Relaxing her throat muscles, Lacey began to take him deep.

"No one's ever done this before," the attendant said. "Not all the way." He stroked Lacey's hair. "Okay that I touch you?"

Lacey nodded. Yes, please!

"Slut," Annie laughed.

Lacey agreed.

Closing her eyes, she raised her hands and clasped the attendant's thighs. Her head went back, and she began moving forward and back, open-mouthed, taking the attendant slightly deeper each time. She breathed through her nose--when she could breath at all--and the attendant held her gently. In surprisingly short order, Lacey's nose was buried in the attendant's pubic hair.

Thirteen inches, she thought. How's that for a record?

Annie said: "I'll call Guiness, right now!"

Lacey silently laughed. I'm stuck here, she thought. I don't know what to do next.

Annie laughed. "You'll figure it out."

Looking up, Lacey found the attendant's face radiating like the sun. "This is amazing," he said. "Simply amazing. How did you do that?"

"She's very adroit," Annie answered. "Especially her mouth. Just wait till she fucks you, though. Now that's the real thing."

Needing to breathe, Lacey withdrew, making gurgling sounds in her throat. She huffed air in and out. Then she moved forward again, taking him back into her mouth.

"Play with his balls, Lace. I want to feel his balls."

Lacey dutifully took the attendant's testicles between her fingertips.

Unexpectedly, Annie said: "I want to fuck him. I really do."

So do I.

"Then ask him."

I can't! Kenneth would kill me!

Annie lost her temper. "For once in your life, just do something you want!"

For once in her life, Lacey did. Extracting the attendant's cock, she gasped: "Would you fuck me? Please?" looking at him, pleadingly.

The attendant looked pointedly at the window.

"Fuck him!" Lacey said. "He sent me in here!"

The attendant remained doubtful.

"In the ass if you want!" she said, growing desperate. "That's no different than a man's!"

A shudder ran throughout the attendant's body. "Fuck it!" he gasped, grabbing Lacey's hand and yanking her up. "Let's do it!"

Quaking with fear, Lacey stumbled along behind. Thirteen inches up your ass? Are you out of your mind?

Annie said. "I'll say you are! Completely and certifiably so! And I love you so much!"

Throwing open the bathroom door, the attendant flipped on the switch. A dingy sink, a dingy commode and an even dingier urinal was revealed, The floor, walls and ceiling were all covered in grime, the once-white tiles of the floor a filthy gray. It smelled of ancient urine.

Unexpectedly, the attendant spun Lacey about and kissed her.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "What was that?"

The attendant cried, "Maybe I'm girl crazy, after all!" and madly kissed her again. Torched by her incredible desire, Lacey tried to eat his tongue.

Oh, God! Oh, God, I like this!

Locking her arms around his neck, Lacey physically scaled the attendant's body, locking her ankles at the small of his back. Moments later, a finger entered her rectum and Lacey moaned.

"Someone likes that!" Annie whispered.

For an intense minute, Lacey rode the exploring finger, giving battle to his tongue. Then she started to orgasm and muscles everywhere clenched. Lacey moaned louder.

"I want it!" Annie pleaded. "I want it, Lacey! Now!"

Using only her thoughts, Lacey directed the attendant's cock to her ass. She spasmed in pain as the head entered her. She quailed as it went in.

"Wait!" she gasped. "Wait, please!" She gripped the attendant's neck.

Whispering in her ear, the attendant said, "Take me yourself, babe. I don't want to hurt you."

He doesn't want to hurt me, Annie! Did you hear that!

Annie said: "Fuck his eyes out, girl!"

But Lacey understood. With pit bull ferocity, she jammed herself down on his cock, wailing in pain. The attendant gasped, "What are you doing!" and tried to pull her off.

"Let me alone!" she cried, biting into his neck.

Through grit teeth, he repeated: "What are you doing?"

"Fucking myself up!"

"I can see that! Why?"

"You know why!" she cried, around her mouthful of flesh.

Grimacing in pain, the attendant said, "Whatever deal I made with your boyfriend, it's off."

Lacey, blood in her mouth, cried: "You bastard! You goddamned miserable bastard! How could you!"

The attendant shuddered. "I mean it, Lacey! Let go!"

Lacey bit down even harder. "Where is it?" she cried.

"Where is what?"

"The camera!"

His reaction proved Lacey right. She bit down even harder and forced herself onto his cock.

"All right! All right!" the attendant bellowed. "Not in here!" He raised her up. "I swear to God, it not in here!"

Lacey had begun to cry.

Taking a deep breath, the attendant said: "I was supposed to fuck you, okay? Get a blow job, whatever else I could. But that ended as soon as you kissed me." He raised her farther off his cock. "All bets are off. I got you into the bathroom, here, where there's no camera."

Tears coursed down Lacey's cheeks. "Why should I believe you?" she sobbed.

"Look around. You see anything?"

Lacey looked at the ceiling. "It could be hidden."

"It's not. There isn't one here."

Still sobbing, Lacey faced the attendant and made him look in her eyes. "Promise me," she said.

The attendant didn't flinch. "I promise. Just you and me."

Feeling totally broken, Lacey lay her head on the attendant's shoulder and wept. "I hate you," she said. "I hate all of you. You are all such pigs."

The attendant held her gently, but tight. He let her cry. After a time, he said: "That was stupid what you did. You could have hurt yourself. Bad"

Lacey sobbed, "I don't care."

The attendant said, "Well, I do. Now get down."

Unfolding herself, Lacey dropped to the floor. She required help standing up. Her rectum and anus ached.

The attendant asked: "You okay?"

Lacey half-sobbed, half-laughed, "No!" then clasped both hands across her belly.

The attendant said, "Maybe, I should take a look."

Lacey back away. "No!" she repeated, blushing. "Not on your life."

The attendant laughed and Lacey grew redder. She said, "Prick! I wish someone would cut it off!" as the attendant pulled her back. He stroked the side of her face. Raising her chin, the attendant said: "What say we get you into some clothes and the hell out of here?"

Lacey blinked. "What about Kenneth?"

They both looked at the bathroom door.

"Kenneth can ride my pecker," the attendant said, making Lacey laugh. "High and hard."

"That's fine for you to say, but he's gonna be mad. When he gets mad, he takes it out on me. I'll be black and blue for a month."

The attendant studied her with a growing look of determination.

"What?" Lacey said.

"I've changed my mind. I'm not taking you home."

Lacey blinked, slowly. "You're not?"

"No. I've decided to keep you myself."

Lacey blinked again. "Keep me?"

"Keep you."

Lacey blinked half a dozen times more. Then she heard herself say: "I have to work Monday morning. I'll need my clothes."

"We'll get them tomorrow night," the attendant said. "I'll tell Kenneth to pack them."

Lacey only stared.

"Kenneth will pack your clothes, believe me. If that's what you want."

Feeling hope for the first time in many, many years, Lacey said: "Please."


Lacey rolled lazily in bed and snuggled next to her partner. It was three a.m.

"Want some more?" William asked.

Lacey groaned. "Go back to sleep!"

William took her hand and placed it on his penis. It was fully erect.

"My God," Lacey said. "It's been less than an hour!" She raised high enough to see the clock. "Twenty minutes! Go back to sleep!"

"I haven't been to sleep."

"Obviously," Lacey sighed. She began stroking his thirteen-inch cock. "Please, not you know where. I'm really sore."

"I don't know why," William teased. "You've only had it twice."

"Twice tonight," Lacey corrected. "Twice this afternoon. Don't you ever get tired?"

William raised his head. "Of your little behind?" He slid in a finger up her vagina.

Lacey said, "Please don't do that," moaning deeply.

"Make me stop."

Lacey did not make him stop.

Rising out from beneath her, William maneuvered Lacey into position and pressed her chest to the bed. He elevated her rear end. Then he mounted her, inserting his cock halfway; Lacey violently shuddered.

They began to fuck.

On either side of the bed, and from directly behind, cameras recorded the action. Lacey's middle of the night fuck went out to her many fans. She smiled as her arousal grew, opening one eye, winking at the closest lens.

This is for you, Kenneth, she thought. Your just rewards.

On the purposely dimmed but still visible screen of her computer, Lacey's web page is displayed: www.kennethsexgirlfriend.com. All three views are displayed. Watching herself being soundly fucked, Lacey waves, then grins deeply and wide as her orgasm begins.

Her fans know what to expect next.

The End


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