Its 2:30 AM. I'm awaken by the sound of a car pulling in my driveway and the flash of its headlights through the bedroom window.

The lights go out. There's silence. After a few moments and not hearing the sound of a car door opening or closing, I lay still, but anxiously awaiting the next noise from the driveway. I don't get up to investigate because I'm almost sure that it's my wife returning home.

Almost 20 minutes later, I hear the familiar opening and closing of a car door and a few moments later, the sound of a key in the front door. Almost simultaneously, I hear the car start up and once again see the flash of light by the window as the auto leaves the driveway.

I hear the muted footsteps approaching our bedroom. I turn on a bedside lamp. My wife enters the room carrying her high heels in one hand and her coat and some other garments in her other.

"Hi honey." I greet her in a low tone of voice, so as not to awaken the baby or our other two kids.

She gently places her heels on the floor and throws the other apparel she's carrying in a nearby chair. I make out that beside her coat, the bundle she was carrying also included her camisole, panties and nylons. Things she was wearing when she left home earlier in the evening.

She waves instead of replying to my greeting, she hurriedly comes over to my side of the bed. She has a smile on her face. In the dim light, I see her lips are puckered. Having seen her this way before, I know she wants a kiss.

We kiss passionately, in an instant I feel her transferring the creamy fluids from her mouth to mine. Knowing what she desires, I don't resist but let my mouth fill with what is almost assuredly a load of semen freshly collected from the dick of the man who brought her home.

As we break the kiss, for a brief moment, there are a couple of lingering ropey slimy strands between our mouths.

"Hi darling, I just had to share some of Steve's cum with you. He was nice enough to let me blow him in the driveway so I could bring it to you while it was still hot. He likes the idea that I share so much with you."

I say nothing in reply to her humiliating comment, but only watch as she undresses. Even in the dim light cast by the small bedside lamp, the reddish outlines of big handprints are clearly discernible on her shapely hourglass body, especially her ass, breast and back.

"He and his two buddies, Leo and Wes, who we met later in the evening, also told me how lucky I am to have a husband that loves to share my experiences. They both said it really pleased them to know that you'd be tasting their left over jism in my pussy when you suck it for me tonight."

"Rita, I-I wish you wouldn't tell perfect strangers I do that for you. You know I do it because I love you so a-and as part of the therapy."

"Reginald darling, you can't blame me for being so much in love and so proud of the love of my husband that I want all the men that fuck me to know how wonderful you are to me." My wife says as she slips in bed beside me and cuddles up close. We wrap our arms around each other.

It at this moment when my beautiful shapely wife is back in my arms that I can at last enjoy her soft supple bodily charms. Even though she's used, with both her mouth and cunt coated with other men's sperm, I still feel that all the marriage counseling and therapy we've been through was worthwhile and has paid off.

No longer do I feel the pang of worry that I can't hold onto her or that she will leave me for somebody who is better endowed than I. You just don't know how comforting that is.

"Oh Reggie darling, you're so good to come home too after I've been so thoroughly fucked. Here feel my pussy darling. Feel how slick and puffy it is."

I let my wife guide my hand to her still very warm, but very damp cunt. More accurately, it was still slimy. Even, so it was still good to have the opportunity to touch and caress her even in the condition she's in. Her swollen labia are very pronounced.

"Your hands feel so good because you're so gentle after the rough manly way they do it to me. The guys really did work me hard tonight in getting rid of their stiff dicks. They really had me dripping there for a while. I wished you could've been there to take care of that for us. However, I know you had to baby-sit the kids tonight. By the way, did Stephanie give you much trouble tonight?" My wife was asking about our newest family addition, our 10-month-old daughter, whose biological father is the same man whose semen my wife shared with me earlier.

I answer my wife's question as well as give her a verbal rundown of my evening in the role of cook, nanny, and maid. All the while doing so, I let my hands roam over her body, enjoying the pleasure that others had earlier in the evening.

As I give her my verbal report, I anxiously capture one of her nipples, it's still somewhat erect, and I suckle it eagerly like a baby. Even though her tit has a dried substance splattered over it, which I'm certain is dried semen, it's still delightful for me to have its softness in my mouth. As my wife moans due to my caresses, I move to the other tit and suckle it for a long while.

"Now Reggie darling, give me what I really need. Let me have your mouth on my pussy. Here lay back dear, I want to ride your mouth tonight." She says with a sense of urgency in her voice.

I flip over face up, like I've done so many times before and await the wet contact of her moist syrupy, jism coated and gamy cunt to cover my face.

"OH yes!, Give me your tongue darling. Show me you love me!"

Before, I get to work, I warn her not to make too much noise, which might wake the kids, especially the baby.

"Okay, okay, but get busy sucking my pussy, I need you honey. I want to feel you sucking the juice out of my muff."

My wife slowly rotates and scrubs my face with her hairy, slightly squishy snatch. I can tell she's enjoying herself as I supply the tongue power for her happiness.

Finally I get her off with my lips and tongue and sucking action. I hear her mute the cries of pleasure from the umpteenth orgasm she's had tonight. As she slumps in the bed totally exhausted from a evening of intense sex, I feel very good because I gave her the final come of the night.

"That was so delightful as usual darling, I'm totally wiped out. You always do that to me when we make love sweetie. You're so good for me. Goodnight honey." She said so sensuously. Time she rolled over she was asleep.

I grabbed a tissue and slowly wiped the drying fuck and pussy juices from my face. I also sipped a drink from the bedside table, which I'd intentionally placed there upon going to bed.

As I lay back trying to get back to sleep since I have to go to work in a few hours, I'm fighting the erection I have. It's aching and palpitating and not contributing to me getting back to sleep easily.

However, I know I have to endure this condition for the good of our marriage.

Again, as I try to fall back to sleep, I think back to the way it was before we took the therapy that saved our marriage and enabled me to not have the worriation of having a wife that was not pleased at my sexual capabilities as a husband.

It all started about six months after we were married. It was then that I first noticed that my wife was making frequent comments about my sexual equipment and the fact that it was taking me longer to get her off. I found it difficult to last longer than the four minutes in her hot juicy cunt. It seemed that even with my mouth action, that is after my four minutes of humping glory, she still wanted more.

Our seemingly perfect marriage was becoming stranded because of my sexual inadequacies.

Rita was not a virgin before we married, however, she wanted us to save ourselves for each other until our wedding night.

I was a bit puzzled by this, but she insisted on not letting me have some until we were wed. However, after I put a ring on her hand and we became engaged, she did let me go down on her delectable pussy. I became hooked from the first time I slipped my tongue in her warm wet gash.

Even though I'd had sex with a girl before, but for all practical purposes I was a virgin. You see, just as I was about to put it in the teenage girl I was about to get some from, I lost my load. The sight of her bush and tits forming that lovely triangular sight as you look up toward her tits and cunt, was just too much for me.

My date laughed at me. She was rather experienced for 16. But to save the night for both of us, and now I think back on things it probably was more for her benefit, she guided my head to her warm pussy and had me lick her to an orgasm. Even though I ended up licking up a bit of my cum that sprayed on her bush, eating her juicy warm cunt was not a bad experience. However, that was my first and last serious sexual experience until meeting Rita.

Rita and I have been though 3 trial separations. Each time we reconciled and got back together. I've always sweated if I could win her back each time. I did. Even though each time she came back home she was pregnant by one of her old boyfriends, I still welcomed her back with open arms. The last separation was almost 18 months ago. She returned inseminated with our baby daughter, Stephanie.

The only good thing about these trial separations is that they tend to only last a few months. I'm always glad that my wife comes back home to me, even if she's pregnant and wants to have the other man's baby.

Fearing it would cause her to become upset or at worse, leave again, I generally say very little except ask what decor does she desire for the baby's room. The three children we have were all added to our family in this manner. They are each about 18 months apart in age. Based on this Information, when our youngest daughter reached about nine months, I was fearful that Rita would get the urge to go through another trial separation, as this fit the pattern over the last few years. I wanted to prevent this if at all possible.

Rita and I talked about our marital problems as well as the need to have her own space from time to time.

Rita and I both had talked to her mom about our situation. Her Mom called me and gave us the name of a marriage counselor, who was a high school friend of hers. The counselor was a Dr. John Richards.


It was Dr. Richards that put my marriage back on tract with his Focus On Oral Love Strategy Therapy. For short, it's called F.O.O.L.S Therapy, or more commonly FOOLS.

"The FOOLS approach is perfect for your situation, Reginald." The doctor told me upon my first visit.

"You see the FOOLS Therapy permits the wife to have outside lovers and for the husband, since you're so much less endowed than her lovers, to use the FOOLS therapy to strengthen your marital bonds."

I listened intently at Dr. Richards.

He went on to say that what I currently do is best for my wife. Me performing oral sex on her constitutes the way we should have sex together. That is, at least until I can pass the 200 stroke test, but I'll talk about that later.

But for now, all he encouraged me to do was to do is lick and suck her pussy for her when we have sex. My wife is really happy about me doing that for her, especially when she comes home with her cunt freshly fucked by one or more of her lovers or some other man or men. She's also admitted to doing a few gangbangs for pleasure too. You see that's also allowed under FOOLS.

"Reginald, you know the rules. If you accidentally come, you must start the timetable all over again, no matter that you accidentally came in your shorts. It doesn't matter if the sight of your wife's charms were the cause or some other cause. You still must go six months under supervised masturbation before you are permitted to do so on your on. No exceptions! Understand!"

"Y-Yes Dr. Richards, w-whatever you say. B-But I just c-can't seem to help it sometimes when I-I some intimate with her."

"That maybe true Reginald, but we are trying to build up your stamina here and there is no other way. You still are not to try putting it in until you go through the full year of stroke exercises and training, otherwise you haven't given the FOOLS Therapy a chance. And you do want to be a good FOOL husband, don't you?"

"W-Well y-yes I want to make sure it all worked out b- but..."

"No buts Reginald, your goal should be to be a perfect FOOLS patient ,nothing less. Now say you want to be a good FOOL. It'll be good way to build your confidence."

"I-I want t-to b-be a g-good FOOL."

"Good! Again!"

"I want to b-be a g-good FOOL."

"Good, but with a bit more conviction this time Reginald."


I repeated the phrase for Dr. Richards several more times until he thought I sounded sincere. I have to hand it to him, I said it so much that I could hear it echoing in my head as I left his office. I have to admit it did help me stay more determined to work with my wife to make the FOOLS therapy a success for me. It already seemed to be working quite well for my wife.

My wife has let me know so many times how good it is to have me sucking other "men's fuck" out of her wet gooey pussy. "Darling, I know you love me each time I hold your head to my crotch and hear you slurping up what the fellows worked so hard to fill me up with. They please me and you do it even better, cause you do for me by your sucking what they never could do. I really am thankful for Dr. Richards and his FOOLS Therapy. I'm also glad that you're man enough to do the right thing and became a good FOOL husband, because it sure has improved our marriage a thousand percent."

Being a FOOL husband means knowing your responsibilities in relation to those of your wife's other sexual partners, that is the one who are permitted to have coitus with her.

The responsibilities are pretty clear. They are to use their endowments to fuck her and I to give her pleasure they can't by sucking her cunt after they've finished with her.

Dr. Richards has told me often how lucky I am to be able to save my marriage this way.

At first I thought I was being humiliated by being the clean up man, but the more I see how happy my wife is as I put my mouth on her red, raw and inflamed sperm soaked snatch, I have come to accept, adapt, and find the pride Dr. Richards said I would find in carrying out my share of responsibility in the FOOLS Therapy.

Dr. Richards has also encouraged me to go with my wife as she meets with her various fuck studs, especially when there is going to be what they call a "gang" meeting. My wife always told me that whenever they have such meeting, they have a "bang up" good time. I heard one of her partners refer to it as a "gang bang".

However, Dr. Richards gave my wife some pills for me to take so as to reduce my nervousness and anxiety as I attended them with her. For a few months she never told me about them, just put them in my coffee or other drinks before I went with her to these "gang bangs".

The pills apparently worked. My nervousness went away and I felt mellow and at ease as I watched her have sex with her various partners.

To not feel left out, my wife had her sex partners invite me to participate. To my surprise, I felt comfortable in helping out. Besides inviting me to keep her cunt from getting too slimy, sloppy and mucky from all the hot semen they shot deep in her, the studs also invited me to lick their dicks clean after each fucked her.

The men praised me at how well I kept her pussy freshened up for them. I'm also sure it was the pills, but I didn't feel the least bit humiliated at their praise. And so as to not feel left out while one set of men had their dicks in my wife, the others, at her suggestion, had me licking their cocks and balls and to act as a "fluffer".

That's a new term I learned. It means to help the men get properly prepared to fuck my wife again. In other words, besides cleaning their dicks with my tongue, I would suck them up hard again so that they could completely empty their balls and give her their last loads of jism.

After the last of the 8 men had left the room, I had my head buried in my wife's gamy sloppy messy crotch, fulfilling my last responsibility for her that evening as I diligently sucked and slurped her bruised, but well fucked pussy lips. As Usual, she had that Mona Lisa smile on her face as I glanced up occasionally to steal a peep at her face through her slime coated plastered muff bushy pubic hairs twat surrounded my face. I really felt blessed to be able to do what I was doing to provide my wife the love and pleasure I was at that moment. It was so good to know that my wife would be going home with me and not have to worry about her leaving or being stolen away by another man, because he's better endowed or more handsome than me. And it was all due to me following Dr. Richards's instructions and adhering to my set of responsibilities under the Husband's FOOLS program. Me being a FOOL Husband has really paid off by helping me keep my wife.

I don't need the pills anymore. As Dr. Richards had told my wife, after a while the drug in the pills would condition me to be comfortable around her studs without me being given the drug. When my wife revealed the good news that I didn't need the pills anymore, my first reaction was that it was underhanded and outright trickery to drug me without my knowledge. However, I had to admit that my wife was right. The drug had helped me be a better FOOL than had I not been give them. Besides, it was a moot point now that I'd been conditioned to accompany her to her various "gang bangs" and "train pulls". If nothing else, I've learned many new street terms for group sex.

Another thing, even though my wife has had other men's babies, and may have others in the future, she has not expressed any desire to leave me. Dr. Richards told me that would be the case, and I must admit that too has pleased me so much. My wife has been very supportive also of my failures with the Stroke Stamina Building Regime. Just listen to what she told me the other day.

"Darling, don't fret about not being able to do so well on the Stroke Stamina Building Regime he has you on. After seven years, you get to put it in by default." My wife was trying to console me. I thought that was nice of her.

And to further take the fire out of men getting the urge to steal her from me while she's pregnant with their babies and emotionally vulnerable, Dr. Richards' suggestion that I suck the men's dicks for them during this time. It seems to have really worked. Not one has been successful in influencing my wife to leave me when she was swollen up with their baby.

As you can see, it's a lot of work being a FOOL husband, not to mention: being a Daddy to other men's babies my wife has had by them; having my lips stretched to the limit by the big dicks of my wife's studs; and also sucking down a lot of hot gooey jism from all the abundant loads they spurt. However, all in all, I've come to believe it's worth it to be able to keep my beautiful wife and to have a harmonious marriage. Don't you think?



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