Tracy enjoyed being in the nation's capital, even if it was for business. She had worked for her company for several years and was finally promoted to Vice President. At the age of thirty-two, she was not only the youngest board member, but also the only female. Most of her female peers opted for marriage and children over career. Tracy remained focused on career, sometimes forgetting the importance of a personal life.

Tracy was an attractive female with shoulder length frosted hair. She worked our regularly and was proud of her body. She was five feet tall and measured 36C, 22, 34. Since she never had children and with her workout routine, Tracy's breasts were firm and perky. During her last physical, Tracy's physician commented she had the breasts of an eighteen-year-old.

Tracy was very self-conscious of her body. She did not want anyone thinking she used her looks to get ahead in the company. For those reasons, Tracy always wore her hair up, little make-up, and a conservative woman's business suit. Her conservative and business-like appearance probably was the primary reasons she rarely dated. It had been at least two years since Tracy went out on a date, and even longer since she had sex. Tracy's life was consumed with her career so she gave little thought to her social life. To Tracy, this business trip to Washington, DC was her social life.

When the company president informed Tracy about the trip she was thrilled. She loved DC in late summer and the meeting was in September. She arrived two days early to visit key monuments. Her meetings started first thing Monday and went late into the evening. Tracy chose a hotel in downtown DC even though the meetings were in Georgetown.

Tracy wanted to be close to the monuments and used the Metro to ride back and forth to the meetings. She loved the sleekness and speed of the Metro as it zipped through the underbelly of DC. She was disappointed after the first day because it was dark by the time she returned to the hotel and there was no time for sightseeing. The next three days were no different and Tracy was beginning to plan an alternative.

On the last day of the meetings, Tracy decided to wear more relaxed business attire. Although it was a skirt and jacket, she wore a lightweight cotton blouse, no pantyhose, and placed a pair of tennis shoes in her bag. Tracy intended to change from her high heels to the tennis shoes and go sightseeing regardless of the time the last meeting ended.

As luck would have it, the last meeting ended in late afternoon. Tracy said her good-byes, exchanged business cards and hurried to the Metro. It was Friday afternoon and the beginning of rush hour. Tracy was shocked at the sheer numbers of people waiting for the Metro. She had to wait until the third train before she barely got aboard. There were no seats and she was pushed to about midway on the train. She reached up with one hand and grabbed the bar above her head for balance as the train lunged forward. Tracy found herself sandwiched between a hoard of people. At each stop, more people crowded onto the train.

Tracy was feeling a little claustrophobic when the person behind her pressed their entire body against her back. If not for the fact that people were crowded in front of her, Tracy would have fallen forward. She started to turn and chastise the person when Tracy felt hot breath at her ear.

"Don't move, Slut," a male voiced ordered, "look down to your right."

Tracy carefully turned her eyes downward. She could feel the butterflies of fear building in her stomach. Tracy's eyes fell on a large hand just at her right hip. The hand was white, and in the hand Tracy could see about two inches of the blade of a straight razor. She immediately stiffened as the man behind her pushed his hips into her backside. Tracy could feel the hard bulge pushing against her buttocks. Although it had been a long time since Tracy engaged in sex, she knew an erect penis when she felt it.

"Don't move, don't say a word, or I'll gut you right here," the voice whispered. Tracy could feel the man's lips brushing against her ear as he spoke and she knew no one else could hear him.

"Please, just take my purse," Tracy whispered back at the man.

"Shut up, Slut," the man threatened, "I don't want your purse."

Tracy ran several options through her mind. She cut her eyes around the train. Tracy's heart sank as she realized that the crowd around her was oblivious to her plight. She thought she might scream for help, but the glint from the metal of the razor was still visible. She found it difficult to think with the hardness of her assailant's erection pressing against her. She attempted to shift her weight to at least escape that pressure.

"Move again without being told and your intestines will by lying on the floor in seconds," the man whispered in response to Tracy's attempt to move away. "Spread your legs a little bit," the man commanded. He punctuated his command by bring the hand with the razor up to Tracy's waist and pressing the point into the side of her abdomen.

Tracy's fear increased and she immediately moved her feet wider apart. As the train rocked along she felt the man's fingers on the inside of her thigh walking upward. Tracy moved her right leg to close them. The fingers stopped and she immediately felt a sharp point in her side. She glanced down where the man held the razor and saw a dime size circle of blood on her blouse. Tracy decided this man would surely kill her and bit her lower lip so she would not scream for help.

The fingers started again and Tracy felt her skirt rising. She tried to keep her breathing slow as she felt him lightly stroking the curve of her buttock where it connected to her thigh. The fingers crept up higher and Tracy felt a thumb inserted into the waistband of her panties. She winced as she felt the point of the razor while her assailant slowly pulled her panties downward. Her eyes darted around hoping someone would see what was happening to her. Tracy's panties were now bunched around her knees. She looked down and saw a black shoe between her thighs that stepped on her panties pushing them to the floor of the train. The shoe remained on the panties between Tracy's shoes.

"Step out of them," the man said simply.

Tracy rose one foot, then the other and watched as the shoe pushed her panties behind her and out of sight. Tracy was conscious of the air coming up her skirt and hitting her bare privates. The train slowed and Tracy prayed silently that an escape would be offered when it stopped. As the doors opened, she felt another hand around her waist holding her. Crowds rushed off and for a moment no one was in front of her. But within moments, more people rushed in and her situation remained unchanged.

Tracy became aware that the hem of her skirt was rising again and she stiffened when this time the fingers touched her labia. Her assailant started using his thumb and forefinger to pull at her pubic hair causing her labia to separate.

"Please," Tracy whispered hoping for some relief.

"I said 'shut up,' Slut," her assailant responded and jammed a single finger into Tracy's vagina.

Tracy felt the heat in her face, as she turned crimson. The man's finger went in and out slowly. Tracy's dryness caused the motion to rub her insides and was uncomfortable. She spread her legs a little more trying to ease the discomfort. Her assailant misunderstood her intent.

"So you want more," the man whispered.

Tracy shivered as he removed his finger and slid it up to the slit between her labia searching for her most sensitive area. She closed her eyes tightly at the first touch of his finger on her clitoris. Her assailant moved his finger in a circular motion over her bud and it immediately responded becoming erect. Tracy opened her eyes wide in shock as she felt the fluid wash over her vagina in response to his touch. The man felt it also and ran his finger through the moisture and back to her clit. He rubbed her clit lightly several times, then easily slid two fingers into her cunt.

The train continued to rock and Tracy tried to brace herself. The rocking of the train caused her body to involuntarily move in rhythm on the fingers lodged deep in her now soaked cunt. The train stopped again, but her assailant continued to torment her cunt by jamming his fingers in and out several times then rubbing her clit. Tracy watched in anguish as the same events occurred, people got off and on the train without noticing what was happening to her.

Tracy felt a third finger probing her and opened her legs involuntarily to allow easier access. Her unknown assailant now worked three fingers in and out of her cunt. Tracy could feel that her vagina was responding and had become sloppy wet. Tracy could not fight the abuse mentally as her assailant moved his fingers randomly. He would jab them in and out of her cunt, then slide them forward and pinch her clit repeatedly, and then slide back between her asscheeks trying to probe her anus.

At the first touch of her anus, she attempted to tighten her buttocks. But her attempts were futile as he worked his slick thumb at least an inch into her rectum. Tracy could feel that her assailant's random touching had worked her juices so much that she was soaked from her anus to her clit and down the insides of both thighs.

The random activity, probing and constant manipulation of her clit was turning Tracy's body against her. A little bead of perspiration formed on her upper lip. She also felt her respirations and heart rate increasing. His constant stimulation and the rocking of the train were combining to turn Tracy's body against her. She could feel her nipples hardening and straining to break free from her bra.

Tracy was unconsciously shifting her weight from foot to foot raising and lowering herself on the fingers playing with her cunt. She was producing more and more juices from her pussy and now her assailant could probe her rectum with two fingers without any resistance.

Tracy was lost mentally in all the stimulation to her body and was unaware that his hand moved from her waist. She was snapped back to reality when she felt her blouse being pulled from the waistband of her skirt. Tracy's body tensed when she felt his hand rapidly run up the center of her back to the clasp holding her bra together. Tracy sucked in air quickly as her assailant, with one motion, undid the claps releasing her bra.

Tracy started to move her free hand up, but froze when she felt the tip of the razor in the center of her back. The trained stopped again and Tracy's eyes darted at the doors as they opened at her stop. For a moment she forgot the sensations of pleasure coursing through her body and the thoughts of escape raced through her mind. She hesitated, the doors shut, and the train moved forward. She noticed fewer people on board, but it was still crowded and no one paid any attention to her. She grunted a little as her assailant began pinching her clit again then ran his fingers to her anus, pushed them inside her rectum and slowly finger-fucked her ass.

Tracy felt the hand move around her back, push her bra out of the way and engulf her right breast. As the two fingers left her rectum and three fingers were inserted into her cunt. He started squeezing her right breast and scraping her erect nipple with his fingernail. She felt light-headed and wobbly. She was still holding the rail over her head with her right hand, but she felt like she was going to collapse.

Tracy turned her head slightly and whispered, "Please, I need to hold on with my other hand."

Initially there was no response; just a fourth finger insert into Tracy's stretched cunt. Tracy moaned quietly and licked the perspiration from her upper lip.

"Please," she begged in a breathless whisper. Still no response. Tracy knew she was going to fall so she risked slowly raising her left arm. Trapping her nipple between his first two fingers and thumb, he clamped down. As Tracy moved her arm upward, he increased the pressure on her nipple. Sparks of pain shot through Tracy's breast as her hand reached the rail. Just as Tracy placed her hand on the rail above her head, he simultaneously twisted her nipple and pushed his fist into her cunt.

Tracy just barely grabbed the rail when her orgasm swept over her body in waves. Her knees buckled and a low moaned escaped her mouth as her assailant continued to twist her nipple while turning his fist back and forth inside her cunt. Tracy thought she would bite through her lower lip to avoid screaming. She forgot she was on a train in a crowd until the main in front of her turned his head back and spoke to her.

"Are you all right, Lady," he asked.

Tracy responded with a quiet "yes," thankful her orgasm was subsiding. She felt the breath of her assailant in her ear.

"My turn now, Slut," he said, "don't move."

For the first time since her assault began, her assailant's hands left her body. He removed his fist from her cunt and released her nipple. Tracy did not move when she heard the sound of a zipper. She felt his thumbs at her anus and his hands spread out across the globes of her buttocks. Tracy's experience with any sex was limited, but she never considered that the orifice presently being touched would or could be used for sex.

She felt her asscheeks pulled in opposite directions. She glanced down and saw her skirt in front was just pulled up slightly and knew her rear must be exposed. Tracy wondered why no one noticed what was happening to her. Tracy moved only her eyes looking at passengers consumed with their owe lives and not paying heed to her.

When she felt just the tip of his penis press against her anus, Tracy tightened her grip on the rail above her head and tried to concentrate on relaxing. She knew she was well lubricated as Tracy could feel where her pussy juices ran down the insides of her thighs now to just above her knees. Every sound on the train as it sped along was now heightened in her ears.

Once her assailant pushed just the tip of his hard prick into her anus, he released Tracy's ass. His hands ran under the back of her blouse, up and around to her breasts. Tracy shut her eyes tightly as he groped her breasts, then found her nipples and grasped them both firmly.

The train rocked as it picked up speed. Tracy swayed front and then back feeling the incredible pressure in her anus. The train crossed a blackout pain and the car Tracy was riding went completely dark. She did not expect what happened next. When the car went dark, Tracy felt intense pain in her breasts as her assailant clamped his thumb and forefinger down hard on her nipples and twisted them.

Tracy yelped and then felt the pressure in her anus increased, then a burning as her tight anal ring spread open and allowed her tormentor's prick to slide deep inside her bowels with minimal resistance. The penetration stopped when she felt the material of his pants against her bare asscheeks. As the light returned, he pulled his cock out slightly, then pushed it back home. Tracy gripped the rail so tightly that her knuckles were white as he continued to twist and smash her nipples. In very short strokes, he fucked Tracy's virgin ass.

The train slowed for another stop. Tracy just had time to glance at the stop map on the wall and see that this was the next to the last stop. As many people exited the car, her assailant started slamming into Tracy's ass with long, powerful strokes until everyone exited.

Tracy was releasing short bursts of air with whispered grunts with each thrust. She was rapidly building to another orgasm when people started loading again. He slowed his thrusts to short, rapid strokes again. She whimpered quietly in frustration as the train lunged forward and built speed. Tracy found she could move her body unnoticed to the rocking of the train and into a rhythm with each of his thrust.

Tracy desperately wanted to feel the pleasure of another orgasm and started pushing her hips back bending slightly at the waist. Every fiber in her colon was sensitive to the enormous cock now moving effortlessly in and out of her ass. Her breasts were still being abused, but each twist of her nipples shot a spasm of pleasure through her. The train reached top speed then started to slow at its last stop. Tracy became sexually desperate.

"Please," she begged, "I need to cum again."

She heard her assailant grunt and push hard into her ass and yank her nipples downward. Tracy felt the cock in her ass swell. Her pleasure was finally pushed over the edge and Tracy's orgasm started as the warmth of his semen bathed her colon. Tracy was aware of other riders watching her as the gasps escaping her mouth were loud enough to be heard over the sounds of the train. She felt her legs growing weak and dizziness in her mind as she experienced a crescendo of orgasms.

As the train pulled to it's final stop, he released Tracy's breasts and slid his shrinking cock from her ass. Tracy protested weakly at the lost as she basically held herself upright by her arms. She felt her assailant rush past her. She saw him from behind and could tell nothing as he wore a long trench coat. She followed him with her eyes as he exited the train. She was shocked to see him greeted with a kiss by a young, attractive woman. The woman took Tracy's assailant's arm and walked away from the train out of sight. She never saw his face.

"Are you okay, Miss?" the train security guard asked Tracy. She released the rail and smoothed her dress.

"Miss, are you alright," he asked again. Tracy tried to clear the fog of passion from her head. She stared at the guard for a moment and then responded.

"I just missed my stop," she finally said.

The guard explained to Tracy she would need to exit the train and wait for one going the opposite direction. Tracy slowly moved toward the exit searching the floor of the train for her panties without finding them. She stepped off the train and carefully walked across the platform for the next train.

As Tracy stood waiting she could feel her assailant's cum starting to seep out of her ass and between her buttocks. Tracy also had not yet refastened her bra. She was in a daze; Tracy wanted to find a policeman and report she was raped, but who raped her? Tracy did no know if she was raped or if she had been a willing participant.

As the train stopped and Tracy got on she knew she could not sit down. She stood, holding the rail, and as the train moved forward, the movement caused a glob of sperm to push out of Tracy's ass. Tracy stood very still as she felt the large drop follow the crack of her ass and drop onto the floor. Tracy looked down and saw the pearly drop where it hit the floor.

She looked around the train that only contained a dozen or so people and reached behind her back and re-clasped her bra. A young man, maybe twenty-five, watched her and smiled. She smiled back and placed her foot on the seat in front of her giving the young man a clear view between her legs. She did not care. She decided it was more fun to be ridden on the Metro than to ride.



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